Prayer Board

Please keep my brother Brad in Your prayers. Visited him today with family and he is responding better today. Recognized family, moving his legs, hands and nodding yes and no, and is even trying to talk. There is a biopsy that should be back in the next few days on a mass in his stomach…and pray it is benign. If he makes it through this they’re saying possible a year in skilled nursing for rehab. God is working and sure am praying for those in my family who don’t know Jesus that we see a miracle. 
Winter weather advisory and I’m supposed to be flying back to Texas tomorrow. ~Jeff Thomas

Asking prayers for our granddaughter Kaylee Colbert who tested positive a week ago and now has Covid pneumonia.  ~Karen Crawford

Norma Rosette went home last night and is doing well.  Thank you for all the prayers.

Please remember Cindy Wells and her family in your prayers. Her Mother passed away this morning.

Please keep my husband Mark and family in your prayers.  His mom, Barb, passed away early this morning.  Thank you.  ~Kaye

Please pray for Norma Rosette. She has been taken to the ER. Wayne got home and she was complaining of numbness in her hand and face. She was also walking crooked. He immediately took her to the ER. They are doing tests now.

Just wanted to inform those who don’t know, Jay, Joyce, Jarland and Christine all have Covid. Elaina and Amelia so far seem to be fine, just pray we get well soon and the girls don’t catch it.
Thank you,  Joyce Donnell

Please pray for Pat Brown as she had to return to the hospital. She will be there for several days until she is requalifieded to go to rehab. Pray her family will help her in this situation.

Please pray for my Grandaughter Mara Barnette. She has Covid. She was exposed at work. Also, pray my son & DIL do not get it.  Also, my assisted living facility is under quarantine. There are cases in both assisted living & memory care. Testing again today. Thank you church family. ~Carolyn Barnette

Pat Brown has been in the hospital diagnosed with pneumonia and UTI. Pat has been released.
She is home recuperating. She is very weak. Please pray for God’s complete recovery for Pat. Thank you.

Prayers for Larry Whitehurst who is having his 3rd heart cath on Monday the 17th.

Please pray for my sister in law and brother in law; Bonnie and Jim Lilley from Chattanooga TN. They have both tested + for Omicron and are quarantined for 10 days. Jim is pastor of a small church in Trenton Ga. ~Danna Miller

Paul Crawford procedure is done and he is on the way home. They called him in earlier today that was expected. Karen said he is doing fine and thanks for all the prayers.

Please be in prayer for Steve – financial difficulties

Please be in prayer for Paul Crawford. He had a swallow study procedure and this Thursday, January 13th, he will have his esophagus stretched . It will be in the afternoon at 3:30.  Thanks in advance for all your prayers.

Keith Sanders procedure went well and he should be going home mid-afternoon. Thank you for all of your prayers!

Keep Judy Berlin and family in your prayers. Six members of the family have had Covid and one passed away last week.

Please be so kind as to pray for me in the next two or three days:1) That I might have wisdom, and find favor in dealing with the IRS today.2) Same request as I deal with Social Security Administration in setting up my SS payments.Thank you very much for your prayers in the past and God bless you forstanding in the gap for yours truly and many others!  ~John Zenter

Prayers, please. I tested positive for covid today. I took my mother to an appointment on Thursday which was the first day I started feeling not well. Pray she does not get covid again. Thank you, church family.  Barry Cates

Please keep Ms. Pat Brown in your prayers. She was admitted to Good Shepherd Saturday in Room 433..She has pneumonia, UTI, and having heart test run.

Please pray for Thomas Lockhart, Kayla Rancour and the rest of the family. They all have tested positive for Covid.

Just got a message from Kay Hopkins…they are home!!  Thank you for all your prayers!!!

Della Christine’s sister-in-law is in the hospital with bad leg problems, could possibly loose her legs.

Please keep Ms. Pat Brown in your prayers. She was admitted to Good Shepherd Saturday in Room 433..She has pneumonia, UTI, and having heart test run.

Please pray for my daddy, Pedro Olvera. This is the second time on the same knee. Pray all goes well and he recovers quickly. Thank you all so much.

Please pray Mark Kuykendall. He has tested positive for Covid.

Please pray for my brother Brad, heis in ICU on ventilator due to blood clots and other medical issues.~Jeff Thomas

Please pray for Scott and Dana Mathias. They are both ill with coughing and all around not feeling well.

Keith Sanders will be at Longview Regional tomorrow morning for a pacemaker.

Please be in prayer for Ronny and Glynda Jones…they are home, not feeling good, coughing and just feel “lousy”. Thanks in advance for your prayers!!

This is from Kay Hopkins:
“Procedure went well…back in room sleeping it off”  Pacemaker was put in this am.

Please pray for Alex Crow 11 yrs old. He is the grandson of our close friends in VA. They removed a tumor from him on Tuesday and discovered it was cancer. He will have numerous other scans this week to see if it has spread. Pray it has not spread and no further surgeries will be needed. They have a follow up appt next Monday 1/17.  ~Debbie Smith

Update on Tommy Hopkins:  Pacemaker 7am tomorrow, echo tomorrow
This is from Kay Hopkins this am:  Really long night, 13 1/2 hrs in ER waiting to be admitted to a floor. Probably got to bed about 12:30. Wearing heart monitor and his heart was in the 50s most of the night but dropped into low 40s a few times. Scheduled for Echo this a.m. Prayers felt and appreciated…will update as changes

An update on John Fenton’s health.   John is not eating much, his mind is not good,  his days are mostly bad ones.   He does know me, but he has trouble understanding things that is being said to him.  Hospice is very good with him and his needs and wants.  Please continue to pray for John and strength for me, It is hard to watch your love one slip away.  ~Nancy Fenton

Tommy Hopkins is in the hospital…had some dizziness and confusion this am on the way to the dog groomers..ran off road and corrected then pulled over when not feeling well…family found him and called EMT…heart rate was 33 and could not get a temp…got to ER and temp was 93..admitted and going to do a complete cardiac work up on him. Please be in prayer for Tommy and Kay.

A while back I asked for prayers for 2 things. The first one turned into a praise! Thank you Lord!
Now, the 2nd one is coming up and I desperately need that 2nd prayer. I know that everything is in the Lord’s hands. I also know that there are some very faithful people at WHBC who will always pray for you if you ask. I need this one now. Thank you and may the Lord bless you all!
Thanks again, Deanne Gibson

Please pray for Ms. Pat Brown. She is very ill . Coughing , congested , no appetite. She won’t go to the ER But the Dr has ordered a prescription for her. Pray this will give her some relief.

Please pray for Laura Brown. She has tested positive for Covid and is feeling pretty bad.

Surgery went well for Ashley McNeal.Dr doesn’t think it is cancer but waiting on biopsy report. Catheter will be removed today.Waiting for more answers. Thank you for your prayers.

Pray for Ashley McNeal, our daughter in law. She is having a tumor removed from her bladder on Wednesday morning, Jan 5. The doctor will send it off for a biopsy. We are asking for good results and healing.  ~Jan McNeal

Pray for Barry Higginbotham. In Good Shepherd Hospital, 1/3/22.  He is having a hard time breathing.  Pray for healing.

Please pray for Curtis Allen.  He tested positive for Covid.  Jackie is recovering from surgery, so pray they stay quarantined apart and Jackie does not get it.

Please be in prayer for my friend Colleen Miller’s mom, Dixie.  She has Covid pneumonia in both lungs. She is currently in ICU and needs as many prayers as she can get.  Thank you all so much. —Christy Mayfield

Drew Cooper fell this morning on the way to church and was taken to the hospital by ambulance, convulsing and unresponsive. They’ve done CT scans and see no bleeding and no masses so that’s great news. Please pray for him and his Mama and Daddy, Jon and Tina Cooper. He should be going home soon.  He will have a check up with a neurologist in the days ahead.

Please pray for Curtis Allen. He has a sore throat, body ache, headache, Covid test scheduled for Monday.

Update from our daughter-in-law’s mom, Thereasa Barton: “Butch is doing better. Blood clots are dissolving and they are going to start therapy tomorrow and his oxygen is doing much better. He says he feels great!”  Thank you for your prayers for our family.

Please be in prayer for Cindy Wells. Her mother who lives in Dallas had a stroke recently. Many in the family have come down with Covid and Cindy is going up to be with her mother. Pray for traveling mercies and pray that Cindy does not catch the virus. Pray that her mother will continue to get better after her stroke and that Cindy will stay well.

Surgery on Wayne of three bypasses and valve replacement complete.  All is well. Thank you for praying.

Please keep John Fenton in your prayers.

Please keep Wayne Hare and wife Marian and family in your prayers. Wayne is scheduled to have heart surgery, 3 stents and a heart valve replacement, tomorrow, December 30 at Christus Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital, Tyler at 10:00am. He will be hospitalized for 7-10 days.

Our daughter-in-law’s stepdad has been in the hospital for eight days with Covid and pneumonia. Now he has blood clots in both legs. Please keep Butch and the family in your prayers.
—Kevin & Sue Olson

Please pray for James and Della Honeycutt, they have both tested positive for Covid. 

Please pray for Greg and Maurie Scobee. They both have covid. Doing ok, pray it stays mild.

Please pray for Teresa Fears. She is very stressed out right now because of their financial situation. Also, please pray for John Zenter – he needs a second part time job in order to get more income coming in.

Please pray for my nephew in law, Brian Nolan. He is being lifeflighted from Nacogdoches to Tyler for emergency surgery.  He flipped his 4 wheeler and has a tear in his aorta. Thank you for praying.
My neice is driving there now. Please pray for safety.  ~Suzi Arthofer

Sheila Conner just got out of surgery and is in recovery. Surgery went well. Please continue to pray for her and Marlin.

I pray to the Lord Jesus to heal my wife, Paulette, she has battled breast cancer twice over a ten year period, now it has turned to stage 4, metastatic bone cancer of the spine and sternum. She has endured so much. I know God answers all prayers, and God’s will be done. I pray for her healing in this life, does it ever happen in this world? I want so desperately for a miracle that will save her life. Please pray for her.  ~George Hopper

Please pray now for Mrs. Tammy Cunningham.  They have her back in surgery.  She has battled kidney stones and other things for a while.  Praying this will be resolved through the surgery.  —

Please be on your knees praying for sweet child, Damian Dickard. He was so close to finishing up his treatments and coming home. They just found 3 nodules in his lungs. The area that the nodules are in was a difficult task to biopsy due to his tiny blood veins. This is such a sad time for all of the family and friends that love him. They need prayers for comfort, patience and good news concerning the nodules. Please let your prayers for all of them be a part of your Christmas prayers. They are desperately needed and appreciated. Love to all and thank you so much! ~Deanne Gibson

Please stop and pray for Damian now.  We’ve been praying…don’t stop

Y’all please be in prayer for the Nolte and Wilkes family. Hunter and Lexie Wilkes were killed this morning in a car accident in Carthage. They are the youth ministers for my parents church in Gary. Their two month old son was with them and survived. They were both 21 and this was going to be their first Christmas with their son.  ~Krista Foster

Sid Pierce is in Baylor recovering from hernia surgery. He hopes to be released this coming Monday. Please lift up Sid and Linda in prayer.

Please pray Kevin Arnold. He is having rotary cuff surgery on his left shoulder in the morning.  This is Vernon and Donnie Freeman’s son.

Please prayer for my husband-John Fenton, he is under the care of Hospice. ~Nancy Fenton

Please keep student Hannah Neal in your prayers. She was in a major automobile accident yesterday and was transported to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

Please remember family of Frances Hughes (Sue Childress sister) – Frances went to be with the Lord on December 11.  Thank you for your prayers for sons – David and Dickie & families.

Please pray for Lee Arthur, This is my father n law . He just learned this morning that he had lung cancer. Pray for his spiritual walk with The Lord and that he will stop smoking. If he does not choose o stop then they will not pursue any more testing or treatments.
Pray for my husband, Kenneth and his siblings.  Thank you in advance!

Please pray for my Jan Medrano’s sister, Judy Sledge. She has been having a lot of kidney stones and has a tumor on one of her kidneys.
She found out that the tumor is cancerous. They have to remove stones first and then plan to remove the tumor. Please pray that it has not spread to any other areas and that removing the tumor will be all they need to do. They are hoping to remove tumor toward the end of January.

Larry Whitehurst is waiting to be scheduled for a pet scan at the Longview Cancer Center. Pray for him and his wife Melinda that this will bring good news.

Kenneth is out of surgery and it went well. He is on the vent due to lungs…they want to make sure that there is no fluid buildup. Thank you for your prayers! Please continue as he recovers.

Please pray for my husband’s family. Mark’s sister, Brenda, passed away today. ~Kaye Eishen

Surgery is complete and all went well. Thank you for praying.  ~Kason Kuykendall

Please pray for my mom, Monica Kuykendall this morning. She is scheduled for back surgery at 7:15 this morning.  ~Kason Kuykendall

Leroy Worsham does Preoperative surgery Tuesday morning. Then Thursday Dr. Germanwalla will do a TE. Then doctor will let us know when heart surgery will be.

Please keep Sondra Lockhart in your prayers. We’re in the ER and she has double pneumonia and a UTI. She will possibly be admitted.

Please pray for steady hands and keen eyes as Kenneth Fitzgerald has surgery on Wednesday 7AM. They will be removing part of his jaw, due to cancer, and replacing it with a metal plate. He will be on a feeding tube and in the hospital for a week or two. Please also pray for a comfort and peace for the family. This is being shared with his permission. Thank you in advance!

Marlene Heilaman is a resident of Page 2. She has asked Patricia Brown and Francine Stewart, members of Woodland Hills, to ask Woodland Hills prayer warriors to pray for her. Marlene has an operation scheduled in a couple of weeks. She needs God’s grace, peace and healing. Thank you.

Please pray for Shirley Arnold of Hallsville. She has been very sick and is back in the hospital again. This is Hunter And Hailey Hollan’s grandmother.

Please pray for Reeshemia Flonnery, she has ovarian cancer. This is J. D. & Madeline’s daughter, Mary Walton’s daughter and son in law.

Julie is out of surgery and in recovery Doctor said things went well. Thank you for your prayers.

