Prayer Board

I have been moved to Physical therapy unit to room E254 at Christus in- patient- rehab. Prayers were answered. Thank each one who sent prayers for Tom and I. Tom Has still not been moved yet out of Everest. Continue to pray that he will go to a skilled nursing in the next few days.  Love my prayer warriors, Gloria Williams

Asking prayers for Cindy Downey-she has been experiencing lower back pain in the last few weeks that has worsened in the last couple of days. Thanks.

Wayne Rosette is scheduled to have shoulder replacement surgery on Monday, February 13th.

Please be in prayer for our granddaughter Naomi, she was in an auto accident in Dallas last evening. No fractures or broken bones. Was released from ER / Baylor this morning. Remember our daughter as well, Kristy Miller Shoulders. Thank you in advance.  ~Danna Miller

Good morning Prayer Warriors! Update on Jeannie, my niece. She said the mouth sores have cleared up but the radiation is hitting her hard – burning, chapped and very tired. She wanted me to thank you for your continued prayers. Those prayers are making a difference. Thank you and God bless each of you.  ~Gracie Lautaret

Please pray for Michael Shelton. A respiratory infection caused a copd flare up has him in the Hospital. He’ll be there at least one night.

Surgery is slated for 2:30 today. Please pray that the surgeons will be guided by God’s hands to put all the broken pieces of my ankle & leg back together.
Love my prayer warriors!! Gloria Williams

Pray for my mom, Susan Floyd. She is 73. Since November she has been in/out of hospital and rehab. First a fractured hip to kidney dialysis to UTI to toxins in her body (causing delusions). Pray for God’s will, His mercy, and His grace, His healing. ~Jennifer West

Update on Gloria Williams: Gloria is having surgery tomorrow afternoon to repair her ankle and tibia which were all broken. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Praise the Lord, No broken bones. Her ankle is Dislocated and she has a severe sprain. She was admitted to Good Shepherd.

Gloria Williams is at the ER at Good Shepherd. It looks like she may have broke her leg and ankle on the other foot (the polio one) got caught between a bench and her power chair – it’s pretty serious injury and she’s in a lot of pain.  Please pray.

Several have went to see Tom Williams at Everest and couldn’t see him. His name is Claude Thomas Williams.

I know many if you have been praying for my niece, Jeannie. Please continue with those prayers, she is having a number of side effects from the chemo and radiation treatments. We are all so grateful for your prayers. ~Gracie Lautaret

Can’t say enough about praising God for His miracles! Tom is being transferred from Regional to Everest rehabilitation this afternoon at 6:00. Answer to our prayers! ~Gloria Williams

Hi everyone! My husband, David, and I wanted to come here and update you on how our daughter, Clara, is doing! Thank you SO much for praying for her and loving us! Clara did so well during her surgery and is now tolerating her helmet well! She will be in the helmet for about a year and we will be traveling to Dallas every 2 weeks during that year to get scans done and monitor her progress. God has been SO faithful and we are beyond humbled and thankful for our church family. Thank you for lifting our family up in prayer and supporting us. It means more than you know. We love you!! Thank you again!  ~Hannah Harrison

My brother-in-law Ken Hunter has just been diagnosed with 5 brain tumors and cancer of the lining of the blood vessels. Please pray for a miracle. Thank you.  ~Brenda Browder

Please pray for Ashley and I. We just got word her grandfather passed.  ~Jason Hunt

Derek South’s father passed away tonight in Arizona. Please pray for Derek, Cheryl and family.

Nora Chucci’s arrangements:  *Friday, January 27 | Woodland Hills Baptist Church*
Visitation 10:00am | Service 11:00am

Virginia Whitehurst’s arrangements:  *Tomorrow, January 26 | Welch Funeral Home*
Visitation 5:00pm | Service 6:00pm

They moved Tom out of progressive care into a regular room. Room 230 At Regional. . Pray he will continue to improve.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! I am going home tomorrow. Thank you prayer warriors. It has made my journey through this with a peace beyond understanding. We do have a God that listens!!!
Continue praying for a release from Regions and that Tom will be able to go to a rehab. ~Gloria Williams

Mrs. Virginia Whitehurst, Davis’s mom, just passed away at Regional. Please pray for this sweet family. Will update when arrangements are made.

Update on my back rhizotomy & myson’s back surgery. My son’s surgery was a success praise the Lord! Thanks to all who prayed. My rhizotomy again did not work. Please continue to pray. I know the Lord has a plan. I trust him to get me through whatever it is I have to go through.
Also, I have a lost friend here I’m praying for & have become good friends with. Help me pray I’ll say & do only as the Lord directs me. I’ve talked to him & given my testimony but his heart is hard. Thanks for praying! His salvation is the most important thing to me. I believe this is the reason I’m here. ~Carolyn Barnette

Pray for my sister in law Pam Britt with Guillain Barre disease.   ~Vernon Britt

Please continue for Tom Williams for strength to have the will to grow in strength . His progress has declined in the last few days at Regional.
I ask for continued prayers for me also. I am progressing daily in GSH rehab with God’s strength. Miss my church family.  With love, Gloria

Please be in prayer for Bro Jim Lilley, Barry’s brother in law he is a pastor at Trenton Baptist Church Trenton Ga he is on medication for fluid build up around his heart and just underwent eye surgery last Monday. Very weak.  ~Danna Miller

Please pray for Bro. Jim Walsh and family. Kelly went home to be with our Lord last night. So many memories, so many testimonies of faithfulness. Well done thou good and faithful servant.

Please keep Martha’s (Mary Tucker’s sister) pastor, Danny Suiter, in your prayers. He will have heart surgery at 7am in Tyler tomorrow morning.

Mrs. Nora Chucci passed away during the night. Please pray for her family during this time.

WE HAVE A DATE!!!!!  JANUARY 23, 2023 CHRIS IS COMING HOME!! PRAISE GOD!! Its so Real …after almost 14 years Chris will be out!
Thank you for your prayers , encouragement and support !  ~Melody Foster

Update on Leroy Worsham today is not good. Altho his heart is working only 15% and his kidneys are stable but worse than two weeks ago, a very serious infection in his bloodstream, which has caused blood poisoning, is the doctors main concern. An infectious disease specialist will be seeing Leroy today possibly to discuss a plan of action as he will be on strong antibiotics for weeks, if not months. It is not contagious, thank the Lord. Your prayers have brought him such encouragement. Thank you.

Please pray for Maxey Bruner, Julie Markham’s dad. He is having a pacemaker replaced Monday morning.

My niece who has been diagnosed with colon cancer begins radiation treatment Monday and then chemo on Thursday. Please pray for her and her husband, (Jeannie and Deryl), through the next six weeks. Thank you my dear friends.  God bless each of you,  Gracie Lautaret

Update:  They are putting Leroy in ICU. He has heart and kidney failure. Very difficult to breathe. Please pray for him and Peggy
Leroy Worsham is on his way by ambulance to Longview Regional. They can’t get a blood pressure and he’s having problem breathing. Pray for Peggy also.

Update on Tom Williams:  Hallelujah! Tom has been moved to primary care room at Regional. He is in room 265 and may receive visitors. Thank everyone for your prayers and may they continue for his recovery.

Please pray for Kelly Walsh. She’s in Willis Knighton, Piermont. She’s been in hospital a week. She is very weak. Pray for doctors to have wisdom.

Tom Williams is still in Regional ICU. Trying to stabilize his BP. Hemoglobin low. A transfusion today. Antibiotics for kidney sepsis. Please pray for him . I’m still in Good Shepherd & doing ok.  I ask my prayer warriors for prayers.  ~Love Gloria

Update on Tom & Gloria Williams:  Tom is still in ICU. They can’t take him off of the BP medicine yet as planned. His hemoglobin is real low and needed permission to give him blood. They are still pushing meds for the kidney sepsis. I know he’s in God’s hands and he still getting care in ICU . Just keep praying for us. I’m doing great in PT . I don’t know how long I will be here.

Tom is improving. I talked with the ICU nurse at 4:00 am and he rested last night. Bp was 88/35 . Mega doses of antibiotics for the kidney sepsis. If they get his bp stabilized they will move him to a regular room. 

Please pray for my husband to be saved and for the complete restoration of our marriage.  ~Melanie

Please pray for a friend of mine her name is Terina it’s an unspoken prayer request it has it to do with health issues it could be life-altering.  ~Scott

Update:  Tom is in ICU at Regional.  They are trying to get his blood pressure up.
TREVISO Just called and they are sending Tom back to Regional because he’s short of breath has a contusion on his head and his hip is bruised really bad and she thinks it may be either broken or out of place. Steve’s going to meet them over at Longview Regional. Please Pray.

