Prayer Board

Please pray for Isabel Hunt. She’s at the ER with chest pains. She’s been having some problems. Pray for Jason and Ashley with her.

Pray for Suzie Arthofer, she is going through a difficult time.

Please pray for John Zenter and family.

Joy Savage is being released from Longview Regional. She did not have a heart attack. She will have more tests to be done outpatient. Thank you for your prayers!

Pray for Tom Williams today. He has 4 different tests/procedures at the VA Hospital in Shreveport. Pray for him and Gloria.

Please pray for Joy Savage. She has had some issues regarding her heart. She has been admitted into Longview Regional and will be observed tonight with more testing to be done tomorrow.

Pray for Quinton to come home to me at the Kirkpatrick House so we can be together again and move on in our better life, new life!  ~Fawn

Dorothy Jackson is home from rehab.

Mike Huston’s kidney stone has cleared his body on its own. He will still follow-up with his doctor. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. God is the Great Healer. Randy&Connie

Results are in… significant Arthritis in spine. Going home! Thank all of you for praying!
Update on Sheila Conner: All tests came back clear! No blockage! They are going to do xrays to see what’s causing back pain and then hopefully headed home!

A dear Christian friend of Betty Mosley’s, Barbara Johnston, is looking for work. She is a sitter of pets, children, and adults. If you could use her services or know of someone that could please contact the church office.

Sheila Conner is in Longview Regional, Room 1706. She’s in pain. They’ve done a CT scan and will run more tests today.

Caysen’s surgery is schedule for Dec. 18th at children’s medical center. They are tightening 2 muscles in each eye. Please continue to pray for this little man and family. Thank you so much.

Urgent prayer request from our son Captain Marshall Jones, USMC 🇺🇸 serving on the field in preparation for a mission: “Please pray for a Marine he is serving with that has a serious life crisis right now!”🇺🇸

Please put Sid and Linda Pierce on your prayer list. Sid is having some health issues and waiting doctors to decide how to treat Sid problems.

Please pray for Caysn. Codi and Cari are seeing an eye specialist today to determine the next steps for this little man. Thank you church family.

Please pray for me(Crystal Jones) I was involved in a 4 wheeler wreck and broke my arm. They have put a rod and a titanium plate and screws in my arm. I’m at Longview regional room 146 I think. Please pray for healing and no new injuries

Please pray for Tisha Watson and her 3 kids all under the age of 5! Colby, her husband, was killed last night in an ATV accident.

Our son Mike Huston has a kidney stone. Please pray for God’s healing. Thank you Randy & Connie

Please pray for Amanda. She has been apart of our Cr group and lost everything in a house Fire this morning. She was living there with her two boys and her mom was also staying with them. Red Cross is putting them in a hotel room for tonight. She will need to find a place to rent on her low income. Thank you!

John Zenter is on his way to Louisiana to take his step-mom and dad to look at a VA home to live in. The parents are having a hard time with this and John needs to find the right words to help them with this transition. Please keep John and his parents in your prayers.

Shirley Perkins is not doing well at all. She’s at a critical stage. Please stop and pray for Shirley and Bro. Dale and family.

Please pray for Daniela.  She has spastic cerebral palsy.  She asks for prayer to heal her cerebral palsy and her brain.

I ask for prayers for my mother ( Betty McCrary) she is under the care of hospice at home. I also ask for prayers for John as his health is not good. We have a dear family friend that has stage 4 lung cancer and has been given 4 to 6 months. Thank you for all your prayers. ~John and Nancy Fenton

Delores Hill’s father just passed away and they are on their way to Arkansas. No other details at this time.

Vernon Dunn has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Don’t know the extent yet. Will meet with the doctor on Friday. Please keep us in your prayers…Jerrie Dunn

They are keeping Juanita Gibson at hospital. She is at Good Shepherd, Room 2334.
Mrs. Juanita Gibson is in Good Shepherd ER Room 12. She passed out.