Pray for Julie Markham today. She is having a complicated wrist surgery in Tyler. Pray for her and Wes.

Please pray for Teresa Fears. She is back in the hospital again. Thanks and God bless you. ~John Zenter

Please pray for me. I got sick after receiving the J&J vaccine. I need the healing power of Jesus Christ. ~Stewart White

Robert McNail is in the hospital and is being transferred to Summer Meadows today for rehab. Please keep Robert in your prayers.

Please pray for Dr. Don Whitt. He has pneumonia and has cancelled a couple of meetings.

Please pray for Jennifer and Alex Chen. Their father passed away this past weekend. They are sweet sweet children. Pray for his wife Lucy as well. Thank you. —

Please pray for Roy Jamerson he is in Longview regional hospital.

From Bonnie Tiffin
My sister, Lynette, passed away yesterday from Covid-19. Thank the Lord that she is at peace and not suffering any more.  Thank you for your prayers.

From Bonnie Tiffin
My sister, Lynette Sherwood, has been in the hospital for a month with Covid-19 and on a ventilator for the last five days. The doctor told her son that they are going to disconnect the ventilator today and that she may live for a day or two more. Please pray for her and our family as we go through this difficult time.

Please pray that my employer will put me back on a 40 hour work week.  Thank you.  John Zenter

Please keep Kevin‘s mom, Martha Olson, in your prayers. The family moved her to Hawkins Creek yesterday due to her physical ailments and dementia. The transition is not good and the family is taking turns staying with her in her room until she settles in.  —Sue

Please pray for Ralph’s brother Pete. He is in ICU in Hot Springs Arkansas. He has congestive heart failure and pneumonia in both lungs. He is currently on a vent and things are not looking good. His wife also needs your prayers as she will have to make some tough decisions in a few days if God does not call him home first. Thank you in advance. ~Ralph & Delores Hill

My name is Jisun Chung, 40 years old female. And I am a mother of 10 years old son living in Seoul, South Korea. I have been diagnosed as nasopharyngeal cancer stage 4 back in 2018 Oct. I desperately need prayer warriors who can pray along with me as I walk through wilderness of trouble. 1. Complete remission of all cancer cells. 2. Full recovery of the function of eating and talking. Be free from all paralysis and aftereffects. 3. Send me prayer warriors who can pray along with me.

Please pray for our grandson in law, Emmett Gonzales, who is grieving the loss of his brother. ( his brother was murdered) Emmett is having a hard time dealing with this. Thank you for praying and we love you all.
Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Sandy Sanders has a kidney infection with temperature of 104, transported by ambulance to hospital, treating with antibiotics, getting some better

Please pray for church member, Mary Hanley. She is having surgery this morning. Thank you church family!

I received an update on Kenneth’s first appointment at Baylor in Dallas. He has stage 2 cancer and in 3 weeks will have surgery to remove the cancer, and part of his jaw, as well as some lymphnoids. He will have a pet scan run soon to see if the cancer is contained or has spread.  Specifically pray that this pet scan can be done in Tyler, that those he comes in contact with be compassionate and encouraging with scripture or words and prayers. Of course for complete healing and peace through it all!

Please pray for my son in law, Steve Thompson. He is having a knee replacement in Tyler this morning. Also keep Tamron in your prayers as she cares for him. Thank you prayer warriors of Woodland Hills. Gloria Williams

Update: Angie’s grandmother: Today Angie’s grandmother is breathing on her own and eating. Bleeding has stopped. And her grandmother is alert and talking. If all continues going well she will move from ICU to a regular room Friday. Thank you so much for your prayers and please keep on praying.  The nurses at the hospital say Angie’s grandmother is famous. She is talked about by many at the hospital. They can’t believe she is alive and doing so much better. It is a miracle she is living.

According to Willie’s son in law, it appears that Willie has a hairline fracture to the pelvis. They will probably do rehab and no surgery. Continue to pray.

Ortha Davis was back at Longview Regional ER until late last night with continued problems and testing. They still do not know what is causing his problems. He has an appointment with a physician again tomorrow. Pray that they can diagnose the problem quickly and treat the problem.

Please pray for Willie. He is in Good Shepherd with a broken hip. Waiting on doctors to see if surgery is needed.

Please keep John Fenton and wife Nancy in your prayers.  He was transported by ambulance and admitted to Christus over the weekend because he blacked out.  John is home now but still doesn’t know what’s going on.

Please pray for Willie Fields. He fell down some steps tonight at the Agape Feast. They have called an ambulance to take him to the ER tonight.

Re: Eric (Kaye Eishen’s Cousin)  He spent a couple of very trying days in ICU. They want to release him soon and recoup at home with OT and speech therapy. They are so thankful this part is behind them – now just wait and see. My aunt would like to thank all of you for your prayers – she knows for sure that it helps!

Please pray for Ginger Oldham, she is on life support due to covid, If no improvement by Monday will disconnect. This is my brother in law, sister. ~Nancy Fenton

I’m having two procedures done on Monday which require anesthesia. As far as I know I still have blood clots. I will stop my blood thinners today. Please pray I’ll turn this all over to God & stop worrying about it. Thank you. ~Carolyn Barnette

Please pray for Teresa, one of our Child Nutrition employees whose family has been suffering with covid. This morning Teresa’s husband passed away and this afternoon her sister-in-law passed away. Teresa has a 12 year old daughter who needs special prayer; she was very close to her Daddy. Please pray for comfort for this special family.  ~Gracie Lautaret

Report on Buddy Lautaret. He came home from the hospital Wednesday, no heart attack. He has pneumonia! He is not feeling real bad except for a cramp in his neck that seems to be recurring. Thank you everyone for your prayers and calls. You are all very special to us.  God bless each of you,  Gracie

Surgery went well, the Barker Twins(Wyatt and Annalise) are heading home. Continued prayers as they recover. Thank you all so much.

We are in labor at Longview Regional hospital and really need prayer right now!! The baby has been in distress and heart rate keeps dropping. Please pray that delivery goes smooth and that baby Kylen has no more problems and is a healthy baby boy. Thanks so very much! ~Brittany & Christopher Rash

Good news: Angie Roadcap’s grandmother is starting to have some neurological response and bleeding is starting to slow down but has still not stopped. This is some good news but situation is still very serious and She is still unstable.  Please continue to pray

Kenneth Fitzgerald has recently been told that he has Internal “Skin” Cancer of the lower jaw. He will be going to Houston, MD Anderson for surgery to remove all cancer cells. Please pray for healing and strength through this unexpected journey! We know God is not surprised by this and has His hand on all taking care of Kenneth!

My name is Donna Jo Dutcher. My son Dean Paul Dutcher who is 16 was in a bad wreck traveling with Grandpa in Houston last night. He broke his collarbone and needs surgery. I pray for safety traveling back home to Longview today. Also I pray that God opens up an orthopedic surgeon appointment for us tomorrow so we can move forward. We have been attending since August and would like to join the church. I pray he doesn’t have too much pain and he has Gods peace throughout all this. He has never had anything broken. I thank God Dori my 8 year old wasn’t in the car with my two sons. I thank God Grandpa and David are ok. I also thank God it isn’t worse.

Please pray for The Barker Family tomorrow morning their 3-year-old twins will be having their adenoids removed and tubes put in. Their names are are Wyatt and Annalise. Thank you, church family.

Please put Ortha Davis on your prayer list. He has been having some health issues. He may need a hip replacement. He is also having some heart issues and some other problems. He has been spending more time in the Dr. Office than at home. He came to SS last Sunday and then left before the class started because he wasn’t feeling very well. Pray that he will be feeling better and that the Doctors will be able to diagnose the problems.   Thanks,  Ronnie Jones

Kurt Gerty’s wife Jenn is heavily pregnant and due. If she doesn’t begin labor tonight, doctors will have to do a cesarean in the morning. They really need to have this baby naturally. Please pray Jen starts labor tonight to get baby Corrie out!

Eric is in recovery. Surgeon said all went well. It really helped that Eric was willing to be awake during the surgery so he could monitor his responses on how far to go, etc. It will take a few months to really know how successful this has all been. This is it. They can’t do any more to his brain. He has been through so much through the years and he never complains (he was having about 100 seizures a month) and is always so concerned about his wife Melissa and all she has to deal with. Please continue to pray for this family as Eric continues to recover. Thank you! ~Kaye

Buddy Lautaret. Just had a virtual visit with a dr at GSMC. they are saying it was not a heart attack but pneumonia. They will still admit him over night to give antibiotics and continue checking his heart. Right now we are grateful it is not a heart attack.

Please continue to keep Beverly Nugent in your prayers as she works to get stronger.

Please keep Mary Tucker’s cousin, Lucki, in your prayers. She has been diagnosed with non-hodgkin’s lymphoma.

They are admitting Buddy Lauteret into hospital. Blood work is being done. They are leaning toward him having a heart attack.

Please pray for Buddy Lauteret. He’s at the ER with chest pains. Pray for him and Gracie.

Lawson Perkins is having an ear surgery today in Dallas this morning. Please pray for him and family.

Please add Betsy Dunnavant’s son, Mike, to the prayer list. When having disc surgery week before last, doctor accidentally clipped his esophagus resulting in 4 additional surgeries. He’ll be on a feeding tube and hospitalized several more weeks because of this. He has developed a fierce infection that has not yet responded to any antibiotic. They have just started a new one. He obviously has multiple needs right now and needs our church to pray and we need to pray for his sweet and faithful mother, too!

I am asking for prayer for my cousin, Eric. My aunt just texted me and let me know that Eric is undergoing brain resection (removing part of his brain) in the morning at Mayo for his severe epilepsy he has battled for years. Prayerfully this procedure will be the answer. Thank you. ~Kaye

Please pray for my mom, Carol Urazoff, as she will be having pacemaker surgery tomorrow at noon.

Please pray for Joyce Richey. She is having a scope done on Tuesday to check on a bleeding ulcer she had about six weeks ago.

Update:  Baby Bowen was not admitted: He is already doing better, lungs are clear!  Thank you for your prayers for these parents and their newborn!

Previous prayer request-asking prayers again: Friends of The Willis’s 5 week old Baby Bowen got released from the children’s hospital with great improvement on Tuesday. But prayers are coveted once again! They are heading back now as he has started regressing. Thank you Prayer Warriors!

Surgery went as well as could be expected. Dr. very confident and pleased.
Will be in ICU the remainder of the day and closely monitored.
Thank you for praying with me church.   ~Bro. Aaron

Pray for Jackie Allen, seeing OB/GYN next week for sonogram and biopsy, been very weak last few days. 

Please pray for my Mama, Mignon Perkins. She’s having surgery on her pituitary this morning in Dallas. Asking the Lord for favor on her. Thanks for joining.  ~Aaron

Pray for Tammy Cunningham, Ali’s mother.  She is having  surgery this afternoon.  She’s got 2-3 stones blocking things and has sepsis. They will go get those and then next week she will have laser surgery to zap the kidney full she has.

Struggling financially and facing eviction. Having to move Isaac out of Hallsville school district. Prayers he isn’t affected too much  ~Ashley Moyer

From the Hansen Family:
At 4:45 PM November 2, our daughter Kristie traveled from Longview, Texas to Heaven via her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She passed peacefully. Her favorite verse is I Peter 5:10: “And the God of all grace, who called
you (today) to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm, and steadfast.” Thanks for your prayers.

Thank you for the prayers: From Jake & Jennifer Willis:
My friend’s baby Bowen is doing really well and if he continues to do well, they will release them in 24 hours. The doctors are blown away at how well he is responding to rsv.

Please pray for Jamie Hoch he is being taken to Baylor and has several blood clots in his left lung and an abscess in his stomach. Please pray diligently.

Prayers needed urgently:
The Moore family (friends of the Willis’s) son Bowen has RSV. He is very small and only 5 weeks old. He is in critical condition and being transferred to a children’s hospital in Shreveport. Please be praying for Bowen to pull through this and strength for his mom and dad through this.

Please keep Jean Taylor in your prayers. She is having her pacemaker replaced tomorrow at Regional (outpatient).

Please pray for Dean and Peggy Rogers. Dean is in Hospital. He had a heart attack, has Covid, and is fighting sepsis because of infection. Peggy’s heart is in Afib.

Faith Manhave recovery from an appendectomy.  ~Felicia Canfield

Thurman McGuire is going to have surgery next Wednesday. He has had a rough time the last month. Please pray for him.

Jamie Hoch’s recovery has not been easy, he came down with fever yesterday and still has it. He has a virus. Please pray that he can get over the fever without being admitted in the hospital!

Please pray for Dan and Brittany Lair. Brittany is pregnant and is having issues with her gallbladder. It looks like they will have to take the baby and then remove the gallbladder tomorrow.  Brittany is still a few weeks out from her due date. Please keep this family in your prayers!

Please be in prayer for our friend, Tammie Setliff. She is having shoulder replacement on 11/3/21. She has a special needs daughter and her special needs sister lives with her also. She does have a caregiver that will help with her daughter, but it will be a tough time for her. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana and Emily Snider

Dean Rogers has tested positive for Covid…please pray for him…thank you!!!!

Bill Johnson passed away. Bill & Peggy were members of Little Flock for several years & are now members of Mulberry Springs. Please pray for the family.

Please pray for Bill Hansen and family: Our daughter Kristie (53 years old), experienced a massive cardiac arrest last Monday (10/18). It took so long for the medics to get her heart pumping again that she lost oxygen to her brain for about 25 minutes. She is presently in a coma at GSMC ICU. Her doctors give NO hope of recovery and we will have to make some life ending decisions along with her husband next week. Please keep us in your prayers.

Please pray for the family of Ronda Rancour. Her graveside service will be at Memory Park Cemetery at 11am Thursday.

Please pray for Dean Rogers. From Peggy Rogers…And here we are in ER once again! Prayer warriors, You all have prayed him through his health problems all year, please continue to pray. He is a walking miracle. Last weeks surgery was a success, but fighting a little infection. Today his heart V-Fibed different from his usual AFib. Ambulance medics got there in time. Now going through all kinds of test and will be admitted some time tonight for observation, evaluation and treatment.

