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Emily Snider Update:  Dr came back in today and he had checked the last blood test and said the numbers were really looking good and we could go home today. After Em took some more prescribed meds, we got ready to come home. We are on I 20 now headed home.  So thankful for all the prayers for us during this time….we love you all. To God be the Glory for all the things He has done!!
Steve, Lana and Em.

Doctors drained fluid off both of our daughter-in-law’s lungs. She’s doing well enough to go home for now. Thankful for every day. Thanks for your prayers.

PTL!  Emily’s numbers are going down.  May get to come home today.  Thank you for all the prayers.  ~The Sniders

Praising God that the home of Kay Glass was protected from a neighboring house fire during an early (3am) morning fire!  Fire was determined to be arson and a suspect has been arrested.

Please be praying for my cousin-in-law, Todd Richardson. He is having two surgeries in Houston, one today and the other tomorrow dealing with a back injury. Please pray for his wife that has dementia and Trelvis, who drove him down there and is caring for him during and after the surgeries and the first part of his recovery. ~John Zenter

Michael Shelton will have surgery October 16.

Betty Mosley is very sick at home. Please keep her in your prayers.

Emily Snider is doing better today.  Tests are improving.  Em slept better last night and more smiles today.

Our daughter-in-law KaCee has been moved to ICU at Regional. Doctors want to biopsy her lung. CT scan shows potential pneumonia along with the cancer. Six months ago doctor’s gave her six months. She’s still fighting! Praying for a miracle.

Update:  My brother Charles was discharged from the hospital late yesterday afternoon. The procedures for the obstructed bowel were successful.  No surgery required.  Please continue to pray that his fractures heal properly to avoid surgery. Thank you church family. ~Barry Cates

Please pray for Randy Haley. He had surgery today. His Ankle is fixed but complications in surgery. Aspirated stomach fluid in right lung. It is very wet. Can’t get O2 and BP up. They had to ambulance him to ER at Highland Christus. Will be admitted until stable. Pray for him and Cindy.

Update on Emily Snider: Admitted to hospital…in Room 1237…the “penthouse”…nurses so very nice…going to do a heart ultra sound tomorrow to check it out….pushing fluids, but need to keep a check on heart because of her severe sleep apnea. The doctor is pretty sure it was all the new meds she takes was part of the problem. Had her levels of different things in the blood out is whack. Will see the Dr later this morning. Thanks for all the prayers

Praise the Lord, Becky Kenyon’s blood is improving as is her calcium levels.  Thank you Father that she is not in pain and is having some of the discomfort of fluid retention removed this afternoon.  Our prayers are now for her to be able to go home to her own bed and comfortable furniture, and for her daughter and son-in-law to safely finish their trip here to be with her. Amen  – roger manning

Please be in prayer for Em and us as we travel to Dallas 9/25 @ 2 pm…we are going to the ER to have her checked out about her symptoms and the meds she is taking. We are headed to the ER at Clements Hospital…her former neuro Dr recommended we have her checked out in Dallas. Thanks in advance for your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana and Em

Our daughter-in-law, KaCee, is at the ER and being admitted to the hospital. She’s quite ill and coughing a lot with a discharge, apparently due to the tumors in her lungs. Thank you to the many who have been and are praying for her.  ~Greg Stewart

I received this from my niece about Braxton. Braxton had a follow up visit to the dr. on Thursday. The X-rays showed the bones weren’t exactly in line, but Dr said they don’t necessarily have to be. He now has a hard cast on top of the plastic splint. He will return in 3 weeks and hopefully remove the rods and plan for the next step. No PE, no sports, no running or jumping, no weight bearing, no aggressive play, no recess for minimum 8 weeks! He is thankful for a good report today but bummed that soccer is a no go before he even got a chance to meet his team and that his birthday celebration may look a little different than he planned.  ~Barry Cates

Please continue to pray for my brother Charles. He was taken by ambulance to the emergency room this morning. He was admitted this afternoon, with a possible bowel obstruction.  ~Barry Cates

Update on Becky Kenyon: She did get a unit of blood today. She looks a lot better however she has some cancerous lymph nodes that are pressing on her ureters…so they want to put in metal stents tomorrow…she needs this to be successful the other options aren’t good. The urologist is not sure and not optimistic that he’ll be able to get the metal stents into the ureters again the other options aren’t optimal. Becky believes in prayer so if we could storm heavens gates tonight and in the am for her surgery. A time has not been given as of a few minutes ago.

Pray for the family of Bill and Judy Rogers. Bill passed away this afternoon. Pray for Judy during this time.

Becky Kenyon is in G. S. room W320 with some calcium deficiency issues. Drawing fluids and will do a blood transfusion today. Will be there couple days.

Keep Roger & Sandy Hamilton in your prayers. Roger had a heart cath and he will need a quadruple bypass.

Please pray for my sweet momma, Monica, she had surgery on one foot six weeks ago and found out that the other foot is broken. She is going in surgery around lunch time for another foot surgery. ~Kason Kuykendall

Praise the Lord! Justin is NO longer listed as critical! He is still in the ICU at Tyler. Please continue to pray for him and his family. Thank you beyond words for my praying church. Gloria Williams

Update on Justin (my grandson).  They are transferring him to Tyler for a treatment no one here does before they can do MG treatment so he doesn’t go Into complete kidney failure – it’s some kind of plasma transfer – he has no feeling from mid thigh down and Dr said it’s critical he start treatment tonight – he will go by ambulance. Please Continue praying for our family and the medical team. Thank you Gloria Williams

Please pray for my daughter in law, Melinda had cancer several years ago and it is back, in a larger mass. Melinda and my son, Brandon are on their way to UT Southwest in Dallas to meet with a cancer doctor. ~Vickie Beatty

OUR GOD is AN AWESOME GOD! We praise God everyday, but we make a special offering to him today for what he has done for Bro. Clark Sexton.  Thank you Father for complete healing of his kidney issues.  He has had no pain whatsoever  since his Sunday morning surgery.  We thank you Lord that he is unhooked from all of his tubes and needles, feeling back to normal, filled with energy, dress to travel home from the hospital, and, like us, praising our wonderful Saviour.  Amen – roger manning

Please pray for my grandson Justin. He was taken to Good Shepherd last night unconscious. He is incubated and in the ICU. He will remain on the ventilator until he can breath on his on. Please pray for his wife and baby. This family desperately needs your prayers! Thank you WHBC PRAYER WARRIORS! Love you Gloria Williams

Bro. Chet Wilson is feeling much better after receiving medication for kidney malfunction. Our Father, thank you for releasing his pain. Thank you that his recent eye surgery as he waits for improved sight which might take a few more days to be apparent. Bring our sweet brother back to us soon. – roger manning

Bro. Clark Sexton’s surgery this morning went well. He is already awake and joking – sharp as a tack and expecting to go home tomorrow. We pray for continued wise and fruitful medical treatment so that he will be able to go back to enjoying his precious family and this blessed season of life. – roger manning
Bro. Clark Sexton is headed to surgery in a few minutes.  Thank you for your prayers. He is at Good Shepherd.

Wayne Rosette will be having Endoscopic Sinus Surgery on Wednesday, September 20th.

Update: My brother had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon Friday. At this time, no need for surgery, and is wearing a sling. His kneecap is bruised with a small fracture of the tibia. He is to visit the doctor in two weeks for more x-rays. Thank you for praying and ask for continued prayers for complete healing.  ~Barry Cates

Chet Wilson is at the ER. They are transferring him to Good Shepherd by ambulance. He has kidney stones and in pain. Pray for Chet and Shirley

Please pray for Tina Cooper – she will be having a surgical procedure on Tuesday, September 19. 

Bro. Clark Sexton is in Good Shepherd in E 201. He was admitted last night with excruciating pain. Please pray for Clark and Marilyn.

Please pray for Amy Timmons She had surgery Wednesday and had complications. Then she had emergency surgery Thursday morning She is doing much better. She is at Longview Regional Room 365. Pray for Brad and Amy.

Please pray for my brother Charles. He fell yesterday at work. He has a fractured shoulder and hurt knee. The doctor said didn’t need emergency surgery. He has an appointment today with an orthopedic surgeon.  ~Barry Cates

Please keep Bill Rodgers in your prayers along with his wife Judy. Bill is at Whispering Pines room 6 and has a lot of health and memory issues and is declining.

Please pray for the family of Mrs. Barbara McDaniel’s she passed away this evening at her home. They are making arrangements now and the service will be in Louisiana. Please pray for that family for this loss and our church loss of a wonderful & special   member.

Please pray for 4 month old Roy Watson. He is the grandson of Bob Gilley’s friend.  He has tested positive for Covid.

Please pray for Doreen McCristy. It looks like she is going to have a knee replacement. Her surgeon said that the cortisone injections are not working and her knee is in such bad shape that the knee replacement is the only viable option to relieve her of the constant pain that she is experiencing. I will update once they set a date for surgery. Have a great day! 

Please pray for my mother in law’s best friend Pam. Her husband committed suicide today and her, her dtr and 2 grandkids found him. Please pray for this family as they navigate thru this awful time. ~Jason Hunt

Braxton had surgery this morning. The surgery took a little longer than expected. The dr. said he had big bones for a 9-year-old. All is well.
He is on the way home. Thank you for your prayers.  Barry Cates

Please pray for my great nephew Braxton. He is on the way to Children’s Hospital in Dallas by ambulance. He fell off an inflatable slide this
evening. He has a completely broken elbow. As soon as possible he will
have surgery. Thank you  Barry Cates

We have visited Woodland Hills and plan on making it our church home. My husband is having some issues with his heart and we need prayer so much. Moving to Longview and not having our church home is hard. ~Sandy

Please pray for Sharon Fullerton. This is Mike Cunningham’s mom. She is having a major procedure done today at Longview Regional. Bro Mike helps lead our youth at Mason Creek Campus!

Memorial Services for Leonard Lynch (Laura Brown Lynch’s husband):  2 pm | Sept. 23, 2023
First Baptist Church, Hooks, TX

I read the prayer request for the family of that young man and the suicide. Seems to be an alarming epidemic. One of my best friend lost her son in May the same way. Last Tuesday her brother committed suicide also. Please pray for her family. Love ya, Gloria

Please pray for Pat Malstrom. His grandson, Patrick, committed suicide yesterday (i believe it was yesterday). Patrick’s parents are Rick & Brook.

