Prayer Board

Please pray for Brad Timmons and his family. His dad has taken a turn for the worse and is in end of life care now. Please pray for Charles Timmons and the family.

Memorial Service for Mr. Davis is Saturday, August 8 at 4:00pm at Woodland Hills Loop Campus.

Update on my cousin Larry Lautaret, who was diagnosed with Covid19. His symptoms were fairly mild and fleeting, and (as he put it), he has been cleared by the health department. He ask me to be sure and tell y’all thanks for praying for them. And we also say thanks for being faithful to pray and for being such a loving church family.  Love you all,  Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

My grandson Dustin is being deployed to Afghanistan today, please pray for him.~Nell Buchanan

Please keep Pandy Barg in your prayers.  She has had a lingering persist cough that still doesn’t have a diagnosis.

Pandy Barg’s friend has asked WHBC to pray for her daughter, Edie.  She is in ICU with COVID-19.

Charles Davis passed away early this morning. Please pray for this sweet family.

Please pray for my wife, Linda Evans. She lost her brother to bone cancer in South Dakota on 7/31. He served in Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange.He had believed himself condemned by God for killing in War most of his life. The Good Lord gave us the words and Bible examples to prove this was not true to him. He confessed his sins and belief in Jesus, just weeks ago. Praise God ! Thank You  ~Dr. Harry Evans

I went to the doctor today and it was just a sprain. Rest and ice. Thanks so much for the prayers.  ~Gloria Williams

Please keep Janet Orms of White Oak in your prayers.  She is a cancer patient and has been admitted to Good Shepherd and is not doing well.

Please keep Rhonda Rancour, Beverly Nugent’s daughter, in your prayers.  She is in the hospital and has had a stroke.

Pray for Anthony Babieaux. He contracted covid in July. He is not a believer but is close to salvation so please be prayer for him!

Bro. Steve Meadows from Westside Baptist Church, Crockett went to be with Jesus this morning. His blood pressure became erratic and they had him stabilized and then he just passed in his sleep. Please pray for his wife Terri and their 2 daughters.

Please pray for me. I have an issue with my knee again and can’t walk on it. Pray the doctor will find what the cause is and will be a minor problem.
Love my WHBC PRAYER WARRIORS!  ~Gloria Williams

Please pray for Guy Fuller’s sister, Belle, she has contracted Covid 19.

PRAY for Clark & Marilyn Sexton’s grandson, John Briley, in Iowa. He has contacted Covid -19 and is ill at home right now. His wife is 3 weeks away from delivering their baby and caring for two boys under 3 years at home, as well as caring for John.

Please keep Guy Wilson in your prayers.  He has strep throat and is waiting on results from COVID-19 test.

Please keep Tetyana and her family in your prayers.

Haiti update:  Thank you all for praying! God is so good! The storm moved north and as of 8:30 tonight they’ve not even had a drop of rain!

Please be praying for Gerald Gunter He is at the hospital waiting on an ICU bed and having trouble breathing. MaryKay Gunter can’t go back so this is a struggle for her not being able to be with Gerald.

Please pray for Haiti, the hurricane is expected to go right through there on Thursday .

Please pray for yours truly and my fellow employees at Winston. My boss is in the process of notifying us that most of us will be reduced to a two day work week, pay being reduced to 2/5 of our regular pay.  Thank you for praying! ~John Zenter

Donnie Freeman update…
Doctor just called said surgery went very good moving her to ICU thanks for all prayers and concerns.

Please pray for Seleste Clay, Ms. Melissa Clayton’s sister. Seleste had a seizure late last night. She is medicated and ok. Please lift doctors and nurses as they tend to her.

Please be in prayer for Linda Lansford as her mother passed away yesterday. Graveside service will be Saturday in Chireno. Right now Linda’s specific request is for a good night’s sleep.

Please pray for Donnie Freeman. She goes to Dallas for ear surgery Tuesday and will be there 5-7 days. Pray that her hearing Won’t be impaired and the doctors will eliminate a long time problem. Pray for Vernon also because he is not allowed to be with her any at this time because of COVID restriction.

Gerald Gunter asked for prayer for their daughter Melissa who has been diagnosed with COVID. Her blood pressure is very high and may have blood clots. Please pray for Melissa, her caretakers and the entire family as they go through this. Thank so much prayer warriors!!!

Please pray that God can fill my heart with his love. Pray that I experience his loving tender kindness.  Michelle Brown

Please put my cousin Larry Lautaret and his family in Whitefish, Montana on your prayer list. Larry is the pastor of the church there and has tried to be very careful. He began feeling bad this week and ended up testing positive for Covid19. They have several generations of family at their house at this time, so pray that no one else catches it. Thanks for praying and we love you all.  ~Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

TR Dawudi did well with surgery yesterday.  He is home recovering.  Leg and foot are feeling better.

Thank you ALL for the prayers for our grandson Bishop Mctyre! They now have him on a very powerful antibiotic that is working. He is starting to get better! Praise the Lord for this and all of your prayers! I had no doubt that he would get better with all the great folks that I have praying for him! Thank you so much and please keep them coming!
~Deanne & Wayne Gibson (I need to add that Bishop did not have staph but a bacteria from swimming in the Gulf in Alabama. DO NOT go in there or Galveston with any open sores, cuts or nicks. It’s cause by the waters not moving enough. Please be aware. We were so fortunate that Good Shepherd had seen this recently and knew what kind of test to run. Praise to the Lord, the one and only!!

My sister Beverly, is in the final stages of Hospice care. She is at her son’s home in Oklahoma. Beverly is a Christian.   Please pray for God’s strength and comfort for her son Eric, her daughter-in-law Samantha, and her children and great grandchildren. Please pray for God’s salvation of the children in her family.   Thank you all, Connie Huston

Please pray for me that I may get my doctor internship job, which I lost due to illness, returned back to me as soon as possible, especially in these times of coronavirus disease. Thank you very much for praying for me. ~Raajvi

PLEASE! We desperately need prayers for our grandson Bishop Mctyre that comes with us to church occasionally.
He has a staph infection in his ear and face. He has had 3 rounds of heavy antibiotics with no luck. They may move him to Dallas tomorrow.
We need all of our great prayer warriors to pray. Please and Thank you.
Deanne & Wayne Gibson

Pray for T. R. Dawudi. TRs vein has split open in his leg pooling blood that can cause a clot. so they’re going to do surgery on him at noon tomorrow at Regional.

Please pray for my mother. She spent last night in the hospital after receiving an IV or two for dehydration. She could not keep anything on her stomach. She was tested for Covid but all the doctors say she has no symptoms of covid. I am being treated for a sinus infection, so I am staying away.  Thank you, Barry Cates

Please be in fervent prayer for Teresa Lynn Fears. She has been very deeply wounded at the hands of members of a large local Baptist church, and Her soul and spirit are very deeply broken. Thank you, and God bless you for being faithful to intercede for everyone in need of prayer.  ~John Zenter

Thank you church family for praying for our son,Clay. He has recovered from COVID-19. We are also praising God that none of the 20people that were around him have been infected. Praise be to God!~Jan McNeal

Please pray for my daughter Angi and her fiance David Bridges ll. He was diagnosed with Covid 19. He is suffering with really bad muscle pains, tormenting headaches and has lost his sense of taste and smell and has lost about 20 lbs. Angi is a diabetic and thankfully, is not showing any symptoms at this time. Thank you in advance for your prayers. Phebe Reel

Please keep Dorothy Geski, friend of Sondra Lockhart, in your prayers.  She fell and broke her sternum.  Scheduled for surgery today at Regional.

Please pray for my son, Gregg. He is in Prison for something he did not do. A angry step-son accused him of abuse because he punished him and would not let him go to a party. None of my son trail was fair, all because his in laws own a business in Longview and the Judge ruled in there favor. I ask your prayers for them also.  ~ALICE MATHISON

Please pray for the safety of my family and me in the place where we live. Please pray also for the safety of our hearts in the Lord. I am going to go abroad to work. Let God protect my heart, my soul, my life, my health from any danger. Let my heart not be troubled. Thank you.  ~Tetyana

Please for the repentance for certain man( I don`t know his name). He is alcohol and tobacco addicted. Thank you.  ~Tetyana

Please pray for my daughter Deanne Moore Smith. She has the virus and is very ill.  She is in the hospital in college station.  ~Tom Moore

Please pray for Charles Davis. He had a catscan this week and it showed cancer of the esophagus. He’s at Parkview Village.

