Prayer Board

Please continue to pray for Mary Walz that the blood clots in both legs will quickly dissolve. She is in a lot of pain. Thank you for praying. – Bro. Clark Sexton

Please keep Barbara McDaniel in your prayers. She has contracted COVID.

Please be in prayer for Pat Westbrook. She has tested positive for Covid. Thankfully it seems to be a mild case.  Also, our son, who had taken the J&J vaccine has tested positive and has had a fever and has felt like he had the flue. His wife has also tested positive and has lost her sense of taste and smell. Thanks for your prayers. Pray that they don’t spread it to other family members or friends.

Please pray for Mary Walz. A friend in a Dallas hospital. She is 78 and has blood clots in both legs. Cannot be given blood thinners due to a brain injury. Thank you for praying! ~Bro. Clark Sexton

Please be in prayer for my brother, Chuck Tucker. He was admitted yesterday to LRMC with a heart attack….heart cath was done today and had 3 stents placed…Chuck had quadruple bypass in 2008. Thanks in advance for your prayers for Chuck and family. ~Steve, Lana and Emily Snider

Update on Melody Fitzgerald Foster’s mom… She did have a stroke and will be in the hospital another night. Her carotid artery is 50% blocked and they will be doing a heart echocardiogram to rule out heart issues that caused the stroke. She is stronger today and still has her smile.

Please pray for the Bobbie Bulloch family. She passed away June 30.

Please continue to pray for Teresa Fears. She had another seizure in the wee hours,
so it was another night at Regional ER. Please also pray that I will be able to stay awake
and work productively through the day and in the evening tonight. ~John Zenter

Please pray for Melody Fitzgerald Foster’s mom. Ambulance is taking her to the hospital…looks like a stroke..she can communicate but can’t walk.

Please pray for Mason. He has now caught covid as well.  ~Kason Kuykendall

Please pray for Larry Whitehurst and family. His mother passed away early Sunday morning.

Church Family, please keep me in your prayers. I have tested positive for Covid-19. Please pray that my symptoms remain mild and that Brittany, Mason, Maddox and Kasyn stay well.  We will sure miss seeing you all in the morning! ~Bro. Kase

Our precious granddaughter Ellie Grace has arrived💗She’s so beautiful! So alert with beautiful big eyes too💗she weighs 6 lbs 4 oz 19 inches long born at 10:08! Big sister Paislee Jo so excited & in love!! God bless your prayers that are much appreciated!!  ~Tracy and Marshall Jones & Family

Gloria Williams is home.  She is a little nauseated but no pain so far (the deadening meds will only last 6-8 hours).  So hopefully she will be able to get in front of any pain she may have with meds.  Gloria will remain completely off the foot for 5 days.  Continue to keep her in your prayers.

Please pray for our daughter, Michelle, as she is checked into Longview hospital to deliver a precious baby girl, Ellie Grace  ~Tracy Jones

Gloria Williams is out of surgery and in recovery. All went well.

Please pray for Amber Showler and family. Her grandfather passed away yesterday. 

Please pray for Gloria Williams. She is having surgery today! Thank you!

Please pray for Ester Martinez and family. Her Grandma passed away last week. Thank you so much!

I am having foot reconstruction surgery tomorrow morning , July 15 in Tyler. Please keep me and the doctors in your prayers. Thank you mighty prayer warriors of WHBC. Love Y’all, Gloria Williams

Please pray for Shirley Stauss. She has been admitted to Christus Good Shepherd.

Pray for Leroy Worsham. His heart is presently back in A-Fib. He goes back to the cardiologist in two weeks. Thank you.

Please pray for Paula Reaves she is having issues with heart.

Please continue to pray for Ronda Rancour, her test results showed the cancer has spread, and the doctor wants to do a biopsy to determine treatment.

Please pray for me. I have 2 things going on that I badly need our prayer warriors for. I love my church family and can always count on them.
Thank you so much! ~ Deanne Gibson

Shirley Stauss is home from the hospital and doing much better. Please continue to pray for her.

Please pray for Alan Walcott. He has been diagnosed with cancer in both intestines. Surgery next week.  ~Keith and Paula Parker

A child named Athena is desperately needing prayers for healing she is having some mysterious medical symptoms after a organ implant.  ~Brandi Fudge

Pray for Shirley Stauss. She fell this morning, she didn’t break anything but they are keeping her in the hospital overnight for Observation because she bumped her head.She has been Suffering with migra ines for the last four or five weeks. They gave her Meds for the migraines nothing has worked and it caused her to have vertigo and dizziness.

Please pray for Terry Stone, he’s having a medical procedure done today.

Please pray for Wolfman Snider. He’s having a MRI done on Friday.

About 125 students kidnapped from a Baptist church school in northern Nigeria are especially in danger because of their Christianity and the unwillingness of local authorities to pay a ransom. 

Pray for Katie Walton, Mary Walton’s great granddaughter. She’s having surgery . Broke her arm tubing. Her other Arm is in a cast she broke it earlier

Update on Gracie Lautaret; after transferring her to Trinity Mother Francis hospital Saturday night, the surgeon performed the procedure on her fractured vertebrae Monday. I was able to bring her home yesterday. She’s still pretty uncomfortable, but definitely better than before. Thank you all for your prayers and asking that you’ll continue to lift her up for healing. We love you all,  Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Pray today for our missionary in Alaska, Dwayne King. They have 8 airplanes flying to the Artic Circle today. Pray for safety and souls to be saved.