Michelle Stewart had a follow up visit with her surgeon today. Although her tumor was twice as large as originally thought, the pathology on her lymph nodes came back with no evidence of the cancer spreading. All of her staples and drain tubes were removed. Michelle will meet with an oncologist in a week or so to determine further treatment for the cancer. Thanks to all who have prayed and showed so much concern. I can’t imagine going through trials like this without the LORD and a church family.  ~Greg

Please keep Marilyn Sexton (Bro. Clark’s wife) in your prayers. She has come down with shingles.

Over the Thanksgiving break a student at Alpine Christian Academy passed away. The student was 3 years of age. Please pray for the family, school, and students.

David Christine passed away last night. David and Della came to WHBC from Gods Grace when we merged. Please pray for Della and family.

Please be in prayer for Don Nimmo, he will be having surgery around 1:00 this afternoon at Mother Francis in Tyler.

Dorothy Jackson is in Good Shepherd with blood pressure issues. She is in room 2329.

Thanks everyone for all the prayers! Pamela Smith just got out of surgery. She is doing well. They found an artery that had 99% blockage that got a stent and two others that had 50% they are treating with medicine. God is good! Thank you church family. Family is rejoicing.

Darlene Sanders was just released from the hospital and is on the way home.
Darlene Sanders spent Thanksgiving with family at Longview Regional recovering from surgery. She is doing good this morning and up and walking. She might get to go home today.

Please pray for Pam Smith, mother to Cecilla Cox. In the next hour she will have a heart cath and possibly some sort of stent. She had a mild heart attack last night. She is in good spirits. Thank you everyone

Please pray for Shirley, Bro. Dale and all the Perkins. They are taking Shirley back to the hospital!

Darlene Sanders is in Room 161 in Longview Regional. Her back surgery went well and will be there 2 or 3 days. Please keep the Sanders family in your prayers.

Please pray for Darlene Sanders. This morning at 7:30 she is having surgery on her back at Longview Regional. Surgery should last around 3 hours and the plan is that she will go home tomorrow.

Ms. Juanita Gibson had a spot on her face removed. It was cancerous and must go back on Dec. 6 and have more removed. Please pray for her and Lauren.

Jack Ford’s biopsy show lung cancer. He is home now recovering and will see an oncologist soon.

Jack Ford, Julie Edwards, Sheila Roberts, and Mona Reeves have all been dismissed from the hospital.

Be in prayer for Willy Fields, a sister in law passed away last week. Her name is Joyce Hulen. Stephanie Hulen her daughter in law passed away a couple of days ago from complications due to cancer. There is also another family member left behind who is physically disabled.

Sheila Roberts is at Longview Regional ER with a possible blood clot in her lungs. They are waiting on meds from Tyler to run tests.

Please pray for Judy Arroyo and her family in the passing of her husband, Genaro. He lived in Mexico and the family will be trying to organize a service there as well as here in Texas. Praying for salvation for many in the family as they reflect on eternity.
God is able. Thank you for your prayers.

Mona Reeves’s Surgery is finished and she did great. She will be at Good Shepherd room 2222 for a couple of nights.

Jack Ford is in room 1611 at GSMC. He fell Thursday, went to hospital and didn’t break anything but they found a mass in his lung. They biopsied yesterday and waiting for results. Jack will probably be there through the the weekend. Keep Jack in your prayers.

Monica Kuykendall’s mom is having a heart cath this morning. Please keep her in your prayers.

Mona Reeves went into surgery this morning at 7:25. Continue to pray for her.

Jason Heatons father passed away around 11 this morning. Please pray for this family.

Tommy Graves (my husband) lost his Dad early this morning at 1 am. He went to be with Jesus! Prayers of comfort for the entire Graves family please. Thank you, Diana & Tommy Graves

Anna Thomas has just gone back for surgery on her hand. It should take about 30-45 minutes. Please keep her in your prayers. She is are Regional. Thank you!

Please pray for the Heaton Family. Jason’s father is said to be in the final stages of life. The doctors have told the family to begin making arrangements. Please pray that he will go peacefully. The family is certain of his salvation.

Leanne Spencer, gone home from hospital.