Requesting prayer for our granddaughter Kaitlyn. She was thrown from a horse and has two compound compressions in her back. Thank you.
Nancie and Bill Darby

Good Morning friends
We wanted to update you on us. 8 weeks ago I had a knee replacement, father’s day I stepped in a hole and broke my patella (knee cap). After surgery to repair patella, the 2 pieces did not stay together. But both pieces are still attached to tendons and ligaments. Praise God. I am in a straight brace for several more months. One day I might like my crutches.
Now Mike, 29 years ago he had testicular cancer and a massive blood clot. In the last 6 months his leg has bothered him. 6 weeks ago he found several blood clots, 3-4 weeks ago he ended up in hospital via ambulance. This past Tuesday he had procedures done to both legs as both are clotted. The left leg is 100% ecluded. (Blocked) the specialist worked over 3 1/2 hours without any luck to break through or stint them. He told us he has never seen such a complex case. He believes these to have been there for MANY years. With this news we gave our Lord all the praises for allowing Mike to wake up each morning. We are waiting on an MRI to be done, the 27th we go back to dr. At this time he will let us know if things have changed or are the same. He has an associate somewhere in Texas on the border of TX and LA.
We continue to ask God for healing and comfort. As you know I am not able to work, and Mike’s disability only pays him under $300.00 a week. We know our Lord will continue to carry us through this.
Bless each of you.  ~Nancy Stallcup

Michelle’s sister, Tommie Kaye, was released from the hospital this afternoon. She was sent home with eight prescriptions related to having
Covid-19, but did not require oxygen or a ventilator. Thanks for praying.
Greg Stewart

Please keep Wayne McGuire in your prayers.  He is having hernia surgery Wednesday, July 22 at 7:30 at Glenwood Hospital, West Monroe, LA.

Michelle’s sister, Tommie Kaye, is in the hospital, in Palestine, with pneumonia and a horrific headache. Doctors have confirmed that she has Covid-19. Michelle’s mom would especially appreciate prayer for Tommie Kaye. As she puts it “I’ve already lost one child. I can’t lose another”. Tommie Kaye seems to be doing okay (all things considered). Doctor’s theorize that she is on the tail end of the disease.  Thanks,  Greg Stewart

Our daughter-in-law, KaCee, has had her first round of chemotherapy. Although extremely tired, she did not get deathly ill as Michelle did when she went through chemo. KaCee was diagnosed with the most aggressive breast cancer known. She will be in chemo for five moths, followed by a double mastectomy and then radiation. We attribute KaCee not getting so sick from the chemo to the faithful prayer of righteous men and women. Thank you for praying. Please remember her throughout the rest of the year. Michelle indicated to me that John Travolta’s wife, who died this week, had been diagnosed with the same type of breast cancer as KaCee. We’re not Scientologists though. We call on the holy powerful name of Jesus, the name above all names!  Thanks,  Greg Stewart

My dad just died and mom is in the mental hospital, please pray she will come back soon and be her normal self.  Please pray that God would heal her mind body and spirit and that she would regain strength energy vitality and stamina and have a full recovery.  ~Stephen Murray

Please pray for our son, Clay. He has tested positive for COVID-19. He is currently at home with a cough and congestion. Also pray that his wife and 2 daughters do not get infected.  ~Jan McNeal

Please pray for Christann, Carolyn Jordan’s daughter. She will be having surgery Tuesday at Baylor Scott & White in Fort Worth. They’ll leave Sunday to do all the pre-surgery procedures.

Please pray for my brother, Rick Sanders.  He has throat cancer.  He will be starting radiation Monday.  ~Keith Sanders

Please keep Nick Urazoff (Sue Olson’s father) in your prayers.  He is at Longview Regional and they are ruling out a stroke.

My wife’s brother, John Miller, 83, is in ICU in Bryan, Texas with covid-19. Prayer is very much appreciated. Thank you! ~Bro. Clark Sexton

Cindy Watsons’ Mom, Pat Dorrah, went back to the hospital after 1 day at home. Her blood pressure and her oxygen levels were really low. They say she has pneumonia related to the COVID. Please continue to pray for her.

Update: my relative’s test was NEGATIVE! Praise God and thanks for the prayers!  ~Carolyn Barnette
Please pray for a close family member of mine who was exposed to Covid last week. Pray the test comes back negative.
My stress test came back good. More tests on July 29th with surgery scheduled for August 13th in Tyler.
Thank you for praying.  ~Carolyn Barnette

Please put my Son, Keith Cooper on prayer list. He is back in GSMC and they have him on dialysis. Don’t know what his problem as of today.  ~Gerald Cooper

Mona Reeves is at the ER. She hasn’t been feeling good for the last 2 weeks. She woke up clammy and nauseated and BP was 95/66. They are running a bunch of tests on her. They think it might be heart or kidney related but not sure. No visitors can come. Please pray

Please be in prayer for Dale Littiell-Healing, Korbin, Misty & Coach Crow both with cancer, Trey FBC preacher in Tatum, Anna-Peace, Zach & Adri, Mason family-loss of Dad,  ~Thank You, Ester Martinez

Please be in prayer for Bob and Colleen Campbell…Bob had a stroke…brain bleed and it has been repaired…still having a lot of issues…now he has MERSA in his lungs. Colleen has RA and is on several meds just to help her function in daily life…this couple needs our prayers. Please pray for them…thanks in advance.
Steve, Lana and Emily Snider

My sister, Beverly Elledge, has been fighting illness since the end of February this year. Her mental grasp on reality comes and goes.
She needs prayer warriors now more than ever. Thank you all.
Connie Huston

Please pray for my dad. He had a fall at the lease, and was taken to the hospital in Uvalde.  CT scan showed clear but doctor said a delayed bleed is possible due to blood thinner. Please pray for no brain bleed!!! He will go back to the ranch with my brother, and his family, and with my niece who is an RN. Dr. said risk would be greater if he stayed in hosp and got exposed to covid. Dad is almost 93 and has had amazing health.  ~Suzi Arthofer

PRAISE ! I want to say thank you church family for praying for me! Your prayers are working, so please keep praying. A little over two weeks ago I had several tests, (including Covid19, which was negative) and was told I had subtle infiltrates in my lungs. In layman terms, I had an infection that had settled in my lungs, not pneumonia, but similar. The doctor started me on meds and in 4-5 days I started feeling better. I had X rays Wednesday, and my lungs were clear. This has been going on since about September, but I feel better every day. I’m on the mend, THANK YOU JESUS, and thanks again for praying! We love you all!  ~Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Misty, our granddaughter, did not have the liver biopsy this morning. She was there and ready to have it done when the radiologist came in and told them that he did not think it was necessary. He said the risks of the biopsy far outweigh the option of just watching everything. We are thankful for his wisdom. We believe God is still in the miracle business. Thank you for praying.  ~Buddy and Gracie

You’ve prayed for my friend,  Dr. Scotti Wood. God is answering but please continue to pray. She received word this morning that her cancer marker numbers have dropped from 13,000 to 700! Praise God!  The goal is 24 so that she can have the stem cell replacement. Additionally, kidney  function definitely needs to improve. Thank you for continued prayers!  –Brenda Bevis 

Please be in prayer for our granddaughter, Misty. (Buddy’s oldest granddaughter) She will have a liver biopsy in the morning. She was informed today that she has a “broken gene” which means she has BAP1 tumor predisposition syndrome for kidney, eye, skin and cancer of the mesothelium which is not just the lungs. We are grateful they are strong believers and had a very supportive church family. Thank you so much for covering our Misty in prayer. ~Buddy and Gracie

I’m having a chemical stress test today in preparation for a spinal fusion in August. Please pray. ~Carolyn Barnette

Update in Bro. Steve Meadows…
Thanks for praying.  Steve Meadows Surgery Update 6/24/20: Surgery is over! Steve came through well and doctor said it will be a couple of days before Steve wakes up and we can say the surgery was a success. Doctor did find a small white pocket that looks suspicious. Sent it off to microbiology lab and pathology. It could be an infection, cancer, or nothing. Dr does not feel it’s cancer but wants to be on the cautious side. For now Steve is resting comfortably. He did not require any pressors in surgery, and doctor was amazed by that. Thank you all for your faithful and continued prayers.

We’ve been praying for Pastor Steve Meadows, dear friend of ours from Crockett. They are about to do brain surgery on him in Lufkin at 11 AM. Please pray. Here’s what his wife Terri posted…Steve Meadows Morning Update 6/24/20 Day 130: Steve is still not opening his eyes although he will squeeze hand on command and in response to questions. His medical team all agree it’s time for the Burr hole trephination to withdraw the remaining blood on his brain. We have ruled out everything else that could be the cause of his unconsciousness. Surgery is at 11. We have been praying about this since Monday. In the scan it appears to be absorbing on its own but at a very slow rate. We need him conscious to get better. I asked Steve to squeeze my hand if he understood everything the neurosurgeon said and he squeezed my hand. I told him to squeeze my hand if he is okay with going forward with the surgery and he squeezed my hand. I told him I want him around for a lot longer and I will do anything to get him well and he squeezed my hand super tight. Prayers appreciated and will update when I have news.

