Bus Ministry

WHBC is blessed to offer transportation to and from church services.  A group of more than 20 trained bus drivers and monitors make up our transportation team.  These individuals volunteer many hours of their own time every week in order to provide transportation to those wishing to attend our church services.  The mission of the WHBC bus ministry is first and foremost to glorify Jesus Christ, and to provide safe and efficient transportation to and from church services.

WHERE DO THE BUSES RUN?  Routes 1, 2, and 3, and 5 run in areas near Hallsville, picking up children and youth age students for Sunday evening services. 

Route 1: Shady Grove, Day Star, and Cornerstone Mobile Home Parks
Route 2: Eastwood Addition, Pinehurst Apartments, Longview Heights, and Redmon Road area
Route 3: Big Oak Mobile Home Park

Sunday nights:
All routes run and pickup in the above listed areas.  During the school year, all buses run between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.  Contact Rosio at rosio@whbchurch.com or the church for more specific pickup times.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO RIDE? Riding the church bus to Woodland Hills Baptist Church is a privilege offered to anyone Kindergarten and above wishing to attend services at Woodland Hills Baptist Church.  Church bus routes and times accommodate the needs of Woodland Hills Baptist Church.  Riders will behave and respect the instructions of the bus driver, monitor, and adults while on the church bus and while on the church property.  Riders who demonstrate their inability to ride the church bus in a safe manner will be corrected by the driver and/or monitor.  Bus riding privileges can and will be revoked if the rider’s behavior so warrants.

This list of “safe bus rider rules” are enforced on the bus and on the church property.

  • Enter and Exit Safely
  • Remain Seated
  • Keep body parts inside the windows
  • Riders will only be dropped off at the location in which they boarded the bus
  • Stay on assigned bus and areas on church property
  • Do not harm anyone
  • No food or drink allowed on bus
  • Use of profanity or destruction of church property will not be tolerated

Riders will only be dropped off at the location in which they boarded the bus.

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