Local Missions Week

July 11-July 16 | 8:30-3:00 Monday-Friday | 11:00-3:00 Saturday
As a church this summer, we will be having a week-long local mission trip to our neighbors here in Longview. During the week of July 11, we will be partnering with local ministries and organizations, hosting our own outreach events, and conducting service projects for local families. We are working to finalize which ministries and organizations we will be partnering with, as well as what service projects we will be able to do. As we have people sign up to serve, we will also have a better idea of what sorts of activities and projects we can commit to doing. So, if you are interested in serving during the week, please sign up! Even if you are only able to participate one day during the week in activities and projects, we still would love to have you participate!
Each morning during the week of July 11, we will have breakfast and a short devotional for our church members who participate. Following this time, church members will go to their respective mission locations. We will work to find what activity or project you are best suited for and would like to work for. We will announce the different activities and projects soon, after we know who is signing up, and thus, what kinds of activities and projects we can commit to doing. Church members will be responsible for their own transportation and lunches. We will also have time at the end of the mission week to gather together for food, fellowship, and to hear stories about how you saw God at work in the lives of those whom you served and those whom you served with.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in participating.


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