Julie Edwards, in Good Shepherd 2126 recovering from surgery
Michelle Stewart, Longview Regional, still waiting on doctor reports
Services for Ernest Dozier, Phyllis’ husband, is Saturday, 11:00 AM at Calvary Baptist Church, Longview.  Visitation is from 10:00 – 11:00 AM
Services for Frank Graves, Tommy Graves’ father, is Saturday, 2:00 PM at Croley Funeral Home, Gladewater.  Visitation is Friday night.

Please pray for Leanne Spencer. She had surgery today at Good Shepherd. All went well. Should go home tomorrow.

Michelle Stewart is out of surgery. Surgeon seemed pleased. Michelle is scheduled to spend the night, room 143 at Longview Regional. Thanks for praying. Don’t yet have lab results of lymph nodes.

Prayers for Tommy’s Dad. Hospice with him.  Unable to wake him. He is in Hawkins Creek memory care. Prayers for family.  ~Diana & Tommy Graves

Please take some time this morning and pray for Michelle Stewart. She is having surgery around noon today at Longview Regional and our prayer is that the cancer has not spread.

Ernest Dozier just passed away.  Please keep Phyllis and this family in your prayers.

Please keep Pat Adams in your prayers.  She is suffering from back issues.

Yesterday morning one of Alton Blair’s brothers passed away. Alton asked that we pray a prayer of thanksgiving for his brother. His brother never had a bad day, he never said a bad word about friends or acquaintances. He was 92 years old. He was married to the same wife for 73 years, had the same job for 45 years, and lived in the same town for 71 years. He had 5 sisters and 5 brothers. His wife was in a nursing home and he wanted to go and be with her. He passed while there with her holding his hand.

We got home around 11 and he rested good. I have to take him to a surgeon next week to see if he needs anything done. He has stitches in 4 places, concussion, fracture under one eye and his nose. He of course is really sore and is being a really good patient! Prayers for the soreness and not have to have any type of cosmetic surgery. Love you all.  ~Delores Hill

This has been a rough week for us. I lost my job on Tuesday and got a phone call a couple of hours ago that Ralph is in the ER in Mt Pleasant. He turned his dump truck over and has some gashes in his head and a possible fracture under his eye. He is nauseated and they are giving him medicine for that. His supervisor is with him and I’m waiting on them to get him back to Longview. Thank God for keeping him as safe as he did. It could have been much worse. I think our family could use a few extra prayers tonight! Thanks in advance. ~Delores Hill

Brooklyn Poss, granddaughter of Cindy Adams was in a serious auto accident last night. She has been transferred to room 6619 at Trinity Mother Francis. Surgery at 7:15 a. m. She needs prayers greatly. Please pray for this family.

Shirley Perkins had surgery Tuesday at Mother Francis in Tyler. It went very well. Hoping to come home today.

Update on Todd and Amanda Barker and twins: Twins arrived late in the evening. Everyone is doing well. Please continue to pray for the family. Thank you so much.

Please be in prayer for Phyllis Dozier and family. Her husband, Ernest, is not doing well at all, his oxygen level keeps going dropping. Hospice has told her his time is short (2 weeks to a month). . Pray for comfort for Phyllis and family during this transition time. ~Gracie Lautaret

Please be praying for Amanda, Todd, Addison and Baby Twins. Tonight they are scheduled to arrive around 9 this evening. Pray for doctors and nurses tending to Amanda and twins. Amanda is only 30 weeks along, so they will be spending some considerable time in the NICU upon arrival.

Please pray for K’Dawn and Mark, her mother passed away this afternoon.

Please pray for Mark and K’Dawn O’Rear. K’Dawn’s mother is in the final moments of life. Pray for this transition time and pray for the family as they are gathered around her bedside right now.

Mona Reeves is scheduled for back surgery Friday November 16th at Good Shepherd. She will need to wear a back brace for 1 month and won’t be able to drive for 2 weeks.  She will also have drains in for a week as well.  Please pray for wisdom for doctors and for compassionate care in the hospital, and for this to relieve a large percentage of the pain she experiences on a daily basis. I will be taking off a week from work to care for her during the day and Aunt Jodie will care for her at night. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Please pray for Todd and Amanda Barker. Amanda is pregnant with twins and her fluid levels are low. Amanda is having a test done today at noon and if fluid levels are still low they will take the babies this afternoon. Amanda is 10 weeks early at this point. Please pray for this family.

