Prayer Board

Please be in prayer for Ricky. He is the Forman who works the farm and the chicken houses. He had a heat stroke and maybe an aneurysm.   ~Thanks Ken Jones

I’d like prayer the a lord would heal health problems I’m having (seeming to be heart and breathing problems) ~Jess

Please pray for the family of Mona Reeves. They are going through a difficult time.

My name is Jason and I am a teacher. Please pray for me for the strength to teach classes and to handle and manage them successfully this year. Thank you

Lucille Teel is in need of prayers. She had three aneurysm. She is having difficulty getting a doctors appointment.

Carol Urazoff is now at Longview Hill for rehab. Please keep her in your prayers as she regains her strength.

Please pray for Mrs. Carolyn Barnett.  She has been in and out of the hospital this week. She had had several procedures.

Please pray for Sheila Conners family. Her sister shot her boyfriend in self defense. He has passed away. Please pray for all families involved.

Update:  Bettye Parrish’s brother, Ben, made it back in the states and is doing better.  He was in the hospital for a short time and was severely dehydrated and put on antibiotics.  Ben was sent home with meds.  He is now recuperating at Bettye’s.  Please keep both Ben and Bettye in your prayers.

Continue to pray for Betsy Dunnavant now gaining strength and mobility at home following knee replacement.

Please pray for Cathie Lou Tehan’s sweet sister, Bonnie. She has tremendous needs as she recovers from the removal of her larynx. Pray specifically that no infection will occur. Pray safety over Cathie Lou as she travels back and forth to Shreveport.

Please pray for precious Dr. Laney Johnson as he is experiencing decline in kidney function. Pray, too, for Alan, Les and Glenn.

Please keep Lori (a friend of a member) in your prayers.  She had a total mastectomy and still didn’t get all the cancer.

Mark Purifoy had back surgery in Tyler this morning and it went well. Thanks for the prayers.

Please pray for Mark Purifoy. He is having back surgery this morning in Tyler.

Please pray for me Thursday. I am having a Rhizotomy (the nerve endings in my back burned). Please pray it works & I will have some relief from this constant pain I have endured for 1 & 1/2 years. ~Carolyn Barnett

Mary Tucker’s cataract surgery went well.She is at home resting. Thank you for the prayers.

Please pray for Mark Purifoy, he will be having cervical surgery Wednesday in Tyler.

Please continue to pray for Kaydence Rogers. She has been diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FNA). Will be getting her set up with counseling to help her with her stress. Thank you all so much for all the calls, text and prayers.

Please be in prayer for Robert Hagen. He had a motorcycle wreck sometime Friday…he is in critical condition, 8 broken ribs and numerous internal injuries.  Thanks in advance for your prayers.  Lana Snider

Pat’s son,  after all the test is doing better.   His Blood pressure is coming down slowly &  If all continues to do well will go home tomorrow.   Thanks for all your prayers!
Please pray for Pat Westbrook’s son, Robert.   At the Hospital now for Heart Stress test!   Thank you Church Family in advance!

Carol Urazoff was to come home today but her blood pressure dropped significantly. They discovered she is bleeding internally. They’re taking her to ICU and a CAT scan will be done to find out where the blood is coming from.

Please pray for Bettye Parrish’s brother, Ben. He was on his way to the Philippines when he turned ill with fever and severe pain. The government has detained him and is not allowed into the country. He is not able to seek medical care or even lie down. He will fly back to the US and won’t be back until Saturday evening. Please pray vigilantly for his health and safety as he makes his journey back.

My SIL passed away…pleased be in prayer for my brother, Chuck Tucker and family.
Thanks so much for all the prayers.
Please pray for my SIL..taken by ambulance to hospital…very serious..not sure what all has happened.  Thanks for prayers, Lana Snider

Carol Urazoff came out of surgery safely and the procedure was successful. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. We love our church family! —Sue

Please pray for Thurman McGuire. He was transferred by Ambulance from Methodist, Houston to Havencare, Room 108. He will be there for a month of rehab. 

Please keep Mom,  Carol Urazoff, in your prayers tomorrow morning. She’s having a heart procedure at 7 AM at Longview Regional. Thankfully it will be less invasive by going through the artery in her thigh.