Pray for Seth, important unspoken prayer request.

Please be in prayer for my sister Trelvis Dunford. ~John Zenter

Ken Jones finished up three of his six or seven trips to Houston for cancer treatment. We go back on Monday for the second infusion. Last time the infusion gave him chills and also made him very dizzy. Pray that the next one goes better. The blood draw last Friday went pretty well. Pray that things will go well Monday and that the rain and traffic will not be too bad.
Thanks for you prayers ~Ronnie

From the last text from Cindy Well, Bobby may be doing some better. She reports;
Acidosis is much better,
He is down to 50% on the vent,
They plan to wean him off the vent tomorrow,
The pneumonia in his lungs is still bad,
So, except for that everything is looking much better. Thank you all for your concerns and prayers.

Please be in prayer for Steve Snider’s sister. She has been struggling with cancer. She is having some problems now and Steve and Lana are going to meet her at the ER in Houston or Lufkin to have some tests and X-Rays done. Pray for their safety as they travel and that the diagnostics do not show any major problems. ~Thanks Ronnie Jones

Please pray for the Cedric James Davis family. He was a 15 year veteran of the Longview Police Department who lost his life to cancer. ~Melissa Clayton

Many thanks for your prayers. Donna passed from this life peacefully last night just before 9:30 pm, at home with loved ones.  ~Judy Arroyo

Please pray for Paula Reeves’ son in law Leslie Brady . A fire wall fell on him at work. Is burned badly. Just took him to the hospital .

Bobby Wells passed out last night and he has been admitted into the ICU at Good Shepherd Hospital.

Please pray for Jeremy and Christina Brockway – they have a doctor’s appointment in Dallas related to his heart issues. Please pray for travel safety, and for a good report from doctor. Jeremy was in ICU a little while back, and experienced a significant healing miracle back then. ~John Zenter

Please keep Rhonda Rancour in your prayers.  She is having major cancer surgery in Dallas on July 1.  Rhonda is Beverly Nugent’s daughter and Rodney Rancour’s mom.

Please keep Carolyn Jordan’s daughter, Christann Webb in your prayers.  She is having major surgery in Fort Worth on July 14.

Charlotte McNeil fell and hurt her shoulder and face. No broken bones but a large knot over her eye and cheek. Please pray for her healing and still not allowed to be out from Hawkins Creek Retirement yet because of Covid 19

Inez Hitchcock fell again and fracture a hip bone. They did a partial hip replacement. She is in rehab and doing really good. Should be back home in McKinney within the next two weeks. Pray for her and her sister, Emily.

Please pray for Jodi Cross’s dad. He lives in Michigan and needing prayer for his health. Praying for recovery from strokes. Jodi is my neighbor, and friend, in Hallsville.

Thank you all for praying for Doug Arthofer. He continues to recover from his stroke. Please continue to pray for him.

Please pray for my sister Donna as her time for departure from this world nears.  ~Judy Arroyo

Our daughter-in-law, KaCee, has been diagnosed with cancer. Doctors found it in a lymph node under her armpit. We don’t yet know if it has spread. KaCee is facing surgery and chemo treatments soon. Her diagnosis came on her daughter Kaitlyn’s sixteenth birthday, which was kind of a downer for her. Please pray.  Thanks,  Greg & Michelle Stewart

Jane Tarver’s sister passed away this afternoon.  Please keep Jane and her sister Nancy in your prayers.

Jane Tarver’s sister, Mary Langwell, was taken from the nursing home to the hospital Sunday. She had a massive stroke.They have called in hospice and is just a matter of time. Jane asks for prayers and comfort for her family.

Pray for Dale Littrell – healing from surgery, Adrianne Littrell – health issues, this country, president, Leo, Mike & Judy Hastings – Judy is in hospice with terminal cancer, Debbie Miles – terminal cancer hospice care.

Prayer for my sister Brenda Minton. Have a hard time with a leg healing.  Thank you.

Pray for Ramon McCauley. He had an episode with his heart. He is in good spirits and feeling better.

Paula Reeves is having another heart cath today. She was admitted to UT Tyler last night with chest pains.

Pray for Mike Hampton. His wife, Juanita, is a fellow employee of mine. He suffered a fall off of a ladder yesterday.  ~John Zenter

Pray for Sid Pierce. He will be having surgery in the am. He has a hernia. Sid and Linda are in Dallas at Baylor. Linda will only get to stay with him while he is having surgery. And then she will come home tomorrow evening. Their daughter will go back with her next week to get him. They are a little nervous since they can’t be there with him. Thanks to COVID…Please pray for Sid and Linda.

Pray that Jason would recognize Jesus loves him and accept Jesus as his Savior and Lord.

Please pray for Teresa Fears.  ~John Zenter

Please keep Judy McGuire in your prayers.  She is having surgery at Longview Regional on Thursday, June 11.  She will be admitted for a couple of days.

Many thanks for effective prayer! Beautiful visit with my sister, in the presence of the Lord’s peace.Cancer is obviously far advanced, and she kept being grabbed by pain, but she is calm and lucid.  ~Judy Arroyo

Please continue to pray for Paula Reeves. She’s heading home from the hospital in Tyler. They put in some stints and she’s doing much better.

Pray for the moving of the Holy Spirit in revival at Hall Baptist in Jefferson starting Sunday June 14th. Brother Neal Thornburg preaching.
Donald Robinette and Sheral leading music.

Please pray for my sister Donna Sonnier and all our family. ~Judy Arroyo

We would appreciate prayers for Buddy as he has a scan Wednesday hopefully to find out why he is so out of breath and has not stamina at all. This has been going on for a while so we really want an answer. Thank you, Gracie Lautaret

Please pray as soon as you read this. My brother has been life flighted to Jackson. He was hit by a limb and fell out of a tree. He is alert but having a hard time breathing. Thanks in advance! Trusting God throughout it all!! I will update as i have information!   ~Melody Fitzgerald

Pray for Paula Reeves. She is at Tyler main, still having heart issues and, high sugars. Doing test and preparing for another cath on Monday morning.

Surgery for Charlie Johnson went very well. He is in ICU for the night. Everything went well.
Charlie Johnson Update. Hospital called. About 3/4 way through. Was able to do MAZE so should fix Afib. He’s doing fine
Charlie Johnson’s heart surgery started at 11:12 AM at Regional & he’s doing fine. Will call every 2 hours with an update.  Pray for him and Sandy.

Harold Hardie fell this morning and has been taken to the ER. Pray for him and Norma.

Charlie Johnson is scheduled for heart surgery this morning at 9:00 am at Longview Regional. Please remember him and Sandy in your prayers.

Church family,  please pray for my friend, Scotti.  Her journey with cancer has taken a turn with discouraging news both Monday and yesterday.  She is in terrible pain and is preparing for a new 8 week very intense treatment plan.  Please pray for relief from pain, for the treatment to be tolerable and effective and that she will sense God’s presence! Thank you!  — Brenda Bevis 

Betty Wilson’s brother-in-law was just put on Hospice.  Please pray for him and his wife, Al & Linda Morre.

Pray for Wesley King.  Thank you, Lisa King

Please Pray for our 15 year old Granddaughter. She is having surgery in the morning at Children’s hospital in Dallas. Thank you  ~Gerald & Mary Bobo

Continue to pray for Shirley Stauss. She came home from the hospital. She needs rest now. Thanks.

I just received a call letting me know that my dad passed from this life about ten minutes ago. Please pray for my family, especially my siblings Trelvis Dunford, Becky Roberts, and David and Jimmy Zenter (siblings.) I will pass along other information as it becomes available. Thank you to all the faithful intercessors for standing in the gap, and for continuing to pray for us.  ~John Zenter

Please pray for my nephew and his wife Pete and Renae Bolton. They both have been tested positive for the covid virus. ~Betty Wilbur

Charlie Johnson is back at Longview Regional with chest pain. Please pray for Charlie and Sandy.

Shirley Stauss is Good Shepherd, Room 2349. They are running tests…like MRI …..MRA all kinds of heart tests, neck tests, brain tests. She’s very dizzy with a low blood pressure and they don’t know what’s causing it.

Please continue praying for Doug. Still at GS. He will see the neurologist again in the morning. Doug suffered a stroke, not just a TIA, however, the doctor said it could have been much worse. He has done very well with the physical therapist today. No paralysis, and he is walking as normal. This is great news.  Praying for wisdom and accuracy from the doctors. Emily (and me), thank you for your prayers. God is so good!!

