Prayer Board

I have an appointment with a retina specialist at 8:30, Thursday, Jan. 23. Please pray that I receive a good report and that I do not have a tear in my retina. Pray that the specialist will provide the care I need for healing. Thank you, Carolyn Northcutt

Please continue to pray for Nancie Darby’s sister, Mildred.  She needs more chemo treatments but her white blood cell count has been too low.

Please pray for our daughter, Meredith’s husband. Keith was just diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.  A miracle is needed and your prayers are very much appreciated.   ~Bro. Clark

Please pray for the family of Sue Moore, my aunt, who went home to be with the Lord yesterday evening. Funeral will be Tuesday, 10 am, at Plain Dealing Baptist Church, Plain Dealing, LA.  ~John Zenter

Tripp and Tucker will be having ear tubes put in and adenoids removed on Friday, January 31 in Dallas. Please pray for their ENT Dr. Rodgers and the complete surgical staff!  ~JW & Krista Foster

Would you take a moment and stop and pray. We just kicked off dnow for our students. Pray God will use this weekend for His glory!

Asking for prayers for my grandfather, Willie Powe and our family…he’s on hospice, with full blown cancer throughout his body, stage 4 kidney failure, and has been admitted to Christus Health in Longview with pneumonia.  ~Melissa Clayton, WHBC Preschool Ministry Teacher

She just got there! Thanks so much for the prayers.
Carolyn Barnette
Please join me in praying for my granddaughter, Rachel Worley, as she & a friend drive to Chicago today. She is in her last semester of school. They are expecting bad weather & are heading right into it.
Thank you so much, Carolyn Barnette

All our family that was driving to Colorado made it safely! PTL! But our six year old granddaughter Anna has the flu so please pray for healing! Anna will be staying in private hotel room with her mom so they won’t be at any of my daddy’s services but thankful everyone driving made it safely!
Thank you all for your prayers that mean so much!  ~Tracy Jones

Please continue for Tom Williams. He is to be released from Summer Meadows today at 1:00. Pray  he continues to improve each day. Thank you WHBC prayer warriors for your love and support. ~Gloria W.

Steve’s sister, Kathy Ballard, will have a port put in today at 11:00 to be able to receive her chemo treatments again…her veins are not able to continue being used for chemo…she had to get her strength back before they start chemoagain…she has colon cancer. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana and Emily Snider

Please pray as my family travels today for my daddy’s Celebration of Life Military Honors and Memorial Service that is Friday and Saturday! There is much snow and ice in their path! Please also pray as we prepare for all that God has for us during this time! Please pray as I share all the Good News needed as one of the speakers, also our oldest son will be speaking and representing our children, grandchildren and the Marines.  Praying that God will use everything said and done for His Glory so none will perish!! Heaven is our real home and because of Jesus, life really begins there forever and ever in Jesus name, Amen!!  ~Tracy Jones

Need prayers for my family. Money is tight and electric will be off soon and water will be off some. Payday isn’t till Wednesday and I know what is left on electric will not make it till payday. I dont know when water will be shut off but I hope that it will make it till payday. ~Amy Duncan

Doris Greer (mother of Deborah Gilbert, former orchestra leader and soloist at WHBC) had a serious fall this morning.  Will update as soon as we know which hospital, condition, etc.

Thank you for prayers and concern for my dad, recently. He saw his doctors at Baylor yesterday, and he is doing much better. He is amazing for a 92 year old guy. He still lives independently in our family’s home. God has blessed him. Thank you again!! ~Suzi Arthofer

Please keep Clifford McDaniel Family in your prayers. He passed away, Monday, after a long struggle. He is the Brother in law of Barbara McDaniel. Funeral will be Friday in Hammond,La.

Please pray for Sandra Fuller. She had open heart surgery today at Longview Regional and it was very serious. This Delores Richardson’s daughter.

Sonya Freeman is going home today. All her tests came back good.

Please remember Tommy Herndon in prayer, he has had a multitude of health issues that have sure taken a toll on him and he needs a miracle. He’s thankful for a praying church!

Elise Daugherty did well this morning. They were able to set her arm without going in surgically. She has been released from the hospital.

Sondra Freeman is at Longview Regional 1703. She is having a stress test along with other testing to get a good observation of her heart.

Brenda Reid is at Longview Regional room 275. She is still in pain and is not feeling very well. Once she is released from the hospital she will need care around the clock.

Pray for Elise Daugherty. She has Surgery at 8:00 AM at Longview Regional tomorrow. She broke her wrist. They are going to attempt a “closed reduction”, meaning they are not going to have to make an incision, just set it with physical manipulation. After they are done they will check it via x-ray before releasing her to recovery. If they can’t get it to set correctly, they may have to put her farther under anesthesia and open her up. Won’t know until procedure is under way tomorrow.

Please pray for Sandra Freeman. She went to Longview Regional today with chest pains. She is being admitted for the night and will have more testing tomorrow.

Pray for my mom, IvaDee Smith (96 years old).  She had a fall in the bathroom on Tuesday and injured her right shoulder.~Peggy Worsham

I was just informed that my Aunt Sharon Rhoades has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. They have done a biopsy and bone marrow test and should know the stage and course of treatment within a week. Please pray for her and the family. ~Krista Woodfin

GOOD NEWS!! My brother in Christ Bill Walker’s test showed no sign of cancer or ulcer. Isn’t God great ?? Have a wonderful day. Ken Morgan

My precious Daddy is now in Heaven with our Precious Lord! Thank you all for your ongoing prayers for our family, your prayers and friendships are gifts from God!  ~Tracy Jones and Family
Psalm 23

Thank you all for your ongoing prayers for my daddy as he is still here in the hands of God as He prepares to go to heaven!! My daddy must be the strongest man I’ve ever met! No food or fluids since 12/24 and he is still here fighting the good fight!! Let’s all be ALL IN like this example!!!
Our son and his platoon could always be deployed…praying for all our troops in harms way of Missiles being shot at them from Iran!!
Psalm 23, Tracy Jones & Family

I have two unspoken requests related to my place of employment. Thanks for praying.  ~John Zenter

Please pray for my son Michael Fillmore. He is leaving for Afghanistan in a week or so.  ~Mike Campbell

Please pray for Bill Walker. He is having a procedure in the morning and hope everything goes well. Thanks & God Bless.

Brenda Reid is in Room 275 Longview Regional, she also has pneumonia.

Brenda Reid is at Longview Regional ER with a punctured lung and broken rib. I spoke to someone in the ER and she will be admitted.

They made it back to Jubilee safely!! Thank you for your prayers!!
Good morning ! Please pray for Alex as she is about to fly back to Haiti . She is flying out now and will arrive in Haiti at 1:00 pm. Also please pray for Lala. She is the other missionary there and will be driving to Port Au Prince to pick Alex up This will be the first time in months they have driven into Port because of the gangs and unrest. Pray that roads are clear and no gangs try to stop them to rob them .They should arrive in Jubilee around 4:00-5:00 pm. Thank you in advance!!! ~Denise Bowens

Requesting prayer for comfort and rest for my dad, Chuck Hancock. I am at the hospital with him, tonight, in Nacogdoches. They are keeping him here for observation. He will be seeing his doctors at Baylor on Monday morning. Thank you!! ~Suzi Arthofer

Pray for Carolyn Jordan’s daughter. She is having surgery at Good Shepherd.

Visitation  for Linda Davis is 6-8pm at Raders Friday, Jan. 3.
Graveside, Saturday 10 AM at Summerfield Cemetery
Funeral at Main Campus WHBC Church Saturday 11 AM
Lunch for the Family Saturday 12 AM

Please be in prayer for Clifford McDaniel, brother in law of Barbara McDaniel.  He had a fall and suffered a brain injury.  He is in critical condition in Louisiana.

Please  say a prayer for Don Martin(co-volunteer for AARP) they have found a mass between his lungs, he will be having a biopsy . Thank you church family.

Please pray for Michelle Bookers dad Dallas Berry. He had gallbladder surgery last week and has been bleeding internally since. He’s in ICU in Shreveport this morning. We’re waiting to see if they do more surgery and start giving him blood. Thanks!!

Linda Davis passed away this morning shortly after 3:00 AM. Please pray for Charles and family.

I need to show a Christ like attitude and demeanor toward the public as I seek to carry out the responsibilities of election administrator. Also have a real need of people of integrity to come and serve as poll workers in a thankless job. It takes a lot of stamina and patience, but it does pay a little bit. May God have mercy on America, and bless us with more Godly leaders. Thanks Donald Robinette

Please pray for John. He is a student in our ministry and one of Kay Glass’ students. His dad has cancer and is not a good prognosis. He is on his way to New York now to be with family. Please pray for all involved.

Prayer request for Steve Torrance. In hospital with blood clot. Steve is Billy Torrance’s son. Billy is Vernon’s boss ~Donnie Freeman

Please continue to pray for Tom Williams. He was moved to Summer Meadows last night. He is improving, but a ways to go. Pray for his healing and to keep his spirits up. He is in room 404 for rehab. Love you WHBC. ~Gloria

Funeral services for Gail Hatfield…
Visitation is Sunday, 5-7 PM, Sullivan Funeral Home, Marshall
Funeral is Monday, 10:00 AM at Colonial Gardens Cemetery, Little Chapel by the Lake, Marshall

Hospice shared with me this evening that it’s going to be soon, less than one month before my dad passes away…probably a couple weeks but definitely not more than a month…he has stopped eating food and drinking water and only weights a little over 100 lbs and Hospice giving him morphine for pain.
Marilyn Sexton is in Longview Regional with serious breathing problems. Don’t yet know the extent. Please pray for Clark and Marilyn. ~Tracy Jones

Our daughter Nicole is not only going thru a divorce but we went to ga to bring her here with us,she also had been diagnosed with CP at age 2 and now was diagnosed with depression as well as conversion disorder. Please pray for her as she has phydoseizuies also.  ~Eve

Please pray for Teresa Fears.  ~John Zenter

Gail Hatfield just passed away. Pray for Bill and family.

Tom Williams is doing a little better today. He is still at Longview Regional room 147. He will be going to rehab once he is released from the hospital.

Linda Davis is in a great deal of pain. She is also at Longview Regional room 257. Doctors have run many tests and are now gathering a treatment plan.

Please continue to pray for Tom Williams. He has had a very rough day. The pain meds had a bad adverse effect on him. Thank you all the WHBC prayer warriors. Love 💕 y’all, Gloria

Please pray for Bill & Gail Hatfield. Gail just has a very short time left on earth. Pray for this family.

Pray for Vicki Gann. She is the ER at Regional for the 2nd time and she has a very bad skin rash. Pray for Jerry & Vicki.

Linda Davis is at Longview Regional, Room 257. She is in a lot of pain. They’re waiting on biopsy report. Pray for Charles & Linda.

Pat Dorrah is at Good Shepherd. Running tests. Pray for Pat and Rick & Cindy Watson.

Tom Williams’ surgery went smoothly and Tom did well.  He’s resting now.
Update on Tom Williams:  He is at Longview Regional room 147.  Surgery is scheduled for this morning about 9:00.  Please continue to pray for Tom and Gloria.

Please pray for my mother in law Pat Dorroh.  She was admitted to Good Shepherd.  They ruled out stroke will run more tests to see what’s causing really high blood pressure and terrible headaches. She just recently lost her husband CD Dorroh of 60 years….
Also keep praying for me Rick Watson from having major back surgery from the 14th of this month. In rehab at please Lord to keep me from getting addicted to all the pain meds I’m on.
Also keep my beautiful caring wife Cindy taking care of us while working and keeping our house hold going!!!

Update on Tom:  He did break his hip.  Surgery tonight or tomorrow.  Waiting on consult from Orthopedic Surgeon.  Please continue to pray.
Tom Williams fell in the driveway and is going to Regional right now by ambulance with Gloria.  Probably a broken hip.  Please pray!

Some of you know I had surgery yesterday for a torn ligament on my toe and had the bunion removed. I have not had much pain until the las hour or so, but I am IN PAIN now. Please pray for healing and less pain. I believe in prayer more and more every day. Thank you, prayer warriors. Gracie Laurtaret

Please remember the Griffin family in your prayers as Anita will be celebrating Christmas with Jesus.  Thank you.

Please add Hazel Owens to your prayers. She is 4 years old, she is currently in Christus with strep, RSV and mycoplasma. She is already immune compromised since her birth. The parents ask that we pray for rest, healing and anxiousness to disappear. They fear she might have to be transported to Cooks children’s. Thank you!

Re Rosanne:  Surgery finished, all went well. May have overnight stay.  Thank you for your prayers.
Please pray for Rosanne Nash.  She is having surgery this morning.

Please pray for Patti Flowers and her upcoming mission trip: “I travel to Dallas the 26th, fly on the 27th back on the 31, going to Belize with Samaritan’s Feet International. There are 17 others going as well”

Re:  Jerry Gann – He is doing well and has been released to go home.  Please continue to pray for his full recovery.

Please pray for Jerry Gann. He is having surgery to repair a hernia. He is at Longview Regional. He should be out of surgery by noon and if there are no complications, he will go home this afternoon. Thanks  Ronnie Jones

Please keep Betsy Masters, Judy McGuire’s sister, in your prayers.  She will have heart surgery tomorrow morning (12/18/19) at 6:45 in Shreveport.

Please pray for Teresa Fears – Philip Westmoreland has asked her to help him with arrangements for the memorial service for his mother (see request from yesterday.) I know this will be difficult for her, because she dearly loved Mrs. Westmoreland.  ~John Zenter

Please remember me in prayer. Having medical tests Wednesday. Thanks Donald Robinette

Please be in prayer for Philip Westmoreland and his family – his mom went home to Jesus in her sleep some time last night, and was found around 6 am this morning, and also for Teresa Fears, my landlady. ~John Zenter

Please continue to pray for Vernon and Betty Mosley. Vernon fell the other day, and is still spending some time in bed as he recovers from the injuries from the fall. This morning, he got up and ate a couple of bites of breakfast and became nauseated. He is taking some pills for nausea and that seem to be working. Pray that the pills will continue to work and that he will continue to heal and regain his strength.

Please pray for our 21 year old granddaughter Haley Smith. She was in a very bad wreck and she isn’t doing too well. She is currently in Shreveport. We need many prayers for her to pull through this.
Thank you, Deanne & Wayne Gibson

Services for Tana Scholl’s mother…remember to pray for this family.  Funeral services for Mrs. Barbara Ashby Martin, 75, of Longview, formerly of the Shake Rag Community, will be at 11:00 a.m., Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019 at Crawford-A. Crim Funeral Home chapel with Rev. Charles Hunt officiating. Interment will follow at Duncan Cemetery under the direction of Crawford-A. Crim Funeral Home of Henderson. 
Visitation will be one hour before the service at the funeral home.

Barbie Baker’s surgery finished, all went well.  Anticipated release this afternoon.

Please pray for Ronny Booker. He had surgery this morning and all went well. He will be home for several weeks to stay isolated from the general public.

Judy McGuire’s sister, Betsy Masters, has gone in for a heart cath in Ruston.  She is being sent to a heart surgeon on Monday in Shreveport.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Barbara Martin, Tana Scholl’s mother, went to be with the Lord tonight. Please pray for this family.

A friend of ours Anita Griffin, has experienced a massive stroke and is on home hospice. Prayers for the family are deeply appreciated.

Please continue to pray for Billy & Carolyn Nelson. It’s been a long road for them. This is the latest report from Carolyn…About to do a swallow test so we are praying that goes good for him. He did great with PT yesterday and is getting stronger every day. We need the CMV virus to stabilize under 1000 for two lab reports but the last one went back up some. Hospitalist said that could be a fluke! So not sure exactly when he will go back to the VA house but pray its soon for him.

Pray for Vernon Mosley. He fell and went to hospital. He has some fractured bones but they are back home. Pray for Vernon and Betty.

Please pray for my longtime friends who have been married almost 40 years. He wants to end the marriage. She is devastated.  They are both Believers.  Please pray that God will restore this marriage!  Satan must not have the victory in destroying another marriage!  ~Brenda Bevis

Please pray for JW. JW had the flu a week ago and has had a hard time getting over it. We came back to the ER Friday because he was severely dehydrated. He was Given lots of fluid and then sent home and told to get lots of rest. Yesterday he still was feeling bad so I brought him to hospitality ER and they have given him lots of fluids and kept him overnight for observation. All night his heart rate has been between 35-45bpm which is significantly low and his blood pressure has dropped to 90/52. So they are sending him to Good Shepherd to be seen by a cardiologist. Prayers that we can find out what’s going on and get him the help he needs!

Please pray for Tana Scholl’s mother (Barbara Martin). She was put on Hospice this afternoon. Her mom is at Heartis in room 316 in the memory care.  Prayers for the family and her mom as they go through this time.

Beverly Nugents’ daughter Rhonda Rancour had a CT scan which showed a mass on her lung. They will set up appointment for a biopsy. Please pray for this family.

Please pray for the family of Jace Roberts. His first cousin’s grandson, Lawson age 9, and the cousin’s grandmother, died in a house fire in Malvern, Arkansas. This is the Marvin Roberts family. Pray for this family in the loss of these loved ones.

Please pray for Colleen Appleton who will have a colon resection on Dec.10 to remove a cancerous tumor.~Mandy Williamson

Please pray for my wife, Margie Morgan. She has been in a lot of pain lately. She will be seeing the doctor in the morning, who may schedule a MRI to see what the problem is. Thank you in advance for your prayers. Ken

Please be in prayer for Linda Davis. She volunteers at Longview Regional Medical center, and she and Charles have done so for several years. She is suffering from Scoliosis and is under a tremendous amount of pain. They just joined WHBC from a sister church several months ago and have been regular attenders and she sings in the Choir.

Please pray for our son in law’s twin sister. Doctors think she has cancer. More tests to come.  ~Linnie Crump

Please continue to pray for Nancie Darby’s sister.  She is undergoing chemo/radiation for cancer.

I’m asking prayer for my hair-dresser, Hannah’s, brother. His name is Bobby, and he was in a dreadful car wreck last night in Houston area. She ask that we pray for healing as injuries were bad. I pray that his family would see God’s hand in this. She said it was by the grace of God that a grandson wasn’t riding with him at the time.  ~Thank you, Suzi Arthofer

Thank you for all the prayers for Norma More, close friends of Corky and Dorene Craig. She is doing very well. She is out of the hospital and in rehab in Tyler.

Bro. Bob McNail had surgery this morning & the doctor said everything went fine. Thanks for the prayers !!

Rick Watson, Wednesday, Good Shepherd, having major back surgery at 7:00 AM.

Dorothy Jackson, Wednesday, Good Shepherd, surgery scheduled.

Steve Snider, Wednesday, Longview Regional, hernia surgery at 8:45 AM.

Michael Shelton, Wednesday, Longview Regional, elbow surgery at 10:00 AM.

Charlie Johnson is in room 1716 at Regional. He had a stent that collapsed. They have repaired it and he is in his room.

Charlie Johnson is at Regional, Room 265. Went in with chest pain. Resting comfortable now. Please pray for him and Sandy.

Pat Brown ask for prayer for her brother, Larry. He is in LSU Hospital in Shreveport, La. He has severe kidney problems.

Thank you for your phone calls, prayers, and concerns during Billy Crump’s surgery and recovery.  Please continue to pray for a full recovery.

Please be in prayer for Dorothy Jackson. She is having surgery on her leg veins, Wednesday Dec. 4, at Good Shepherd. Pray this will be the answer to start healing of a wound and her foot from so much pain.

Surgery time for Mike Shelton has been moved to 10:00 On Wednesday at Longview Regional.

Please be in prayer for the family of Jerry and Jamie Mosley. They live in the country outside Gilmer. Jamie’s cousin whose last name is Heard was found dead. It appears to be caused by a gunshot wound and a pistol was found nearby. Law Enforcement is still investigating.

Please pray for Steve Snider as he is going to have surgery for a hernia on Wednesday, 12/4 at 10:00 am at Longview Regional. It should be a day surgery. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Update on Kathy Ballard, Steve Snider’s sister. She does have colon cancer and has started treatment. Infusion treatments on Fridays every 2 weeks and during the week, she takes 5 chemo pills twice a day. She is sporadic on her eating and drinking, so she gets very week and dehydrated at times and has to have IVs to get her fluid intake back up so she feels better. Thanks in advance for your continued prayers.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please be in prayer for Sue Hammett, our next door neighbor. She was admitted to Good Shepherd on Friday with bronchitis and pneumonia. She also, has some kind of infection in her blood that the doctors are checking on now. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Norma Moore was at Her son’s house, Ronnie’s for Thanksgiving. She fell and broke her hip. They should be taking her to the surgery anytime now @ Mother Francis, Tyler. Please pray for this family.

Please be in prayer for my family.  My step-father, Garry Aller, just passed away suddenly.  It’s only been a month since we lost our mother, Barbara.  ~Kaye Eishen

A lifelong friend has been diagnosed with cancer in his brain, right lung, adrenal gland and two lymph nodes. He hasn’t had his full body bone scan, yet. Please pray for Charles D White in Midland, TX. Also, if you would, please pray that my stepsons, John Neugent and Nathan Kampe turn their lives over to our Lord. Thank you. I’ll pray for you, too. Philip

Please pray for Rick Watson.  Back surgery Wednesday morning 12-4-19.
Also, Jason Robert’s cancer treatments.

Request prayer for for the following:
Dr. Frase’s daughter, Laura Catalano. She is very sick.
Billie Nelson has been released from Willis Knighton and transferred to Tyler
Judy McGuires’s sister was released from having a liver and kidney transplant, and on the return home she fell and broke her arm. She is now in Willis Knighton Rehab.
Please be in earnest prayer for each of these.

Please pray for Elaine Couch. She has bladder cancer. She is Sheila Robert’s sister.

Please pray for Craig Dunn. He has cancer. He is a friend of Katrina Richardson.

Billy Crump did well in surgery. Everything went smooth. No stints needed. He will spend the night and go home tomorrow.

Ken Jones got a good report from the tests at M. D. Anderson. No change in nothing. Praise the Lord.

Mrs. Iva Dee Smith, Peggy Worsham’s mother, Went to Longview Regional this morning. Got into room #255 at 5pm. So far, she has a little fluid on lung and her Potassium and Magnesium are low. They are keeping her overnight for more test to rule out heart completely, more for observation.

Please pray for Dallas Berry, he is the father of Michelle Booker. He has been taken to a hospital in Shreveport with chest pains. They will perform a heart cath in the morning.

Please pray for Steve Pepper’s grandson Kayson. He is a newborn and is having issues with his eyes that could be serious. Pray that God will bring healing.

Our daughter in law Tonya is having surgery tomorrow in Mesquite and we are asking prayers for her during this time. It’s been planned for some time and our son will be with her.  Thank you, Nancie & Bill Darby

Just want to thank everyone for your prayers, your visits , and your loving concern. I’m at home and hope to see you Sunday!  ~Bill Darby

Devin & Kelsey Worsham’s baby girl, Hensley, born this month has been diagnosed with VLcad. This is a blood disorder. Please pray for this family.

Lisa Wingfield’s grandmother passed away this week. Please be in prayer for that family.

Praise that Wanda Young’s surgery went well and will be out of the hospital soon.

Headed to GS to have my knee surgery. Please pray for doctor and fast healing.  Thank you loving church family.  ~Nancy Stallcup

Bill Darby is having neck surgery November 19, at Longview Regional Hospital. He will check in at 10:30, Not tentative time of surgery, hoping quickly thereafter. He will be expected to stay overnight.  Please be in prayer for him and Nancie.

Mark Humphrey’s dad passed away this morning.  Please pray for the family.

Please pray for Wanda Young who is having surgery today at Good Shepard. She is the mother of Jana Campbell.