Bro. Robert McNail Memorial Service is tonight at our Woodland Hills @ Mason Creek Campus. It will begin at 6:30 pm.  Please continue to pray for the family. 

Praying friends, Pam Aguilar is the pianist at Mason Creek. Her husband Chequi was in an awful accident at work last Thursday and lost his leg. He was life flighted to Tyler. He is having a second surgery tomorrow. Please pray for a successful surgery. Pray for the doctors and staff doing the surgery, and give them wisdom. Please pray for Chequi as he has to go through this ordeal. Please pray for Pam, and their children, and grandchildren, for your peace in this life changing situation.

Pray for Brenda Bradford, cancer.  ~John Bradford

Please pray for us as we transition into a temporary living space. Please pray that our house will sell quickly at fair market value. Please pray we will have the wisdom to find a home we enjoy and be debt free. Thank you.  ~Lana Brogan

Bro. Bob McNail passed away this morning. Please pray for the family at this time. When memorial services are planned information will be sent out. Thank you for your continued prayers.

They are transporting Kadence Rogers by ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Dallas. She has had more seizures. Please continue to pray. 

Church family please pray for Chequi Aguilar, Pam’s husband (both members of Woodland Hills @ Mason Creek) Chequi got hurt real bad at work. He had to be air flighted to Mother Francis in Tyler. —

Kaydence Rogers is at Longview Regional ER. She passed out at band practice. She has had 2 seizures since coming to the ER. Please pray

My mom, Carol Urazoff, will have a procedure tomorrow morning at 9:30 at Longview Regional. They have to put her under to put a scope down her throat to measure the size of her heart. This will be in preparation for a surgical procedure next Thursday to insert a device into her heart. No invasive procedure tomorrow but she still has to be put under. Please pray she comes out of the anesthesia well.   —Sue

Pat Brown’s service will be Saturday, September 3, at 10:00 AM. It will be a graveside service in Vivian, Louisiana.

Ms. Pat Brown passed away last night at Good Shepherd Hospital where she had been quite ill for some time.. She loved Woodland Hills and was an active member in her Life Group and Church .Please pray for her family at this time.

Please pray for my 66 yr old sister Joy Sanders she has a stage 3 inoperable pancreatic tumor her Dr recently changed her chemo meds to reduce the side effects please pray for her total healing.

Our 3 year old great-granddaughter, Oaklee accidentally broke right leg‘s femur yesterday going down a slide. Oakley’s leg will be immobilized for four weeks. Please pray for God’s healing for Oakley and strength for her parents Ashley and Dylon.Ashley is scheduled to deliver a son,Eli, on Sept 1. Thank you. Randy&Connie Huston

Many know I had surgery on both of my feet. After 9 weeks of being disabled with boots on both., I am humbly asking for your prayers. I had hoped to be out of them in 2 weeks, but by a perfect storm of incidents I will remain in them another 6 weeks. I ask not only for Gods healing, For I know  he is the Great Physician, but pray for further peace in my soul , mind,  & heart. I am becoming weary at this point. God is my strength and healer. 1 Peter 4:19 says Those who suffer according to God’s  will, should be faithful to God while doing what is good. 1 Peter 5:6 Humble yourselves, under the mighty hand of God and cast all our cares on him because he cares about me. I am so thankful for WHBC prayer warriors and family.
Love you Gloria Williams

Rose Hart has a blockage; she goes on Monday the 29th of August to see if they can get it out and put a stint in.

Bob McNail coded this morning He is in ICU now on a vent. Doctor said that the next 48 hours are critical, but he doesn’t think Bob will make it through.Please pray for him and his family. Only God has the plan.

Please pray for Bro. Keith Lauter. He is the pastor of my home church in Omaha and a close family friend. Bro. Keith in the past had cancer removed and has returned. They have found traces on his back, right side of his chest, and a spot along the mandible. They are scheduling a biopsy to take a larger sample or remove the spot from his back to test and determine if it’s nodule cancer or has changed. Please pray that the treatment that is needed is offered in Louisana and if not that this treatment can have a smooth transfer to Texas.

