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Please be in prayer for our friends, David and Lynn O’Neal, they both have COVID. A couple of days ago Lynn was taken to the hospital and they would not keep her because she did not need oxygen they said and they needed her bed…the next day her oxygen level was 62 and she was taken by ambulance to another hospital and she is still there….today they found a blood clot in her lungs. They live in Delhi, Louisiana. Thanks in advance for your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana and Emily Snider

Thank you for your prayers for Jim Rust.  Bro. Jim was ultimately healed yesterday morning, to be absent from the body, is  to be present with the Lord. Please remember his family. 

Our grandson Daniel is in ICU in Houston with blood clots in liver and kidneys. He doesn’t know his wife or where he is. Doctors trying to find out what is causing the blood clots. Not looking good. ~Donnie Freeman

Karen Wages, daughter of Beverly Nugent passed away this morning. Please remember this family.

Per Ms. Melissa Clayton, Update on my aunt: Lorraine went through surgery good they removed blood clot out of her arm ,they needed permission to put tube in her chest to keep pressure off her lungs and they taking her back to ICU. Blood clots were found yesterday in her arm and leg..only the one from her arm was removed today..the one in her leg is treated with medication She has cracked ribs from the CPR they had to do on her three times.  Thank you for the prayers

Please keep Karen wages and her family, especially her mama Beverly Nugent in your prayers. Karen has Covid and is in ICU on a ventilator. They will decide tonight whether or not to take her off of the ventilator. Pray for God‘s peace.

Please continue to pray for Vernon Mosley and family.  He is not doing well and needs prayer.  The family loves their church family and appreciates the prayers so very much.

Emily Snider is out of surgery and all went well. Should be leaving hospital in the next hour. Pray for safe travels from Dallas.

Asking for prayer for Bro Jimmy Dan Lilley, pastor Edgewood Baptist Church, Trenton Ga., his wife Bonnie Lilley, Barry Miller’s older sister, and Jon Lilley, a nephew all tested positive for Covid. Very ill.  ~Danna Miller

Thank you to everyone who have prayed and donated toward our school in Jubilee!! They have received all their supplies and the truck! There is much celebration going on in Jubilee!! They wanted each of you to know how thankful they are for your willingness to serve them!

Seeking prayer for a young lady in need of prayer for some serious medical issues. Doctors need wisdom to find the cause…. And she needs God to help with the pain and stress as she waits on test results.

Pray for Leroy Worsham. He sees a surgeon on January 19 Concerning a heart valve replacement.

Please pray for Lisa and Floyd King. Lisa is real sick. Waiting on Covid results.

Please pray for my good friend, Joe Gimbert. Joe’s wife passed from this life on Wednesday. He had been faithfully provided her care for many years after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer. ~John Zenter

From Melissa Clayton:  Praise God aunt is  doing better. Still sedated but responding to pain and moving her legs and arms. They will try to take the tube out today or tomorrow since the amount of oxygen she was needing went down. She is majorly breathing on her own. Which is great. Keep praying. God is good.

Please pray for the family of Al and Jan McNeal. Al’s father, Charles McNeal, passed away this morning.

Please pray for Lorraine Freeman, Ms Melissa Clayton’s aunt from Gladewater. She passed out and has been rushed to Good Shepard is now in ICU. Lungs full of fluid. She is now intubated to help her lungs rest. No Covid 19. Machine is breathing 100% for her. Waiting on brain scans in the morning ..brain was without oxygen for a period of time. Praying the Lord’s will.

Graveside services for Bill Walker will be at Gum Springs cemetery on Thursday, January 14 at 2:00pm. Please be praying for this family. 

Please pray for my relationship with my brothers to improve. My brothers bully me and are often unkind towards me. Please pray that God humbles them and prevents them from hurting me anymore.  ~Michelle Brown

Please pray for Correy Hemphill’s Dad, Harold. He is hospitalized with COVID and needs our prayers.

Please continue praying for Jim Rust, he was airlifted to Tyler the morning after he went in GSMC-Longview. He had a couple good days, he has taken a turn for the worse, they are intubating him now. Thank you for your prayers!

Please pray for my daughter, Melissa and her family, Debbie Phelps who just lost her mother, my daughter, Priscilla and husband, Chris, my granddaughter, Brooklyn, my husband, Matt, my mother, Betty Hudman and please pray for me.  ~Cynthia Hudman Adams

Please pray for Mark and Kim Wilson   Both have tested positive for Covid and he has Covid Pneumonia in both lungs. They are at home now but spent time getting treatment for Mark to improve his breathing Thanks for praying.