Update on Charlie Johnson:  Heart cath this morning. Dr. G couldn’t do anything & Charlie will need bypass surgery next week. Great news: Jayakar will do “beating heart” surgery, so no open heart! Much less invasive & faster recovery time💗👍🏻. God is good! Thank you for your prayers. Should get to come home this afternoon & see doctor tomorrow.

Prayers appreciated for my dad, Douglas Arthofer. He has had a stroke that was caused from a blood clot in the right side of the brain, so it is effecting the left side of his body and some memory issues. He is very blessed to be alive and not to have more damage than what he is experiencing currently. It is an inoperable blood clot and we are still waiting for many answers.

Please pray for Charlie Johnson. He went to hospital with chest pains. They’re keeping him overnight. Have a heart cath scheduled in the morning. Pray for Charlie and Sandy.

Doug Arthoffer is at Northpark ER They will transfer him to Good Shepherd when a room opens up. Nothing showed up in cat scan or EKG, here. Bloodwk ok. They will do MRI at main hosp some time tonight or tomorrow. Please pray.

Pray for Nan’s son and grandson.

Pray for Carrel, brother-in-law to Paul & Pat Adams. Lung cancer, he will start radiation Friday.

Keep Seth in your prayers – unspoken.

My sister Doris Radford, age 84, in Atlanta, TX is very ill and has been tested for Covid-19.  She is a dedicated Christian that loves the Lord and believes in prayer.  ~Dorothy Brazeal

Updates:  Beverly Burch is back home.  She had an irregular heartbeat and tested negative for Covid-19.  Barbara McDaniel is feeling better.  Thank you for the prayers and continued prayers.

Karen Wages tested negative for covid 19. She has a uti and has been released from hospital. Thank you for your prayers

I received word that the War Veteran’s Home is calling in Hospice for my dad; he is having trouble breathing, and his heart rate is not stable. My family and I would appreciate your continued prayers. Please also be so kind as to pray for the West family, who live in Center, Texas. My uncle and their dad, Tommy West, went home to be with the Lord Friday 5/15/20. They are planning a memorial service Saturday, 5/30/20  ~John Zenter

Please keep Anna in your prayers. She has a very low immune system and needs to get into a hematologist as soon as possible for an iron infusion. Pray it all goes quickly. Thanks, Jeff and MaryAnn Thomas

Continue to keep Cynthia Hudman Adams and husband Matthew in your prayers.  Cynthia had back surgery on May 19.  She is still having a lot of pain.

Please pray for Sid and Linda Pierce. Sid is scheduled to have surgery at Baylor in Dallas in early June. Thanks

David Casey is having a back procedure in Tyler on May 28.  Please keep David and Joanne in your prayers.

Please pray for Vernon Mosley. He has the shingles again. Betty and Vernon want to thank WHBC for your prayers and love.  Blessings, Betty

Please pray for Beverly Nugent’s daughter, Karen Wages. They took her to Regional from Whispering Pines this morning with 104 degree temperature. Pray she does not have the Covid 19 virus.

Pray for Barbara McDaniel she fell a couple of weeks ago and is still in a lot of pain.
Pray for Barbara McDaniel’s sister, Beverly Burch. She was taken to the hospital in Baton Rouge with heart problems and tested for the Covid 19 virus, with no results yet.

I’m having more back injections tomorrow. Please join me in praying they help. Thanks in advance.  ~Carolyn Barnette

Wilbur Ingram fell yesterday and went to the ER. No broken bones and was negative for the Covid Virus. Please pray for his healing. Thank you, Sissi

Thank you for all the prayers for my dad – he is back at Veterans War Home in Bossier City, La. He will have to stay in a quarantine room for two weeks. Please continue to pray for him – he can be a very difficult patient sometimes.  Blessings,  John Zenter

Beverly Nugents daughter, Rhonda Rancour has a surgery date now July 1 in Dallas. Please continue to pray for Rhonda and the family.

Thank you so much for your prayers for my dad and mom. They got the results from his Covid test and it was negative.  ~Wendy Hanks

Please pray for Barbara McDaniel. She fell last week and injured her right leg. She in pain and will see a doctor this afternoon. Please lift her up in prayer that nothing is broken.

Thank you for praying for my dad. I am glad to report that he will be discharged from Willis Knighton in Shreveport and transported back to the War Veterans Home in Bossier City, Louisiana, pending the results of his COVID19 test. Please continue to pray for him – he is very easily agitated, cannot hear when he is not wearing his hearing aids, and is difficult to understand, because he is slurring his speech severely now. God bless you all.  ~John Zenter

Dolores Richardson has a cracked vertebrae. Please pray for God’s healing.

Update: Krista has a sprained ankle. Broken arm on one side. Sprained wrist on the other side. Going to follow up with orthopedic. Please continued prayers for healing and follow up with doctor. Thank you so much church family
Please pray for Krista Foster she fell off their porch this afternoon and JW is taking her hospitality ER now. Please pray that nothing is broken. Thank you church family.

Please pray for Teresa – she has to drive to Jacksonville to have a biopsy done. She has only had two (2) hours sleep in the last two days because pain in her knees and hands.  She has a neurological condition called spreading glove syndrome, among multiple other health issues. Thanks for praying! John  Zenter

Please pray for my dad, Tom, and my mom, Nellie. Daddy started running a fever this morning and it is getting high. He will get tested for Covid19 tomorrow. Please also pray for his soul. He knows there is a God and that Jesus is the Lord, but I am uncertain that he has saving faith.  ~Wendy Hanks

Please keep our family in your prayers. My brother in law, Paul Joe Sturm, passed away last night. His wife, my sister, passed away exactly three weeks ago. Pray especially for comfort for their three children. Thank you so much. ~Buddy and Gracie

Tom Williams is finally home. Swollen , stitched and hurting. Supposed to see an orthopedic doctor. Thank you so much for the prayers. Gloria

Tom Williams Update:  Still at ER . They gave me an update. There wasn’t any bones broken. Some tendons were injured. They are going to try to sew what they can. His skin is so thin.~Gloria
Please pray for Tom Williams. He sustained a major injury when the hood of the truck fell on his hand. We are at North Park ER. They won’t let me in!!  Thank you  Prayer warriors.  ~Gloria Williams

Please pray for my neighbors. They were moved to a nursing home and the husband has contracted the Coronavirus. His name is Chuck.  ~Mike Campbell

Update – Dale Littrell is having another procedure done. They are not having to amputate any more of his foot at this point in time, which is a praise! It is not a major surgery. It is being done at an outpatient facility. There are some things they want to improve on. Please keep him in your prayers. He is very tired, so please pray for strength and also for encouragement in Jesus name

Please pray for my Grandfather. He has very serious heart problems on top of several other health complications. He is being admitted to the hospital for the next couple of days as they try to put him on a new medication, in an attempt to get his heart rate on a steady rhythm. It is a very heavy-duty medication that can even be fatal. Please pray for my grandfather to trust The Lord, and also for healing in the name of Jesus according to His will! Thank you so much!~John Paul Allen

Please pray for my father-in-law. He is in the hospital in Shreveport with pneumonia. Thank you! ~Wendy Hanks

Please be in prayer for Ricky Gibson, they plan to remove part of one of his toes in the morning at 7am. He is in GSMC but they aren’t allowing visitors at this time. Thank you

JW went to the doctor yesterday. He’s doing better. They checked his heart monitor and everything looks good. He thinks his bp was getting too low so he took him off of one of his bp meds and just has him on one for better flow. He will see him again in two months to make sure his new meds are working. Thank y’all so much for the prayers and praise the Lord it is being fixed with medication and no surgery is needed!!  Thanks, The Fosters

Last night Bro. Weldon Richie passed away. Please pray for his loving wife Gloria and daughter Lisa during this difficult and unexpected time. The funeral service will be held @ Rader funeral home on Saturday at 10:00a.m. Keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you church family. 

I’m having injections in my back tomorrow morning. I have a driver. Please join me in praying they help. Thanks.  Carolyn Barnette

Please pray for Ricky Gibson. He is being transported to Christus Good Shepherd from Hospitality ER. He will most likely have to have an amputation of his big toe. They are calling in a vascular surgeon to consult the concern of him not getting adequate flow in his leg. Thank you so much for praying.