Please pray for Bro. John McGuire’s wife, Susan. She is very sick and in the Hospital.

Doctors have ruled out a stroke for Richard Burks. They are looking at his heart right now. Please pray for a quick diagnosis, that he would be moved out of ER soon, and peace and comfort for he and his. And praise God for how he has already used this new health episode in the lives of their two sons just today. Amen. – Roger Manning

Please pray for Richard Burks and wife Lanette.  Richard is critical and in the ER with a possible stroke.

Please pray for finances and sleep at night.  ~Crystal Vines

The Lord called Leroy Worsham home this morning about 2:35 AM. Please pray for Peggy and all the family.

Please pray for Donnie Freeman. She is Having another flare up with colitis. Pray for her and Vernon.

Please pray for those who believe that I am attracted to them or another to become aware that I am just not interested. ~Michelle

Pray for these as they have tested positive for covid: Beverly Nugent & Rodney Rancour

Leroy Worsham is in ICU at Regional. Father, thank you for using Leroy as a powerful witness for you truth, grace, and mercy. Even at his late hour he is your trusting servant and a shining light on the path to your kingdom. ~Amen.

Please continue to keep Thurman in your prayers. He is still having problems with extreme fatigue.

Lynard Lynch husband of Laura (Brown) Lynch | Memorial Service; Sept. 23 @ 2:00 at his home church.

Please pray for my grandson Justin. He has been taken to Christus in Tyler by ambulance. He had 2 major seizures with in 45 minutes. They will do an MRI . Pray for the doctors knowledge to know how to treat this. His daughter( my great granddaughter) is sick also. Please pray for Deborah his wife as she cares for them both. Thank you prayer warriors.  ~Gloria Williams

Please pray for Perla Herron. She is from Omaha. About 6 months ago she was in a wreck, paralyzed. She had to have a double mastectomy and the test came back with a form of aggressive cancer. She is in need of a miracle. 

 Just got a call from Mary Tucker about Pat Westbrook. Last time I talked to Pat, she was getting over COVID. Today is her Birthday but she is celebrating it in the ICU at Longview Regional. She is having some issues with her heart and they are working to get her heart rate lowered. She is in ICU because the Heart Floor is full. Please remember Pat and her Drs and nurses.

Please pray for Pat Westbrook, she has been taken to Regional Hospital ER in A-fib. Will be admitted to the hospital. 

Barbara McDaniels is back in the hospital, Good Shepherd. Prayers appreciated.

Please pray for Todd and Amanda Barker and their family and for all being evacuated immediately due to fire. Details are coming in. They are living in the Comesneil/Jasper area.

Gracie Lautaret’s son’s surgery went well this morning.  He is on his way home but he did stop by to see his Momma!  She is so grateful he stopped.  Thank you to everyone for the prayers and continued prayers as he begins radiation treatments.

Please pray for Tom Williams he has tested positive for covid at Havencare Nursing Facility. So far he has not shown any ill signs. Please pray that it will be a very light case.  Thank You Woodland Hills prayer warriors.  ~Gloria Willilams

Leroy Worsham says his blood count is normal. He is feeling better and is waiting for the doctor to come and discharge him. Besides, he has already told everyone on his floor about Jesus, so his work here is done.

Please keep Mrs. Laura (Brown) Lynch in your prayers. Her husband passed away this morning in a tragic accident.

Gary Don Holley is in ICU at MD Anderson with internal bleeding that they are not able to stop. They have called the family in. Only God knows. Praying for you and your group. Safe travels.

Please lift up Stephen Stewart in prayer. This is Francine Stewart’s son. He is scheduled for another hip surgery in Dallas, date not confirmed yet. He is in a lot of pain so your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Leroy Worsham is at Longview Regional for a bad bruise on his leg. They found his platelets to be real low, so they will administer a blood transfusion this evening. Please pray for Leroy and Peggy.

God is so good! Thank you for praying. The fire is under control. We all remember the fires two years ago that took so much in that area.
God bless you all!  ~Gracie Lautaret
Gracie Lautaret’s sister in law lives outside of Cisco and is being evacuated because of a grass fire across the road from her.  Her daughter (Gracie’s niece) is taking her to her home.  Thank you for being faithful to pray.

Ronnie Wilson, son of Chet and Shirley Wilson is recovering well from his open heart procedure on Tuesday His final chest tube, which has been so painful all this time was just removed, but he will stay in the hospital until at least Saturday.

Becky Kenyon has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Please pray for a miracle healing from God.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Ms. McDaniels is recovering from her heart procedure and feeling no pain at discomfort whatsoever. She expects to go home today.

Ms. Barbara McDaniel had a heart attack last night. They put a stint in and will run more tests today. She is at Regional hospital. Please keep her and the family in your prayers.

Praise the Lord for guiding the hands and minds of the surgeons and nurses who have taken care of Mark Wilson. He is alert and in good spirits after his surgery and preparing to go home this after noon.

Chet and Shirley’s son, Ronnie Wilson came through his open heart surgery in “excellent condition”, but he is experiencing extremely sever pains at the incision site. They just gave him an injection and it appears to be taking affect. Pray for relief from pain and quick recovery.

A memorial service for Michelle Adams will be held Thursday, August 17 at 7:00pm at Woodland Hills Loop Campus.

Please pray for Mark Wilson. Mark has an infection in his foot and had to have his small toe and a little of his foot amputated. Please pray the infection is gone and that Mark recovers well. He is in Longview Regional.

Ronnie Wilson (Chet and Shirley’s son) is having open hear surgery now at Christus Good Shepherd. All is going well, please continue to pray.

Please pray for Michael Shelton, he has been diagnosed with common bile duct cancer and is waiting on a response from a surgeon in Tyler to schedule the surgery. Thankfully it is operable. Mike is in great spirits, but please pray for him and Karen.

Update on Heather Williams. Her white blood count and temp are going down. She may get to come home tomorrow. Thank you all for your prayers for my daughter, they were heard. ~Joyce Richey .

Praise God. Jana Campbell has received some of her pain meds and was able to walk the halls some today. She is feeling better and hoping to go home this afternoon.

Donny Wilson’s surgery went well. Will be spending the night. Thank you for prayers and texts.

Heather Williams, Tammy Whitehurst’s sister and Andrews Mama has been transported to Good Shepherd from Hospitality ER with acute diverticulitis with perforation.

Continue to pray for Jana Campbell. Surgery went well but dealing with bad nausea and pain right now.

Please pray for Willow. She is one of our 1st grade students. She will be having surgery tomorrow at 7:00am to remove her tonsils and adenoids.

Please pray for me to be healed of anxiety and bouts with depression. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!  ~Shelly

Please pray for Jana Campbell. She will be going into surgery at Longview Regional this morning. 

Frank Holyfield’s surgery went well, he is now in recovery. Thank you for your prayers.

Frank Holyfield was just taken back for surgery at Texas Spine and Joint in Tyler. Please pray that all goes great!

Donny Wilson is having a hip replacement done in Tyler at 7 am on Thursday. Pray there will be no complications. Thank you.  ~Karen

Prayer for guidance as I face more difficult decisions. ~Pat Adams

Please pray for Teresa Fears. She had a fall yesterday and is in Regional
and had a fever of 102.5 last night. ~John Zenter

Please pray for Paul & Geral Stories son. He was injured in a rodeo and was taken to Tulsa, OK for surgery. This is Amy McMahan’s brother.

Please pray for the family of Brenda Browder. She passed away last night.

Please continue to pray for Glynda Jones. She is recovering well from surgery at home, but is still in some pain.

Bill Hatfield is also recovering from back surgery and is being released to go home this morning.

Michelle Adams is in hospice care for pancreatic cancer. All your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Glynda’s procedure is complete. Should go home in a while. Potassium came up so that the procedure could be done. Thanks for the prayers. God is good, All the time.  ~Ronnie Jones

So very thankful my hip surgery went well. I got home Thursday afternoon and will be under home health care and PT thank you all for your prayers and concern. Bro Charles’ sermon He Is Able was such an encouragement and a reminder of our Fathers care.  Looking forward to increasing strength and mobility. Thanks again so very much, Danna Miller

Please continue to pray for Danna Miller, she is recovering from surgery. She should be released from Longview Regional tomorrow.

Glynda Jones will have surgery, Friday at Christus Good Shepherd scheduled for 1pm. This is to repair the compression fracture on the vertebrae. Pray for Glynda, Dr Jada and the others involved.

Please pray for Shannon Greer, he has been diagnosed with a blood disorder similar to leukemia. He will begin chemo next week. Thank you church family. ~Karen Pettit

Bill Hatfield will have surgery Friday morning at Good Shepherd Hospital to relieve his back pain.

Asking prayers of healing for Julie & Natalie, friends of John Lippencott.

Please keep Danna Miller in your prayers. She will be going to Longview Regional tomorrow morning for hip surgery that is scheduled for 9am. She will stay one night and then move to Longview Rehab Hospital.

Please pray for Monica Kuykendall, she is having foot surgery this morning. She should be released to go home today.

Please pray for my coworker Danielle Flanagan. She has a court hearing at 1 pm today regarding custody of a child whose natural mother is really not capable of providing a healthy or safe environment for her to be in or to provide for her needs of almost any kind. Thank you for faithfully praying! ~John Zenter

Words can not express how wonderful our God is! Tonight Chris and I got little Nathan’s results back from his MRI. The damage to his little brain was mild.  At this time, any seizures can be regulated with medication.  He will need to see a neurologist throughout his lifetime to monitor the activity but at this time he does not need any special care other than medication and therapy for any developmental issues throughout his life. We are praising our gracious Lord, above for these results, and we ask that you continue to lift Nathan up in your prayers as he has a road to recovery. Again, he is still a preemie, so he will be going through things that preemies go through. Before his MRI I got to hold my sweet little boy for the first time since he was born. Words cannot describe the amount of joy that I felt when holding my little boy.  ~Mollie Bade

Praise God for answered prayers. Jean Taylor’s daughter Kristi was admitted to Good Shepherd yesterday after another round of tests and excruciating pain. They have now ruled out a PE and she has been diagnosed with pneumonia. Thank you Lord for showing the doctors what is wrong and where to concentrate healing efforts. Amen

Please continue to pray for Baby Nathan, he has an MRI scheduled sometime this morning.

