Prayer Wall

Please pray for Aaron May. He’s going in today for a CT scan and more stress related tests next week.

They gave Mrs. Linda South 2 units of blood and it helped. They running more test this afternoon. Continue to pray.

Please pray for Mrs. Linda South. She is at hospital now. Jan is with her. Her hemoglobin is really low.

The journey began last November with a broken leg then heightened in January with two emergency surgeries due to the discovery of blood clots in the other leg and lungs.  It was sobering to hear multiple doctors say, “You’re fortunate to be alive!”  I was told I had more than 100 clots in my right leg and 4 in my right lung.  This week we learned from my hemotologist that multiple tests show NO remaining blood clots!! Please join us in thanking God for His mercy and grace!  Thank you all for your prayers that He chose to answer in this way!  The journey isn’t over yet as various treatment plans continue as doctors work to get my blood in order and my bones strengthened.  Additionally, I have significant pain and damage in my blood clot leg impeding strength, stability and mobility.  God is blessing the work and ministry of three superb doctors in my life as they continue to partner together in my care.  I know many of you pray for them!  Your prayers mean the world to Gordon and me so please continue!  We’ll know in a couple of weeks about the possibility of one more surgery.  Love you all!  Brenda Bevis

Kenneth Glass’s future mother in law is having triple bypass surgery tomorrow, her name is Derbah Stephenson and she lives in Utah, Hillary is her daughter. Please pray that all goes well.

Cindi Britt will be going into surgery tomorrow at Christus Good Shepherd at 9am. Please keep her in your prayers.

Shelly Fry should also be released from the hospital today. She is up and feeling well but her throat is hurting pretty badly, please continue to pray.

Pearl Cherry should be released from the hospital today. She is recovering well; please continue to pray for her.

Homer and Lena Hall are asking prayers for friends of theirs; David Braley-he will be having a heart procedure tomorrow at Baylor. Billy Robinson-he is having seizures and awaiting an appointment with a neurologist in Tyler.

Gerald Cooper is not doing well at all, but is at home by himself. Lena has had a stroke and has a brain bleed on both the right and left side. She is talking a little today. Lena is at Mother Frances in Tyler.

Please pray for Shelly Fry, she is about to have back surgery at Longview Regional.

Please pray for Pearl Cherry. She is about to go into back surgery at Texas spine and joint in Tyler.

My son Brett has completed 22 years in the Army, and he is now looking for full-time employment. He and his family currently live in Killeen. Please say a prayer that he would consider moving to Longview and that God would lead him to the right job and open doors for him to get the job. ~Tana Pierce

Please continue to pray for Genia Rogers as she heals from having her rods replaced in her legs.

Please pray for the Bublitz family. Their daughter Karen’s memorial service will be tomorrow in Winnsboro.

Would appreciate prayers for my parents.  Thank you church family, Holly Fondren

Pray for Tom & Judy Ivey.  Tom went to his dr appt today and they have since admitted him to the ER at Christus Good Shepherd.

Jenny Johnson has moved to Longview Hill Nursing/Rehab. Room 428. Really bad week but she was much better today. Thank you for continued prayers for her.

Please pray for Stacie Markum. She is at the ER. She was so dizzy this morning she couldn’t stand or even sit up. They did a cat scan and we are waiting on the results. They want to rule out another stroke.

Please be in prayer for Shawn & Tina Meyer and their family.  Shawn’s father passed away from stage 4 lung cancer.  He passed peacefully and is now rejoicing with Jesus.  Also, pray for their safe travels as they leave tomorrow heading out of state for the funeral.

I have been diagnosed with Temporal Arteritis. I will have monthly infusions of Actemra along with 60 mg of Prednisone daily. Please pray that I don’t have side effects from the infusion. Treatment can last 2 years or longer. I need the prayers of such faithful people!  ~Jan McNeal

Kristi Taylor, Jean Taylor’s daughter,  will be undergoing surgery by an OB oncologist at Baylor as soon as schedule permits.     Please pray for peace of mind and God’s healing hand.

Please pray for Cindy Britt. Her biopsy came back positive for breast cancer. Pray for her and Vernon.

Please pray for Ron and Mary Lynn Bublitz. Their  daughter,  Karen passed away a short while ago in the ICU. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Please be in prayer for Gail Tillery. She is in a retirement center and has taken a fall…broken arm, broken ribs on the left side in the front and back, fluid in her left lung and is not doing well. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.  Lana Snider

Please keep Genia Rogers in your prayers.  She will have surgery Wednesday, July 3 to replace the temporary rods in her leg with permanent rods.  Remember, mom and dad, Tanya and Tommy in your prayers as well as they care for her.

Please be in prayer for my cousin, Jeri Kroll. She had a stroke 5 weeks ago and has been in Good Shepherd with not a lot of progress. Today she was moved to a rehab in Tyler, Texas to work on recovery. Also pray for her sisters as they help with her recovery. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.  ~Lana Snider

I am in Baylor Scott & White hospital in Grapevine with pulmonary embolisms in both lungs & blood clots in both legs. Got here last night & will have to stay at least one more night maybe more! Been running tests all day. Please pray. Thank you.  Carolyn Barnette

Jenny (Martha) Johnson is in Regional room 144. The surgery went well. She will be there for a couple of days.

Danny Miller is out of surgery and all went well. Should go home later today.

Please pray for a friend of Tom Moore, Janet Orms.  She fell and will be having hip surgery tomorrow and would appreciate your prayers.

Gerald Cooper came home yesterday. Please continue to pray for Bro. Gerald, Lena, and their families that are caring for them.

Please pray for Janice Davison and her mitral valve repair procedure on Wednesday at 8 am in Tyler.  Pray God will calm her anxieties, guide the doctors’ hands, and have a smooth recovery.

Please pray for Kristi Taylor, Jean Taylor’s daughter, as she has surgery tomorrow morning.

Please be in prayer for my daughter, Dana & my granddaughter Rachel. They are on their way to Seattle, Washington .  My granddaughter just graduated from dental school & took a job there.  It will take 3 days for them to get there.  Traveling with 2 dogs & 1 cat.  Prayers for traveling mercy.  Thanks very much.  ~Carolyn Barnette

Praise God, the spot in Kevin Olson’s lung is scar tissue from previous typical lung infections. He will have a follow up CAT scan of his lungs and abdomen in three months. At this point, it is still classified as stage two kidney cancer that has all been removed. God is good.

Midline went in with minimal pain…today’s meds have been infused and we are getting some lunch and heading home. Thanks for all the prayers. God is good!!  Lana & Em Snider

Please be in prayer for Em tomorrow morning. She will have a mid-line put in by radiology at LRMC. She will have an infusion of antibiotics for 7 days going to the hospital each day for treatment for a UTI. She is scheduled to have stone or stones removed from her bladder on July 22. Thanks so much in advance for your prayers.  ~Lana Snider

Please pray for Teresa Fears that she will make it safely and quickly to her destinations in Shreveport. She is starting a new job today and she was extremely fearful when she left Longview.

Jodie LeBrescu was just taken into surgery to remove a rather larger kidney stone. May God guide the hands of the care givers. In Jesus name we pray.