Michelle Stewart’s mother, Barbara Wilson, has been been transferred from Longview Regional to Summer Meadows, to be placed on Hospice care. Her health has failed over a period of only 2-3 weeks. Michelle is the oldest of six. Please pray for her and her siblings in this very tough part of life.

So grateful for the great care at Good Shepherd and here at Summer Meadows Rehab since Tuesday evening!!!  So grateful also for all the prayers, resulting in steadily progressing healing. Most likely I will be able to go home Saturday the 14th.  ~Judy Arroyo

Please pray for Patience Rateliff – she is in need of a job at this time.  ~John Zenter

I have been moved to Good  Shepherd In patient rehab room E 241 . Yahoo! Thank You for the continued prayers. Now to try and get Tom situated. God always shows up!!  Love Gloria

Our prayers have been answered . I am so excited I am being transported over to CHRISTUS good Shepherd In -patient rehab. This is a miracle and I appreciate all of the prayers that were sent.  ~With Love Gloria

Tom Is still in TREVISO and I am still in Regional. I ask my WHBC Prayer Warriors to continue to pray for both of us . Love & miss my church people! ~Gloria Williams

Continue to be in prayer for Pat Westbrook. Her hip replacement went well and she will probably go home today.

Pat Westbrook came through surgery fine……in recovery for an hour. To a room for a few days. We Thank everyone for their prayers!

Billy Crump was released from the hospital last night. Is home doing much better. Thanks for prayers.

Not too well this evening. They called from TREVISO that they are going to release Tom Saturday. He’s not able to even get out of bed by himself. I have an appeal in but it may take days. Then my insurance denied transfer to an in- house rehab facility . I’m at this point 0 ambulatory. Trying to deal with the insurance companies. Dr. Plemmons made a few phone calls. He assured me I would be here till we got it figured out.  Nerves are really on edge. BP has run average 118/ 60 . She just took it 139/ 80. Guess tomorrow will be trying to appeal decision at Treviso and my issues. I know I need to take a deep breath and leave it at the feet of the Good Lord and Father of the design of our life. Prayers  for peace of mind. Love my prayer warriors! Gloria Williams 

Terry Stone is recovering from a knee replacement. He is doing well this morning and should be released to go home soon. Please continue to pray for his recovery.

Pat Westbrook will have hip replacement tomorrow January 5 at 7:30am.

Paul Spencer had back surgery this morning and all went great. Please pray for Paul as he recovers. 

Leroy has been in the hospital for about a week at this point. They were able to get 18lbs of fluid out of his chest area. He is doing well this morning and they hope to go home within the next few days. 

Please keep Billy Crump in your prayers. He is in ICU at Regional with diabetic issues.

Thank you so much for all the prayers for Steve’s sister, Kathy Ballard. She went home to be with Jesus today about 5:30pm. She is now cancer free and no more pain.  Love to our church family.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

I had a neurotomy a few days ago. Please pray this one works & will relieve some of my pain. Also, one of my sons had back surgery the day after I had my surgery. Prayers needed for both of us. Thanks  ~Carolyn Barnette

Minor skin irritation turned into a deep abscess and hospitalization. Surgery next day above wrist cleaned it out and relieved a lot of pain. Getting IV antibiotics. Great care! Feeling much better. Prayer and visitors welcome. I’m not contagious. Can’t use that hand for lots of things, so seems best to go to a Skilled Nursing Facility until healed enough to take care of myself enough. Discharge planning will begin tomorrow or Tuesday. ~Judy Arroyo

I’m still at Regional hospital. I am waiting on the insurance to decide on what rehab facility I will go to from here. Tom is still at TREVISO and will be there for awhile. I continue to covet your prayers for both of us in our healing. This has been a very unexpected journey for me but I know God holds the road map for us ! We love our WHBC family. 
Gloria Williams

Please pray for my mom. She came into ER and admitted for fever, lethargic and low o2. She may have pneumonia due to aspiration. She is much better, however,  we will probably stay another night….She has fever again.  Thank you in advance! Melody Foster 
Update:  Mom is being discharged back to Havencare.  Her temp is 99 so the doctor is sending her with antibiotics.  But She has been up walking around and does not need a walker or extra oxygen! Praise God for healing Mom! We also so thankful for our church prayer warriors for standing in the gap with us! Melody Foster 

Carol Urazoff, Sue Olson’s mom did not break anything when she fell. Praise the Lord. She’s on her way home from the Hospital.

Carol Urazoff, Susan Olson’s mom fell this morning. Brought to hospital via ambulance with possible broken hip. Not sure of details yet.
Update:  Thank you everyone for your prayers. Her neck and arm were hurt worse than her hip and the doctor said no broken bones. She is still in the ER because the doctor is running another test on her pacemaker. Hopefully she will be able to come home this evening.

Please pray for Leroy Worsham. He’s in Longview Regional ER now because there are no rooms. The plan is to do same procedure as they did before to get the fluid off. It took around 4-5 days before.

Please keep praying for Gloria Williams, it looks like she will remain in the hospital for a few more days while she works on her balance and strength. She will most likely go to a rehab facility for a few weeks after she is released from the hospital. Please continue to pray for her and Tom. 

Gloria Williams is out of surgery and all went well.  She is in Regional room 167 overnight for observation. 

Pray for Todd and Patti Richardson – Patti is my first cousin. She has been struggling with dementia/Alzheimer’s for some time. Please pray for discernment and wisdom for them, patience in dealing with Patti.
Continue to pray for Teresa Fears. She is struggling with severe depression. Please pray for me also, for wisdom, discernment, and patience.
 ~John Zenter

Please pray for Gary Don. He has taken a turn for the worse and headed to Dallas.

We have a praise regarding my niece diagnosed with colon cancer. After many tests her surgeon called her this morning with the report. The tests show the cancer as “microscopic” ; she will still be treated with a series of radiation. What an awesome God we have. Please continue to pray for Jeannie as she goes through these treatments. Thank you so much for your prayers, love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!  ~Gracie Lautaret

Please keep Victoria C. in your prayers.  She is currently going through numerous hardships.

The ER released Jane Tarver. She is at home with a balloon in her nose. She will leave it in 3 days and then go back to have it taken out. Pray that the nose bleed has stopped at that time.

Pray for Norma Rosette. She has Covid.

Please be in prayer for Judy Sprey. Has pancreatitis, bile duct issues and is in Baylor in Dallas…blood pressure issues and could possibly have surgery. Thanks in advance for your prayers. ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please pray for Jane Tarver. She is in Regional ER with a nosebleed that wouldn’t stop. They installed a balloon to be worn for three days. Not sure when she can come home.

Please pray for Ms. Lois Graham. Her blood pressure has been high and she needs to keep it down. Thank you, church family.

Please pray for Kay Glass. She is at Christus with pneumonia. They are trying to get her oxygen levels up. 

Update on baby Clara:  Good morning. We got released late yesterday. So it ended up being closer to the 2 days than 5 days. Which made us happy but also nervous since it will be that many more days at home without a helmet (12/29/22 is the date).  She slept well last night and doesn’t seem to be in much pain (only giving her Tylenol every 6 hours). She just seems to be content. I don’t know if she was having headaches before the surgery. She was fussy fairly often. But now they relieved the pressure it feels better  Maybe? Either way, we are happy:) Thank you very much for your prayers. Please pray she continues to do well and stays safe until she gets her helmet. 

As of yesterday Bro. Charles was feeling better. He hasn’t had any more fever and his cough has gotten somewhat better.  Keep praying! 

Wayne Rosette has tested positive this morning for Covid.

Please continue to pray for Bro. Charles. He had a rough night last night with a high fever. He’s feeling some better today. Pray that the worst is over. 

Ron Cherry started running fever and was taken back to the hospital. 

Update on Clara: She slept well last night. Has been eating and having wet diapers. She woke up happy this morning. They said they will transfer us from the ICU to regular hospital room today 🙂 This picture is from this morning. She just woke up when we took the picture. 
Some of you have asked how you may could help this family. They are going to be away from home for several days. If you would like to send a little money for a meal they do have a venmo account and that would be a great blessing. Venmo information Is attached to this email. 

Tom was moved to TREVISO last  night. His Covid is negative and the pneumonia  has about cleared. Now on with the  rehab. Still very weak. He was at more peace when  I told him people would be able to come visit him. Room 603. Thanks to OUR WHBC Prayer warriors.
I  am scheduled for my surgery Dec 27. We both need your continued prayers.
We love you a lot! Gloria
As of this morning the whole TREVISO complex must wear a mask in the halls. Not required if you stay in the rooms.