Peggy Worsham’s Surgery went good. From 2:40 to 6:15 in surgery. Went to recovery and came into room at 7:40 PM. Now she is asleep.

Peggy Worsham is still waiting to go into surgery at Methodist Hospital in Plano. It’s a 4 hour surgery and she’ll be here several days.

Please be in urgent prayer for Amanda Barker and her husband Todd. She is 30 weeks pregnant with twins and just received notice that her amniotic fluid is too low. They are attempting to increase the fluid, however if they cannot they will need to take the babies. Please pray.

I received an email from my co-worker with praises. My email reads, “It worked! She went to the meet, somehow convinced her father not to attend…Won 2nd in freestyle and 1st in 400 freestyle relay. Please tell your prayer warriors their efforts have real effect!”. I just want you to know your prayers were answered and so appreciated. Thank you, my prayer warrior friends! ~Gracie Lautaret

Pleas pray for Michele ( Joy Savage daughter-in-law). Michele has very serious stomach issues and going to the Mayo Clinic. Pray the specialist will find a way to heal this problem.

Please keep my Father n Law Frank Graves in your prayers. In Hawkins Creek memory care, sleeping most of time, not eating much, etc. Thank you, Diana & Tommy Graves

Please pray for Gracie’s older sister Brenda and her husband Doug. Brenda is having knee replacement surgery tomorrow, Monday, November 5th. Pray for successful surgery, quick healing, and for Doug as her takes care of her. Thanks for praying and we love you all.
Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

A friend at work has asked that her daughter be covered with prayer this weekend. Her dad may attend a school function she is participating in and she hasn’t seen him in seven months. She has severe anxiety about being around him. Please pray for her calmness and to focus on her meet because her teammates are relying on her. Thank you prayer warriors. ~Gracie Lautaret

Betty Nickels will be released from rehab on Monday. Going to her sister Carolyn’s home for a week and then she will be home. Please continue to pray for her continued recovery.

Michelle’s surgery is scheduled for Nov 13th. She’ll be assigned at oncologist after that and we’ll see where we go from here. We’re praying the cancer hasn’t spread. In both previous cases, it had spread and she got the ‘full meal deal’ regimen of chemo and radiation. Thank you all for praying for her.  ~Greg Stewart

Becky’s heart cath is over. There was no blockage and no problems. Be going home today. Thanks for praying.

Becky Hunt had a good night. BP is still high and so is cholesterol. She is scheduled for heart cath today. She’s an add on so who knows the time. Thanks for praying. 

Becky Hunt’s Stress test had some abnormalities. They are doing an echo cardiogram right now. They are scheduling a heart cath for tomorrow. Not sure of time yet. Will update when I know. No chest pains today. BP still up. Be here another night.

We’ve been at the ER for several hours with Becky. She’s had high blood pressure and chest pains. The bp is still up and down and the nitro helped but chest pains are back. Going to admit her to Regional, Room 1717. Will do more blood work and schedule stress test. We’re great. Don’t need anything but prayer.  ~Bro. Charles

Michelle Stewart found out Wednesday that she again has breast cancer. This is her third time. Having been through all the surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments twice before, she is understandably somewhat discouraged. She (and I) would appreciate prayers for her. We meet with the surgeon Tuesday and will go from there.  Thanks, Greg Stewart

Vicki Gann’s father, Donald Worth Tucker, passed away on Friday, October 26, 2018 at his home in Gilmer. He was married 70 years to Mrs. Geraldine Tucker. Funeral services will be held on Monday, October 29, 2018 at 11:00 am at Croley Funeral Home of Gilmer. The family will receive friends one hour prior to the service at the funeral home. Pray for this family.

Vicki Gann’s father passed away in Gilmer last night. He was 88 and hospice had been called in. Please Pray for this Vicki and Jerry and all the family. More details on services when available.