Had my skin cancer surgically removed yesterday. It was larger than expected and aggressive. Head is still hurting but it is getting better. Radiation will be required so thanks for praying. ~Bro. Charles

Donny Wilson is having MOHs surgery on Basel cell carcinoma on his face on Wednesday at 1:30.  Please pray all malignant cells can be removed. 

Pray for Lisa Wright who has pneumonia and is also waiting on some test results.

John Bisese is asking prayers for his back.  Thank you church family.

Alissa had another surgery yesterday in Houston and is it a lot of pain. Please continue to pray for her and her family.

Please pray for Chloe Wright. She has an important appointment at 2:00 this afternoon with an orthopedic doctor regarding an injury. Pray for the doctor’s perfect treatment plan and for Chloe’s peace of mind. Thank you!

Beverly Nugent is in Christus Good Shepherd room 345 with a bladder infection and fluid around her heart.  May be there a couple of days.

Please pray for Alissa. She is in brain surgery right now.

Pray for Mason Perrin.He had a motorcycle accident yesterday. He has a brain bleed but is responsive to touch. He is okay at the moment but still isn’t out of the woods.

Billy Ball came through surgery well yesterday. He has physical therapy this morning, and if all goes well then he will be able to go home today!

Please keep Thom Smyser and his family in your prayers, Thom’s 17 year old grand-daughter passed away.

Kevin Olsen is having his lung biopsy now, please pray that all comes back good!

Derrill Davis is going into surgery in just a few hours, please keep him in your prayers.

Jody Sparkman’s daughter, Alissa, will have her first brain surgery tomorrow at Baylor in Houston and will have more surgeries to follow. She is a young mother with sweet twins Griffin and Natalie and her husband is Nolan. Please pray throughout the day that this family would feel the peace of God. Pray that all goes great tomorrow and that the recovery is as smooth as possible.

Please be in prayer for Dr. Bill and Mary Ball. His surgery in Little Rock began shortly before 9 and will take 3 – 4 hours. They covet your prayers for this extensive surgery!

Please pray for Derrill, he will be having an intensive back/neck surgery tomorrow at 11 am.
Please pray for Kevin Olson, he will be having a lung biopsy tomorrow at 8am.
We love both of these families dearly. Please pray for peace as they feel the comfort from the Lord. Please pray that Derrill’s surgery goes well and the recovery is as smooth as possible. Please pray that Kevin’s biopsy comes back clear

Please pray for Thom Smysers grand daughter; Layla. She took something that was laced with fentanyl. She is currently in a Tyler hospital and the doctors think that she is brain dead. She is 17 year old. She needs a miracle.

Please pray for Jolene Anderson, her husband passed away last week.

Daniel & Lindy Golden’s grandson-in-law, Corey Riley (Dia’s husband) 25 yr old Biopsy confirms Hodgkin Lymphoma. Please pray for the family

From Carolyn Barnette. I am having injections in my spine this morning. The doctor said they will be different from the previous ones. Please pray. Thank you!

Bobby Wells had surgery this morning to replace his left knee joint. Everything went well and he may be released this afternoon. Continue to pray for rehab.

Update on Rosio’s Dad: He is getting better, oxygen is improving. He is running a temp and monitoring him. Please continue to pray for Pedro and family.

Pray for Dennis & Cheri Norris, friends of a member, both have lung cancer.

Please pray for Sgt. Kara Nealy, granddaughter of Kathryn Nealy and niece of Susan Avery.  She is leaving today for the unstable country of Niger, after her deployment was delayed last month when they announced their plan to expel US military forces.  The French military have already left and new Russian forces have moved into a section of the US base.  Relations with Niger’s junta, established after last year’s coup, are tense.  Please pray for the safety of our remaining personnel.  ~Susan Avery

Please be in prayer for our friends in Levelland…their town was hit hard last night. She may have some broken windows and they are without power. They are ok…thank you God. Some had to evacuate because of a gas leak, but they did not. Thanks in advance for your prayers for them and the city of Levelland.  ~Lana & Emily Snider

Please pray for our dad, Pedro Olvera(Sandra Bateman and Rosio Newton dad). He has pneumonia in his right lung and in the hospital.  We are still waiting on results and test. Pray we see improvement the next 2 days. Thank y’all so much.

Kay Glass’s grand daughter had a horse accident and is at Good Shepherd with a broken leg. Pray for her, ShiAnna, and her family and the doctors as they treat her tonight.

Gerald and Lena Cooper have moved back home. Please pray for their continued wellness.

Pray for my son Trevor.  We are on day 5 of not holding down food. One ER visit on Tuesday, currently at the clinic for more fluids. If this continues, they will admit. Thank you in advance for your prayers!  ~Tami Easley

Please keep a good friend of the Lippencott’s, Delcie Briffaw, in your prayers. She has had many surgeries and will undergo another and have 4 weeks of healing.

Update on Colin Reel. He had a port put in this past Friday for chemo treatments but because he has pneumonia they will delay those treatments and begin with radiation tomorrow and he is stage 4 instead of stage 3. It has spread to his lungs, abdomen and pelvis. We are so appreciative of all the support and especially the prayers being lifted up in his name. Please keep him in your prayers as he/we begin this journey. Love my church family!!!!! ~Phebe Reel

Laura Lynch’s daughter, Julie, is resting at home. June 18 she will go back to Dallas for the biopsy report. Please continue to prayer for her recovery.

Kevin Olson’s CAT scan is not clear. The insurance company only approved the CAT scan at first and not the PET scan. He has several spots in his lungs. Kidney cancer can spread to the lungs even though the lymph node was clear. Biopsy scheduled for June 5. Pray with us the PET scan will be approved by the insurance company this time. The doctor is extremely positive that this is very treatable if it is cancer.

John Paul and family made it safely back into the states.  He says thank you for the prayers.  

My oldest daughter Renee Demmitt will have hip replacement surgery coming up on July, 8 in Waco. Please be in prayer for a successful surgery and a good recovery.. ~Daryl Liles

Please pray for Ed Warner. He had a pretty big fall and he is at the ER at Regional. Lilma is there with him. They’re going to keep him overnight at least. Lilma is scheduled for a surgery on Monday. Please pray for her and Ed.

Joy Savage is back at home from being in rehab after suffering a heart attack.  She is very weak and covets your prayers.

Laura Lynch’s daughter, Lisa, has had the radiation disc removed.  We ask prayers that the residual radiation at work will keep the cancer from growing and ultimately remove all cancer in the eye.

Please continue to pray for Chuck Youngberg.  He has been admitted to Christus Good Shepherd, West Room 335.  Went in with a swollen foot and are treating an infection.

Our daughter (Amy Miller) will have major surgery tomorrow  ( Friday 17th) at the Baylor Scott White cancer in downtown Dallas.  Pray for peace for Amy and skill for the surgeon.   Wayne and Marian Hare

Surgery, not needed for removal of a stone that was too large to pass. God must have said watch this and out came two stones and one of them was larger than the Urologist thought could be normally passed without surgery.  Thanks again for the Prayers, Ronnie Jones

Denise’s surgery went well and she is doing good recovering at home. Thanks for praying!

