Christmas in Branson

November 17-20, 2021. Branson, Missouri is known today as the “live music capital of the world” but it has a rich history dating back to its first days in the 1800’s. Starting with a small store at a riverboat stop, the city now boasts over 40 theaters with 60,000 theater seats, over 70 live theater shows, over 200 lodging facilities with over 23,000 lodging rooms, 5,000 camping spaces, over 350 restaurants, three lakes, 9 golf courses, over 200 retail outlets, numerous attractions, caves to explore and year round activities and entertainment.

Every year holds new surprises for the residents and guests of Branson, as familiar faces thrill and entertain audiences while talented new ones continue to join the ranks of Branson veterans. The changing seasons bring a panorama of the mountains, valleys, and lakes of our beautiful Ozarks. The scenic beauty of the lakes, fabulous fishing and water sports keep the outdoor enthusiasts busy. The list of challenging world-class golf courses continue to grow along with the number of outlet stores (somewhere over 200) and other one-of-a-kind shops. Daily life in Branson is history in the making.

Sign up by calling the church office at 903-757-3110.


  • $475 per person (2 to room)
  • $425 per person (3 to room)
  • $375 per person (4 to room)

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