Please pray for Ty Tiner. He is in the hospital and they are not sure what is wrong. He is in and out so much that he has given up. He is a co-worker of several members. ~Wayne Gibson

Our granddaughter Lynette Huston is four months pregnant. She has been diagnosed with a problem pregnancy. Please pray for Gods grace and healing.

My sister Beverly’s daughter Linda went to be with the Lord suddenly. Please keep them in your prayers.
~Connie Huston

Update on my friend, Shirley Presley. Shirley had surgery to remove mengioma ( all was successful). While in recovery & rehab this morning @7am Shirley Was incoherent.. sent her to er, Dr said Shirley had had a seizure and has severe UTI!
Thank you for your continued prayers for her recovery. She is also diabetic. Prayers for God’s hedge of protection over her as Drs plan treatment for her.
~Diana Graves

Rick Smith is out of surgery and did well. He is in Texas Spine and Joint Hospital, Tyler, Room 133.

Rick Smith is having back surgery in Tyler this morning. Please pray for him and Pat.

Pray for Pat Adams – oral surgery – Wednesday 10/24/2018.

Judy Mock is being released from the hospital tomorrow.

Carl Edwards passed away on October 10.  Please pray for Audrey and the whole family. There are no services planned yet.

Patricia Brown’s daughter in Texas City, TX. Is having blood transfusions today. No information on what is wrong but God does . Please pray for her and family

I talked with Liz Graham this morning and she had a good nights rest and feels much better. She did not go back to the hospital. Continue the prayers for her and Kennie

Please pray for one of my friends and former co-workers husband, Brad McNeal. He got staph in his spine in June and ended up with sepsis. He was then sent home with a picc line for 6 weeks. The staph destroyed his c4 and c5. He was going to have surgery then his hip started hurting. The infection came back. He’s had 2 surgeries to flush out the infection and now has a drain. He’s hurting physically and mentally. Eventually he’ll need a hip replacement. He is 38 years old, and they can’t figure out why he keeps getting this infection. Please pray for him, and his wife Jen and their 2 boys.   ~Christy Mayfield

Update on my son Christopher Kennedy ~ He is now home from being treated for chicken pox / shingles and Staphylococcus aureus infection at Baylor Cancer Center in Dallas . He will still have weekly visits to Baylor for the next 4 months to monitor his bone marrow transplant success and labs for kidney function. Christopher’s next scheduled Kansas city visit is November 4th-5th to the see the Brain surgeon for testing on his recent memory lapses. Please continue to keep us ( Melissa Clayton and Christopher Kennedy) in your prayers

Many may remember Larry & Freida Sinclair. They have been at Woodland Hills many times…
A note from Freida Sinclair about Larry…please pray.
They are Getting ready to put my sweet husband in ICU. It seems he has pneumonia. We had to call 911 this morning to get him up out of the floor and bring him to emergency room. He didn’t fall just slipped off of bed. Please pray for him.

Update on Liz Graham:  Liz is being released now from the hospital. Orders to go home and rest. Continue to pray for Kennie also!!!

Liz is improving. She is on antibiotics for the blood infection and they took an echo of the lungs but no results on that yet. The doctor indicated she might be able to go home Friday. She is in good spirits. She thanks everyone for the prayers and ask you to continue to prayer for her and Kennie.

Update on Liz Graham. The doctors have found that she has not only pneumonia but a bacterial infection in her blood. She will be treated with another antibiotic. She is at GSMC room 2107. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Betty Nickels is doing well following surgery. She is now at Heritage Rehab Center room 110. She should be home in a week or two. Betty would like to thank you for all the prayers!

We just received a call from Darrell & Deb (brother & sister-in-law) in Panama City!  What a gift to hear their voices!!  (They called on a deputy’s phone who is a member of their church.)  They now have a vehicle to drive temporarily and they are now sleeping at a church member’s home!  Of all the church members that have been checked on, none have been hurt.  Darrell and Pastor Mike have many decisions to make regarding the damage to the church.  They had a sweet service yesterday in the church parking lot and they are seeing God’s grace everywhere!  Tomorrow they hope to be able to make some sort of contact with their insurance and with FEMA. They knew without a doubt that Woodland Hills was praying and so their prayer requests as of now are:
Wisdom to prioritize what all needs to be handled
Strength to accomplish these priorities
Thank you, church family, for your prayers! Gordon & Brenda Bevis

Please pray for Luke Davis. He is having knee surgery today and not his first time on this knee. Please pray for complete healing.