Please pray for Dr. Larry and Debbie Frase’s daughter, Lauren.

Please pray for Teresa. She had two seizures yesterday – one about 10:00 pm, and a second
while she was in the Regional ER. Pray that she will be seizure free until we have seen her doctor and have a plan moving forward. Thank you for being faithful intercessors and standing in the gap!
~John Zenter

Please pray for Jennifer Spruiell. She will have surgery this morning at 10:00 to remove a kidney stone that has caused pain and an infection. Pray for a speedy recovery.

Gracie Lautaret is scheduled for surgery this morning at 10:30 AM in Tyler at Mother Francis. Please pray for her and Buddy.

Please be in prayer for Dorothy Jackson. She will be having Angioplasty on Wednesday.  ~Linda Meek

I will be having ankle replacement surgery on July 6. ~Donna Stephens

Pray that my husband could get a job with the field that he went to school for. To thank God for everything that he has provided us with. ~Erica

Gracie Lautaret is being transferred to Christus Mother Francis in Tyler tonight. She has a fracture that has bone splinters hitting her spinal cord. She will have surgery on Monday or Tuesday. They will be controlling the pain until then.

Please pray for Gracie Lautaret. She is in a lot of pain. She’s at the ER now with a possible fracture in her spine. Waiting on decisions now. Pray for her and Buddy.

Robyn Worthen in Utah has asked that our church pray for her best friend’s husband. He has had Covid. He has Lupus and is now Septic  Please pray for a miracle for this family.

Please continue to pray for Gracie Lautaret. She had a back injection yesterday. Her back is some better today. Still have trouble getting up and down but BETTER. She fell Sunday and her arm still aches from my shoulder to her fingers.

Funeral Services for Dr. Jay Petty will be Friday, 3:00 PM at Rosewood Mausoleum. This is Dr. Gene and Shirley’s son.

Please pray for Thurman McGuire. He will have another surgery on Friday at Longview Regional. He has already had several. Pray for healing.

Please pray for my nephew, Derrick 33, who works in a power plant in Texas. There was an explosion and it affected his lung. Please pray that the Workman’s Comp. Insurance will approve the Lung Wash Treatment recommended by the company’s doctor. In the Name of Jesus. Thank you Lord. ~Esther

I just heard from Dr. Frase. I do not have a tumor or any sign of cancer of the brain. Praise God for his infinite mercy and for my wonderful prayer warriors. Love you dearly‼  ~Carolyn Northcutt

Prayers answered. Sissy went to the doctor today and he put a boot on her foot. She can now walk. Her arm is healing well. She is able to finally return to her home. Continue to pray she will continue to heal.

Please pray for our students at camp tonight. Specifically for our lost students tonight’s theme is very evangelical. Pray God would draw them to Him. Thank you so much in joining us in prayer! Our evening service begins soon.

Unfortunately, I have another major prayer request. I should have sent this out Friday, but I hesitated and now need your prayers more than ever.
Recently, I have been having excruciating headaches and they originate behind my left eye. This is the eye that had a detached retina in Jan., 2020, and also had a ruptured vessel in it shortly after my bilateral mastectomy. Unfortunately, my mother and her father (my maternal grandfather) both died as the result of brain tumors. My grandfather was 38 and my mother 75. So Dr. Frase has scheduled a CT scan for Tuesday at noon followed by a visit with my retina specialist Dr. Bains Wed., at 2:30.
One source of comfort is I had a MRI 5 years ago and no tumor was detected. They thought my mother’s tumor originated when she was 55. So that was good news.
Anyway, please pray this is nothing serious. This not only affects me, but all my siblings, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc.
I am not fearful because I know God has a plan for my life. Thank you all for supporting me during my recent cancer ordeal.  Love you all dearly,  Carolyn Northcutt

Spoke with Shirley and Gene Petty. Wisdom and comfort as they plan their son’s funeral. Relief from shingles and surgery over broken elbow for Shirley and comfort and wisdom for daughter-in-law Si as she prepares to go back to her home in the Philippines.

I had another MRI done Thursday & it showed another ruptured disc. I’m not a candidate for more back surgery so pray I’ll find a good pain management doctor in Grapevine. Thanks for your prayers. Carolyn Barnette

Richard Burks wants to thank everyone for their prayers. He found out he doesn;t have cancer in the bones.Continue to pray for Richard and Lanette as she cares for him.

Please pray for Evelyn Johnson, she has shingles, this is her second week of them. Thank you!

Please pray for the health of my dear friend Gov. Phil Scott.  ~Christopher Morse

Please Pray .Phebe Reel’s husband, fell this morning. He was transported to the ER by ambulance. Nothing seems to be broken after they did a CT scan. He is in a lot of pain.He is expected to be released from the hospital today.  Please pray for him and Phebe.