Lori Campbell is back at Good Shepherd with seizures. They are running tests and are admitting her. Please pray for her and Jackie.

Laura Lynch’s daughter, Lisa, will have radiation disk in her eye removed tomorrow.  Pray for continued healing.

Please pray for John Paul Allen. He is currently in Brazil Ministering to the people that have been affected by the terrible floods they have had there. They have not been able to fly out as of yet. The Airport is underwater. Rescheduled their flight to a different airport. Then another main bridge that connects them to the new airport is out now as well. They just talked with a former truck driver who works for the orphanage and he found a route that smaller vehicles can still use to that city. It did have an earth tremor yesterday. Plan B, if the flight gets canceled or the road gets blocked, they will go the military base and they will fly them to São Paulo for the international flight. Pray for the people of Brazil.

Please pray for Denise Stewart, she is going into surgery now.

Pray that Kenny Gillihan receives a kidney.

Thank you for your prayers.  Jodie LeBrescu spent all day yesterday in the hospital waiting for a doctor to see her.  They were able to relieve her of her pain and diagnose a rather large kidney stone that is not moving.  She came home last night and actually went to work this morning.  The next step is to see a Urologist as soon as we can get her an appointment.  For now, just praise God for answered prayer; her pain has been relieved and she feels much better for the present – Roger Manning


Laura Lynch’s daughter, Lisa, has made it back to the hotel.  The radiation disc has been installed in her eye and everything went smoothly so far.  She will see the doctor again on Wednesday for him to evaluate the effectiveness.  Please pray that the radiation disc will attack the melanoma cell.  Update to follow on Wednesday.  They ‘Thank You’ for the prayers!

Please pray for Jodie LeBrescu and her caregivers. Jodie is being admitted to Longview Regional for sever abdominal pain. 
Roger Manning

Please remember Charles and Nelly McGraw.  They will be leaving Wednesday on a mission trip to the Philippines for three months.

Please pray for Judy Arroyo as she has pneumonia in her right lung.

Please be in prayer for Sue Foster. Talk to Jim today and she is in the hospital at Regional and has bleeding issues internally and has had surgery and may have to have another one. She is getting blood transfusions. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.

Martha Jenny Johnson is in room 280 at Longview Regional

Pray for Tom and Judy Ivy’s friends, Travis And Dianne Alexander, Travis had a heart attack and is in Shreveport hospital.

Please pray for JD Richardson. He is the youth pastor at LMBC and is having a heart procedure this morning in Dallas.

Please pray for Ms. Melissa Clayton, she teaches our 2-year-old class on Wednesdays and Sundays. She will be having a medical procedure done May 20, please pray all results come back good.

Please pray for Elane and Nick Kovach’s daughter, Pamela Crumbaugh.  She has had either a mini stroke or a blood clot on the brain.  Pray also for safe travels as Elane and Nick will be traveling to Ohio to see her.  Many thanks in advance.

Please continue to pray for Ms. Linda South. She is in Summer Meadows Rehab now in room 245. Thank you WHBC Prayer Warriors.

Pleas pray for Ms. Francine Stewart . She is  in Trinity Good Shepherd ICU. Please pray for her continued improvement. Pray for all the medical staff attending her.

Please pray for Ashlyn Koenig and her family. She is currently at the er and looks like she will be having an appendectomy today here within the hour.

Chuck Youngberg will check in at 12:00 on May 6 for surgery at 2:00. Please keep Chuck and family in your prayers.

From Barbie Baker. Just heard from Harriet. The Pet Scan does show new activity. They will begin chemo on May 16. Then give it every 3 weeks. After 9 weeks, they will scan again. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Please pray for the Spencer family. Paul Spencer’s mother passed away this morning. The service will be Saturday at 12:00 noon at Soules Chapel United Methodist Church.

Praise the Lord I am out of the boot for the final time. I start PT in the morning. I want to thank each and everyone of you who sent cards, called, visited , and especially the WHBC prayer warriors.  P.S I can drive now!  Love you all, Gloria Williams

Pray for Denise Stewart.  She needs an ECG test on Wednesday for her upcoming surgery on May 14.

Please pray for Martha “Jenny” Johnson. She was pending a hip replacement but fell last Friday and has a small fracture in her left leg.

Please keep my old investigator partner, Jimmy Dee Lancaster in your prayers. He passed out and fell while in Shreveport last week. He is hospitalized in Shreveport with a brain bleed. He went totally unresponsive last night, heart rate 36. Please pray for him and his family.~Barry Higginbotham

Please pray for my former boss’ son in law and his family. He was in a boat accident. He was thrown from the boat and the impact caused his ribs in his heart and has flatlined once.

Please pray for Linda South as she recovers from a fracture of L7 vertebrae caused by a fall on Sunday evening. She is in a great deal of pain. She is being admitted to Longview Regional Hospital for further evaluation.

For Peace in Israel and against the antisemitism that is growing towards the Jewish people. ~Cheryl South

Asking for prayer for our son Colin Reel. He had a colonoscopy Friday after experiencing some problems and it was found that he has rectal cancer. He will be having a scan to find out if it has spread this next week and prayers would be appreciated. ~Phebe Reel

Please pray for Amber throughout your day and week.  The enemy is attacking, but she has reached out asking for prayer.  Thank you in advance!

Kevin Olson Update:  Praise God, all margins are negative for cancer. Dr said it looks like cancer was all taken out, but he still wants to send Kevin to the oncologist for a measure of precaution for some treatment. His cancer was stage three.

June Lehr will have her pacemaker replaced on May 2 at Longview’s Regional Day surgery. Pray for June and Bill that the Lord’s hands will be on the medical team and it will be an easy process.

Update on Holly Cureton’s Cousin: Holly called with an update that they will be removing Steve from life support today.  Please continue to lift up this family in prayer.

I will be beginning the search for another job in the next few days. Please pray that God will lead me to the one He has for me. ~John Zenter

Please continue to keep Holly Curton’s cousin, Steve Brown, in your prayers. He is not improving. His organs are shutting down. He seems to be on a roller coaster.

Please pray for Linda Martin, she is also having heart surgery today.

Please pray for Derrill Davis, he is having a Heart Cath today at Christus.

Scott & Pam Mitchell’s daughter, Mollie, at home now, having to adjust being a diabetic. Please keep her in your prayers.

Debra Miller’s daughter in law’s mother has an inoperable brain tumor. Pray they can get her into M.D. Anderson. Please be in prayer for this family.

Please be in prayer for our friend, Reagan Wyche.  He is in the hospital with breathing and lung issues.  Also, pray for his wife, Brenda as she attends to his care  Thanks in advance for all your prayers.Lana & Em Snider 

04/19/24  ~
Please continue to pray for Kay Kidd as she will have cataract and glaucoma surgery on May 1.
Thank You WHBC Pray Warriors.

Chuck Youngberg followed up with his doctor today regarding the blockage to his kidney. They will do the procedure on May 6 at Christus. Please continue to pray for him.