Please lift up Jana’s niece’s husband in the Dallas area. He has cancer and is struggling to stay alive. He basically needs a miracle. I’m not sure if he is a believer, so he really needs prayers. ~Mike Campbell

After appearing  to rally at first, my dad’s condition has worsened. We are not sure what will happen, but the nurse said that they would let us know if they made the decision to put him on end of life care. They also mentioned having us come and sit with him on 24 hour shifts, but I wasn’t really clear about the details of that, and my baby sister didn’t provide any more information. Thank you, and please continue to pray.  ~John Zenter

Please pray for Macey Robins, 17 year old daughter of Vernon Freeman’s co-worker. She is in Tyler with a severe head injury from a UTV accident.

We would like to thank everyone for all the prayers, encouragement, meals, gifts, the list can go on and on, thank you. We are so very blessed with our new addition Ariella Marie. We are all home and doing well. Can not wait to introduce her to a wonderful church family.  Thank you and many blessings,  Matt, Rosio, Pia and Ariella

Got a call from Bobby Wells. He says thanks for the prayers. He started to improve within several hours of us beginning to pray. His test for Covid-19 was negative and his pain has gotten to where it is manageable. He will see about going back to work on Monday. Thanks for the prayers. God is good!

Please pray for my dad, John Zenter Sr. His condition began deteriorating, so he was taken by ambulance to Willis Knighton in Shreveport – visitors not allowed at this time. (He has been staying at the War Veterans’ Home in Bossier City since December. Thank you all for faithfully standing in the gap! ~John Zenter

Thank you to everyone that prayed for my sister Mary Crews, she has beat the Covid-19.  She could not have done this with prayers and God’s love. ~Nancy Fenton

Please say a prayer for my son, Lee. He is traveling today out of the country for his job. There are several on this trip. This is something he does quite often, but times are different. Please pray for safety and health. He will b in quarantine for 2 weeks after arriving, then work couple weeks and when he gets back quarantine for another 2 weeks. Thank you church family -From a mothers heart.  ~Karen Pettit

Out of hospital. Feeling fine. Headed to Longview from Dallas. Thanks for praying.  ~Bro. Charles

Tom Brooks had a stroke last night. He is my stepfather. He is 95 years old. He is at Herman Hospital in Houston. Please pray for Tom and my mother, Media Brooks.~Keith Sanders

I’m feeling fine. Walked some today. They took out drains and surgeon said I’m free to go. The other 2 doctors want me to stay one more night. They were concerned about kidneys. My creatinine level was high and sodium and potassium were low. So they’re tweaking it one more night. The pain I had is gone. The pain I’m having now is from the surgery. Nothing like the pain before the surgery. Honestly I had about gone my last mile before surgery. So I’m praising the Lord and thanking God for all the people who are praying. You’ll never know this side of heaven what a blessing you are to me and Becky. Love y’all.  ~Bro. Charles

Maryann is out of surgery and in recovery. Thank you for your prayers.~Jeff Thomas

Had a good night. Have been up once to walk. Had a great breakfast this morn. No pain thus far. May come home tonight or at least tomorrow. Thanks for praying. ~Bro. Charles

Please pray for MaryAnn this morning as she is having gallbladder surgery.
Thank you!  ~Jeff Thomas

I’m doing well after Surgery. NO pain hallelujah! The surgery took much longer because of new Covid 19 rules. Tgg get by gave me some knockout drugs. Thanks so much for your prayers. You and I know God is real and prayer gets Him involved. Thanks  ~Bro. Charles

Bro. Charles Update:  Update…same position as an hour ago. All is well.

Larry Bethany, Patricia Brown’s brother, has passed away from complications caused by pneumonia.
Please lift them and their families up in prayer.

Bro. Charles Update:  Settled in hospital. Now we wait. They are really behind because the Corona red tape. They have to wait 45 minutes between each surgery after they clean operating rooms. So enjoy lunch while I starve! Lol. Thanks for praying!!!

Dale Littrell had part of his foot amputated due to an infection. Please keep him in your prayers.

Please be in prayer for Bert Snider,a WD 40 can exploded and caught him on fire…he was airlifted to Austin for treatment…also for Carolyn, his wife….thanks in advance for your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please pray for the Tommy Hughes family (wife Jane).  Tommy passed away this morning at 3.  This is Melinda Whitehurst and Cindy Adams brother in law.

Please pray for Bro. Charles, he will be having surgery today at 1:00 in Dallas. We will do our best to keep you updated.

Thank you so much for the delicious meals you have sent us.  We really have enjoyed them.  Vernon still is suffering with shingles but they seem to be a little better.  We really do appreciate all your prayers for us.  We miss all of you and love our church family.  God Bless each and everyone of you!  ~The Mosleys

She’s here! Ariella Marie Newton made her debut into this world this afternoon. 7lbs 15 oz. 20 inches long. Mom and Daughter are doing great!! Matt and Rosio and Pia are thankful for your prayers!

Church family, please continue to pray for my family in the loss of my younger cousin. Her death came so fast and her immediate family is struggling. Also, continue to pray for my dear friend with incurable cancer. Her kidney function is very bad and her energy is waining and this is just the beginning of her journey. Thank you for caring enough to pray!❤ Brenda Bevis

Good morning! We have a PRAISE! My sister’s test for Covid 19 reported as NEGATIVE! Brenda has been moved out of the Covid unit; she is still critical, but better today. Our family is so grateful for our prayer warriors.
Praising the Lord!  Gracie

Dear Prayer Warriors, As most of you know, my oldest sister went to be with the Lord last Monday evening. It has been a difficult week not being able to be with family AGAIN. Now my sister, Brenda, who has dementia, is in ICU in Abilene Regional Hospital. She was admitted because low oxygen and severe dehydration. They told my brother in law she has pneumonia which is more severe today than it was Friday when she was admitted. They are testing her for coronavirus; the results should be in tomorrow. Please be in prayer with me that she does not have this virus. Her husband is struggling too because has not been able to be with her since around March 16, so he needs our prayer, too. Our family is pretty down right now. We appreciate the prayers.
Thank you all you prayer warriors. In Christian Love, Gracie

Last week JW had another episode with his heart rate and we ended up in the ER. He was dipping back into the 40’s and 50’s. He followed up with his cardiologist and he is on a heart monitor for a month and he wants to do a heart Cath, to check for a blockage. They called today and scheduled his heart Cath for next Friday May 1. The procedure will be at 10 and he cannot return to work for a minimum of three days. However if they find something it could be longer based on what has to be done. We will keep y’all posted as we hear news. Please say a prayer for him and I as we go through this time of the unknown.  ~The Fosters

Please add the Kinsel family to your prayer list – this is the family that owns  my place of employment. I just learned that the owner’s brother Jeff passed away last night. Owner’s name is John Kinsel Jr. He had been in poor health for quite some time.  ~ John Zenter

Please pray for one of my dearest forever friends, Barbara Johnson in Plano, Texas.  Someone hit her broadside and they are both in the ER.  ~Tracy Jones

Please pray for my sister, Mary Crews – she lives in Rusk, Texas and has Covid-19. We got the confirmation yesterday. As of this morning she says she is doing fair. Thank you.  ~Nancy Fenton

Asking prayers for some dear friends, Kevin and Rachael. Their precious little boy, born yesterday at 3pm, had a blood vessel rupture in his little head. He survived 12 hours. Please lift this family up. This was their first baby.~Danna Miller

Please pray for Austin Honeycutt as he is searching for a new coaching job. Also pray for their company Atlas Oil that they will pick up. They have had to lay off over 200 people. Thank you for praying.

Please pray for Pam Rhodes. She is having a rod put in on Monday. She is not able to have anyone with her. Please keep her in prayer.

Please pray for Paula Reaves. She is at ER Regional Hospital in severe pain in her heart!

Patricia Brown’s brother,Larry Bethany, has been moved to ICU in Texarkana. He has pneumonia and possibly Covid19.  Please keep Larry and family in your prayers.

Patricia Brown’s brother, Larry Bethany, has been admitted to St Michael Hospital in Atlanta, TX. He has pneumonia. He is waiting for results of his Covid-19 test. Please lift Larry up in prayer.

Guy Wilson just called and he has been quarantined.  Has been tested for Covid-19 and will know something in the next 3-4 days.  He has also been tested for a UTI and will get results tomorrow.  Please keep Guy in your prayers.

Gracie Lautaret’s oldest sister Dorothy Sturm of Vidor, Texas passed away this evening, (Monday) from a heart attack. She had just turned 91 this past Saturday and was recovering from surgery. Please pray for Gracie and family during this very trying time, in which Gracie and most of her family cannot be together as they would like to be. We realize this is the same for other families who have lost loved ones, and we pray for them also.