Praise: Jim Hargett was released yesterday afternoon. He was visited by a lung specialist and his pneumonia has improved. Jennifer is recovering well. Please continue to pray for their recovery.

Arrangements for Reese Gibson:
Viewing will be Sunday, January 10, from 8:00 AM till 8:00 PM at Rader Funeral Home in Longview.
Graveside service will be Monday, January 11, 11:00 AM at Memory Park, Hwy 80 and Delia.

Mary Walton Went for covid test. It was negative. But the Chest X ray showed pneumonia in both lungs! Please pray.

Pray for Jerry Froidl, he’s having hernia surgery today at 9:00 AM.  Pray for him and Lori.

Please pray for Daniel Fisher he just tested positive for Covid.

Jim went for follow up today. His pneumonia has gotten worse. He has been readmitted.  Please pray.  Jennifer is doing well. Thank you for your prayers.

Pray for the Reese Gibson Family. His funeral service will be Monday, January 11, at 11:00 AM at Memorial Cemetery in Longview. It will be graveside only.

Please pray for a young woman named Faith Flores.  She is a resident of the Truman Smith Center and has severe cerebral palsy. Faith has been going through a really tough time.  Thank you for standing in the gap faithfully interceding for us!  ~John Zenter

Belinda Parrott’s sisters son is in Henderson hospital with covid and has had a turn for the worse. He’s 40 years and has a wife and 2 girls. His name is Wesley Arrington. Please pray.

Please pray for Mary Tucker’s friends, Bro. Paul Gauntt and his wife Carolynn.  He tested positive for Covid yesterday.  Pray for a good recovery.

Please pray for my dad, Pedro Olvera. He was diagnosed with Covid and is recovering. He is still very weak and having some pain when he coughs. Please pray for healing.  ~Rosio Newton

Dean Rogers – Christus Hospital /Admitted 1-4-21 – Currently being treated for infection in the blood.  ~Donice Rogers

Jim went in for a follow-up. Labs and everything looks good but the pneumonia is still the same. Prayer that pneumonia clears up quickly. Jennifer received her results and is positive for Covid.  Continued prayers for the family. Thank you all so much!

Please keep the Reese Gibson family in your prayers.  He passed away this morning.  Pray especially for his wife Kathy.  Reese was her caregiver and now she is trying to recover from Covid.

Please pray for Kevin Arnold, Vernon and Donnie Freeman’s son. He has tested positive for Covid but is in quarantine at home.

Please pray for Viola Willis. She is having some health problems and working through doctor visits.  ~Gary Willis

Thank you for prayers and please continue, Bro Jim Rust got transferred to a Longview hospital last night.

Kristen Carwile (Alison Logan’s sister &  Ray and Cecelia Hairston’s oldest daughter)  and her household have been hit with COVID hard. Everyone in her house is positive including her and her partner is extremely ill, she has been trying to take care of her family while also battling COVID and it’s starting to wear on her. We would appreciate it if she and her family could be lifted up in prayer!

Please pray for a former pastor of mine, Jim Rust, he is presently in the hospital with covid, not doing well, they are trying to get him a transfer to another hospital! Prayers please!! ~Karen Pettit

Please continue to pray for Jim, Jennifer and Jude Hargett. Jim went home yesterday and today had a good day. Jennifer went and got tested this afternoon because she had a headache and felt feverish (chills/hot) . Rapid COVID test, flu and strep were all negative. They also did a send out COVID test and those results will be back in a couple of days. The dr said he assumes the send out one will be positive because Jennifer has been around Jim. Jude has shown no symptoms and pray this continues. Please continue to pray for healing.

Thank you church family.

Tanya and my little sister, Breanna, is having a hysterectomy on Wednesday. They had found early stage of uterine cancer and the surgery should take care of it all! Pray for healing!! She has 2 little ones that are very active and need their mommy to be healed!!  ~Cassie Locke

Please lift up Joe and Brenda Plyler (Brenda is Barry Miller’s younger sister) her husband Joe, our nephew Eric Plyler and wife Katy, and our niece, Heather and her husband Kyle.  All tested positive for Covid-19  ~Danna Miller

Shirley Wilson has tested positive for COVID and is having symptoms yesterday and today. Congestion, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue. Overall, feeling terrible. So far, Chet is okay. Please pray.

Please pray for Karen Wages she is in the hospital with covid and being put on the ventilator. Please pray.