Please pray for Lilma Warner, she is scheduled for back surgery Monday, April 22, in Tyler. Pray for Ed as he takes care of her.

From Vernon Britt:  Please pray for my brother. He goes to see an oncologist. Two weeks ago they did a biopsy of his lungs and esophagus. He’s not sure where it’s at yet but he finds out on Friday.

Pray for Roy & Vickie Richie (friend of a church member), cancer.

Jan Albritton’s Memorial Service is at  Rosewood Park, tomorrow at 2 pm.

Keep Chuck Youngberg in your prayers.  His CT scan on Monday showed arterial blockage in the kidney.  He will follow up with the doctor tomorrow.

Please keep Nelda Wright’s brother, Nickie Pirson, in your prayers.  He is at Mother Frances in Tyler with serious heart problems.

Kevin Olson is doing well after surgery.  They removed the kidney and tumor and took a biopsy of a lymph node near the kidney.  Keep Kevin and Sue in your prayers.
Kevin Olson is going into surgery within the next few minutes at Longview Regional. Please pray that all goes great!

Mrs. Jan Albritton has passed away. Please pray for her family during this time. They will update later when arrangements are made. Thank you.

Please be in prayer for Mrs. Jan Albritton and her family. Hospice has been called in and they are not expecting her to have much longer.  Please no visitors at this time as the family spends time with her. Just lift them up in prayer.

They will be transferring Mollie Bade to Good Shepherd to the ICU to monitor her insulin. Please pray for the doctors/nurses and that they can get her blood sugar leveled. Also pray  for Pam as she takes care of Nathan and for Chris as he worries about Mollie! I am leaving for Regional Golf Tournament this morning and will not be back till Thursday! I know this is a big request but checking on Pam and my family would be so appreciated during this time. Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, and concerns.  ~Scott Mitchell

From Donnie Freeman:  I met a 17 year old young lady with the same colitis problem I have and since there is no cure and nothing seems to be working, complete colon surgery seems to be the only option. Her decision is extra hard bc of her age. Please keep both of us in your prayers especially her bc she is so young. She is a Christian so I know my GOD has his hands on both of us but her decision is harder bc of her age.

Please keep Kayla Nielson and family in your prayers. Her unborn baby girl is having medical complications. Kayla used to work in the daycare.

Please pray for Beverly Whitlock. She will be having gall bladder surgery at Good Shepherd Friday morning at 9:00 AM. Update:  All went well.

Please pray for Bro Clark Sextons family. Clark’s daughter Lora flew to Taiwan to visit her daughter. There was an earthquake , but God blessed them with it not being where they were. He asks for Woodland Hills members to pray for these missions that we support. Dale & Lora Riley in Costa Rica and Jeremy & Cora Matt in Taiwan.

Please put Joyce Richey’s friend’s granddaughter, Kennedy Stacy on your prayer list. She is 28 and had a stroke. She is still weak and doesn’t have full ability in the right side of body – face, arm, leg. She can walk but needs assistance. She is a fall risk right now.

Bill Darby started another round of radiation for cancer. He’s already gone through treatments before. Please pray for him and Nancie.

Thurman McGuire was released to go home on Wednesday afternoon. He is doing well. He invites anyone who wants to call or come over he’s welcoming visitors. They have got the paperwork going for Visiting Angels and hopefully, they’ll have that in the next day or so to come in and help with him. His vision has not returned. Please keep him and his son and daughter in your prayers.

Michal Thomas, The doctor has sent Mickal to the hospital ER. Heart rate is at 88 with body fluid. Please pray.

Please pray for sweet girl Elliette Pena, she is 3 and will be having her adenoids and tubes removed early tomorrow morning. Pray for her momma Kelsey as she tends to her.

Please include Lohnix Albarado, he is 2. He will be having a dental procedure early Wednesday morning. Pray for Andrew and Stephanie as they care for their sweet little guy.

Please pray for Dorothy Davis. She is in Longview Regional room 271. She has fallen, has stitches, and some kind of internal problem. Pray for Ortha and her.

Please keep a friend of Mary Tucker’s, LaDonna Moore, in your prayers. She is having heart problems. Doctor’s appointment on April 12.

Kevin Olson is out of eye surgery and the doctor said everything went very well. Thank you for your prayers!

John Ross, my husband’s brother has been hospitalized with pneumonia. He also has ALS, this is not good! He failed his swallow study yesterday, which is no surprise to me after our last visit. He may end up with a feeding tube also, which is a good thing because he was severely dehydrated when he got to the hospital. Please pray! Thanks so much!  ~Neta Addy

Please be in prayer for Cari sanders brother Chad. He was life-flighted last night with 2nd and 3rd degree burns after his trailers propane tank exploded.

Paula Reaves has an appointment next Wednesday in Dallas.

Please continue to pray for Paula Reaves. They weren’t able to do anything yesterday about the heart. She may go to Dallas Baylor for more consultation about the procedures needed.

I had a good report. I can put a little weight on it now as long as I have the boot on and I use the walker and don’t go anywhere but the house to walk. I can finally sleep without the boot on which is great getting rid of that concrete block in bed. I must wear the boot for four more weeks. He will x-ray it May 1 and then if it continues to heal I will probably be able to take it off then.Hallelujah prayers answered!  ~Love Gloria Williams

Paula Reeves just went back for the heart cath. Please pray for good results.

Kevin Olson’s surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, April 16. Same-day surgery check in 6:20 and 8:20 surgery. Please continue to pray for Kevin and family.

Please pray for Paula Reeves. She will be having a heart cathe tomorrow at 1:00 PM. The last one she flat lined and the same evening was near it again. The Dr said, no more stints, 8 is enough. This the 6th cath. He said, if the problem is frontal, we go straight to open heart.

Sad news for us but glorious news for her!  Mrs. Bonnie Lovett went to be with the Lord around 1:00 PM today. Please be praying for Bro. Leon and the family.

Update on Kevin Olson: The doctor just called. It’s the best case scenario with the cancer being contained in the kidney and surgery will be April 16.

Teagan Patton has 2 broken bones in his arm and his leg looks bad, but not broken. Cherlyn said thanks for all the prayers. ~Lana Snider

Lee, Mary Tuckers brother in law, surgery went well.    Back to his room & thanks everyone for your prayers!      Mary Tucker

Update on Zane:  He just finish 2nd blood transfusion 1st one got it to a 6.5 they want it at least a 7. They have to wait an hour to test after 2nd one they are also going to do an iron transfusion he’s ok. God is so Good!

Please pray for Mary Tucker’s brother-in-law, Lee will have a total knee replacement today at 1:00 in Tyler.  Thank you for your prayers.

JoAnn Crawley is out of surgery and everything went great.

Theresa Fears is in need of a refrigerator.  If someone would like to donate one please contact John Zenter via text at 903 738-0904.
Pray that God clearly shows if it is time to move on from present job due to the company in a cash flow crisis.  
Thankful that God protected me during a recent gun fight in a nearby parking lot.  Bullet made its way into my apartment.  Will be moving at the end of the month.  ~John Zenter

Please pray for JoAnn Crawley,  she is having a heart valve replaced tomorrow at Longview Regional. 