My mom, Iva Dee Smith, and daughter, Darla, were in an auto accident on Wednesday morning.  Both are fine except for mother having two cracked ribs and Darla injuring her knee.  Darla’s car was totaled (which is another need for prayer)  I thank you, in advance, for your prayers for the two of them.  Peggy Worsham

Please pray for Damian. He is 3 yrs old and they have found that he has leukemia. He played baby Jesus during the awesome play that the church did right after he was born. This family is going to need massive amounts of prayers and strength. Thanks  ~Deanne Gibson

Leanna’s (day school worker) son Damian is at Dallas Children with pneumonia and other health issues they are looking into!! Pray for peace…rest…and answers!!!

Please pray for Mike & Jana Campbell.  Jana’s sweet daddy, Bill Young,  went to Heaven a few hours ago.  Bill loved Jesus!  And continue to pray for Mike who is recovering from back surgery.   –Brenda Bevis 

My husband Jay Donnell is having carpel tunnel surgery this afternoon at 4:30. Prayers for a smooth non complicated procedure, and recovery.

Pray for my granddaughter, Drew Worley. She has a rare condition where an artery is pressing against some nerves. She is going to the doctor today to see what can be done and she is nervous. She lives in Colorado so no family there.  Thanks for praying!  ~Carolyn Barnette

Jeanette Woods ask you pray for her husband Delmer. He is having a major hernia surgery this Friday Jun 25. There are some complications to be solved. Pray the doctors will be able to fix this problem.

Please be in prayer for Jana Campbell and her family. Her daddy, Bill Young, is not doing well. Please remember this family in this very difficult time.  Thank you Church

Please pray for Mrs. Betty Hudman. She fell today and may have fractured her skull.

Please continue to pray for Gracie Lautaret, that she will get some answers soon and relief from the pain. She has been having severe pain in her left shoulder and arm for nearly three weeks. (been to ER and heart problems ruled out) She has an MRI on Saturday, the 19th, and follow up appointments next week. Thank you for praying and we love you all.  ~Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Rhonda Rancour just got taken to ER at Good Shepherd. She is still battling Lung Cancer and was struggling breathing.

Please pray for Donnie Freeman. She’s at hospital since last night. Running tests. Not sure what the problem is. Pray for her and Vernon.

Pray for Gracie Lauteret. please. She’s at Longview Regional ER since about 6:30 AM. She’s having severe pain in her left shoulder and arm. They’re trying to figure out what is going on

Pray for Danna Miller and family. Her older brother, David Tillman, passed away yesterday.

Please pray for Al McNeal as he is dealing with blood clots in his left calf and foot. We are at Longview Regional waiting for blood test results.

Please pray for Tami Easley. She is having esophagus problems and needs your prayers

Our daughter-in-law,Becky Huston, is in need of prayers. She has an appointment tomorrow with an oncologist. Thank you all.  Randy&Connie

I went to my surgeon yesterday in Longview expecting to be released & to see why my back hurt so much 8 weeks post surgery. I was devastated to learn a bone has broken in my back. He said it could have been from a sneeze, cough or turning over in bed. So… I have to come back in 6 weeks to have a MRI done to see if it’s healed on it’s own. Sometimes they do & if not another surgery.
Carolyn Barnette

Shirley Petty just got out of surgery for her broken elbow and all went well. She should go home later this evening. Please pray for Shirley and Dr. Petty.

Please pray for Cindy Wells and for Bobby. He took Cindy to Northpark ER yesterday about 6pm. She had a fever and felt sick. She was still at Northpark and they were going to transfer her to Christus and put her on a stronger antibiotic to try and kill the infection.

Ms. Joy Savage is at home and wants to thank everyone for the prayers and love during her stay in the hospital.

Please pray for Jerry and Lori Froidyl. Jerry’s mother passed away today. They will be traveling to St. Louis to be with family. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Please pray for Dean Rogers. He is in Longview Regional. They are running tests. Pray for him and Peggy.

I have a friend that has a co-worker. Her co-worker’s husband is most likely going to be put on life support for Covid. The wife can not smell and 7 out of 8 of their children ages 2-18 have tested positive for Covid. Their last name is Bayless and they live in Whitehouse.  Thank you ~Deanne Gibson

Please pray for Shirley Petty. She fell and broke her elbow. Bad break Surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday. Please pray for her and Dr. Petty.

Please pray for Betty Mosley. They took her to Regional with chest pain. May be anxiety, but being cautious.  Thank you!

Prayers for Joyce Timmons and husband Leo they are members of mason creek. She has stage four body and brain cancer undergoing chemo and radiation. She asked for prayers from her church.  ~Linda Strange

Nooah Howard,age 7, young girl has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain cancer and is needing all the prayers she can get. Parents know God and have faith that GOD will work miracles. ~Donnie and Vernon

I am having severe respiratory problems this week and need your prayers for better breathing and recovery. I love you all and love my church.   ~Brenda Browder

Keep Beverly Gross in your prayer.  She is having a kidney removed tomorrow.

Please pray that God will lead me to the next work place He has for me.~John Zenter

Ms. Jean Taylor is still at Good Shepherd after hip replacement surgery, but doing well and in therapy three times per day. She is scheduled to go home Monday.   Continue to pray for her recovery, gained strength and mobility.

This is a PRAISE! I have spent the last 5 days in the hospital while doctors were trying to dissolve blood clots in both legs & feet. Praise God, this morning I was able to lift my legs more than 2 inches! This is a real miracle as the doctors had not much hope because they have been there 7 weeks! Thanks to all who prayed, sent cards, called & text. Please continue to pray. My back is not doing well! I love my church family!  ~Carolyn Barnette

Dale Litrell’s mom fell yesterday and broke 3 bones in her ankle.  Surgery will be needed. Waiting.