Update on Clara:  The surgery went well. We got to ICU around noon. Right now just waiting for her to wake up. They same babies wake up and are ready to go. Others sleep for a while and are groggy. It looks like Clara is the latter. 

Bro. Charles just tested positive for Covid. Please pray that his case is mild and he feels better soon.

Please pray for Tanya Malone.  She is a visiting nurse working in Arkansas. This evening, she is having her gall bladder removed.  This was not a planned surgery.  Please pray that all goes well and that she feels better soon! Todd is with her in Arkansas.

Please pray for baby Clara. She is having surgery today in Dallas. 

Amber Stamper’s uncle, Larry Bolin, is in ICU in Ft Worth. He has had several strokes and now they have found cancer. Please pray for him, his family, and the physicians taking care of him.

Please continue to pray for Brenda Browder. She is still having alot of respiratory issues.

Cecelia has been released from the hospital.  She has a gastro infection and is also getting meds for flu like symptoms. Thanks for all the prayers!!

Please be in prayer for Cecelia Hairston.  She was taken by ambulance to the ER at Regional. Not sure what all is happening, has not been feeling well. Ray has been sick with coughing so please pray for him, too.  Thanks in advance for your prayers.  ~Lana Snider

Please pray for me my right foot got clawed by the cat and apparently I am having an attack of gout in the same foot. Thank you for your prayers. ~Ora Williams

I had my staples taken out this morning and the split is gone. I will do self therapy to get my wrist and elbow back to normal. Thanks for all the Prayers, texts, cards and emails. ~Delores Hill

Prayers for my niece Holly. Her cancer has returned in her lungs, pelvic area, stomach and esophagus. Trying to get into MD Anderson as soon as possible. It is stage 4. She lives in Ft. Worth and has a husband Jeremy and 2 boys Harrison and Hudson. Thank you for the prayers. ~Becky Horton

Please pray for my husband Derek South. He has been having a lot of pain throughout his body that continues to get worse. Tests so far have shown nothing going on that would cause the pain he is in. Please pray the doctors will find out what’s going on soon and be able to treat him! Thank you all so much for your prayers!!  ~Cheryl South

Tom Williams’ improving. The Dr just left and they have him on a regimen of antibiotics & oxygen. He said he would be here at least 3 more days because of the regimen. He would examine  his condition to see if he could dismiss him from the hospital after the 3rd day, then they were going to send him to a skilled facility.

Urgent prayer request for Tom Williams. He is in the ER at Regional with double pneumonia and a possible stroke. That’s all I know for now.

Please keep Tom & I in your prayers. He is going to have surgery for an abdominal aortic aneurysm. May have to have heart surgery first. He just had a stress test. I just found out I definitely have to have revision surgery on my left foot that is not healing after 6 months. We really need a prayer circle right now . God is already working in some areas already. He is good and will see us thru this!!!  Love you all, Gloria Williams

Having a heart cath done on Tuesday, Dec .13,2022. Prayers are appreciated and thank you.  ~Betty Stepherson

Pray for Leea Lackey, she is in Good Shepherd with acute pneumonia. Her husband Brant spoke with the nurse and she may have to be intubated.

Tom Williams has to have an abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery. Took him today to the cardiologist but found out that his EKG didn’t show well and they heard an irregular heartbeat—-so now he has to have a stress test Thursday Dec 8 and an ECHOCARDIOGRAM scheduled upon approval of insurance. Please keep prayers coming for him. Thanks Gloria

Please offer up a prayer for me- I just had to order a birth certificate from Louisiana, and estimated delivery is not until December 28. I need this 
document to renew my drivers license, and need it sooner than that. Please
pray for God to work in this situation. Thank you, and God bless you for faithfully interceding on behalf of others. ~John Zenter

Thank you all for praying for my best friends mother Mrs. Sam. She passed
away peacefully just a little while ago. —Christy Mayfield

Please pray for Sam Kay who is the mother of my best friend.  She has been in the hospital for 2 weeks.  She is a dialysis patient and had an infection.  She has been unable to eat or drink anything for days.  Yesterday she had a stroke and is in the ICU unresponsive in medical center in Nacogdoches.  —Christy Mayfield

Hey guys, can y’all say a prayer for Clara? She is our little baby girl and is currently 4.5 months old.  Clara has sagittal scaphocephaly craniosynostosis (essentially her skull sutures fused too early and her brain has no room to grow/expand). She will have surgery on December 16th. The surgery is called a strip craniectomy (they will remove a significant portion of her skull all along the sagittal suture —about 2 inches in diameter and 5-6 inches long). This surgery typically takes half a day (most of a morning) and will require 2-5 nights in the ICU post-op. The surgery is performed by a neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon and will be done at Dallas Children’s. After the surgery she will be in a helmet for about a year. We are hoping this surgery is sufficient. If not and she doesn’t respond well, we will have to do a bigger surgery (cranial vaulting —where they remove the entire skull, remodel it, and then place it back on the brain). Hopefully she responds well to this initial surgery so she will not need an additional surgery:):)  God is so faithful and has taken care of Clara! The fact that she is developmentally doing well is awesome!! So we will just keep praising the Lord! Thank you so much for praying!    ~Hannah Harrison

My mom Kimberly Cosper lost her second husband (widowed twice) last week unexpectedly.please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  ~ Leisha Williams

Please pray for my husband, Barry Miller. He is scheduled for a Nuclear Brain Scan on Tuesday 6th of December. Thank you in advance.  ~Danna Miller

Please pray for the Lloyd family. Their infant daughter is being sent to a hospital in The Woodlands with RSV, double pneumonia and double ear infections. Dr thinks there may be another issue as well, but no diagnosis as of yet.  ~Mandy Williamson

Pat Westbrook’s hip replacement surgery has been postponed until the beginning of the year because she has been sick with bronchitis. 

Ron Cherry had a major heart attack coming back from South Carolina Tuesday. He’s in CHRISTUS Room E326. Also has COVID & pneumonia. They did cath & stents yesterday. Please pray for him, Pearl and the family.

Shirley Stauss just passed away at Longview Regional. No details on services yet. Please pray for this family.

Please keep Pat Westbrook in your prayers. She is having total hip replacement on Monday.

Remember Bob Gilley. He is having a scan on Monday.

Surgery went well.  Prayers for pain as we can’t find a good medicine combo.  Thanks in advance.  ~Delores Hill

Please pray Kenny Key, Dot Key’s is having a major dental surgery Thursday.

Please pray for T.R., Beverely and Carlee. They all have the flu.

Also, please continue to pray for Shirley Stauss. 

I will be having out patient surgery on my elbow today.  They are putting in a plate to make sure it heals properly.  Not sure what time the actual surgery is but I have to be there at 10:15.  Christus day surgery.  Thanks in advance for your prayers.  ~Delores Hill

Please pray for God to come into my marriage and fix what is broken and restore it and make Vince and I one again. Please pray for God to perform a miracle in our marriage and let us be his testimony. Please pray for God to touch and heal Vince’s heart and that he will give our marriage another chance instead of filing for a divorce. Please pray for forgiveness, healing and total restoration in our marriage instead of a divorce.  ~Katrina Butler

The Memorial Service for Ken will be held at the Mason Creek Campus at Noon Saturday, December 3. Ken went to be with his Lord and Savior on Tuesday, November 22. Ken loved his church family, his Lord and Savior, and he loved restored vehicles, He loved to show them off. Some of his vehicles will be on display and friends are invited to bring their restored vehicles to the memorial service. Show cars will be parked on the lot on the East side of the Sanctuary.

Update on Tom Williams.  I got him home around 8:30 this morning. He was severely dehydrated and BP was down. It is semi stable now. He is very weak. Keep praying they found that his abdominal aortic aneurysm is 5.8. Passed the extreme of 5. Following up with the drs now.

I just received a call from my niece in Tyler. She has been diagnosed with “invasive basaloid squamous cell carcinoma in the anal canal.” She had surgery November 15, but didn’t tell me because I was going to Phoenix and then, put off telling me until after Thanksgiving. Always thinking of others. She has an appointment with the oncologist Wednesday and then an MRI on December 22. Please pray, pray for Jeannie and Deryl as they process all that is going on through appointments and decisions. Thank you prayer warriors. Gracie Lautaret

Please pray for Tom Williams. The ambulance is taking him to Regional ER. They couldn’t get a reading on his blood pressure, temperature very low. Very weak and couldn’t stand. Pray for me also. My daughter is with him.  They encouraged me to stay home. I’m needing your prayers also.   Thanks Gloria

Having cataract surgery in Shreveport on Tues., Nov. 29 and Dec. 6. ~Melinda Whitehurst

Beverly Nugent is in Summer Meadows for therapy. Thank u for your prayers and please continue praying!