Arrangements for Betty Hudman
Visitation at Rader Funeral Home on Wednesday, October 27 | 5-7pm
Funeral at Rader Funeral Home on Thursday, October 28 | 10am

From Sonya & Robert Hoch…Prep for Jamie Hoch started early. So surgery will be soon. Please continue to pray for Him. Pray for the medical team. And pray for his family. Thank you all for your support and prayers. We love you all!

Please pray for Beverly Nugent and family.  Her daughter, Ronda Rancour, passed away last night.  Arrangements should be made today.

Please pray for Sandy Sanders. He is having extensive back surgery on 10/26.

I’ve lost my car and now my job because I have no transportation. Facing eviction because i have no help from family or anyone. I’m a single mom of 2 teenage boys and things are tough right now. I don’t even know what I’m gonna do about food and Christmas. God bless.  ~Ashley Moyer

Please pray for my friend Sandra Mabry and family as her husband passed away today. He was a pastor in Rusk, at the Salem Baptist Church. He and Sandra are such good people. ~Nancy Fenton

Please pray for Pastor Mabry. He has Covid and is very serious.

Please pray for Genia Rogers. She fell and broke her femur and will be having surgery tomorrow morning here in Longview. Pray for Tommy and Tanya as well.

Please keep Jamie Hoch and wife, Liz and their children in your prayers. Jamie is going to Baylor next week for colon surgery.

George Strain passed away just a little while ago. Please pray for this family.

Please help me pray for my niece Krystal, and her 3 girls – Brooklynn (14), Aubrie (9), and Jamey (8) ~Troy

My wife,Linda’s Grand Nephew, Griffin Vander Waerdt, a 19 year old University of Colorado football player with Crohn’s Disease. His Doctors, with your Prayers & God’s direction were able to find & repair the source of his internal bleeding finally. He lost some of his intestine and college football career, but will survive. Linda, His Dad, and I Thank You So Much for All Your Prayers.. ~Harry Evans

From Donnie Freeman:
Received a call last night from daughter and grandson who had a motorcycle wreck earlier this yea, has had another wreck. We know he has a broken leg and bleeding from one ear. Will know more after his mother has been to the hospital. Asking for lots of prayer.  ~Vernon & Vernon Freeman

Please keep Keith in your prayers – he is scheduled for a CT scan tomorrow. His inflammatory levels are high. Thank you – Sue

Gordon is pulling his big work trailer right now and has another hour or more to drive. Heavy thunderstorms are barreling down on him with tornadoes predicted. Please pray for his safety. Thank you sweet church family! –Brenda Bevis

Please continue to pray for Richard Burks and Lanette.  Richard had another stent put in and he needs prayer to lift him up so he can continue his therapy at Summer Meadows.  And lift Lanette up in prayer, she is growing very tired. Also, pray for Dennis Shaw, a friend and neighbor of the Burks’.  He is in ICU with heart issues.

My wife Linda’s Grand Nephew, an age 19 University of Colorado football player has Crohn’s disease and continues to bleed out blood transfusions. His condition is Very Critical. Please increase your prayers for his survival and healing. Thank You very much. ~Harry Evans

Please keep Crystal and the team from her church going to McAllen, Texas to minister to the refugees. Obviously for safety but for the Holy Spirit to open the minds and hearts of those who will sharing and to those who hear! This is Crystal’s first mission trip but she feels God is calling her to step out in faith.
Chris will be moved to a different unit sometime soon. Please pray specifically for he Billy Moore unit. It will be a place he can get transition classes to help prepare him for outside. Also pray as he is healing, that God will give Chris clear directions…and that Chris will follow where God leads.  Also…Mark is having alot of back issues and pain.  ~Melody Foster

Update on Leslie Hemphill:  The tube is out and oxygen is at 97%. Everything is stable and doing well. Please pray that it continues! 

My wife, Linda’s, Grand Nephew, Griffin Van Der Waerdt, a University Of Colorado Football player has Crohn’s Disease is hospitalized with uncontrolled internal bleeding, after 2 surgeries and a complete blood transfusion.. He is in serious condition. His Dad is a new struggling Christian. Please,Please pray for this young man’s healing and recovery & his Father. Thank You. ~Harry Evans

Carolyn Merrill Update:  They will do shoulder replacement instead of trying to repair the break. Less recovery time. Shoulder replacement and fix the other break tomorrow at around 10ish . So many people are scheduled for surgeries that they put off due to this pandemic over the last year. It has stressed our hospitals to the max.

Update on Buddy Lautaret. Dr Frase told Buddy he should stop taking Celebrex completely; sunday he will start back with aspirin and cancer med. We are so grateful for the “simple” fix. Jesus never, ever let’s us down. We love Him and all our Prayer Warriors. ~Gracie and Buddy

Today wasn’t the day for removal of the vent, but they plan to try again tomorrow.  Leslie  was on the CPAP trial this afternoon and doing great.  She needed to go 30 minutes.  She was acing it — even coughed a couple of times and remained stable..   Then about 20 minutes in she started a prolonged coughing spell which affected her breathing and they had to stop CPAP.  She was upset and we were all greatly  disappointed.  The nurse started light sedation again to help her rest.  She was so, so close.  Lord, we pray tomorrow is the day!  She rested comfortably for a while but was wide awake at 5 pm. and very communicative.

Please be praying for Leslie Hemphill now. Prayerfully she will be extobated today. That means off the vent. HThey are planning to do CPAP trial this afternoon. They had to get her off sedation first. All the sedation meds have been reduced this morning and they are just following protocols. Pray that all goes well and smooth.

Pray for Dennis Shaw, good friend of Lanette and Richard Burks.  He has suffered three heart attacks.

Continue to pray for Richard Burks and Lanette.  He is improving everyday.  The family would like to thank you for your prayers.

Sheila’s brother, Michael did have a stroke during the night last night. They did surgery this morning and it went well. Dr.’s believe that with therapy he will be ok. Continue to pray for this family during this healing process .

Just got this update on Dendy Merrill’s wife.  No surgery till at least Tuesday. Not only was the bone broken in the right upper arm with a blood clot. The cat scan showed a break in shoulder so bad the doctor consulting to determine what is best way to proceed. Both have to be fixed.

We were on our way to Abilene today when Dr Frase returned Buddy’s call. Buddy has had two bleeds in about a week-one from his ear lobe and one from his heel where he thinks he tore the heel with his toe nail. These were bleeds where it poured out. Anyway, Dr Frase wanted to see him immediately so we turned around and returned to Longview. They did blood work, told him to stop taking his cancer meds and the Celebrex and return Monday. We haven’t been given a reason for the bad bleeds. Please pray that we get answers soon and the bleeding will stop. Thank you prayer warriors  ~Gracie and Buddy

Please be in prayer for Carolyn Merrill. She is Dendy Merrill’s wife. She fell and broke her arm between shoulder and elbow. They will probably do surgery in the morning at Longview Regional. She is in a lot of pain.

Update on Michael…He is at St. Luke’s in Houston. They did not do surgery. They found a large blood clot that is blocking the carotids artery in the neck. They are using meds to try to shrink the blood clot until Monday. Please continue to pray.

Steve Wilson hospitalized with West Nile virus. Thank you

Please pray for Sheila Connor’s brother, Michael. Yesterday he came home from work with slurred speech. Dr.’s had him transferred to Houston. They think he may have torn an artery in his heart. He’s been taken into emergency surgery. Please pray for him, the Dr’s and family.

I am being released from Treviso this afternoon to continue physical therapy with home health. My legs still don’t work properly. Your prayers and God’s grace have brought me through this trial and I am so grateful to everyone who said a prayer for me.   ~Brenda Browder

Open Door Pregnancy Center: Two prayer requests for Open Door today. 1. Pray for an abortion minded Mom who is struggling. 2. Pray for a Dad who accepted Christ today. Pray that he is discipled.

Please pray for me, Kayla Lawson, I have been under a bit of stress and I’m battling depression. I really need some people praying for me. I just feel like I’m losing hope. Thank you for praying!

Please continue to pray for Mary Hanley. She has COVID.

Carol Urazoff fared COVID well. She is home recovering.

Leroy Worsham is being released from the hospital and is headed home.

Update on Clay Perkins… After 32 days, we’re leaving the hospital. Headed for in patient rehab in Tyler today!. So very grateful for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Clay, Stacey and all the family.

Please pray for Leslie Hemphill. There has been no improvement. Blood count down this morning (not evident why) so they gave her a unit of blood. They’ve just re-sedated and paralyzed her again to turn her on her stomach to help with oxygen. Please pray for her and Correy.

Lana Snider’s surgery went well, in recovery, and should head home shortly.

Jan Beaty’s granddaughter Tori has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage 3.  Oct 7th she will go to MD Anderson. She is married and has 3 children.

Clay has had a fabulous two days! God’s healing touch is on those lungs :-). All lab work is within normal range Clay has been able to walk some using a walker but no human assistance, and his oxygen requirement is only 4-6 liters when he’s sitting or laying. With activity, he needs up to 8 liters. We’re praying now about a rehab placement.

Leroy Worsham is out of surgery and did well. Please continue to pray for him and Peggy.

Please pray for Ronda Rancour, her cancer has spread more, she will be meeting with her dr. to make decisions as to her care. Also thank you for prayer for Beverly Nugent, she is doing better, the dr. changed her meds.

Please pray for me – my Kia engine is blown, so I really need prayer for wisdom, patience, strength, understanding, and ability to communicate clearly dealing with wrecker, insurance, etc., and God’s leading to the vehicle He has for me. Thank you for standing in the gap for all who need prayer! ~John Zenter

Please pray for Leroy Worsham. They admitted him to Longview Regional. Getting a lot of fluid off. Then they a putting in a new, special kind of Pacemaker. Pray for him and Peggy.

Please pray for Vivian Roland. She is back in the hospital with stroke symptoms.

Continue to pray for Clay Perkins. Here is an update:  Clay had a good day. Nothing new from doc since all she’s providing is supportive care. Every day from here on will be just trying to wean oxygen and build strength. He walked from bed to door and back to bed without stopping to rest using a walker. He’s been instructed to sit up in a chair for all meals and try to sit up more and more each day. PT is cracking a whip :-). He’s been on 6-9 liters today. Thank you for continued prayers!

Please add Samuel and Patty Childress to your prayer list – they have been diagnosed with Covid – Diana is doing better. Thank You – Sue Childress

Please pray for Leroy Worsham. His heart functions have dropped since his last echocardiogram. He meets the cardiologist in the morning to discuss options. Pray for him and Peggy.

Ken Jones is out of surgery in Houston. He’s in recovery. They think they got it all.

Please keep Devin Worsham in your prayers.  He just tested positive for COVID.

Please continue to pray for Beverly Nugent (having intense back pain, had gotten a prescription but has bad side effects). Please pray for Ronda Rancour, will have second treatment this week for non small cell lung cancer. Thank you church family.

Keep Norman Crisp in your prayers. He is in the hospital with Covid.

Please continue to pray for Brenda Browder. She is in rehab at Treviso and is improving every day. Pray for her to gain strength enough to go home soon.

Please pray for Leslie Hemphill. They are putting Leslie back on the vent because of rapid breathing. Please pray for a miracle. She is still in ICU at Good Shepherd.

Sheila Connor got home from Hospital around noon. She is experiencing a lot of pain right now but, But hopefully can get it under control with pain meds. Very sore by. Thanks for your prayers!

Please keep Lanette and Richard Burks in your prayers. Richard has been taken to the ER with a possible heart attack.

Please pray for Diana Childress (granddaughter of Robert & Sue) – she has just been
diagnosed with Covid. Please pray that the rest of the family does not get it. Thank You !!

Christa Oberthier’s brother, Jordan contracted staff and is not responding to any of the treatments. Currently at hospital waiting to see if he’ll respond to the IV treatment in next 48hrs. If unresponsive, he will have surgery to remove area below nose above top lip. Sepsis is also a huge concern!! Hospital is full (lives in Mississippi) and he is waiting for room. Doctors are researching to see why he has not responded to any of the medications and treatment.

Update on Sheila Connor. Doctor Just called, surgery is over. Everything went good no kind of trouble. She will be in recovery for about 1 to 1.5 hour before they put her in a room.

Please pray for Bro. Herman Cramer. He tested positive for Covid and is at the ER now. His blood pressure is good and oxygen level at 90.

We got good news today.  Clay is moving in the right direction and lungs MAY be repaired enough for rehab (maybe even straight home) within 9-10 days. 

Update on Leslie Hemphill…
Lillian Fay Hemphill
4lbs 8oz
4:35 pm
Leslie is in ICU and is stable. The baby is in NICU and doing good.  Please heal and strengthen Leslie and Correy so their family soon can all be together at home.

Bro. Dale Perkins went to be with the Lord at 4:02 PM today. Please pray for this sweet family.

Update on Pearl Cherry…
She’s out of surgery and in recovery. Doctor said everything went good.

Mrs. Pearl Cherry just went back for surgery. Please pray for her and family.

Update on Leslie Hemphill.  Blood sugar at 180   119/66 BP
Discontinued insulin drip – good thing, just giving her fluids and insulin shots at this time. Still trying to get the Ketoacidosis under control (main focus) Tentatively 5pm c-Section delivery today.

Brenda Browder has been moved to Treviso to begin rehab. Please pray she will regain strength soon.

They are moving Leslie Hemphill to ICU  Room #: 508.  They have scheduled Lily for delivery at 7am in the morning and Correy will be allowed in the delivery room.
Please pray for Leslie Hemphill. Her blood sugar has gone up. The doctor is trying to get it down. Then they will induce labor and take the baby now at 31 weeks. Correy also tested positive for Covid.

Please be in prayer for Gracie Lautaret. They’re going to have to reopen her incision from her neck surgery because of a fluid buildup. She has been in severe pain. They did a CT scan today and found the problem. We’ve got to be in Tyler at 5:00 AM tomorrow, so pray for safe travels also.  We love you all, Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Please pray for Cari Sanders. She has Covid and had a rough night last night.

Please keep Lane, Layna and Tommy Williamson in prayer. Lane is having a minor surgery ( Tubes in ears) on Wednesday.

Bro. Dale Perkins has had a major stroke. It is very serious. They are Bringing in a neurologist tomorrow. The Next 24-48 hours will be decisive. Please pray for this sweet family.