Tommy Hopkins mom, Retta Burton, passed away last night.  She was 95.  Please keep the family in your prayers.

Please pray for Paula Reeves. She is at UT Tyler. She fell. They did a catscan and discovered an aneurism in groin where they did a heart cath. Waiting on decisions.

Please pray for Carolyn Northcutt.  She is fighting off an infection and does not feel well.

Please pray for Joy Savage. She is undergoing therapy at Summer Meadows trying to regain her strength so that she can return home.
Amber Showler went home from the hospital on Sunday and is now recovering.

Asking prayer for Vickie, our daughter in laws mother, scheduled for heart surgery Tuesday morning. And for Glynn, Vickie’s husband, with a broken ankle. Thank you in advance!  Nancie & Bill Darby

Please pray for a friend, Mrs. Annette Paulk, she fell this morning while going to graduation for her grandson and broke her left arm at the shoulder and had a gash over her left eye. Surgery on her arm will be today or tomorrow. Thanks in advance for your prayers for her, the doctors and those that will see to her care.  ~Steve, Lana and Emily Snider

They are finished. Leroy just had calcium build up, only 40 percent blockage so did not have to do a Stent. He gets to go home in awhile. God is so good.

I now have blood clots in both legs. I am in Baylor Scott & White hospital in Grapevine. Doctors are deciding what to do. Thanks for praying.  ~Carolyn Barnette

Please pray for our friend and sister in Christ, Sherry Herndon. She was recovering from recent breast cancer surgery and just found out that the cancer has spread to her lung and now she has stage 4 lung cancer.  Thank you all,  Guy and Martha Fuller

Please add dad (Robert McNail) to the prayer list. He has a crack in the cap covering the hip bone. No surgery planned. He’s in Good Shepherd waiting to be transferred to the physical therapy side her at the hospital. Looking at a long recovery. Thank you for your prayers. Vicki

Please pray for Bob McNail. He fell and may have cracked his hip. Don’t know if, where, or when they may do surgery.

Amber Showler completed her surgery and all went well, but they are having to go back in for a separate surgery now. Please continue to pray.

Jean Taylor is out of surgery and all went well. Thank you for remembering her in prayer. Join in praying for an easy and quick recovery now.

Please pray for Amber Shower. She has been admitted to Longview Regional with Gallbladder problems.

Sally Azbell’s mother, Mrs Huffman, passed away last night.  Please be in prayer for Sally, Kerry Don and their family during this time of loss.  Thank you!

Prayers for my niece Jess, her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow if the COVID test is negative.  This surgery is to remove a lobe of the liver, then another round of chemo. Thank you church family.  ~Karen Pettit

Please pray for Erin Walton. She is at Mother Francis Hospital in Tyler. She is having some heart issues and will be admitted. Please pray for Erin, Jack and family.

Keep Jean Taylor in your prayers.  She is having hip replacement surgery on Friday at Christus Good Shepherd.

Cindy Wells is out of surgery. Everything went well. Still in lots of pain.

Pray for Leroy Worsham.  He is having surgery on Monday to have stents placed in his neck.

Joy Savage has been in the hospital since Thursday night with pneumonia. She is in Longview Regional Room 285.

Pray for my friend Dennis Jennings, he fell out of an attic to concrete floor, he is in ICU at Mother Francis hospital, has had 2 surgeries to repair brain bleeds, also has a skull fracture, he is stable, sleeping a lot, I was able to talk to him Sunday for a while, they are also concerned about mobility of arms and legs, able to move them some for a short time. Curtis Allen

Please be in prayer for Cindy Wells. She has had some severe abdominal pains and is at the Northpark ER and will probably will be admitted until they can clear up the problem.
Pray for Bobby, Cindy and the Physicians, nurses and technicians that they will be able to work out the problems quickly.

Please be in prayer for the family of Nick Peck. He passed away this morning from pancreatic cancer. Thanks for all your prayers previously and now. ~Steve, Lana and Emily Snider

Update on George Stone:  Praise the Lord. Heart cath showed a blockage of 95 % and 90 %. Stints in and will be coming home soon. Humbled by your prayers for us. Thankful foe a mighty healing God who orchestrated every detail.  Thx  Michelle

Please be in prayer for George Stone and his caretakers, he has been having chest pains and is going to have a heart cath in the morning at 11. He also knows he has a heart valve with problems and will eventually need a valve replacement. Thank you

We are praising God today. Mel’s surgery went well. They were able to get all the tumor from her ovary intact. They do not think it was malignant; however they are going to send it off to verify.  Thank you for praying.  Blessings, Karen Wilson

Please pray for my cousin Roman Salinas. He is having open heart surgery today. Thank you all. ~Christy Mayfield

Melanie Ceal is having surgery in Dallas tomorrow at noon to remove a tumor from her ovary. Please pray the doctor can get it all. Give Mel peace and a strong sense of God’s presence. Blessings, Karen Wilson

Please keep Kennie and Liz Graham in your prayers.  Liz has shingles on the right side of her forehead; praying it doesn’t get into her eye.  Kennie is having outpatient sinus surgery on Friday, May 14.