Zane is 2 years old and in need of a blood transfusion, his iron too low. He is the sweetest little boy. Please pray for His parents Chris and Kelsey. They are all on their way to Dallas for this transfusion, immediately.

Your prayers are requested for friends of John Lippencott, both having medical issues: Delcie Griffin, Roger Knappe.  Thanks in advance prayer warriors.

Good morning. Please add to the church prayer list my cousin BJ Biggers he is diagnosed with metastatic melanoma cancer located in lungs, stomach and right arm. We lost my uncle in 2022 and my aunt needs strength to get through this. God is a miracle worker and we are believing in a miracle. Thank you!!  ~Amber Stamper

Please pray for Mr. & Mrs. Breeding. Mrs. Breeding will be having knee surgery soon and Mr. Breeding has kidney disease.

Also, please pray for Leanne Sparks, one of our Faithful Friends LifeGroup members. Her grandmother has been put on hospice.

Gracie Lautaret had her procedures done today. She is home and all is WELL! They didn’t see what they saw a few weeks ago. Next appointment is in April. Please continue to pray for her continued good health.

Gerald and Lena Cooper have moved into Assisted Living:
Arabella of Kilgore, Room 503. Gerald has his cell: 903-291-7650
Gerald is still weak from having pneumonia and covid; Lena is also recovering from covid and suffers from dementia. Please say a prayer for them, and a word of encouragement to Gerald would be uplifting.
Gerald & Lena Cooper c/o Arabella of Kilgore
2103 Chandler St.
Kilgore, TX   75662

Update: Thank you Lord and prayer warriors!
Steve had 100% blockage in 1 major artery – balloon and stent In the artery that provides the main blood supply.
Our God is good . Love y’all Gloria Williams
Please pray for my son in law Steve Thompson. He was taken to Longview Regional ER early this morning. He may have a heart Cath this morning. Pray for the Lord’s peace and comfort for Steve and Tamron as they wait for answers from the Heart specialist.
Thank you prayer warriors!  Gloria Williams

Please be in prayer for our family. My brother, Chuck Tucker, passed away this evening. Thank you in advance for all your prayers.
Lana & Em Snider

Update on Kevin Olson:  The doctor showed us the scan and it’s huge. It’s on the outside and inside of the kidney and it’s about 5”. Three scary things right now. 1) Has it made its way out of the kidney and entered the main vein? 2) Has it gone into the lymph node right next to the kidney? 3) Is the large cyst on the good kidney cancer also? Kevin has a MRI scheduled for next Thursday and that will give the doctor the answers.

Barry Higginbotham is out of surgery and all went well. They’re going to do an X-ray and then be heading home. Thanks for praying.

Update of Westbrook Family:  We have been praying for Roy for a while now, he passed away this morning at 6:50.

Bro. Thurman McGuire has been moved to Summer Meadows in Longview. He is in Room 409. His phone number is (903) 759-4738. He loves to get calls and visits. His headache is getting better but his vision is no better. Please continue to pray for him and family.

Kevin Olson went to the ER for severe abdominal pain and had a cat scan done.  He has congestive heart failure and enlarged cancerous kidney.  He will be released when tests are complete and will follow up with a doctor.

Please pray for a friend of a WHBC member, Jerry Best. He has stage 4 cancer.

Many thanks for all the prayers. David passed away around 5 PM in the Tyler hospital. Jan and Jeanne are  together at Jan’s home now. David and Jeanne had a beautiful marriage of many years.
Please keep on praying for David and loved ones. He made it through the night, but only miracles can save his life. We know the One who can do miracles! For one thing, before surgery he was bleeding lots internally. He is still bleeding dangerously. Loads of tubes. Fortunately, blood pressure is much better. Still in induced coma in ICU because he is otherwise extremely restless.

Please pray for Cynthia Adams. She is in ICU at Good Shepherd.

Jan Jenkins’s son in-law, David Moore, is in emergency major surgery after transfer from Pittsburg to Tyler’s University of Texas Health Center North. His wife is Jan’s daughter Jeanne Moore. Surgery started around 1 PM and is expected to last 5 to 6 hours. Due to extreme pain his blood pressure has been fluctuating wildly from high to low. Recovery will be long and difficult

Prayer Warriors. For several months now I have been having issues with high blood pressure. I will be having two procedures Monday, March 25, a heart cath and abdominal angiogram hoping we find the cause. Please pray with me and for me. I’m trusting in Him. ~Gracie Lautaret

Please pray for Doris Wright. She is in Longview Regional with a blood clot in her heart. Heart surgery Tuesday morning.  ~Donice Rogers

The oncologist came in last night and told us Chuck has stage 4 liver cancer and it did not originate in the liver. They will do an endoscope to see if it is in the stomach or lungs. Dr said he does not seem strong enough for chemo and his suggestion is to go home on hospice. Please pray for Chuck and our family at this time. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.  ~Lana and Emily Snider

Update on Thurman McGuire… He is in UT downtown Tyler. He blacked after Hilltoppers going home and was in a wreck. He is in ICU. They plan to keep him a couple of more days then move him in a regular room. Then rehab. Will take an MRI in a couple of weeks. He has a lot of blood around his brain. Doctor does not think he will get his sight back. His daughter and son are with him.

Another milestone passed. They removed all the stitches and pins today. I had a good report on the Xrays. Probably another 6 weeks with non weight bearing. Thanks for being at my side with the cards, phone calls, and many prayers. It makes the journey thru this that much easier. God has blessed me!   Love y’all Gloria Williams

Please pray for a friend of a WHBC member, Gabbie Rockwell. She has cancer and is losing the battle.

Pray for Thurman McGuire.  He is being care-flighted to Tyler for a brain bleed.  Please keep Thurman and his family in your prayers.

Please pray for our grandson Sean Whitis and our daughter Sessni. He had a dirt bike accident and we are waiting on information regarding injuries. Maybe a fractured tibia and checking for internal bleeding. Thank you, Mike and Jana Campbell

Please pray for Mar Lee Neal found mass on right chest area.

My mother, Sondra Freeman is in rehab at Longview Rehab Hospital. She was admitted Sunday because of extreme weakness. We would very much appreciate prayers for her strength to return. ~Tina Clark

Please be in prayer for my brother, Chuck Tucker. My nephew, Shannon, took him to the ER yesterday. He was not doing well at home and had been eating very little. Lost a lot of weight. They ran some test on him and he has liver issues and lung issues…not sure what all is happening, but will update as soon as I can get to the hospital and talk to a doctor. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.   ~Lana Snider

Please pray for Mrs. Joyce Timmons. She has lung cancer and now more cancer has shown up. She will begin chemo treatments again. Please pray for her and Leo.

Please pray for Hailey, who works in our preschool department. She and a group from Omaha are in Honduras’s mountains sharing Christ’s love. They will be there through March 16th. Thank you all so much!

My surgery was more extensive than I realized. I am improving each day, but have a long road of recovery ahead of me. Just knowing it is in the Lords healing hands and your many prayers I have the best wall of support humanly possible.. Please remember also Tom in your prayers. Thank you for the loving arms reaching out to us.  Love Gloria Williams

Joe Gonzales will be going into surgery at 2:00 today.  He was involved in a terrible auto accident with an 18 wheeler; friend of Bob Shirley.  Will you please lift him up in prayer!