Rhonda Rancor had a recent scan and there was no sign of cancer. Praise the Lord.

Church family please continue to lift up the Hargett Family. Jim has been readmitted, his pneumonia has gotten worse. The family is very grateful for all the prayers.

Please pray for Chris Cochran’s trainer his name is Travis and he has a family and is dying with Covid they just called his wife in would you please pray for a miracle . He needs prayer right now!!!

We have a grandson who is struggling but knows he needs Jesus and we are talking to him and encouraging him to come to Jesus. Also have another grandson who is having major medical problems with passing out and then sleeping for hours. Has been to multiple doctors with no diagnosis. ~Donnie Freeman

We had to go back to hospitality ER yesterday morning around 4AM because Jims blood oxygen was 70-73 (very, very low)and when I measured it on the pulse oximeter. It had gone back up to 87-88 (still low) by the time we got there. They sent us home around 11 yesterday with oxygen to do at home.The dr that discharged Jim yesterday morning then called about 12:30 and said his blood work from yesterday morning showed his numbers going from 800 something to 1300 (worse) and that he needed to come back to the overnight facility right away. He stayed overnight again last night (3rd time) and they did aggressive IV meds with the intent to help get him on the road to recovery and keep him from getting worse.

Continued prayers for this family.

Thank you so much for the prayers for Kyle McNeal. He is home but still needs our prayers. He is suffering from the effects of pneumonia from COVID. He is on O2 at home. Pray for our daughter in law,Ashley, as she cares for him. Kayden is doing much better. ~Jan McNeal

Thank you for the continued prayers. Jim got to come home this morning. He was kept overnight to monitor his Oxygen levels. He goes back Thursday morning for a follow up. Please pray he stays better and shows progress.

Mary Tucker’s relative, Wade Cooper, has complications of MS. Please pray for him and his wife that he will show improvement.

Please pray for me. The enemy is trying to steal my hearing. I can feel it fading and then it comes back. It is so scary. I also have tinnitus noise and sharp ringing sounds that must go. Please pray for a miracle that my hearing will be made whole. Thank you so much for praying for me. Sandra

Please pray for the family of Brenda Browder. The funeral service for her aunt was this morning.

Please be in prayer for our Aunt Billie. She was taken to the hospital after falling. She tested positive for Covid and was running 103 temperature.
~ Williamson & Purifoy families

Bro. Rolando’s brother passed away at 2:00 AM this morning in the hospital in Austin. Please pray for his dad, and all the family.  His dad just buried his wife a couple of weeks ago.

Please pray for Michelle Stone. She is having shoulder surgery on Tuesday.

Please keep Brad Arthofer in your prayers.  He has Covid and is trying to recover in a motel room.

Please keep Anna in your prayers.She’s really struggling with depression and anxiety. Please pray for wisdom on what our next step is to help her.~Jeff & Maryann Thomas

Please be praying for Jim Hargett. He has been battling Covid. Christmas Eve went to the ER with a high fever and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Went home that evening and was back in hospital Christmas day and was released that day. Returned for a check-up this morning and has been admitted with low-grade fever, low blood pressure, and low blood oxygen.
Please pray for this dear, sweet family.

Kay Glass’s brother, Randy Cripe, has had a fall and is in a hospital in Columbia, Missouri. He’s had some complications and is now septic. Please pray for his healing.

From Joyce Donnell…I have 2 prayer requests. My mom isn’t feeling well. She is running a fever of 99.6 and has a headache. Jay and I just drove up to take her some essential oils and some emergency V-C packets.
Jay has an MRI tomorrow at 2. He has been having some issues with his right hand since October, and it has gotten worse. He cannot use his right hand at all anymore. It hurts real bad and has tingling and numbness. But the pain is pretty bad and has been since before Thanksgiving.

Please pray for Chet and Shirley Wilson. They have been exposed to Covid and are self quarantining. Will be tested tomorrow.

Arrangements have been made for the Home-going Service of Mr. Steve Graham. Steve went to heaven Wednesday morning at 11:51.  His visitation will be Sunday at Rader in Longview 1-4:00. Mask required. Funeral and graveside at Centuries Hill & Crest in Shreveport, 8801 Mansfield Rd Monday 12-1:00. Visitation there beforehand 11-12:00.

Please continue to pray for Karen Wages, she was having problems breathing and her temperature was up, she was not responding to the care at the N H, they admitted her back to Longview Regional and she is doing some better. Thanks church family.