Please pray for Martha Fuller, she is having back surgery today at Tyler spine and joint. Thank you church family.

Please keep Ricky Watson in your prayers.

Just a reminder to please keep praying for Alex and the community of Jubilee! Pray that God will take away the fear that the community is having and they would see and feel the strength and power of Christ! For Alex, please pray for strength and wisdom! She is a leader and God has used her to influence this whole community to be better. While many Americans have come home, she’s stayed. She would love to make it home for Thanksgiving but unless God intervenes, she won’t make it now.
Thank you all!

Services for C. D. Dorrah… Visitation is Sunday night, 6:00 – 8:00 PM @ Welch Funeral Home. Funeral service is Monday, 10:00 AM @ Welch Funeral Home. Please pray for Pat and all the family.

Gerald Cooper had his pace maker replaced this morning at Regional. All went well.

Please pray for Jason Heaton. He will be having back surgery this morning at Good Shepherd 10am. Doctor expects Jason will spend one night in the hospital and will be released tomorrow.

C.D. Dorrah passed away at 2:48 this afternoon at Summer Meadows. Please pray for his wife Pat and Rick and Cindy Watson.

Gary Seigers and family from Carthage,Texas, who is a long time friend and co-worker of Vernon Freeman, lost their 15yr old son who was killed Wednesday evening on an ATV accident. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Please keep Gerald Cooper in your prayers.  He is having surgery at 7am tomorrow (11/15) at Longview Regional to replace his pacemaker.  May have to stay one night.

Elaine Couch has bladder cancer. The treatments are not working
This is the sister to Sheila Roberts.

Please continue to pray for Billy Nelson. Just spoke with Carolyn and they are putting Billy on a ventilator.

Please keep Michael Beier in your prayers.  Health issues.

Please pray for the family of David Kuykendall (Mark Kuykendalls cousin). David passed away last Sunday after a 4 year battle with a rare form of brain cancer, and his funeral is today. David pointed others to Jesus all throughout this battle. Please pray for his wife Cheryl and his 2 college aged daughter Rachel and Emily.  Thank you church family!

We are on our way to Shreveport. My sister-in-law is in the hospital they are flying a kidney and a liver in from New Orleans for a transplant they will start the surgery as soon as it arrives. Please pray!  ~Wayne McGuire

James Kidd’s 17 yr old grandson & three other teens were all killed in a tragic car wreck Tuesday evening in Lavon near Dallas. This is difficult on so many levels. Please pray for all these families.

Please, please pray for Haiti! Pray specifically for gun fire to stop in Jubilee! For all of the unrest to cease IMMEDIATELY . Please remember to pray for Alex, Odilove and all the community often. They need protection !
Schools and business are all closed. Fuel is in VERY SHORT supply. Trucks cannot deliver supplies of basic needs. They can’t travel because of lack of fuel and it’s dangerous . Gangs are fighting everywhere. Alex and Odi and the others are having to stay inside to be safe. My heart hurts for them so bad! This has always been a safe place. We’ve NEVER heard gunfire or any type of outbreaks like this there. The government needs to step up and do what’s best for their country!

Tamron is out and awake.Can’t tell about the pain relief yet because of still being dopey. Thanks for all your prayers, Gloria Williams

Billy Nelson was put in ICU today At Willis Knighton Main In Shreveport They are running lots of tests. Pray for Billy and Carolyn.

Please continue to pray for my daughter Tamron Thompson. She is going to have spinal injections at Tyler Spine and Joint Wednesday, Nov.6. Thank you Gloria Williams

C D Dorrah is in Good Shepherd, Room 1351. He fell and has some broken ribs. Should be going to rehab soon.

Billy Nelson was transported to Shreveport and Carolyn has dr appt this morning. Please continue to pray for Billy & Carolyn.

Cindy Haley was admitted into Willis Knighton main early this morning
with appendicitis. Surgery is scheduled sometime this morning. Pray for Cindy & Randy.

I have an urgent prayer request please. A very dear friend, Kathy Sullens, was put in the hospital with pneumonia and possible gall bladder problems. The dr wont do anything about gall bladder until they get the pneumonia under control. Please keep Kathy in your prayers  Thank you, Donnie

Update on prayer request for Steve’s sister,Kathy. She does have cancer in the colon and the CT scan did not show it going to other organs, but it is in the lymph nodes in that area. The next step is a PET scan and not sure when that will take place. Please continue to pray.
Also, please pray for Cherlyn Adams, my sister of the heart. She has bronchitis and sinus infection and had to go back to the dr. today to have a chest x-ray to see if she has pneumonia. Thanks in advance for all your prayers. Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Homer and Jeanette Humphrey is the parents of Mark Humphrey. He is 91 and she is 85. Homer’s health is failing fast and his mother is trying to care for him, so she is exhausted herself. Please pray for God’s grace and mercy on them as they go through this.

Also pray for the brother of Barbara Hughes, a friend of Mark and Jan’s. This brother had a triple by pass that failed. They may try a second time, but not decided yet.

Thank You for the prayers ,

Mark & Jan Humphrey

Jerry Mosley, Vernon and Betty Mosley’s son is on the way to Regional hospital with a possible heart attack. Please pray for him . That is all she knew right now.

Got this update from Carolyn Nelson. Please continue to pray for them.
Waiting to see when we’re going to Shreveport they want the transplant nephrologist team to look at him They think his kidney could be trying to shut down on him

Please pray for our granddaughter Tara Pleasant and her fiancé Dakota Brinkley. Tara was trying to separate their two dogs yesterday, and received bites to her arm which required stitches. Please pray for healing, and for them as they will have to make some hard decisions in the next few days.  ~Buddy Lautaret

Please pray for Billy Nelson. He is at UT Downtown (the old ETMC) Room 2274. He is not doing well. His kidneys have shut down. Pray for him and Carolyn and family.

Please continue to pray for Evelyn Johnson, she is in Whispering Pines for treatment of infection in her leg.

Please pray for Kennie Graham. He has been fighting bad sinus infections. He had to go to the ER Thursday night from throwing up.

Continue to pray for Billy Nelson. His fever has gone down some, but they are yet to determine the cause. They are planning a spinal tap and a Colon Biopsy. He is still in a Tyler hospital.

Roy Westbrook, Pat’s son, is home from the hospital. Hopefully the meds he is taking will dissolve the blood clot so they can do a Cath to see what is causing the problem.

My mom, Barbara, passed away early this morning.  Thank you for all of your prayers.

Buddy and I will be driving toAbilene Friday to visit my sister and brother-in-law. My sister is in a “skilled nursingfacility” and she will be admitted to a nursing home as soon as arrangements can be made. Telephone conversations are very difficult so we realize her dementia is getting worse each day. Please I am asking for prayer for my brother-in-law as he cares for Brenda (they have been married62 years) and strength for Buddy and me as we visit with her (them). Thank you, Prayer Warriors.
God bless you all, Gracie

Billy Nelson is in UT Tyler hospital with a viral infection and fever. Doctors are running tests to determine the type of infection. Please continue to pray for Billy and Carolyn.

Please be in prayer for Steve’s sister, Kathy. She had some testing done and there is a mass that had to have a biopsy and she had a CT scan and has been having pain. Should have the results by Monday and then will know the severity of the issues. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.
~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please pray for a precious little girl named Julia who has a brain tumor. Many prayers have been going up but things are not looking good and her sweet Momma is starting to feel defeated! Please help me lift them up in prayer! Thanks! ~Debra Alford

Roy Westbrook’s doctor has diagnosed a blood clot in Roy’s heart. Roy is at Good Shepherd, Longview, room 2344. Please continue praying for Roy and his family. Thank you.

Update on my mom, Barbara.  She is still in ICU and off the vent and doing much better.  She had one test done with a good outcome. Another test tomorrow.  Extra prayers please for my sister, Anne.  She is trying to handle everything.  Thank you so much for your prayers and continued prayers!  Kaye….

Please pray for the sisters and families of Judy McGuire.  Theresa Piercey is at Willis Knighton North/Shreveport awaiting kidney and liver transplants.  Betsy Masters had a slight heart attack and septic urinary infection and is in ICU at Lincoln General in Ruston.

Darlene Sanders has surgery scheduled for 11:45 AM Tuesday at Longview Regional. She will be listed as Dorothy Sanders.

Juanita Gibson funeral arrangements:  Wednesday, October 30. Visitation at 9:00am and Funeral at 10:00am all takes place at Rader Funeral Home.

Billy Nelson is back at Watkins Logan Tex Veterans Home. Please continue to pray for Billy and Carolyn.

Roy Westbrook,Pat’s son, is in Good Shepherd. He had the quadruple by pass 3 years ago, not now. His heart is racing and they are trying meds to take care of it.Please continue to pray for the doctors to find the answer to this problem.

I would like to thank everyone for your prayers, words of encouragement, phone calls, visits and emails during my recent surgery & hospital stay. Thank you to those that came & stayed with Mike while I was in surgery. It is greatly appreciated as I recover from knee replacement surgery. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful, loving & caring church family. WHBC means the world to me. Thank you again. Hoping to be back in church soon.  Love In Jesus Christ, Karen Shelton

Samuel Rama in Kenya just called…. crying softly, heartbroken. Precious only daughter Gloria, about 8 years old is gone…. as in Home to Heaven. She was in the hospital several days. Don’t know details yet but have been praying. Had sickle cell disease from 5 years old. ~Judy Arroyo

Juanita Gibson just passed away. Please pray for Lauren and all the family.

Pease pray for my daughter jessicca seyler.

Please pray for Michelle Thompson. Her daughter was just killed in a car accident. She was around 17 yrs old.

Please keep my mom, Barbara, in your prayers. She is in ICU at a hospital in Ohio. Prognosis is not good. Thank you, Kaye….

My daughter Tamron Thompson had an MRI and has a herniated disc. She is going for a steroid spinal injection next week.Please  continue your prayers.  Thanks, Gloria Williams

Brandy Wooley is at Good Shepherd, room 2355.  She went in with chest pains.

Please continue to pray for:
Evelyn Johnson: Room 2225 at Good Shepherd recovering from surgery. Evelyn should be released from the hospital tomorrow to go either back home or into a nursing facility. Evelyn is feeling well.
Karen Shelton: Karen has been released from the hospital and is feeling great. Karen is walking better then she was before surgery and does not have any back pain. Praise the Lord for great progress!
Ron and Mary Bulbitz: Please continue to pray for this family with the loss of Mary’s mother.
George Strain:  Please continue to pray for George. He is at home but he is still in a great deal of pain.
Billy Nelson: Is still fighting a UTI and Kidney issues at Longview Regional. Please pray for Billy and Carolyn.

Tracy Jones’ son is traveling home from deployment and her and her family are traveling to meet him.. His plane was delayed so now he is scheduled to be in on Oct 26.  She is asking for prayers as they are traveling and for his safe return home (and hopefully no more delays!)

Service for Mrs. Grimsley (mother of Mary Bublitz) Service is here at Woodland Hills Loop Campus Saturday, October 26.
Visitation is at 10:00 am
Service is at 11:00 am
Lunch will be served to the family after service and graveside services.

Billy Nelson has a urinary tract infection. He is in room 270 at Longview Regional. Please pray for God’s healing for Billy and continued strength for Carolyn.

Please remember to pray for Evelyn Johnson. She will be going into surgery soon at Good Shepherd. She should spend one night and then be released to go home.

Mrs. Irene Grimsley passed away last night.  Funeral arrangements are pending.

My daughter, Tamron Thompson, has been taken to the ER for severe pain in her neck and shoulder. They have put in an IV to help control the pain. Please pray she will receive relief from pain and they will be able to determine the cause. Thanks WHBC prayer warriors! Gloria Williams

Please pray for Karen Shelton. She is having a knee replacement this morning at Longview Regional.

Juanita Gibson is recovering at home.
George Strain is recovering at home.
Please keep them in your prayers.

Please pray for Evelyn Johnson, surgery will be Tues, at Good Shepherd 2:15pm.

Please pray for Mrs. Irene Grimsley. Unless there’s a miracle, she will be leaving this world for heaven soon. She’s going on 99 and loves the Lord. She’s at Arabella Independent Living, Room 217.

Becky Horton has been released with meds to keep things under control.  She is home and doing well.

James Kidd is having surgery for skin cancer, Monday, Oct.21 at Wallis Dermatology.  Please pray for James and that the doctors are able to get it all.

Juanita Gibson had a stroke and is in Good Shepherd, Room 1616.

I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers concerning my recent health issue. I had a follow up with the urologist this past Wednesday and received a clean bill of health concerning my previous cancer. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!  ~Skip Thomas

Martha Reed a friend and colleague of Liz Graham fell at the beauty shop today and broke her leg. She will have surgery tomorrow at Longview Regional. Please pray for her and the guidance of the surgeons.

Becky Horton does have congestive heart failure but it is treatable. She’s in Regional, Room 236.

George Strain is at Regional, Room 1703. He’s waiting a the doctor to hopefully dismiss him this afternoon. He’s going to Everest Rehab.

Nora Chucci went home after her back procedure.

Evelyn Johnson is having surgery on October 22.  Details to follow when available.

Please pray for Becky Horton. She’s been admitted to Longview Regional, Room 236 with heart concerns.

Doug Arthofer had his heart cath this morning. Everything looked good. He’ll follow up with doctor.

Karen Shelton will have surgery Tuesday 10/22/19 @ 9 @ Longview Regional. Total Knee Replacement.

Please lift up my coworker, Vladimir Rosales. He was working around the house and dropped a heavy weight on his foot. He has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to find out whether or not he will lose one of his big toes. He has been of from work ever since he sustained this injury. ~John Zenter

Requesting Prayer for myself as I will have have back surgery Wed. Oct 16th at 12 noon at Good Shepherd out patient surgery center. Thank you, Nora Chucci

Pray for my friends Moriama and Emilo, they were in a car accident, friend Julio, getting his job and truck, myself because I am starting to get sick and my community.  Everyone has been struggling and we just need a little strength.  ~Adamaris Ortega

Prayers for my family, struggling to pay bills, keep food at home, financial freedom, peace of mind.  ~Ester Martinez

Gayla will be traveling to Colorado Springs Wednesday, please remember her also.
Please pray for Gayla Weavers’ son Keith, he was taken to hospital by ambulance(Colorado Springs) they ruled out stroke, his Blood sugar was 1100. They had gotten it to 364 yesterday eve and will admit him to ICU when a bed is available. Thank you for prayers.

James Kidd just found out he has Stage 2 Melanoma on his back. Surgery is scheduled a week from today but the good news is he will not require radiation OR chemo.

George Strain is in Longview Regional, room 1703, recovering from last weeks lung surgery. He will be at Everest Rehabilitation upon his release from the hospital. Please keep George and his family in your prayers. Thank you.

I will never forget my daddy coming forward and standing at the alter when Bro Steve Cochran shared salvation in Jesus!!! He said YES2JESUS when he was 70 years old!!! My daddy is ready to go to heaven…the care center is having to put him in the final care stage of care…Do you all know that you know that you know you are going to heaven? My daddy is in his final stage of about to see Jesus face to face…we do not know how long this stage will last…and I know he would want me to share with everyone everywhere to please give your life to Jesus!! Heaven is our REAL HOME!! ~Tracy Jones

Please pray for my daddy, Earl Aldrich, ambulance took him to hospital because care center not able to wake him up! Blood infection could be causing this, IV Antibiotics seem to be helping him beginning to respond!  Thankful for God’s Care & your prayers,  Tracy Jones & Family

Please be praying for Christina Brockway and her husband Jeremy. I requested prayer for them (him)  last week. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He is back in the hospital at Regional, and waiting for a room at Baylor Hospital in Plano. He will have to have an electronic device to help his heart due to damage. He may have to have a heart transplant eventually.  Thanks for praying!  ~John Zenter

Amber Showler has been released.  Fortunately her lungs are clear.  Her breathing trouble was caused by edema.  Please continue to pray for this family.

Please keep Jan McNeal’s father in law in your prayers. He was involved in an accident several weeks ago. Pray for his recovery and family as they attend to him.

Please pray for Cathy Ritchey, she will be having heart surgery Thursday  9AM Longview Regional.

Please pray for Amber Showler .She was taken to the ER at Longview Regional this morning with possible blood clots in her lungs. They are waiting on a specialist doctor now. She had  a baby boy the last of September (which is doing well)  Amber has been back in and out of the hospital this past week. Pray for her family  and the doctors who are caring for her.

George Strain had surgery yesterday to remove a tumor. He’s in Regional, Room 1703. Still in a lot of pain.

George Strain will have a tumor and a couple of lymph nodes removed Tuesday morning, 7:30 AM at Longview Regional.

Charlie Johnson had 2 stents put in that were 99% blocked. He has another one that will need to be done in a couple of weeks. He’s in Regional, Room 1706.

Please pray for Chris Shelton.  He is fighting cancer.

Mary Tucker’s cousin, Punkie, is going home from rehab this Wednesday. Thank you for all the prayers.

Amber Showler went back to Hospital tonight. Low hemoglobin count and possible blood clots.

Cathys’ (Ritchey) heart cath has been changed to Sunday. They started her on low dose aspirin last night in case they need to do a stent.

Pray for Skip Thomas. He is having some health issues.

Please pray for Cathy Ritchey, she is having a heart cath Saturday at Longview Regional. Thank you.

Please pray for Major Burnett. He got a concussion tonight during the Hallsville/Marshall football game.

Please pray for health issues. Thank you, Skip Thomas

Please keep Doris Moore and family in your prayers.  Her brother, Dean Marshall, passed away last night in a Dallas hospital.

Please pray for David Koenig. He will be having surgery today at noon on his arm. He will be at CHRISTUS Good Shepherd surgical center.

I will be having a heart cath in the morning at Regional. Hoping that is all they have to do…but ready and at peace with whatever takes place. I feel my sweet Jesus arms around me. Thank you church family. ~Nancy Stallcup

Please pray for my grandson Casey went to ER last night and they keep him to run tests. ~Beverly Nugent

Congratulations to Jonah and Nicole Davidson on the birth of their new baby girl Jovilee Adelynn Davidson. 6 lbs 2 oz. Dad, Mom, and baby are doing well.

Ron Savage’s heart cath came back great. The Doctor found no heart problems. Thank you for praying for Ron.

Please pray for Ron Savage. Ron has been at Good Shepherd since Saturday night with heart problems, and he will be having a heart cath at some point today. Thanks!

Pray for Rayne McCarrell.  She see a new psychologist for her PTSD non combat to see about getting her dog certified as her service dog.

Oops, I left out a very important part of the praise I posted last night. I thanked Brenda Bevis for taking Gracie to her appointment in Rockwall, but I didn’t thank Barbie Baker for taking Gracie the time before. Thanks Barbie, we love you. (what would we do without church family).  We love you all, Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Please pray for Melanie Gideon she fell out of a side by side yesterday & was ran over. They airlifted her to Children’s in Dallas last night. She is 4 or 5 years old. ~Karen Shelton

PRAISE ! PRAISE ! PRAISE ! We want to share a praise with everyone. God has blessed us with a great report at Gracie’s appointment with her eye doctor in Rockwall yesterday. Her eye pressures were very good in both eyes and the doctor was pleased with her progress and healing. Also, I was able to work my half day without getting as exhausted, so that’s a praise. Thank you to Brenda Bevis for driving Gracie to her appointment. We love you all and thanks for praying us through. ~Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Update: Jeremy is still at Regional. They attempted a procedure that was not successful today. They are regulating his heart with medication, and will try the procedure once again on Monday. Thank you all very much for praying, and please continue.

Please add two friends of my landlady, Teresa Fears, to your prayers. A couple whose names are Christina and Jeremy are in need of prayer.  ~John Zenter

Eric and I will be going in Monday 9/30 to be induced to have the baby. Baby boy is measuring very large and they want to go ahead and get him here! ~Amber Showler

Please pray for Doris Moore’s brother, Dean Marshall. He tripped at home and fell. Rushed to Dallas for a brain bleed.

Please keep Emily Sanroman in your prayers.  She has a brain bleed behind her eye from a May stroke and is headed to San Antonio in October to see what can be done.

Please keep Martha Fuller in your prayers. She is having a back procedure done today.

Brandy Graves will be having surgery Wednesday morning at Good Shepherd, 9:44 AM. Please pray.

Punkie (Mary Tucker’s cousin) is much better today. Waiting on a room in rehab. She had a Complete turn around…..Praise the Lord. Thank everyone for your prayers!

Please pray for Janie Jamerson, who is in Summer Meadows for rehab(for shoulder and back surgery), but today has been taken to the ER for kidney failure. Thank you for your prayers.

Pray for Richard Trout, cousin to Liz Graham and Bettye Parrish. He has stage 4 cancer in his tonsils that have spread to both lungs. Pray that doctors can find a solution before the swelling in his neck worsens.

Please pray for Sheila Conner’s friend’s grandson, Briggs. He has another case of hand, foot & mouth disease.

Please continue to lift Daniel Golden up in prayer. He is experiencing a lot of pain.  Thank you.

Please pray for Blake Hudson, grandson of Mary Walton. He will be having ACL surgery today at Good Shepherd surgical center at 11am.

Please be in prayer for my SIL, Fran Tucker. She had a CT scan on Friday for a spot on her lungs…she will see Dr. Koya at the Longview Cancer Center on Monday for the results. Thanks in advance for your prayers. ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Becky Hunt had a good night. Slept really well. Her blood count is still low so they are giving her a transfusion this morning. She ate breakfast, has walked a loop around hospital and has very little pain. God is so good. Thanks for your prayers.

Becky Hunt Had a Good night. Very little pain. She’s walked this morning and this afternoon. Her blood level is low, (7.2). It was 8.4 tonight. Not sure they will do a blood transfusion or not. She’s been on all liquid diet but they said tonight she could start a regular diet tomorrow. So overall doing great. Got my staples out of hip today. It already feels much better. ~Bro. Charles

Daniel Golden has had some post surgery complications. He is being kept in Good Shepherd , Room 2208, at least through tonight. Please continue to pray for God’s healing for Daniel.

As with so many in the Southeast area……….my family is flooded again. My nephews have four or five inches of water in their homes and no power. The nursing home where my sister is has flooded some rooms, but I am told she is okay. Prayer requested for everyone in the flooded areas.
Thank you, Prayer Warriors. ~Gracie and Buddy

Update on Becky…Dr. Just came out. Becky did really good. No ICU, just regular room. Will stay in bed until tomorrow. Everything looks good. Thanks for praying.

Update on Becky…Doctor just came out. They are finished with the work being done from the front. He said it went great and she’s doing good. Now they flip her over and go in thru the back. Probably 3 hour surgery. Thanks for praying.

Pray for the people in Southeast Texas. Several of the churches that have just been renovated are under water again. Folks are in despair. Pray for strength to endure.

Becky Hunt will be having back surgery Thursday morning, at Methodist Hospital in Addison at 7:30 AM. Doctor says probably a six to seven hour surgery. All we need is prayer. Thanks and God bless.

Daniel Golden’s surgery went well. He is in recovery and will stay over night. Please continue to pray.

We would like to welcome the newest member of Woodland Hills Baptist Church, Phoebe Cleo Vazquez, born September 11, 2019. Proud parents Ernesto and Graceon Vazquez(2’s and Prek Leader in Preschool Ministry). The whole family is doing well.

Please lift Ms. Rhonda Dawes up in your prayers. She will be having lower back surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30 at Baylor Scott & White Medical. Ms. Rhonda is our nursery teacher for Preschool Ministry.

Update on Mary Tucker’s cousin, Punkie. She is out of surgery and the doctor said all went well. Please continue to pray for her healing.