Please pray for John Bisese who has suffered from severe and persistent back pain for many years. At present his pain has become all but unbearable and we pray God will grant him relief and peace. May the Lord give his doctors guidance and guide their minds and hands. Amen

Jean Taylor’s daughter, Kristi, was taken by ambulance back to the hospital this afternoon with extreme stomach pains. Continue to pray the doctors can figure this one out.

Jean Taylor asks that we continue to pray for her daughter, Kristi who is out of the hospital, but without a diagnosis.  Father, be with Kristi and her care giver as they search for answers.  You are the great physician and we know that you can point them right to the cause of this debilitating stomach pain.  In the name of you precious Son, Jesus, we pray.  Amen

Please keep Danna Miller in your prayers. She is having hip replacement on August 1 at Longview Regional. Prayers also for rehab following surgery. She is dealing with insurance coverage.

Kristi Taylor, Jeane’s daughter was admitted to GSMC yesterday morning. They ruled out gallbladder. She will have endoscopy in the am. Please pray. Thanks

Pray for MIke and Juanita Hampton and their family.  His employer is requiring them to move to Kingman Arizona. Please pray that God will work out all the details of this in His time and perfect will.

Kristi Taylor has been admitted in Good Shepherd for tests. Please pray for results in finding her GI problems.

Please pray for Dan Foster, Jim Foster’s brother. He is at Longview Regional with some heart issues.

Brenda Browder was put on Hospice yesterday. She’s in Legend Oaks of Gladewater in Room 103. She is thankful for everyone’s prayers!
Please pray for Kristi Taylor( Jean Taylor’s daughter) . She is having GI problems. Pray they will find a solution for the issues she is having.

Mollie Bade’s is at hospital. Her water broke at midnight so we are praying for her and the baby that delivery will be safe for both and they are healthy. Mollie is a high risk pregnancy!

Our daughter-in-law ,Becky  had a riding mower accident this evening. She and the riding mower fell down an 8ft embankment. The mower ended up on top of her. She is bruised up and sore. God has protected her from serious serious harm. The ER is now taking X-rays and MRIs. Please pray for correct diagnosis and treatment and for God’s healing. Thank you Prayer Warriors,

Ron Cherry had a heart cath this morning and all went well. No stents were needed. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for Jena Wayt…that physical therapy will be effective and that pain would ease following surgery for a broken femur.  She and James covet the prayers of their church family! 

Joe Daniel, relative of Mary Tucker and on the prayer list for Esophageal Cancer, passed away late Sunday evening. The family truly appreciates all the prayers.  The brother, William Daniel, who is fighting lung cancer, is doing somewhat better.

An update from the Worshams; Leroy is beginning to suffer once again from fluid collection in his body. And, Peggy suffered a fall in their kitchen, hitting her head on the counter.

Continue to pray for Leroy Worsham for healing and comfort.  He has been home for about a week and has been feeling much better since they took a massive amount of fluid off of him. 

Please pray for Becky Kenyon. She has some medical issues and has traveled to Austin to consult with medical personnel there. One of the last things she said to us before she left is she is trusting God because he is good. Amen – Roger Manning

Please pray fervently for Teresa Fears. She has had a setback, and is presently in ICU in Sherman, TX at a rehab center. ~John Zenter

My appointment with the specialist went well. He did not get the CT scan so he couldn’t read that. But based on his experience, he was very encouraging. He did not think it was as serious as first told. He will get the scan and call me next week. So a good report. Thanks for praying. We know the reason!  ~Bro. Charles

About a week ago, a friend of a neighbor had a wreck near my moms house. I asked the neighbors to keep us posted as we were praying for him. We found out he blacked out due to a mass in his brain. His name is Michael. Please keep him in your prayers.  ~Tami Easley

Just got word Jena is in recovery, and the surgery went well. She will be able to put weight on the leg pretty quickly which was a concern and an answer to our prayers.

Leroy Worsham is home from the hospital and Peggy says he is feeling much better after quite a bit of liquid was removed. Lord, bless our brother with your healing a peace. Grant Peggy comfort and strength as she cares for Leroy and continues to love and serve you.  Amen

Jena Wayt fell and broke her leg last night. She will be having surgery either today or tomorrow in Dallas. Please remember her and James as you pray.

Please pray for Teresa Fears. She was transferred to Texoma Rehabilitation Center in Sherman Texas from Regional. A friend found her sitting on the couch unresponsive and barely breathing. This is the fifth episode.

Please pray for Yuvonna Johnson and her family. A tree fell on her home Monday during the storm and it is a total loss. Praise the Lord they were not home at the time. This is a difficult time for them.

Asking prayers for friends of John Lippencott:
Natalie for upcoming surgery.
Jim as he recovers from hip replacement.
Bill in aging graciously, as he is 92!

Re: Leroy Worsham  Keep on praying – God is listening and answering. The doctor told us this morning that plans have changed. They will not need to puncture his stomach to relieve fluid. The plan now is to let the fluid go through his kidneys. This is a slower process and will take several days, but is safer.
Pray: Leroy’s oncologist will visit him at the hospital today to give us the conclusive report on his bone marrow biopsy.

Keep Gracie Lautaret’s son, Jimmy Pleasant in your prayers. He has prostate cancer and will begin treatment soon.

Leroy Worsham has been admitted to Longview Regional Hospital (Room 1714) for the purpose of removing fluid from his body.

Please be in prayer for Wendy O’Meaney. She is back in the hospital due to complications from back surgery.  Thanks in advance for your prayers.  ~Cherlyn Adams

Skip’s Dad, ‘Pops’, fell in a parking lot today. Got scraped up and broke his glasses, but is ok. Skip is keeping an eye on him but requests prayer since he is 97!

Mrs. Judith passed away yesterday. Please continue to lift up Jonathan and Brandy Eubank and their family. Thank you for praying for them.

Eric was released and went home last night.  He did call and talk to us.  So good to hear his voice. Not sure what his new lifestyle will entail but prayers for doctors to make good decisions for him.  Thank you so much.  ~Ralph and Delores

Please keep Chad and Rae Wynn in your prayers. Chad and his 16 year old son were involved in a car accident and their son was killed on impact. Chad is having a very hard time. Rae is having to be a strong and it’s taking a toll on her. They are Christian’s, but are in the questioning phase and they just need continued prayers.
Please remember Leon Hicks. He had a mass on his esophagus and had it removed. They are not sure if he will ever be able to talk again. He was in the hospital for 30 days in recovery. 
~Krista Foster

We received a phone call from Maegan our daughter in law nd our son Eric was working in the yard and passed out.  She called an ambulance and his blood sugar was off the charts so he is at the hospital now and is stable. Not sure if he will stay overnight.   Prayers please   ~Ralph and Delores

Please pray for my friends Jonathan and Brandy Eubank and their family.  This past Wednesday Jonathan’s mom Judith suffered a massive stroke which caused 3 extensive brain bleeds.  They have her on comfort care in Nacogdoches.  Judith lived with them because she had a stroke 2 years  ago.  They will keep her on hospice care their at Medical Center and they are staying with her around the clock.  Please pray for this family.  

Please be in prayer for Jackie Oney. She was taking the dog for a walk and the dog pulled her and caused her to trip and fall on her shoulder. She and Jim went to the ER. They were told that there may be a fracture, but hopefully there will not be a need for surgery. She is in pain when she moves the shoulder, but she does have some pain medicine.

Gloria Williams is out of surgery and everything went well.
Please keep Gloria Williams in your prayers. She just went back for surgery. The surgery will take about 30 minutes after sedation.

Please be in prayer for my Aunt Ruth in the loss of her son, Joe  Thank you, Deanne Purifoy

Brittany Kuykendall has been released from the hospital and is now recovering at home. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Brittany’s surgery went well. She is now in her room. She is experiencing pain so please keep praying for her as she recovers. ~Bro. Kase

Please pray for Christine Bosanco. She was in an auto accident and asks for healing.

James Kidd is still in Christus for observation. The doctors are leaning toward some sort of germ he picked up while out of the country. His vitals are good and they are just waiting for some of the symptoms to finish passing. Pray for continued healing and quick release. – Bro. Roger

Mike Skinner was able to go home from the hospital today after Heart surgery two weeks ago. He wants to thank our Church for all your prayers & concern you’ve shown during this time!

To all you precious prayer warriors: I just received this text from Jeannie, my niece you prayed for so endlessly
“CT scan this morning….shows no evidence of recurrent disease”
Our God is still in the miracle business. God bless each of you. ~Gracie Lautaret

Please pray for my wife Brittany. She will be having surgery tomorrow morning at Longview Regional. She should be in the hospital one night and then come home on Wednesday. Thank you for your prayers!!  ~Bro. Kase

Please pray for James and Kay Kidd. James is at Christus Good Shepherd with heart and blood sugar issues. He will be admitted. Please lift both of them up in prayer.

Dr Plemmons called and his patients have been postponed until next week. They will call me Monday to reschedule.
With much prayer and a very heavy heart I made the decision to have Tom put in Long term care. It was time for his health and safety. They came for him this morning. He will be at Havencare. Please keep us in your prayers.  ~Gloria Williams

I need to put my husband Craig on the prayer list. He has an infection in his leg, which normally wouldn’t be an urgent thing. However, he also has severe neuropathy, diabetic and goes septic pretty quickly. He has an esophagus issue that causes the lining in his throat to bleed and then starts vomiting up blood. This will then cause seizures and his blood pressure drops along with his glucose numbers. They’ve gone as low as 32 and they are usually around 120. We go through this every 6-8 months and I’m worried that they will eventually want to amputate his leg. He’s alright with that but this is always so scary because of how quickly he can go critical. Thank you for your prayers.

High Noon……no not the Gunfight at the OK corral!! I’m having my surgery Friday noon the 16th @ Good Shepherd Medical Plaza. Prayerfully this is the solution. I feel the comfort of yours prayers  Love y’all Gloria Williams

Please pray for Teresa Fears – she has a job interview at 11 o’clock this morning.  ~John Zenter

Anita Gibson will likely remain in Regional for tonight before going home.  Though, the doctors have not found out what caused her slurred speech and confusion, she says she much better, even back to normal with the exception of feeling a little fatigued.  Please pray for her care givers to diagnose her illness, and continued healing.