Please pray that my husband gets better.  He has covid pneumonia. Also that he comes out of the hospital alive and well.  ~Erica Darnell

Please pray for Cari Sanders.  She tested positive for Covid.

Prayer Warriors and Facebook Friends, please remember to pray for my boss, Mr. Dale Perkins, and his son, Clay Perkins.  They are still hospitalized, fighting Covid 19 with pneumonia.  They have won a few battles in connection with this enemy, but the war is still raging in their bodies.  They have both had this virus to turn on them overnight.
As I am typing this, they are experiencing some critical activity from this illness.  The family, and myself, are requesting you to bow the knee and ask our Father to spare their lives.  I have felt guilty of praying so selfishly, but then I remembered that our God knows us better than we know ourselves – he hears the cries of our heart.  So pray without doubt asking ABBA, our all-knowing, all-loving God, to hear and answer our cry for healing to come to both of them.  Thank you so much.  ~Peggy Worsham

My granddaughter, Grace, has tested Covid positive. She’s a new student at Montana State. She’s very sick and all alone. Please pray that God will comfort her and she will feel His presence. ~Brenda Browder

Good morning all. Most know, but I figured I’d give a little update. Correy and I both took at home covid tests yesterday evening. His came back negative and mine came back positive. He took me to an urgent care and they decided that since I’m 30 weeks preggers and my heart rate was slightly elevated, that they would admit me. Currently not on any oxygen, just breathing room air and holding right around 93-94%. Pray that continues. I do have bilateral pneumonia, so pray we can get rid of the fluids. They did a cat scan of my heart for blood clots, but I haven’t heard anything one way or the other. They did give me a blood thinner so not sure if it’s preventative or what. I don’t have much of an appetite, but I am eating, and this cough is driving me bonkers. Lily appears to be doing well. Love y’all. Thank you for all the prayers. Keep them coming. ❤️ Leslie Hemphill

Britney Stauss Moore (Shirley Stauss’s Granddaughter) her family all have Covid. Please pray, she is expecting her first child, Naomi in two weeks. Thanks

Leslie Hemphill tested positive for Covid and they admitted her to the hospital last night. Correy tested negative. Please pray for them and the baby.

Larry Whitehurst has still not been feeling well and had a CT yesterday and he still has Covid lung and pneumonia. Please pray for him!

Please pray for Carolyn Northcutt. She is on antibiotics to fight an infection, and unfortunately one of the antibiotics has serious side effects. She has 5 1/2 days left on the antibiotics, please pray that she can tolerate them well with mild side effects. Thank you for your prayers!

Please pray for Leslie & Correy Hemphill Leslie did a home test for covid and it was positive. They are Testing Correy now. Waiting to hear more.

Update on Howard Hunt:  He’s out surgery all went well. They removed 10 inches of small intestines and rejoined .  Sending off to pathology .  He will be here for a minimum of 6 tough days.  Praises and prayers!  OurGod is so Good!

Please keep Lanette and Richard Burks in your prayers. Richard is doing better. On Saturday he will continue his rehab at Summer Meadows

Howard Hunt is having emergency surgery on his small  intestines . Many Many prayers are needed!

Please pray for Ken Jones. His cancer has come back.

For salvation for my son-in-law who is Muslim, and my daughter-in-law who is Buddhist. God can do the impossible. Jeremiah 32:17.  ~Tana Pierce

For my daughter to get hired at Good Shepherd. She is working at least 113 hrs. a week at Longview Regional. I would like for her to be able to have time to attend church and spend time with her family. ~Tana Pierce

Please pray for Howard Hunt, he is back in the hospital with a small hole in his small intestine and waiting to find out what to do about it.. Please pray for healing.

Please pray for the family of Laura Brown. Her daughter, son in law, and grandchild have all tested positive for covid. Please pray for them.

Please pray for Sondra Lockhart. She has tested positive for Covid.

Linda Cannon has asked for prayer for her. She tested positive for Covid. She said she is still doing ok. She is vaccinated for Covid.

Update: GRACIE IS HOME!!!! Thank you all for your prayers!!! ~Donice Rogers

Carol Urazoff has tested positive for Covid and is now at Good Shepherd ER getting an infusion treatment and hopefully will be released to go home.

Please pray for brother Ramon McCauley. Hospice has been called in. He is not doing real well.

Please pray for the Warner family. Mrs Beulah passed away this morning. Pray for brother Ed and family.

Vernon & Donnie Freeman’s daughter, Sonya is in hospital with E.coli and west Nile and is in serious condition. Treatment is 20 days IV.

Please pray for Joyce Richey, Tammy Whitehurst’s mother is in the ER at Northpark very sick. Please pray.

Remember Guy Fuller and Martha in your prayers. Guy and Martha have both had the vaccine, but Guy has contracted the virus. He is going to get the infusion and is taking some other preventative medications.

Update on Gracie…..
first of all thank you everyone for all the prayers, text and calls. They flew Gracie to children’s hospital in San Antonio last night after several mishaps with the helicopter and plane situation she finally got settled in ICU…. That will be her new home for several days once she gets better they will move her to a regular room. Nobody can see her or be with her except for Maegan Baird so please pray for her too !!  I will update as things change and with Covid we just don’t know what to expect because the changes can be drastic and quick, but I will try to keep you all posted. Not out of the woods but definitely feel better that she is where they can treat both her and baby Londyn if needed. Pray things keep improving  Thanks again!  DeAnn Miller

They have taken Brenda Browder from Travisio back to Reginal ER….she has Covid Pneumonia now & needs all the prayers we can get right now. Her O2 Saturation was in 70’s….please pray!

Update : David and DeAnn Miller granddaughter Gracie -they are airlifting her to a pediatric ICU in San Antonio. Please pray!!!

Asking for prayers for my son (Christopher Kennedys) grandmother, Vernell Kennedy. She has Covid-19 and is in Henderson Hospital. She has difficulty breathing but was recently given a full Cpap mask to help keep her oxygen levels up. ~Melissa Clayton

Please pray for David and DeAnn Millers grandaughter. Her name is Gracie and she is 26 weeks pregnant and is in the hospital with COVID. She has taken a turn for the worse and they are trying to decide whether to take the baby.

Judy Arroyo has tested positive for Covid-19. Please be praying for her.

Please pray for Madi McNeal. She was diagnosed with Covid today. Her symptoms are mild. Pray it stays that way and that we don’t come down with it.

My friend, Vicki and her husband are improving (both have Covid) but still need prayers. ~Diana Graves

Update: Norma’s X-ray indicated a positive result for Covid pneumonia. Taking additional meds and starting on a blood thinner for a while to help prevent a PE. Will recheck lungs next Tuesday. ~Norma & Wayne Rosette

Please pray that my latter days be greater than my former. I am not doing well in life and I have prayed and fasted but my situation has not changed. Pray also for the Lord to bless me financially so that I can come up out of poverty and be able to provide for myself and my loved ones.  ~Michelle Brown

Please continue to pray for Carolyn Northcutt. The infection that he has seemed to be better Sunday, but it is getting worse again. She has received an IV antibiotic and may possibly require surgery to get rid of the infection. Give the Drs wisdom as they work to get this problem solved.

Please pray for my son, Clay, and his family. His wife and daughter have Covid, and we’re praying that he doesn’t get it again. He had it last year. ~Betsy Dunnavant

Prayers for Ray Family – (Marshall and Tracy Jones’ daughter) All in Jerrod & Michelle Rays home positive for covid Michelle, Jerrod, Paislee and Six week old Ellie tested positive and is wheezing appreciate prayers.

Please pray for Addison ! God is healing his body right before our eyes!!!  He has turned to Jesus during this time as well!  I will share more details when I get home. Pray for continued healing. Everyone in community is talking about it. They were expecting to be having his funeral this week! It can only be explained as a miracle of God! ~Denise Bowens

Bro. Dale Perkins is doing better. He is still in ICU and needs prayer.

Clay Perkins is not any better so please continue to pray for him.

There is a prayer meeting at Longview Regional tonight at 6:30 PM in the parking lot. It will be live-streamed so Bro. Dale and Clay can hear. Everyone is invited to come and pray.Mary Tucker is doing much better. She will be at church next week. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for James.  He just went back to surgery for a hip replacement.  Praying for a quick recover.  Thank you for all your support.  ~Della Honeycutt

Please keep Maryann Thomas and Debbie Stone’s mother in your prayers. She fell a week ago Tuesday in assisted living and has developed an infection in her leg. She’s been admitted to the hospital. Pray for doctors to know how to treat this infection ~Jeff & Maryann Thomas

Carlee Boone is doing well now. Thank you for all the prayers

Charlie, T R Dawudi’s Son, is doing much better. Continued prayers for full recovery.

Please pray for James Honeycutt, he is having hip surgery this morning in Tyler. 

Please pray for Brenda Browder. She is at Treviso Rehab recovering from COVID.

Please keep Ron Savage in your prayers.  He is home but not doing well – suffering from vertigo.

Norma Rosette is now in her second week of Covid and is still running fever, as well as other symptoms. Request prayer that these clear up without turning into pneumonia. My daughter has been giving me breathing treatments to hopefully prevent that.

Please pray for Bille Trout, this is Bettye Parrish and Liz Graham’s 93 year old aunt. She has covid.

Please pray for Lorrie Lacko, Barry & Danna Miller’s daughter. She will be having back surgery on Sept 16 to treat some disc problems.  Also Ayden is having more issues with his Duchene/ MD Ayden is Lorrie Beth’s youngest son.

Would you please say a special prayer right now for brother Dale Perkins. They’ve done all they can do at this level, and the next level is the vent. Please Pray that God will touch him and intervene in his situation.

Pray surgery goes well this Friday. ~Richard Carrington

Prayers for my friend Vicki’s husband. Both have Covid, his is worse! ~Diana Graves

Please pray that my husband can come home alive from the hospital he has covid. ~Erica Darnell

Please continue to pray for Brenda Browder.

Pray for Rick and Pat Smith. Both of them have Covid.

Please pray for Charlie, T. R. ‘s son in Morocco.  Beverly just sent this…Just heard from Charlie….Not Good. 02 at 15. Dr. Doesn’t know how he is still here. PRAYERS PLEASE. If not for him, his wife and kids.

Please keep Emily Arthofer in your prayers. She has COVID.

Pray for Faye Arthofer. She has had a heart attack and is in Christus Good Shepherd. She will have more tests run in the morning.

I just found out I have cancer on my nose and will have surgery Sept 7th. I know God is in control and whatever happens is in his hands. I need prayers that GOD guides the Doctor’s hands and he gets all the cancer and peace for me.  ~Donnie Freeman

Four Marines killed in Afghanistan many Afghanistan people killed or hurt in suicidal bombers at airport and hotels in Afghanistan …Enemy shooting in streets right now…many fatalities…please PRAY

Please pray for Clay Perkins. He’s been battling covid for a week now and back in the ER. They’re having trouble getting his oxygen levels up. Please intercede for him now!

I have been diagnosed with COVID and am in Longview Regional.  Please pray that I will recover.  Thank you so much.  Brenda Browder

Kathy Ford has Covid and has been put on a ventilator…she is the grandmother of a family from the dayschool.

Please pray for Brenda Browder. She was admitted to Longview Regional today.

Please keep praying for Bro Dana Martin with brain surgery recovery, Dr’s took drain out and now fluid is building up in his head and making his right eye droop. He’s extremely sleepy right now.  Praying with you all,  Marshall & Tracy Jones

Pray for Micki Lindsey and her family. Randy passed away today . He had COVID. ~Danna Miller

Continued prayers for Amora she has Covid. She has been sent home. 

Please pray for Lonnie Stanley.  He  has covid.  He had a rough night, running high temperature and arrhythmia. 

Please pray for Monica Kuykendall, she is having a procedure done on her back this morning. 

Please pray for Amora. This young lady is part of our bus ministry.  She is at the hospital running fever. Pray they will find out what is going on.

I have been sick for a week today, was in Hosp 24 hrs and on antibiotics and I am asking please pray for me. Thank you. ~Nell Buchanan

Richard Burks fell this afternoon and was admitted to Good Shepherd with a fractured hip. Please keep him and Lanette in your prayers.

Bro. Dale Perkins is at Regional and has pneumonia. They have him on everything they can put him on. Praying Gods mighty restoration and healing.

Pray for Leroy and Peggy Worsham. Leroy is back in the ER. Serious. Peggy is very weak. Both have Covid.

Pray for Amanda Brady, Thurman McGuire’s niece. She is a college student. She had a wreck and has 2 broken legs, 2 broken arms punctured lungs and ribs. She was transferred to Dallas.

Bro Dana Martin is still very sleepy and in recovery from brain surgery!
Dr said he accomplished what he needed to and got the tumor off the optic nerve! He was not able to get the rest of the tumor removed off the pituitary gland. It will be monitored.

My Sister in law,  Amy Mayfield is battling CoVid and is having a hard time with it.  She called the ambulance yesterday but they wouldn’t take her because there were no beds and she wasn’t critical enough for ICU.  She is a single mother of 3 girls.  Her oldest (freshman) is recovering from CoVid now.  Please pray that she will get some relief soon.  Thank you.  ~Christy Mayfield

Erin Walton, Mary Walton’s grandaughter in law, is having surgery this morning. Pray for her and Jack.

Leroy & Peggy Worsham are at Longview Regional for Covid. Pray for them. Their oxygen level is good.

Please pray for Bro Dana and Jaye Martin (International Mission Board Trustee, SBC Alumni ) as Dana has Major Brain Surgery in Houston, TX this morning beginning at 10 am to remove a very large tumor! Thankful for prayer and asking other prayer warriors to pray!

Please pray for Doug Arthofer as he has Covid. I took him to Northpark last night and he was eligible to get the infusion. Today, I am still negative for covid. Thank you for your prayers.  ~Suzi Arthofer

Please pray for my son in law, daughter and my GRANDS they have Covid. Baby Lane is also sick and running a temperature. Prayers appreciated.  ~Mandy Williamson

Please pray for Ryan C. He has covid, has been on a vent for a few weeks, and now has sepsis. He needs a miracle from God so that he can return home to his wife and two small children.