Thank you for your prayers for Sandra. They did some work on a heart valve and put in a pacemaker.

Please be in prayer for the Marianne Jett family, she passed away this morning after open heart surgery yesterday afternoon. Thanks in advance for your prayers. ~Lana Snider

Sandra Bryson (Ricky Allen’s mother) is having surgery this morning.

Please be in prayer for my “sister of the heart”, Cherlyn Adams. She will be having a procedure (shot in her neck) on Wednesday at 1:30 in Tyler. She has bad headaches and lots of pain in her neck and back. The doctor seems to think the headaches and back pain are all related to her neck problems. Please pray for the doctor and for the shot to work to reduce her pain. Thanks in advance for all your prayers. ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please pray for Mary Tucker’s cousin, Punkie. She is having cervical spine surgery in Dallas tomorrow morning. At least a five day stay in the hospital.

Please pray for Tommy Dorgan, Pastor at Center Cross Church, Longview. They were doing a heart cath and found major blockage. They are trying to schedule surgery.

Hooray 😁 my brace is finished. I meet the orthotist in Tyler to be fitted. Please continue to pray that this is the answer . Thank you for the many many prayers. ~Gloria

Please pray for Donavan. He is in Kindergarten in Hallsville. School called this afternoon and said he wasn’t feeling well. He was taken tonight to hospital and was tested positive for meningitis.

Juanita Gibson came home today from Hospital. Thanks for praying.

Please pray for Gracie Lautaret. She will have glaucoma surgery on her other eye this coming Monday, the 16th, in Dallas. Pray for a successful surgery and for safe travels to and from Dallas. She will also have to travel to Rockwall on Tuesday for a follow up with the doctor. Thank you for praying and we love you all. ~Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Please pray for Miss Juanita Gibson. She passed out last night and was taken to Good Shepherd, Longview. Room 1479.

Bryan is awake, but still unresponsive. He can move his left arm, but he doesnt move on command. It’s just random movement. The brain injury he sustained was severe enough that We were told the only chance he would have for any kind of recovery was to be sent to an inpatient Neuro rehab facility. He was just accepted at TIRR Memorial Herman in Houston. It’s ranked #1 in the state and #2 in the nantion for neuro rehab facilities. We were told by Dr.s that this is what he needs. He has made so much progress since the beginning, but he has a long way to go. He still has a trach and feeding tube. We are in the process of trying to getting the trach out, may take a week if he tolerates each step well.
Rehabilitation could take up to year. The year mark is when we will know to what extent he is able to recover and how permanent some of the damage is. Whether he recovers all the way or only partially, a year is the time frame they gave us for progress. We were told not much recovery happens after the year mark of a brain injury. But with all of this, I’m thankful everyday for his life. I’m thankful everyday for the smallest progress. One day he met my gaze for a couple of seconds and looked at me intently. His face was completely blank, but my baby looked in my eyes. I needed that at the exact moment it happened. If it’s God’s will, I know the Great Physician can heal no matter what Bryan’s Dr.s say. Thank you so much for all prayers. God gives me strength daily to handle what I need to handle for my family.  ~Tasha Burk

Please keep an older friend of mine…she fell over the weekend, broke her ankle in two places. She will have surgery in the morning. Thank you sweet church family, Nancy Stallcup

Pray for Pat Murray, Becky Hunt’s cousin. She has 2 breaks in her back and 3 broke ribs. The pain is severe. She lives in Yukon, Oklahoma.

Jerry Fitch got in early for his heart cath. He was scheduled for 11 am at Regional. He was out by 9:50 am. They didn’t find any blockage, PTL, but they are going to change some of his meds to help out with some previously damaged heart muscles. He should go home this afternoon. Thanks for praying.

Lena Cooper is doing much better after her stroke. She is doing Rehab at Christus Good Shepherd. She is in room 2234.

Daniel Golden’s surgery will now be at Good Shepherd main hospital Day Surgery here in Longview. His surgery is still scheduled at 11:00 am on Wed Sep 18. Thank you for all your prayers.

Please pray for the family of John N., a friend of my landlady Teresa Fears. His wife passed away yesterday. They have three daughters, and he especially requested prayer for them.

Please be in prayer for Marianne Jett, Ruth Ann Young, and Pamela Payne. They each will be having surgery in a few days. Pray for guidance and wisdom for the doctors and quick healing for their bodies. Thank in advance for your prayers.  Steve, Lana and Emily

Gene Aultman is out of surgery. It took about 2 hours. He will be in ICU overnight at Good Shepherd. Please continue to pray that this infection will clear completely. Due to his age, chances of him pulling through is 50/50.

Lena Cooper is now at Christus Good Shepherd rehab. She is doing much better today.

Please pray for Blake Hudson (Mary Walton’s grandson).  He tore his ACL yesterday at football and is pending surgery.

Daniel Golden is scheduled to have surgery at 11:00 am, Wed., Sept. 18 at Good Shepherd out patient surgery center.
He will have two implants put into his lower back. He will also have a bone spur removed from his lower back. Please pray for God’s healing of Daniel’s chronic pain.

Jane Tarver’s sister, Mary has been put on Hospice. She will be traveling to Houston tomorrow with her daughter Judy and sister Nancy to make arrangements for a nursing home. Please pray for the family.

Please pray for Lindy Golden & Cindy’s Dad (Gene Aultman…wife Mildred) as he will have lung surgery tomorrow afternoon at Good Shepherd Hospital to remove Infection in his R. Lung, Thank you in advance!

Please pray for my dear neighbor Doris Lewis and son Gary. They are very close. He is in the hospital in Longview, in kidney failure, and coded this afternoon when they took him out off dialysis. Now he is in ICU. Doris has many health problems.  Both love the Lord. ~Judy Arroyo

Please continue to pray for Lena Cooper. She is at Mother Frances in Tyler room 4432. Once she is out of the hospital she will need long term rehab.

Bro Charles has been discharged from the hospital. Thanks for all your continued prayers.

Pray for Earl Aldrich, Tracy Jones’ father. He has a bad case of cellulitis, antibiotic will treat it.

Please pray for Bryan. His mother, Tasha just went with me to Haiti this summer. Tasha’s son Bryan was in a very bad wreck Aug.22nd in Tyler. He is in a coma and chances of recovery are slim. He is in his 20’s and she has 3 smaller children at home and is a single mom. ~Denise Bowens

Please continue to pray for Lena Cooper. She is at Mother Francis in Tyler. She is waiting on an MRI and a Neurologist. Pray for Gerald and Lena.

Bro. Charles is out of surgery and all went well.

Please pray for our Pastor this morning. He is with the doctor now get ready to go back into surgery. Thanks!

Please pray for Lena Cooper. She had a stroke and is currently being transferred to a hospital in Tyler. Gerald thinks she might have brain surgery tonight. Please pray.

I will be having surgery Wednesday morning early in Addison for a hip replacement. I would covet your prayers for myself, all involved, and for Becky. Thanks, Love ya’ll. ~Bro. Charles

I will be having surgery Wednesday morning early in Addison for a hip replacement. I would covet your prayers for myself, all involved, and for Becky. Thanks, Love ya’ll.

Please pray for a dear friend of my daughter, her husband, and me. He is in ICU on ventilator, having serious problems. Last night he went to hospital with chest pain. He is only in his mid to late thirties.Thank you for your prayers.~Judy Arroyo

My Aunt Rose’s pacemaker surgery went well on Fri night and she is finally out of the hospital as of yesterday morning. She currently is recovering at my Moms house. Please pray for continued healing.- Felicia Canfield

Jamie Scogin, Sheila Conner’s Brother, has been rushed back to the hospital. High blood pressure and passing out. He had the triple heart by pass about 3 weeks ago.

The Dr just informed Martha and María that the surgery on Rose is done and all went well.
Rose Navarro, Martha Canfield‘s sister, is having a pacemaker put in right now. Please pray for successful operation with no setbacks. Thank you all.

My hip replacement surgery is set for Wednesday, September 4 at Methodist Hospital in Addison. Thanks for praying. ~Bro. Charles

Gloria Spencer will have Rotator Cuff surgery at Longview Regional Friday morning. She is supposed to be there at 5:45 AM.

Linda Strange is out of surgery. Everything went well and she is now in recovery. WL is doing good too.

Please pray for me concerning healing both my knees and my left lower back.I need a miracle .thank u for praying for me.  ~Dixie Wilson

Pray for Linda Strange. She will have surgery at Baylor in Dallas tomorrow morning at 12:15. Please pray for her and W. L.

Please continue to pray for Juanita Gibson. Hopefully going home tomorrow or soon but still in Good Shepherd room 1363.

Please pray for my boss, Bill Lane, and his family. His brother Mike was found deceased Sunday morning from causes that are unknown at this time.

Please pray. Jodie Smelley will be having rotator cuff tear surgery Thursday August 29 at 1:30, Good Shepherd hospital, day surgery.

Please pray for Michael Purifoy, he is having surgery this morning at Longview Regional. He should be released to go home this afternoon. Thanks!

Please pray for the following:  My sister Rosie-kidneys failing, congestive heart, Mike brother in law-growth (surgery Tuesday), Friend-cancer in lung ~Dixie Salmons

Please be in prayer for my 14 year old nephew. He has just been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Please be in prayer for all of his family members as he comes from a nasty divorced family. His parents do not speak, as they both have restraining orders against each other. This being said my nephew (the daddy/my sisters son) does not even know. Has put a big burden on my sister.  Thank you, Nancy Stallcup

A memorial service for Dale Wages ( Beverly Nugent’s son) will be at the  Main Campus of Woodland Hills Baptist Church , Wednesday, August 21, at 2 PM. There will also be a visitation at the main campus of Woodland Hills Baptist Church on Wednesday, August 21, at 1:00 pm before the memorial service which is at 2:00 pm.

Please pray for my landlady, Teresa Fears. She was weedeating Friday and got into a hornets nest.  She would up being stung multiple times. She suffers from limited use of her hands already due to a nerve blockage, and her right had is the predominant hand, so she has less dexterity resulting from the stings, and is in a lot of pain.  ~John Zenter

Dale Wages has just passed away around 5:00 am … please pray for the family and friends. Thank you

Gene Aultman, Lindy Golden’s dad, was in a wreck this afternoon. He is at Regional in ICU. He has broken ribs and some internal bleeding. Please pray for him and his wife, Mildred.

Dolores Richardson’s legs have been swelling. She is taking medication to reverse the swelling. Please pray for God’s healing for her.

Pray for Jessica Deaton’s mom. She has early signs of Parkinson’s. She will see a neurologist in the next few weeks.

Kymber Noble is out of the hospital and doing well. And thanks for all the prayers.

Kelly Decker is out of surgery and all went well. She is in room 1712 at Longview Regional Hospital.

Please pray for Mrs. Imogene Upchurch. She is a lifelong friend, and wife of the late Baptist minister, Emmett Upchurch, who died recently. She is having a gall stone removed this afternoon and her gall bladder removed tomorrow at Christus GS.

She has been wanting to visit Woodland Hills with me. Thank you for your prayers.  Her daughter is Kathi Stephens at Letourneau.

Kelly Decker is in Regional, Room 206. The vascular surgeons going to take that blood clot out of her foot this afternoon.

Please pray for a co- workers dad William Warf had to have leg amputated . He is not doing well. ~James Jackson

They have admitted Kelly Decker to Longview Regional with a blood clot in her leg. Pray for her and Robert.

Barry Miller is having testing done this morning at the V.A. Hospital in Shreveport. Prayers would be appreciated.

Mona Reeves’s oldest brother, Wyman Akin, passed away suddenly this morning in Carthage.  Please pray for Mona and all the family.

Nancy Stallcup just went back for surgery at Good Shepherd. Pray for her and Mike.

Kymber Noble, Mike & Jana Campbell’s daughter is having surgery at 9:15 today at Good Shepherd.

Buddy Lautaret sees the heart doctor this morning and Cancer doctor this afternoon. Pray for him and Gracie.

Joy Savage is having a heart cath

Please pray for Kymber Noble daughter of Jana and Mike Campbell. She is having surgery tomorrow at Good Shepherd.

Pray for Joy Savage. She will be having a heart catherization Wednesday morning at Regions.

Our daughter has cancer surgery on Aug 23 in Frisco. I will be traveling to Denton on 22nd . Prayers for speedy recovery would be appreciated. ~Danna Miller

Pray that Shaun Brannon finds his way to God and excepts Him in his heart.

They did keep Mona last night. As of right now she is on a holding floor (260) as the cardiac floor is full. We are waiting on her cardiologist to come in. Thank you so much for all the prayers!! Nancy Stallcup

I have brought my sister in love to Regional ER. She was having chest pains and not feeling well. She has Congestive heart failure already…please keep her in your hearts. Thank you, Nancy Stallcup

I will be having surgery again this Wednesday at GS. I am a tad apprehensive because of the MSA and MRSA I got last time I had this surgery. I have really been praying specifically about this.
Please keep me on your hearts as I undergo this one more time.
Thank you so much sweet family.  ~Nancy Stallcup

Sophie, Larry & Angie Brittain’s granddaughter was attacked by a dog today. They are the way to Children’s Hospital in Dallas.

Derrill Davis is through with back surgery and He is in recovery. The doctor said it went good.

Jamie Scogin, Sheila Conner’s Brother,  is out of surgery for triple by pass and did good. The family is waiting to see him.

Please pray for a dear cousin in law. His name is Tracy Hearnsberger, wife Rhonda Hancock Hearnsberger, originally from the Garrison area. He is undergoing heart by-pass surgery, now, in San Diego.  ~Suzi Arthofer

Derrill Davis will have back surgery at Longview Regional on Friday at 12:30 PM. Pray for him and Joni.

Buddy Lautaret came home from Hospital today. Pray for Buddy & Gracie.

Vernon Mosley had a cancer removed today and is doing good. He has one more to do.

Barbara McDaniel fell and has a fracture in her lower back. In a lot of pain.

Pray for Vernon Mosley.  They are removing some skin cancer now.  The Mosley’s appreciate all the prayers!

Jamie Scogin this Sheila Conner’s baby brother. He will be having triple bypass surgery in the morning at 7:00 in Lufkin at St. Luke’s. Please Pray!

Pray for Jamie Scogin, Sheila Conner’s Brother. He is in Hospital in Lufkin. He will be having a triple by pass soon. Waiting on a date.

Buddy Lautaret will be having a heart cath sometime this afternoon. Please pray.

Buddy Lautaret is in Regional, Room 1706. Thought he was having a heart attack but the test show that he probably wasn’t. Checking for a blood clot in his lungs.

Please keep Vernon & Betty Mosley in your prayers. Vernon will have outpatient surgery on Thursday.

Please pray for Doug Wilbur, Betty Wilbur’s son. He is at Good Shepherd Medical Center in ICU. He has been on a Ventilator since Sunday morning.

Pray for Kelly Decker. She’s having kidney stone removed at Regional at 11:30 AM this morning.

Pray for Bro. Charles. He is having a little cancer surgery removing a spot on his head.

Joy Savage is out of the hospital and recovering at home. She is doing much better.

Pray for Amanda and son, Gabriel.  That they live their life and future God has planned for them to the fullest.

Pray for Jimmie Vannorden, friend.  Hip replacement surgery August 12 and has high blood pressure. And pray for Tommy Adams, brother.  ~Pat & Paul Adams

Pray for Alexius Williams and her twins.  That they keep growing stronger in the Lord and financial blessing to keep her home.

Joy Savage has been admitted to Longview Regional Hospital room # 248 due to heart problems. Please pray.

Linda South went home today from Regional.

Kelly Decker is having surgery tuesday morning at 11.30 at regional medical in longview for kidney stones.

Praising God all went well with Linda Strange’s heart cath. The Dr. was able to correct everything. She will be going home in a few hours. Thank you sweet Church family for your prayers. ~Nancy Stallcup

No surgery in Dallas Friday. Found blockage having heart cath Friday at 3 at Longview Regional day surgery. Thanks for all the prayer warriors. Love our church family. Linda Strange

Please pray for Doug Arthofer’s ex-wife Faye. She is at Longview Regional with heart problems.

Update from Delores Hill: They have taken the vent off and he is doing good. He talked to us and knew every one. Has a low grade fever but that’s normal. Everything is on schedule. Continued prayers for pain and fast recovery.

Re: Delores Hill’s Brother: The surgery went well and he is doing good. Got to go back and see him for a few minutes. Thanks for all the prayers!

I took a pretty hard fall Sunday after church and I’m very sore from the knees down making it hard to get up. I don’t think any thing is broke but my left foot, the one I broke in January is very swollen and sore. Asking for prayers for a quick healing. This old body (and Vernon) cant take much more. Thanks and love you all.  Donnie Freeman

Please lift up Delores Hill and her family. Her brother (Eugene Whitten) in Arkansas successfully had one of his carotid arteries cleaned out last week. This morning at 7:30 he will have a triple by-pass. Thanks.

I’m having a discectomy and fusion on my neck on July 31st in Tyler. Prayers appreciated. ~Mandy Williamson

Praise God from whom all blessings flow !! Once again God has blessed us in a mighty way. I had my back surgery on the 12th, and after four days there, moved from there to Havencare for rehab. With the physical therapy and special care that they gave me, I was able to be released to go home today. All is healing well and I’m feeling pretty good. I praise God once again for my sweet wife Gracie. She takes good care of me and will spoil me if I let her….(and I let her). Thank you all for once again praying us through this valley and I’m praying I’ll get to see you in the morning. We love you all, Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

From Denise Bowen’s in Haiti. We hit a BIG hole while driving a borrowed vehicle. Pray it is ONLY THE BOLT to the A frame that is broken! Not the A Frame itself! There is no tow trucks.. supplies are limited. Need a break line also.

The surgery on my brothers neck was successful and he is resting. Thanks for the prayers. Now prayers for the big surgery Monday. The hospital and staff have been wonderful and that sure makes it easier. Very compassionate nurses and doctors. Thanks again! Delores Hill

Just an update on ANNA, she’s out of surgery, will be in recovery for several hours. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Jeff and MaryAnnThomas.

The surgery for my brothers artery in the neck is scheduled for around 10 in the morning and his heart surgery will be Monday. Please be in prayer for the doctors and staff taking care of him. We appreciate it so much!
Delores Hill

Praying for whoever might have been in an accident on 80, that just happened, between Hallsville and Longview. Praying all our folks got home ok after leaving the park in Hallsville. The accident affected both east and west bound lanes.

Please lift up Ralph and Delores Hill and her family. Her brother in Arkansas is waiting on a room and the surgeon so that he can have a heart, triple by-pass and a stent placed in the artery in his neck. Thanks.

Dale Wages has been moved to Beverly Nugent’s home. He has been placed on hospice. Please lift Dale and this family up in prayer as they go through this trying time. May God give them peace only He can give.
Update: Charlie was taken to the emergency room by ambulance after having a febrile seizure. He is home now and resting. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers.

Prayer request for our daughter, Anna. She will be having an out patient ablation Friday morning at Longview Regional. Thank you, Jeff and MaryAnn Thomas

Please pray for Charlie Hunt. He had some kind of seizure and they’ve carried him by ambulance to Longview Regional.

Dr Germanwalla is going to do a angiogram on Mother this morning. She has 3 blocked arteries going to her stomach and intestines. Keep her in your prayers that everything goes well and for Dr Germanwalla. Thank you. Linda Lansford

I just found out I have walking pneumonia. Please pray that I can over come this quickly. So thankful for the Dr.’s at HHER. ~Nancy Stallcup

Please continue to pray for Dale Wages, and his family. He is in Longview Regional, they r doing a CTScan Fri morning to see if the chemo treatments r making a difference.

Good morning Woodland Hills Prayer Warriors. Thank you for praying us through Buddy’s surgery; now, if you would continue to cover him and those working with him in rehab. We made it to Haven Care ReHab last night about 5:30. Everyone seems very helpful and nice. We were impressed with both the employees and facility. Please pray for him to have patience, willing heart and mind, kindness and determination. ReHab (exercise) is foreign to him. LOL Thank you in advance for your support. ~Gracie

Lorrie Lacko will have more testing this Friday regarding treatment plan going forward. She is also waiting on “genetic testing” results.
Lorrie Beth is our youngest daughter. ~Barry & Danna Miller

Lynda Bond had surgery in Houston yesterday to remove a part of her lung. She will be in the hospital another day or two. Please continue to pray for her as she recovers.

Buddy Lautaret is out of surgery and did very well. He will be at a Good Shepherd for 2-3 days, then go to rehab.

I have two gifted friends in need of employment and I assured them my church would pray for God’s Will. Another friend has just begun the challenging journey of chemo. She’s actually struggling with the physical and emotional strength to fight this dreaded cancer! Please pray for my friends! ~Brenda Bevis

Services for Johnnie Ainsworth will be Saturday @ 3:00 PM at First Baptist Church Diana. Visitation will be 6-8 PM Friday night at Grubbs Loyd Funeral Home in Diana. Please continue to pray for family.

Buddy Lautaret is having surgery Friday morning, 7:30 AM at Good Shepherd. Pray for him and Gracie.

They admitted Juanita Gibson to Good Shepherd, Room 2319.

Juanita Gibson is at ER at Good Shepherd.

Pray for the Bill Ainsworth Family. Bill’s mother passed away tonight about 6:00 PM. Services are pending.

Mandy Williamson will be having surgery in Tyler on July 31.

Pray for Tommy Adams (Paul’s brother) and his wife. Heath issues. ~Paul & Pat Adams

Linda South- she is having an endoscopy Friday, prayer for good results and safe procedure

Darlene Sanders- her uncle Jim(96) had a stroke

Pat Brown’s sister 97 years old is asking for prayer to get her through a serious eye surgery this week and that it will be successful. Her name is Winnie Parker.

Betty Nickel is having cataract surgery this morning. Please pray for her.

Carolyn Jordan’s niece is in the hospital with an infection. Please pray for her and her family.

Please continue praying for our daughter, Lorrie Beth Lacko as she meets with her Oncologist this Wednesday and they map out a treatment plan. Also lift up her husband Josh and her two sons Jackson and Ayden . ~Danna Miller

Thank you for your prayers for my recent cancer surgery. We have to wait 2 weeks for final pathology report, but the tumor was smaller than expected and was not present in the lymph node. God is so good! ~Wendy

Please pray for my daughter Susan as she deals with some personal issues and decisions she must make. Pray for God to guide her through a very troubling time. Also pray for my granddaughters Misty and Kaiti and my grandson Tyler as they try to help Susan during this time.
Thank you for praying and we love you all, Buddy Lautaret

Jane Tarver had 2 stints put in this morning. She is at Good Shepherd, Room 2331. She did great and feeling better already. Will go home tomorrow.

Robert Childress had a chemical stress test this morning. Was having some chest pains and shortness of breath. He is at Good Shepherd, Room 1466. They’re waiting on results. Could go home later today.

Jane Tarver will be having 2 stints put it at Good Shepherd on Saturday at 9:00 AM. She is in room 2331.

Please pray for Dave and C Welch. Dave’s sister Sue passed away on Wednesday. Please pray for the family and for Dave and C as they travel to and from Tennessee.

Please pray for my young-adult son Josh. His liver is not functioning well. Thank you so very much.

Please pray for me – I have been selected to serve on the Gregg County grand jury for July and August.  ~John Zenter

Please pray for my landlady, Miss Teresa Lynn Fears.  ~John Zenter

Jane Tarver had the stress test, then had a heart cath, which showed some blockage. They were going to wait on putting a stint in, but the dr decided they needed to not wait. There were some problems with her veins tday, so will try again Sat. Please pray for Jane.