Please pray for Bill Hatfield. He had a fall. We’re at the hospital getting him checked out now. 8:51pm 5/10.

Please be in prayer for our longtime friend, Jean McKinley and family…Bro Buddy McKinley went to be with the Lord early Sunday morning. Thanks in advance for all your prayers. ~Steve, Lana and Emily Snider

Cathy Gist Father’s UPDATE: Your prayers are greatly appreciated. We talked to Harley yesterday, and he seemed confused. Again, he is 82, and has basically been confined to his room in long-term care for over a year (Chattanooga, TN). He was in need of fluids and was given an IV and it seemed to help. He knows the Lord, so we praise God for that. And, he is unashamed of the Gospel, and speaks “Truth” every chance he gets—to nurses—social workers—techs…etc.  Please continue to pray for: Protection/Provision/Peace and that God’s hand remains on him. Thank you,  Greg & Cathy Gist

Please continue to pray for Vivian Roland and family with the loss of her grandson Christian.

Please pray for our mother. She spend early Sunday morning in the ER for very high blood pressure. I had to take her back about 10 am. She has been admitted as the blood pressure will not stay in normal range. Thank you again church family.  Barry Cates

My mother, Jean Lawson, is with the Lord as of 2:30 this morning. Appreciate prayers for the family as we honor her.  ~Cathey Hare

We are in need of prayers for Cathy’s Father (Harley Elmore- 82 years old) also pray for Mother Linda, and Brother Marc. Harley may be in Kidney Failure—We will know tomorrow. They ran a BMP test  (basic metabolic panel) and it came back bad. They will retest in the morning and if still high will put him on dialysis or palliative care. Thank you, Greg & Cathy Gist

My in-laws are in need of prayer. Charlie and Jan Vanmeter are dealing with serious medical issues and are waiting on answers. Thank you for your prayers. ~Mike Campbell

Please pray for Cody Sanders. He just left ER. He has kidney stones that still need to pass.

Please pray for Charlie Hunt. Ashley took him to the doctor yesterday and he has a respiratory infection. His cough has gotten worse and caused his asthma to flair. She’ll be trying to get him back into the doctor tomorrow. But pray that he gets good rest tonight. He is on a steroid and of course it gives him super strength.

Mrs. Jeannette Ashley just passed away at her home with family around her. Will share Details as they become available. Please continue to pray for this week family.

I’ve had a little setback.  Spent all day today at doctors offices & ER.  I have a blood clot in my foot!  They prescribed a blood thinner.  My twin sister died from this very thing  Of course I’m a little apprehensive about this.  Thank so much. I appreciate you all so much.  Carolyn Barnette

Please pray for Jason Roberts wife and family. Jason was a young christian man and coworker, brother of mine at Darr Equipment. He went to be with our Lord in Heaven yesterday after battling cancer for over 2 years. Thanks Church family!  ~Rick Watson

Good news cancer has decreased from 8 ml to 3 . She goes back in 3 months for another scan . All from prayers!

Betty Wilson has been moved to The Hill, which is the old Clairmont. She’s in skilled nursing. Going thru rehab. Continue to pray for her.

Shelia Conner went to Oncologist today. She will have an echocardiogram and then begin 12 weeks of chemo beginning May 24, once each week. Then more decisions after the chemo is over. Continue to pray for her and Marlin.

Just left doctor. We received a good report for Ariella. No wheezing and looks like she’s clearing up and heading in the right direction.  Please continue to pray for complete healing. Thank you all so much for the prayers!  ~Rosio Newton

Please remember in prayer my mother Jean. She is on hospice and slowly declining. She knows the Lord and is ready to meet Him soon. She’s been a faithful wife and mother. Thank you, Cathey Hare

Please pray for the sweet Townsend boys. Harrison has a double ear infection. Joshua has strep, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia. Prayers for complete healing.

Update on Hattie. Her CAT scan came back normal. No skull fracture or internal bleeding. They have recommended her to a concussion clinic. She’s just going to have a heavy headache for a while. Thanks for praying.
Please pray for our granddaughter Hattie. She is in the ER at medical city children’s in Dallas. She tripped today during PE and hit her head and has a concussion. They are doing a CAT scan now. She has a migraine level pain dizziness and nausea.  ~Bro. Charles

Please pray for Jeanette Ashley. She has come home, but is on hospice.

Please pray for our little lion, Ariella. The last couple of months we have been battling respiratory problems. This week she was diagnosed with bronchitis. We went for follow up this morning. There has been an improvement with Ariella but she is still wheezing. We will be doing another follow up on Monday. Prayers would be greatly appreciated over the weekend.  Pray she continues to improve. Thank you church family, Rosio Newton

The surgery for Carolyn Northcutt is complete and she is doing well. Mike will see her in about an hour. Thank you for your prayers. They should be released to come home tomorrow afternoon.