Mrs. Iva Dee Smith, Peggy Worsham’s mother, went home to be with the Lord this morning. Leroy and Peggy have tested positive for Covid, so no visitors at this time. Funeral services will be in the days ahead. Pray for this sweet family.

Please be in prayer for our son Randy who lives in Houma, LA. He lost his wife after surgery. She had an autoimmune disease, liver failure and other problems.  ~Ronnie & Glynda Jones

Please pray for Pierre Frazier. He has a mass on his leg and has been to a specialist two times. They did a MRI and have referred the family to an oncologist in Ft. Worth. They have not ruled out cancer. Pierre is doing ok and doesn’t have any pain in his leg. Pierre has been a member of our BLAST bus ministry. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for Mrs. Iva Dee Smith, Peggy Worsham’s mother. She has Covid and the doctors don’t believe she will live thru the weekend. Hospice has been called in and she’s going to be at home. Pray for this family.

Please pray for Tucker Long he has tested positive for Covid.

Easton Loyd a graduate of Hallsville who would be starting his second year of college at Sam Houston State University, and would be playing baseball there, has just undergone surgery to remove a cancerous mass. He learned yesterday that he now has a mass in his lung. The oncologist believes this cancer to be aggressive and he is having to come home from college (just moved back in last week) to undergo an aggressive chemo 5 days a week. The doctors are hopeful that they will be able to treat it. Please pray for this young man and his family. I believe he just turned 20 years old.

Please pray for Nolan Smith. He is having surgery this morning for cancer on his vocal cords at Baylor Hospital in Dallas.

Please stop and pray for Howard Hunt. He did not have a blood clot. But the Covid and pneumonia are rough. Margaret is better. Pray for both.

Justin (Gloria Williams grandson) is stable. Prayers answered . Now for the healing. Please continue to pray.

Please pray for Stacy Tucker. Matt and Stacy have been fighting off Covid and this morning Stacy’s o2 levels got too low and she developed a high fever. She has double pneumonia. She is being treated at the ER.

Update on Justin, Gloria’s grandson:
Broken ribs- Broken eye socket, some facial bones and scapula – waiting on an eye surgeon to see what to do about his eye and damage from the break – he did have his seatbelt on but it rolled 3-4 times. I talked to him on FaceTime a little but he can’t hardly talk. Doing an MRI now. Taking him to the ICU afterwards. Please continue to pray.

Bonnie Lovett fell at home last week. A cat scan in ER revealed a fractured sternum. Probably won’t be in church for a while, surely will miss that and you all. Keep Bonnie and Leon in your prayers.

Update on Gracie Lautaret. Gracie had her surgery today and we are once again Praising God for His goodness and mercy. The surgery went very well and she was able to come home this evening. Gracie has been in pain, (sometimes severe) since early June. In July she fell and fractured a vertebrae to make things even worse. The vertebrae was repaired with cement at that time, but her neck surgery was today. God has blessed us through this storm, and immediately after her procedure she was pain free, including a pain in another part of her back that we thought was from the fracture. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear my lovely bride say those three sweet words, “I’m not hurting”. HALLELUJAH !! PRAISE GOD!!  We love you all and thanks for praying!  Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Correy Hemphill’s mom called. His aunt’s vitals are great and they were able to re-inflate her lungs. Thank you so much for the prayers. Please keep them up.

Charlie, T. R. Dawudi’s son is in Morroco, South Africa. His O2 sat. Is 68……needs to be on Vent & there is not one. Has Covid. Very serious. Please pray.

Please pray for my precious cousin Gwen in Beaumont. We are so close because of our faith and more. She is battling Covid and, even more, the awful circumstances it has put her in.

Richard Burks did have a heart attack. He is going to the Cath lab at 1:00 today.

Blessing in disguise a blood clot was discovered in Mr. Howard’s lungs which was the cause of his oxygen. They are treating the blood clot. Pray he will be able to receive an infusion to help with Covid once the blood clot is treated. Please pray for Mrs. Margaret to gain her strength as she tends and checks on him.  Thank you all so much for the continued prayers.

Pray for Steve, Lana, & Butterfly Snider. They are on the side of I 20 near Van, TX with a blowout. They’re fine and AAA is on their way. Just pray.

Carlee Boone, T. R. & Beverly Dawudi’s granddaughter has Covid. She is doing some better. Please pray for her.

T. R.’s son, Charlie in Morocco has Covid and is not doing well. Please pray for him.

Please pray for Larry Whitehurst. He is back at Northpark ER to get some help with his Covid. Please pray for him! 

Pray for Mr. Howard Hunt. He has Covid and is not doing well. Pray for him and his family.

Please be praying for Drew Cooper who tested Positive this afternoon for Covid. They are at Northpark now getting meds and Tina and Jon are being tested. Please pray for Drew’s complete and quick recovery and Jon and Tina to be clear and Stay well

Please pray for Jeff Thomas. He is in the hospital in Ardmore, OK. He has a large kidney stone along with infection. He will have a procedure in the morning.

Please pray for our United States Marines that are rescuing Americans in Afghanistan right now and much more???.

Praise God and all your prayers. Melissa covid symptoms are much better. She has a little difficulty breathing regularly, but this improves every day. Mike (our son) and the couple with them on vacation are all covid negative.
Randy&Connie Huston

Please pray for the town of Jeremie as they were most affected by the earthquake this morning. I was actually speaking to Alex this morning right after it hit. Our area of Jubilee is fine. They only felt a small tremor from it.
I’m sure many Haitians are scared and many homes destroyed in the surrounding area of Jeremie. Please pray for them often. Thank you!

Mary Tucker tested positive for Covid. Pretty intensive case. Please pray for her.

Beulah Warner is in her last days. Please pray for her and for Ed as he takes care of her.

Dendy Merrill’s cousin’s son, Steve who is in Nevada, had a stroke. Please pray for his mom, Carol Jones, and family.

Please keep Betty Mosley’s granddaughter, Kate, in your prayers. She has COVID and had to deliver her 2 pound baby early. Remember them both and their family.

Continue to keep Betty Mosley in your prayers. She is at Parkview on Holly Brook and would love to receive visitors.

Our daughter-in-law, Melissa Huston, of Longview has tested positive for COVID-19.  She and her husband Mike are fully vaccinated. Melissa and Mike are quarantining at home.  Please pray for Melissa’s complete recovery and that Mike doesn’t become infected.  Thank you,  Randy&Connie

Kellie Miller is in the ER right now with stomach issues. Please pray the doctors will find the problem.

My prayer request is that I could get a job at the hospital that I want to work at, where I won’t have to work 100 hrs a week and can spend time with my family.  ~Amber

Please remember Vivian Roland, one of our dear members who lost her Husband, Roger, and Grandson, Christian, within a few months time. She has had a heart attack and her family is requesting the prayer of her church family.
Thank you all…

Ricky Gibson is out of surgery. Dr.said the surgery went well. They will keep him in ICU for the weekend.

Please pray for Ricky Gibson. He is about to go into a major, very difficult surgery. Pray for him, family, and doctors.

Janelle passed away tonight.  She’s gone on to her heavenly home.  Very peaceful passing.

Please continue to pray for Janelle and her family and caretakers.  Miss Janelle is gradually slipping into the heavenly realm. It is bittersweet. We know She’s heading to a better home but it is still hard to watch Her go. Would you please let your church and praying partners know that we are hoping for a peaceful transition for her.

Just got this from Judy Rogers. God is good, thanks for the prayers.  Doctor just came in & everything is good other than a little fluid buildup.  Working on paperwork & sending us home.

Ricky Gibson is in the ER at Good Shepherd now. His “good” arm started having pain in it and they now think he has a blood clot in that one. They started him on blood thinners and will re-evaluate again in the morning. Please pray for him.

Just received this from Judy Rogers. Bill is still battling cancer. They are at LR ER. Your prayers are appreciated.
In the ER with Bill. Ambulance brought him in. Hard time breathing & he was/is coughing. They are getting blood cultures now. He’s had an X-ray & other blood taken. Just waiting. There are no beds available & we are still in the ER but in an room in the ER

Please pray for Paula Reeves. She is at Longview Regional with heart pains tonight.

Please be in prayer for Sylvia McNew, she is one of our friends’ moms, and was diagnosed with cancer today…do not know the treatment at this time. Also, Calvin, another friend, is having chemo for acute myeloid leukemia. Thanks in advance for all your prayers. ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Update on Michael Shelton. Recovering is slowly progressing. Still tires easily. Still sleeping in a rocking chair. Can’t put his feet up for long periods of time without inducing a coughing fit. Still retaining fluid especially in his feet. Please continue to pray for healing & strength. Thanks Karen

Katie Burditt’s uncle is in the hospital with Covid. Doctors can’t get his oxygen level regulated. He’s not doing very well at all and could sure use some prayer.

Betty Mosley’s niece , Kate Jones, has Covid. She has a 4 day old new born. Please pray for this family and this new baby..

Bro Clark Sexton’s oldest daughter , Meredith has Covid and pneumonia. She lives in Virginia.
Please for her healing and fast recovery.

Please keep mom in your prayers. She fell Sunday evening and broke her wrist. She saw the surgeon today and it looks like there will be no surgery. We are praying for a quick and complete healing. ~Sue Olson

Kathy Shirley, Mary Tucker’s friend, had a successful knee surgery. Thank you WHBC for the prayers.

Please pray for my friend Beverly and her husband Ken. They just found out he has a brain tumor that is likely to be a return of cancer. He was treated for non Hodgkin’s lymphoma about 10 years ago. Beverly’s dad died a few months ago and is still grieving that loss. ~Wendy Hanks

Ricky Gibson- prayers answered when they took him back for surgery they did a pre surgery ultrasound and the artery is no longer leaking and the surgery is no longer needed.

A friend of Mary Tucker, Kathy Shirley , is having knee surgery in College Station today. Please be in prayer for her  and her husband, Bob Shirley.

Ricky Gibson just texted to let us know he is going to surgery now to repair his leaking artery. Please be in prayer for Ricky and his caretakers. Thank you

Update on Michelle Stewart:  Doc says all okay inside Michelle’s heart. No blockage. Thanks for praying for her. 🙂

My mother in laws best friend is in ICU on full life support. She had an accidental overdose and went without oxygen. Her name is Kim Herber. They have done an MRI but are awaiting results. Please pray that the Lords will is done and comfort for her family.  ~Krista Foster

My wife Michelle is going in the morning for a heart cath. Please pray that if there is an issue, they find and address it. ~Greg Stewart

 KaCee had her last procedure done last week from her breast cancer diagnosis. She has gone through a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. Doctors now find no evidence of disease. Pray it stays that way. KaCee is going back to work as a teacher next week. Thank you all for praying. Anyone who thinks women aren’t tough ought to go through all these breast cancer patients endure. It’d give you a whole new appreciation for the so-called ‘weaker’ sex.  ~Greg Stewart

Please keep me in your prayers I will be having my left hip fused together and a bone graph done and knee surgery done on my left knee at the same time.  Will be kept of night at Good Shepherd. Thanks church family.. Sincerely Rick Watson…

Please keep Paula Ainsworth in your prayers. She is having surgery at Christus Good Shepherd on Wednesday. May be admitted following surgery.

Please pray for Tammy Whitehurst’s Dad, Larry Thomas. He had back surgery last week and fell today and is currently at Longview Regional Emergency Room.

Please pray for Gloria Sanders. She fell and broke her knee today and is currently about to be discharged.

Melinda Whitehurst has been diagnosed with Covid. She has several chronic lung disorders.  Please pray for healing and she will recover soon.

Please continue to pray for Ricky Gibson. He is still in the hospital in Waco. The site where they did the cath (his arm) has turned black and swollen. They have been watching it for several days. They will decide tomorrow if they do surgery. If they do surgery it is very painful and a long recovery. Please continue pray for him.

Please remember Barry Miller in your prayers. His Nuclear Stress Test showed some abnormalities and he goes into Regional for a heart cath on Tuesday

Update on Michael Shelton. Finally home. Doing okay. Still exhausted & short of breath. Tires easily but strength will come as his lungs heal. Thank you for so much for all the prayers & tests. Keep them flowing please. We have a great church family.  ~Karen Shelton

Brittany developed a little congestion so we went to get her tested just to be safe, unfortunately she has now tested positive for Covid. Please pray that her symptoms stay mild. Please pray that Maddox and Kasyn do not catch it, we will be keeping them away from her during this time.  We are so disappointed. We had finally completed our quarantine time.  I am so sorry that we will miss another Sunday. This is the longest we have been away from our church family and we really hate that.  Thank you for praying!  ~Kason Kuykendall

Mike Shelton has passed his evaluation this morning and is now headed home. Praise the Lord!

They have moved James Compton to ICU at Longview Regional. Please pray for him and Kimberly.

Please pray for Ricky Gibson. He is in Waco and had a heart attack last week. Has since had a heart cath procedure and they are telling him that he is in now in heart failure. He is required to wear a life vest apparatus to help with the heart failure for 90 days.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Leroy Worsham. He is still experiencing Afib along with difficulty breathing. Blood was drawn on Thursday. Monday he gets the results of the blood tests.

James Compton is doing some worse this morning. Please pray for him and Kimberly. He is at Longview Regional.

Very sad news, Pastor Andrew Guerrero has passed away. Jocelyn is taking it very hard. There isn’t an assistant pastor so the plans will be made by Jireh his younger brother and Jocelyn. Please continue to pray for this family.

Please pray for Mrs. Beulah Warner, Ed’s wife. Her blood count is real low. They gave her a transfusion and it hasn’t helped. She goes for more tests on Monday. Pray for them please.

Please pray for James Compton. He has been admitted to Longview Regional.

Please pray for Pastor Andrew Guerrero from the Philippines. He is in ICU with pneumonia and his kidneys have stopped working. We have supported this pastor and church more than 20 years.

Thank you all for the prayers. One of my prayer requests came back with great news. Please continue to pray for me on another situation that will take a fairly long time.  Thank you again. I miss my loving church family.~Deanne Gibson

Keep James and Kimberly Compton and kiddos in your prayers. They all have been diagnosed with COVID and are having severe symptoms.

Beverly Nugent and Ronda Rancour have not been tested but are having COVID symptoms. Prayers needed.