Daniel Golden is having cortisone injected into lower back. His procedure is scheduled for 11:30 a.m on Tue.,Jul 9 at Good Shepherd Hospital.  Please pray for God to guide the doctor’s hands so that the injections are made in exactly the right place. Please pray for God’s healing of Daniel’s chronic back pain.

Ms. Jane Tarver is having a heart cath Friday July 5 at Good Shepherd at 11:00. Please pray for her and the physicians that are attending her. They did a stress test and there was a little abnormality show up. Please pray they will find nothing.

I finally have a surgery date July 24. I appreciate all the prayer warriors.
Love our church family.  ~Linda Strange

Please pray for Mrs. Ainsworth. This is Bill Ainsworth’s mother. She is at Medical City Hospital in Dallas. They are trying to do dialysis. Pray for this family. 

Teresa McFarland has kidney failure and on dialysis. Also, one unspoken. ~Lois Templin

Carolyn Thomas was involved in a car wreck. She is recovering from a severe head injury with some brin injury. ~Don & Francis Breeding

I had a stroke Mother’s Day weekend it effected my memory lost job still raising Ayden not asking for anything but prayer need to be able return to work.  ~Emily Sanroman

Please pray for Lorrie Beth Lacko. She is the daughter of Barry & Danna Miller. She lives in Denton. She has been diagnosed with stage 2 cancer and referred to an Oncologist.

Mary Grace is Susan Avery‘s daughter. Mary Grace’s brother-in-law just had a massive heart attack and did not make it. He was 38 years old. Please pray for all of this family during such a difficult time.

Ryan Carlisle, Youth Pastor at Longview Missionary Baptist Church passed away this afternoon while working out at the gym. Please pray for Bridgit, Ava and Max and the entire Carlisle Family.

Michael Hannan  is out of surgery, has his new cast, and is doing  well.  Thank you for praying.

Please pray for Michael Hannah.  He is having to be sedated this morning to put a cast on from a recent break of his forearm bones.

The Pevey’s have a new baby girl! She’s having trouble breathing so they’ve taken her to the NICU. Please pray her lungs will clear up quickly!

Stacy Pevey has been in labor since yesterday afternoon and the doctor is preparing to deliver this morning at Longview Regional. Pray for a healthy mama and baby!!

Please pray for Sissy Ingram’s brother-in-law Delmar Woods. He has lung cancer and some other health issues. He is facing 2 surgeries in the very near future. Please pray for her sister also, who has Parkinson’s disease. Thank you church family.

Today as we pray please please let’s pray that The Lord keep each of the sister 2 sister team on point and focused! Also that individually and collectively that we stay on guard with our words and thoughts, the enemy will use the most minuscule thing. I pray for unification with all of our participating churches as this event culminates into a powerful force to be reckoned with as we gain strength from The Holy Spirit! There are many on vacations during this time please pray for christy mayfield her and her family are in New York! Pray for Allison as her task is challenging and doubting! I also pray that our host church and my church home will be ready and excited about this event! And finally pray for wisdom to LISTEN TO The Lord and make sure we are doing saying and acting as Christ would have us to let nothing pass thru our lips that is unholy. Continue to pray for our key note speaker our MILITARY and their families! God bless them for the sacrifices they make. For Bro.Charles Hunt and Becky Hunt to give the continual protection from the enemy! Please pray for all of these request as we can’t do any of this without Him! In Jesus name, Amen

Prayers please for upcoming back surgery on 12 July, at 7:30 AM. Thank you in advance. Love you all and thanks for praying.  ~Buddy Lautaret

Thank you for all your prayers and visits during my recent hospital stay. I truly feel blessed and love from my Woodland Hills family. Please continue to pray for my continued recovery. ~Bettye Parrish

Please pray for our deployed military that are in the Middle East with all the increasing situations with Iran!!! Decisions being made as we speak that need God’s Wisdom & Direction!!!

Shirley Liddell’s Funeral Arrangements:
Visitation: 6pm-8pm Thursday, June 20 at Welch Funeral Home
Memorial Service: 11:00am Friday, June 21 at Main Campus

Please pray for Bettye Parrish. She is in the hospital under observation. Stroke has been ruled out.

Please pray for Trinyti Blair. She had day surgery today and is home recovering.

First, let me thank my WHBC family for their prayers, cards, food, phone calls, and messages on Facebook doing the lost of my aunt and mother in law. But I’m sad to announce we have lost a grandmother. within 3 months..we have lost 3 of our loved ones..from my aunt, to my mother in law, to now a grandmother..we know God doesn’t make mistakes and death is just another path we all must take..but we ask you to continue to pray for God’s grace to cover us all and strengthen my family as well as the Kennedy family.  Sincerely, Melissa Clayton

Please pray for David Miller to be lifted in prayer as he goes to more doctors over the next couple of weeks for high prostate counts and this it does not lead to more serious problems.  Thank you all.

Pray for Vera Hughes life struggles.  Feels God “hates her”.  Praying for her to come to know God personally for her and her children.  She has lost her job and her children are with Grandma.  She is living out of her truck.

 Be in prayer for Dustin Jehlen. He has been sick for a year, doctors can’t seem to diagnose him. Passing out and seizures. ~Cindy Watson

Please be in prayer for Mike Purifoy. He is off his blood thinners to prepare for surgery Tuesday 18th. Having a portal put in for dialysis. Needs to be on this medication because of stint put in his heart in February.

Larry Rehnquist was attacked by two dogs yesterday about 4pm. He was taken to GSMC to be treated.

Dolores Richardson still has pneumonia.She is recovering and rehabilitating at Buckner rehab , building E. She estimates that she will be at Buckner three or four weeks. Please pray for God’s healing and strength.

Please pray for Pam Mitchell, she is having surgery this morning at Longview Regional.

Please pray for our precious Bennett, my grandson who is 2. He decided to jump in the pool today to get his truck and his aunt K K had to jump in after him. He is ok and she is too. Bennett never lost consciousness but he is being kept at hospital over night due to having water in one lung. Pray, please, that there are no complications. We are so thankful because it could have been so much worse. Not that my prayers are special, but I prayed a hedge of protection over Bennett this morning. So thankful for Gods protection. ~Suzi Arthofer

Pray for Stormy James.  She is in the hospital with kidney failure.

Please pray for Floyd King. He is having a chemical stress test on June 20 and heart surgery July 2. His heart only works at 20%. ~Lisa King

Please help pray for me by asking the Lord that I receive direction and a second chance so I can continue my walk. I really need this help I feel alone sometimes like when I pray I feel like God isn’t listening or around even though I know he is but it feels like I’m alone in this world since I moved to a brand new place two years ago.  ~Leah

No new info on Rickey dad- Dean Rogers. Heart rate bouncing in and out of AFIB. Another night at GSMC. Cardiologist be consulted but may not see him till in the morning. Continued prayers are appreciated!!! ~Donice Rogers

I have a praise. the doctor called and the ct scan revealed the cancer looks contained, hopefully they can get it all with surgery! PRAISE GOD! I am waiting for the surgeon to call me and schedule a time. Please continue to pray. I thank GOD for my church family! WE LOVE OUR CHURCH FAMILY! ~Linda Strange

Ms. Joy Savage’s sister (Linda Bundick) is being transported to a Hospice Facility in Tyler.  Linda is her only sister left and desperately asks that we pray for her, and God will give her the peace only he can give. Ms Joy needs your prayers also to help her through this.

Ricky Gibson is recovering  well after his surgery and will probably go home from the hospital today. Thanks for the prayers.

Ms. Dolores Richardson is in room 263 in Regional Hospital. Her daughters have to go home over the weekend and would LOVE  to receive visitors at the hospital.

Please pray for my coworker’s (Jason Smith’s) father in law. He had a stroke, and has a blood clot on his brain, and was transported to Tyler – I will provide updates as they are available. ~John Zenter

Mary Tucker’s cousin, Debbie Roebuck, wants to thank everyone who prayed for her. She did have a stroke and is in rehab now. She may get to go
home some time next week.

Please continue to pray for Dolores Richardson. She is at Longview Regional in room 263 with pneumonia. The doctors are running more tests today.

Rickey Gibson’s surgery was a great success and it blood flow has now been restored to his lower leg! This is a great blessing and should keep him from having his remaining leg amputated. Rickey is at Good Shepherd in the Surgery ICU and should be going home within the next couple of days.

Prayer request from our Keynote Speaker for July 20th Sister2Sister, Debbie Stuart:  We just received word from my husband’s (John Mark) doctor that they want to run some tests and start him on a new treatment but those things will require a 3 day hospital stay. He has to be closely monitored. He is headed to Medical Center in Dallas now and I will be driving over after I get a few things reorganized. (You may or may not know that we have started the conversation about him having a possible heart transplant – LOTS of logistics, qualifications etc to work on). Thank you for your prayers

We’re trusting the Lord for a great miracle. Sarah, the daughter of Mary Smyser, has been suffering from some autoimmune issues for some time now, and has prayed and prayed that God would deliver her. I’ve assured her that we as a church family would intercede and pray with/for her complete healing. Would you commit to praying for her now and let’s watch what the Lord does!!  Blessings!

Please pray for Ricky Gibson. He will be having surgery at Good Shepherd today to try to save his remaining leg. They expect Ricky to be in ICU for a few days after surgery. Pray that this surgery will be successful to increase blood flow. Thanks.

Please keep Pam Mitchell in your prayers. She is undergoing a full hysterectomy Tuesday, June 11 at Longview Regional.

Dolores Richardson is in Longview Regional room 263.  Dolores fell at home. She has no broken bones. She has pain and an off and on fever.
Her doctors have not diagnosed the cause of her fever as yet.  She may have two weeks therapy after she is dismissed from the hospital.  Please pray for God’s aid in her diagnosis and in her complete healing and recovery.

Please pray for Sue Olson’s mom, Carol Urazoff. She fell on May 24th in her kitchen and sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 10% of her body.

Please keep Delores Richardson in your prayers. She is at Regional in room 263.

Please pray for my Mom, Waurene Wright, neighbor found her outside this morning very confused trying to use her TV remote to open the garage door & also use it as a phone. I’m at Good Shepherd waiting on ambulance to get here with her. ~Patti Flowers

I’ve visited your church a few times. Last Sunday The Lord indicated this is the church for me, but I cannot commit to join at this time due to health issues. On Tuesday I learned I have cancer. I am saved, and know without a shadow of doubt that I will be fine because I belong to Jesus. Not all my loved ones have the same assurance. Please pray for The Lord to be glorified during this process and they who doubt will be saved. My husband, son, parents, niece and nephew are taking this especially hard. Please prayers only.  ~Wendy

I have been diagnosed with uterine cancer. I will have a CT scan next Wednesday. The surgery will be in the next few weeks. Love our church family. Thank you for the prayers. ~Linda Strange

Pray for Mike Purifoy. He is still recovering from hospital stay. May have other procedures soon.

Update on my friend Lynette Baxter…
She is only 20 weeks pregnant, water broke, she lost a lot of blood, she is still pregnant, not sure what will take place next. Her OB sent her home, she can’t do anything. Right now is just a waiting game to see if she goes into labor and has the baby or if her body aborts it. Lynette & Tim did make the decision to not abort the pregnancy. Please pray for them, they live in Iowa and have no family there. Thank you, Patti Flowers

Help and pray for my 5 daugthers life to get victory and be worthy to be in heaven one moment by saved by Christ and theys familys thanks and bless,keijo sweden

Gordon Bevis is still on the job now a straight 27+ hours. I’m praying that the job will get in a position where he can comfortably leave for the hotel and get some rest. Please join me in praying. Thank you church family!

Please pray for Skip Thomas. He has an appointment in Shreveport tomorrow for a total knee replacement.

Please be praying for my friend Lynette Baxter. She’s expecting her first baby Girl & her water broke. She lost a lot of blood, not sure how long the baby will survive. She wasn’t due for a few more months.  ~Patti Flowers

Gordon Bevis has been working on the MN Vikings field for a month. He has two crews working around the clock right now which means he’ll be there more than 24 straight hours. Problem is the main machine that spreads infill just broke. Please pray that his team can repair the machine and that he’s able to keep the morale high with no injuries. He always prays that everyone will see Jesus in him. Thanks for pausing to pray right now—it’s going to be a really long night!

RE:  Vernon Mosley – Prayer works! Doing much better today. Ate breakfast n Lunch. PTL!

Dale Wages is in Longview Regional- his white blood cells are very low, he is in quarantine. Please pray for him. Thank you.

Gracie Lautaret’s last eye procedure went well. Her vision is still blurry. Buddy Lautaret’s back is hurting. When he stands awhile his legs begin feeling numb. He will call his doctor tomorrow. Please pray for God’s healing of Gracie’s vision. Please pray for God’s healing of Buddy’s back and legs.

Please pray for Gaile Lanier from Greater East Texas Baptist Association as her brother just passed away from gall bladder cancer!

My best friend from ETBU and his wife and third son that is on the way need some prayers. His wife is almost to 36 weeks and has had some complications. She will be induced on Tuesday. They live in Pearland and he is an associate pastor/youth minister at their church. His wife is an elementary school teacher. Please send prayer for my friend that his anxiety and stress be relieved, give her call peace about the situation, pray for the baby that he is brought into this world as another addition to a very Godly family. Pray for the doctors and the nurses caring for their family, prayer for their other two little boys as they probably do not understand but still need peace knowing God is the Great Physician and He does awesome powers and heals. They are the McKinney family.  Thank you, Lane McClung

Please be in prayer for Vernon Mosley. He and Betty and one of their daughters were in church this morning. This is the second time lately that they have been able to get out. Betty called at 9:15 and Vernon has a severe upset stomach and has thrown up most if not all of what he has eaten today. He is taking some meds to try to stop the severe nausea. Please pray that this med works and he gets over this soon.  Thanks for your prayers.

Tabatha Lair is out of surgery and doctor gave a great report. Successful surgery and no cancer! Pray for a speedy recovery.

Please continue to pray for Michael Harris- they got 95% of the tumor, he moved all his extremities and spoken. He will be in ICU for 24 hours and then hopefully moved to a regular room. Thank you for your prayers.

I have had a stroke and still recovering at medical park west in Norman. When I can get back on my feet, I want to make whbc my church.  ~Connie Lee

Praising God for His goodness and mercy and for Gracie’s eye surgery in Dallas yesterday. All went well and we had safe travels home. Now asking for your continued prayer this morning, (Tuesday) as we travel to Rockwall for a follow up visit with the doctor and to get the patch (shield) removed from her eye. Please pray that everything will be ok with her eye and that we’ll have safe travel again. We love you all and thanks for praying us through.  ~Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Ms. Melissa, mother-in-law/Ciara’s granny, Clemmie Lewis, passed away. Please pray for this family. Thank you church family.

Gracie Lautaret’s eye surgery went well this morning in Dallas.

Update on Jaydan Adams, special needs child in Children’s Dallas ICU for almost 3 weeks.  They’re keeping him sedated because of agitation and on a ventilator setting of 17 which is very high. Fluid in his lungs. We need all our prayers warriors praying. We really need a miracle for this sweet boy. Thank you all. Karen Crawford

Please pray for Michael Harris, (Lou Morton’s granddaughters, brother). He is having major health issues. He will have surgery at Baylor, on Wednesday. Thanking you for your prayers.

Richard Burks was having some weakness and some chest pains this morning and Lanette took him to Christus Good Shepherd ER. His blood pressure was 200+/110+ and his blood sugar was over 500. The tests that they have run are negative, but they will keep him overnight for observation. Please pray that they will discover the cause of the high readings and develop a plan to alleviate the problems.

As many of you know, I have been having eye issues for several years caused by glaucoma. Monday I will have eye surgery in order to stop my vision from deteriorating further in my left eye. This procedure is called trabeculectomy. I know I should not be anxious about this but it is my EYE! Please pray for Buddy and me as we travel to Dallas and that the procedure goes as planned, healing and good results. Thank you, prayer warriors. I Love you church family, Gracie Lautaret

Linda Strange is having some tests done at this time. Please pray for her and W. L.

Services for Becky Mayfield:
Visitation at Grubbs-Lloyd in Gilmer Friday night 6-8pm.
Services Saturday at 10:00 at New Beginnings in Gilmer.
Please keep this family in your prayers!

Thank you for prayers. My dad’s surgery was successful and he is now in recovery.  ~Suzi Arthofer

Kahlan Stanley’s mom’s arrangements are:
Wednesday 6 – 8 PM visitation – Welch’s Funeral Home
Thursday 10 am funeral – Welch’s Funeral Home
Friday 11 am burial in DeRidder La.
Please pray for this family.

Becky Mayfield, Marty’s mom went to be with the Lord this morning about 5:45 AM. Please pray for Marty and his sister Amy and all the family.

Please keep Erinn and Jack Walton’s faminly in your prayers, Erinn’s Sister in Law has a confirmed case of Tuberculosis and has to be quarantined from family and all for some time while she gets treatments. She has a husband and young child too. Pray for this family as they go through this process.

Please pray for our students today as they start their STAAR testing. Also for our teachers and administration as well. Lots of pressure is placed on doing well on this test at every level.

Please pray for Steve Williamson. He was in the ER this morning with a large kidney stone. They have sent him home on medicine.

My almost, 92 year old dad, Chuck Hancock, will have knee replacement surgery on Wednesday, at the big Baylor campus downtown, Dallas. The anesthesiologist refused to do the surgery in September, at Baylor Scott and White, in Tyler. We lost my mom during a simple procedure at big Baylor in 2008. Please pray for Dad, and direction for doctors, and for Dad’s rehab. He has lost his mobility, due to the bad knee, and has been in a great deal of pain the last year, or so. Thank you for your prayers!! ~Suzi Arthofer

Thank you for praying for Mike Purifoy. There has been some improvement in his kidney function. He still has a way to go and needs rest, let’s hold off on visits for now. Please continue to pray, thanks!

My oldest sister Barbara Lee went home to be with Jesus early this morning. She was several years older than the rest of us and in many ways our “momma” a lot of the time while our mother wasn’t home. She lived in Aztec N.M., and I was blessed to go see her this past January. I had the privilege of witnessing to her to find out if she was ready for eternity. She was. I’m looking forward to seeing her again and catching up on a few things. Please pray for our family during this time.  I love you all, Buddy Lautaret

Christine Donnell, our preschool ministry 3 year old leader, had surgery to remove a hernia yesterday. She has been rushed back to the hospital. Please pray for all those tending to her and her family.

Richard Holt’s sister, CONNIE PULLEN who has been fighting cancer for several years now from Rockwall, just passed away within the last hour. Please pray for this family.

Becky is still admitted to Good Shepherd. They were able to start chemo yesterday despite her levels being a bit too high. They moved her from a BiPAP machine to intubating her early this morning. She is intubated, but awake and is in ICU on the fifth floor, room 1503. This afternoon the doctors inserted 2 chest tubes and drained a large amount of fluid off of her lungs. The tubes will continue to drain fluid, and she will stay on the vent until her body can become a bit more stable. She is still in very critical condition. Thank you for praying for her! ~Christy Mayfield

Please pray for Mike Purifoy, he is currently being taken to Longview Regional with kidney issues. He has not been feeling well for sometime. Please pray for healing and direction for the doctors. This is the father of Mark Purifoy and Mandy Williamson.

Please pray for daddy, Earl, we are with him at his memory care center and he’s having a rough day…  Appreciate each gift of prayer,  Tracy Jones

At Regional in ER with Becky. Her pain in leg will not ease up. Please pray for some relief.  ~Bro. Charles

Marty Mayfield’s mom has started chemo. Please pray she can take this, her Lungs are weak and the doctors are worried about that. Please stop what you’re doing and say a quick prayer for her. Her name is Becky.

Billy Nelson is in Regional, Room 249 with a Urinary Tract Infection.

Thanks for praying for Becky. Everything went well with the injection in her back. We stay overnight in Dallas, see doctor tomorrow, then head home late afternoon.  Bro. Charles

Please pray for my Aunt Ginger, my Mom’s middle sister. They just took her back for heart surgery. Heart cath was done yesterday & couldn’t repair by putting in stints. Dr Jayakar is doing the surgery. He said the surgery would last 4-7 hours, they don’t know how many blockages there are till he gets in there to see. Thank you WHBC Family. ~Patti Flowers

Continue to keep Jaydan Adams in your prayers. Nearing 2 weeks in Children’s Dallas. Looked like he was doing better, but running a fever this morning. He can’t communicate so pray for wisdom for his team of doctors and for healing.

I have two friends that will be having major surgery this week.
First one is Melissa Haygood, she is currently on the heart transplant list however they are in need of doing open heart surgery tomorrow to help her out for now. Please keep this young lady in your hearts. Second is Keith Knight, he will be having major surgery on Thursday. He has Crohn’s disease. Please keep him on your hearts as well. Thank you, Nancy Stallcup

Betty Nickel fell on her face Saturday. Still has significant pain. She see’s her doctor again on Thursday. Please continue to pray for her.

Pete is doing better but seems like they get one thing taken care of and others takes its place. He is no longer septic and his breathing is lots better. They are still giving him meds to take care of the fluid buildup. He now has 2 blood clots in his arm and they keep having to pump his stomach to get some kind of dark liquid out that they don’t know what it is or why. Even though he is better he still has a long road ahead. Thanks for all your prayers. ~Ralph and Delores Hill

Please pray for Christina Emerson. She is having breast cancer surgery Monday morning 8:00 AM at Longview Regional. She works for Pat Smith.

Please pray for Harry Evans. He has been diagnosed with cancer. They are waiting for more details.

Mike was offered a job today, with the same Company. However he would be traveling all over the USA. It would hopefully be a stepping stone to move up into an office job with the company. At this time I would be able to stay in Longview. There is many things that are most wonderful about this job…but it also comes with many downfalls. We are asking our wonderful Church family for extra prayers concerning this offer. We want to make sure we follow Gods will. Thank you so much,  Nancy and Mike Stallcup

Pete got moved last night to a regular room out of ICU and was doing wonderful when we left but this morning having a few problems.  Having breathing treatments and have taken a chest X-ray.  Give him lasix just a bit ago for fluid buildup.    Please continue to pray for him.  ~Ralph and Delores

Dendy Merrell is being released from the hospital today and will be going into Summer Meadows.

Ralph’s brother is completely off the vent, breathing on his own, his vitals are all normal. He is talking and in such good spirits. Miracles still happen and we witnessed this yesterday! We are all rejoicing and we know our God is still in the healing business! Thank you so much for your prayers, texts and phone calls. We are so ready to get back home!! Thanks again!~Ralph and Delores

Update on Ralph’s Brother:They are slowly taking him off the vent this morning.He has requested not to be put back on again. It is a very critical time so prayers please.Thank you church family so much! Ralph and Delores Hill

Update: My mother-in-law Becky Mayfield has been admitted to ICU at Good Shepherd. They found a large blood clot on her lungs and several blood clots in her legs. She will remain in ICU for several days as they monitor her. Since being discharged 3 weeks ago, her health has continued to decline, becoming very weak, unable to get up or stand on her own, and very short of breath. We praise God that they were able to catch the clots today, as at first they thought that it was pneumonia. We are hopeful to be meeting with the oncologist to see about her treatment plan this week. Please pray for comfort and healing for her. Thank you church family.  ~Christy Mayfield

Bro. Lyndon Longoria is currently in the ER in Georgia with a possible stroke. They’re in Revival in Montezuma, Georgia.

Ricky Gibson is out of surgery and did very well. He goes back to ICU. They will monitor his circulation.

Dendy Merrill is up in a chair. Doing better. May go to a rehab soon.

Randy Haley is out of surgery and on his way home.

Please keep Teresa in your prayers- she passed out in the office of the main doctor she was meeting with, and was taken to Cedars Sinai Hospital. I will post updates as I have new information.  Thank you! ~John Zenter

Thank you all for praying! Please continue to pray for Teresa.  ~John Zenter

Ricky Gibson will have surgery today at Longview Regional to remove his leg just above the knee. Pray for this sweet family.