Jessica Rutherford , a friend of ours, is in need of prayer. She has serious health issues. She has an appointment with a specialist in three weeks. Please pray for discernment for her doctors, God’s healing for Jessica and strength for her husband, Jason.  ~The Hustons

Robert McNail is in Good Shepherd Hospital. He went in Friday . He has Cellulitus in his lower right leg and congestive heart failure. Please keep him in your prayers. He is an active member of Woodland Hills Mason Creek.

Please pray for Timmy. He has been hospitalized in Tyler. Been texting throughout night. Will know more after more tests this morning.  ~Lisa Wright

Please pray for my friend Brandy Eubank.  She passed out at school today where she is a teacher’s aid.  This is the third time in a month that she has passed out.  They have been running heart tests and ran an EEG recently.  Pray that she will get some answers as to what is going on.

Anitra Riddle.Member at Mason Creek campus. Having cancer surgery tomorrow 8/19. Please lift her up in prayer.

Update on Jimmie:  He’s being discharged! Thank y’all for praying!!!

Please be praying for Thurman McGuire. He will go into Longview Regional this Friday for 3 days to take antibiotics intravenously. He then will be admitted into Methodist Hospital in Houston next Friday for a major surgery on Monday. He’ll be in the Hospital for several days and then be at Summer Meadows Rehab for 30 days. He is 92 years old so this is major.  

Update: He did great!!! If he continues to eat well, he may come home by end of week!
Praise The Lord, Jimmie has been off cpap for 3 days and doing well! They are going to give him a bottle at 2:00 and see how he does! He’s had a feeding tube in.
Pray he takes bottle good so they can remove feeding tube and come home this weekend!

Please pray for Stacie Fenton she got the results back from her MRI this morning and they are admitting her to the hospital now she has several blood clots on her brain please pray that they will dissipate and ask others to

Our brother David did great with his surgery.  We saw him after the tube was taken out and  vitals are all good and he looked good.   Thanks so much for the prayers. ~Delores Hill

My friend,  Pastor Steve Dighton, has his new heart!  Doctor said it was the “smoothest transplant he’s done in years!”  Please pray that his body and his new heart become really close friends so he can one day get back to the pulpit!  Thank you!  –Brenda Bevis 

Paul Crawford is doing well and will be heading home soon. Thanks again for the prayers.

Update on baby Jimmie:  His lung on left side has closed again so he’s back on cpap. Please pray for my daughter Dakota and Chesley. They are mentally and physically tired. They are staying at hospital and taking turns coming home to take care of their own kids. Ronald McDonald house did approve Dakota but they never got an answer on her husband Chesley. Since he has not got approval to be there they can’t leave their kids there unattended so they all came home.  Dakota stays in hospital a few days then drives home and trades out with Chesley. Pray specifically for Jimmies lung to open and stay open. Ronald McDonald house to approve Chesley so they can all be together. ,Thank y’all so much!

Please pray for my husband Barry Miller, I will be taking him to LRMC ER. He has been having severe pain in his abdomen and we need to determine what is going on. Thanks so much to our church family for lifting us up. ~Danna Miller

My classmate, Pastor Steve Dighton, has been on a transplant list. A short time ago, a heart has become available. The transplant is scheduled for 3:15 this afternoon. Please pray that Steve’s life will be extended so he can keep proclaiming God’s Word from the pulpit! Pray, too, for the donor family in their loss

Paul Crawford’s surgery went very well. It was to start at 7:30 and last for 5 hours or more. Karen texted me at 11:03 saying that Paul was in recovery and according to the surgeon, everything went well. He may stay in the hospital one or two nights. Thanks for the prayers.

Update on Todd Malone:  Just spoke with the doctor and surgery went very well. He will be in recovery for about an hour or so then hopefully going home soon. Thank you for all the prayers.  Love, Tanya and Todd Malone

Please be in prayer for our brother that lives in Florida. His name is David Whitten.  He will be having a triple by pass Monday morning the 15th at 5:00.  We will be leaving Sunday morning to travel there.  Traveling mercy for us.  Myself, Mary and Ralph will be going.  Thank you in advance church family!  Delores Hill, Mary Lippencott

Please continue to pray for Joe Wright, he has been moved to intermediate care and is doing better.

Update of Baby Jimmie: They are going to remove the vent today. Pray that he does well.  Please continue to pray for Dakota and Chesley as they juggle their own 6 kids and these twins!  They’re doing very well and it’s because of answered prayer!!! Thank y’all !!