Update on Michael Shelton…….Still in LRMC. We think he has turned a corner this morning on the positive side. Diuretics are pulling the fluid off his extremities. Still in isolation for the RSV. The staff is discouraging visitors but all texts FB messages and messenger messages are welcomed. Phone calls are difficult at the moment because he can’t hold a conversation due to coughing and shortness of breath. But they are beginning to wean the oxygen down. Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement.  ~Karen Shelton

I’m asking my loving church to please pray for my daughter, Meredith, who lives in Virginia. She tested positive for Covid 19. She is by herself now as her husband passed away last year. Thank you for lifting her up in prayer. Jeremiah 33:3 ~Bro. Clark Sexton

Please continue to pray for Pat Westbrook and her daughter while they are combating the Virus. Add her granddaughter and her new baby who may both have the virus. The baby has a fever and they are concerned that it might be Covid.

Update on Michael Shelton. He has RSV pneumonia (yes the typical infants illness) Luckily he is already being treated with antibiotics and respiratory treatments. It might make his hospital course a little longer. He has had 3 COVID tests and a bunch of other tests all negative.

Please add Michael Shelton to the prayer list. He is in Longview Regional with pneumonia. Admitted Friday night/early Saturday morning. 

Gordon is pulling a larger trailer across numerous northern states for at least 2 more weeks. Right now he is on the side of the road with his SECOND blowout today which will leave him with no remaining spare tire. Please ask God to reinforce those tires and to keep him safe and refreshed. Thank you dear prayer warriors! –Brenda Bevis

Please continue to pray for Mary Walz that the blood clots in both legs will quickly dissolve. She is in a lot of pain. Thank you for praying. – Bro. Clark Sexton

Please keep Barbara McDaniel in your prayers. She has contracted COVID.

Please be in prayer for Pat Westbrook. She has tested positive for Covid. Thankfully it seems to be a mild case.  Also, our son, who had taken the J&J vaccine has tested positive and has had a fever and has felt like he had the flue. His wife has also tested positive and has lost her sense of taste and smell. Thanks for your prayers. Pray that they don’t spread it to other family members or friends.

Please pray for Mary Walz. A friend in a Dallas hospital. She is 78 and has blood clots in both legs. Cannot be given blood thinners due to a brain injury. Thank you for praying! ~Bro. Clark Sexton

Please be in prayer for my brother, Chuck Tucker. He was admitted yesterday to LRMC with a heart attack….heart cath was done today and had 3 stents placed…Chuck had quadruple bypass in 2008. Thanks in advance for your prayers for Chuck and family. ~Steve, Lana and Emily Snider

Update on Melody Fitzgerald Foster’s mom… She did have a stroke and will be in the hospital another night. Her carotid artery is 50% blocked and they will be doing a heart echocardiogram to rule out heart issues that caused the stroke. She is stronger today and still has her smile.

Please pray for the Bobbie Bulloch family. She passed away June 30.

Please continue to pray for Teresa Fears. She had another seizure in the wee hours,
so it was another night at Regional ER. Please also pray that I will be able to stay awake
and work productively through the day and in the evening tonight. ~John Zenter

Please pray for Melody Fitzgerald Foster’s mom. Ambulance is taking her to the hospital…looks like a stroke..she can communicate but can’t walk.

Please pray for Mason. He has now caught covid as well.  ~Kason Kuykendall

Please pray for Larry Whitehurst and family. His mother passed away early Sunday morning.

Church Family, please keep me in your prayers. I have tested positive for Covid-19. Please pray that my symptoms remain mild and that Brittany, Mason, Maddox and Kasyn stay well.  We will sure miss seeing you all in the morning! ~Bro. Kase

Our precious granddaughter Ellie Grace has arrived?She’s so beautiful! So alert with beautiful big eyes too?she weighs 6 lbs 4 oz 19 inches long born at 10:08! Big sister Paislee Jo so excited & in love!! God bless your prayers that are much appreciated!!  ~Tracy and Marshall Jones & Family

Gloria Williams is home.  She is a little nauseated but no pain so far (the deadening meds will only last 6-8 hours).  So hopefully she will be able to get in front of any pain she may have with meds.  Gloria will remain completely off the foot for 5 days.  Continue to keep her in your prayers.

Please pray for our daughter, Michelle, as she is checked into Longview hospital to deliver a precious baby girl, Ellie Grace  ~Tracy Jones

Gloria Williams is out of surgery and in recovery. All went well.

Please pray for Amber Showler and family. Her grandfather passed away yesterday. 

Please pray for Gloria Williams. She is having surgery today! Thank you!

Please pray for Ester Martinez and family. Her Grandma passed away last week. Thank you so much!

I am having foot reconstruction surgery tomorrow morning , July 15 in Tyler. Please keep me and the doctors in your prayers. Thank you mighty prayer warriors of WHBC. Love Y’all, Gloria Williams

Please pray for Shirley Stauss. She has been admitted to Christus Good Shepherd.

Pray for Leroy Worsham. His heart is presently back in A-Fib. He goes back to the cardiologist in two weeks. Thank you.

Please pray for Paula Reaves she is having issues with heart.

Please continue to pray for Ronda Rancour, her test results showed the cancer has spread, and the doctor wants to do a biopsy to determine treatment.

Please pray for me. I have 2 things going on that I badly need our prayer warriors for. I love my church family and can always count on them.
Thank you so much! ~ Deanne Gibson

Shirley Stauss is home from the hospital and doing much better. Please continue to pray for her.

Please pray for Alan Walcott. He has been diagnosed with cancer in both intestines. Surgery next week.  ~Keith and Paula Parker

A child named Athena is desperately needing prayers for healing she is having some mysterious medical symptoms after a organ implant.  ~Brandi Fudge

Pray for Shirley Stauss. She fell this morning, she didn’t break anything but they are keeping her in the hospital overnight for Observation because she bumped her head.She has been Suffering with migra ines for the last four or five weeks. They gave her Meds for the migraines nothing has worked and it caused her to have vertigo and dizziness.

Please pray for Terry Stone, he’s having a medical procedure done today.

Please pray for Wolfman Snider. He’s having a MRI done on Friday.

About 125 students kidnapped from a Baptist church school in northern Nigeria are especially in danger because of their Christianity and the unwillingness of local authorities to pay a ransom. 

Pray for Katie Walton, Mary Walton’s great granddaughter. She’s having surgery . Broke her arm tubing. Her other Arm is in a cast she broke it earlier

Update on Gracie Lautaret; after transferring her to Trinity Mother Francis hospital Saturday night, the surgeon performed the procedure on her fractured vertebrae Monday. I was able to bring her home yesterday. She’s still pretty uncomfortable, but definitely better than before. Thank you all for your prayers and asking that you’ll continue to lift her up for healing. We love you all,  Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Pray today for our missionary in Alaska, Dwayne King. They have 8 airplanes flying to the Artic Circle today. Pray for safety and souls to be saved.

Please pray for Dr. Larry and Debbie Frase’s daughter, Lauren.

Please pray for Teresa. She had two seizures yesterday – one about 10:00 pm, and a second
while she was in the Regional ER. Pray that she will be seizure free until we have seen her doctor and have a plan moving forward. Thank you for being faithful intercessors and standing in the gap!
~John Zenter

Please pray for Jennifer Spruiell. She will have surgery this morning at 10:00 to remove a kidney stone that has caused pain and an infection. Pray for a speedy recovery.

Gracie Lautaret is scheduled for surgery this morning at 10:30 AM in Tyler at Mother Francis. Please pray for her and Buddy.

Please be in prayer for Dorothy Jackson. She will be having Angioplasty on Wednesday.  ~Linda Meek

I will be having ankle replacement surgery on July 6. ~Donna Stephens

Pray that my husband could get a job with the field that he went to school for. To thank God for everything that he has provided us with. ~Erica

Gracie Lautaret is being transferred to Christus Mother Francis in Tyler tonight. She has a fracture that has bone splinters hitting her spinal cord. She will have surgery on Monday or Tuesday. They will be controlling the pain until then.

Please pray for Gracie Lautaret. She is in a lot of pain. She’s at the ER now with a possible fracture in her spine. Waiting on decisions now. Pray for her and Buddy.

Robyn Worthen in Utah has asked that our church pray for her best friend’s husband. He has had Covid. He has Lupus and is now Septic  Please pray for a miracle for this family.

Please continue to pray for Gracie Lautaret. She had a back injection yesterday. Her back is some better today. Still have trouble getting up and down but BETTER. She fell Sunday and her arm still aches from my shoulder to her fingers.

Funeral Services for Dr. Jay Petty will be Friday, 3:00 PM at Rosewood Mausoleum. This is Dr. Gene and Shirley’s son.

Please pray for Thurman McGuire. He will have another surgery on Friday at Longview Regional. He has already had several. Pray for healing.

Please pray for my nephew, Derrick 33, who works in a power plant in Texas. There was an explosion and it affected his lung. Please pray that the Workman’s Comp. Insurance will approve the Lung Wash Treatment recommended by the company’s doctor. In the Name of Jesus. Thank you Lord. ~Esther

I just heard from Dr. Frase. I do not have a tumor or any sign of cancer of the brain. Praise God for his infinite mercy and for my wonderful prayer warriors. Love you dearly‼  ~Carolyn Northcutt

Prayers answered. Sissy went to the doctor today and he put a boot on her foot. She can now walk. Her arm is healing well. She is able to finally return to her home. Continue to pray she will continue to heal.

Please pray for our students at camp tonight. Specifically for our lost students tonight’s theme is very evangelical. Pray God would draw them to Him. Thank you so much in joining us in prayer! Our evening service begins soon.

Unfortunately, I have another major prayer request. I should have sent this out Friday, but I hesitated and now need your prayers more than ever.
Recently, I have been having excruciating headaches and they originate behind my left eye. This is the eye that had a detached retina in Jan., 2020, and also had a ruptured vessel in it shortly after my bilateral mastectomy. Unfortunately, my mother and her father (my maternal grandfather) both died as the result of brain tumors. My grandfather was 38 and my mother 75. So Dr. Frase has scheduled a CT scan for Tuesday at noon followed by a visit with my retina specialist Dr. Bains Wed., at 2:30.
One source of comfort is I had a MRI 5 years ago and no tumor was detected. They thought my mother’s tumor originated when she was 55. So that was good news.
Anyway, please pray this is nothing serious. This not only affects me, but all my siblings, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc.
I am not fearful because I know God has a plan for my life. Thank you all for supporting me during my recent cancer ordeal.  Love you all dearly,  Carolyn Northcutt

Spoke with Shirley and Gene Petty. Wisdom and comfort as they plan their son’s funeral. Relief from shingles and surgery over broken elbow for Shirley and comfort and wisdom for daughter-in-law Si as she prepares to go back to her home in the Philippines.

I had another MRI done Thursday & it showed another ruptured disc. I’m not a candidate for more back surgery so pray I’ll find a good pain management doctor in Grapevine. Thanks for your prayers. Carolyn Barnette

Richard Burks wants to thank everyone for their prayers. He found out he doesn;t have cancer in the bones.Continue to pray for Richard and Lanette as she cares for him.

Please pray for Evelyn Johnson, she has shingles, this is her second week of them. Thank you!

Please pray for the health of my dear friend Gov. Phil Scott.  ~Christopher Morse

Please Pray .Phebe Reel’s husband, fell this morning. He was transported to the ER by ambulance. Nothing seems to be broken after they did a CT scan. He is in a lot of pain.He is expected to be released from the hospital today.  Please pray for him and Phebe.

My mom, Iva Dee Smith, and daughter, Darla, were in an auto accident on Wednesday morning.  Both are fine except for mother having two cracked ribs and Darla injuring her knee.  Darla’s car was totaled (which is another need for prayer)  I thank you, in advance, for your prayers for the two of them.  Peggy Worsham

Please pray for Damian. He is 3 yrs old and they have found that he has leukemia. He played baby Jesus during the awesome play that the church did right after he was born. This family is going to need massive amounts of prayers and strength. Thanks  ~Deanne Gibson

Leanna’s (day school worker) son Damian is at Dallas Children with pneumonia and other health issues they are looking into!! Pray for peace…rest…and answers!!!

Please pray for Mike & Jana Campbell.  Jana’s sweet daddy, Bill Young,  went to Heaven a few hours ago.  Bill loved Jesus!  And continue to pray for Mike who is recovering from back surgery.   –Brenda Bevis 

My husband Jay Donnell is having carpel tunnel surgery this afternoon at 4:30. Prayers for a smooth non complicated procedure, and recovery.

Pray for my granddaughter, Drew Worley. She has a rare condition where an artery is pressing against some nerves. She is going to the doctor today to see what can be done and she is nervous. She lives in Colorado so no family there.  Thanks for praying!  ~Carolyn Barnette

Jeanette Woods ask you pray for her husband Delmer. He is having a major hernia surgery this Friday Jun 25. There are some complications to be solved. Pray the doctors will be able to fix this problem.

Please be in prayer for Jana Campbell and her family. Her daddy, Bill Young, is not doing well. Please remember this family in this very difficult time.  Thank you Church

Please pray for Mrs. Betty Hudman. She fell today and may have fractured her skull.

Please continue to pray for Gracie Lautaret, that she will get some answers soon and relief from the pain. She has been having severe pain in her left shoulder and arm for nearly three weeks. (been to ER and heart problems ruled out) She has an MRI on Saturday, the 19th, and follow up appointments next week. Thank you for praying and we love you all.  ~Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Rhonda Rancour just got taken to ER at Good Shepherd. She is still battling Lung Cancer and was struggling breathing.

Please pray for Donnie Freeman. She’s at hospital since last night. Running tests. Not sure what the problem is. Pray for her and Vernon.

Pray for Gracie Lauteret. please. She’s at Longview Regional ER since about 6:30 AM. She’s having severe pain in her left shoulder and arm. They’re trying to figure out what is going on

Pray for Danna Miller and family. Her older brother, David Tillman, passed away yesterday.

Please pray for Al McNeal as he is dealing with blood clots in his left calf and foot. We are at Longview Regional waiting for blood test results.