Randy Haley is having surgery today in Shreveport to remove kidney stones.

Update:  Ralph brother Pete had a heart attack on Sunday and has a UTI and kidneys not working properly.  His infection is septic and his blood pressure is low.  He coded again last night around 11 and is back on the ventilator.  Will update as I can.  Thanks in advance for your prayers.
Ralph and Delores Hill

Jaydan Adams is still at Children’s in Dallas with pneumonia, MRSA, and possible bowel obstruction. They’ll do a lumbar puncture at 2:30 today.

Dendy Merrill has improved and has been moved to Room1714 at Regional Hospital. Please continue prayers for healing and continued progress.

Please pray for Charlie Hunt. He has a sweat test today and this will be his second attempt for this test. Please pray they get a good enough sample to get results.

Please pray for Dendy Merrill and wife Carolyn. Dendy is in ICU with respiratory failure (visitors restricted).

Please continue to pray for my friend Teresa. She is in Los Angeles, doing interviews and undergoing medical tests to determine her eligibility for plastic surgery in a few weeks. Please pray that all will go smoothly, that she will have a clear mind, be able to stay focused, and show the love of Jesus to the people with whom she interacts.  ~John Zenter

Sid and Linda Pierce are home from Sid’s operation. Praise God for his healing touch. Please keep them in your prayers. Thank you

Update on Ralph’s brother Pete: he is on a vent, kidneys not working correctly,blood pressure not stabilized. Heart damage and has a slow heart rate.
Ralph Hill’s brother Pete is in the hospital for breathing problems since this morning. He has just had a heart attack and is in ICU. This is in Hot Springs Arkansas. Will update on his condition as we know. Thanks in advance. ~Ralph and Delores

Please pray for my friend Aspen Grossman she collided with a team mate during a softball game. She broke bones in her face and will have surgery today. ~Jaydin Ainsworth

Please pray for the Sylvester Conrod family. Our family friend was killed on Saturday, April 27th on Hwy 69 one mile south of Alto. He was the driver of the 12 passenger van who struck a concrete culvert and electrical pole. Everyone else survived with only one other passenger hospitalized. ~Melissa Clayton

Billy Nelson is at home. He starts physical therapy next week. His strength is improving.

Please pray for God’s complete healing for Billy. Please pray for God’s continued strength for Carolyn as she cares for Billy.

Sid Pierce’s operation went well Tuesday. He is receiving blood today. Linda hopes Sid will be released from the hospital tomorrow.

Please pray for God’s complete healing for Sid and God’s strength for Linda.
Wes Markum has a guy who works for him. This means son just had a seizure and is currently at the hospital. The situation looks serious, please pray.

Bro. Charles was dismissed from the hospital on Thursday afternoon. He is at home recovering for several days. Pray he has minimum pain, a speedy recovery, and follow the doctor’s instructions.

Please pray for Jaydan Adams. Jaydan is a special needs boy. He has 105 degree temperature and is having seizures. He is being air lift to Children’s in Dallas.

My friend, neighbor and co-worker has asked for prayer for her family and the entire town of St Augustine. Her family has lost everything…homes, cars, pets, but LIFE WAS SPARED! They are grateful for that. Please pray for everyone as they rebuild their lives. Thank you, faithful prayer warriors. ~Gracie Lautaret

Bro. Charles is doing great and is recovering well at Longview Regional room 168. Bro. Charles told me this morning that the pain has been minimal! Praise the Lord! He is waiting on his doctor to give him more information about when he can come home. Thank you for continuing to pray!

Ricky Gibson is at Longview Regional ICU. The doctors are doing some test this morning to see if there is any on circulation to his legs. Pray the circulation will be healed so that the lower leg can be saved.  Please pray for his future surgeries, the coming healing and Teresa and the family as they take care of him.

Dendy Merrill is at Longview Regional room 1708, he had a pacemaker put in. Dendy is doing a little better today. They are waiting on test results to come back; please pray for good results.

Please continue to pray for Sid Pierce as he recovers from surgery in Dallas.

Thanks for prayers, visits, gifts during my surgery. Thanks for all who sat with family and visited yesterday. It was a blessing and testimony. The Dr. repaired 2 very large hernias and 6 other smaller ones. I’ve had no pain except getting up or sitting down. I just ate chicken enchiladas, China berry peas, and salad. I know it’s the power of prayer. Thanks. ~Bro. Charles

Cassi Locke’s brother Austin. He had back surgery today.

Ricky Gibson is at Longview Regional ICU. 

 Dendy Merrill is at Longview Regional room 1708, he had a pacemaker put in yesterday.

 Please continue to pray for Sid Pierce as he recovers from surgery in Dallas. 

David Osborn, a friend of Martha Downs, still in ICU

Please be praying for Cassi Locke’s brother Austin. He is having back surgery around 12:45 today. Thank you church family.

Bro. Charles had a good night and is recovering well at Longview Regional room 168. Pray for a good day today as he gets up out of the bed and begins to walk.

Sid Pierce is out of surgery, in recovery, Dr. very pleased with the outcome.

Bro. Charles has come through surgery well and all went as expected. Please pray for his recovery and that the pain will be minimal.

Please pray for Dendy Merrill. He is having surgery this morning at Longview Regional.

Please pray for Bro. Charles. He will be having surgery around 11 today at Longview Regional. Pray for a successful surgery and a quick, painfree recovery. The doctors expect Bro. Charles to spend several days in the hospital.

Pray for Sid Pierce. He is having surgery in Dallas today, and the doctors expect him to remain in the hospital the rest of the week. Sid is excited to get this surgery done and be back in church!

Pray for Ricky Gibson, he is also having surgery at Longview Regional today.

Please pray for David Osborn who is a friend of Martha Downs. He was hit by a vehicle on Saturday and has a broken hip and leg. Please pray for his recovery.

I apologize for being late with this. Please pray for my friend Teresa. She has a Social Security disability hearing at 11 am today. Pray for God to be present, preside, and work things out for her best benefit. ~John Zenter

Please pray for Price Thomas and wife Gail. Price had triple bypass this past week. Had some respiratory complications. Is improving.

Pray for Christina Emerson. She just found out she has breast cancer. Thank for praying for her. ~Pat Smith

Pray for Ron Savage. He passed out last night and was in ER. Home now.

My mother in law Becky Mayfield got the results from her biopsy today. They came back as B Cell Lymphoma. Although cancer was not what we wanted to hear, the doctor did say that it does respond well to chemo. She will go back to the oncologist for pet scan and another biopsy next week and for treatment plan. Please pray for her. She is very weak, and unable to eat, and this is all draining her emotionally and making her down. Thank you for praying! ~Christy Mayfield

Please pray for First Baptist Church, Warren, Texas.  They had a bus involved in an accident tonight.  At the time of the crash, there were nine people on the bus, including six children ranging in age from 9-14. The driver, 38-year-old Robert Craig of Wildwood, was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries. One of the adult passengers, 62-year-old Doug Sheffield of Warren, was transported to a Beaumont hospital with serious injuries. The second adult passenger, 42-year-old James Craft Jr. of Woodville, died at the scene.  Dr. David Mahfouz is the pastor.  Friend of mine and great Pastor.  ~Bro. Charles

Update on our son Eric, he went to a chiropractor today and they did adjustments on his back and deep tissue massage and he came out walking almost pain free! He will go back Monday for a second session and should be cleared to go back to work. They said after 3 sessions he should be good as new. He says he feels better than he has in a long time. No specialists, no surgery and pain almost gone. God is so good and we thank Him for the healing and you church family for your prayers! ~Ralph and Delores Hill

Please take a moment to pray for my friend Teresa – she is talking to the producer for a show on which if she is picked, she will be able to get some medical procedures done to return her to a much more normal life and help her be able to resume normal activities – she has very limited use of her hands, and has trouble breathing because of plastic surgery on her nose that was incorrectly done. Thanks for praying! ~John Zenter

Our son, Eric Hill had to go to Hospitality ER for back pain today and usually gets a steroid shot but they said the shots won’t work anymore. They referred him to a specialist which do not have an appointment yet. He has a bulging herniated disc but don’t know at this time what the next step will be. He has a medical excuse to be off work for 2 days but just found out his employer said he can’t come back until he had a full medical release. Please pray for healing and job security. Thank you in advance.
~Ralph and Delores

Sid Pierce’s gastrointestinal operation in Dallas, has been rescheduled to Apr 23. Please keep Sid and Linda in your prayers.

Please pray for our dear friend Lisa Olvera she needs our prayer for she is unable to breath on her own do to weak heart. Please please pray for her. ~Gary Harris

Update: Gordon has made it safely to Harrisburg PA…3.5 hrs to go. Please continue to pray. Better driving weather today than yesterday. Thankful for that!
Please pray for Gordon Bevis’s safety. He’s hoping to get his truck and trailer to New York this evening before the bad weather hits. He’s currently in western Virginia. Should have about 9 1/2 more hours of driving. Thank you!

Sid Pierce has gastrointestinal surgery scheduled on Apr 30 in Dallas. He will be in hospital about five days. Please pray that God gives him strength and complete healing. Please pray for Linda as she cares for Sid.

Please pray for Ila Ford. She is at Good Shepherd room 2101 with pneumonia.

Mary Tucker has a heart cathe this morning. There was some narrowing of the arteries. Two stents were put in. She’s doing well.

Our youngest grandson, Ayden Brandt has had a severe reaction to a simple surgical procedure intended to repair a hole that was in his eardrum. He is at Children’s Hospital in Dallas waiting to see a doctor. Evidently his ear and face are swelling and not responding to the steroids he was given. Pray for Ayden to be healed and the swelling to subside. He has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and an illness like this is not helped by any other type of infection. Our daughter ’s name is Lorrie Beth Lacko. Ayden is 14. Please lift them up in your prayers. ~Danna Miller

Dolores fell and injured her foot. Her foot will be in a boot for several weeks.  Please pray for God’s complete healing for Dolores.

A friend of Darlene Sanders, Courtney, needs your prayers. She had a brain tumor 4 years ago and the shunt they put in has collapsed. She has to be transported completely lying down to a Houston hospital. to have surgery to correct the shunt. Please pray for her and the doctors. She has a three year old.

Please keep the Jack Ford family in your prayers. Jack passed away this morning.

Please pray for my mother-in-law Becky Mayfield. She has been battling some intestinal issues for about a month, and doctors have not been able to give her answers or much relief. She is heading to get checked out at an ER now. Please pray for answers and relief.  ~Christy Mayfield

Please keep Pam Priestly in your prayers. She is at GSMC room 2225. She feel and broke her foot. She had or is having surgery on the foot.

Praise God. Our Grandson, Brody has just been released from the hospital. He will recuperate at home a few days before going back to school.
Thank you for your prayers. Randy&Connie Huston

Please pray for Sabrina Hendricks. She is having medical issues. This is from Martha Downs.

Our 8 year old grandson is in the hospital in Alabama suffering from a high fever and pneumonia. Please pray for God’s healing for Brody and strength for his parents.  Thank you. Randy&Connie Huston

Update: Mike Shelton is being admitted to Longview Regional. CT Scan did not show mesothelioma. It will be up to the pulmonologist on whether he wants a lung biopsy or not.
Michael Shelton is at Longview Regional ER with respiratory problems. Running test. Not sure if they will keep him.

Cecilia is at Longview Regional Room 263. They are running tests.

Pathology report is back, NO cancer!! Praise God, God is so Good!!
Thank you for all your prayers. ~Nancy Stallcup

Cecelia Hairston is in the ER at Longview Regional. They are running more tests. Will probably be here overnight.

Thank you all for praying – crisis averted. God bless you all for being faithful intercessors!  ~John Zenter

We just saw the surgeon. He doesn’t need surgery. They are going to keep him over night and watch him. If all goes well , we may get to leave tomorrow. Thank y’all so very much for all the calls and prayers. It has meant the world to us. We love y’all and thanks again!
Please pray for the Hatchel family. Carter is around 10 yrs old and was hit in the back of the head in a baseball game yesterday. He has a skull fracture and internal bleeding. He is being transported to Dallas. Pray for God to intervene!
Update:  Just received a call from Carolyn. Carolyn and Monica are taking Billy back to Willis Knighton in Shreveport. They decided that they would not wait on an ambulance. Please pray. Billy is getting weaker and they are having to stay on the health care providers at Treviso to get the anti rejection drugs, other drugs and the insulin administered at the right time and in the correct dosage. Pray for their safety as they travel to Shreveport and pray for the Drs. as they get these problems worked out. This will be the third or fourth time back in ICU or the ER since the transplant surgery.

Visited with Billy on Sunday after lunch. Things aren’t going as well at Treviso as expected or hoped. Just received a call from Carolyn. Carolyn and Monica are taking Billy back to Willis Knighton in Shreveport. They decided that they would not wait on an ambulance. Please pray. Billy is getting weaker and they are having to stay on the health care providers at Treviso to get the anti rejection drugs, other drugs and the insulin administered at the right time and in the correct dosage. Pray for their safety as they travel to Shreveport and pray for the Drs. as they get these problems worked out. This will be the third or fourth time back in ICU or the ER since the transplant surgery.

Please pray for Kara, Susan Avery’s great niece, who leaves for her first deployment to Afghanistan tomorrow.

Please pray for Jerry Simpson and wife, Debbie (friends of Guy Wilson).  Jerry has colon cancer.

Just learned our brother in law, Bro. Jimmy Dan Lilley is having a procedure this morning and possible biopsy. Please pray for Brother Jimmy and family. He is a longtime Baptist minister and evangelist, loves the Lord and willing servant. ~Danna Miller

I have made a mistake that may cost me my job. Please pray that will not happen, or that I will be allowed to stay here until I can find another job. Thanks for praying. ~John Zenter

Sid Pierce’s gastrointestinal illness is not improving. Sid meets with tomorrow in Dallas with another doctor. Please pray that God guides Sid’s diagnosis, treatment, and complete healing. Please pray for strength for Linda as she cares for Sid.

Jane Brittain, Mary Walton’s sister is in Longview Regional. Running tests.

I have been having stomach problems since being so sick back at the beginning of the year. This past Sunday spent all day in the ER with my 18 say migraine and my stomach issues. They found gallstones. Said it was very urgent I get into a surgeon. Went today, he to said that I must have surgery ASAP. NOT what I wanted to hear, I am very surgery gun shy! But due to several issues, I can not argue with this one. So I am having surgery Tuesday morning at Regional. If all goes as we plan I will be home by lunch.
So Blessed to have such a Loving Church Family, Nancy Stallcup

Ms. Melissa Clayton’s aunt passed away last night, please pray for the family.

Ms. Rhonda Dawes family in your prayers. Her aunt passed away.

Please pray for my brother-in-law, David Zuniga, he is having a heart procedure done today at 12:00 PM. ~Rudy Downey

I have a prayer request of a good friend of mine that has 80% blockage and will be in surgery Wednesday morning at 6:30. Also have an unspoken request. ~Jeff Thomas

Please pray for Destiny Shelton and baby Zoe and new grandmom Gina. Zoe was born today and moved to Children’s in Dallas. She is premature and not doing well. (Not a member of our church)

Judell went to be with the Lord at 11:55 PM Sunday night. Please continue to pray for Bro. Herman and family.

Aunt Alma Adams has been seriously ill for 3 months. She’s been in and out of Good Shepherd hospital and the Willows nursing facility. At this point doctors have exhausted all medical treatments, so family has decided to make her comfortable in her last days. We are asking for continued prayer for Alma Adams and the Powe Family as we remember our loved one. Thank you church family.  ~Ms. Melissa Clayton

Please pray for my boss’s wife, Cindy Lane. She had surgery Thursday in Dallas, and is having some minor setbacks. Doctors would not release her from the hospital today, and tomorrow is uncertain at this point. She has Crohn’s disease, along with some other health issues the nature of which I do not know. I know they would both appreciate your continued prayers for her recovery. Also, please pray for another coworker’s husband, Patrick Braly. He had a procedure at 5 am this morning related to throat cancer. Thank you for your faithfulness to our Lord in interceding for others. ~John Zenter

Pray for Kelly Murphy.  She is having right shoulder replacement at Longview Regional on Thursday.

Pray for Sue Mosely, Dave Welch’s sister.  She is in a coma after a fall and hitting her head.

Judell needs a miracle. She is still in ICU at Herman Memorial, Houston. Please pray for her, Bro. Herman, Caren and Darin, Cindy, and especially Hadley and Hayden.

Continue to pray for Cindy Hudman.  She is having problems with her eye hemorrhaging.  Pray that she finds the help she needs.

Thank you church family for praying for my friend in AZ. He passed away and is he is healthy once again and praising with our Sweet Lord Jesus. But with this great news comes the sorrows for his sweet loved ones here on earth. I am so sad for them and so sad that I am so far away from AZ right now. Please continue to lift them up. Thank you, Nancy Stallcup

Just got this from Bro. Herman Cramer. Pray that they can put the stents in tomorrow with no complications.
We are moving Judell. Praise the Lord. Thank you for praying. I will share time of surgery when we know.

Please pray for David Miller. They found out today he has melanoma skin cancer again and will be having surgery next week to remove more and make sure they get it all so it doesn’t spread. This one is on his face. Pray for David and DeeAnn.

Pray for me, feels like I may be getting the flu, cold chills, body aches and I am working by myself this week so it will be a mess at work if I have to stay home Wednesday. ~Curtis Allen

Just got this from Bro. Herman Cramer a few minutes ago. Judell is in ICU now with a tube down her throat. Fluid is around her lungs and heart. Please pray for her.
Had a bump in the road today. Came to Houston and did two xrays and then MRI. Judell has had some breathing problems last couple of weeks but kind of gotten worst early Sunday morning. Called our doctor before we left here and they wanted to check her out in ER. In the ER she had a bad spell and is in ICU now. Without all details they have everything under control. All the kids are here now with me and we are FINE. Just pray pray and pray. Standing on Roman 12:12.

Please pray for Bonnie Taylor’s father. He is hospitalzed with heart issues and extremely low blood pressure.

I have a praise! My friend Tommy made a miraculous recovery and came home today. Thank you for praying on his behalf. Praise be to God. ~Carolyn Northcutt

Ramon McCauley is at the ER at Good Shepherd. They are giving him a blood transfusion and they are going to admit him to the Hospital.

I just found out a very dear friend from AZ that has been battling cancer for over 4 years is on his last stretch before he goes home to our Lord. I ask for both a miracle, and peace for his family. His name is Rich. His wife does not drive, so this is going to be very life changing for her.  Thank you, Nancy Stallcup

Our Fine Arts Music Instructor, Mr. Russell Lewis, is requesting prayer for his surgery tomorrow to clean out the main artery in his leg to increase blood flow to the wound in his foot that will not heal after months of treatment. He very much needs for the wound to heal.

Please pray for Dale Freeman. He fell at the Nursing Home and broke his hip. He is at Good Shepherd, Room 2206. He will be having surgery at 6:30 AM Tuesday morning. Pray for him and Sondra.

Mike now has the stomach virus that is going around. This is so very painful with his ribs. Please continue to be in prayer for him. Thank you sweet Church family,  Nancy and Mike Stallcup

Sunday afternoon while walking along the street in our neighborhood I was accidentally struck from behind by two children driving a mid sized roll cage type go cart.  I have bruised muscles, bruised ribs, and two burns. The burns were caused by my sliding along the pavement. Mar 5, I go to Good Shepherd Burn Center for treatment of my burns. Please pray for God’s healing for us.  Praise God for keeping me from being hurt much worse.
Randy & Connie Huston

Please pray for my friend Tommy. He is fighting for his life against cancer. He needs Gods help to overcome this disease. ~Carolyn Northcutt

Please pray for Jaydin Ainsworth and Ashlea Langley, 2 of the Hallsville Ladycat Softball Players. Today during the Hallsville Ladycat Tournament, they collided in the outfield while going for a fly ball. Ashlea was instantly knocked out, her nose broken, and some other complications. Both girls were transported by ambulance to the ER, Please pray for them as they are tended to today!

Please be in prayer for Teagan Patton, the grandson of our friend, Cherlyn Adams. Teagan has been having a stomach virus, they thought, and not able to keep his food down…they have checked gall bladder and appendix and can not seem to find out the answer to why it is still happening…his Mom has made an appointment in Dallas at a pediatric gastroenterologist for 3/1. Please be in prayer that an answer will be found as to why he can’t keep his food down. Thanks in advance for all your prayers. ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please join me in praying for a young girl named Jenna Magnuson who has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. She’s experiencing complications and is only 16-18 yrs. old. Her mama was sure encouraged in knowing we had a prayer team that would intercede on her behalf. What a joy to be a part of this team of praying warriors!! God be praised!

WL Strange is being discharged today.

Finally got answers last night on Mike. He has 2 fractured ribs. This is after a dr. visit then being sent to an ER. Workers Comp is now setting up another appt in the coming days. Please continue to pray for his comfort. We do not know how long he will be off work, so we are still facing the burden of financial problems.  Thank you our sweet Church Family,  Nancy and Mike Stallcup

Please pray for Marlin & Sheila Conner. Marlin’s mother passed away. The funeral will be Friday at Gibson Funeral Home, Lufkin. Visitation is at 1:00 PM & service at 2:00 PM.

Please pray for Mrs. Erika Jackson, she is our toddler leader and her daughter Bri, crawler leader. Mrs. Erika’s mother-in-law has passed away. Thank you church family.

Lou Morton request prayer for Tracy Jonse, she is in the hospital, they r doing test. Thank you.

Kathy Peppers mom fell and broke her good hip today. She had surgery and she is out of surgery.

W L is in room and resting now. Surgeon said all went well. Just pray for minimal pain and healing process. Thank you for visits calls and prayer. We love our church family. ~WL & Linda Strange

Due to some cancellations they are getting him ready for surgery now.  ~WL & Linda Strange

Please pray for Casyn Sanders, son of Codi and Cari Sanders. He had tubes put in his ears this morning and is at home resting. Also for their granddaughter, Ivy. She has been diagnosed with RSV, she is a month and a half. Thank you church family.

W.L. surgery will be at 3 today.  ~Linda Strange

Jeanette Ashley received news today from a recent scan:  I am so blessed!!! After 24 years the first cancer I had has decided to raise its ugly head!! It has laid dormant in my bone marrow all these years! It is not anywhere else in my body. I can take chemo pills and continue living a normal life!! I will go for another PET scan on Thursday – from there decide type of chemo. This is great news to me bc we were afraid it was leukemia and I have too much living to do for that!!!Again, PRAISE the LORD!!   

Please continue to lift her up in your prayers. And if you are looking for a godly lady with a positive outlook; then I would recommend you get to know her! 🙂

W L will have surgery tomorrow surgeon wanted another day don’t know the time. Thank you for prayers and phone calls. ~Linda Strange

Please keep Pat Brown and family in your prayers. Pat lost her sister in Ohio, Shirley, this morning.

W. L. Strange is in Good Shepherd, Room 2207. He broke both bones in his leg and is in a lot of pain. If swelling goes down they will do Surgery tomorrow. Pray for him and Linda.

Please for for my husband. He fell and broke his leg yesterday.will do surgery tomorrow after swelling goes down. Pray for some relief so he can rest. Thank you. ~Linda Strange

Jo Merry finally gave birth this morning. Terrence said baby was born early this morning at 3:49am. 7lbs. 12oz. 19in. Bria Evelyn. Thanks for praying. 🙂

Sid Pierce’s intestinal illness has become worse. He is only able to eat a little. His doctor has referred him to a doctor in Dallas. Sid does not have a firm appointment date for the Dallas doctor as yet. Please pray for a speedy appointment, correct diagnosis and treatment, and healing. Please pray for Linda as she cares for Sid. We know God is our Great Healer.