Ali Haynes is much improved today.  Her fever broke last night and her vital signs are all normal.  She is hoping to be able to go home tomorrow.  She got Jason to go home and get some rest last night and her mother is with she and the baby now. Pray for continue healing, for her to go home, and back to Mason Creek soon.

Is this crazy or what! I’m supposed to definitely have surgery on Friday June 16.
Please pray me throughout this. Praise! hospice is taking Tom to a facility for 5 days while I recuperate. Pray he will handle the change. With Heartfelt Thanks for sticking with me on this journey.  ~Gloria Williams

Please, pray for my brother-in-law he is in ICU at Christus TMF in Tyler. His left lung is full of fluid and platelet count is very low.  ~Martha Fuller

Being out of my hands, my surgery  has been moved to a future date. I will know Monday what date. Continued  prayers ask for.
Gloria Williams

First I want to thank everyone for their prayers, cards, and visits. I am having surgery again on my left foot, June 13 at Good Shepherd. I ask for continued prayers that this will be the last one. Prayers especially for the doctors and medical staff that attend me. Thank You WHBC Prayer Warriors, Gloria William

Mike Skinner is still in ICU but they have removed the ventilator. Doing better. Thanks for your continued prayers!

Mike Skinner is going to recovery soon and doing well.  Thank you for all your prayers.

Keep Barbara Wheeler in your prayers.  She is having hip replacement surgery tomorrow at Regional.

Mike Skinner, friend of Mary Tucker, having Heart Surgery this morning at Regional Hospital. Please pray for him!

Prayers for healing and possible surgery for Tina Cooper.

Pray for Danielle Flanagan, my coworker. She is really sick with a bad head cold. ~John Zenter

I had the spinal cord stimulator put in on May 31st.  It’s been rough.  They will take off third bandage on Friday & turn it on.  It will take 2-3 weeks before I can tell any difference.  Thanks to all who have been praying & especially Roger Manning for calling although I missed his call.  I’m optimistic!  Thanks church family & God bless you all.  ~Carolyn Barnette

My friend Francis fell, broke her left (she is left handed), and her hip.  ~Pat Adams

Thurman McGuire has a large amount of fluid build up surrounding his heart and is experiencing difficulty breathing. He is scheduled for Pre-op on Tuesday at Longview Regional. Please pray for him.

Dr Chelley was really pleased with Barry’s results from Carpal Tunnel surgery. Stitches were removed and seems to be doing better. I had my hip injection this morning and so far the pain in my R hip is minimal. Trusting these injections will keep the pain in check and allow more movement. Thanks to our church family for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers — Danna Miller

Derek South had procedure. Dr said everything regarding heart including his valve looked good. The heart Dr is leaving it up to his GP what to do next to try and figure out why he has shortness of breath etc.

Pray for Sharon, Karen Pettit’s sister. She had reverse rotator surgery this morning.

Mrs. Dorothy Davis is at home but not doing well at all. Ortha is trying to take care of her and they are both physically challenged. Please pray for Ortha and Dorothy.

Please pray for Thurman McGuire. He is at home but is suffering from excess fluid and hard to breathe. He is scheduled for surgery in early June.

Prayers for successful third eye surgery on Tuesday for sight after two previous unsuccessful cataract surgeries. ~Melinda Whitehurst

Bill Hatfield has pain in his neck, back, and legs. He has not been able to get out of the house for about 2 months. Please keep him in your prayers.

I am having a spinal cord stimulator put in tomorrow May 31st.  Please pray this procedure works.  It is their last option.  Thank you all.  ~Carolyn Barnette

Derek South is at Longview Regional. Hasn’t been admitted but they said he will be staying overnight. Had chest xray and blood work. Gave him that nitrate meds and he felt better.  It is a heart related issue. Please pray for him and Cheryl.

Just received a call from Ray Hairston…he is getting ready to go home…PTL!!!  He wanted to thank everyone for all the prayers…they have been much appreciated!! Continue to pray for Ray and Cecelia as he continues his recovery at home!!  ~Lana

Please pray for my niece, Bunny Jourdan, as she goes through the evaluation process for a lung transplant. She is scheduled to be in Dallas June 7 to begin testing. Thank for being faithful to pray for her. ~Gracie Lautaret

Ray Hairston has been moved to the Vascular Unit Room 1718…he is doing well and they have had him up walking some. Continue to pray for Ray and Cece…thanks in advance for your prayers.

Please pray for the Birney Westbrook family, their daughter Kelly Westbrook passed away. Services will be Saturday, May 27th at Rader Funeral Home, 10am.

Please pray for my boss, Mr. George Kinsel. He is having hernia surgery at 8:30 this morning at Regional. ~John Zenter

Homer called me at about 12:34 and said the the procedure was complete and that he was getting ready to go home. Thanks for the prayers.  ~Ronnie Jones

Homer Hall went into surgery at 9:30 this morning.  Pray for his doctors and care givers.

Ray Hairston had a rough night last night.  He is feeling better today and was up and walking around the ward.  His main pain seems to be from his arm where they took the vain for his bypass.  He is in good spirits.  Pray for his continued healing and quick return home.

Please pray for a group of folks that will meet at 10 am regarding some financing for my employer, specifically for John and George Kinsel, and for the bank personnel that will be making decisions as well. ~John Zenter

Pray for Wes Foster and Eli Warren, both men were burned in a refinery fire, they both have 90% of their bodies burned, Eli Warren is having surgery tomorrow which can be life threatening. Friends of Ryan Thomas

Connie’s biopsy was good. Praise God. Thank you for all the prayers and love. ~Randy & Connie Huston

Homer Hall is having day surgery for cancer tomorrow at Longview Regional.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Please continue to pray for Leroy Worsham. He will be having a Bone Marrow Biopsy on June 9. Pray for him and Peggy.

Ray Hairston is in room 407…he is doing good and getting therapy…this was information from Cece’s sister this morning when Steve called.  PTL!!!  Thanks for all the prayers!!

A co worker that worked with Steve… cancerous area on bladder and colon cancer…please pray for him when they go to remove the areas. Thanks in advance for prayers,
Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Ray Hairston is in ICU, Dr said he is doing well and all went good…he should get moved to the 4th floor…heart unit sometime in the morning. They will keep a close watch on him tonight. Thanks for all the prayers!

Ray Hairston is currently having open heart surgery at Longview Regional.

Roger Manning had a heart cath this morning and all went well. He is resting at home now.

Please be praying for Kaidence Reyes. She is one of our BLAST students. She broke her elbow and is having surgery at Children’s in Dallas at 12:00 today.

Please keep Alicia Dominquez in your prayers. She is the day school custodian and is going through a rough patch and needs prayer.

Please be in prayer for Ray Hairston.  Pray for him to have a peace and comfort before his open heart surgery on Tuesday 5/23/23 and for all that will attend to his care during his surgery and after surgery for his recovery.  Thanks in advance for all your prayers.

Please pray for Doug Arthoffer’s daughter. They took by ambulance to Good Shepherd. She was experiencing some heart problems. They are keeping her for more tests.

Update on Sam Reel: he will be transferred Monday to Buckner Westminster Place to continue his therapy for physical disabilities caused by the 2 strokes he had the first week of this month. Your continued prayers would be so appreciated. Thank you so much my church family for all the love and concern y’all have shown to us. I love y’all so much!!  ~Phebe Reel

I’m asking for prayers for me and my family. My aunt Lorraine Freeman ( my moms sister ) passed away on her birthday, Wednesday, May 17th.  ~Melissa Clayton WHBC 2s preschool teacher

Connie Huston had a subcutaneous cyst surgically removed. It will be several days before biopsy results will be known. Please pray for God’s protection and healing for Connie. Thank you.

Barry Miller’s carpal tunnel surgery on his R wrist went well per Dr. We returned home today and he is resting. Follow up clinical visits are scheduled for the 25th and again the following week.  At that time we will decide about doing surgery on his L wrist.  Your prayers were appreciated.

Please continue to pray for Maryann Thomas as she recovers. As of today the plan is that she will come home on Sunday. 

Kellie is still in Dallas recovering. The doctors were able to take one of the drains out today, there is one remaining. Currently they hope to come home early next week. Please keep praying. 

Praise God for good news concerning Brother Richard Burks. His doctors have ruled out a stroke.  His disorientation was apparently cause by all the pain meds they gave him, and with only one kidney, his body was not able to get them out of his system in a normal amount of time.  He is improving daily and being moved today to Summer Meadows Rehab.  Pray for continued healing and improvement.

Please keep Doris Moore in your prayers. She fell while walking her son’s dog and her right arm is broken. She is home and will have surgery on that arm soon. On an unrelated note, she needs a knee replacement as well.

Doctor released Glynda Jones. Gave her a prescription to raise blood pressure. Waiting on a Magnesium tablet before we go to the car.  Thanks for the prayers.

Please pray for Maryann Thomas as she recovers from surgery. 

Glynda Jones is still at Christus Good Shepherd and they are trying to get her blood pressure regulated. Glynda is ready to go home so please pray that the can get this resolved as quickly as possible.

Richard Burks is at Christus also. Please pray for him as they seek answers.

Mary Ann Thomas started surgery around 9:30 this morning in Dallas. So far all is going well; please pray that the surgery will go smoothly and the recovery will go Well.

Kellie Miller is back in Dallas and she will be having surgery tomorrow at 1:00 to drain some fluid off of her lungs. Kellie has had a rough time for quite a while; please pray for this family.

Continue to pray for Liz Graham. She is scheduled to be released from the hospital this morning. She has a fractured disc and is dizzy. Pray for Kenny as he cares for her.

Pray for Barry and Danna Miller. Barry will have carpal tunnel surgery at the VA on Friday. Danna is also dealing with some health issues and needs prayer.

Please continue to pray for me. I have one foot back in the boot with further scans to follow before the doctor will know how to repair this situation. I know God has this situation in hand and I’ve  laid it at his feet and in my Prayer Warriors hands. Love you all for your concerns, calls, and cards.  ~Gloria Williams

Maryann should be starting her surgery now. Please pray that all goes well. The surgery is expected to last around 6 hours.

Pray for Glynda Jones who is in Good Shepherd with dizziness, blood pressure issues, and low sodium level.  Pray the doctors will be able to find the problems and thereby the solutions to these issues so she can go home and eventually back to us at Woodland Hills.

