Ladies 5

Naomi (Senior Ladies Class)
Gloria Williams, Teacher

As we study the book of Ruth we see where Naomi puts her daughter-in-laws’ lives above her own. The women of this class are some of our most beloved senior adults. Most are widows and have lived life to the fullest. These women are one of the most faithful classes in attendance considering some of the obstacles they have to overcome. This has not slowed any of them down from wanting to further their Bible study and bind-up an even stronger walk with the Lord. The start of each session begins with prayer requests and concerns for each other. Their devotion and close relationship to the Lord make them very strong prayer warriors for Woodland Hills and the community. If at anytime anyone in this congregation has a prayer concern, this class has a direct line to God. We are all confronted day to day with issues regardless of age, so we combine our study of the Bible with each lesson so that it will relate to mature living. Serving the Lord with gladness lets us add humor and always trying to make the lessons enjoyable so the joy for our Lord shows. We study the word of God as if it has a fresh meaning to apply to our lives for all situations regardless of any age and any lady would be more than welcomed to join us for our Naomi LifeGroups class. Naomi Class meets every Sunday morning in the prayer room A-128 located in the office area.

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