Please add Mrs. Chantal Braly to your prayer list. This precious lady was diagnosed with breast cancer, went through the whole process of chemotherapy and radiation, and was diagnosed to be cancer free after all of that. She recently had a colonoscopy, and the doctor found something on her colon that they don’t  know what it is. She has an appointment with a surgeon in Tyler at 12:30 pm tomorrow. Please bathe her and her family in prayer – she is also taking care of her mother, who is having serious medical issues of her own. (I asked for prayer for Chantal several months ago for the cancer and treatment.)  Thank you for being faithful to stand in the gap for others and being intercessors. ~John Zenter

Please pray for Liz Graham. She it at GSMC room 2107 with pneumonia.

Betty Nickel had back surgery Thursday. She did great. Still having some pain in her stomach area. She is in Longview Regional, Room 165. Please continue to pray.

Mandy Williamson is finished with her heart cathe and everything is clear.

Update on Gordon Bevis’ brother:  Someone from Panama City law enforcement made a very brief call to Gordon’s niece in Iowa to share that Gordon’s brother and sister in law are okay. Home (parsonage on church property) is damaged and trees on top of their car. Hoping to locate a shelter. Prayers appreciated.

Please pray for Our Uncle Nick Nichols and family. He has terminal cancer. I will be having a procedure Thursday AM and prayers are appreciated. ~Mandy Williamson

Pray today for all those who are in Hurricane Michael’s path. Many are going to ride it out when it seemed small and insignificant. Now it is 145 mph wind. We know One who spoke to the storm and said peace be still. Pray that happens again!

Would you please pray for relief from a very angry back tooth that I have today? The pain has steadily gotten worse throughout the day, even with meds and since it is after hours I will not be able to get in until sometime tomorrow. Would you just pray that it would let up enough so I can rest tonight? It’s hard to think that such a little tooth or nerve can cause so much pain, but it is miserable. Thank you church family! ~Christy Mayfield

Please pray for protection for Gordon’s brother and wife in Panama City who have chosen not to evacuate….and for all the first responders rescuing those that won’t evacuate.

David Scholl is having surgery in Dallas this morning. Please pray for him and Tana.

Pray for Kim Philpott, Kelly Decker’s sister. She has breast cancer and will have surgery next week.

Robert Decker will be having major back surgery next week in Dallas.</div>

Please pray:

· A concerning diagnosis that she’s received yet doctors can’t agree on conclusions and treatment plan. An important doctor appointment is today! Please pray for clarity!

· Son-in-law’s surgery on Tuesday

· Dear friend who can’t forgive herself

Haiti Update: All is well! Thank you for your prayers!! No tsunami ever happened and little damage from earthquake. Continue to pray because they are predicted to get much, much rain for the next several days. They flood very easily! Thank You Jesus and thank you to everyone who stopped and prayed!!!

Haiti: Alex and other missionaries have made it to town with a car load of people. There was an earthquake but are safe. They have been told tsunami may be coming. Please pray that God commands the waves and the winds to cease and that there will be no tsunami!!

Sid Pierce has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and pneumonia in one lung. He is at Longview Regional, room 209.Please pray that his treatment is successful and his recovery complete.

Please pray for the group that will Be meeting at Mason Creek at 10:00 am Saturday morning. We will be blitzing the area about the new service beginning Sunday. We need everyone who can be here to please come. Everyone is invite…youth, children, adults!

Judy Mock had a good night last night. Keep praying for a good recovery.

Pray for Darlene Woods, mother of Becky Horton. Lives in Hasler. Stage 4 lymphoma. Please pray for Darlene and the family.

Please keep Betty Nickel in your prayers. She is having back surgery next Thursday, October 11 at Longview Regional. She will then have about a 5 day hospital stay.