Please pray for Tami Easley. She is having esophagus problems and needs your prayers

Our daughter-in-law,Becky Huston, is in need of prayers. She has an appointment tomorrow with an oncologist. Thank you all.  Randy&Connie

I went to my surgeon yesterday in Longview expecting to be released & to see why my back hurt so much 8 weeks post surgery. I was devastated to learn a bone has broken in my back. He said it could have been from a sneeze, cough or turning over in bed. So… I have to come back in 6 weeks to have a MRI done to see if it’s healed on it’s own. Sometimes they do & if not another surgery.
Carolyn Barnette

Shirley Petty just got out of surgery for her broken elbow and all went well. She should go home later this evening. Please pray for Shirley and Dr. Petty.

Please pray for Cindy Wells and for Bobby. He took Cindy to Northpark ER yesterday about 6pm. She had a fever and felt sick. She was still at Northpark and they were going to transfer her to Christus and put her on a stronger antibiotic to try and kill the infection.

Ms. Joy Savage is at home and wants to thank everyone for the prayers and love during her stay in the hospital.

Please pray for Jerry and Lori Froidyl. Jerry’s mother passed away today. They will be traveling to St. Louis to be with family. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Please pray for Dean Rogers. He is in Longview Regional. They are running tests. Pray for him and Peggy.

I have a friend that has a co-worker. Her co-worker’s husband is most likely going to be put on life support for Covid. The wife can not smell and 7 out of 8 of their children ages 2-18 have tested positive for Covid. Their last name is Bayless and they live in Whitehouse.  Thank you ~Deanne Gibson

Please pray for Shirley Petty. She fell and broke her elbow. Bad break Surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday. Please pray for her and Dr. Petty.

Please pray for Betty Mosley. They took her to Regional with chest pain. May be anxiety, but being cautious.  Thank you!

Prayers for Joyce Timmons and husband Leo they are members of mason creek. She has stage four body and brain cancer undergoing chemo and radiation. She asked for prayers from her church.  ~Linda Strange

Nooah Howard,age 7, young girl has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain cancer and is needing all the prayers she can get. Parents know God and have faith that GOD will work miracles. ~Donnie and Vernon

I am having severe respiratory problems this week and need your prayers for better breathing and recovery. I love you all and love my church.   ~Brenda Browder

Keep Beverly Gross in your prayer.  She is having a kidney removed tomorrow.

Please pray that God will lead me to the next work place He has for me.~John Zenter

Ms. Jean Taylor is still at Good Shepherd after hip replacement surgery, but doing well and in therapy three times per day. She is scheduled to go home Monday.   Continue to pray for her recovery, gained strength and mobility.

This is a PRAISE! I have spent the last 5 days in the hospital while doctors were trying to dissolve blood clots in both legs & feet. Praise God, this morning I was able to lift my legs more than 2 inches! This is a real miracle as the doctors had not much hope because they have been there 7 weeks! Thanks to all who prayed, sent cards, called & text. Please continue to pray. My back is not doing well! I love my church family!  ~Carolyn Barnette

Dale Litrell’s mom fell yesterday and broke 3 bones in her ankle.  Surgery will be needed. Waiting.

Tommy Hopkins mom, Retta Burton, passed away last night.  She was 95.  Please keep the family in your prayers.

Please pray for Paula Reeves. She is at UT Tyler. She fell. They did a catscan and discovered an aneurism in groin where they did a heart cath. Waiting on decisions.

Please pray for Carolyn Northcutt.  She is fighting off an infection and does not feel well.

Please pray for Joy Savage. She is undergoing therapy at Summer Meadows trying to regain her strength so that she can return home.
Amber Showler went home from the hospital on Sunday and is now recovering.

Asking prayer for Vickie, our daughter in laws mother, scheduled for heart surgery Tuesday morning. And for Glynn, Vickie’s husband, with a broken ankle. Thank you in advance!  Nancie & Bill Darby

Please pray for a friend, Mrs. Annette Paulk, she fell this morning while going to graduation for her grandson and broke her left arm at the shoulder and had a gash over her left eye. Surgery on her arm will be today or tomorrow. Thanks in advance for your prayers for her, the doctors and those that will see to her care.  ~Steve, Lana and Emily Snider

They are finished. Leroy just had calcium build up, only 40 percent blockage so did not have to do a Stent. He gets to go home in awhile. God is so good.

I now have blood clots in both legs. I am in Baylor Scott & White hospital in Grapevine. Doctors are deciding what to do. Thanks for praying.  ~Carolyn Barnette

Please pray for our friend and sister in Christ, Sherry Herndon. She was recovering from recent breast cancer surgery and just found out that the cancer has spread to her lung and now she has stage 4 lung cancer.  Thank you all,  Guy and Martha Fuller

Please add dad (Robert McNail) to the prayer list. He has a crack in the cap covering the hip bone. No surgery planned. He’s in Good Shepherd waiting to be transferred to the physical therapy side her at the hospital. Looking at a long recovery. Thank you for your prayers. Vicki

Please pray for Bob McNail. He fell and may have cracked his hip. Don’t know if, where, or when they may do surgery.

Amber Showler completed her surgery and all went well, but they are having to go back in for a separate surgery now. Please continue to pray.

Jean Taylor is out of surgery and all went well. Thank you for remembering her in prayer. Join in praying for an easy and quick recovery now.

Please pray for Amber Shower. She has been admitted to Longview Regional with Gallbladder problems.

Sally Azbell’s mother, Mrs Huffman, passed away last night.  Please be in prayer for Sally, Kerry Don and their family during this time of loss.  Thank you!

Prayers for my niece Jess, her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow if the COVID test is negative.  This surgery is to remove a lobe of the liver, then another round of chemo. Thank you church family.  ~Karen Pettit

Please pray for Erin Walton. She is at Mother Francis Hospital in Tyler. She is having some heart issues and will be admitted. Please pray for Erin, Jack and family.

Keep Jean Taylor in your prayers.  She is having hip replacement surgery on Friday at Christus Good Shepherd.

Cindy Wells is out of surgery. Everything went well. Still in lots of pain.

Pray for Leroy Worsham.  He is having surgery on Monday to have stents placed in his neck.

Joy Savage has been in the hospital since Thursday night with pneumonia. She is in Longview Regional Room 285.

Pray for my friend Dennis Jennings, he fell out of an attic to concrete floor, he is in ICU at Mother Francis hospital, has had 2 surgeries to repair brain bleeds, also has a skull fracture, he is stable, sleeping a lot, I was able to talk to him Sunday for a while, they are also concerned about mobility of arms and legs, able to move them some for a short time. Curtis Allen

Please be in prayer for Cindy Wells. She has had some severe abdominal pains and is at the Northpark ER and will probably will be admitted until they can clear up the problem.
Pray for Bobby, Cindy and the Physicians, nurses and technicians that they will be able to work out the problems quickly.

Please be in prayer for the family of Nick Peck. He passed away this morning from pancreatic cancer. Thanks for all your prayers previously and now. ~Steve, Lana and Emily Snider

Update on George Stone:  Praise the Lord. Heart cath showed a blockage of 95 % and 90 %. Stints in and will be coming home soon. Humbled by your prayers for us. Thankful foe a mighty healing God who orchestrated every detail.  Thx  Michelle

Please be in prayer for George Stone and his caretakers, he has been having chest pains and is going to have a heart cath in the morning at 11. He also knows he has a heart valve with problems and will eventually need a valve replacement. Thank you

We are praising God today. Mel’s surgery went well. They were able to get all the tumor from her ovary intact. They do not think it was malignant; however they are going to send it off to verify.  Thank you for praying.  Blessings, Karen Wilson

Please pray for my cousin Roman Salinas. He is having open heart surgery today. Thank you all. ~Christy Mayfield

Melanie Ceal is having surgery in Dallas tomorrow at noon to remove a tumor from her ovary. Please pray the doctor can get it all. Give Mel peace and a strong sense of God’s presence. Blessings, Karen Wilson

Please keep Kennie and Liz Graham in your prayers.  Liz has shingles on the right side of her forehead; praying it doesn’t get into her eye.  Kennie is having outpatient sinus surgery on Friday, May 14.

Please pray for Bill Hatfield. He had a fall. We’re at the hospital getting him checked out now. 8:51pm 5/10.

Please be in prayer for our longtime friend, Jean McKinley and family…Bro Buddy McKinley went to be with the Lord early Sunday morning. Thanks in advance for all your prayers. ~Steve, Lana and Emily Snider

Cathy Gist Father’s UPDATE: Your prayers are greatly appreciated. We talked to Harley yesterday, and he seemed confused. Again, he is 82, and has basically been confined to his room in long-term care for over a year (Chattanooga, TN). He was in need of fluids and was given an IV and it seemed to help. He knows the Lord, so we praise God for that. And, he is unashamed of the Gospel, and speaks “Truth” every chance he gets—to nurses—social workers—techs…etc.  Please continue to pray for: Protection/Provision/Peace and that God’s hand remains on him. Thank you,  Greg & Cathy Gist

Please continue to pray for Vivian Roland and family with the loss of her grandson Christian.

Please pray for our mother. She spend early Sunday morning in the ER for very high blood pressure. I had to take her back about 10 am. She has been admitted as the blood pressure will not stay in normal range. Thank you again church family.  Barry Cates

My mother, Jean Lawson, is with the Lord as of 2:30 this morning. Appreciate prayers for the family as we honor her.  ~Cathey Hare

We are in need of prayers for Cathy’s Father (Harley Elmore- 82 years old) also pray for Mother Linda, and Brother Marc. Harley may be in Kidney Failure—We will know tomorrow. They ran a BMP test  (basic metabolic panel) and it came back bad. They will retest in the morning and if still high will put him on dialysis or palliative care. Thank you, Greg & Cathy Gist

My in-laws are in need of prayer. Charlie and Jan Vanmeter are dealing with serious medical issues and are waiting on answers. Thank you for your prayers. ~Mike Campbell

Please pray for Cody Sanders. He just left ER. He has kidney stones that still need to pass.

Please pray for Charlie Hunt. Ashley took him to the doctor yesterday and he has a respiratory infection. His cough has gotten worse and caused his asthma to flair. She’ll be trying to get him back into the doctor tomorrow. But pray that he gets good rest tonight. He is on a steroid and of course it gives him super strength.

Mrs. Jeannette Ashley just passed away at her home with family around her. Will share Details as they become available. Please continue to pray for this week family.

I’ve had a little setback.  Spent all day today at doctors offices & ER.  I have a blood clot in my foot!  They prescribed a blood thinner.  My twin sister died from this very thing  Of course I’m a little apprehensive about this.  Thank so much. I appreciate you all so much.  Carolyn Barnette

Please pray for Jason Roberts wife and family. Jason was a young christian man and coworker, brother of mine at Darr Equipment. He went to be with our Lord in Heaven yesterday after battling cancer for over 2 years. Thanks Church family!  ~Rick Watson

Good news cancer has decreased from 8 ml to 3 . She goes back in 3 months for another scan . All from prayers!

Betty Wilson has been moved to The Hill, which is the old Clairmont. She’s in skilled nursing. Going thru rehab. Continue to pray for her.

Shelia Conner went to Oncologist today. She will have an echocardiogram and then begin 12 weeks of chemo beginning May 24, once each week. Then more decisions after the chemo is over. Continue to pray for her and Marlin.

Just left doctor. We received a good report for Ariella. No wheezing and looks like she’s clearing up and heading in the right direction.  Please continue to pray for complete healing. Thank you all so much for the prayers!  ~Rosio Newton

Please remember in prayer my mother Jean. She is on hospice and slowly declining. She knows the Lord and is ready to meet Him soon. She’s been a faithful wife and mother. Thank you, Cathey Hare

Please pray for the sweet Townsend boys. Harrison has a double ear infection. Joshua has strep, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia. Prayers for complete healing.

Update on Hattie. Her CAT scan came back normal. No skull fracture or internal bleeding. They have recommended her to a concussion clinic. She’s just going to have a heavy headache for a while. Thanks for praying.
Please pray for our granddaughter Hattie. She is in the ER at medical city children’s in Dallas. She tripped today during PE and hit her head and has a concussion. They are doing a CAT scan now. She has a migraine level pain dizziness and nausea.  ~Bro. Charles

Please pray for Jeanette Ashley. She has come home, but is on hospice.

Please pray for our little lion, Ariella. The last couple of months we have been battling respiratory problems. This week she was diagnosed with bronchitis. We went for follow up this morning. There has been an improvement with Ariella but she is still wheezing. We will be doing another follow up on Monday. Prayers would be greatly appreciated over the weekend.  Pray she continues to improve. Thank you church family, Rosio Newton

The surgery for Carolyn Northcutt is complete and she is doing well. Mike will see her in about an hour. Thank you for your prayers. They should be released to come home tomorrow afternoon.

Please be in prayer for Phyllis Dozier’s son, Martin. He has been transferred to ICU after being diagnosed with pneumonia and his blood sugar level has dropped dangerously low. Phyllis left at 2:30 to be with him. She should be there around 8:00 or so, please for traveling mercies for her. Thank you faithful prayer warriors. Gracie Lautaret

Update: I traveled to Oklahoma awhile back to visit my son, Chris ..He had problems with his colon, small intestine, and digestive tract..Sadly, he had Emergency surgery before I could get there..but Praise be to God… When I arrived, God had already stepped in..Today, he’s doing great, no side effects from the surgery, a thumbs up from his doctors, and has returned to college.. To my WHBC Family thank you for praying ❤ Melissa Clayton
( 2s WHBC Preschool Ministry Teacher)

Got good news from Jess today, no more chemo until after her surgery, she waits 3 weeks from her last chemo then surgery . Answered prayer. Thank u church family.

Rhonda Rancour is having a pet scan today, praying the spot on her lung is healed. Prayers please.

My niece Jess Ogden has one more chemo treatment, then they will be testing for surgery on her liver. Prayers please for Jess.  ~Karen Pettit

Reyne McCarrel has been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for her and family.

Update: Dean Rogers is now at Highland Pines for continued antibiotic therapy. Saw Doctor this week and he will be staying till at least the end of May. CT showed no new areas of infection. Thank you for all the prayers!

Donny Wilson had heart problems during the night. They put in two stints this morning. He’s in Regional but will go home tonight. Pray for him and Karen.