Please pray for Kenny Gilliham. He needs a kidney transplant and has begun the process in getting one. Please pray it will be quick to receive this much needed kidney.

On Shirley Stauss… Shirley wasn’t doing well this evening. She’s so tired of all the test, feeling awful and having trouble breathing. With the oxygen up to 9 her pulse ox was between 84-90. After a ct she said NO MORE TEST so they canceled all the other test they had ordered. please pray for Shirley and family.

Donny Wilson’s mom passed away this morning. Please be in prayer as they make arrangements and take care of her things as she was in a nursing home.
They will have a direct burial and a memorial will be held December 17.

Gary Don Holley is in the hospital with a bad infection, liver failure. Please pray for him and his family.

Shirley had a stress test today, and all looked good. Her blood pressure is back in thw normal range. She should be going to Summer Meadows tomorrow.  Thanks for praying. 

Ken Jones just went home to be with the Lord. Please keep family in your prayers.
Thanks, Ronnie Jones, Penny Bingham, Donna Biggs

Please be in prayer for my little sister, Kathy Ballard.  She was put on hospice today for her cancer.  Thank you for all your prayers since she was diagnosed and for the prayers now to keep her pain free. ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider.

Please pray for Mrs. Shirley Stauss. She is back in the hospital with chest pain and blood pressure issues. Thank you for praying! 

Please say a prayer for Cynthia Boothe. She had surgery this morning and is in a quite a bit of pain. She will stay overnight at Longview Regional, room #365.

Glenda Jones is doing somewhat better. Please continue to pray for her. 

Ken Jones is home on hospice. Please pray for Ken and family. 
Mark Wilson has various heart issues going on. He will have follow up appointments soon to figure out what is going on. Please pray for this situation.

Please remember Rocky and Masey Burton in your prayers.

Please pray for  Tabitha Lairs father. He is in Christus  ICU now but will be transitioning to hospital care. 

Please continue to lift up my brother Ken. He is in pain and on pain medication. Sleeping most of the time.  ~Ronnie Jones

Please urgently pray that Isela is able to find employment quickly, for her health and daughter.  ~James

Please pray for Tom Williams. He fell in the driveway last night. Thankfully he is  just bruised and a cut on arm. Resting now.

Sherri Morrison fell and broke her shoulder.  She is awaiting surgery on December, but, in the meantime,  she’s in tremendous pain.  She has asked for our prayers.  She’s a member of a sister church,  but often comes to services and even sings with our choir. She knows you are faithful prayer warriors! 

Lois Templin’s daughter, Christy has just been diagnosed with MS  Prayers will be appreciated. 

Received a call from Casey, Beverly Nugent’s grandson. She had a fall and bumped her head and broke her wrist. They are doing surgery on the wrist today.  She is in a Tyler hospital for a couple of days. ~Karen Pettit

Please pray for Adreana Fitzgerald’s Aunt Pam….she is going home with hospice care. They give her 2-3 weeks. Kidney failure, pneumonia are the main problems.  ~Melody Foster

Please pray for these two sweet boys this morning, Kade Webb and Mason Kuykendall. Kade is having his adenoids and tonsils removed and Mason is having his wisdom teeth removed. Thank you.

Becky Stewart is at Hospitality ER in AFib. They are transferring her to Good Shepherd to be checked out by a cardiologist. Her pulse is over 200. Please pray her !

Please pray for Ariella. She has RSV. The last few months have been sick ones. She has been such a trooper. Thank you, church family.

I covet your prayers for wisdom – we are hiring some help for me.We have interviewed three individuals, any one of which is qualified. I ask you to pray for wisdom for me and my boss as we proceed to choose the right one. Pray for God to guide and direct us – I want what is best for Winston and will must glorify Him. Thank you, and God bless you all! ~John Zenter

Please pray for Rickey Hammontree. He is Marty’s Co-Worker, and was Halle’s Volleyball Coach this past season. (He is cousins with Alex Hammontree, our missionary in Haiti) He developed an eye infection Friday, and ended up in the Emergency Room on Sunday. Yesterday he was going to have to stay awake for 30 hours and put drops into his eye every 30 minutes. This infection is very serious and may result in a Cornea replacement surgery. Please pray that the medicine will work and he can regain his sight. Thank you.

Ginger Miller is asking for prayer. Her sister, Darlene, is having abdominal surgery. It appears that her cancer has returned. Please pray for this family.

My daughter inlaw’s Aunt Pam is in her final hours. The family has been called in. Please pray for the family as they travel, as well as comfort and peace . Thank you. Melody Foster

Shirley Stauss had gone to rehab at Summer Meadows. They had to take her back to Regional. Her hemoglobin had dropped. She’s in room 235.

Update:  Praise The Lord, they decided to send Jack home! Waiting on paperwork to be released. 
Please pray for Jack Medrano. He passed out and fell yesterday and was taken to Regional by ambulance.
He is fine now but they want to keep him for observation. They believe it may be something with pace maker. He has been in Er waiting on a room since 4:00pm yesterday. Pray he gets to a room SOON! 

Continue to pray for Betty Mosley. She was admitted to Longview Regional room 274 last night. She is hopefully going to be released today.

Please keep Betty Mosley in your prayers. She is at Longview Regional ER and will probably be admitted. She has a UTI and her heart enzymes are elevated.

Please pray for Blake Hudson. He goes into surgery on his shoulder at noon today.

Please pray for Barry Lovely, he had a stroke and it left him unable to walk and speech Is very slurred.

Francine Stewart has asked prayer for her son, Steven Stewart. He is having hip surgery in Dallas and pray for a successful recovery.

Francine Stewart’s Friend , Lucille Teel, had an aneurysm and affected her speech. Please pray for her. She is now at her daughter’s recovering

Please pray for Teresa Fears – she has an interview at Arabella for a job she really wants at 1 pm today. God bless you for being faithful in prayer! ~John Zenter

Re:  Talon Foster.  The doctor had to stitch Talon up in 4-5 places and he was kept overnight. More tests will be run, there may be a possibility Talon has a bleeding disorder. A follow-up with the pediatrician will be done today. Please continue to pray for Talon, his family, and his doctors.

Please pray for Talon Foster. Bleeding has returned.  He is going back into surgery now, to determine what is causing it. Pray for all those tending to him.  Thank you church family.

Re:  Kris Erwin.  This past Saturday night after our concert in North Carolina, Kris was loading up the product equipment in the bus and the bay door slammed shut on his left hand, wedging it between an equipment box and the door.  He has four broken bones in his hand. Since he’s a piano player, they’re really wanting to handle this the best way so surgery is scheduled for this Thursday, November 10th at 11:30am (CST) !!  Pray for a full recovery! 

Please pray for Delores Richardson. She’s in Good Shepherd Rehab. Also pray for her daughter Sandra.

Thank you all so much for praying for Talon Foster. He had lost enough blood that they had to do a blood transfusion. His counts finally went up and we got to come home yesterday! Praise the Lord! We appreciate everyone praying for him! We truly felt them! Today we are going to stay home and rest! We will be watching live stream. Can’t wait to get back to church!

We are on our ways to Good Shepherd via ambulance. Talon threw up blood and then passed out and started seizing. We need immediate prayers please.  ~Krista Foster

Lanette Burks would like to thank everyone for their prayers and continued prayers. Her surgery went well yesterday and her stay in the hospital will be a couple of more days. She is at Christus Good Shepherd.

Please lift up Barry Miller in prayer. Next week, Nov 8 he will undergo a nuclear SPECT brain scan and then on Nov 9 he will have Deviated Septum surgery at the Overton Brooks VA hospital. Same day surgery so we should be home that evening.

Please continue to pray for Glynda Jones, she is still in a great deal of pain from her surgery.

Please continue to pray for me and my family. My mom’s services are, visitation Friday 6-8 at Down’s Funeral Home in Marshall and her Funeral is Saturday morning at 10, also at Down’s Funeral Home. ~Patti Flowers

Shirley Stauss is in Longview Regional with pneumonia. She’s in room 271. Please pray for her. She’s very weak.

Lauren Maurer is the Office Manager for Chase Wildt and her husband has been best friends with Chase since 9th grade. Ryan Maurer passed away from his battle of brain cancer last Friday.
Ryan was a great father, husband, and friend. He’s leaving behind 2 amazing kids.  Please pray for Lauren and her kids during this time.

Got Glynda Jones home about 4pm. Have her on oxygen. Sleeping, tired, drugged.