Praise God. I was just able to speak to my sister, Beverly on the phone. Her mind is clear. She knows where she is and what she needs to do to go home. Thank y’all for all your prayers. Please keep Beverly in your prayers.
~Connie Huston

Please pray for me. I am really having a tough time mourning the loss of my 32 year old son, Jason. Please pray for my mother, Betty Hudman. She is really having a rough time quarantined at Arabella Retirement Center. She also has not been feeling well and has frequent falls. May the Lord heal her from the top of her head to the very soles of her feet. Please pray for my brother-in-law, Tommy Hughes as he just got out of the hospital with both of the upper part of his legs broken. My sister, Jane isn’t able to help him much as she is wheelchair bound. Please pray for their daughter, Alisha.  She is the one taking care of her her dad the best she can.  ~Cynthia Hudman Adams

My oldest brother called yesterday and said my middle brother died Thursday. He had fallen and broke his hip a while back and had been at the VA in Shreveport, then they sent him to Center for more rehab and my older brother said he really doesn’t know what went wrong cause he talked to him Monday and everything seemed fine. He said they sent him to ER and they tried CPR but he didn’t pull thru. He has a history of a lot of medical problems and was confined to a wheel chair. He served in Vietnam and got that agent orange and that really messed him up. Keep us all in your prayers. He already had his funeral set up and their going to bury him at Arlington cemetery. I want be able to go. Thank you. ~Linda Lansford

Thank you for praying a few weeks ago for my younger cousin in Kansas diagnosed with colon cancer. The assurance of her salvation brought such peace! She is now in heaven. Please pray for our little bitty family, especially her husband, as we can’t be together during this time. –Brenda Bevis

I got this note from Charles Davis’ daughter, Charlinda…We just got word that he has a cancerous lesion in his stomach causing the internal bleeding. I don’t know any further details at this time or what the next steps might be. He’s so alone and still grieving mom so deeply. Please pray for Charles and family.

Patricia Brown requests prayers for her brother Larry Bethany. Larry is very ill. Thank you for your prayers.

Praise God, Beverly Elledge’s health is improving.  She was moved to rehab. She is responding to her name and to commands. She is not speaking yet.  Thank y’all for your prayers.   ~Connie Huston

It’s been a long time since I’ve emailed. Both Mike and I are alive and well. Mike is still driving, me my heath issues have tripled. More auto immune diseases, pneumonia 3 times since October, just found out I will be getting a new knee when this virus has calmed down. So I stay in and quiet.
Thank you Woodland Hills for reaching so many.   ~Nancy Stallcup

Richard Sutton was rushed to hospital, ain’t ate in two weeks. Not for sure of problem. Family is asking g for prayers cuz they was told this is gonna be bad.  Thank you for your prayers.  ~JL Cole

Our beloved, preschool teacher, Melissa Clayton, just lost her grandfather, Mr. Powe. He just celebrated his birthday, and now has gone to be with Jesus. Please remember to pray for Melissa and her family including her grandmother. Also pray for Melissa’s children, Ciara, Clayton and Chris Kennedy. This is a precious family!!!

Pray for Charles Davis. He is in Longview Regional. They are giving him 2 pints of blood. Not sure what is happening

This is an update on Layla.. she is finally out of ICU. Will be able to go home when she is able to eat her regular food. This is a PRAISE and we and the family are so grateful for faithful prayer warriors. Thank you and God bless each of you. Buddy and Gracie

Please pray for Sheila and Marlin Conner. Marlin was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thankfully this was caught early. Marlin will likely have radiation treatments in the near future. Please continue to pray for this sweet couple!

My sister ,Beverly, is not now responding well to treatment. Her mind is confused. More tests are being taken. She may be nearing crossroads. Her faith is strong. Thank you so much for your prayers. ~Connie Huston

Pray for Billy & Kim Hall. A tree just fell on their house. Justin was in the room but he is OK.

Pray for Cody & Cari Sanders. They just had a tree fall on their house. They are all OK.

My sister, Beverly, is slowly getting better. She will be on antibiotics for a couple of weeks. Her heart function is also improving. Hospital is planning to move her to a rehab facility soon. Thank you for your prayers.  Connie Huston

Marlin Connor came home from hospital this morning. He’s doing better. Please continue to pray for him and Sheila.

Paula Reaves has abnormal heart but they won’t do anything now with the Coronavirus situation. Please pray for her.

In the name of Jesus I request prayer for Spiritual guidance for the glory of God. ~Robin

Marlin Connor is still in Longview Regional. He has a low grade fever. Hoping to come home tomorrow. They are still not sure what was causing all this. Please continue to pray for Marlin and Sheila.

Please pray for Janelle Brown. Her oncologist reported the results of several tests and it was found that she had three tumors, all very small at the moment. He put her on an anti-estrogen drug until biopsies can be undertaken. Please pray for George and Janelle.

I do not have a job and I can’t walk. Please pray I can get food stamps.  ~Stephen

Paula Reeves is have chest and arm pains, heart related. She is going in the morning for EKG and chemical stress test. Please pray.

Please pray for Stephen Pippen a good friend of the Gann’s. He is recovering from Coronavirus and tends to a daughter with special needs. Thank you church family.

Please pray for Marlin Connor. He went to ER around 2:00 AM at Regional with 104 fever. They did a corona test and he is negative. They kept him and he is in a room. Pray for him and Shelia.

Joy Savage’s nephew, Mark McDougle, in Troup passed away with the Covid 19 virus. He was 56 years old .Please pray for his father, Mark McDougle, as his mother had gone to be with the Lord some time ago. The family is not able to have a regular funeral.

Beverly Elledge, Connie Huston’s older  sister, has been admitted to INTEGRIS hospital, Edmond, OK. Beverly has excessive fluid buildup in her body. Doctors are testing her for possible congestive heart failure. Please pray for God’s healing.

Sandra Fuller, Dolores Richardson’s daughter, is better. Dolores believes that Sandra will be released today or tomorrow.  Sandra will have to self quarantine at Dolores’ for two weeks. Please keep Sandra lifted up in prayer.

Ricky Allen’s mother just passed away a few minutes ago. She was at Colonial Village. Please pray for this sweet family.

Sandra Fuller, Delores Richardson’s daughter, is in ICU at Longview Regional on a vent. She has pneumonia and has been there since Sunday.

We just received a call from Misty, Granddaughter, today and her doctor contacted her today. He has made the decision to go ahead with her surgery April 21, to remove the mass on the top of her kidney. She is assured this is God’s intervention because they have been praying for his guidance. Please be in prayer for Misty, Emmett, the medical team and for good results.
Still Believing in the power of prayer,  ~Buddy and Gracie

Continued prayers for Mr. Vernon he is still suffering from shingles. Pray that Mrs. Betty stays healthy and able to tend to him. Thank you church family.

Mrs. Betty Wilson requests prayer for her daughter, Debra Alford. She is not feeling well and is on antibiotics now. Please pray for her and Mrs. Betty during this time.

Update on my cousin Joseph Otwell.  Moved to a regular room. The nurse helped him call his dad on the phone.  He was able to answer yes & no questions. Going to start working on strength & movement soon. Starting small amounts of food (he pulled out his feeding tube). Keep the prayers coming. He has a long way to go but has come a long way too! ~Karen Shelton

Update on my coworkers daughter. She definitely was exposed to covid19. She still doesn’t have her test results but now my coworker has to be tested. Their names are Donna and Jennifer Samples.  ~Linda Strange

Tommy Graves is with the White Oak Fire Department. He asks that prayers cover them during this time. So far they have not had to go on any calls. The EMS and first responders need prayers also, as they are assisting inside the homes.  Thank You,  Tommy and Diana Graves

Jerry Smith’s daughter, Cari from Paris, was sent home today with a fever. Please pray for her. Good friends with Guy Wilson.

Friends of my family: Michelle Atallah diagnosed with COVID19 in Florida.  Her twin sister Lisa Oblander very high risk due to a stroke in 2017. Resides in N E Dallas metro area~Danna Miller

Dale Littrell has an infection in his foot and if does not heal than it is possible that they will amputate part of his foot.Please keep him in your prayers.

Please pray for my dear friend,  Dr. Scotti Wood, who has just begun fighting acute multiple Myeloma. Her urgent need is immediate improved kidney function. Please pray!  ~Brenda Bevis

Update on my cousin.  Joseph Otwell still in ICU but doing better. Confusion has improved. Brain bleed hasn’t grown. Surgery to fix his arm went well. Thank you for all of your prayers. Family can’t visit. And that is very difficult on Joseph’s dad (Ben).  ~Karen Shelton

Correy Hemphill fell this morning and suffered a hip fracture. He is undergoing surgery today at Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview. With the current pandemic measures Leslie cannot be there during the surgery but is hoping to get to see him after he is admitted to a room later. Prayers appreciated for successful surgery and healing. Thank you!