Richard Burk is being moved to the stroke floor at Christus GSMC. They are afraid he has had a stroke. Please pray for Richard and Lanette.

Richard Burks fell Thursday and broke his other hip.  He had surgery yesterday,  Please pray to help him through the pain and recovery as well as prayer for his wife Lanette.

Kellie Miller was taken back to the er on Thursday. She was having severe muscles spasms in her back they did some scans and she now has pneumonia and the adenoma on her liver has gotten bigger. She has been transported back to Baylor. 

Liz Graham had a fall this morning. Kenny is taking care of her and trying to decide if she needs to go to the hospital.

Julie Locke was actually taken to Regional ER on Wednesday with high blood pressure and dizziness, and then admitted.  Please pray for her healing and peace of mind. She is in good spirits and trusting her gracious God.  They do not have a definitive diagnosis but are planning on moving her any time now to Everest (Longview) rehab.

Please pray for my friend, Martha Hood. She is having severe health issues; waiting for tests results. Thank you, Prayer Warriors.  ~Gracie Lautaret

Got a call back from nurse practitioner that Glynda’s sodium is real low and tabs aren’t going to raise it. Giving her an IV. This should alleviate her memory and dizziness problems. Continue to pray for Glynda and the doctors and nurses.  Thanks Ronnie Jones

Paul Gauntt, Pastor friend of Mary Tucker, is out of the hospital and doing well.  Paul thanks everyone for their prayers!

Marilyn Sexton is at Baylor in Dallas and headed into surgery right now. Praise God it turned out not to be her heart, and pray for guidance for her doctors and surgical team. Pray for Brother Clark who is at home being cared for be his granddaughter.

A neighbor of Julie Locke, John Bradford, called to let our prayer warriors know that Julie is in the hospital due to a fall she had a few weeks ago. She is dizzy and her blood pressure is unstable. Please lift Julie Locke up in prayer for healing!

Praise God for Ray Cook’s recovery.  He was discharged today from the hospital in Shreveport  He still has some drainage tubes, but they could come out as early as this Thursday.  Everything is going well.

Please pray for teacher and students today as all around Texas they are testing in multiple grades for STAR testing. It is a long day for all.

Tom Ivey had surgery late this afternoon and is in his room doing well. Pray for him and Judy. She is spending the night at the Hospital.

Lucile Teel had a wonder report from her 6 month follow up to her medical issues. Praise God for the doctors and nurses and what she describes as the best medical visit she has had in a long time.

Tom Ivy is still in the ER and in severe pain. They just gave him some strong pain meds and he got almost immediate relief. Please pray they have an open operating room soon and a room afterwards as the hospital is very crowded.

Paul Gauntt, Pastor friend of Mary Tucker, was visiting grandkids in Georgia and started hemorrhaging.  Admitted to hospital there.  Lift him up in prayer please.

Prayer was asked 3 weeks ago for Joe Daniels due to esophagus cancer; now his brother William Daniels has a lung cancer diagnosis.  Please pray for both of these.

Please pray for Tom Ivey.  He was taken by ambulance to the ER with severe pain and blood clots.  Pray for him and Judy.

Update on Ray Cook:  The doctor was in early this morning and Ray is doing well.  His incision is healing nicely and calcium level is stable.  We will not be able to go home today because he is having too much output from the drainage tube to remove it.  Please pray by tomorrow it can be removed so we can be dismissed.  Last night was the first night Ray has really gotten a good night  of sleep.  PT is supposed to get him up walking more today.

Please be in prayer for my husband, Sam Reel. His balance has been off and he has taken a couple of falls and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital Friday morning. We are now finding out that he has had a couple of strokes. Thank you in advance for your prayers! ~Phebe Reel 

Ray Cook is doing remarkably well.  They have him sitting up today and  gave him some solid food to eat.  He was starving so that is a good sign!  His blood pressure was high yesterday but they have that stabilized.  Now just to get his calcium level where it needs to be.  That is our specific prayer need.  We are so thankful for all the prayers from our church family during this time.  We certainly felt them.  My sister lives here so I spend the night with her.  They let me stay with him during the day.

Doctors were not able to definitively diagnose Lucille Teel’s problems last Sunday morning when she was taken from the Loop Campus to hospital, but she is feeling much better.  She does ask for prayers for an appointment in Tyler this coming Monday.  It is for  follow-up testing after aneurysms she suffered about 6 months ago.  Please ask the Holy Spirit to bring her through this new season of life in good health and completely healed.  Father, guide her doctors and caregivers and grant her comfort from pain and peace of mind. 

Ray Cook’s surgery went well.  They did not have to open his chest. We are so thankful for that.  He will be in ICU 1-2 days.

Please be in prayer for Donnie and Vernon Freeman…she is in the hospital again this morning. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

Ray Cook will have his next thyroid surgery tomorrow (Friday, May 5th) in Shreveport at 7:30 a.m.  Please pray for he and Donna, and for the doctors and other caregivers. 

Please pray this morning for Everlynn Owen. She is having surgery in Tyler at 8:00 this morning for a hernia.

Gary Nelson passed away this afternoon at 2:15. Please pray for Doris and her family.

Please pray for Ms. Karen Pettit. She will be having cataract surgery and stents put in her right eye at 8:00 this morning. Thank you for praying.

Praise God for answered prayers for Marilyn Sexton’s medical condition.  Bro. Clark says it has been determined that what she experienced a few weeks ago was not her heart, but rather a problem in her esophagus and some spasming.  She will be going to Dallas, probably next week, for surgery to repair the problem.  Bro. Clark will have to stay in Longview, but their son will be back in town to stay with him and their daughter will be here to go with Marilyn.  Please pray for their caregivers and a quick recovery.

Annie Noelle Haynes was born on May 1st at 6:40pm, weighing 6 lbs, 14 oz, 20 inches long! Parent Justin and Ali and big sister Piper are all well! She is a precious miracle!

Gary Nelson has now been put on Hospice.  He will receive hospice care at Willis Knighton Pierremont.  Carolyn asks that you continue to pray for Doris and the family.

Please be in prayer for our friend, Tammie Setliff. She will fly out of Lubbock early Wednesday morning for surgery in Frisco. She will be having 2 different surgeries done while in the operating room. Pray for wisdom for the drs and speedy recovery for Tammie. She has a special needs daughter that will be in Levelland with a caregiver while she is in Frisco for several days. Pray for Jenny and the caregiver while Tammie is away. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily.

Gary Nelson had a procedure done today and they are a little more hopeful than before.  He needs continued prayers for strength, prayers for a discovered blood clot to dissolve quickly, and that his swallowing will improve.  Him and Doris are appreciative of the prayers and ask for you to continue to intercede for him.

Betty Mosley was released from Regional Hospital today. She is better.

Lucille Teel was taken by ambulance from the Loop Campus to Good Shepherd with heart pain this morning She is in room 324. They’ve run some tests and will do more. She is feeling better.

Please pray for Kim Morrison – a principal at the new Hallsville school on East Loop 281. She was inflating a tire on a power washer and it exploded. The plastic rim hit her in the face. She’s been Air flighted to LSU Shreveport, at least 2 more retina surgeries.

Please be in prayer for our friend, Jean Brown…she us in ICU and is septic. Thanks in advance for your prayers.
Steve, Lana and Emily Snider

Update on my cousin. He’s made remarkable improvement! If all goes well, he will go home on Sunday. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!! Thank you for all your prayers!!  Tami Easley

Gary Nelson has been moved to ICU as his heart condition has worsened. Please continue to pray for him and Doris

My cousin, Rick needs our prayers! He was is an accident yesterday afternoon at work. A pipe burst and he was sprayed with ammonia. Most of his burns are on the inside. He is in ICU on a ventilator under a medically induced coma. This is to help his lungs breathe. His esophagus is swollen and 50% of his lungs are burned. They will rescope him on Saturday to see if there is any improvement with his lungs. They have not assessed his sight at this point. Please keep him in your prayers!!   ~Tami Easley
Carolyn Nelson are asking prayers for Billy’s brother Gary Nelson. He is in the hospital at Shreveport Willis Knighton Pierremont with heart issues that have worsened and hence causing a myriad of other problems.  He is very weak.  Gary, Doris & the Family would appreciate the prayers.

Please pray for Delores Richardson. She is back in Good Shepherd with double pneumonia. She can’t walk either. Please pray for her.

Keep Wayne McGuire in your prayers. He is in the hospital (Shreveport, I believe) with kidney, heart, and blood sugar issues.

Pray for Mountaintop Ministries and Kathleen & Kenny Gilliham. They are a part of this ministry.  Kenny needs a kidney transplant, has congestive heart failure and fluid around his heart.  Kathleen is his caregiver.

Kellie Miller went to Regional Hospital on Friday and liver cancer was a major concern. The doctors told the family that there was very little they could do and they really thought the mass was in fact cancer. Obviously the family was very upset and we all began to pray diligently. Saturday Kellie was transferred to Ft. Worth and when the doctors came in they told her that it might not be cancer after all and they needed to run more tests. Yesterday the Miller family received confirmation that the mass is NOT cancer. Kellie has cysts on her liver and one of them burst. PRAISE GOD FOR ANSWERING OUR PRAYERS! Kellie is still in the hospital and will be there for a bit until she recovers.

Donnie is still in ER at Good Shepherd… probably be there til late tonight or tomorrow…hospital is full..infection in colon that has gone to the appendix…doctors will get together and discuss further treatment options. Please be in prayer for Donnie and Vernon…thanks in advance for prayers.

Funeral service for Paul Adams will be Wednesday morning, April 26 at Rader Funeral Home. Visitation will be at 10:00 AM and service begins at 11:00 AM. Please pray for Pat and family.

Danny Miller is driving to Baylor Scott and White in Ft. Worth, where Kellie will be flown at anytime now.  They were finally able to find her a room there and a specialist who would take her case.  Her twin sister and parents are with her.  Please pray for the guiding of the Holy Spirit for her caregivers; for travel mercies for Danny and all the family members; and for Kellie to be relieved of the pain she is still experiencing.  In Jesus name, Amen

Dorothy Davis is in the Nursing Home and Rehab Center on the North side of Ruthlynn Drive. That should be Havencare at 111 Ruthlynn Drive. She is unable to hold anything down when she eats. She has lost at least 10 pounds. She had been at the ER about four times in the last month trying to find out what is wrong. She can only stay for several more days before her insurance runs out. Keep Dorothy and Ortha in your thoughts and prayers.

