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Do you ever wonder why we sing? Why do people make such a big deal out of the singing voice anyway? Well it’s a wonder you asked! We often forget about and neglect the power, the true power of singing. The Chronicles are full of instances where God commands His people to sing in order to achieve victory amongst the enemies. In one instance Jehoshaphat ordered the people to sing praise unto the Lord before the army. The Lord heard their praise and “ALL the enemies were smitten”. The Scriptures record that not one of them escaped. (II Chron. 20) WOW! The power of praise!

It’s exciting to know that we have that same power at our fingertips…or rather at our lips! So, the question becomes “Why don’t we sing?” Many of us are missing out on wonderful opportunities at Woodland Hills.  Below you will find a list of all the different ensembles, choirs and opportunities in the music department. We strive to offer our best to the Lord and encourage others to use their talents for His glory.

HillsPraise is our adult choir, 18 and older, that sings weekly in our Sunday morning worship service. Rehearsals are at 6:00pm, Wednesday evenings, in the choir room. No auditions are required for this choir. HillsPraise also presents the Gospel through musical productions such as “His Life” and “Love Will Be Our Home”, and has hosted Guy Penrod, Gordon Mote, The Hoppers, and many others. Our desire is to share the message of Christ through song and to have a blast doing it! Come join us.
Below is a copy of the 2020-2021 Color Chart
Our orchestra is “instrumental” in every Sunday morning service at Woodland Hills! They work hard and practice diligently to offer their very best to the Lord on their instrument. Instruments include organ, piano, synthesizer, tuba, trumpets, trombones, French horn, flutes, oboe, sax, guitars, drums, and more! Our orchestra is an auditioned group, but all are welcome to come give it a try!
Our ladies ensemble, HillsHeart, meets at 7:30pm on Wednesday evenings, directly following choir rehearsal. This group is made up of all ages, ladies only, and provides music for all occasions. They have ministered through song in rest homes, at banquets, in worship services, and absolutely love being together. HillsHeart does not require an audition.
GloryLand is a mixed ensemble, men and women of all ages, that meets on Wednesday nights at 5:15pm. They are the “saints” and the “aint’s” (the ladies are the saints :)). This ensemble sings Southern Gospel music and provides worship for Sunday morning services on occasion. GloryLand does not require an audition.
UKnighted is an auditioned praise team that leads worship from the platform every other Sunday. Rehearsals for UKnighted are Sunday afternoons at 4:00pm.
Glorify is an auditioned praise team that leads worship from the platform every other Sunday. Rehearsals for Glorify are Sunday evenings at 6:00pm.
Boundless Love is a men’s quartet that sings everything from Southern Gospel to new contemporary hymns. Rehearsals are Tuesday’s at 12:00pm.
A ladies trio has formed with an unbelievable blend, calling themselves HillsJoy. They are a delightful group with a heart for singing and a love for the Lord.
Our hand bell ensemble meets at 4:45pm Sunday afternoons, and is made up of men and women alike, all ages. They have played all over our city and continue to provide such a needed ministry through the ringing of bells.
5pm Sundays, A-205
"KidsPraise and PreSchool Praise are our children’s choirs that meet on Sunday evenings at 6:00pm in the choir room. These choirs consist of boys and girls, ages 2 through 12, and perform musicals and concerts. They are a joy to watch and an encouragement to hear. All children are welcome to be a part of the KidsPraise and PreSchool Praise choirs!"

If you have any interest or have a question about any of our ministries in the worship department, please don’t hesitate to contact Bro. Aaron. He would absolutely love to incorporate you into one of the instrumental or vocal groups so that you too can be a part of the great praise to our most great God!

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