Please be praying for Mrs. Betty Mosley today. Her son’s funeral is at 2:00 PM in Gilmer.

Please pray for Maryann Thomas. She is still in hospital from surgery on Monday in Dallas. She will be having another surgery around 5:00 PM today to stop bleeding in her abdomen. Pray for her and Jeff.

Please pray for Teresa Fears, that God will bring someone into her life that can meet all of her felt needs and provide the encouragement and nurture that she needs. Also for her new employment. She started a new job today.

Prayers needed for Joe Gonzales.  He was in a terrible car accident with an 18 wheeler in Houston.  He has a wife and 2 yr old daughter.  Joe is a friend of Bob Shirley.

Please pray for Mrs. Faye Fritts. She’s getting ready to go to the Operating Room to have her hip repaired. Should go home today.

New members Jerry & Joy Longmire, requesting prayer for Joy with blood pressure issues.  They are headed to Regional now 3/5/2024 11:30am.  Thank you church family.

Please pray for Mrs. Betty Mosley. Her youngest son passed away last night. Funeral arrangements are pending.

After Mary Walton’s Echo-cardiogram the doctors determined her heart was in good shape. No further tests or procedures. Praise the Lord!

From Kathy Bradford:  I have a prayer request. I fell Monday night and broke a bone in my hand. I saw the orthopedic yesterday and they put me in a cast. However, if the bone shifts anymore I will need surgery. He gave it one week. Prayer is bone stays put!

Please pray for Delores Richardson. She is in Longview Regional, Room 249.

Mary Walton is having an echo cardiogram tomorrow. Pray that it will be good and no surgery needed.

Janice Davison surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 6:00 in Dallas.  Please keep her and Bill in your prayers.

Update:  June Lehr.  After changing heart doctors and him looking at her picture and tests, he thinks that she definitely does not need to have the hand surgery. They need to resolve the heart issues first. She will update me when they know how they will address the heart issues. Pray for her as she awaits the decisions to make.

Thank you, church family, for your continued prayers, cards and kindnessess!  Gordon and I are thankful that physical therapy is underway so I can regain mobility, increase circulation and reduce swelling. Please pray that our insurance will stop denying two infusion meds I need to combat the mutation that genetic testing revealed.  These meds should help me regain strength and aid in stability.  Pray with us because the battle is the Lord’s!  Love you all!
–Brenda and Gordon Bevis

Chuck Youngberg appreciates all prayers as he awaits healing for his foot and other health issues.  He is eager to work & serve, so remember him in prayer.

Thanks mighty prayer warriors! June Lehr is having right hand surgery at Tyler Christus Mother Francis on March 1 at 1:00. She has completely lost function of it. She cannot have anesthesia because her pacemaker is out of date and will have that replaced next when her hand heals. Please pray for the doctors, medical staff, Bill and this family as they care for this sweet lady.

Please pray for Janice Davison she is about to go into surgery. Pray all goes well!

Please pray for Wade and Hailey Smelley. Hailey had an emergency appendectomy today. She came down with appendicitis last night. Hailey is home, resting and will have follow up next week. Please pray for complete healing.

Thank you all for the many prayers. Pins , an implant, and tendons lengthened. The doctor said time of healing would tell if it was a success. The surgery part was a success. I have faith it will be. I will follow instructions vigilantly !!! I know this is the answer to all the prayers. God is the Great Miracle Worker!  Love Gloria

Gloria Williams is in surgery now at Northpark in Longview.

Caysen Sanders is in surgery now at Northpark in Longview.

Janice Davidson will have a procedure this morning in Dallas.

Please continue to prayer for me as I go into surgery Friday morning scheduled for 8 am. I’m holding by faith and prayer that this is the last one on the left foot. I do get to have it at the new state of the art surgical facility in Christus Good Shepherd in North Park. Love my prayer warriors!  Love y’all Gloria Williams

Gerald is in Christus Good Shepherd, 3rd floor, room E-345. Treating pneumonia. Please pray for his strength and healing.  He sure hopes to go home tomorrow but will have to wait and see. Remember Lena as well, as she has dementia.  He would appreciate your calls & prayers.

Please continue to pray for Steven Brown, Holly Cureton’s cousin, in Pennsylvania.  He’s 40 years old with pneumonia and given only a 25% chance of survival.

Nancy Sharp went to specialist in Dallas yesterday. They have scheduled her for surgery next Wednesday for melanoma. Please pray that he can get it all and pray that it has not spread to lymph nodes.

Correction: Gerald Cooper is at Christus Good Shepherd. He has pneumonia in one lung. Continue to pray for him and Lena.
Gerald Cooper went to Longview Regional Hospital this morning by ambulance. Please keep him and Lena in your prayers.

Please keep Mary Walton in your prayers. She is having a procedure and overnight stay at Regional on March 7.

Please pray for a dear friend, Pat.  I just received a message from his wife stating he was in ICU and the prognosis was not good.  Thank you, church family. Barry Cates

Corey Williams has a job interview tomorrow all prayers appreciated. 

John Elia is now in the arms of Jesus.  Thank you so much for praying and please continue to pray for the Elia family in this time of loss.  ~Lana & Emily Snider

Please remember me in prayer  this week. I am scheduled for surgery Friday morning the 23rd. Please pray specifically that this will be the last surgery that I should have. Thank you so much Woodland Hills prayer warriors.  Love all of you Gloria Williams

Please pray that my company gets some new orders soon. Thank you! ~John Zenter

Update of Wilma Chapman:  No pneumonia…Praise God!! Mom had a chest xray earlier. She will be on oxygen for awhile but will be going back to Havencare. Please pray as she adjusts and heals! Thanks so much! Melody

This is the most recent update on Macho: They Transferred him to Houston for therapy. This is the report from his sister. Week one in Houston for Cristian Rodriguez has had some ups and downs! He’s had some negative comments from nurses that really bothered him but he picked himself back up and decided he was going to keep a positive mindset despite their scientific beliefs. He said he knows this is between him and God! He got his cath out because they wanted him to be more independent and that’s exactly what he is wanting! We are all uplifted in our spirits because he said he is starting to feel tingling in his legs.. sometimes painful.. but it’s a feeling! Drs said that’s nerves repairing and recovering! He had a hard couple days trying to learn to balance when the therapist would stand him up because he can’t feel his legs and all his balance has to come from his core, but he has really worked hard on his balance and said he’s got it down now! SO PROUD! Overall, he’s the best kid I know! We’re all so proud of him! And he believes the more therapy he gets the sooner he will walk again so he is taking it very seriously and has worked hard every day!! Therapy does wear him out mentally and physically but he’s DETERMINED!!! He has been feeling lonely so if anyone wants to go visit please feel free to!! He has therapy from 9-2ish and weekends it’s only for about an hour! We all love you Cristian and are so proud of you!!