Please pray for Danny and Kellie Miller. She went in for what she thought was food poisoning and doctors have found a mass on her liver. They are waiting to be transferred to Dallas so they can get more answers. Please pray. Kellie is in a great deal of pain and they are very broken. Pray for their kids and family. 

Paul Adams passed away a little while ago. Please pray for Pat as this was totally unexpected. Paul was out doing yard work and all seemed fine. Pat will meet with funeral home tomorrow morning. Pat has family and loved ones with her during this time.

Please pray for Deloris RichardsonShe is in good spirits, but considerable pain. They are keeping her a few days and began to get her up to a chair this afternoon. They are not able to repair her leg because of numerous breaks. There will be no physical therapy for the breaks. She will have to stay off of it for about 3 months.

Pray for Richard Burks who was taken to the ER with chest pains and nausea around noon today. He was still in ER at 4 this afternoon, but the doctor said he didn’t think he was having another heart attack. He is being admitted for further test.

Please continue to pray for little Charlie Hunt who was taken to the emergency room for dehydration, then admitted for observation yesterday.  He was feeling much better this afternoon and was to be released.

Please pray for William Burks. He is at the ER at good Shepherd Hospital with chest pains and hurting. Pray for he and Lynnette.

Asking prayers for Joe Daniel; diagnosis of Esophageal Cancer. This is a relative of Mary Tucker.

Please pray for our Charlie. He has been sick all day and now Isabelle is also. They have admitted Charlie to Longview Regional. Pray for he and Ashley.

Thank you for your prayers. It is 6:30 – we just made it home. The procedure went well; praying my results goes well too. I will know in a few days hopefully. Love you and thank you for praying me through.  ~Gracie Lautaret

During our Evangelism Team efforts yesterday, a young couple asked…almost begged…to be placed on our prayer list.  They have visited WHBC along with other churches.  Their previous church split and they are seeking a new church home.  They are desperate to gain clarity from the Lord as to where they are to join and serve.  I assured them our church family would pray for God’s clear direction so please pray for Troy and Pam.  By the way, four other individuals indicated their plan to join WHBC! All glory to God! Thank you church family!!  –Gordon & Brenda Bevis

John Lippencott’s procedure went well. One stint and on his way home. Thanks for the prayers!

I am having a procedure on my back this afternoon; this is an outpatient procedure. I will be grateful for your prayers that this takes away the pain I have been dealing with for about 18 months. Thank you faithful prayer warriors.  ~Gracie Lautaret

Please remember Beau Creech, our trombone player, and his family today. His mama was in an automobile accident this week and did not make it. Funeral services are today and they need their church family interceding for them during this very difficult time. Beau is one of our college students and the drum major for the band at East Texas Baptist University. We love him dearly.   

Please pray for Delores Richardson. She’s been a faithful member here for many, many years. She’s been in and out of the Hospital and rehab over 6 months. She cannot walk. She will have surgery Monday at Good Shepherd at 11:00 AM.

Dot was having some problems breathing last night. She was taken to Hospitality ER this morning and have had her on Oxygen but cannot get her blood Oxygen level back up to acceptable levels. She is going to be transported to Longview Regional. Please pray for Dot and family and Doctors as they try to solve this problem.

Marilyn Sexton was take to Regional Hospital this afternoon complaining of dizziness.  According to her daughter, who is here in Longview with Clark, they have ruled out heart problems, but she was admitted for observation. Please pray her care givers are able to identify the problem quickly and get her back on her feet.  Pray for Clark and the rest of the family while our great physician tends to her every need.

John Lippencott (brother in law and member of WHBC) will be having a stint put in Monday morning the 17th at Regional.  Thank you in advance for your prayers.  ~Delores Hill

Bro. Allen had a stoke, yesterday morning. When he tried to call his hearing aid doctor the nurse there could not understand him and called his daughter-in-law. His son went over and took him to Regional where he stayed in the emergency room until midnight before being admitted.
By this afternoon, he had regained most of his memory and his speech was clear. The physical and speech therapy specialists have already cleared him for release. He is waiting on the medical staff to review all the test and give him a thumbs up or down. Pray for continued healing and a quick return to his on-line preaching around the world, as well as his return to us.

Please pray for Bro. Allen Buchanek. He had a stroke last night and is in Longview Regional, Room 280.

Our great granddaughter, Violet’s operation on her eyes went well. Her recovery should be two or three weeks.  Thank you for your prayers. Randy&Connie

Please pray for Teresa Fears – she has a second job interview at 2 pm this afternoon. Also, please pray for me – I will be moving into an apartment on
May 5th. ~John Zenter

Just talked to Cecelia Hairston..Ray is at home resting. Two stents were out in place, the third one could not be done. The artery has an aneurysm, so they could not put a stent in the artery. They checked out his carotid arteries and will get the results at Dr visit on 4/24. They will talk to the surgeon on 5/11 to see what needs to be done about the aneurysm. Please continue to pray for Ray and Cece. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.

Please pray for Mark Wilson, he is recovering from having a pacemaker and defibrillator put in today. All went well and he should be going home this evening.

Donnie Freeman is in surgery in Marshall to remove the stent and to go after the stone in her kidney. Please pray for her and Vernon. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.

Mother of Mikal Thomas – Dorothy Watkins – fell today and is at the ER.  She is in her late 80’s

Please be in prayer for Ray Hairston. He will be having a heart cath on Thursday, 4/13 at Longview Regional. They will see if he needs a stent and if one can be put in, and if it can’t, other options will have to be addressed. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider.

Many of you will remember praying for Peare Frazier.  Please pray for him.  This is an update from his mother:  Today was much anticipated and unfortunately, we did not receive good news at the doctor with my son. His AVM has more than doubled in size. The lump on his neck is suspected to be Mono (a virus which causes inflamed lymph nodes), although only one is bulging, the inflammation extends down on both sides of the neck. The lump on his neck has been there for at least a year (which is atypical for mono).  He is being referred to an infectious disease specialist here in Dallas (appointment pending). As for his AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation), in his leg, his doctor said he was going to have to consult with an outside specialist for next steps. We left today optimistic on the outside, but low key defeated on the inside. He’s already had multiple surgeries to shrink it in the past 2 years with no luck. They will call next week to schedule an appointment with the infectious disease doctor. Follow up for his leg is TBD, after extended consultation. I will continue to keep you updated on any upcoming appointments.

Please continue to pray for Ray and Donna Cook.  They met with the doctor yesterday and he went over the CT scan.  He was shocked at the size of Ray’s  thyroid and it has grown into his chest area.  He was surprised that Ray was not experiencing problems with breathing.  He feels he needs to consult with a cardiologist to be with him during surgery if he should need him.   Now surgery will have to be rescheduled when the cardiologist can be there.  We are praying it might happen sooner.  We are hoping to have some news next week.  Continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors, surgery scheduled soon and peace for us as we wait. It has been a long process but confident we are with the right doctor.  We are thankful for all the prayers and know God is with us.

Tony Dortch , a friend who lives in Alabama, is requesting prayers. He has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. He has been given a 50-50 chance of survival. Tony and his family are believers.  Their  church is praying now. Thank you for your prayers.  ~Randy Huston

Please pray for my great grandson,Wyatt, and his Mom. He has had a virus this week and doesn’t seem to be able to kick it. They have a doctor appointment today. Plus, she is so concerned about the security of her job with missing so many days with Wyatt. Please pray for good health for Wyatt and all babies in daycare and for peace for Tara, she is so stressed.
Thank you faithful prayer warriors.  ~Gracie Lautaret

Would you please pray for my niece Chloe Mayfield (16). They have taken her by ambulance from Gilmer ISD and she is on her way to Good Shepherd ER. She had a spell yesterday with extremely high blood pressure and high heart rate. Again it happened today, and her o2 dropped very low, making her very shaky and unable to even walk. We are not sure why this is happening so hopeful to get some answers.

Dorothy Jackson is home. Following up with doctor appointments this week. Thanks to everyone for your prayers.

Please be in prayer for Dot Key. She has a number of prayer request. A grandson in Tennessee is in the hospital with problems related to diabetes.  A son is coming back from his job in Saudi Arabia. Dot is trying to get a sleep study set up to diagnose some other problems. Please keep Dot in your prayers.

Scott Brown is still at Regional, but was to be moved from ICU to a room this evening.  He is still weak and a little confused but very thankful for prayers and those who have visited him.  Pray God will use him and his testimony in a mighty way.

Jennifer Spruiell’s surgery at Good Shepherd went well this afternoon.  She and Donald are back home.  She is resting and thanking God for her doctors and church family.  Please pray for fast recovery and for the same procedure on the other side in about two week.

Dorothy Jackson received a blood transfusion in the ER at Good Shepherd this afternoon and was to be admitted to undergo some more tests. Pray for her doctors and other caregivers.  Lord grant them wisdom and point them in the right direction to get her healthy again.  And continue to bless Dorothy with the peace she receives from her faith and trust in You.

Christin Heard is working hard at Good Shepherd therapy and seeing results of the treatments and all the prayers for her health.  She is focused on her recovery so she can return to her two year old daughter, who is staying with a friend; her job; her full time college classes; and to her church.  Please pray for those goals as well as her search for a new apartment for she and her daughter before May 1st.

Please pray for Dorothy Jackson. She is at Christus Good Shepherd for blood pressure issues and test.  ~Linda Meek

So very thankful test results were good. He is Faithful ~Danna Miller

Please pray for Jennifer Spruiell today. She is having surgery at 3:00 to begin to resolve some ongoing kidney issues. Pray that everything will go smooth and as planned.

Please pray for the father of Cindy Downey and Amy Timmons, he has Covid. His name is Gene Evans. ~Rudy Downey

Pray for Christin Heard.  She was having mini strokes and was at Mother Frances/Tyler.  She is currently at Good Shepherd Rehab for 12 days.

Please pray for the family of Gloria Richie. A Graveside Memorial Service will be held at Rosewood Park Cemetery in Longview on Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at noon. Interment will follow at Rosewood Park.