Thank you for your prayers! Torcia is now with Jesus. Please continue to be in prayer for her family.   ~Tami Easley

Please pray for me and my Family. My Mom went to her heavenly home earlier this morning.
Thank you Church Family.  ~Patti Flowers

Please pray that this MS exacerbation will end soon.I have been down for almost 3 weeks now. I’d appreciate specific prayers for my balance and that the headaches and fatigue would go away. please remember Steve too since he is carrying a heavy load with me out of commission. Thank you! Mandy Williamson

My Aunt Torcia had a massive heart attack this afternoon that damaged her heart. They’ve inserted a pump to help the heart function but they are going back in to find the rest of the blockage. Thank you for your prayers!  ~Tami Easley

Pray for Taylor Botter. He’s in Longview Regional, Room 284 with some kind of back problem. He can’t move. They have ran tests and will run more. Pray for this family.

Pray for Lanette Burks – upcoming surgery

Maryann Thomas had a rough night but is now in her room doing better. Doctor said that her old joint on right side was broken and was in her brain. Probably won’t be discharged from hospital until Monday or Tuesday. Thank you for all of your prayers and continued prayers. They were very much felt.

Maryann Thomas is out of surgery and is in recovery. It was a long, extensive surgery.

Maryann Thomas will be having TMJ surgery at 7:30 this morning at Baylor Hospital. Doctor says it’s a 5 hour surgery.  Thank y’all for your prayers.

Glynda Jones ate breakfast and lunch today. She has been sitting up since about 8:30 A.M. and will be moved to a room soon. Talked to Dr. Chastain and he says that she is doing very well. There are no results available on the biopsies that were done.

Please say a prayer for Talon Foster. He is in surgery now having his tonsils and adenoids taken out.

Jennifer ( Leon & Bonnie Lovett’s daughter)  is having heart surgery Thursday in Phoenix, AZ.  Please pray for that family

Glynda Jones’ surgery is finished. Waiting to talk to surgeon. Thanks for the prayers.

Glynda Jones will have a heart cath on October 25. If they put in a stent the surgery will be delayed for about a month. There is a chance that the surgery will go on as planned on the 26th.

Leroy Worsham has been released from the hospital, thank you for praying for him.

Please pray for God’s complete healing and recovery of Bill Davison.  Bill recently had a hospital procedure done.

I have Leroy at Regional ER.  They are keeping him so they can get his blood pressure regulated.  It was doing good and then started dropping again.  Cardiology will see him tomorrow.  Prayers, please.  ~Peggy Worsham

Shirley Stauss is having some real blood pressure issues and has been admitted to the hospital. Please pray for her.

Praise the Lord. Krysti and baby are doing well. Everlynn Chase Owen was born at 6am. 6lbs. 9oz.
Pray for Krysti Owen, they are prepping her now and getting ready to do a c-section.

Please pray for Krysti Owen. She’s at Good Shepherd with high blood pressure. Probably going to have baby early. Derenda is with her. Pray for Krysti and Derenda.

Please pray for my daughter. She has been active in very sinful behaviors and addictions and thinks God does not exist. Please pray that she acknowledges that God is real and asks Jesus into her heart, gets baptized, and lives for Christ and grows a strong relationship with Him, and changes her life around for the better and starts making better choices and decisions. Amen. ~Teresa

My aunt Cheryl is having immediate surgery to drain and clean out wound to her knee. She is alone and scared. Thinking she may lose her leg. ~Lisa Richie

Please be praying for Joseph Morgan, the father of one of Bill Terkeurst’s friends.

Praise! Doctor said Jared’s hip replacement surgery went perfectly. He was released this afternoon and is back in hotel room, where he will be having rehab over the next week.~Wayne Rosette

Brayden ‘s surgery was a success and he is doing great.  Lots of stress for a first time young momma. They will have to stay in Houston at least until March. That in itself will be stressful for the new parents as well. Praying all continues to go smoothly.  Thanks in advance. ~Ralph and Delores

My mom just passed away late Monday night.  Earlier that evening my two brothers and I ,along with dad were able to be there with her.  For over an hour we sang hymns to her out of her favorite hymnal. I feel after that she felt she had everything she needed to let go of her life here and go ahead to go home with Jesus.  She had been in the nursing home for almost a year, and battling dementia for years before that. It’s a blessing to know she is at peace now. No regrets… For clarification, this is MY mom Martha, not Sue’s mom Carol Urazoff.  Carol remains in Rehab hoping to return back home with us as soon as possible, and get back to church as well.  ~Kevin Olson

Our niece had her baby Sunday in Houston.  The baby Braydon is having heart surgery right now. Please pray for the parents,  grandparents and doctors.   Thanks in advance.  ~Ralph and Delores Hill

Wayne & Norma Rosette’s son is having hip replacement surgery now in San Antonio. Wayne will be with him a couple of weeks. Please pray for them.

Please pray for Shirley Stauss. She has been in and out of the ER with blood pressure problems.

My Rhizotomy did not work. I go back the last of month. Please pray for the doctor to have another option.  Also, I am witnessing to a new friend here at Solstice that is not saved. Pray for the Lord to give me wisdom & words to say. Thanks in advance  ~Carolyn Barnette

Our son, Jared Rosette, will be having hip replacement surgery on Wednesday, October 12, in San Antonio. Wayne will be driving him on Sunday, in preparation for pre-op work on Monday, and staying there with Jared until a week after surgery. Please pray that the surgery goes well and for traveling mercies.  ~Norma & Wayne Rosette

Steve Caldwell’s cataract surgery went well.  Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for the family of Chase Owen as they grieve his loss. Please pray especially for Krysti and their little girl that they are expecting: Everlynn Chase Owen.

Please pray for Dave Welch. He has been in severe pain since his surgery. Pray the pain will cease. He is also waiting for the lab report to come back from his kidney. Please pray that the report comes back with good news.

Please pray for Daniel Golden as he continues to recover from surgery.

Please pray for Gynda Jones, she is trying a new medication, please pray that she is able to tolerate the medication and that it is effective.

Please keep Vicki Carrington in your prayers.  She has been admitted to Christus Good Shepherd.

Our daughter-in-law, KaCee Stewart, got test results back today from a CT scan done last week. (Insurance didn’t want to pay for a PET scan). CT scan shows cancer and tumors on her lymph nodes. Thankfully, there is currently no fluid in her lungs. Doctor is changing KaCee to another form of chemo. Although her diagnosis last year was terminal, we had hoped and prayed that the cancer was gone since the last PET scan showed no evidence of disease. Cancer is unfortunately still there. Would appreciate prayers for KaCee. ~Greg Stewart

Daniel Golden surgery finished. Went well.

David Welch surgery finished. Went well.

Please pray for Daniel Golden, he just got taken back for surgery.

Please pray for Dave Welch he is having surgery this morning.

Arrangements for Chase Owen:
Visitation will be Tuesday 6-8pm at Crowley funeral home in Gilmer. Graveside will be at Sand Hill Baptist Church in Gilmer at 9:30. Service will be at WHBC at 11:00. 

Steve & Carol Caldwell, ( friends of Mary Tucker ) Steve is having cataract surgery tomorrow……please pray all goes well. Thanks in advance for your prayers!

Please pray for Daniel Golden.  He is having day surgery tomorrow 7:30 at Regional.

Laura McMickle’s mother, Dot Skiles, is sick. Laura is out of town assisting her.

Please pray for Shirley Stauss. She is in Good Shepherd ER with high blood pressure.  Pray they find why it goes up and down.

Please pray for Jodi Sparkman. She fell at the stadium and hit her head on the concrete.  She has a delayed concussion from the fall. Please pray for her recovery.

Please be in prayer for Ken Jones. He had what may have been a TIA last Tuesday. This morning he woke up and can’t see out of his right eye. In ER at Christus.

Update:  Tara has a UTI.  Hopefully she will be better soon.  Thank you for your prayers.
Please pray for Tara Brinkley, My granddaughter, who was taken to the ER last night with what they thought was a kidney stone. They were later sent home, she was better, but they were not 100% sure it was a kidney stone. This, along with her baby being sick, needs prayer warriors praying for them. I am so grateful for each of your prayers. ~Gracie Lautaret

Prayers for my mother (Dorothy Jackson). She has been having health issues and will have an outpatient procedure this afternoon. ~Linda Meek

Mary Tucker came thru cataract surgery and doing well. She’s at home. Thanks for praying.

Please pray for a healthy baby and easy recovery from my c-section October 28th. ~Mandy Garcia

I took Glynda for a special PET Scan at Texas Oncology/Baylor/Scott n White in Dallas on the 23rd. Got results back today. Scheduled to see Dr. Chastain on October 3. They will probably decide to do surgery and will remove the upper right lobe of the lung. Please pray for us, the Drs, nursing staff and technicians.  ~Ronnie Jones

Joe Wright passed away early this morning. Please pray for Nelda and family during this time. Nelda used to be our pianist years ago.