Please be in prayer for Phyllis Dozier’s son, Martin. He has been transferred to ICU after being diagnosed with pneumonia and his blood sugar level has dropped dangerously low. Phyllis left at 2:30 to be with him. She should be there around 8:00 or so, please for traveling mercies for her. Thank you faithful prayer warriors. Gracie Lautaret

Update: I traveled to Oklahoma awhile back to visit my son, Chris ..He had problems with his colon, small intestine, and digestive tract..Sadly, he had Emergency surgery before I could get there..but Praise be to God… When I arrived, God had already stepped in..Today, he’s doing great, no side effects from the surgery, a thumbs up from his doctors, and has returned to college.. To my WHBC Family thank you for praying ❤ Melissa Clayton
( 2s WHBC Preschool Ministry Teacher)

Got good news from Jess today, no more chemo until after her surgery, she waits 3 weeks from her last chemo then surgery . Answered prayer. Thank u church family.

Rhonda Rancour is having a pet scan today, praying the spot on her lung is healed. Prayers please.

My niece Jess Ogden has one more chemo treatment, then they will be testing for surgery on her liver. Prayers please for Jess.  ~Karen Pettit

Reyne McCarrel has been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for her and family.

Update: Dean Rogers is now at Highland Pines for continued antibiotic therapy. Saw Doctor this week and he will be staying till at least the end of May. CT showed no new areas of infection. Thank you for all the prayers!

Donny Wilson had heart problems during the night. They put in two stints this morning. He’s in Regional but will go home tonight. Pray for him and Karen.

Please pray for my son in law, Zach Shultz, Crystal and family. His mom took her first heavenly breath around midnight. My grandkids  are taking the news pretty hard, one of her son’s had been in denial, as well as her husband. We prayed for healing for this precious woman…and God has healed her, just not the way we had hoped. Thank you!  Melody Foster

Please be in prayer for Colleen Campbell…she had a spot removed from her back and it is squamous cell carcinoma…will be going to the doctor to find out treatment options. Thanks in advance for your prayers. Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please pray for Tabitha Lairs father. He has been intubated and is experiencing heart failure. He is being moved to ICU.

I received this from Cathy Ritchey regarding her dad, Marion Williams…
Not good right now. My Dad has large blood clots in his lungs and they are pushing against his heart. So, he will be going to ICU when they get a room. They are going to keep him here in the ER and get him started on blood thinners. Also, they will have a surgery consult in the morning for his hemorrhoids to keep them from bleeding. Please pray for him and Cathy as they wait .
Thank you so .much!

We received a call that James sister, Norma, passed away early this a.m. She lived in South Carolina & although she had health issues, her passing was sudden & unexpected. Thanks so much
Kay Kidd

Please pray for Carolyn Barnett. She is at Good Shepherd. Was hoping to get moved today, but her blood pressure was up and dehydration. Please pray

Please pray for Betty Wilson. She is at Longview regional, room 256. Hospice has been called in.

Please pray for Richard Burks. He is at Everest hospital in Longview. He is not doing well. Please pray for him and Lynnette.

Shelia Conner got her results back. The cancer has not spread. No more surgery will be required. She will take chemo. This is a great praise.

Please pray for Tripp Foster. He woke up with blood coming from his ear. They are doing surgery Friday at 7:30am to remove the tubes, the believe it is an infection due to his tubes being in too long. Please pray for Krista and JW and the boys.

Funeral arrangements for Jane Britain, Mary Walton sister, is at Rader funeral home. Visitation is Friday, April 30. Funeral is Saturday, May 1, 10 AM. Everything is at Rader funeral home.

Update on Sheila Conner. She is out of surgery and doing well. Test results will be back next Tuesday. Pray for Sheila and Marlin.

Jeanette Ashley did not get a great report today. The cancer is in her liver. They will be running more tests tomorrow in Shreveport. Please pray!

Jane Britain, Mary Waltons sister passed away last night.

Please pray for Kellie Grace. She tragically lost her daughter in a car accident this morning.  ~Cara Hume

Jane Britain, Mary Walton’s sister, is at Pine Tree Lodge and has been placed on hospice.

George Strain has come home from the hospital. He is on hospice. He has decided to not take anymore cancer treatments.

Pray for my brother, David Tillman. He is suffering with Idiopathic Pulmonary Disease and us on 100% oxygen and confined to bed.   ~Danna Miller

Kamryn Jones, Marshall and Tracy Jones’ daughter in love is having emergency surgery please pray it’s appendicitis

Surgery for Carolyn Northcutt is scheduled Thursday, April 29, at 12:30, at Baylor Uptown.

Pray for Billie Madden. She is in Good Shepherd.

Pray for Paula Reeves. She’s having a heart cath this morning.

Shelia Conner will have a lumpectomy on Wednesday, April 21 at Good Shepherd Ambulatory Center.

Pray Rose Hart. She broke her ankle yesterday. Pray for her and John.

Sheila Conner’s appointment today confirmed that it is cancer and is a very aggressive type. She will have a surgery, then a family genetic study, and possibly more surgery. Please pray for Sheila and Marlin.

Please continue to pray for Betty Gilley.  She is undergoing more testing today.

Marty Mayfield’s uncle Neal Montgomery of Gilmer passed away yesterday about 1:00. He was the 6th sibling to pass away of 11 total. He was a believer. Thank you for those that have prayed for him.

Please Pray for U.S. Representative for Houston Dan Crenshaw., He has a retinal detachment on his left eye. Pray it to be healed properly. He lost his right eye in 2012 to a bomb in Afghanistan, as he served our country. He is a humble Christian man.  ~Harry Evans

Sissi Ingram-Please continue to pray for her healing and recovery. She has been moved to Summer Meadows for rehab. She is quarantined for 14 days.