Please pray for Madi McNeal and I as we travel to Dallas Wednesday to see a colorectal surgeon. Pray that this doctor will find the solution to the problems that Madi is having. We love our prayer warriors and know that God hears every one of the prayers sent. So we covet your prayers. Thank you now for what God is going to do. ~Jan McNeal

Becky Kenyon – continued prayer for her daughter, Emily’s, healing and for travel mercies as she is spending time in Amarillo this week.

Laura McMickle – Her son, Taylor, has a 2nd interview this Tuesday for a job.  Praise for her mother’s condition.  She is doing well.  Pray for Laura’s health.  It was such a blessing that she was able to join us for our quarterly fellowship Sunday.

Jodie LeBrescu – Her cousin’s young family are serving in the mission field in a very tenuous part of the world, especially during this particular religious season.  Just pray for he and his wife and small children – for safety and for fruit from their kingdom labors.

Gracie Lautaret – Her twin brother is recovering from pneumonia and her niece, Jeannie, is still recovering from chemo and radiation.

Mike and Laurie Fincher – Undisclosed prayers for their daughter who is visiting from Florida.  And continue to pray for Laurie’s health.

Leroy and Peggy Worsham – We continue to pray for the newest members of our class as Leroy’s health continues to hinder his desired activities and involvement from time to time. Pray for Peggy to have the strength she needs to continue to care for Leroy and both of them as they endeavor to help their son Devin.

Jeff and Wendy Davis – as they continue in the drudgery of repair and remodeling from their not so recent flood damage and Jeff’s new job.

And, don’t forget to keep our “Shut-in” members, Clark and Marilyn Sexton in our thoughts and prayers.  They are such a blessing to this church body and it is a blessing to remember their heart and service to the lord. even as we have to value them from afar.

Keep Scott Brown in your prayers.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me!  When I went into surgery for the blood clot, it was no longer there!  Praise God!  I am now back home! Please continue to remember me and my son Ron in prayer. Thankfully, Joy Savage

Please pray for my family-my sister, Christie Freeman, just passed away. ~Rudy Downey

Please pray for Chet Wilson. He has lost sight in one eye. Nothing else can be done. Pray for him and Shirley.

Pray for Ed Warner. He cut his arm tonight and could not get it to stop bleeding. He cut into a vein. He came back from ER.

Mother (Dorothy Jackson) fell and hit her head last night. She is Christus ER. ~Linda Meek

Gloria passed away this evening.   11:15 pm.  Alzheimer’s.  God was merciful. Please pray for her sister who has been gravely ill for months. She is the last surviving member of that family.  ~ Lisa Richie

Please pray for me to find a job in East Texas.  Thank you. ~Angie Wheeler

PLEASE pray for Mary Tuckers son’s Mother- in- law, Carol Fisher.   She came down with COVID today…..103 temp….& A-Fib!   Being admitted now to Baylor hospital in Dallas!   
All prayers are appreciated.

Praise God, Our daughter-in-law’ surgery went well. She is in recovery. Surgery was able to be performed laparoscopically. Thank you all for your prayers. Melissa and our son ,Mike, we’re strengthened knowing you were praying.
Violet, our great granddaughter’s eye surgery was rescheduled to April 14.
Thank you all for your prayers.  Randy & Connie Huston

Tom will be coming home today around 4:00. Yea!!! He is on hospice. Please continue to keep Tom and me in your prayers. Love you all, Gloria Williams

Update on my last injection:  It seems to have helped a lot. I have started physical therapy. Thank you all for your continued prayers.  ~Carolyn Barnette

Please be in prayer for our friend, Lynn O’Neal…been having a few heart issues and going in for a heart cath in a few minutes. Thanks in advance for your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Pray for Joy Savage. She is at Christus Good Shepherd with a blood clot in her lung and two in her leg. She is going in to hopefully dissolve the clots at 1pm today.

Please be in prayer for Corey Williams….he will be taking a certification test at TSTC on Thursday. Thank you.

Mom is now in glory with her Heavenly Father and Savior. ~Sue Olson

Ray and Donna Cook went to Shreveport yesterday to meet with a specialist about the removal of his right thyroid. Doctor was very optimistic and knowledgeable. Ray will be getting a CT scan in Longview then the surgery will be scheduled. Probably will be in April. Ray is feeling fine and doing great. We appreciate all the prayers on our behalf. They feel God’s peace in moving forward with this surgery. Thank you again for your prayers.

Katie Simpkins arrangements:  Graveside service at Hallsville Cemetery on Tuesday, March 21 at 12:00pm

Pray for Kurt Potter and Dennis Jones – coworkers of John Zenter – ill.

Pray for John Zenter – heart cath on Monday – Diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure.

Pray for Teresa Fears – water damage and repair to her home and has been displaced for a couple of weeks.  Teresa will have surgery on her back and hands.

Our daddy is having back surgery in the morning @Christus St Michaels in Texarkana. We would appreciate your prayers. Thanks, Cindy Downey

Please pray for my brother Charles.  He is having surgery this morning and will begin radiation therapy for prostate cancer.  ~Barry Cates

Matt Adams is still in Good Shepherd with stomach problems.  Thought he might go home today, but they said he had to keep down food and he can’t – so far. Asks for prayers for healing and for he and his wife to get back to church.

Please pray for my seven-year-old grandson Bruce Pierce. He is pre-diabetic and will be having tests on his heart next month. Please pray for the tests to come out normal. ~Tana Pierce

Please pray for Katie Simpkins. She’s at her daughters in Hallsville. She is in a coma since Saturday. She doesn’t have much time left on this earth. Pray for all her family.

Donnie Freeman is still extremely uncomfortable and Vernon says there is nothing new or encouraging to report today.  He continues to request no visitors please, but continued prayer for healing.

Circumstances played out where mom came back home from the hospital to stay. Hospice will help us care for her here at home until the Lord sees fit to take her to glory. Pray for our strength and pray for grace and peace for my mom.  ~Sue Olson

Please keep Katie Simpkins and family in your prayers. She has dementia and is getting near the end of her life.

Pray for Delcie Giffaw who is having major surgery tomorrow.  She had a hip replacement and they are having to re-do it because of infection.  ~John Lippencott

Pray for Cynthia Adams’ husband, Matthew. Admitted to Christus Good Shepherd with a bacterial infection.

Pray for Cynthia Adams’ husband, Matthew. Admitted to Christus Good Shepherd with a bacterial infection.

We are with my mom right now in the ER. She was throwing up blood but it has stopped. We have no answers yet.  ~Kevin & Sue Olson

Mom’s fall last Sunday was the last fall she could take. Her dementia has taken over but she is not defeated. Pray for her peace as she waits to enter into Eternity. She is on hospice at Haven Care Nursing Home. ~Kevin & Sue Olsen

Please pray for Mona Reeves, she is going to the Emergency Room with hip pain. 

Donnie Freeman back in hospital…still testing…no visitors at this time…please pray for both Donnie and Vernon.  Thanks in advance for prayers.

I’m asking for prayer for my twin brother, JB, who is in the hospital in Arizona; he is very sick with pneumonia in three places. I do not know what that means. I do know when I called him today I could hear every little breath he tried to take. Jeannie, my niece, has completed her radiation and chemo. Please pray her reports will be good from this day forth. Thank you prayer warriors.  God bless you for your faithfulness.  ~Gracie Lautaret

Our daughter-in-law who has terminal cancer asked if the church would pray for her cousin, Serena. Serena is being treated by a hematologist oncologist for a blood disorder. Her iron is at 1/5 of the minimum and her hemoglobin are too small to transport the appropriate amount of oxygen. Serena is going in for an IV of iron, but doctors don’t seem to be able to discern exactly why she’s having these problems. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for the doctors so they can properly diagnose Serena.  KaCee has seen the value of your prayers for her and would like you to pray also for her cousin.  ~Greg Stewart

Betty Crump passed away Tuesday. Visitation is tonight, March 10, Radar 6-7pm. Celebration of Life is at Ware’s Chapel, Arkansas tomorrow at 11am.
All who loved Betty are welcome to attend. Donations can be made to East Texas Literacy Council or Woodland Hills Baptist Church.

Talked to Bro Vernon this am…took Donnie back to ER…now she has a kidney stone…waiting to see if she passes it before anything else is done. Please continue to pray for both of them…thanks in advance for your prayers.

Arrangement for Kory Fondren, John Fondren’s Brother is as follows:
Joseph Kory Fondren | May 17, 1980 – March 4, 2023
The family will receive friends from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Friday, March 10, 2023 at Harrison Funeral Home in Naples, Texas. Funeral services will be at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, March 11, 2023, Daniels Chapel Congregational Methodist Church in Naples, Texas.


Please pray for Howard Hunt as he recovers from hernia surgery. He is doing well, please pray that he has a good night. 

Being home three days from rehab, mom fell again this morning. We are on our way to the ER because it looks like she has a broken wrist. Please keep her and the family in your prayers.  ~Kevin & Sue Olson

John Fondren’s brother, Korey, didn’t make it.  He leaves behind a wife and three kids.  Please continue to pray for this family.

Please pray for Korey Fondren, John Fondren’s brother.  He was in a motorcycle accident and is in McCurtin County Hospital.  The family was asked to head to the hospital.  Keep this sweet family in your prayers.

Please pray for Richard Carrington. He has had a rough time for several weeks.

Donnie Freeman Update:  The drs have been in this am…planning on releasing her as soon as paperwork is done. Just continue to pray for Donnie and Vernon as she continues her treatment at home. Thanks for the many prayers…you know prayer works!!!

Please keep Brenda Browder in your prayers.  She is in Regional and is having a hard time breathing.  Brenda requests NO VISITORS at this time.

Please keep Betty Mosley in your prayer.  Her bronchitis has developed into pneumonia.  She is still at home.  Betty would like to thank you for your prayers and continued prayers.

Continue in prayer for Donnie n Vernon. She seems to be in good spirits. Barbie, Brenda n Susan came by to bring cheer to the room by singing a song. Pray that the Drs will be successful in eliminating the clots in the lungs.   Thanks for the prayers. ~Ronnie Jones

Bill Hatfield’s hip replacement went well according to the surgeon. Hopefully he will come home this evening. Thanks for your prayers.  ~Ronnie Jones
Please remember Deanne Anderson’s brother (T) H. Anderson. He is on chemo and battling cancer.

John Ramey just went home to heaven tonight. Please pray for Shirley and the family during this time of grief.