To all those who have been praying for Gracie and I, thank you, thank you, thank you! I was finally able to test negative for covid19 this morning! PRAISE GOD!! What a relief to hear those words, When the nurse said “you’re negative” , I literally cried, then headed home praising God! Thanks for praying us through one more storm. See ya Sunday.  ~Buddy & Gracie Lautaret

Please pray for Brenda Browder and family. Her Aunt passed away. She would have been 91 on Christmas Day.

Steve Graham passed away Wednesday afternoon. Please pray for Mrs. Lois and all the family. Arrangements are pending.

Kyle is struggling to breathe. My heart is hurting. Please pray fervently.

Please continue praying for Kyle McNeal. He is struggling with Covid. He has had a transfusion today and the next 12 hours will be very difficult. He is the son of Al and Jan McNeal.

Just got a call from Beverly Nugent. Karen went back to Whispering Pines, under quarantine, she does not have any pneumonia . Church family Thanks for your prayers.

Please pray for Karen Wages(Beverly Nugents daughter) Karen has been admitted to Longview Regional, tested positive for covid.

Please pray for Bro. Rolando’s brother in Austin. He’s had Covid for a couple of weeks. He’s in ICU on a vent and is not responding. Rolando is on his way to Austin to be with them. Pray for Rolando’s dad also. His brother and family are not Christians.

Pray for the Valenzuela family.

Please pray for Kyle and Kayden McNeal, son and grandson of Al and Jan McNeal. Kyle has Covid and pneumonia. He is being kept for observation today. Kayden has Covid and type B flu. He is at home with his mother. Please pray for their quick recovery.

Just heard from Brad Timmons. He is at the hospital and has tested positive for Covid. He has pneumonia in both lungs. They are giving him fluids and keeping him until at least midnight.  Please remember him in prayer.

Please keep the Fitzgerald family in prayers. Kenneth’s dad, Jim Fitzgerald, is fully healed and in the arms of Jesus as of last night.

Please be in prayer for Jerry Gann’s brother in law. He is in the hospital in Tyler recuperating from Covid and he has had a stroke. Please lift him up in prayer. 

Chuck Beatty had a knee replacement in Dallas this evening. He will be there for a couple of days. Please pray for a smooth recovery and for his wife Vickie as she takes care of him.

Please pray for Rick Trout (Liz Graham & Bettye Parrish’s cousin).  His cancer has spread to his brain.

Pray for Bettye Parrish.  Health issues.

It’s been a rough 9 days. Thank you WHBC prayer warriors for lifting Tom and me up. Tom is still ok! I am doing better also. Very weak , but nausea is subsiding and no more fever. Love you and ask for continued prayers. Gloria Williams

Phyllis Dozier has contracted Covid and needs our prayers. She’s been to the doctor and is on meds but not feeling well. Please remember her.

Please pray that LaDonna Blair gets good results from her test.  ~Keith Sanders

Please keep Reese Gibson in your prayers. He had triple by-pass heart surgery. He is still in the hospital and it has been 13 days and They don’t have any idea when he will be able to get out. Pray for him and Kathy.

Gordon’s mom went to heaven this morning.  Thank you church family for your prayers! Love you all!  Brenda Bevis

Please continue to pray for our mother.. She was discharged from Longview Regional on Monday afternoon. Less than 8 hours later, I had to call the ambulance. I believe she was having a stroke. She is back in Regional. Please pray for me for wisdom today as the staff thinks it is best for her to go to a skilled nursing facility.  Thank you church family  ~Barry Cates

Thank you everyone for your prayers and concern. PTL it is not pneumonia; it is an upper respiratory infection. We are home with MORE meds. Praying we are the road to recovery. Love our church family.  ~Gracie Lautaret

Please pray for Jeanette Ashley. She has hit a roadblock concerning her cancer treatment. Please pray that God would provide other options in treatments. She will be meeting with her doctor soon.

Please pray for Gracie. I had to bring her to the ER this evening because her oxygen level kept dropping. She’s fighting covid19, so pray pray pray. Love you all and thanks for praying.  ~Buddy Lautaret

Prayers for my coworker Donna she is in covid ICU at Christus She is diabetic please pray for her and family. ~Linda Strange

Please pray for Donnie Henslee – in critical condition with COVID, and his wife Christy. Thank you! ~John Zenter

I am in need of a financial miracle this week. ~John Zenter

Rolando Reye’s brother has been hospitalized with COVID.  Please continue to keep the Reyes family in your prayers, especially Bro. Rolando’s father who recently lost his wife, his brother, and a very close niece.