Please continue to pray for Judy Mock. Judy is in ICU at Good Shepherd. They have taken the vent out and she may be moved to the orthopedic floor soon. She has a long recovery ahead please pray.

Kathy Pepper and Richard Holt are also having procedures done today. Please keep these in your prayers!

Lauren Gibson is being released from Good Shepherd. Please pray for a speedy recovery.

Please pray for Judy Mock, Jane Tarver’s daughter. She had a bad fall and has a head injury and spine fracture. She is in surgery now at GSMC.

Lauren Gibson got sick during the night. She is at Good Shepherd Longview in Room 2311.

Please pray for my friend, Shirley Presley. Results from a CT of her head showed Minegioma, size of golf ball attached to her frontal lobe. Thank you We know God our Great Physician is able And giving wisdom and guidance to her Doctors! Thank you Diana Graves

Please pray for Liz Graham’s sister Dot Gregory. She has been rapidly failing in health and has been placed with Hospice. Please pray for the family .

I have been divorced twice and am struggling in holding down my job. I was just Baptized recently and need direction in my life and to find out Gods Purpose for my life personally and professionally. I have two children who need to see a man of God as their father. I don’t know which way to go.

Richard has been diagnosed with ascending aortic aneurysm. He will have an echocardiogram on Oct 4 and a stress test Oct 8. Both tests will be at Longview Regional. Please pray correct diagnosis, treatment and recovery for Richard.

Please keep Monty Reinhardt (Judy Arroyo’s friend) in your prayers. Heath is poor and she is in a lot of pain.

Please keep Hayden Koenig in your prayers. This is the son of David and Jennifer Koenig. Hayden has a confirmed concussion and they will go again next Wednesday to retest him.

Please pray for Sandra Wrighten (long time friend of Judy Arroyo). Her health is declining and she is struggling to be able to live independently at home. She keeps falling and is in rehab at Clairmont. Also keep Sandra’s family in your prayers.

Hoping to see many at the flag pole at 9:00 AM at Woodland Hills Wednesday morning. We will be praying for many needs!

Please continue to pray for Mandy Williamson she is at GSMC room 2337 waiting on test results to come back.

Sandy Sander’s outpatient procedure is finished. Please pray for his complete and speedy healing.

Please pray for Lou Morton’s sister, Laura Holt, she had a fall last week and found out yesterday she has broken hip, they will be doing surgery today or tomorrow Christus GSMC. Thank you church family for prayers.

Kathy Pepper is home resting. Surgery went well!

Dad is in the hospital again but this time in Hot Springs. The dr has called us in to talk to us in the morning. I’m sure it is not good news. I want God’s will and a peaceful passing. Thank you in advance. ~Delores Hill

Mandy Williamson is at ER at Good Shepherd. They are going to admit her, just waiting for a room. She has pain in her neck and arm.

Randy Modisette did great in the knee replacement. He will probably spend a night at Good Shepherd.

Bayli and Baby Branson are doing great. May come home this afternoon. At Good Shepherd Room 1207.

Sandy Sanders will have back surgery on Tuesday at Physicians Medical center.

Bayli Pitts is in hospital since last night, having the baby. Pray for all!

Randy Modisette having knee replacement surgery Monday Sept 24th.

Please pray for our dear friend from ACS Hope Lodge-Kansas city, Candance Hornsby and her family. She and my son Chris had bone marrow transplants around the same time..She’s been recently released from the hospital due to 8 hours of seizures, and trouble breathing that resulted in her being placed on a ventilator. ~Melissa Clayton

Dad was released and is back at the nursing home. He needs to stay hydrated to stay out of the hospital. He still has the other issues but those aren’t going away. Thanks for your prayers. Delores Hill

Please pray for a dear friend of mine, John. He has liver, lymph node and pancreas cancer. In a lot of pain and nauseated. His first grand daughter was born last night. Lots of emotions. Pray for strength and courage for him and his family and any kind of treatment to help . I am thankful he is a Christian!~Melody Fitzgerald

Dad is more alert and is talking but not eating. The dr says it doesn’t look real good. When he is released he will go back to the nursing home and will I’m sure be back and forth to the hospital. He will not get better but the goal is to try and keep him comfortable. Thank God he is in no pain. I pray for Gods will and know he is in control.