Thank you for the prayers. Mom came home from hospital rehab on Friday.
Barry Cates

Continued prayers for Chris. Ms. Melissa Clayton will be traveling to Oklahoma.  Chris has been readmitted and in need of surgery.  Please pray for safe travels for Ms. Melissa and healing for Chris. Prayer over the doctors trying to figure out what is going on. 

Please pray for Leroy and Jeanette Booker, this is Ronny Bookers parents. She has been diagnosed with cancer and he is currently undergoing testing. They sure appreciate all the prayers they can get.

Please be in prayer for forever friend Rose Elia, she is in Tyler hospital with a hernia and bowel obstruction. Also, Judy Sprey in Longview hospital with pneumonia and fluid pressing on her heart. Thanks in advance for your prayers.
Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please keep my husband John Fenton in your prayers. He has been in and out of the hospital for a month and has now had a stroke. He can’t communicate with us and he has trouble walking. Please Please keep him in your prayers, as he has a long way to go.  ~Nancy Fenton

Back surgery done & I will be moved to rehab right here at good Shepherd in a day or two.  I really need prayers for God’s Grace to carry me.  Thanks so much.  Carolyn Barnette

Please keep our co-worker Whitney Ziemba’s family in your prayers as she passed away to glory today.  ~Ciara Clayton

My brother is in Nacogdoches awaiting surgery. He has a clogged bile duct and they are going to have to go in and clean it out. He is in a lot of pain. Please pray for a smooth surgery and easy recovery! ~Krista Foster

Thank you to everyone for the prayers for Johnny. His surgery went well and he is at home recovering. You all are a blessing to us.

Pray for Sheila Conner. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has an appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday.

Please continue to pray for Carolyn Barnette. She will be having surgery tomorrow at Good Shepherd for a herniated disc.

Please lift up Marty Mayfield’s Uncle Neal Montgomery of Gilmer.  He has been battling liver cancer for the past year without treatment.  Hospice has been called in for him.

One of Michelle’s cousins, who lives in Alabama, had a seventeen year old granddaughter murdered yesterday. The family is understandably beyond devastated. Please lift up this poor family. Thanks, Greg Stewart

I fell on Sunday night &  lay in floor until 7:30 am.  Cold, no phone so couldn’t call anyone.   On March 24 this hit suddenly.  I’ve been using a walker since then.  Still running tests.  Thanks for the prayers.  At Good Shepherd.  ~Carolyn Barnette

Please pray for Richard Burks. He’s having some heart problems and he’s having a stress test now. Pray for Richard and Lynette.

Please pray for Johnny Horton. He will be having surgery this morning around 9.

Please pray for my wife Diane. She has a small melanoma on her arm that will be removed this Wednesday, April 7, at 9 am. Pray that it hasn’t spread. ~Norman Crisp

Chris is at hospital in Durant Oklahoma. He has inflamed bowels, colon , and small intestines. Ms. Melissa is unable to go at the time due to Covid restrictions. Please pray for Ms. Melissa and her family.

I am going to have 4 shots in my back on Wednesday to try to kill nerves that are causing significant pain resulting from Shingles over a year ago. Please pray for beneficial results. Thank you precious Church family. Brenda Browder

Sissy Ingram had surgery today at St. Francis in Tyler. She has a broken arm in 3 places, a broken ankle, a crushed heal, 2 broken ribs, and a punctured lung. Please continue to pray.

Please continue to pray for Dean & Peggy Rogers. Dean is in Good Shepherd. Update on Dean…replaced drain tube yesterday and cleared out pocket of infection again. Also found new area of infection around his stomach. Added 2nd drain tube and took biopsy. Hope to find out biopsy results today. Thank you for your prayers!!

Sissi Ingram was in a car accident in Marshall. They transported her to Christus Mother Frances in Tyler. She had back issues and they may do some surgery today. Waiting on the results of the test. please pray for her.

Please pray for Bill and Lisa Ciaravino from Hamburg New York, they both have gone to the ER with Covid 19.  ~Curtis Allen

Memorial services for Brenda Lois Reid, 76, of Longview will be 2 pm Wednesday, March 31st, 2021, in the chapel of The Cammack Family Welch Funeral Home, located at 4619 Judson Road, Longview, Texas 75605 with Kason Kuykendall officiating and vocalist, Aaron Perkins. The service will be live streamed on the Welch Funeral Home Facebook Livestream page

Please pray for Dave Littrell, faithful member at Mason Creek. He is being admitted to the hospital.

Pray for Mrs. Betty Wilson. She fell again in the Nursing Home and broke her arm. Part of the bone was infected so they did surgery and replaced it with a rod.

Pray for Scott Hamilton. He’s having foot surgery today.

Melinda Whitehurst is having hand surgery this morning, March 28.

Sheila Conner is having a day procedure done on Thursday, April 1.

Memorial services for Ms. Brenda Reid are at Welch Funeral Home on Wednesday March 31 at 2:00 PM.

Please pray for Jeanette Ashley. She has been admitted to Good Shepherd. She’s in a great deal of pain. Not sure what the cause is.