Thank you.
My physical healing and the therapy healing is coming along with my knee. Please pray the severe nausea would be lifted from me. Love and miss my church people. Gloria

Pray for my coworkers mom. Her name is Heather Huffman. She has been diagnosed WITH cancer. Family needs prayers. ~Linda Strange

If all goes well John Fenton will be released from the hospital this morning. He still has a long way to go but I know God is in control. Please keep him in your prays.

Please pray for Denise Stewart; she is going into surgery soon.

Robert Decker’s surgery went well yesterday; he may be going home today.

Billy Nelson got a good report from Shreveport doctors today. His staples were removed. Kidney hasn’t started working. Doctors aren’t concerned.
Please lift Billy, Carolyn and their family up in prayer.

The physical therapist was impressed with the improvement I had made since Monday. My personal demeanor showed a remarkable improvement also. I won’t lie, the last 10 days have been really mean for me. Thanks for all of the prayers food and cards. Love my church, Gloria Williams

Please pray for Robert Decker he will be having back surgery again tomorrow afternoon. He will spend at least one night.

John Fenton has had a difficult time here lately; he is at Christus Good Shepherd. Please continue to pray for him and Nancy.

Please pray for Jeanette Ashley she should receive some test results back in the next could of weeks.

Please keep John Fenton and wife Nancy in your prayers. John is at Christus GSMC with heart related issues and he is not doing well.

The Merry’s have still not had their baby. After staying all night in the
hospital, they discharged Jo till she’s further along in labor. Doctors
are concerned that the baby’s heartbeat drastically drops during
contractions. Jo is seeing her doctor this afternoon. Keep praying. We
want a baby!

Please be in prayer for Presley Family, including his wife Shirley. John Presley passed Saturday! Thank you for all your prayers ! Diana Graves

Jo Merry is in labor at Good Shepherd. Her husband Terrence is one of our
Letourneau students. Would appreciate prayers for Jo and the baby. This is
their second child.

Please pray for Ashley Hunt and her family. Her uncle passed away tonight after a second battle with a brain tumor.

We are experiencing God in so many ways!! Nothing but answers to prayer & God’s Love pouring out & His Amazing Grace!! We thank you deeply for sharing the Power of Prayer with us and we pray a huge blessing for everyone praying!!  Marshall & Tracy Jones & Family

Billy Nelson is doing better every day and we are patiently waiting still on his kidney and after seeing the doctor today he said it definitely will be waking up & we just have to wait until it does! That was really good news we thought. No needle biopsy today not really sure why I thought there was going to be but there wasn’t. We will be doing an ultrasound on Monday but I don’t think much concern from the doctors on that either. Just something they do after this length of time. Joey is doing great and in less and less pain especially since he got his staples out. I believe Billy gets his staples out next week and I think that will make a difference for him too. I am fine as my daughter is still with us and is here for sure when we have to go to Shreveport. Such a blessing to have a daughter like her.

Memorial Services for Dorothy Gregory will take place at Woodland Hills on Saturday, February 16 at 1:00pm.

Update on Evelyn Johnson. She had surgery today and the doctor’s said she did well. Evelyn will stay in the hospital overnight and be released to go back to the nursing home tomorrow.

Gloria Williams has been released from the hospital and should be home soon. Please pray for her continued recovery.

Please keep Tracy Jones and family in your prayers.

Please pray for Jennifer Wheeler and family. Jen has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She is in Longview Regional this morning getting a chemo port put in and some biopsies taken. She will start chemotherapy next Tuesday and radiation later. She will need 2 rounds of chemo before they do surgery.  Thank you!  Randy & Cindy Haley

This is the report about Judell Cramer, Bro. Herman’s wife…Met with her doctor and was confirmed cancer in left lung. She said she was going to push as much through as she can while we are here. Today we have registered, met with her doctor, blood work, EKG, tomorrow meet with lung doctor plus pet scan, MRI done. We are still trying to get a biopsy done Friday. Doctor did say it was treatable. THANKS for ALL the prayers. This is the first step of this journey but we are trusting and believing our Father for great and mighty things.

Evelyn Johnson will have surgery at Good Shepherd on Thursday at 1:00 PM. This is further treatment on her leg.

Weldon Richie is at ER at Good Shepherd tonight with chest pains. Please pray for this family.

Please pray for Gloria Williams. She is in a great deal of pain today. They’re trying to get it under control now.

Gloria Williams is in good spirits and doing well. Unfortunately she is battling nausea. She is at Tyler Spine and Joint room 114.

Services for Joe Adams will be 2 o’clock Wednesday, February 13 at Woodland Hills at Mason Creek Church, formerly Little Flock Baptist Church. With interment to follow at Rosewood Park. A visitation will be held Tuesday night from 6 to 8 P.M. at Rader Funeral Home in Longview.
Please continue to pray for this dear family.

My knee surgery went smoothly. I appreciate all the prayers. Please continue to pray that I deal with the pain in a positive way. Keep Tom in your prayers also.   Love 💕 my praying 🙏 church family!  Gloria

Surgery went well. Trying now to get my temperature back up and my blood pressure back ups . Nose itching horribly possible because of the the oxygen canula. Nausea also. Dear sweet nausea.  Love y’all for your prayers. ~Gloria

Gloria Williams is out of surgery and in recovery. All went well. She will be at Texas Spine & Joint, Tyler for several days.

Just learned that the father of my older 2 children, my first husband (who I still care about in the Lord) last night had extremely high blood pressure and resulting bleeding in the brain.  Last update is condition serious but not catastrophic. He is conscious and lucid.  Please pray for Ron Mack and Cathy, and our sons Denton and Melissa Mack, Shayne and Jean Mack and their wives. (They don’t have children.)  Denton has been drove to Tulsa last night. Shayne is currently flying in.  Thank you so much for your prayers!  ~Judy Arroyo

Please pray for Lance Lassen, he will be having surgery on his shoulder today at 1:00.

Two special saints of God went to heaven today.
Dorothy Gregory, Liz Graham’s sister, went to be with the Lord this morning. Please pray for this family.
Joe Adams went to be with the Lord tonight. Please pray for the family, wife Reba, son Joey, daughter Christy.

Gloria Williams will have knee replacement surgery at 7:00 AM in Tyler.

Jan Beatty is having surgery in Dallas tomorrow.

Jeanette Ashley had ablood transfusion Friday. They found some concern on markers for reoccuring cancer. She will have a biopsy done on Feb. 21.

Also please keep me in your prayers . I am having a complete knee replacement done Monday Feb. 11 at Tyler @ Texas Spine and Joint Hospital. I will be there several days.  ~Gloria Williams

Please pray for my son Blaze we have been up here in Dallas at the children’s hospital for a week so far. We are here due to him not being able to eat or drink anything for 2 months without it coming back up. So far we have been told he has Gurd. He has lost 15lbs in 3 weeks. Waiting to do more test this week. Please pray they find something and pray for our family to handle being here this long please God please
Thank you Crystal Jones

Praise update:  Tana Scholl’s daddy just came through triple bypass surgery successfully and is doing great. Giving God the glory! Will recover at Mother Francis in Tyler. Pray for a quick and easy recovery. God is good!

Please keep Jeanette Ashley in your prayers.  She saw an oncologist today and found out that her blood levels are very low. She will be receiving 2 units of blood in the morning. On President’s Day she will go in for a bone marrow biopsy. She has some markers that have led to some concern.

Please pray for Leroy Worsham. He is headed to the Emergency Problem with heart concerns.

Please pray for Mary Landry, longtime friend of Danna Miller. Had surgery on 02/04 to remove malignant tumor from left lung. Looking at extended recovery.

Janis Warner, Ed and Beulah’s daughter, passed away about 12:30 today in Dallas. Please pray for this family.

David Miller is out of surgery in Dallas. All went well. They got all the tumor.

Please pray for David Miller. He is scheduled for surgery in Dallas. It has been moved 3 times. Now scheduled for 2:30-3:00 PM at Baylor Uptown, Dallas. Pray for him and DeeAnn.

Please pray for Judy Arroyo. She is having cataract surgery today and then again in two weeks.

Pray for Sandra Wrighten, friend of Judy Arroyo. Health problems.

Keep Beverly Bates, neighbor of Judy Arroyo, in your prayers. Praying that the mass found in her breast is not malignant.

Please keep Ms. Tisdale in your prayers. Her caretaker, Neosha English, asked for prayer. Ms. Tisdale is not eating or drinking. These are friends of Guy Wilson.

Pray for Marshall Houghton. He has the flu.

Thank you all for your prayers, Mike Purifoy is heading home from the hospital.

Update on Shirley Presley. She is back home. Prayers she will have home health therapy/rehab.  Please keep her husband who after 2 heart attacks was told he would need dialysis 3 times/Wk or hospice.  After a few weeks of dialysis, loosing 30 lbs, he has decided he did not wish to continue and as of today is at home with HOSPICE! Thank you all for your prayers for Shirley and John. Also continued prayers for their daughter & husband as they continue to care for them !  Prayfully,  Diana Graves

LaDonna’s son Tracy Don McFadden passed away. He had some serious health concerns and was scheduled for surgery pending some other complications being taken care of. Visitation will be Sunday 2-4 pm at Raders and the Funeral will be 2pm Monday at Mulberry Springs Baptist Church. Please be in prayer for the family.

Pray for Mike & Jerri Purifoy. Mike is at Regional having a heart Cath right now. Pray for this family.

Please be in prayer for Mike Purifoy. At Longview Regional with chest pains and waiting on cardiologist to see him. Labs elevated and showed mild heart attack.

Janis Warner is in critical condition at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. The next 48 hours will be very critical. They thought all was good, but later found blood leaking in another part of the heart. They went back in and put a stint in there. Bro. Ed Zander Mrs Beulah are there in Dallas. Please pray for this family.

Gloria Houghton has the flu with high temp.

Charlie Hunt has the flu.

Janis Warner, still in open heart surgery at Baylor, Dallas. There was a bubble on the aorta that had to be repaired first. There was a hole at both ends of the aorta that had to be fixed first. They did an ablation to fix the defibrillator problem. And then fixed the “septum?” They are double checking everything now and then will get the heart going again.

Steve Warner’s cancer has come back. He is going to M. D. Anderson Monday morning.

Jane Brittain, Mary Walton’s sister, is in Longview Regional.

Billy Nelson was hoping to get moved to a room. He is in at Willis Knighton Main Campus, Shreveport. Continue to pray that his body will not reject the kidney.

Vernon Moseley has shingles.

Pray for Lisa, Cloe, and Tim Wright. Funeral service for Jeff Wright was today at WHBC. He will be buried Tuesday at DFW National Cemetery.

Judy Mock, Jane Tarver’s daughter, will have a back procedure tomorrow at Longview Regional at 10:30 AM.

Pedro Olvera, Rosie Newton’s dad, had surgery and still in Longview Regional.

Joe Adams, cancer has spread to his brain. They took him home today. Pray for Reba and all as they take of Joe.

Judy Mock, Jane Tarver’s daughter is having a back procedure done on Friday at 10:30am, Longview Regional outpatient. Please keep them in your prayers.

My dad’s surgery went great. He will be staying 2 nights. Then on the road to recovery.  Doctors in Wyoming found Ryker had flu and nothing major.  Praises!!!  Thank you all so much for your prayers.  ~Rosio

Update on my aunt Mary Jo. They found two blockages and put three stents to take care that. She is being discharged today. Thanks for prayers. ~Linda & W.L. Strange

Please pray for Pedro Olvera, my dad, he is having knee replacement tomorrow morning.  In addition to our 7 year old nephew, Ryker Bateman, his white blood cell count is elevated and experiencing severe abdominal pain. Doctors thought it could be his appendix but unable to locate it. They have transferred him to Children’s Hospital in Utah.  ~Rosio Newton

UPDATE: Just received text from Ramona at the hospital with Janis…Janis is at the Roberts Hospital in room 1011 and waiting to find out about surgery. Thanks in advance for your prayers.  ~Lana Snider

Please be in prayer for Vernon Mosley. He is suffering from Shingles. He has just started taking the anti-viral and the anti-biotic. Please pray that the pain will be bearable and that the prescriptions will aid in shortening the time to heal.

Billy Nelson is out of surgery.  Things went well and he is doing good.  Please pray for the nephew who donated the kidney, he’s doing well also.  Billy will probably be at Willis Knight Main for 4-6 days.  Pray for him and Carolyn.

David Miller’s surgery was cancelled this afternoon.  A young mother of a 5 year old coded while the were prepping him for surgery.  It doesn’t look like she made it.  They rushed her from the Surgery Center to the Hospital.  His surgery will be re-scheduled.   Continue to pray for him and DeeAnn.

Janis Warner is being transported now by ambulance from Tyler to Baylor Hospital, downtown Dallas.  She will have open heart surgery sometime this week.

UPDATE: Janis Warner is headed to Dallas or could already be there and is waiting on open heart surgery…not sure what day it will be, but will update as I receive information…please continue to pray for Janis and family. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.  ~Lana Snider

Pray for Billy Nelson. He is having a kidney transplant in Shreveport this morning at 7:30 AM.

Pray for David Miller.  He is having a surgery to remove his tumor today in Dallas. Pray for a great surgery and pray he needs no  treatments after surgery.

Update on Shirley Presley:
Still don’t know exactly what’s wrong with her. She’s still very weak and sore. She hallucinates a lot, etc.  She will be returning home this week after rehab. Still does not have proper use of right arm/ hand. Prayers she will get at home rehab and proper type2 Diabetic diet.  Husband John Presley recovering from heart attacks and on dialysis 3 times/week.
Prayfully believing in miracles,  Diana Graves

Please pray for Joe Adams. He is at Longview Regional. The doctor said tonight that he has lung cancer that has spread to his brain and a large aneurysm in his brain. I appreciate all the prayers from everyone. Pray for Joe and Reba Adams.

I’m grieving and need prayer we left my daddy tonight and I’m just grieving.  ~Tracy Jones

Please remember my aunt Mary Hi Ross.spent last night in ER had fluid on her lungs. Admitted to hospital she is having heart Cath tomorrow. She is 87 years old! Thank you. Linda and WL Strange

Please pray for Mary Smyser’s daughter, Sarah Tutt and her children, Eiland & Layla. The children have the flu. Sarah has a disease that weakens her immune system and she is trying to care for her children. Please pray for a quick recovery for the kiddos and that Sarah doesn’t contract the flu.

Thanking God for praying friends like you all at WHBC as my daddy’s move in to Broadmoor Brookdale Memory Care Center in Colorado Springs has gone so smooth with so many blessings from the loving heart of our Jesus!! ~Tracy Jones

UPDATE: Janis Warner….was on life flight to Tyler on Saturday with very rapid heart rate and her pace maker had shocked her an enormous amount of times in just a hour or so….her heart rate is fluctuating with the different meds the doctors are giving her in Tyler…her doctor will be in to see her on Monday and hopefully when she is stabilized, she will be transferred to Dallas. Please continue to pray for Janis…thank you in advance for all your prayers.  ~Lana Snider

Please be praying for Kathryn Nealy. She will be having surgery at Christus Good Shepherd in the morning at 7AM. This is Susan Avery’s sister.
Thank you all.

My daddy is in his memory care center in Colorado Springs and look what God sent to welcome him, Toby the loving service dog!!  If you don’t mind keeping my daddy in your prayers please pray for this time of transition, thank you! We know we are a nobody at WHBC, but Jesus is EVERYTHING to us!!!!!!  ~Tracy Jones

Please be praying for Cody Sanders daughter. She just had a baby and is now being rushed into surgery for complications. In need of prayer!

I made it home yesterday afternoon. Doing well. My pain is down this morning. Praising our Lord.  Thank you sweet family for all the prayers and love you have sent.  ~Nancy Stallcup

Prayers requested for Janis Warner…she had a procedure on Tuesday in Dallas to see if an area in her heart that was having problems could be corrected…it could not….the only option left is open heart surgery…do not know when it will be done, but the drs want to get it done as soon as possible…will try my best to keep updated on this situation. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.
~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please pray for Issac Bell, 3 years old, was diagnosed with type A flu today. Thanks in advance for your prayers. ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Surgery went well. I am in a tremendous amount of pain still. The Dr. removed as much of the infected tissue as he could. It ended up being a different procedure than we first thought it would be. I will have to have another surgery down the road at some point.
Thank you my most precious Church family for all your love and prayers.
Nancy Stallcup

Please pray for my daddy, Earl Aldrich, we are in the process of getting him into a memory care center but he was in so much abdominal pain today he is in emergency room in Colorado Springs awaiting emergency surgery for blockage in his intestine!  Thank you if you could share a prayer!  Tracy & Marshall Jones

Huge Praise! Women from 81 different churches will be a part of Sister2Sister this Thursday night!  Many unchurched!!  Please pray that those that need Jesus will be drawn to give their lives to Him and those that know Jesus will accept every life changing challenge that is shared!!  Glory2God, Tracy

I have been moved once again. I am beginning to feel the the Roaming Noam. I am now in room 1371. Surgery is still scheduled for 7:30 in the morning.  Thank you sweet Church Family.  ~Nancy Stallcup

Chris Wright ,our brother-in-law, passed away last night at the hospital in New Jersey.  Please lift Karen Wright up in your prayers.  They were married 49 years.  Thank you, Randy&Connie Huston

They are transferring me to another room…just across the hall. I will be in room 1372 in a few hours.  I will be having another surgery at 7:30 in the morning. As of now we do know how much longer I will be here. I hope after tonight, when infectious disease gets here we will know more.
I am beyond Blessed with my Church family. I feel so much Love from all of you.  Thank you for all your love and prayers.  ~Nancy Stallcup

Re:  Gordon Bevis’ mom:  Just received word that she is not doing well.  Hoping his sister can meet with the doctor so we can learn more.  Not eating, lethargic, seems to be in some level of pain.  Thank you for your prayers.  ~Gordon & Brenda Bevis

Praise The Lord for the filled to capacity Sister2Sister registration this Thursday, January 24th, that will be hosted at Mobberly Baptist Church in Longview, Texas! There will be standing room only, please pray God will multiply all that is needed, thanks much!  Please pray for WHBC, Denise Bowens, as she is one of our speakers. Please pray for all the details as they unfold for God’s Glory. Please pray any ladies that need Jesus will Accept Him as Lord and Savior. Please pray that every lady in attendance will be impacted and changed by God and His Word.  Thank you for sharing prayer and praise to our Awesome God as His Sister2Sister movement brings local church’s women together across our region and other areas of our State and Country are interested in reaching their ladies with the ministry model that Sister2Sister models for local church women’s ministries. Glory2God! God Answers Prayer! Praying With You,  Tracy

Pray for my husband’s friend.  H was in a motorcycle accident this past Friday and had to have his leg amputated from the knee down.  He is an atheist.  My prayer is that in his recovery he would mome to know Christ.  ~Kailee Metcalf

Our brother-in-law Chris Wright has been fighting t-cell lymphoma for several months.  He is now in intensive care with infection and complications. Please pray for God’s healing for Chris. Please pray for strength for his wife Karen. Please pray that Chris will grow closer to Jesus.  Thank you, Randy&Connie Huston

David Miller goes to see oncology surgeon in Dallas tomorrow to see about scheduling surgery to remove tumor in his right tibia since it has grown since last MRI in October. It is called a nerve sheath tumor. Please pray along with us that it is not cancerous. Pray for David and DeAnn.

FROM Gene and Sharyn Michali ask for your prayers for a 62 y o man from our church in South Carolina who is in an Orlando hospital. While on vacation with 12 members of his family att Disney world on January 2 Neil had a stroke, cased by blood sugar of1100 ! Neil was taken to hospital where he coded. A feeding tube has been inserted because of difficulty swallowing. Physical therapy and stroke treatments have been ongoing until he was strong enough for heart cath yesterday revealing 4 blockages more than 85percent each. Open heart surgery is scheduled for today or tomorrow. He was transferred to a different facility yesterday after the heart cath results.

Update on my friend Shirley Presley. Still don’t know exactly what’s wrong with her. She’s still very weak and sore. She hallucinates a lot, etc She is off the ventilator and in rehab. She is a diabetic. Prayerfully, Diana Graves

Update they did one procedure yesterday evening. Also I am in room 1373 at Christus GS. Please continue to lift me up in prayer.  ~Nancy Stallcup

They are admitting Michael Shelton at Regional. He has the flu and He can’t keep his oxygen saturation up on room air. He is in PCU Room 281.

I came to Hospitality Health ER earlier this morning with some complications from my last surgery. They are now in the process of getting the paper work to send me to Christus Good Shepherd. They have been in contact with my surgeon already. Not sure what all to expect, except I know I will be on massive antibiotics. They believe I will have some type of a procedure just don’t know what yet. Please keep Mike on your hearts also as he is driving in some bad weather as I type this.
Thank Sweet Church Family. ~Nancy Stallcup

Funeral services for Joe Duncan will be Monday, Jan 21 at Lakeview Funeral Home, Longview.  2:00 PM. Visitation   3:00 PM. Funeral Service

Mark Kuykendall came through surgery well. Please continue to pray as he recovers. Thank you for all the support!

Please pray for my son Dale Wages he is having a biopsy TODAY in Longview Regional on his stomach.

Please pray for my dad Mark Kuykendall. He will be having surgery this morning at Christus Good Shepherd. He will be in the hospital a night or two following the surgery.

Thank you everyone for the prayers. Kaydence dr appt in Dallas went well. Her benign tumors on her bones are tiny and are not located where they would cause mechanical problems like the knees or elbows. Overall a good report and no further treatment is needed at this time. ~Donice Rogers

Update on Jenny….she came home from the hospital on Tuesday…still having pain but happy to be home…did not sleep good in the hospital…please continue to pray for Jenny and her mom, Tammie.

Update on Steve…doing real good…very little pain at this point..PTA says he is going great with his exercises…thanks for all the prayers, cards, text, messages and visits.
Steve, Lana, & Emily Snider

Please pray for Carolyn Duncan & family. Joe passed away around 2:00 this morning. Ken Morgan

Please keep Anthony and Donnis Henderson and family in your prayers. Anthony was in an auto accident this morning and is in the hospital. He had surgery today to repair a fractured kidney and will be in the hospital at least one day, maybe two. Prayers would be appreciated!

Please pray for Joe Duncan. He is in ICU in Regional Hospital. He and Carolyn , his wife, are members of Woodland Hills at Mason Creek.  Also pray for Hugh Dudley. He is 96 and is having a serious procedure done. He is Margie’s brother’s father-in-law.  ~Ken & Margie Morgan

Please keep Michelle Brown in your prayers.

Kadence Rogers has an appointment in Dallas today.

Becky Hunt has an appointment in Dallas today.

Leslie Hunt is having lasik eye surgery in Tyler today.

Becky Huston , our daughter-in-law, is having a partial hysterectomy tomorrow.  Please pray that the procedure goes correctly and that she experiences God’s complete healing. Randy&Connie

Still don’t know exactly what’s wrong with her. She’s still very weak and sore. She hallucinates a lot, etc. Please continue to pray for my special friend Shirley Presley. The above is update from her daughter! Prayerfully, Diana Graves

Praise – Monty Reinhart found her ID. She thanks you for all the prayers.

Pray for Judy Arroyo’s sister, Carol. She is having emergency gallbladder surgery.

Our son’s surgery went well! Now for his salvation and his wife Elyse. His name is Kyle. ~Sharyn Michali

Please pray for Ms. Inez’s sister Emmie. Her legs are paralyzed from the last surgery that she had.