Please pray for Charlie Hunt. He was sent home Thursday not feeling well and received news from the doctor yesterday afternoon that he has RSV and Rhinovirus. I’m following all of the measures at home and hoping we won’t have a hospital stay.

Please pray for Mona Reeves and family. Her grandson, Jonathan passed away this week.

Would you please pray over Kyle and Macy Roach and their new baby boy Beniah. She delivered him yesterday at 31 weeks. He’s 4.2# in NICU. Stable but looks like on a ventilator and she’s got blood pressure issues. She hasn’t gotten to see him yet and Kyle  is running between them both videoing as much as he can. Prayerfully and Hopefully today she can see him.

Please be in prayer for Ricky. He is the Forman who works the farm and the chicken houses. He had a heat stroke and maybe an aneurysm.   ~Thanks Ken Jones

I’d like prayer the a lord would heal health problems I’m having (seeming to be heart and breathing problems) ~Jess

Please pray for the family of Mona Reeves. They are going through a difficult time.

My name is Jason and I am a teacher. Please pray for me for the strength to teach classes and to handle and manage them successfully this year. Thank you

Lucille Teel is in need of prayers. She had three aneurysm. She is having difficulty getting a doctors appointment.

Carol Urazoff is now at Longview Hill for rehab. Please keep her in your prayers as she regains her strength.

Please pray for Mrs. Carolyn Barnett.  She has been in and out of the hospital this week. She had had several procedures.

Please pray for Sheila Conners family. Her sister shot her boyfriend in self defense. He has passed away. Please pray for all families involved.

Update:  Bettye Parrish’s brother, Ben, made it back in the states and is doing better.  He was in the hospital for a short time and was severely dehydrated and put on antibiotics.  Ben was sent home with meds.  He is now recuperating at Bettye’s.  Please keep both Ben and Bettye in your prayers.

Continue to pray for Betsy Dunnavant now gaining strength and mobility at home following knee replacement.

Please pray for Cathie Lou Tehan’s sweet sister, Bonnie. She has tremendous needs as she recovers from the removal of her larynx. Pray specifically that no infection will occur. Pray safety over Cathie Lou as she travels back and forth to Shreveport.

Please pray for precious Dr. Laney Johnson as he is experiencing decline in kidney function. Pray, too, for Alan, Les and Glenn.

Please keep Lori (a friend of a member) in your prayers.  She had a total mastectomy and still didn’t get all the cancer.

Mark Purifoy had back surgery in Tyler this morning and it went well. Thanks for the prayers.

Please pray for Mark Purifoy. He is having back surgery this morning in Tyler.

Please pray for me Thursday. I am having a Rhizotomy (the nerve endings in my back burned). Please pray it works & I will have some relief from this constant pain I have endured for 1 & 1/2 years. ~Carolyn Barnett

Mary Tucker’s cataract surgery went well.She is at home resting. Thank you for the prayers.

Please pray for Mark Purifoy, he will be having cervical surgery Wednesday in Tyler.

Please continue to pray for Kaydence Rogers. She has been diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FNA). Will be getting her set up with counseling to help her with her stress. Thank you all so much for all the calls, text and prayers.

Please be in prayer for Robert Hagen. He had a motorcycle wreck sometime Friday…he is in critical condition, 8 broken ribs and numerous internal injuries.  Thanks in advance for your prayers.  Lana Snider

Pat’s son,  after all the test is doing better.   His Blood pressure is coming down slowly &  If all continues to do well will go home tomorrow.   Thanks for all your prayers!
Please pray for Pat Westbrook’s son, Robert.   At the Hospital now for Heart Stress test!   Thank you Church Family in advance!

Carol Urazoff was to come home today but her blood pressure dropped significantly. They discovered she is bleeding internally. They’re taking her to ICU and a CAT scan will be done to find out where the blood is coming from.

Please pray for Bettye Parrish’s brother, Ben. He was on his way to the Philippines when he turned ill with fever and severe pain. The government has detained him and is not allowed into the country. He is not able to seek medical care or even lie down. He will fly back to the US and won’t be back until Saturday evening. Please pray vigilantly for his health and safety as he makes his journey back.

My SIL passed away…pleased be in prayer for my brother, Chuck Tucker and family.
Thanks so much for all the prayers.
Please pray for my SIL..taken by ambulance to hospital…very serious..not sure what all has happened.  Thanks for prayers, Lana Snider

Carol Urazoff came out of surgery safely and the procedure was successful. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. We love our church family! —Sue

Please pray for Thurman McGuire. He was transferred by Ambulance from Methodist, Houston to Havencare, Room 108. He will be there for a month of rehab. 

Please keep Mom,  Carol Urazoff, in your prayers tomorrow morning. She’s having a heart procedure at 7 AM at Longview Regional. Thankfully it will be less invasive by going through the artery in her thigh.

Bro. Robert McNail Memorial Service is tonight at our Woodland Hills @ Mason Creek Campus. It will begin at 6:30 pm.  Please continue to pray for the family. 

Praying friends, Pam Aguilar is the pianist at Mason Creek. Her husband Chequi was in an awful accident at work last Thursday and lost his leg. He was life flighted to Tyler. He is having a second surgery tomorrow. Please pray for a successful surgery. Pray for the doctors and staff doing the surgery, and give them wisdom. Please pray for Chequi as he has to go through this ordeal. Please pray for Pam, and their children, and grandchildren, for your peace in this life changing situation.

Pray for Brenda Bradford, cancer.  ~John Bradford

Please pray for us as we transition into a temporary living space. Please pray that our house will sell quickly at fair market value. Please pray we will have the wisdom to find a home we enjoy and be debt free. Thank you.  ~Lana Brogan

Bro. Bob McNail passed away this morning. Please pray for the family at this time. When memorial services are planned information will be sent out. Thank you for your continued prayers.

They are transporting Kadence Rogers by ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Dallas. She has had more seizures. Please continue to pray. 

Church family please pray for Chequi Aguilar, Pam’s husband (both members of Woodland Hills @ Mason Creek) Chequi got hurt real bad at work. He had to be air flighted to Mother Francis in Tyler. —

Kaydence Rogers is at Longview Regional ER. She passed out at band practice. She has had 2 seizures since coming to the ER. Please pray

My mom, Carol Urazoff, will have a procedure tomorrow morning at 9:30 at Longview Regional. They have to put her under to put a scope down her throat to measure the size of her heart. This will be in preparation for a surgical procedure next Thursday to insert a device into her heart. No invasive procedure tomorrow but she still has to be put under. Please pray she comes out of the anesthesia well.   —Sue

Pat Brown’s service will be Saturday, September 3, at 10:00 AM. It will be a graveside service in Vivian, Louisiana.

Ms. Pat Brown passed away last night at Good Shepherd Hospital where she had been quite ill for some time.. She loved Woodland Hills and was an active member in her Life Group and Church .Please pray for her family at this time.

Please pray for my 66 yr old sister Joy Sanders she has a stage 3 inoperable pancreatic tumor her Dr recently changed her chemo meds to reduce the side effects please pray for her total healing.

Our 3 year old great-granddaughter, Oaklee accidentally broke right leg‘s femur yesterday going down a slide. Oakley’s leg will be immobilized for four weeks. Please pray for God’s healing for Oakley and strength for her parents Ashley and Dylon.Ashley is scheduled to deliver a son,Eli, on Sept 1. Thank you. Randy&Connie Huston

Many know I had surgery on both of my feet. After 9 weeks of being disabled with boots on both., I am humbly asking for your prayers. I had hoped to be out of them in 2 weeks, but by a perfect storm of incidents I will remain in them another 6 weeks. I ask not only for Gods healing, For I know  he is the Great Physician, but pray for further peace in my soul , mind,  & heart. I am becoming weary at this point. God is my strength and healer. 1 Peter 4:19 says Those who suffer according to God’s  will, should be faithful to God while doing what is good. 1 Peter 5:6 Humble yourselves, under the mighty hand of God and cast all our cares on him because he cares about me. I am so thankful for WHBC prayer warriors and family.
Love you Gloria Williams

Rose Hart has a blockage; she goes on Monday the 29th of August to see if they can get it out and put a stint in.

Bob McNail coded this morning He is in ICU now on a vent. Doctor said that the next 48 hours are critical, but he doesn’t think Bob will make it through.Please pray for him and his family. Only God has the plan.