I am in Arkansas with my dad and he is in the hospital. He is dehydrated, low blood pressure, fluid around his heart and fluid in his lungs. He has improved a little but I’m sure because of the IV. He is not himself and is not talking. A little smile every now and then. We think some of this may be that he is stressed over the situation about moving to Texas. Please keep him in your prayers. ~Delores Hill

Please pray for my sister, Sharon Ogden, she is having surgery Thursday morning . She had polio as a young child, and had numerous surgeries on her foot. She has been blest thru her years, but now needs further surgery to do some correcting on her toe and foot. Thank you for prayers church family.

Please pray for little Caysen Sanders (Cody and Cari Sanders Baby Boy) He went to see a specialist this morning and they said that he would have to have eye surgery to correct his eye. They will go to Dallas on Dec. 3rd for an additional appointment. Please keep Caysen and his parents in your prayers.

Keep Lona Albert in your prayers. Chemo for breast cancer. Pray for Bryan Wilson, cancer. Prays for Jean Hitt, toe removed.

Pray for Judy Williamson. COPD, arthritis, diabetes. She’s in pain 24/7 and was diagnosed with advanced RA. Being placed in a nursing home. Family can no longer care for her.

Please pray for Jeanette Ashley and family. They received some difficult news today, pray for a miracle!

Please pray for Beverly Nugents’ daughter, Karen Wages, she will be having eye surgery Sept. 25, in Shreveport. Thank you church family.

Please pray for my granddaughter Chloe. She slipped and fell and cracked a vertebrae in her back. She will be OK but will need a back brace for a couple of months. She is a student at Colorado Christian University. ~Lois Templin

Update on Mona Reeves, Dr said stress test was good, they released her to go home with a follow up with her primary care Dr within a week. Thank you for your prayers, we serve an almighty GOD! Jodie

Prayers for my family. Kenneth Byrd passed away last night (in Georgia) my uncle . ~Diana &amp; Tommy Graves

Please pray for my 91 year old dad, Chuck Hancock, who will be having knee replacement surgery at Texas Spine and Joint in Tyler. His doctors at Baylor have cleared him for surgery, and it is necessary for him to remain mobile. (Its scaring me just to think about it since we lost my mom ten years ago in an elective surgery.) I do know God is in control.

Thank you all for your prayers. Also, our baby Savannah is doing great. No abnormalities at all. Thank God. ~Suzi Arthofer

Be in prayer for Mona Reeves, at GSMC ER with chest pain, they are going to do a stress test. Will keep all updated. Thank you!

Gary Miller is back in ER st Good Shepherd with swelling in groin where small incision was made for stints to open arteries. Pray for Gary and Ginger.

Please pray for Kenneth Byrd ( uncle on dialysis ) my Mom her health,
My father n law Frank Graves ( in memory care -Hawkins Creek) ~Tommy & Diana Graves

Pray for David Miller. He has an MRI on leg for possible tumor and then on the 25th to see if polyps have grown or multiplied on lungs, kidney and thyroid.

Good morning. Please be in prayer for the family of our shop superintendent, Lloyd Mullinex. His sister is having a Hysterectomy this morning, and is also having some issues related to physiological problems in her brain. Because of the stress involved, Lloyd’s/her mother, Christy Clark, was taken to ER with a possible stroke. Christy is a very faithful member of a church in the Hallsville area, and is a precious Christian lady. I don’t know the spiritual condition of Lloyd’s sister. Thanks for your commitment to WHBC, the Lord, and faithfully being intercessors! ~John Zenter

Update: Gary has several blockages. They have put in a couple of stints. He may be in Hospital several days. Please continue to pray.
Gary & Ginger Miller are at the ER at Good Shepherd right now. He is having a heart attack and Ginger is there by herself. Please pray for these.

Please pray for Ernest Dozier, he is at GSMC and is having difficulty breathing.

Tracy Jones’ daddy fell down a flight of stairs. His shoulder may be broke please. The ambulance picked him up and they are in the emergency room.

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