Please pray for Monty Reinhart, friend of Judy Arroyo. She is asking for prayer to find her ID so she can fly to get to her father’s funeral. Please pray for the family and the family dynamics.

Kenyatta Harris works with our daughter-in-law Melissa. Kenyatta gave birth at 28 weeks. Her baby has been hospitalized for two months and passed away last night.  Please pray for Kenyatta and her family.  ~Randy&Connie Huston

Steve Snider will have knee replacement surgery on Monday morning at 7:30…Good Shepard…please lift him up in your prayers…thank you!
Steve, Lana & Emily

My grandfather Ves Townsend is in need of healing prayers. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer that has spread. Please pray for healing and strength. Also, my grandmother Elaine, she is his caregiver and will need strength, grace, and love to carry on. ~Kelsey Mehrens

Marshall ISD had two students die in a horrific car accident last night. 2 others are in critical condition. Donnie Fenton will have to take the lead on grief counseling Monday morning for students and staff. Please pray for Donnie, Marshall ISD students and staff.

Jenny’s surgery has been postponed until Sunday…don’t know why and don’t have a time…will do my best to keep updated…please continue to pray…thank you!!  ~Lana Snider

Update on Jenny from Tammie’s post. Surgery was postponed until Saturday. Orthopedic Dr needs a special plate and screws and they can’t find one here in Lubbock so they are flying it in tomorrow and she will have surgery Saturday. Thank goodness her fingers aren’t broken. Just badly bruised and swollen. She is doing pretty good now that they have the pain under control. We both really appreciate the prayers.
Thank you again church family for your prayers for this very special family…they are greatly appreciated. Surgery should be after lunch on Saturday.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Harold and Norma Hardie have gone home from the hospital. Please continue to pray for recovery over pneumonia.

Please keep Dot Gregory in your prayers. She is not doing well.

Please pray for Harold & Norma Hardie. They are both at Christus Good Shepherd with pneumonia. Room 1615 & 1617.

Prayers please….Jenny, the special needs daughter of our friend, Tammie was riding her horse today at therapy and was bucked off and they found out she has a broken hip and is going into surgery in just a short while…please pray for this family…they have had so much to deal with lately…thank you in advance for all your prayers. ~Lana Snider

Please continue to pray for little Ethan. His brain is still the main prayer request. He is sedated now and having machines breath for him and to allow his brain to rest. It will be two or three days before they wean him off the meds and he won’t get an MRI until next week – so we won’t know the damage to his brain until then. What they have seen up to this point would indicate significant brain damage, but we won’t know until the MRI next week – and we know God can and does work miraculously!

Please keep Rick Smith and wife Pat in your prayers. Rick has had a small to medium stroke and he is at Longview Regional room 271.

Just left the oncologist. Could not have gotten a better report. No chemo or radiation. Michelle will only have to take a hormone suppressant. 🙂 Thanks for praying, Greg Stewart

Please pray for Mrs. Donnie Freeman. Sunday she broke her foot. She will be meeting with a surgeon soon to see what treatment is needed.

Please pray for ‘Ethan’. He is the four year old son of a professor at
Letourneau who teaches with Sarah Albertson. Ethan was found unresponsive and not breathing yesterday. He was life flighted to Dallas. He is sedated, but breathing and his pupils respond to light. Doctors are
worried Ethan might have a seizure which could cause brain damage. Please pray for little Ethan.

Pray for our neighbors grandson. His name is Justin. ~Linda & W.L. Strange

Please pray for my brother, Heath, who has been a proclaimed atheist in the past, but is curious about God and I believe the Holy Spirit is tugging on his heart. Pray for conviction so overwhelming that he won’t be comfortable until he says yes and surrenders to Jesus! ~Brandy Wooley

Please pray for my sister, Constance, who is heavily convicted, and her heart is yearning for God. Pray for heavy conviction for her to surrender to Jesus and be saved. ~Brandy Wooley

Update on Celesse Bevis:  Shortly, Celesse will be transferred to a different hospital in Dallas to begin treatment on a substantial infection. Doctors anticipate a positive outcome! Gordon has two more hours of driving. Keep praying! Love my church family! –Brenda
We ask for your prayers for Gordon’s mom, Celesse Bevis, in Garland. She is being transported as we speak from assisted living to the ER. We don’t know any details. Please also pray for Gordon as he is driving 10 hours today to northern Georgia for work this week. Thank you so much! –Brenda Bevis

Kaydence has appt in Dallas 1-16-19 with specialist for her tumors on her bones. ~Donice Rogers

Pray for healing for Carol Greer. She had surgery this morning for an aneurysm she suffered at the visitation of Lafaye Richardson last night. Please lift this family at this time of the loss of Lafaye and the illness of Carol. ~Jan McNeal

Guy Wilson’s sisters’ granddaughter fell. They put her in the hospital and did x rays and found 2 nodules 2 centimeters on her lungs. They live in Oklahoma and the granddaughter’s name is Crystal Gumm. Please pray for her and her family.

Please pray for our college ministry as well as some high school seniors as they have just left for the Passion conference in Dallas!

Our brother-in-law ,Chris Wright, is hospitalized suffering from T cell melanoma. Pleased pray that his treatments are successful and that he receives God’s healing. Please pray for continued strength for Karen. Thank you, Randy & Connie Huston

Pray for Pat Couglan.  He just found out he has pancreatic cancer.

Please pray for my friend Shirley Presley. She is in ICU at Mother Frances on a ventilator. ~Diana Graves

Please pray for Mrs. Erica Jackson our toddler teacher in preschool ministry. Her aunt passed away unexpectedly. Pray for the family as they are coping with the loss. Thank you church family.

Update on Kirk Green: He is still in rehab in Longview. Doctors are pleased with his improvement. He is walking with a walker by himself. Still a little problem with his speech. They may be transferring him to Dallas soon to see if they can do a little more. Doctors are pleased with his improvement. Prayers are still needed and appreciated, Thank you Church

I am in my last semester of college before getting my bachelor’s, and I’m applying for a law enforcement job which requires me to have good vision. When I was a medic in the Army, I received a surgery which corrected my right vision, but damaged my left eye, leading to having a cataract. I’m working through VA healthcare, which tends to be slow. Please pray that the Lord will accelerate each appointment. Pray that I will get the ophthalmologist appointment very soon, and then get the cataract surgery appointment set up back to back. I need everything to happen quickly, so it doesn’t jam up the employment application process. Also, please pray for the highest quality cataract surgery, and pray that they insert the highest quality lens into my eye, so that I will have perfect vision, far and near. Thank you so much for your prayers. Seth.

Please continue to pray for our precious Kaydence. She is being referred to Children’s Hospital in Dallas. Multiple tumors have been found from MRI. Her current diagnosis is (HMO) Heriditary Multiple Osteochondromas. ~Donice Rogers

Brenda Reid fell at her home and has broken her pelvic bone. ‘Her home-health nurse reported she would be home bound for quite a while. Please pray for her and her recovery.

Please pray for my friend Teresa Fears. She is really searching for what God wants her to do with her life. She has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I have ever met, and is really struggling right now because of being treated wrongly by some “Christians” who didn’t follow through on commitments they made to her. Thank you for praying!  John Zenter

Please pray for my son, Jason. He is struggling with a drug addiction. He needs outside intervention for him to get his life back in worshiping the Lord. I appreciate your prayers in advance. May God bless you.  ~Cindy Adams

I got home at 2:00pm yesterday. Was in extreme pain. But PRAISING My Lord Jesus as my pain has been cut in half today. GOD is wonderful to meveach and every day. I have a good 5-8 weeks of healing, put that’s a piece of cake. Mike will leave for work in the morning, and my Daughter should be home on Friday. So she will be in town to help cook for/with me.
Please continue to pray the our Lord will open a job closer to home for Mike. Thank You all for your prayers and love shown to us. ~Nancy & Mike Stallcup

They are keeping my nephew Jace another 48 hours but are moving him out of picu to a regular room. He is still in a lot of pain and not completely out of the woods. It is going to take weeks and no physical activity to make sure he doesn’t injure himself more! The doctor is very optimistic that the kidney will heal! Thank y’all so much for the continued prayers!  ~JW and Krista Foster

Timothy Huckaby passed away Dec. 26. His wife, Jo Ann, and Timothy were members of Little Flock. He had been on Hospice for four or five months. No funeral but a memorial service will be at a future date. Please pray for this family in their time of grief.

Thank you so much for everyone’s prayers. My sister is much better and is being admitted to re-hab to regain her strength. Buddy is better, he says, and will work tomorrow. Now for my report. My surgery went well…surgery at 7:30, home at 12:00. I am not in pain, just sore. Again, thank you for keeping us covered in prayer. God bless each and every one of you, Gracie

Gracie Lautaret is out of surgery and she did great. She’s in recovery.
Should go home today.

Nancy Stallcup is still in surgery. Should almost be over. She’s doing good in surgery.

My 12 year old nephew had an ATV accident earlier where it flipped on top of him. My brother rushed him to the emergency room and they found a hairline fracture on one of his ribs, a lacerated spleen and a lacerated kidney. He’s been transported to Lubbock. They saw a level 4 hematoma on his kidney and are thinking they are going to have to do surgery to relieve the bleeding. The weather is cloudy there so there was a no fly zone. Or they would have airlifted him. Please keep him in your prayers. I will update as soon as I know something. Thank y’all so much! JW and Krista Foster

Please pray for my sister, Brenda, who was admitted to the hospital in Abilene. She has pneumonia and has been struggling with severe back pain. Also, Buddy is still having back problems. One more request, I will be having a procedure in the morning at Christus GSMC; please pray everything goes smoothly and for quick healing. As always, thank you faithful prayer warriors. Love you all and God bless. ~Gracie Lautaret

My Mom, Peggy Brown will be having surgery on Friday the 28th at 7 am, they will be removing a cyst from her ovaries and they will remove part of her colon. Love my Church Family and appreciate any and all prayers. ~Scott Brown

Funeral arrangements for Shirley Perkins are…
Visitation, Thursday, December 27, @ Woodland Hills from 6-8 PM
Service, Friday, December 28, @ Woodland Hills, 10:00 AM.
Please continue to pray for the family.

Pray for Dorothy Gibson.  She is in the hospital with a possible heart attack.

Shirley Perkins passed away tonight at home with family gathered around her. Please pray for Bro. Dale and the whole family. More details as they become available.

Please pray for Brenda Reid . She fell Saturday and broke a small bone in her leg. They couldn’t do anything for it.  She is at home.

Sid Pierce’s gastrointestinal illness is not getting better. He has an appointment to see what new medicine or treatment might be available. Please pray that his doctors prescribe the right medication and that his healing be complete.

Please pray for Tom Williams. He has severe bronchial infection along with the pneumonia. Had a breathing treatment which helped. Now on Lots of Meds.

Please pray for Evelyn Johnson. Evelyn went into GSMC yesterday, had surgery. She may be going home(rehab?) Sat.

Please add our friend Mallory to our prayer list! She’s in her 30s and has two young daughters and was diagnosed last week with ovarian cancer. She had a total hysterectomy today (at Baylor Plano) and they found cancer in two other places and removed it. She will have chemo and a long hard road ahead of her.  ~Kayci Walker

Please continue to pray for George Brown. He is at Longview Regional in room 141 recovering from a fall. George is in a great deal of pain still. The doctors expect everything to heal on it own with time. George will be able to go home as soon as he is able to get up and move around.

Please continue to pray for Anna Thomas. She came through surgery well and is now in recovery at Longview Regional.

Ramon McCauley is having a much better day today. Next he will be moved to rehabilitation. He is currently at Christus Good Shepherd room 2313. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Please keep Kirk Green in your prayers. He is an old classmate of Mary Tucker’s. Kirk had an aneurysm and surgery is too risky. He and his family need your prayers.

Robert Decker just went to Operating Room for back surgery. He’s at Tyler Spine Hospital. 2-3 hour surgery. Here for several days.

Anna Thomas scheduled for surgery at 8:00 AM at Regional.

George Brown was coming down from up in the attic in the garage, fell and hurt himself. Janelle took him to the emergency room at Longview Regional and he has a fractured pelvic and some more things. They are keeping him tonight. He is in terrible pain. Please pray for him.

Surgery went well yesterday. In a a good amount of pain, should start to subside in the next day or two. Trying to get ready for next Wednesday’s surgery as that will have me down for a good while. Hope to be able to cook and put up food for a week or so. Praising God Mike will be home on Saturday. Please continue to be in Prayer that we can find him a job that gets him closer to home. Thank you church family for all the Blessing you are to us.  ~Nancy and Mike Stallcup

Ramon McCauley is in Good Shepherd, Room 2313. They are doing an MRI now.

Ramon McCauley got home from hospital on Monday from hernia operation. He fell Tuesday and hit his head. He does not have a brain bleed but they think he may have had a stroke. He’s still in the ER at Good Shepherd waiting on a room. Pray for Ramon and Shelly as she waits on him.

Please pray for military flights in and out of dangerous countries… please especially pray for our son, Captain Marshall J Jones USMC that is serving right now….hopefully coming home for Christmas but always depends on Day At A Time Living By Faith✝️??

Lisa Arnold’s 10 month old niece has been sick for and off for a week and woke up last night throwing up and diarrhea. On way to doctors this morning.

Please keep Jack & Ila Ford in your prayers. Jack had his first radiation treatment today and has 32 more to go.

Please remember Anthony Holden, GSMC room 1372 and Guy Wilson, GSMC room 1355.

Anna Thomas will be having her gallbladder removed Dec. 21 in the morning. Please pray for Anna, doctors, nurses, and her parents Jeff and Maryann. Thank you all so much.

Deanne Anderson has a granddaughter that is headed to the hospital and very ill. Has symptoms showing some real problems. Please pray for her! Thanks

Please pray for my new friend, Glenda Jackson. Please pray that an effective treatment plan for her cancer will be decided upon and that she will not feel alone this Christmas season.  She wants a church home where she can actively serve her Lord and I told her Woodland Hills is just the place!

Casen Sanders is out of surgery and will be going home today. All went well. Please continue to pray for him and his parents as he recovers.

Please pray for Caysen Sanders. The doctors have just taken him back. He is having eye surgery. Thank you church family.

Please pray for our military and their loved ones as God leads, guided, & protects them, especially during this Christmas season while they serve in dangerous places!

Guy Wilson was admitted this morning in Good Shepherd for pnuemonia in Room 1357.

Ramon McCauley is out of surgery and all went well.Continue prayers for him.

Nancy Stallcup is having day surgery Wednesday at Good Shepherd. Please also pray for her husband, Mike, to find a job closer to home. He is an over the road truck driver and gone a large amount of time.

Please keep Seth in your prayers.  He has/is going through a difficult time.

Pray for Ramon McCauley. He will be having hernia surgery Monday, 8:15 AM at Good Shepherd.

Sam, Shirley Scarborough‘s son, is being admitted to ICU at Longview regional. They will continue to evaluate. He is showing symptoms of a stroke. Crucial time. Please pray for him and Shirley!

Please pray for Tom Williams. The X-ray showed he has pneumonia.

Please be in prayer for Alex. Christmas is such a hard time. She would LOVE to be home with family and celebrating all the traditions that come with that. But she has also committed to raising Odilove and does not want to leave him this time of year. Also tickets to fly this time of year are ridiculously priced! Most missionaries there head home for holidays which leaves her alone. The enemy is also always sending someone to cause trouble as well. So as you go through your day will you take time to prayer for her to be encouraged? She is a very strong person but right now she is really struggling with loneliness! I will be going around the 4th of January, once tickets drop in price, if you’d like to write her a word of encouragement filled with scripture, I’d be glad to take it with me!
Thanks to all of you for always supporting her!

Please pray for our precious Kaydence. She has a tumor on her thigh bone and is scheduled for an MRI on Friday. ~Donice Rogers

Please pray for Isabel Hunt. She’s at the ER with chest pains. She’s been having some problems. Pray for Jason and Ashley with her.

Pray for Suzie Arthofer, she is going through a difficult time.

Please pray for John Zenter and family.

Joy Savage is being released from Longview Regional. She did not have a heart attack. She will have more tests to be done outpatient. Thank you for your prayers!

Pray for Tom Williams today. He has 4 different tests/procedures at the VA Hospital in Shreveport. Pray for him and Gloria.

Please pray for Joy Savage. She has had some issues regarding her heart. She has been admitted into Longview Regional and will be observed tonight with more testing to be done tomorrow.

Pray for Quinton to come home to me at the Kirkpatrick House so we can be together again and move on in our better life, new life!  ~Fawn

Dorothy Jackson is home from rehab.

Mike Huston’s kidney stone has cleared his body on its own. He will still follow-up with his doctor. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. God is the Great Healer. Randy&Connie

Results are in… significant Arthritis in spine. Going home! Thank all of you for praying!
Update on Sheila Conner: All tests came back clear! No blockage! They are going to do xrays to see what’s causing back pain and then hopefully headed home!

A dear Christian friend of Betty Mosley’s, Barbara Johnston, is looking for work. She is a sitter of pets, children, and adults. If you could use her services or know of someone that could please contact the church office.

Sheila Conner is in Longview Regional, Room 1706. She’s in pain. They’ve done a CT scan and will run more tests today.

Caysen’s surgery is schedule for Dec. 18th at children’s medical center. They are tightening 2 muscles in each eye. Please continue to pray for this little man and family. Thank you so much.

Urgent prayer request from our son Captain Marshall Jones, USMC ?? serving on the field in preparation for a mission: “Please pray for a Marine he is serving with that has a serious life crisis right now!”??

Please put Sid and Linda Pierce on your prayer list. Sid is having some health issues and waiting doctors to decide how to treat Sid problems.

Please pray for Caysn. Codi and Cari are seeing an eye specialist today to determine the next steps for this little man. Thank you church family.

Please pray for me(Crystal Jones) I was involved in a 4 wheeler wreck and broke my arm. They have put a rod and a titanium plate and screws in my arm. I’m at Longview regional room 146 I think. Please pray for healing and no new injuries

Please pray for Tisha Watson and her 3 kids all under the age of 5! Colby, her husband, was killed last night in an ATV accident.

Our son Mike Huston has a kidney stone. Please pray for God’s healing. Thank you Randy & Connie

Please pray for Amanda. She has been apart of our Cr group and lost everything in a house Fire this morning. She was living there with her two boys and her mom was also staying with them. Red Cross is putting them in a hotel room for tonight. She will need to find a place to rent on her low income. Thank you!

John Zenter is on his way to Louisiana to take his step-mom and dad to look at a VA home to live in. The parents are having a hard time with this and John needs to find the right words to help them with this transition. Please keep John and his parents in your prayers.

Shirley Perkins is not doing well at all. She’s at a critical stage. Please stop and pray for Shirley and Bro. Dale and family.

Please pray for Daniela.  She has spastic cerebral palsy.  She asks for prayer to heal her cerebral palsy and her brain.

I ask for prayers for my mother ( Betty McCrary) she is under the care of hospice at home. I also ask for prayers for John as his health is not good. We have a dear family friend that has stage 4 lung cancer and has been given 4 to 6 months. Thank you for all your prayers. ~John and Nancy Fenton

Delores Hill’s father just passed away and they are on their way to Arkansas. No other details at this time.

Vernon Dunn has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Don’t know the extent yet. Will meet with the doctor on Friday. Please keep us in your prayers…Jerrie Dunn

They are keeping Juanita Gibson at hospital. She is at Good Shepherd, Room 2334.
Mrs. Juanita Gibson is in Good Shepherd ER Room 12. She passed out.

Michelle Stewart had a follow up visit with her surgeon today. Although her tumor was twice as large as originally thought, the pathology on her lymph nodes came back with no evidence of the cancer spreading. All of her staples and drain tubes were removed. Michelle will meet with an oncologist in a week or so to determine further treatment for the cancer. Thanks to all who have prayed and showed so much concern. I can’t imagine going through trials like this without the LORD and a church family.  ~Greg

Please keep Marilyn Sexton (Bro. Clark’s wife) in your prayers. She has come down with shingles.

Over the Thanksgiving break a student at Alpine Christian Academy passed away. The student was 3 years of age. Please pray for the family, school, and students.

David Christine passed away last night. David and Della came to WHBC from Gods Grace when we merged. Please pray for Della and family.

Please be in prayer for Don Nimmo, he will be having surgery around 1:00 this afternoon at Mother Francis in Tyler.

Dorothy Jackson is in Good Shepherd with blood pressure issues. She is in room 2329.

Thanks everyone for all the prayers! Pamela Smith just got out of surgery. She is doing well. They found an artery that had 99% blockage that got a stent and two others that had 50% they are treating with medicine. God is good! Thank you church family. Family is rejoicing.

Darlene Sanders was just released from the hospital and is on the way home.
Darlene Sanders spent Thanksgiving with family at Longview Regional recovering from surgery. She is doing good this morning and up and walking. She might get to go home today.

Please pray for Pam Smith, mother to Cecilla Cox. In the next hour she will have a heart cath and possibly some sort of stent. She had a mild heart attack last night. She is in good spirits. Thank you everyone

Please pray for Shirley, Bro. Dale and all the Perkins. They are taking Shirley back to the hospital!

Darlene Sanders is in Room 161 in Longview Regional. Her back surgery went well and will be there 2 or 3 days. Please keep the Sanders family in your prayers.

Please pray for Darlene Sanders. This morning at 7:30 she is having surgery on her back at Longview Regional. Surgery should last around 3 hours and the plan is that she will go home tomorrow.

Ms. Juanita Gibson had a spot on her face removed. It was cancerous and must go back on Dec. 6 and have more removed. Please pray for her and Lauren.

Jack Ford’s biopsy show lung cancer. He is home now recovering and will see an oncologist soon.

Jack Ford, Julie Edwards, Sheila Roberts, and Mona Reeves have all been dismissed from the hospital.

Be in prayer for Willy Fields, a sister in law passed away last week. Her name is Joyce Hulen. Stephanie Hulen her daughter in law passed away a couple of days ago from complications due to cancer. There is also another family member left behind who is physically disabled.

Sheila Roberts is at Longview Regional ER with a possible blood clot in her lungs. They are waiting on meds from Tyler to run tests.

Please pray for Judy Arroyo and her family in the passing of her husband, Genaro. He lived in Mexico and the family will be trying to organize a service there as well as here in Texas. Praying for salvation for many in the family as they reflect on eternity.
God is able. Thank you for your prayers.

Mona Reeves’s Surgery is finished and she did great. She will be at Good Shepherd room 2222 for a couple of nights.

Jack Ford is in room 1611 at GSMC. He fell Thursday, went to hospital and didn’t break anything but they found a mass in his lung. They biopsied yesterday and waiting for results. Jack will probably be there through the the weekend. Keep Jack in your prayers.

Monica Kuykendall’s mom is having a heart cath this morning. Please keep her in your prayers.

Mona Reeves went into surgery this morning at 7:25. Continue to pray for her.

Jason Heatons father passed away around 11 this morning. Please pray for this family.

Tommy Graves (my husband) lost his Dad early this morning at 1 am. He went to be with Jesus! Prayers of comfort for the entire Graves family please. Thank you, Diana & Tommy Graves

Anna Thomas has just gone back for surgery on her hand. It should take about 30-45 minutes. Please keep her in your prayers. She is are Regional. Thank you!

Please pray for the Heaton Family. Jason’s father is said to be in the final stages of life. The doctors have told the family to begin making arrangements. Please pray that he will go peacefully. The family is certain of his salvation.

Leanne Spencer, gone home from hospital.

