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What exactly is tithing?
Tithing is a principle, which comes from a covenant agreement. The tithe is the first 10% returned to your place of worship as an act of obedience to scripture. For example, if you earned $100, the tithe would be 10% of 100, which is $10. The other thing about tithing is that everyone gives the same amount. So whether you earn a little or a lot, 10% is still 10%.

I’ve never heard of tithing before.
In the book of Malachi, God asks us to “prove” Him with the tithe. This actually means to take Him at his word and test His promise. (Malachi 3:10)

What kind of promise does God make?
What is the promise you ask? God promises that if we will bring the tithes and offerings to the place of worship, that He would grant us a blessing that we would not have enough room to receive. That’s a pretty powerful promise! Blessings can take a number of different forms. Certainly financial is one of them, but it is not the only one; healing is a blessing, peace is a blessing, your family in tact is a blessing, safety is a blessing and so many more!

So how do I give?
We offer online giving for your convenience. Just follow the prompts to easy online giving. As always, feel free to call our church office with any questions at 903-757-3110 or email us at .

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