Please pray for my son in law, Zach Shultz, Crystal and family. His mom took her first heavenly breath around midnight. My grandkids  are taking the news pretty hard, one of her son’s had been in denial, as well as her husband. We prayed for healing for this precious woman…and God has healed her, just not the way we had hoped. Thank you!  Melody Foster

Please be in prayer for Colleen Campbell…she had a spot removed from her back and it is squamous cell carcinoma…will be going to the doctor to find out treatment options. Thanks in advance for your prayers. Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please pray for Tabitha Lairs father. He has been intubated and is experiencing heart failure. He is being moved to ICU.

I received this from Cathy Ritchey regarding her dad, Marion Williams…
Not good right now. My Dad has large blood clots in his lungs and they are pushing against his heart. So, he will be going to ICU when they get a room. They are going to keep him here in the ER and get him started on blood thinners. Also, they will have a surgery consult in the morning for his hemorrhoids to keep them from bleeding. Please pray for him and Cathy as they wait .
Thank you so .much!

We received a call that James sister, Norma, passed away early this a.m. She lived in South Carolina & although she had health issues, her passing was sudden & unexpected. Thanks so much
Kay Kidd

Please pray for Carolyn Barnett. She is at Good Shepherd. Was hoping to get moved today, but her blood pressure was up and dehydration. Please pray

Please pray for Betty Wilson. She is at Longview regional, room 256. Hospice has been called in.

Please pray for Richard Burks. He is at Everest hospital in Longview. He is not doing well. Please pray for him and Lynnette.

Shelia Conner got her results back. The cancer has not spread. No more surgery will be required. She will take chemo. This is a great praise.

Please pray for Tripp Foster. He woke up with blood coming from his ear. They are doing surgery Friday at 7:30am to remove the tubes, the believe it is an infection due to his tubes being in too long. Please pray for Krista and JW and the boys.

Funeral arrangements for Jane Britain, Mary Walton sister, is at Rader funeral home. Visitation is Friday, April 30. Funeral is Saturday, May 1, 10 AM. Everything is at Rader funeral home.

Update on Sheila Conner. She is out of surgery and doing well. Test results will be back next Tuesday. Pray for Sheila and Marlin.

Jeanette Ashley did not get a great report today. The cancer is in her liver. They will be running more tests tomorrow in Shreveport. Please pray!

Jane Britain, Mary Waltons sister passed away last night.

Please pray for Kellie Grace. She tragically lost her daughter in a car accident this morning.  ~Cara Hume

Jane Britain, Mary Walton’s sister, is at Pine Tree Lodge and has been placed on hospice.

George Strain has come home from the hospital. He is on hospice. He has decided to not take anymore cancer treatments.

Pray for my brother, David Tillman. He is suffering with Idiopathic Pulmonary Disease and us on 100% oxygen and confined to bed.   ~Danna Miller

Kamryn Jones, Marshall and Tracy Jones’ daughter in love is having emergency surgery please pray it’s appendicitis

Surgery for Carolyn Northcutt is scheduled Thursday, April 29, at 12:30, at Baylor Uptown.

Pray for Billie Madden. She is in Good Shepherd.

Pray for Paula Reeves. She’s having a heart cath this morning.

Shelia Conner will have a lumpectomy on Wednesday, April 21 at Good Shepherd Ambulatory Center.

Pray Rose Hart. She broke her ankle yesterday. Pray for her and John.

Sheila Conner’s appointment today confirmed that it is cancer and is a very aggressive type. She will have a surgery, then a family genetic study, and possibly more surgery. Please pray for Sheila and Marlin.

Please continue to pray for Betty Gilley.  She is undergoing more testing today.

Marty Mayfield’s uncle Neal Montgomery of Gilmer passed away yesterday about 1:00. He was the 6th sibling to pass away of 11 total. He was a believer. Thank you for those that have prayed for him.

Please Pray for U.S. Representative for Houston Dan Crenshaw., He has a retinal detachment on his left eye. Pray it to be healed properly. He lost his right eye in 2012 to a bomb in Afghanistan, as he served our country. He is a humble Christian man.  ~Harry Evans

Sissi Ingram-Please continue to pray for her healing and recovery. She has been moved to Summer Meadows for rehab. She is quarantined for 14 days.

Thank you for the prayers. Mom came home from hospital rehab on Friday.
Barry Cates

Continued prayers for Chris. Ms. Melissa Clayton will be traveling to Oklahoma.  Chris has been readmitted and in need of surgery.  Please pray for safe travels for Ms. Melissa and healing for Chris. Prayer over the doctors trying to figure out what is going on. 

Please pray for Leroy and Jeanette Booker, this is Ronny Bookers parents. She has been diagnosed with cancer and he is currently undergoing testing. They sure appreciate all the prayers they can get.

Please be in prayer for forever friend Rose Elia, she is in Tyler hospital with a hernia and bowel obstruction. Also, Judy Sprey in Longview hospital with pneumonia and fluid pressing on her heart. Thanks in advance for your prayers.
Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please keep my husband John Fenton in your prayers. He has been in and out of the hospital for a month and has now had a stroke. He can’t communicate with us and he has trouble walking. Please Please keep him in your prayers, as he has a long way to go.  ~Nancy Fenton

Back surgery done & I will be moved to rehab right here at good Shepherd in a day or two.  I really need prayers for God’s Grace to carry me.  Thanks so much.  Carolyn Barnette

Please keep our co-worker Whitney Ziemba’s family in your prayers as she passed away to glory today.  ~Ciara Clayton

My brother is in Nacogdoches awaiting surgery. He has a clogged bile duct and they are going to have to go in and clean it out. He is in a lot of pain. Please pray for a smooth surgery and easy recovery! ~Krista Foster

Thank you to everyone for the prayers for Johnny. His surgery went well and he is at home recovering. You all are a blessing to us.

Pray for Sheila Conner. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has an appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday.

Please continue to pray for Carolyn Barnette. She will be having surgery tomorrow at Good Shepherd for a herniated disc.

Please lift up Marty Mayfield’s Uncle Neal Montgomery of Gilmer.  He has been battling liver cancer for the past year without treatment.  Hospice has been called in for him.

One of Michelle’s cousins, who lives in Alabama, had a seventeen year old granddaughter murdered yesterday. The family is understandably beyond devastated. Please lift up this poor family. Thanks, Greg Stewart

I fell on Sunday night &  lay in floor until 7:30 am.  Cold, no phone so couldn’t call anyone.   On March 24 this hit suddenly.  I’ve been using a walker since then.  Still running tests.  Thanks for the prayers.  At Good Shepherd.  ~Carolyn Barnette

Please pray for Richard Burks. He’s having some heart problems and he’s having a stress test now. Pray for Richard and Lynette.

Please pray for Johnny Horton. He will be having surgery this morning around 9.

Please pray for my wife Diane. She has a small melanoma on her arm that will be removed this Wednesday, April 7, at 9 am. Pray that it hasn’t spread. ~Norman Crisp

Chris is at hospital in Durant Oklahoma. He has inflamed bowels, colon , and small intestines. Ms. Melissa is unable to go at the time due to Covid restrictions. Please pray for Ms. Melissa and her family.

I am going to have 4 shots in my back on Wednesday to try to kill nerves that are causing significant pain resulting from Shingles over a year ago. Please pray for beneficial results. Thank you precious Church family. Brenda Browder

Sissy Ingram had surgery today at St. Francis in Tyler. She has a broken arm in 3 places, a broken ankle, a crushed heal, 2 broken ribs, and a punctured lung. Please continue to pray.

Please continue to pray for Dean & Peggy Rogers. Dean is in Good Shepherd. Update on Dean…replaced drain tube yesterday and cleared out pocket of infection again. Also found new area of infection around his stomach. Added 2nd drain tube and took biopsy. Hope to find out biopsy results today. Thank you for your prayers!!

Sissi Ingram was in a car accident in Marshall. They transported her to Christus Mother Frances in Tyler. She had back issues and they may do some surgery today. Waiting on the results of the test. please pray for her.

Please pray for Bill and Lisa Ciaravino from Hamburg New York, they both have gone to the ER with Covid 19.  ~Curtis Allen

Memorial services for Brenda Lois Reid, 76, of Longview will be 2 pm Wednesday, March 31st, 2021, in the chapel of The Cammack Family Welch Funeral Home, located at 4619 Judson Road, Longview, Texas 75605 with Kason Kuykendall officiating and vocalist, Aaron Perkins. The service will be live streamed on the Welch Funeral Home Facebook Livestream page

Please pray for Dave Littrell, faithful member at Mason Creek. He is being admitted to the hospital.

Pray for Mrs. Betty Wilson. She fell again in the Nursing Home and broke her arm. Part of the bone was infected so they did surgery and replaced it with a rod.

Pray for Scott Hamilton. He’s having foot surgery today.

Melinda Whitehurst is having hand surgery this morning, March 28.

Sheila Conner is having a day procedure done on Thursday, April 1.

Memorial services for Ms. Brenda Reid are at Welch Funeral Home on Wednesday March 31 at 2:00 PM.

Please pray for Jeanette Ashley. She has been admitted to Good Shepherd. She’s in a great deal of pain. Not sure what the cause is.

Please pray for my brother, David Tillman. He has been placed on 100% disability due to Idiopathic Pulmonary Disease (IPD). He is confined to the bed or wheelchair. This is a progressive degenerative incurable lung disease.  ~Danna Miller

Please pray for Betty Gilley. She is at Good Shepherd in the ER waiting on a room. They’re going to run some tests to find out more.

Please pray for our mother, she is back in the hospital. Last week I took her to the doctor, and she had a urinary tract infection. This morning my brother took her back to the doctor and they called the ambulance to take her to the emergency room. My brother called a few minutes ago, and they had just admitted her to a room. Still treating the
infection along with stomach issues. Thank you so much church family. Barry Cates

Praise God. My dad, Nick Urazoff, made it through surgery. Three of the five broken ribs needed plates for repair. He is doing very well. Pray for a quick recovery. —Sue Olson

Please pray for Dean Rogers – Rickey Rogers dad – In Christus Hospital with Bacteria in his bone. Also today he may have had mild stroke. They are transferring him up to neurology floor and ordering MRI of head, neck and chest. As of today he does not know where he is but does know his name. – Thank you all so very much! ~Donice Rogers

Nick Urazoff (Sue Olson’s father) fell Saturday and will have surgery at Regional today around noon. Repair to five broken ribs. He will be in the hospital at least a week.

Paula Reaves’ brother, Charlie is in the hospital in Columbus Ohio. He has diabetes severe, bad heart, burned the whole top of his foot, now infection. Two heart valves not working, has had open heart surgery and they are talking about repeating one heart valve. Uncertain of salvation. Please pray.

Please pray for Bro. Allen Buchanek. He’s had some kind of allergic reaction and they’re testing to see what it is and how to treat it.

Dakota, grandson of Vernon & Donnie Freeman had a motorcycle wreck. He’s in ICU with critical head injuries.

Please pray for the family of Rick Trout (Liz Graham and Bettye Parrish’s cousin).  Rick just passed away.

Please pray for Scott Mitchell’s aunt, Gloria Carmen. The family has been called in. It looks like she is in the final stages with covid.

Margie Morgan went to follow up on her foot surgery today & everything looks good. The doctor re-bandaged her foot & she will go back next week to remove the stitches; then 2 weeks later take the pins out. Pray healing continues and she doesn’t fall.

Please pray for Thurman McGuire. He is in the ER at Longview Regional. They are going to keep him in the hospital when they get a room. He has some blood issues.

The Multiple Sclerosis flare has attacked my speech center of the brain causing even more stuttering, stammering and “ word salad”. I have had a massive dose of steroids and the Dr wants speech therapy so hopefully I can get better speech back. The MS is progressive now so I don’t get all functionality back usually BUT MY GOD IS GREAT so I have faith! Prayer appreciated.  ~Mandy Williamson

Please keep Rosa Hardwick in your prayers.

Received word today that one of our employees, Martha Vaca, has lost a brother, twin sister, Mother and Dad this month because of covid.  Please pray for her and her family for comfort and strength during this sad, sad time.  She had planned to go to Mexico during spring break, but, for whatever reason, she will not be making the trip.,  I cannot imagine how broken her heart is.  Prayer Warriors, thank you so much for praying for my friend, Martha.  God bless you all,  Gracie Lautaret

Please be in prayer for Lisa King’s husband, Floyd. On Thursday March 4th Floyd had to get 2 pints of blood he is loosing blood don’t have any answers yet. On March 18th he will have another heart procedure. They will add a 3rd wire from his pacemaker. To his heart. His heart is not working the pacemaker is doing all the work. Please be in prayer for this family

Cathie Lou Tehan’s nephew, Bailey Baker died of a heart attack this past Saturday morning…He was only 43 years old. Please Pray for GOD’S Loving Arms to hold and comfort this family.  Celebration service is at 11 AM today in White Oak

UPDATE: This is an update on my niece, Mary Salmon Tucker. She has been diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome…it has to do with the heart, the doctors will try her on meds and plan B will be some type of electrical stimulation for the heart to keep it in rhythm. Please continue to pray for her and her family. The doctors told her 90% of patients are not diagnosed and this can be fatal. She was blessed to have a doctor that read all the signs. Thank you in advance for all your prayers…prayers sent the doctor to her bedside.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please pray for Mrs. Betty Hudman. She fell again and she had a seizure so we’re at Longview Regional again. Please pray for us.

Please continue to pray for Mrs. Betty Hudman. She went home yesterday afternoon from hospital. had someone stay with her last night. They are making a doctor appointment about the stone in her salivary gland but her lungs are much better. Praise God!!!

LaQuita Cummings got the results from her test. The cancer has decreased in size. Continue to pray as she resumes chemo again.

Please be in prayer for my niece, Mary Salmon Tucker. Fran, her MIL, took her to the ER…not sure what is wrong…could have been a stroke. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Vernon & Donnie Freeman’s grandson, Daniel, has had 3 amputations this week. His right leg above the knee, his left foot and his left hand. All due to septic blood. He is in a lot of pain. Please pray for comfort and healing. Thanks for lots of continuing prayers.

Doris Moore is brought her son, Bill home from Dallas Saturday. He has a long way to go but has come far. Prayer does work. Thank you Woodland Hills for praying.

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