Please pray for my brother, David Tillman. He has been placed on 100% disability due to Idiopathic Pulmonary Disease (IPD). He is confined to the bed or wheelchair. This is a progressive degenerative incurable lung disease.  ~Danna Miller

Please pray for Betty Gilley. She is at Good Shepherd in the ER waiting on a room. They’re going to run some tests to find out more.

Please pray for our mother, she is back in the hospital. Last week I took her to the doctor, and she had a urinary tract infection. This morning my brother took her back to the doctor and they called the ambulance to take her to the emergency room. My brother called a few minutes ago, and they had just admitted her to a room. Still treating the
infection along with stomach issues. Thank you so much church family. Barry Cates

Praise God. My dad, Nick Urazoff, made it through surgery. Three of the five broken ribs needed plates for repair. He is doing very well. Pray for a quick recovery. —Sue Olson

Please pray for Dean Rogers – Rickey Rogers dad – In Christus Hospital with Bacteria in his bone. Also today he may have had mild stroke. They are transferring him up to neurology floor and ordering MRI of head, neck and chest. As of today he does not know where he is but does know his name. – Thank you all so very much! ~Donice Rogers

Nick Urazoff (Sue Olson’s father) fell Saturday and will have surgery at Regional today around noon. Repair to five broken ribs. He will be in the hospital at least a week.

Paula Reaves’ brother, Charlie is in the hospital in Columbus Ohio. He has diabetes severe, bad heart, burned the whole top of his foot, now infection. Two heart valves not working, has had open heart surgery and they are talking about repeating one heart valve. Uncertain of salvation. Please pray.

Please pray for Bro. Allen Buchanek. He’s had some kind of allergic reaction and they’re testing to see what it is and how to treat it.

Dakota, grandson of Vernon & Donnie Freeman had a motorcycle wreck. He’s in ICU with critical head injuries.

Please pray for the family of Rick Trout (Liz Graham and Bettye Parrish’s cousin).  Rick just passed away.

Please pray for Scott Mitchell’s aunt, Gloria Carmen. The family has been called in. It looks like she is in the final stages with covid.

Margie Morgan went to follow up on her foot surgery today & everything looks good. The doctor re-bandaged her foot & she will go back next week to remove the stitches; then 2 weeks later take the pins out. Pray healing continues and she doesn’t fall.

Please pray for Thurman McGuire. He is in the ER at Longview Regional. They are going to keep him in the hospital when they get a room. He has some blood issues.

The Multiple Sclerosis flare has attacked my speech center of the brain causing even more stuttering, stammering and “ word salad”. I have had a massive dose of steroids and the Dr wants speech therapy so hopefully I can get better speech back. The MS is progressive now so I don’t get all functionality back usually BUT MY GOD IS GREAT so I have faith! Prayer appreciated.  ~Mandy Williamson

Please keep Rosa Hardwick in your prayers.

Received word today that one of our employees, Martha Vaca, has lost a brother, twin sister, Mother and Dad this month because of covid.  Please pray for her and her family for comfort and strength during this sad, sad time.  She had planned to go to Mexico during spring break, but, for whatever reason, she will not be making the trip.,  I cannot imagine how broken her heart is.  Prayer Warriors, thank you so much for praying for my friend, Martha.  God bless you all,  Gracie Lautaret

Please be in prayer for Lisa King’s husband, Floyd. On Thursday March 4th Floyd had to get 2 pints of blood he is loosing blood don’t have any answers yet. On March 18th he will have another heart procedure. They will add a 3rd wire from his pacemaker. To his heart. His heart is not working the pacemaker is doing all the work. Please be in prayer for this family

Cathie Lou Tehan’s nephew, Bailey Baker died of a heart attack this past Saturday morning…He was only 43 years old. Please Pray for GOD’S Loving Arms to hold and comfort this family.  Celebration service is at 11 AM today in White Oak

UPDATE: This is an update on my niece, Mary Salmon Tucker. She has been diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome…it has to do with the heart, the doctors will try her on meds and plan B will be some type of electrical stimulation for the heart to keep it in rhythm. Please continue to pray for her and her family. The doctors told her 90% of patients are not diagnosed and this can be fatal. She was blessed to have a doctor that read all the signs. Thank you in advance for all your prayers…prayers sent the doctor to her bedside.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please pray for Mrs. Betty Hudman. She fell again and she had a seizure so we’re at Longview Regional again. Please pray for us.

Please continue to pray for Mrs. Betty Hudman. She went home yesterday afternoon from hospital. had someone stay with her last night. They are making a doctor appointment about the stone in her salivary gland but her lungs are much better. Praise God!!!

LaQuita Cummings got the results from her test. The cancer has decreased in size. Continue to pray as she resumes chemo again.

Please be in prayer for my niece, Mary Salmon Tucker. Fran, her MIL, took her to the ER…not sure what is wrong…could have been a stroke. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Vernon & Donnie Freeman’s grandson, Daniel, has had 3 amputations this week. His right leg above the knee, his left foot and his left hand. All due to septic blood. He is in a lot of pain. Please pray for comfort and healing. Thanks for lots of continuing prayers.

Doris Moore is brought her son, Bill home from Dallas Saturday. He has a long way to go but has come far. Prayer does work. Thank you Woodland Hills for praying.

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