Sunday update on Layla….her fever spiked to 103 and she began having seizures. They are giving her anti-seizure medicine. Please pray for healing for her and protection and comfort for her Mom and dad. Friday when her dad was going home a rock fell off a truck in front of him. He couldn’t avoid the rock, hit it and ruined the oil pan. He had to have his truck towed and get a rental car. Sometimes the satan just “parks” on a family. Pray,pray,pray. Thank you Buddy and Gracie

Pray for Seth.  Please pray for wisdom and clear direction from God on whether Seth is on the right path or should pursue a different path.  Thank you for your prayers.

Update on my cousin Joseph Otwell
Spine is intact & pelvic fractures aligned. Neither will require surgery.  Discovered a broken arm that will require surgery.  Still watching the brain bleed with scans every 12 hours.  Skull fracture is also being watched.  Still confused & disoriented.  Overall this is better news.  Thank you for your prayers.  Karen
Please pray for my second cousin Joseph Otwell. He had a work accident. He fell from a 10-12 foot scaffold & landed on his head. He was airlifted to LSU in Shreveport from Central Louisiana. He has a small brain bleed, skull hip pelvic neck facial bones & nasal fractures! Because of the virus the family is only getting phone updates from the doctors & nurses. His father is on his way to Shreveport to be close but will not be allowed in the hospital. I will continue to update as we get them.  ~Karen Shelton

Please pray for Kevin Horne and his family from Hallsville.  He was transferred to a COVID-19 Unit in Regional.

Dale Freeman passed away this morning a short while ago. Please pray for Sondra and all the family.

Please pray for Dale and Sondra Freeman and family. Bro. Dale is not expected to live much longer. He has been a blessing and great testimony for the Kingdom of God.

Message from Layla’s family…..Layla was taken off the ventilator this morning. She is doing better. Praise Jesus.  ~Gracie

From Tina Clark:  Would you pray for my dad right now because he’s going down fast they said and we can come up there and see him.

Please pray for Ms. Joy Savage nephew Mark. The family just found out that he has tested positive for CoronaVirus. Please pray for the whole family during this time.  Thank you church family.  ~Rosio Newton

Our son, Ethan, lost his job last week due to what is currently happening. ~Kevin & Sue Olson

Update on Kimberlee.  They wouldn’t test her because her systems were not bad enough.  Tested her for bronchitis and it was negative.  Not sure what is going on with her.  They said could be her thyroid.  They told her to go to her regular Dr today.  Thanks everyone! ~Delores Hill


Pray for Brady and Jennifer Wheeler Family. Emilyn fell and shattered her elbow. Dr. Littlejohn is doing surgery on her tonight.

Pray for George Strain. He finished his chemo and radiation. He’s been dizzy and not feeling well. They ran test and found he has a blood clot in his lungs. They’re treating it with blood thinners. But he’s out of breath and not feeling well.

My niece, Kimberlee Bryce, is in the ER in Virginia with symptoms of the COVID 19. Please pray that if she is positive that she will make a quick recovery. Thank you church family.   ~Delores Hill

Please pray for Bro. Clark Sexton and family. Their daughter, Meredith’s husband Keith went to be with his Lord and Savior this evening. He learned that he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer January 1st. Pray that God will be close to Meredith and comfort her during this time.

Please pray for my coworkers daughter she is being tested for covid19. Her name is Jennifer.  ~Linda Strange

Patricia Brown’s eyesight is not good. She had a procedure done on one eye today. She will have a second procedure on that eye in a few weeks. If the procedures are successful, Patricia will have laser surgery on her other eye. Please pray for God’s healing and restoration of good sight for Patricia.

Good news for Layla. The surgeon found two bleeds in her brain. The biggest one they closed off and will monitor the other one since they know where it is. She should wake up in about six hours, then they will be able to know how she is handling the surgery. The family asked me thank everyone for the prayers. We thank you too, Buddy and Gracie

Little Layla just went back foranother surgery. Please pray the surgeon can find the problem and correct it. Thank you. Buddy andGracie

Please pray for Seth Smith about 18-19 years old. He was in a very bad car accident Tuesday and the car caught fire. He is in the Dallas hospital. He already has had 2 surgeries and is in ICU. Please pray for this family during this time. They are not allowed in the hospital as of now. This is a friend of the family. Appreciative of all prayers.  ~Stephanie Corrie

Little Layla came through her surgery okay. She is moving her arms and legs. A neurosurgeon will see her tomorrow to try to figure out what is going on with the blood flow in her brain. Thank you for your prayers and continued prayers. Buddy and Gracie

Please pray for George Brown he will be having cataract surgery in Tyler tomorrow.

I just received a call from my son,Tommy, in San Antonio asking for prayer for his wife’s great niece, 19 month old Layla. Layla had a brain bleedlast night and had emergency surgery which lasted four hours. She is having surgery again thismorning. Please pray for Judy, my daughter-in-love, Layla’s parents Brent and Mandy and especiallyLayla. Thank you for your faithfulness to pray. Buddy and Gracie

A PRAISE….I received a thank youcard from Teri, our niece, thanking us for the prayers. She specifically asked us to thank ourchurch. It has been 4weeks and 5 days since her brain surgery for the aneurysm. Today she beginsworking from home. She is an administrative assistant with Amarillo ISD. God is still in theMIRACLE business. Praising God for prayer warriors like YOU. In Christian Love, Buddy & Gracie

Please pray for Mike and Jane White. They are serving the Lord in Lithuania currently. As you know this would be a very difficult time to be out of the country. Please pray for Gods protection and wisdom on this couple.

PLEASE pray for Haiti, especially the community of Jubilee! 2 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Haiti today. I’m not sure what part of Haiti.
Jubilee and other small communities like them do not have any type of hospitals or places to quarantine, other than their hut. But they HAVE to go out for water and food. They are very over populated! Lots of malnourished kids and adults.

Airport is shut down tonight. I’m grateful that I didn’t go last Sunday as scheduled but I also hate this for them. They do not have the luxury of grocery stores, safe houses and great medical teams. The best and nearest hospital is 3 hours away in Port Au Prince.

Pastor Glynn Stone, Pastor of Mobberly Baptist Church, passed away this afternoon as the result of an automobile wreck. Please pray for his wife and 3 children and family. This is a sad day for the Kingdom of God on this earth.

Update on Bob Shirley.  He did well with the surgery and the doctors fixed the problem he was having.  Please continue to pray for his recovery.

Please keep Lindy Golden in your prayers; she is having issues with high blood pressure.

Pray for Steve Murray.  Financial issues.  Please pray that God will fix it and please pray for Gods mercy.

My sister Mandy had a 75 percent blockage in her right coronary artery. They put a stint in.  ~ Sheila Conner

Please pray for my cousin Melissa Welch Goulden, she lost her Dad earlier this morning. Her husband James Goulden has been admitted to Regional in A-Fib. Her Dad’s arrangement’s will be made tomorrow.
Thank you all, Patti Flowers

Please pray for Haiti! They have no cases of Coronavirus ! But those buckets have bleach and water in them. Alex has 16 put out in the community and changes them out 2x a day. This will be their only “ fight” against Coronavirus if it spreads there.

Update – they have Roman stable. Thank you for praying!!!
My cousin Roman Salinas had surgery to remove both legs below the knee on Thursday.  Roman went into cardiac arrest this morning, medical working on him. Please pray. His wife is Marilyn and they have two girls Hailey and Bailey

Please pray for Kim Allen, she fractured her ankle Thursday. She is waiting for an appt with orthopedic dr. Hoping to get one 1st of the week. Thank you church family for your prayers.

Please pray for Shawn, a young man who was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. It is not related to alcohol and tests are scheduled to be done. Shawn is also diabetic.  ~Carol Davis

Please continue to pray for Don Martin, he got test results. He will b starting injections weekly for 7 months. I know he and Rebecca are grateful for your prayers. My sister-in-law had her surgery and the healing begins. Please pray the grafting will take. We serve an awesome God.  ~Karen Pettit

Please pray for my cousin Roman Salinas. He recently lost his toes. I just found out that they will be amputating both legs below the knee tomorrow. Please pray for him and his wife Marilyn and family! They live in Hawkins. ~Christy Mayfield

Youth Mission Trip:  Would you join us in prayer as today we are in little Vietnam today ministering to the people. Help them to see Jesus is the only way. No other God can save!

Bro. Bob Shirley, ( friend of Mary Tucker’s ) is having a Cardiac Ablation on March 18th. Please pray for all to go well Thank you in advance everyone!

Betty Hudman fell and broke 2 ribs. She is back at Arabella now. Her daughter, Cynthia Adams was in ER all night. Then Jason, Cynthia’s son passed away early this afternoon.  Please pray for this family.