Please pray for Todd Malone, He will be having surgery tomorrow in Tyler at 12:40 on his lower back. Please pray for a successful surgery.

Paul Crawford will have neck, left elbow and hand surgery on Thursday at 7:15 in Tyler. Thankful for a praying body of believers.

Please pray for Betty Mosley. She is recovering from covid and a fall. Please pray for quick healing and recovery. She is in Summer Meadows in rehab, Room 405. Thank you!

Please pray for Mia Kate Hume.  She is almost 1.  She was admitted to the hospital last night.  She has 2 types of bacteria in her gut and is needing prayer warriors to lift her up.  Pray for her Mother, Cara and Father, Beau and brothers at this time.  

Please be in prayer for the family of Bert Snider. He passed away this morning. He is Steve Snider’s brother. Thanks in advance for all your prayers and for your prayers while Bert has been ill and in the hospital.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider.

My aunt passed away unexpectedly last week and they are having the viewing today and laying her to rest tomorrow. ~Brandi Hobden

Please pray for the Kyle and Gaddis family. Ms. Pat Kyle passed away unexpectedly. Ms. Pat knew the Lord and loved Woodland Hills. Thank you for your prayers. 

Please pray for my neighbor’s family situation. Very evil and manipulating neighbors. Please pray for them to be removed.  ~Tanya Pierce

Please lift 4 week old Jimmie up today! Dr’s removed cpap to adjust it and he stopped breathing . They got him stable again for now. They have found an infection in his lungs from aspirating at birth. They are also saying he had pneumonia along with rsv.  They are going to put him on a steroid but if he doesn’t improve they will have to put the vent back in.  Please pray steroid works!  Good news: Dakota was approved for Ronald Mc Donald house! They are hoping to get approval on Chesley today also! 

Please for my friend and biker brother Bo Traywick. Bo is in the ER with Covid. He has really bad lungs and has been on oxygen for over. a year but continues to smoke cigars like a chimney. We have ridden many miles to lots of places with our scooter group from Peace Fellowship. Please pray for Bo.  ~Barry & Patti Higginbotham

Update on Jimmie:  They will remove vent after lunch today and see how he does!
Thank y’all for praying! They have been able to turn vent down because he is breathing better.  Also please pray that Ronald McDonald house approves Dakota and Chesley to stay there. They are hoping to hear back today .

Please pray for Jimmie. He is about 3 1/2 weeks old with RSV. They have flown him to Childrens in Dallas. He’s on a vent but they hope to remove it tomorrow if he’s strong enough.  My daughter Dakota and her husband Chesley was just granted guardianship over these twin babies because their parents are addicts.  The brother is doing well but is being checked out as a precaution.  Dakota and Chesley are both in Dallas at Childrens with Both babies. Please pray for healing and rest. Thank y’all in advance for your prayers! ~Denise Bowens

Will you please pray for my 19 year old daughter? She just returned home from the hospital and is very weak and underweight; she had an intestinal infection and is now taking medication for it for the next week. Please pray that she will regain a healthy appetite; stress and emotions seem to affect her appetite greatly.  ~Claire

Donnie Freeman is in Good Shepherd with heart problems.  Probably going to do a stress test.  Please pray for Donnie and Vernon during this time.

Please keep Rena Crain, our summer camp teacher, in your prayers. Her husband was admitted to the hospital again, but has been released with medication change. Also, her uncle passed away yesterday. Please pray for her family.

Please pray for Julie Markham. She has been sick for over a week.

Please pray for my Aunt Janie Sandoval and her family in San Antonio, Tx. Her grandson was shot along with 2 of his friends and was killed. Pray for Aunt Janie that she and her daughter Jessica would be comforted with the loss of Angel Ray.  ~Felicia Canfield

Please be in prayer for Cecelia Hairston’s  family. Cecelia’s mom, Margaret Stevenson, passed away yesterday.  Ray called to let us know today.   Thank you in advance for all your prayers.

Please be in prayer for Fred Tipton. About four months ago he discovered that he has some issues with a growth on his pancreas. Fred decided at that time to wait four months and have an MRI again to see if the condition has changed. That four month period is up and he goes in Monday to Christus Good Shepherd to have an MRI. Give Fred and Sue and the Drs wisdom in the plan of action if the problem still exists. Pray that the problem is completely gone. Lift up Fred and Sue so that they are guided by our Heavenly Father to make the right decisions on this issue. 