Julie Edwards, in Good Shepherd 2126 recovering from surgery
Michelle Stewart, Longview Regional, still waiting on doctor reports
Services for Ernest Dozier, Phyllis’ husband, is Saturday, 11:00 AM at Calvary Baptist Church, Longview.  Visitation is from 10:00 – 11:00 AM
Services for Frank Graves, Tommy Graves’ father, is Saturday, 2:00 PM at Croley Funeral Home, Gladewater.  Visitation is Friday night.

Please pray for Leanne Spencer. She had surgery today at Good Shepherd. All went well. Should go home tomorrow.

Michelle Stewart is out of surgery. Surgeon seemed pleased. Michelle is scheduled to spend the night, room 143 at Longview Regional. Thanks for praying. Don’t yet have lab results of lymph nodes.

Prayers for Tommy’s Dad. Hospice with him.  Unable to wake him. He is in Hawkins Creek memory care. Prayers for family.  ~Diana & Tommy Graves

Please take some time this morning and pray for Michelle Stewart. She is having surgery around noon today at Longview Regional and our prayer is that the cancer has not spread.

Ernest Dozier just passed away.  Please keep Phyllis and this family in your prayers.

Please keep Pat Adams in your prayers.  She is suffering from back issues.

Yesterday morning one of Alton Blair’s brothers passed away. Alton asked that we pray a prayer of thanksgiving for his brother. His brother never had a bad day, he never said a bad word about friends or acquaintances. He was 92 years old. He was married to the same wife for 73 years, had the same job for 45 years, and lived in the same town for 71 years. He had 5 sisters and 5 brothers. His wife was in a nursing home and he wanted to go and be with her. He passed while there with her holding his hand.

We got home around 11 and he rested good. I have to take him to a surgeon next week to see if he needs anything done. He has stitches in 4 places, concussion, fracture under one eye and his nose. He of course is really sore and is being a really good patient! Prayers for the soreness and not have to have any type of cosmetic surgery. Love you all.  ~Delores Hill

This has been a rough week for us. I lost my job on Tuesday and got a phone call a couple of hours ago that Ralph is in the ER in Mt Pleasant. He turned his dump truck over and has some gashes in his head and a possible fracture under his eye. He is nauseated and they are giving him medicine for that. His supervisor is with him and I’m waiting on them to get him back to Longview. Thank God for keeping him as safe as he did. It could have been much worse. I think our family could use a few extra prayers tonight! Thanks in advance. ~Delores Hill

Brooklyn Poss, granddaughter of Cindy Adams was in a serious auto accident last night. She has been transferred to room 6619 at Trinity Mother Francis. Surgery at 7:15 a. m. She needs prayers greatly. Please pray for this family.

Shirley Perkins had surgery Tuesday at Mother Francis in Tyler. It went very well. Hoping to come home today.

Update on Todd and Amanda Barker and twins: Twins arrived late in the evening. Everyone is doing well. Please continue to pray for the family. Thank you so much.

Please be in prayer for Phyllis Dozier and family. Her husband, Ernest, is not doing well at all, his oxygen level keeps going dropping. Hospice has told her his time is short (2 weeks to a month). . Pray for comfort for Phyllis and family during this transition time. ~Gracie Lautaret

Please be praying for Amanda, Todd, Addison and Baby Twins. Tonight they are scheduled to arrive around 9 this evening. Pray for doctors and nurses tending to Amanda and twins. Amanda is only 30 weeks along, so they will be spending some considerable time in the NICU upon arrival.

Please pray for K’Dawn and Mark, her mother passed away this afternoon.

Please pray for Mark and K’Dawn O’Rear. K’Dawn’s mother is in the final moments of life. Pray for this transition time and pray for the family as they are gathered around her bedside right now.

Mona Reeves is scheduled for back surgery Friday November 16th at Good Shepherd. She will need to wear a back brace for 1 month and won’t be able to drive for 2 weeks.  She will also have drains in for a week as well.  Please pray for wisdom for doctors and for compassionate care in the hospital, and for this to relieve a large percentage of the pain she experiences on a daily basis. I will be taking off a week from work to care for her during the day and Aunt Jodie will care for her at night. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Please pray for Todd and Amanda Barker. Amanda is pregnant with twins and her fluid levels are low. Amanda is having a test done today at noon and if fluid levels are still low they will take the babies this afternoon. Amanda is 10 weeks early at this point. Please pray for this family.

Peggy Worsham’s Surgery went good. From 2:40 to 6:15 in surgery. Went to recovery and came into room at 7:40 PM. Now she is asleep.

Peggy Worsham is still waiting to go into surgery at Methodist Hospital in Plano. It’s a 4 hour surgery and she’ll be here several days.

Please be in urgent prayer for Amanda Barker and her husband Todd. She is 30 weeks pregnant with twins and just received notice that her amniotic fluid is too low. They are attempting to increase the fluid, however if they cannot they will need to take the babies. Please pray.

I received an email from my co-worker with praises. My email reads, “It worked! She went to the meet, somehow convinced her father not to attend…Won 2nd in freestyle and 1st in 400 freestyle relay. Please tell your prayer warriors their efforts have real effect!”. I just want you to know your prayers were answered and so appreciated. Thank you, my prayer warrior friends! ~Gracie Lautaret

Pleas pray for Michele ( Joy Savage daughter-in-law). Michele has very serious stomach issues and going to the Mayo Clinic. Pray the specialist will find a way to heal this problem.

Please keep my Father n Law Frank Graves in your prayers. In Hawkins Creek memory care, sleeping most of time, not eating much, etc. Thank you, Diana & Tommy Graves

Please pray for Gracie’s older sister Brenda and her husband Doug. Brenda is having knee replacement surgery tomorrow, Monday, November 5th. Pray for successful surgery, quick healing, and for Doug as her takes care of her. Thanks for praying and we love you all.
Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

A friend at work has asked that her daughter be covered with prayer this weekend. Her dad may attend a school function she is participating in and she hasn’t seen him in seven months. She has severe anxiety about being around him. Please pray for her calmness and to focus on her meet because her teammates are relying on her. Thank you prayer warriors. ~Gracie Lautaret

Betty Nickels will be released from rehab on Monday. Going to her sister Carolyn’s home for a week and then she will be home. Please continue to pray for her continued recovery.

Michelle’s surgery is scheduled for Nov 13th. She’ll be assigned at oncologist after that and we’ll see where we go from here. We’re praying the cancer hasn’t spread. In both previous cases, it had spread and she got the ‘full meal deal’ regimen of chemo and radiation. Thank you all for praying for her.  ~Greg Stewart

Becky’s heart cath is over. There was no blockage and no problems. Be going home today. Thanks for praying.

Becky Hunt had a good night. BP is still high and so is cholesterol. She is scheduled for heart cath today. She’s an add on so who knows the time. Thanks for praying. 

Becky Hunt’s Stress test had some abnormalities. They are doing an echo cardiogram right now. They are scheduling a heart cath for tomorrow. Not sure of time yet. Will update when I know. No chest pains today. BP still up. Be here another night.

We’ve been at the ER for several hours with Becky. She’s had high blood pressure and chest pains. The bp is still up and down and the nitro helped but chest pains are back. Going to admit her to Regional, Room 1717. Will do more blood work and schedule stress test. We’re great. Don’t need anything but prayer.  ~Bro. Charles

Michelle Stewart found out Wednesday that she again has breast cancer. This is her third time. Having been through all the surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments twice before, she is understandably somewhat discouraged. She (and I) would appreciate prayers for her. We meet with the surgeon Tuesday and will go from there.  Thanks, Greg Stewart

Vicki Gann’s father, Donald Worth Tucker, passed away on Friday, October 26, 2018 at his home in Gilmer. He was married 70 years to Mrs. Geraldine Tucker. Funeral services will be held on Monday, October 29, 2018 at 11:00 am at Croley Funeral Home of Gilmer. The family will receive friends one hour prior to the service at the funeral home. Pray for this family.

Vicki Gann’s father passed away in Gilmer last night. He was 88 and hospice had been called in. Please Pray for this Vicki and Jerry and all the family. More details on services when available.

Please pray for Ty Tiner. He is in the hospital and they are not sure what is wrong. He is in and out so much that he has given up. He is a co-worker of several members. ~Wayne Gibson

Our granddaughter Lynette Huston is four months pregnant. She has been diagnosed with a problem pregnancy. Please pray for Gods grace and healing.

My sister Beverly’s daughter Linda went to be with the Lord suddenly. Please keep them in your prayers.
~Connie Huston

Update on my friend, Shirley Presley. Shirley had surgery to remove mengioma ( all was successful). While in recovery & rehab this morning @7am Shirley Was incoherent.. sent her to er, Dr said Shirley had had a seizure and has severe UTI!
Thank you for your continued prayers for her recovery. She is also diabetic. Prayers for God’s hedge of protection over her as Drs plan treatment for her.
~Diana Graves

Rick Smith is out of surgery and did well. He is in Texas Spine and Joint Hospital, Tyler, Room 133.

Rick Smith is having back surgery in Tyler this morning. Please pray for him and Pat.

Pray for Pat Adams – oral surgery – Wednesday 10/24/2018.

Judy Mock is being released from the hospital tomorrow.

Carl Edwards passed away on October 10.  Please pray for Audrey and the whole family. There are no services planned yet.

Patricia Brown’s daughter in Texas City, TX. Is having blood transfusions today. No information on what is wrong but God does . Please pray for her and family

I talked with Liz Graham this morning and she had a good nights rest and feels much better. She did not go back to the hospital. Continue the prayers for her and Kennie

Please pray for one of my friends and former co-workers husband, Brad McNeal. He got staph in his spine in June and ended up with sepsis. He was then sent home with a picc line for 6 weeks. The staph destroyed his c4 and c5. He was going to have surgery then his hip started hurting. The infection came back. He’s had 2 surgeries to flush out the infection and now has a drain. He’s hurting physically and mentally. Eventually he’ll need a hip replacement. He is 38 years old, and they can’t figure out why he keeps getting this infection. Please pray for him, and his wife Jen and their 2 boys.   ~Christy Mayfield

Update on my son Christopher Kennedy ~ He is now home from being treated for chicken pox / shingles and Staphylococcus aureus infection at Baylor Cancer Center in Dallas . He will still have weekly visits to Baylor for the next 4 months to monitor his bone marrow transplant success and labs for kidney function. Christopher’s next scheduled Kansas city visit is November 4th-5th to the see the Brain surgeon for testing on his recent memory lapses. Please continue to keep us ( Melissa Clayton and Christopher Kennedy) in your prayers

Many may remember Larry & Freida Sinclair. They have been at Woodland Hills many times…
A note from Freida Sinclair about Larry…please pray.
They are Getting ready to put my sweet husband in ICU. It seems he has pneumonia. We had to call 911 this morning to get him up out of the floor and bring him to emergency room. He didn’t fall just slipped off of bed. Please pray for him.

Update on Liz Graham:  Liz is being released now from the hospital. Orders to go home and rest. Continue to pray for Kennie also!!!

Liz is improving. She is on antibiotics for the blood infection and they took an echo of the lungs but no results on that yet. The doctor indicated she might be able to go home Friday. She is in good spirits. She thanks everyone for the prayers and ask you to continue to prayer for her and Kennie.

Update on Liz Graham. The doctors have found that she has not only pneumonia but a bacterial infection in her blood. She will be treated with another antibiotic. She is at GSMC room 2107. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Betty Nickels is doing well following surgery. She is now at Heritage Rehab Center room 110. She should be home in a week or two. Betty would like to thank you for all the prayers!

We just received a call from Darrell & Deb (brother & sister-in-law) in Panama City!  What a gift to hear their voices!!  (They called on a deputy’s phone who is a member of their church.)  They now have a vehicle to drive temporarily and they are now sleeping at a church member’s home!  Of all the church members that have been checked on, none have been hurt.  Darrell and Pastor Mike have many decisions to make regarding the damage to the church.  They had a sweet service yesterday in the church parking lot and they are seeing God’s grace everywhere!  Tomorrow they hope to be able to make some sort of contact with their insurance and with FEMA. They knew without a doubt that Woodland Hills was praying and so their prayer requests as of now are:
Wisdom to prioritize what all needs to be handled
Strength to accomplish these priorities
Thank you, church family, for your prayers! Gordon & Brenda Bevis

Please pray for Luke Davis. He is having knee surgery today and not his first time on this knee. Please pray for complete healing.

Please add Mrs. Chantal Braly to your prayer list. This precious lady was diagnosed with breast cancer, went through the whole process of chemotherapy and radiation, and was diagnosed to be cancer free after all of that. She recently had a colonoscopy, and the doctor found something on her colon that they don’t  know what it is. She has an appointment with a surgeon in Tyler at 12:30 pm tomorrow. Please bathe her and her family in prayer – she is also taking care of her mother, who is having serious medical issues of her own. (I asked for prayer for Chantal several months ago for the cancer and treatment.)  Thank you for being faithful to stand in the gap for others and being intercessors. ~John Zenter

Please pray for Liz Graham. She it at GSMC room 2107 with pneumonia.

Betty Nickel had back surgery Thursday. She did great. Still having some pain in her stomach area. She is in Longview Regional, Room 165. Please continue to pray.

Mandy Williamson is finished with her heart cathe and everything is clear.

Update on Gordon Bevis’ brother:  Someone from Panama City law enforcement made a very brief call to Gordon’s niece in Iowa to share that Gordon’s brother and sister in law are okay. Home (parsonage on church property) is damaged and trees on top of their car. Hoping to locate a shelter. Prayers appreciated.

Please pray for Our Uncle Nick Nichols and family. He has terminal cancer. I will be having a procedure Thursday AM and prayers are appreciated. ~Mandy Williamson

Pray today for all those who are in Hurricane Michael’s path. Many are going to ride it out when it seemed small and insignificant. Now it is 145 mph wind. We know One who spoke to the storm and said peace be still. Pray that happens again!

Would you please pray for relief from a very angry back tooth that I have today? The pain has steadily gotten worse throughout the day, even with meds and since it is after hours I will not be able to get in until sometime tomorrow. Would you just pray that it would let up enough so I can rest tonight? It’s hard to think that such a little tooth or nerve can cause so much pain, but it is miserable. Thank you church family! ~Christy Mayfield

Please pray for protection for Gordon’s brother and wife in Panama City who have chosen not to evacuate….and for all the first responders rescuing those that won’t evacuate.

David Scholl is having surgery in Dallas this morning. Please pray for him and Tana.

Pray for Kim Philpott, Kelly Decker’s sister. She has breast cancer and will have surgery next week.

Robert Decker will be having major back surgery next week in Dallas.</div>

Please pray:

· A concerning diagnosis that she’s received yet doctors can’t agree on conclusions and treatment plan. An important doctor appointment is today! Please pray for clarity!

· Son-in-law’s surgery on Tuesday

· Dear friend who can’t forgive herself

Haiti Update: All is well! Thank you for your prayers!! No tsunami ever happened and little damage from earthquake. Continue to pray because they are predicted to get much, much rain for the next several days. They flood very easily! Thank You Jesus and thank you to everyone who stopped and prayed!!!

Haiti: Alex and other missionaries have made it to town with a car load of people. There was an earthquake but are safe. They have been told tsunami may be coming. Please pray that God commands the waves and the winds to cease and that there will be no tsunami!!

Sid Pierce has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and pneumonia in one lung. He is at Longview Regional, room 209.Please pray that his treatment is successful and his recovery complete.

Please pray for the group that will Be meeting at Mason Creek at 10:00 am Saturday morning. We will be blitzing the area about the new service beginning Sunday. We need everyone who can be here to please come. Everyone is invite…youth, children, adults!

Judy Mock had a good night last night. Keep praying for a good recovery.

Pray for Darlene Woods, mother of Becky Horton. Lives in Hasler. Stage 4 lymphoma. Please pray for Darlene and the family.

Please keep Betty Nickel in your prayers. She is having back surgery next Thursday, October 11 at Longview Regional. She will then have about a 5 day hospital stay.

Please continue to pray for Judy Mock. Judy is in ICU at Good Shepherd. They have taken the vent out and she may be moved to the orthopedic floor soon. She has a long recovery ahead please pray.

Kathy Pepper and Richard Holt are also having procedures done today. Please keep these in your prayers!

Lauren Gibson is being released from Good Shepherd. Please pray for a speedy recovery.

Please pray for Judy Mock, Jane Tarver’s daughter. She had a bad fall and has a head injury and spine fracture. She is in surgery now at GSMC.

Lauren Gibson got sick during the night. She is at Good Shepherd Longview in Room 2311.

Please pray for my friend, Shirley Presley. Results from a CT of her head showed Minegioma, size of golf ball attached to her frontal lobe. Thank you We know God our Great Physician is able And giving wisdom and guidance to her Doctors! Thank you Diana Graves

Please pray for Liz Graham’s sister Dot Gregory. She has been rapidly failing in health and has been placed with Hospice. Please pray for the family .

I have been divorced twice and am struggling in holding down my job. I was just Baptized recently and need direction in my life and to find out Gods Purpose for my life personally and professionally. I have two children who need to see a man of God as their father. I don’t know which way to go.

Richard has been diagnosed with ascending aortic aneurysm. He will have an echocardiogram on Oct 4 and a stress test Oct 8. Both tests will be at Longview Regional. Please pray correct diagnosis, treatment and recovery for Richard.

Please keep Monty Reinhardt (Judy Arroyo’s friend) in your prayers. Heath is poor and she is in a lot of pain.

Please keep Hayden Koenig in your prayers. This is the son of David and Jennifer Koenig. Hayden has a confirmed concussion and they will go again next Wednesday to retest him.

Please pray for Sandra Wrighten (long time friend of Judy Arroyo). Her health is declining and she is struggling to be able to live independently at home. She keeps falling and is in rehab at Clairmont. Also keep Sandra’s family in your prayers.

Hoping to see many at the flag pole at 9:00 AM at Woodland Hills Wednesday morning. We will be praying for many needs!

Please continue to pray for Mandy Williamson she is at GSMC room 2337 waiting on test results to come back.

Sandy Sander’s outpatient procedure is finished. Please pray for his complete and speedy healing.

Please pray for Lou Morton’s sister, Laura Holt, she had a fall last week and found out yesterday she has broken hip, they will be doing surgery today or tomorrow Christus GSMC. Thank you church family for prayers.

Kathy Pepper is home resting. Surgery went well!

Dad is in the hospital again but this time in Hot Springs. The dr has called us in to talk to us in the morning. I’m sure it is not good news. I want God’s will and a peaceful passing. Thank you in advance. ~Delores Hill

Mandy Williamson is at ER at Good Shepherd. They are going to admit her, just waiting for a room. She has pain in her neck and arm.

Randy Modisette did great in the knee replacement. He will probably spend a night at Good Shepherd.

Bayli and Baby Branson are doing great. May come home this afternoon. At Good Shepherd Room 1207.

Sandy Sanders will have back surgery on Tuesday at Physicians Medical center.

Bayli Pitts is in hospital since last night, having the baby. Pray for all!

Randy Modisette having knee replacement surgery Monday Sept 24th.

Please pray for our dear friend from ACS Hope Lodge-Kansas city, Candance Hornsby and her family. She and my son Chris had bone marrow transplants around the same time..She’s been recently released from the hospital due to 8 hours of seizures, and trouble breathing that resulted in her being placed on a ventilator. ~Melissa Clayton

Dad was released and is back at the nursing home. He needs to stay hydrated to stay out of the hospital. He still has the other issues but those aren’t going away. Thanks for your prayers. Delores Hill

Please pray for a dear friend of mine, John. He has liver, lymph node and pancreas cancer. In a lot of pain and nauseated. His first grand daughter was born last night. Lots of emotions. Pray for strength and courage for him and his family and any kind of treatment to help . I am thankful he is a Christian!~Melody Fitzgerald

Dad is more alert and is talking but not eating. The dr says it doesn’t look real good. When he is released he will go back to the nursing home and will I’m sure be back and forth to the hospital. He will not get better but the goal is to try and keep him comfortable. Thank God he is in no pain. I pray for Gods will and know he is in control.

I am in Arkansas with my dad and he is in the hospital. He is dehydrated, low blood pressure, fluid around his heart and fluid in his lungs. He has improved a little but I’m sure because of the IV. He is not himself and is not talking. A little smile every now and then. We think some of this may be that he is stressed over the situation about moving to Texas. Please keep him in your prayers. ~Delores Hill

Please pray for my sister, Sharon Ogden, she is having surgery Thursday morning . She had polio as a young child, and had numerous surgeries on her foot. She has been blest thru her years, but now needs further surgery to do some correcting on her toe and foot. Thank you for prayers church family.

Please pray for little Caysen Sanders (Cody and Cari Sanders Baby Boy) He went to see a specialist this morning and they said that he would have to have eye surgery to correct his eye. They will go to Dallas on Dec. 3rd for an additional appointment. Please keep Caysen and his parents in your prayers.

Keep Lona Albert in your prayers. Chemo for breast cancer. Pray for Bryan Wilson, cancer. Prays for Jean Hitt, toe removed.

Pray for Judy Williamson. COPD, arthritis, diabetes. She’s in pain 24/7 and was diagnosed with advanced RA. Being placed in a nursing home. Family can no longer care for her.

Please pray for Jeanette Ashley and family. They received some difficult news today, pray for a miracle!

Please pray for Beverly Nugents’ daughter, Karen Wages, she will be having eye surgery Sept. 25, in Shreveport. Thank you church family.

Please pray for my granddaughter Chloe. She slipped and fell and cracked a vertebrae in her back. She will be OK but will need a back brace for a couple of months. She is a student at Colorado Christian University. ~Lois Templin

Update on Mona Reeves, Dr said stress test was good, they released her to go home with a follow up with her primary care Dr within a week. Thank you for your prayers, we serve an almighty GOD! Jodie

Prayers for my family. Kenneth Byrd passed away last night (in Georgia) my uncle . ~Diana &amp; Tommy Graves

Please pray for my 91 year old dad, Chuck Hancock, who will be having knee replacement surgery at Texas Spine and Joint in Tyler. His doctors at Baylor have cleared him for surgery, and it is necessary for him to remain mobile. (Its scaring me just to think about it since we lost my mom ten years ago in an elective surgery.) I do know God is in control.

Thank you all for your prayers. Also, our baby Savannah is doing great. No abnormalities at all. Thank God. ~Suzi Arthofer

Be in prayer for Mona Reeves, at GSMC ER with chest pain, they are going to do a stress test. Will keep all updated. Thank you!

Gary Miller is back in ER st Good Shepherd with swelling in groin where small incision was made for stints to open arteries. Pray for Gary and Ginger.

Please pray for Kenneth Byrd ( uncle on dialysis ) my Mom her health,
My father n law Frank Graves ( in memory care -Hawkins Creek) ~Tommy & Diana Graves

Pray for David Miller. He has an MRI on leg for possible tumor and then on the 25th to see if polyps have grown or multiplied on lungs, kidney and thyroid.

Good morning. Please be in prayer for the family of our shop superintendent, Lloyd Mullinex. His sister is having a Hysterectomy this morning, and is also having some issues related to physiological problems in her brain. Because of the stress involved, Lloyd’s/her mother, Christy Clark, was taken to ER with a possible stroke. Christy is a very faithful member of a church in the Hallsville area, and is a precious Christian lady. I don’t know the spiritual condition of Lloyd’s sister. Thanks for your commitment to WHBC, the Lord, and faithfully being intercessors! ~John Zenter

Update: Gary has several blockages. They have put in a couple of stints. He may be in Hospital several days. Please continue to pray.
Gary & Ginger Miller are at the ER at Good Shepherd right now. He is having a heart attack and Ginger is there by herself. Please pray for these.

Please pray for Ernest Dozier, he is at GSMC and is having difficulty breathing.

Tracy Jones’ daddy fell down a flight of stairs. His shoulder may be broke please. The ambulance picked him up and they are in the emergency room.

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