Please pray for Bro. Keith Lauter. He is the pastor of my home church in Omaha and a close family friend. Bro. Keith in the past had cancer removed and has returned. They have found traces on his back, right side of his chest, and a spot along the mandible. They are scheduling a biopsy to take a larger sample or remove the spot from his back to test and determine if it’s nodule cancer or has changed. Please pray that the treatment that is needed is offered in Louisana and if not that this treatment can have a smooth transfer to Texas.

Jessica Rutherford , a friend of ours, is in need of prayer. She has serious health issues. She has an appointment with a specialist in three weeks. Please pray for discernment for her doctors, God’s healing for Jessica and strength for her husband, Jason.  ~The Hustons

Robert McNail is in Good Shepherd Hospital. He went in Friday . He has Cellulitus in his lower right leg and congestive heart failure. Please keep him in your prayers. He is an active member of Woodland Hills Mason Creek.

Please pray for Timmy. He has been hospitalized in Tyler. Been texting throughout night. Will know more after more tests this morning.  ~Lisa Wright

Please pray for my friend Brandy Eubank.  She passed out at school today where she is a teacher’s aid.  This is the third time in a month that she has passed out.  They have been running heart tests and ran an EEG recently.  Pray that she will get some answers as to what is going on.

Anitra Riddle.Member at Mason Creek campus. Having cancer surgery tomorrow 8/19. Please lift her up in prayer.

Update on Jimmie:  He’s being discharged! Thank y’all for praying!!!

Please be praying for Thurman McGuire. He will go into Longview Regional this Friday for 3 days to take antibiotics intravenously. He then will be admitted into Methodist Hospital in Houston next Friday for a major surgery on Monday. He’ll be in the Hospital for several days and then be at Summer Meadows Rehab for 30 days. He is 92 years old so this is major.  

Update: He did great!!! If he continues to eat well, he may come home by end of week!
Praise The Lord, Jimmie has been off cpap for 3 days and doing well! They are going to give him a bottle at 2:00 and see how he does! He’s had a feeding tube in.
Pray he takes bottle good so they can remove feeding tube and come home this weekend!

Please pray for Stacie Fenton she got the results back from her MRI this morning and they are admitting her to the hospital now she has several blood clots on her brain please pray that they will dissipate and ask others to

Our brother David did great with his surgery.  We saw him after the tube was taken out and  vitals are all good and he looked good.   Thanks so much for the prayers. ~Delores Hill

My friend,  Pastor Steve Dighton, has his new heart!  Doctor said it was the “smoothest transplant he’s done in years!”  Please pray that his body and his new heart become really close friends so he can one day get back to the pulpit!  Thank you!  –Brenda Bevis 

Paul Crawford is doing well and will be heading home soon. Thanks again for the prayers.

Update on baby Jimmie:  His lung on left side has closed again so he’s back on cpap. Please pray for my daughter Dakota and Chesley. They are mentally and physically tired. They are staying at hospital and taking turns coming home to take care of their own kids. Ronald McDonald house did approve Dakota but they never got an answer on her husband Chesley. Since he has not got approval to be there they can’t leave their kids there unattended so they all came home.  Dakota stays in hospital a few days then drives home and trades out with Chesley. Pray specifically for Jimmies lung to open and stay open. Ronald McDonald house to approve Chesley so they can all be together. ,Thank y’all so much!

Please pray for my husband Barry Miller, I will be taking him to LRMC ER. He has been having severe pain in his abdomen and we need to determine what is going on. Thanks so much to our church family for lifting us up. ~Danna Miller

My classmate, Pastor Steve Dighton, has been on a transplant list. A short time ago, a heart has become available. The transplant is scheduled for 3:15 this afternoon. Please pray that Steve’s life will be extended so he can keep proclaiming God’s Word from the pulpit! Pray, too, for the donor family in their loss

Paul Crawford’s surgery went very well. It was to start at 7:30 and last for 5 hours or more. Karen texted me at 11:03 saying that Paul was in recovery and according to the surgeon, everything went well. He may stay in the hospital one or two nights. Thanks for the prayers.

Update on Todd Malone:  Just spoke with the doctor and surgery went very well. He will be in recovery for about an hour or so then hopefully going home soon. Thank you for all the prayers.  Love, Tanya and Todd Malone

Please be in prayer for our brother that lives in Florida. His name is David Whitten.  He will be having a triple by pass Monday morning the 15th at 5:00.  We will be leaving Sunday morning to travel there.  Traveling mercy for us.  Myself, Mary and Ralph will be going.  Thank you in advance church family!  Delores Hill, Mary Lippencott

Please continue to pray for Joe Wright, he has been moved to intermediate care and is doing better.

Update of Baby Jimmie: They are going to remove the vent today. Pray that he does well.  Please continue to pray for Dakota and Chesley as they juggle their own 6 kids and these twins!  They’re doing very well and it’s because of answered prayer!!! Thank y’all !!

Please pray for Todd Malone, He will be having surgery tomorrow in Tyler at 12:40 on his lower back. Please pray for a successful surgery.

Paul Crawford will have neck, left elbow and hand surgery on Thursday at 7:15 in Tyler. Thankful for a praying body of believers.

Please pray for Betty Mosley. She is recovering from covid and a fall. Please pray for quick healing and recovery. She is in Summer Meadows in rehab, Room 405. Thank you!

Please pray for Mia Kate Hume.  She is almost 1.  She was admitted to the hospital last night.  She has 2 types of bacteria in her gut and is needing prayer warriors to lift her up.  Pray for her Mother, Cara and Father, Beau and brothers at this time.  

Please be in prayer for the family of Bert Snider. He passed away this morning. He is Steve Snider’s brother. Thanks in advance for all your prayers and for your prayers while Bert has been ill and in the hospital.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider.

My aunt passed away unexpectedly last week and they are having the viewing today and laying her to rest tomorrow. ~Brandi Hobden

Please pray for the Kyle and Gaddis family. Ms. Pat Kyle passed away unexpectedly. Ms. Pat knew the Lord and loved Woodland Hills. Thank you for your prayers. 

Please pray for my neighbor’s family situation. Very evil and manipulating neighbors. Please pray for them to be removed.  ~Tanya Pierce

Please lift 4 week old Jimmie up today! Dr’s removed cpap to adjust it and he stopped breathing . They got him stable again for now. They have found an infection in his lungs from aspirating at birth. They are also saying he had pneumonia along with rsv.  They are going to put him on a steroid but if he doesn’t improve they will have to put the vent back in.  Please pray steroid works!  Good news: Dakota was approved for Ronald Mc Donald house! They are hoping to get approval on Chesley today also! 

Please for my friend and biker brother Bo Traywick. Bo is in the ER with Covid. He has really bad lungs and has been on oxygen for over. a year but continues to smoke cigars like a chimney. We have ridden many miles to lots of places with our scooter group from Peace Fellowship. Please pray for Bo.  ~Barry & Patti Higginbotham

Update on Jimmie:  They will remove vent after lunch today and see how he does!
Thank y’all for praying! They have been able to turn vent down because he is breathing better.  Also please pray that Ronald McDonald house approves Dakota and Chesley to stay there. They are hoping to hear back today .

Please pray for Jimmie. He is about 3 1/2 weeks old with RSV. They have flown him to Childrens in Dallas. He’s on a vent but they hope to remove it tomorrow if he’s strong enough.  My daughter Dakota and her husband Chesley was just granted guardianship over these twin babies because their parents are addicts.  The brother is doing well but is being checked out as a precaution.  Dakota and Chesley are both in Dallas at Childrens with Both babies. Please pray for healing and rest. Thank y’all in advance for your prayers! ~Denise Bowens

Will you please pray for my 19 year old daughter? She just returned home from the hospital and is very weak and underweight; she had an intestinal infection and is now taking medication for it for the next week. Please pray that she will regain a healthy appetite; stress and emotions seem to affect her appetite greatly.  ~Claire

Donnie Freeman is in Good Shepherd with heart problems.  Probably going to do a stress test.  Please pray for Donnie and Vernon during this time.

Please keep Rena Crain, our summer camp teacher, in your prayers. Her husband was admitted to the hospital again, but has been released with medication change. Also, her uncle passed away yesterday. Please pray for her family.

Please pray for Julie Markham. She has been sick for over a week.

Please pray for my Aunt Janie Sandoval and her family in San Antonio, Tx. Her grandson was shot along with 2 of his friends and was killed. Pray for Aunt Janie that she and her daughter Jessica would be comforted with the loss of Angel Ray.  ~Felicia Canfield

Please be in prayer for Cecelia Hairston’s  family. Cecelia’s mom, Margaret Stevenson, passed away yesterday.  Ray called to let us know today.   Thank you in advance for all your prayers.