Carolyn Barnette Update: After 10 days I have tested negative for Covid. Praise the Lord. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick. Thanks for the prayers.

Dendy Merrill’s 95 year old uncle is getting better and has been sent home. Continue to prayer for his complete covid recover.

Please keep Tabitha Lair and family in your prayers.  Tabitha’s father is in the hospital ER, has a broken hip and is in and out of consciousness.

Shelia, a new member who joined Sunday, 7/24/2022, her son, Jacobi, and her father, Carlos, each have tested positive for COVID. 

Please pray for Pat Westbrook’s Great Grand Daughter, Mikala Westbrook, age 13. She had been hospitalized for several days and was moved to a Dallas hospital recently. They have diagnosed her with pneumonia and are draining fluid from her lungs.

Thanks for the prayers.

Keep in your prayers Dendy Merrill’s 95 year old uncle, Marvin (Shorty) Merrill in California.  He has COVID and was taken to a hospital.

Please pray for Pat Brown.  She is in Good Shepherd Hospital.

Please keep Bro. Clark and Marilyn Sexton’s family in your prayers. Their great granddaughter, Ruthie, went to be with the Lord on Friday. She was 21 months old and had been ill since birth. The family lives in Midland.

Praise! Teresa Fears got the job at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Please keep her in your prayers – she has some problems with her hands that hinders her during training.

Dot Key’s daughter in law, Renee’ Key was hit at the Mall. The contact knocked her through the air. The driver came up and apologized and then drove off. She has several bones, vertebrae and disks that are broken or damaged. Pray for pain relief and healing.

Please pray for one of our CR leaders, Kevin Weddle and family. His mother has had several health issues and is now in ICU @ Good shepherd . She’s fading and Dr’s said there’s nothing else they can do. Kevin lost his dad about 2 yrs ago. 

Joe Wright is not doing well at Christus Good Shepherd.  His immune system is low stemming from the CLL Leukemia, he has shingles and viral meningitis along with some pneumonia.on the left side where he has lost a lot of function with that arm. He is so weak and won’t eat that the doc is going to have to put a feeding tube in his throat.  Please pray for Joe and Nelda.

Keep Cynthia Adams in your prayers. She is having back surgery on August 9 at Longview Regional.

Please pray for Teresa Fears – she starts orientation at a new job at 10 am this morning. Pray that she will be alert, have clear understanding and perfect recall as she moves into actually working, and that her trainer and coworkers would be accepting and supportive as she begins this new chapter in her life. Thank you! God bless you for your faithfulness to stand in the gap and intercede for all of us!  ~John Zenter

Please pray for Laura Brown she has tested positive for Covid.

Please keep Bob Gilley in your prayers. He has COVID and is slow to recover.

I tested positive for Covid Sunday afternoon. I’m very weak & need prayers. Thank you! ~Carolyn Barnette

Ms. Ila Ford passed away last Sunday, July 10. Services will be at Radar Funeral Home.  Visitation: Monday ,July 18, 6-8 pm  |  Funeral Service: Tuesday, July 19, 10:00 am

Please pray for my friend, Jeannie Weaver and their team from Immanuel Baptist in Marshall. They have left this morning to Africa! They have several connecting flights. Pray they are ALL on time! ~Denise Bowens

Please pray for Teresa – she is having a job interview right now. Please also pray for the person(s) conducting the interview. Teresa really wants this job, and does need it, not just for money, but to get her out of the house a little more. Thank you!  John Zenter

Please pray for Maryann Thomas. She has Covid.

Pray for Jeff Thomas. He is spending overnight in Hospital for High Blood Pressure. They will do an MRI in the morning.

Rena Crain’s (Summer Camp Worker) husband is in the hospital.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Please pray for Joe Wright. He is at the ER and having serious chest pains. They’re doing blood work. Please pray for Joe and Nelda Wright.

Brandy Wooley has asked that we please pray for her dad….Please pray for my dad! They’re taking him by ambulance right now. His fever is 103.8 and he has bad diarrhea, and he’s not coherent. Sounds like sepsis to me but I’m not a doc and idk anything until he gets to ER. Probably going to regional.