Please continue to pray for my mother. She is in the emergency room,
waiting on a hospital with a bed. She has a small reoccurrence of
pneumonia. Her last covid test was negative before she was discharged on
November 29.  I received a text message saying my brother was having a rough morning.  Thank you, Barry Cates

Thanks to all that prayed for Richard and I. He was released from the hospital yesterday.  ~Lanette Burks

Please pray for me, I tested positive for COVID. Pray that Tom doesn’t contract it.  I’m quarantined till December 17. Thank you, Gloria Williams

Please keep Guy Wilson in your prayers.  He was admitted to Good Shepherd yesterday with breathing problems.

Please be in prayer for Michael Cox, a friend of Preston Watkins. He is in ICU at good Shepherd fighting Covid. Covets your prayers.

Pray for Genia Surrey. The casting appointment did not go as we had hoped. Genia’s arm has gotten worse so slapping on a cast is not an option.
It has to be put back in place and doing that in office is not an option as it will be to traumatic for her. The pain will be too intense. She has to be put under for that.  Soooo, since we’re broke and uninsured, we have to go to the emergency room to get that done. We’ll be doing that first thing in the morning. Luckily Dr Stanley is on call and that’s who we need to see. Here’s what we need from y’all:  Prayers. Pray pray pray.  As right now “surgery” means going to sleep.  NOT being cut. I’m begging God that they won’t have to cut her open

Please pray for Charlotte LaGrone. She tested positive for covid. So far, it has not been bad. Watching her 02 levels and breathing.

Denise and Sheila are in Miami, FL now. They are in line now to get the cargo loaded.  Please pray everything goes smoothly on this transfer and their safe flight home.

I received a text message later yesterday evening my brother was home from the hospital with his oxygen tanks. Thank you for your continued prayers.  ~Barry Cates

Please pray for Jeff Thomas today. He will be having hernia surgery.

Gracie has had the crud for a few days and this morning tested positive for covid19. I tested but don’t have results yet. She’s doing alright just pretty congested. I’m showing a few symptoms but we’ll see.  ~Buddy Lautaret

Please remember Brenda Bevis and family in the loss of her dear daddy.

My sister Mary Lippencott had to go to the ER Saturday night for pain that resulted from a pulled muscle.  She has been having trouble with her balance and being dizzy. She had test ran 3 years ago and one test showed she has plaque on her brain but none of the doctors ever followed up with her so she had no idea.  She is having a CAT scan on her brain again tomorrow to see what is actually going on and what can be done. Please keep her in your prayers.  Will update as I know. Thank you so much!  ~Delores Hill

Sheila and Denise just crossed into Florida on their way to Miami to deliver the Haiti truck.  Everything is going well.  Continue to pray for their safe journey.

Bro. Charles is out of surgery and doing well.  Procedure went well!

Please spend some time in prayer this morning for Bro. Charles. He will be having surgery to replace a heart valve. Pray for Bro. Charles and Mrs. Becky to have a peace that passes all understanding. Pray that the lord will remove all anxieties from their hearts. Pray for the surgeons and nurses who will be caring for Bro. Charles. Pray that the surgery will go smoothly and will be a success. Pray that as Bro. Charles is moved out of surgery that his recovery will be swift and painless. We are so blessed to have Bro. Charles as our pastor. Take some time today and thank the Lord for the ways that Bro. Charles and Mrs. Becky have blessed your life. We will be updating you as we receive updates. Keep praying!

Richard Burks tested positive for the covid, please pray for speedy recovery.

Mary Tuckers cousin Joey has been released from the hospital. Heartfelt thanks to the ones who prayed for him. It was by these prayers he was able to pull through this.
Also Mary Tucker’s friend Roger Martin passed away Saturday. Please pray for the family.

Please pray for a young family in the Tyler area. My co-worker’s son in law is in ICU. Very sad situation. Not sure of names, but God knows. Thank you!! ~Suzi Arthofer

Billy Hall’s mama, Billy Sue, is in the hospital with Covid. She’s 84 years old and needs our prayers. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

Our classmate that I asked for prayer for, David Powell, has been released and is back home. Thanks for the prayers.  ~Ronnie Jones

Need prayer for Richard Burks, we are in er, running tests, possibly covid.

Reese Gibson came through the surgery great.  He had 3 bypass and a leaky mitral valve.  He said he had 2 major surgery’s in one.
Laura Fincher came thru surgery well. She’s in a room and doing well.

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