Laura McMickle’s mother, Dot Skiles, has been admitted to the hospital for testing because her liver enzymes are elevated. Laura asked that we pray they will be able to quickly diagnose and treat whatever is causing the problem. Thank you Prayer Warriors.  ~Gracie Lautaret

Kelsey Mehrens is having ankle surgery on Monday. Please keep her in your prayers.

I was able to go see Tom today. Vital signs were good. Improved! He was very alert and speaking clearly. Even laughed and had a good sense of humor.
I’m beginning to heal. I had a hard cast put on my right leg, non weight bearing, and a large cam on my left with weight as tolerated. I can hop on a walker like a one legged rabbit. Thank everyone for the prayers, cards, & phone calls.
Please continue your prayers for us .  LOVE and MISS everyone!! Gloria

Donnie Freeman has been moved to room 317…still has some small blood clots in lungs…will try pills for a blood thinner instead of IV…trying different treatment for her colitis. Please continue to pray for her and Bro Vernon. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

Please pray for Blake Hudson and his family. Blake is Ms Mary Walton’s grandson. Blake’s grandmother (dad’s mom) passed away. Please pray for this family as they mourn this loss.

Text with Donnie this am…said she is feeling better…still having some issues that need to be addressed…still has blood clots in lungs. Hopefully drs will figure out what needs to be done to get her on the road to getting all the issues resolved. Thanks so much for your prayers and please continue to pray. ~Lana Snider

Please say a prayer for Sam, one of our former students – now a college student at UT Tyler. She is exhausted balancing school and athletics. She is stressed and covered in fever blisters. She needs some strength and endurance to push through the week.–

Please pray for the family of TR Seale. He went to be with the Lord this morning. He is Nicky Seale’s father in law. ~Daryl Liles

Talked to Vernon….she is resting and the drs are still checking on different avenues to see what all is happening to try and figure out any treatment that Donnie needs. Please continue to pray for Donnie and Vernon. Thanks in advance for your prayers.  ~Lana Snider

Donnie Freeman is out of procedure and headed to her room…doing ok at this time.

Donnie Freeman had a sonogram on her heart earlier…they are doing some type of procedure on her at 1:00…thanks in advance for your prayers. Will update as information is received.

Please keep Teresa Fears and John Zenter in your prayers.

Please pray for 6 year-old granddaughter, Violet, who lives in Dangerfield, and is having corrective eye muscle surgery on one eye in Dallas on March 17th. c) Our daughter-in-law, Melissa, who lives in Longview is having bariatric surgery in Dallas on March 23rd. Please pray for God’s hand of protection to be on them and that the surgical teams be given wisdom and discernment. Thank you.  ~Randy Huston

Update on Donnie Freeman:  Talked to Bro Vernon this am…blood clots in lungs…got her on saline drip. Will update as information is received. Thanks in advance for all the prayers.

Bill Hatfield is having hip replacement surgery Thursday, March 2.

Please be in prayer for Donnie Freeman. She is at the ER with congestive heart failure per Bro Vernon.

Please be in prayer for  Sheri Hopkins. She is at Good Shepherd Hospital with a diverticula abscess and is waiting on a surgical consult. Thanks in advance for your prayers.  ~Lana Snider

Please pray for Laura McMickle; she is very sick with bronchitis. She has been sick all week ; she has another doctor’s appointment Tuesday. Thank you prayer warriors for praying for this sweet friend. ~Gracie Lautaret

Please keep my family in your prayers.  My step mother, Jean Stanley, passed away Wednesday. Visitation will be 6-8 Friday evening at Rader’s Funeral Home on Judson Road. Graveside services will be 12 noon Saturday at Memory Park Cemetery on Highway 80.  ~Lonnie Stanley

Kay Kidd’s surgery went well and they thank you for your prayers!

Pray for Barry Higginbotham. He was re-admitted to Good Shepherd hospital on Monday afternoon with low blood pressure, dizziness, confusion, and a squealing pacemaker. He is feeling better and hoping his doctor will have some answers today and allow him to go home soon.

Please pray for Matt Folmar’s mother. She is in quadruple by pass heart surgery this morning.

Kay Kidd is having surgery on her hand this morning. It is scheduled for 10:30. Please pray for a successful surgery and complete healing. Thank you church family!

I have a coworker, a young lady, and found out her dad has a brain tumor.  They are in the stages of getting him prepared for surgery.  He lives in Peru and things are a bit different there.  He has to have all his blood for the surgery donated from individuals specifically for him before they can schedule the surgery.  She lives here and her only sibling lives in Amsterdam.  His name is Andres Razuri.  Please pray for this family.   ~Delores Hill

Pray for me and finances…Rhonda Clark

Please pray for Parker Tate. This is Dustin and Amanda’s youngest son. He fell today and busted his head open and they are currently at er getting staples. 

Dorothy Jackson is in ER with blood pressure issues.

Continue prayer for Skip as he is recovering from surgery and expected home today.

The promising new chemo drug our daughter-in-law was taking is not working. A CT scan done Friday shows KaCee’s cancer has significantly spread. The oncologist is putting KaCee back on a previous chemo that effectively tamped down the cancer but devastated her body. KaCee has been prescribed Neulasta, a wonder drug to keep her white blood cells from cratering. Unfortunately, because KaCee’s diagnosis is terminal, insurance does not want to pay for Neulasta, which is very expensive. Please pray they can get the Neulasta approved. Still praying for a miraculous healing. ~Greg Stewart

Overton First Baptist Church is asking for us to pray for their upcoming Wednesday night service.  This will be their first Wednesday night service with kids and youth.  Josh  Croswell is the interim pastor and his wife Christina are taking the lead in bringing services back to FBC Overton.  Please pray for them. —

Please pray for Linda South that she can get her strength back. She is in Everest Rehabilitation.

Our niece-in-law has many health problems that doctors and many tests have not resolved. She needs prayers. ~Paul and Pat Adams

Please pray for Michelle Stewart and family. The funeral service for her mother is this morning. 

Thank the Lord , I just got home. Thank you so much for the cards, visits, and most of all the prayers. Please continue to lift up Tom and I as we both continue to heal.  Love my WHBC ! Gloria Williams

Keep Madi McNeal, daughter of Al and Jan McNeal in your prayers.  She is having medical tests run.  Pray for resolution of health issues.

Our neighbor was taken to the hospital today for a Heart Cath. Please lift her and her husband up. Her husband recently learned he had a malignant spot on his kidney. I know they would appreciate our prayers ~Danna Miller

Ray Cook just now got out of surgery around 2:30. He’s in recovery. They were only able to remove half of the thyroid (original plan was to remove all), the area that was enlarged was the only side removed. He will have to come back at a later date and have the other side removed. They will send this side off for testing. Ray will spend the night at Longview Regional.  Please pray for his recovery and that all comes back good.

Iva Holyfield came home yesterday evening from her surgery in Dallas. Please pray for her as she recovers.

Please continue to pray for Wayne Rosette. Wayne is recovering at home from surgery that he had on Monday in Tyler.

Please pray for Ray Cook. He will be going into surgery soon to have his Thyroid removed at Longview Regional Hospital.

Hallelujah! I have a discharge date- Saturday. This has been a long but humbling journey. Thank you for helping me through it with your prayers, phone calls, flowers , very special visits, and —Dr Pepper & snacks! I know I still have a ways to go for healing, but with your prayers, giving hearts, and support it makes the road ahead less bumpy! Please continue to keep Tom in your prayers as he is getting stronger. Love  you Gloria Williams

Carol Urazoff, Sue Olson’s mom fell this afternoon. CT scan results show one side of the neck vertebrae is broken and the other side is still holding on. They have her in a neck brace now and they are going to monitor everything over the next few days. If the doctor wants to do neck surgery they will have to take her off of blood thinners for several days. She is in a lot of pain.  Please pray for this sweet family.

Please pray for the Carolyn Nelson Family.  Gary Nelson has heart issues and his daughter in law, Lillian, has been admitted with low platelets.

Tom was transferred to Highland Pines today. He is in room 102 under Claude Williams.
I’m still in Christus rehab. No release date on me yet. Please continue to keep both of us in your prayers. What great prayer warriors we have!!   ~Gloria Williams

Michelle’s mother, Barbara Wilson, passed away early this morning. She lasted a lot longer on Hospice than the doctors thought she would. Barbara was always telling Michelle “I’m a tough old broad”. She was right! Barbara was a believer, but it’s still hard on Michelle who is the oldest child.
~Greg Stewart

Leroy Worsham goes home from rehab on Sunday. How’s that for our God? Thank you, everyone, for praying for him. Prayer is so powerful.

Please pray for Linda South She is at Longview Regional. She is unable to keep anything down. Pray they keep her and she gets her strength back.

Iva Holyfield is having surgery Monday at Baylor in Dallas.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

I have been moved to Physical therapy unit to room E254 at Christus in- patient- rehab. Prayers were answered. Thank each one who sent prayers for Tom and I. Tom Has still not been moved yet out of Everest. Continue to pray that he will go to a skilled nursing in the next few days.  Love my prayer warriors, Gloria Williams

Asking prayers for Cindy Downey-she has been experiencing lower back pain in the last few weeks that has worsened in the last couple of days. Thanks.

Wayne Rosette is scheduled to have shoulder replacement surgery on Monday, February 13th.

Please be in prayer for our granddaughter Naomi, she was in an auto accident in Dallas last evening. No fractures or broken bones. Was released from ER / Baylor this morning. Remember our daughter as well, Kristy Miller Shoulders. Thank you in advance.  ~Danna Miller

Good morning Prayer Warriors! Update on Jeannie, my niece. She said the mouth sores have cleared up but the radiation is hitting her hard – burning, chapped and very tired. She wanted me to thank you for your continued prayers. Those prayers are making a difference. Thank you and God bless each of you.  ~Gracie Lautaret

Please pray for Michael Shelton. A respiratory infection caused a copd flare up has him in the Hospital. He’ll be there at least one night.

Surgery is slated for 2:30 today. Please pray that the surgeons will be guided by God’s hands to put all the broken pieces of my ankle & leg back together.
Love my prayer warriors!! Gloria Williams

Pray for my mom, Susan Floyd. She is 73. Since November she has been in/out of hospital and rehab. First a fractured hip to kidney dialysis to UTI to toxins in her body (causing delusions). Pray for God’s will, His mercy, and His grace, His healing. ~Jennifer West

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