God does answer unspoken prayers. All is clear.  ~Sandy Johnson

Pray for Barbara McDaniel’s son, Darrell. He is having trouble keeping his diabetes under control.

Update of Patricia Brown’s Nephew:  Cole’s doctors plan to bring him out of the induced coma Tuesday, July 5. Patricia is a asking for your continued prayers for Cole.  Cole is improving , but has a long healing process to do. Thank you.

Please pray for Kip Blanton.  This is Ashley Hunt’s step dad. He was in motorcycle accident. He is currently at the hospital and looks like broken leg. 

Our daughter-in-law, KaCee, got her P.E.T. scan results this morning. Showed ‘NED’, No Evidence of Disease! We realize that this doesn’t necessarily mean the cancer is completely gone, but we’re sure praying it is. The doctor was all smiles and said this was the best possible result they could have gotten. KaCee recognizes and acknowledges that this is 100% God working thru prayer. She will start on an oral chemo pill this week. We’ll have to wait and see if the doctor’s changes her terminal diagnosis, but he’s at least no longer talking about months of life. Thank you for praying for KaCee, and please don’t stop. We may well have the miracle we’ve been praying for. ~Greg Stewart

Betty Mosley is at Longview Regional room 274. She has been admitted for tests. She may be going home today. Please keep her in your prayers.

Please keep Maryann in your prayers. She does have infection the incision from Knee replacement. She will be having surgery at 12:30 today to clean out infection.  ~Jeff Thomas

As some of you know, Robert Rouse went to be with the Lord yesterday due to a massive heart attack. The service will be at the Old White Oak Cemetery behind the White Oak School on Tuesday, July 5, 2022. The Visitation will be at 10:00 am and the service at 11:00 am at the cemetery. Please lift up Cathie, she lost her mother on April 25.

Praise: Wayne Rosette just came home from the hospital! Thanks for the prayers, cards, calls, etc.
Please continue to lift him up as he goes through a lengthy recovery and healing process.

Please continue to keep Cole Cash in your prayers. He is in surgery right now for his legs. The brain bleed is worse than first thought. This is Patricia Brown’s nephew.

Please pray for Kathy Rouse and family   Robert had a massive heart attack yesterday and passed away.  It was sudden. He coded twice and the last time they couldn’t bring him back.

Please keep Terri Smith and family in your prayers. Her father, Ronnie McCracken, passed away.
Visitation at Rader Funeral Home on Friday from 5-7
Service at Hallsville Cemetery on Saturday at 10am

Please keep Cole Cash in your prayers. He has been hospitalized with brain injuries from a car accident. ~Patricia Brown

Please pray for Al McNeal. He fainted on Thursday afternoon and was carried by ambulance to the hospital. He was released on Friday afternoon. We are following up with his doctors. He is anemic and showing signs of a GI bleed. He is undergoing many tests at this time. Pray that we can get answers. Pray for healing!


Please pray for my cousin, Pamela. Please pray that God will heal and restore her heart and kidneys to a full functioning condition. Please also pray that her spirit will be renewed and refreshed in Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your prayers. God Bless You! ~Stephanie

Hello! Please be praying for our upcoming Loving Arms of East Texas Mission Week during the week of July 11th! Please pray for our planning and preparations, people to sign-up and participate, opportunities to love, serve, and share the Gospel with our neighbors here in Longview, for people to come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, and all that the Lord wants to do to be done in and through us as His Church! Thank you!!

Carol Urazoff  has Covid for second time. She is not as sick as she was last year but she is still keeping a close watch on her respiration.

Thank you to so many who have prayed for me. I’m gradually recovering. Pain has lessened . Please continue to pray for me. Love my church . Gloria Williams

Brenda Bevis’ son Griffin has gone to be with the Lord. He had just undergone a very successful back operation and was home recovering. He “arrived“ into the portals of glory early this morning. Please remember his mama Brenda and his wife Kate.

Bill Copeland has been moved to the IMC unit for better care. Please continue to pray for him and his care takers.

Wayne Rosette is sitting up and has eaten lunch. They are talking about going to a regular room today. Keep praying. Thanks!

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