Thanks for praying for Leon. He is Out of surgery and doing well. Surgery took longer because they found an Aneurysm inside  also. He’s doing well. One by pass and one heart valve.
Thanks for praying for my brother, Leon Hunt. They prepped him and he went back into surgery about 9:00 AM. They’re planning to do several by passes and replace a valve. Please continue to pray. He’s at Methodist in Houston. ~Bro. Charles

Please pray for Haiti daily. Violence is very bad right now. The country still does not have a president. A man is trying to take out the Prime minister because the prime minister has been letting the gangs run the country. The people are getting tired of no leadership and gangs taking advantage. The country is supposed to go on lock down tomorrow.

Update on John Elia:  Talked to Rose and John has 2 brain bleeds, he is out of the coma, but still has to be intubated and he is real irritated. Not sure what all they will do, please keep praying for that family. Thanks in advance for your prayers.  ~Lana & Em

Please pray for Caysen Sanders and family. He’s at the er with 2 broke bones in his arm and they are looking now at potentially needing to do surgery.

Update:My mom has had a Ischemic (blood clot) stroke, affecting her vision. She has been given a blood clot buster medication and will be monitored in ICU for 24 hours. Her BP is lower and she is responding better! Please pray for us!
Please pray….mom(Wilma Chapman)fell out of her chair, hit her head. BP is 191/101 n can’t keep her eyes open. I’m headed to the hospital and will update when I can . Thanks so much! Melody Foster

Please be in prayer for my friends son, John Elia. He is in need of a liver transplant. He was transferred to Houston from Dallas and had a seizure last night and is now in a coma. His Mom, Rose, said he may never get a transplant and it is not looking good for him. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.  ~Lana Snider

Please pray for Pat Westbrook’s son, Roy, who is very seriously ill and hospitalized in Tyler. Waiting for test results to come back for diagnoses.

Caysen had severe stomach pain and passed out at home this morning. He was taken to the hospital and doctors are getting ready for MRI.  Pray for answers and for Mama and Daddy, Cari and Cody Sanders.

Please keep Jess Ogden in your prayers. She has a long, long, health journey ahead of her. ~Karen Pettit

Update on Dot Key: she has been diagnosed with lung cancer and it has spread into her lymph nodes. Hospice has started. She is at peace and doesn’t want anyone to be sad for her; she is looking forward to her heavenly home. Your love and prayers will be a blessing to her.

Pray for my daughter, Madeline Walton.  She has a bowel obstruction, has been battling it for some time. In a lot of pain, nausea. Praying she doesn’t have to have surgery. Thanks ~Mary Walton

Just got a call from Rory Minatree. Willie Fields passes away this morning , soon after the Hospice Nurse came by.

Pulmonary embolisms are gone per today’s xray!  Please pray over a genetic mutation that I have as doctors make treatment decisions. God could take it away!  Dr. Jayakar said surgeries were successful and that the extreme swelling & pain is to be expected and will last for a while.  It was pretty special to hear my vascular surgeon remind me that God saved my life!  Thank you for all the prayers, texts and cards.  Keep praying!   –Brenda Bevis 

The surgery for Shawn Dewitt went well. They finished about 2:15 and she will be in recovery for 1 hour! Barbara appreciates all the prayers for Shawn!

Please continue to pray for Willie Fields. He is home on hospice care and is losing lots of blood. They aren’t expecting him to live here much longer. Willie is surrounded by family and loved ones. 

Please continue to pray for Willie Fields. He has internal bleeding. They’re carrying him home and he will be placed on hospice.

Please pray for Shawn Durrett, Barbara Young’s daughter. She fell and was carried by ambulance to the ER. She’s in a lot of pain and they’re waiting on X-ray results. She’s at Longview Regional.

Please be praying for Nancy Sharp. She has a melanoma on her head and is going to a specialist in Dallas February 19 for more answers.

Please pray for Ed Jones. This is James Jones’s father, James is a member of our Loop Campus. Mr. Ed Jones has had a stroke. The doctors are discussing if they need to send him to a specialist in Tyler. It seems sever. Thank you church family! 

Pray for Gracie Lautaret and family.  Her niece, Bunny Jourdan, passed away this morning.

They’re going to put Charlotte in the NICU because her blood sugar is low. It qas 38 this morning, then rose into the mid 40s this afternoon, but tonight was 26. She’ll probably get an IV in the NICU and they’ll monitor her more closely.

Please pray for a co-worker of mine, Daneille Flanagan. She has had the flu since Thursday or Friday. Headed to ER.~John Zenter

Arrangements for Chet Wilson Service:
Visitation: Tuesday, January 30 | 5:00 – 8:00pm
First Baptist Church Avinger, 300 W. Depot, Avinger, Texas 75630
Service: Wednesday, January 31 | 10:00am
Woodland Hills Baptist Church, 2105 East Loop 281
Avinger Cemetery | 3:00pm

Please  pray for Lisa Nolte’s husband Mike.  He is being admitted to Good Shepherd as soon as a room becomes available.   He has a bad kidney infection and he only has one kidney.

Please pray for Locke Curfman and his family. His brother passed away this afternoon.

Chet Wilson passed away a few minutes ago. Please pray for Shirley and family.

Please keep Kathy Pepper in your prayers. She has been sick on and off for awhile now and finally got an answer that she has sepsis and has been admitted to the hospital. Pray for healing please.

Willy Fields has been moved to Marshall Manor room D-18. Several patients have tested positive for Covid. Visitation may be restricted to family only.

Please add my cousin Carl to your prayer list. I received a text a few minutes ago. He went into cardiac arrest last night and they were able to get a pulse back and into surgery. He is stable as of now. He is sedated so don’t know if he has any deficits or not. Thank you, church family, Barry Cates

Please pray. Brenda’s broken leg isn’t healing as it should so she’s still at risk of surgery. Please pray that the bone heals and that her body rids itself of all the blood clots. She’s anxious to regain mobility and function. Thank you for praying.  ~Gordon Bevis

Please pray for Teresa Fears. She has had some kind of episode.  She is not mentally fully there right now.  Pray for yours truly – retina doctor appointment in Shreveport Friday, and for my cardiac issues to be  resolved.  ~John Zenter

Checked on Willy and his son in law Rory Minitree called to tell me what I had already seen. Willy is getting better every day. He is speaking and eating. He recognized me and talked a lot, but what he is saying is not making a lot of sense. In time and with rehab, he should get better. It is going to take some time.  Continue to pray for Willy, his family and the doctors and nurses that  are looking after him.  ~Ronnie Jones

Please pray for Steven Brown, Holly Cureton’s cousin in Pennsylvania. He has pneumonia and is on a respirator. Not expected to make it.

Please pray for a friend of John & Brenda Bradford, Byron Waltrip, he has multiple cancers.

John Zenter’s check came early so he’s okay. He thanks you for your prayers.
Please pray for me – I am out of heart and blood pressure medicine and can’t pay for it until Wednesday. ~John Zenter

Please pray for our daughter, Amy Miller, who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She will be receiving treatments at Baylor Scott and White, Dallas. ~Wayne & Marian Hare

Please pray for Carlee Morton. This is TR and Beverly  Dawudi’s granddaughter. Carlee has been at ER tonight, has strep throat and covid.  Her mom has had strep since Thursday. Please pray for this family.