Please continue to remember Vernon and, Betty Mosley in your prayers. He has hospice care coming due to his ongoing problems. Immediately their concerns about the pain from his “shingles”. Please continue to lift them and their family up in prayer daily. They both miss worshiping in the LORD’s house and seeing fellow believers

Please pray for Vivian & Christian Roland. Roger passed away late this afternoon.

Please add Teresa Fears to your prayers – she has a lump on one of her breasts and needs to have a biopsy done. Thank you for standing in the gap for all those God puts on your hearts and on the list through these e-mails.  ~John Zenter

Betty Hudman fell last night and is in Regional trauma room 2.  She has fractured ribs and they are running tests.  She is in a lot of pain.  Please pray.  ~Cindy Adams

Roger Roland is in ICU at Regional. They’re planning to take him off life support in the next half hour. Please pray for Vivian and Christopher and family.

Just received this message from my niece, Tami and Floyd (Teri’s husband)Early this morning Teri was having difficulty completing sentences, so she was admitted to the hospital in Lubbock where she had her surgery. Good news is, it was not a stroke or brain bleed;however, she has narrowing of some arteries that is being caused by spasms probably caused by the bleed she had during surgery. They will do an angiogram and put medication in the brain to stop the spasms. Please pray for good, healing results. Thank you so much for your prayers,  ~Buddy and Gracie

Please pray for my sister-in-law, Linda Ogden. Linda had a skin cancer on the top of her head, it took several tries to remove all of it. She will have surgery Monday to start the closing process(my brother said it would take several surgeries). She is a strong Christian, and we so appreciate your prayers as she goes thru this. Thank you church family. ~Karen Pettit

Lonnie Stanley’s father passed away earlier this morning. He could not wait to get to Heaven. He is with his Savior and right where he wanted to be for a while. Please pray for Lonnie, and Kahlan and the family at this time.

Please send prayers for Mr. Vernon Mosley. He has been throwing up all morning. His shingles have also come back. Keep Ms. Betty and his caretaker in your prayers also, as they attend to him.

Please pray for Judy McGuire.She is having surgery March 11, at 2:30 at Longview Regional for a hernia repair.  Thank You,  Wayne McGuire

Please continue to pray for Don Martin and his wife Rebecca- he has had several test and is waiting for test results. Thank you church family.

I have just had the worst day of my whole life. I had to meet with a bankruptcy lawyer and on top of that my parents are threatening to disown me. I am a christian and I am under attack by the devil. Please pray for Gods mercy.  ~Steve

Please be in prayer for Charles Willard and his family. His daughter Michelle passed away after fighting a long battle with emphysema, along with a couple of other illnesses. I will pass along other details as they come available.  ~John Zenter

Pray for Jamey. This is Sheila Conner’s brother. He will have a heart cath early Thursday at St. Luke’s in Lufkin

Becky & I have a great pastor friend, Steve Meadows and wife Terri. They pastor Westside Baptist Church, Crockett. Steve went into The hospital a week ago with pancreatitis. He took a turn for the worst and has been in ICU and on life support at St. Luke’s in Lufkin. Doctors still don’t know why. Please pray for this sweet family.  ~Bro. Charles

T. R. Dawudi is having surgery Tuesday 2-25-20 at Longview Regional Hospital. Please pray for T. R. and Beverly.

My cousin just reached out to me asking if my church would pray. She just learned she has colon cancer.  Her name is Beverly, she’s in her 50s, lives in Kansas and has been given 8 months. Pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit when I visit with her about her salvation.  Can’t take anything for granted! Thank you! ~Brenda Bevis

To ALL the Faithful Prayer Warriors………………Just received word that our niece is doing so well they are sending her HOME today. Again, the power of prayer and faithful prayer warriors. Thank you so much! Gracie & Buddy

Please keep Keith Sobczak, Bro. Clark’s son in law in your prayers.  He has stage four pancreatic cancer and chemo is not working.  They are looking at other options.

Report from our niece, Teri. This is from her husband, Floyd. ” Teri had a pretty good night. She had one bad episode with nausea but only ONE which is a blessing. They took her for a ct scan at 3:30 a.m. I just left the room to clean up and she was smiling talking but tired. She is doing good.” OH, THE POWER OF PRAYER! Thank you, Gracie & Buddy

I just received a message from Teri’s sister………..They are late getting started. The doctor and anesthesiologist just left her room. She is in great hands!! The anesthesiologist told her, “don’t focus on any of the medical staff, focus on Jesus, He is who will get you through.” Isn’t that reassuring. Thank you for your continued prayer. Gracie and Buddy

Please keep Jane Brittain (Mary Walton’s sister) in your prayers.  She is at Longview Regional room 255.

I have JUST received word that Teri,my niece who lives in Amarillo, is having surgery in the morning (Wednesday, Feb. 19) at 6:00am at Covenant Hospital in Lubbock. She has an aneurysm behind one of her eyes, so they are having to do brain surgery to take care of it. They will open up her skull from mid forehead to her ear and expect the surgery to last about five hours. The hospital stay will be three to five days. We are calling all prayer warriors to pray for sweet Teri. Thank you special friends, Gracie & Buddy

Got a praise we want to share with y’all. I, (Buddy), had labs and oncology yesterday, and for the first time since 2016 my hemoglobin,(red blood cells) level was in the normal range. My PA also said there was no evidence of the hemolytic anemia at this time. I can’t tell y’all what a thrill it was to hear that good news. We are praising God for the good report, and thanking Him for His mercy and goodness! We love you all and thanks for praying. Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Please pray for Liz Davis. She is in the middle of her crucible right now to become a marine

Jeremy Hudson is having pacemaker issues and needs prayer.

Please pray for Kelly Wilson. This is Katie Burditt’s mom. They think she has had a mild heart attack and is needing prayer at this time for upcoming appointments and overall health issues.

Paul Myers is back in room. One artery is completely blocked, but two arteries are open and doing good, so no more stents and not open heart surgery! If all goes well today and tonight, will go home tomorrow!  Continue to pray for Paul & Diana.

Nalda Gibson passed away this past week. Her funeral arrangements are:
Visitation @ Rader Funeral Home, Longview on Wednesday from 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM.
Graveside Service at RoseWood Cemetery, On Hwy 154 out of Gilmer, on Thursday at 2:00 PM.
Please pray for Milt and all the family

Please put Teresa Fears on your prayer list, asking that Father would grant her clarity of mind, clear focus, and direct personal discernment as she is seeking to do His will in some decisions she is making in the next month or so. Thank you, and God bless. John Zenter

Jodie Smelly’s granddaughter lost her precious twin babies after 19 weeks!! A boy and a girl! They would have been Jodie’s first great grandbabies! Please pray for Jodie and her family.

Paul Myers had a heart attack Saturday. He is in the hospital in Canton, Ga. (1 hour South of Blue Ridge). Will do a heart cath tomorrow. Pray for Paul and Diana.

Update on my cousin Roman Salinas. He will have his toes amputated this morning at 8:00. Please pray for him and for the surgery. ~Christy Mayfield

Please pray for Reese Weaver. She has double ear infections and the flu and is still running a high fever. She is pretty sick and feeling awful. Please pray for healing for her.
Please pray also for Rosio Newton. She is experiencing a good deal of sciatic nerve pain. Pray for relief for her.
Would you also please pray for my cousin Roman Salinas. Roman is just 42 years old and is a severe diabetic. He is in the hospital now waiting on the vascular surgeon. He may lose his toes due to poor circulation. Please pray that they can save them.  ~Christy Mayfield

My sister-in-law just passed and please keep my brother Brad and family in your prayers. ~Jeff Thomas

Sheila Roberts was just admitted to Methodist Hospital in Dallas for bowel obstruction. Please pray for her and Jace.

Update: Hallelujah!!! Many thanks for your prayers! My sister just said Neal got a new stent in one spot. The old trouble spot was so narrowed they widened it by balloons. Looks & feels good, waiting for lunch. Go home tomorrow.

Please pray for Judy Arroyo’s only brother-in-law, sister Margie’s husband Neal Schluter. At 81 he has had heart trouble for years. Due to chest pain yesterday, at 11:30 am today he was taken for heart cath.

Tom Moore’s brother, Charles Moore just passed away.  Please continue to pray for the family.

Please pray for Tom Moore’s Brother, Charles Moore. He is in ICU in Tyler.  Please pray for his healing and comfort for the family.

New York now to be with family. Please pray for all involved.

Prayer request for Steve Torrance. In hospital with blood clot. Steve is Billy Torrance’s son. Billy is Vernon’s boss ~Donnie Freeman

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