Please be in prayer for Fred Tipton. About four months ago he discovered that he has some issues with a growth on his pancreas. Fred decided at that time to wait four months and have an MRI again to see if the condition has changed. That four month period is up and he goes in Monday to Christus Good Shepherd to have an MRI. Give Fred and Sue and the Drs wisdom in the plan of action if the problem still exists. Pray that the problem is completely gone. Lift up Fred and Sue so that they are guided by our Heavenly Father to make the right decisions on this issue. 

Carolyn Barnette Update: After 10 days I have tested negative for Covid. Praise the Lord. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick. Thanks for the prayers.

Dendy Merrill’s 95 year old uncle is getting better and has been sent home. Continue to prayer for his complete covid recover.

Please keep Tabitha Lair and family in your prayers.  Tabitha’s father is in the hospital ER, has a broken hip and is in and out of consciousness.

Shelia, a new member who joined Sunday, 7/24/2022, her son, Jacobi, and her father, Carlos, each have tested positive for COVID. 

Please pray for Pat Westbrook’s Great Grand Daughter, Mikala Westbrook, age 13. She had been hospitalized for several days and was moved to a Dallas hospital recently. They have diagnosed her with pneumonia and are draining fluid from her lungs.

Thanks for the prayers.

Keep in your prayers Dendy Merrill’s 95 year old uncle, Marvin (Shorty) Merrill in California.  He has COVID and was taken to a hospital.

Please pray for Pat Brown.  She is in Good Shepherd Hospital.

Please keep Bro. Clark and Marilyn Sexton’s family in your prayers. Their great granddaughter, Ruthie, went to be with the Lord on Friday. She was 21 months old and had been ill since birth. The family lives in Midland.

Praise! Teresa Fears got the job at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Please keep her in your prayers – she has some problems with her hands that hinders her during training.

Dot Key’s daughter in law, Renee’ Key was hit at the Mall. The contact knocked her through the air. The driver came up and apologized and then drove off. She has several bones, vertebrae and disks that are broken or damaged. Pray for pain relief and healing.

Please pray for one of our CR leaders, Kevin Weddle and family. His mother has had several health issues and is now in ICU @ Good shepherd . She’s fading and Dr’s said there’s nothing else they can do. Kevin lost his dad about 2 yrs ago. 

Joe Wright is not doing well at Christus Good Shepherd.  His immune system is low stemming from the CLL Leukemia, he has shingles and viral meningitis along with some pneumonia.on the left side where he has lost a lot of function with that arm. He is so weak and won’t eat that the doc is going to have to put a feeding tube in his throat.  Please pray for Joe and Nelda.

Keep Cynthia Adams in your prayers. She is having back surgery on August 9 at Longview Regional.

Please pray for Teresa Fears – she starts orientation at a new job at 10 am this morning. Pray that she will be alert, have clear understanding and perfect recall as she moves into actually working, and that her trainer and coworkers would be accepting and supportive as she begins this new chapter in her life. Thank you! God bless you for your faithfulness to stand in the gap and intercede for all of us!  ~John Zenter

Please pray for Laura Brown she has tested positive for Covid.

Please keep Bob Gilley in your prayers. He has COVID and is slow to recover.

I tested positive for Covid Sunday afternoon. I’m very weak & need prayers. Thank you! ~Carolyn Barnette

Ms. Ila Ford passed away last Sunday, July 10. Services will be at Radar Funeral Home.  Visitation: Monday ,July 18, 6-8 pm  |  Funeral Service: Tuesday, July 19, 10:00 am

Please pray for my friend, Jeannie Weaver and their team from Immanuel Baptist in Marshall. They have left this morning to Africa! They have several connecting flights. Pray they are ALL on time! ~Denise Bowens

Please pray for Teresa – she is having a job interview right now. Please also pray for the person(s) conducting the interview. Teresa really wants this job, and does need it, not just for money, but to get her out of the house a little more. Thank you!  John Zenter

Please pray for Maryann Thomas. She has Covid.

Pray for Jeff Thomas. He is spending overnight in Hospital for High Blood Pressure. They will do an MRI in the morning.

Rena Crain’s (Summer Camp Worker) husband is in the hospital.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Please pray for Joe Wright. He is at the ER and having serious chest pains. They’re doing blood work. Please pray for Joe and Nelda Wright.

Brandy Wooley has asked that we please pray for her dad….Please pray for my dad! They’re taking him by ambulance right now. His fever is 103.8 and he has bad diarrhea, and he’s not coherent. Sounds like sepsis to me but I’m not a doc and idk anything until he gets to ER. Probably going to regional.

God does answer unspoken prayers. All is clear.  ~Sandy Johnson

Pray for Barbara McDaniel’s son, Darrell. He is having trouble keeping his diabetes under control.

Update of Patricia Brown’s Nephew:  Cole’s doctors plan to bring him out of the induced coma Tuesday, July 5. Patricia is a asking for your continued prayers for Cole.  Cole is improving , but has a long healing process to do. Thank you.

Please pray for Kip Blanton.  This is Ashley Hunt’s step dad. He was in motorcycle accident. He is currently at the hospital and looks like broken leg. 

Our daughter-in-law, KaCee, got her P.E.T. scan results this morning. Showed ‘NED’, No Evidence of Disease! We realize that this doesn’t necessarily mean the cancer is completely gone, but we’re sure praying it is. The doctor was all smiles and said this was the best possible result they could have gotten. KaCee recognizes and acknowledges that this is 100% God working thru prayer. She will start on an oral chemo pill this week. We’ll have to wait and see if the doctor’s changes her terminal diagnosis, but he’s at least no longer talking about months of life. Thank you for praying for KaCee, and please don’t stop. We may well have the miracle we’ve been praying for. ~Greg Stewart

Betty Mosley is at Longview Regional room 274. She has been admitted for tests. She may be going home today. Please keep her in your prayers.

Please keep Maryann in your prayers. She does have infection the incision from Knee replacement. She will be having surgery at 12:30 today to clean out infection.  ~Jeff Thomas

As some of you know, Robert Rouse went to be with the Lord yesterday due to a massive heart attack. The service will be at the Old White Oak Cemetery behind the White Oak School on Tuesday, July 5, 2022. The Visitation will be at 10:00 am and the service at 11:00 am at the cemetery. Please lift up Cathie, she lost her mother on April 25.

Praise: Wayne Rosette just came home from the hospital! Thanks for the prayers, cards, calls, etc.
Please continue to lift him up as he goes through a lengthy recovery and healing process.

Please continue to keep Cole Cash in your prayers. He is in surgery right now for his legs. The brain bleed is worse than first thought. This is Patricia Brown’s nephew.

Please pray for Kathy Rouse and family   Robert had a massive heart attack yesterday and passed away.  It was sudden. He coded twice and the last time they couldn’t bring him back.

Please keep Terri Smith and family in your prayers. Her father, Ronnie McCracken, passed away.
Visitation at Rader Funeral Home on Friday from 5-7
Service at Hallsville Cemetery on Saturday at 10am

Please keep Cole Cash in your prayers. He has been hospitalized with brain injuries from a car accident. ~Patricia Brown

Please pray for Al McNeal. He fainted on Thursday afternoon and was carried by ambulance to the hospital. He was released on Friday afternoon. We are following up with his doctors. He is anemic and showing signs of a GI bleed. He is undergoing many tests at this time. Pray that we can get answers. Pray for healing!


Please pray for my cousin, Pamela. Please pray that God will heal and restore her heart and kidneys to a full functioning condition. Please also pray that her spirit will be renewed and refreshed in Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your prayers. God Bless You! ~Stephanie

Hello! Please be praying for our upcoming Loving Arms of East Texas Mission Week during the week of July 11th! Please pray for our planning and preparations, people to sign-up and participate, opportunities to love, serve, and share the Gospel with our neighbors here in Longview, for people to come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, and all that the Lord wants to do to be done in and through us as His Church! Thank you!!

Carol Urazoff  has Covid for second time. She is not as sick as she was last year but she is still keeping a close watch on her respiration.

Thank you to so many who have prayed for me. I’m gradually recovering. Pain has lessened . Please continue to pray for me. Love my church . Gloria Williams

Brenda Bevis’ son Griffin has gone to be with the Lord. He had just undergone a very successful back operation and was home recovering. He “arrived“ into the portals of glory early this morning. Please remember his mama Brenda and his wife Kate.

Bill Copeland has been moved to the IMC unit for better care. Please continue to pray for him and his care takers.

Wayne Rosette is sitting up and has eaten lunch. They are talking about going to a regular room today. Keep praying. Thanks!

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