Please be in prayer for Willy Fields. His Son in Law Rory called and said that they found Willy on the floor Friday after dark. It appears that he has had a “Large” stroke according to the Doctor. He is at the Emergency Room at Christus, probably the one in Marshal. Please pray for the Health Care workers. May they make the right decisions and may God’s will be done.  ~Ronnie Jones

Prayers are working, keep’em coming!!! Surgeon said Macho”s surgery went better than expected. C7 was crushed, but they were able to clean it out and rods in. There were electrical responses from the brain to the lower legs so there is a chance after rehab to be able to walk again. Biggest prayer for now is to have no swelling. Also said when they straightened him out the vertebra fell back into alignment, they were not sure that was going to happen. Long road to recovery, but there is a chance at recovery.
Please pray for one of our Overton Students Christian Rodriguez *Macho*.  He was in a very bad accident last night and he is in ICU. He is able to move his arms hasn’t moved anything else yet. He is going to have surgery today on his back and they say it can take about 5hours.  They are giving him a 5 – 15% chance of walking again.  Said his 6th and 7th vertebrae are crushed.  

Bob Gilley called last night after seeing the Dr. It looks like there are several bones broken and that there is one bone chip that may be causing some nerve damage which could go away with time and reduced swelling. At this time they will wait on the swelling to go down and then decide if something else needs to be done.  ~Ronnie Jones

Keep Bob Gilley in your prayers. He fell Sunday evening and fractured several bones on his face. Just received confirmation that he will see the Dr tomorrow at 4:15 I think. No brain bleed confirmed by X-ray or CT. He spent Sunday night in Christus.

Please pray for Kenny Graham. He was In the hospital for 3 days for his legs and feet. He is home now. Pray continue for Kenny and Liz for their health issues.

Joy Oney, Jimmy’s sister, has fallen on her driveway and is being taken to Good Shepherd Christus ER by ambulance, possibly with a broken wrist.

Please pray for Brittany Smelley’s family.  Her brother and mom were hit by a car and she is at the hospital with them.   Her mom  broke her sternum they are checking her heart right now to make sure it is ok. Please pray for her pain she is hurting bad. Also pray for Davis and Brittany on the roads…they have to take her home in Gilmer. Thank y’all so much!!!

Bob Gilley fell on the ice this afternoon and is at Good Shepherd in the ER. He is waiting on a room to be admitted. He has some facial fractures and a big hematoma on his forearm. The surgeon will see him tomorrow. Pray for Bob and Sonja. She is there with him.

Pray for John Zenter’s friend.  He moved to Longview and found out his wife wants a divorce.

Please pray for God’s Hand to be upon Dr. Jayakar and his team, on Gordon and me as I have another surgery in the morning.  Thank you,  dear church family!  ~Brenda Bevis

Bro. Charles Update: I got a tremendous report from the ear surgeon today. What he saw several months ago is not there today. He’s sees nothing to do surgery on. We will continue to just watch every 6 months. Praise God. Thanks for your prayers.

Please remember Judy Ragsdale in prayer.  Please pray specifically that antibiotics would heal a wound on her ankle quickly. Once that heals, pray the next treatment would prevent future wound issues.  Also pray for a heart condition that will need to be addressed Thank you church family!
Update on Tom: Thank the Lord the X-rays showed no broken bones. He is still in pain but they are giving him something for that. Your prayers and concerns are deeply appreciated.

Tom Williams fell last night and is in quite of bit of pain . They have him set up for an X-ray on  is hip and leg today here at Havencare. Just waiting now because there is no set time. Please pray for no broken bones. Love our prayer warriors.
Love Gloria

Please continue to pray for Chet Wilson. He is at home and hospice has been called in. Chet and Shirley are very grateful for our church family and the love that they felt. Please continue to pray for them during this difficult time.

Jackie Allen is at home and recovering well from her leg surgery. Please continue to pray.

Please pray for Chuck Youngberg.  He has been admitted to Christus, room W 349 with pneumonia.

Jayden Adams, Dan Adams’ son, has passed away.  Funeral service at Woodland Hills on Saturday, January 13 at 1:00pm.Please pray for this family.

Update on Patti Foust:  Thank you so much for the prayers.  They released my mom from the Heart Hospital in OKC. They live in Ardmore, OK, so they are not too far away if anything else happens. The doctor said that her leaking valve isn’t as bad as he thought. They are adjusting her meds to hopefully keep her heart out of afib. No surgery at this time and she goes back on the 26th as long as nothing else occurs.  ~Cindi Britt

Remember the Maxey family in prayer.

Asking prayer for Cindi Britt’s mom, Patti Foust. She was taken to the hospital with breathing difficulties that possibly are associated with a heart condition she has; running test. Prayers for Cindi and Vernon if/when they travel to Oklahoma to be with her.

Please pray for Jackie Allen, she is going into surgery in just a few minutes to repair a broken fibula. Please pray that all goes well and the recovery is quick.

Please pray for the McClendon family today as they have the graveside for Rene’s mother. Pray for peace during this time of great loss.

Please pray for our final night of our Bible Conference tonight, pray that the Lord will continue to work in amazing ways.

Please pray for Amanda Tate and her family. She has recently lost her grandmother and an uncle in the past week. 

Judy Ivey’s brother, Billy Nutt, is being transported by ambulance from Arcadia to Ochsner LSU Medical Center for a brain bleed on each side of his head. He has dementia and has fallen two different times recently which seems to be happening quite often!

Asking prayers for Andy Easterling, he has brain cancer.

Please pray for Doug Arthofer. His heart cath today showed several blockages and 3 heart valve problems. He meets Friday with surgeon to talk about open heart surgery.

We just got results from Dr on Ralph’s biopsy. Negative, NO CANCER! Praise God and thank you church for your prayers and concern. This is one happy wife!  ~Delores Hill

Please pray for Doug Arthofer. He will be having a heart cath on Monday, at Regional, at 10:30 AM. It’s Monday, not Tuesday.

Please pray for Nellie McGraw. She broke her ankle and will have surgery on Tuesday, at Regional, at 8:00 AM. Pray for her and Charlie.

Please continue praying for Jess Ogden, they didn’t complete the surgery yesterday (could only do 12 hrs), she will go to ICU and they will finish today. Please pray and Thank you church family! 

Please pray for Lois Templin. She’s being admitted to Mother Francis downtown. They’re going to try to find out why she’s coughing up blood. She would appreciate prayers.

Pray for Jess Ogden.  Will have a second HIPEC surgery tomorrow.

Chet Wilson has a return of his stomach cancer that he had in 2016.  Please pray for Shirley and the family for wisdom going forward and God’s perfect peace.

Kinslie Webb had her appendix removed yesterday and all went well. She is being released to go home today. 

Chet is having test run this morning. Please pray for him and Shirley.
Chet Wilson is in the ER waiting for a room.  Shirley said they have him hooked up to several things, and are giving him blood.  Shirley is back at Arabella. Please pray for this couple

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