Ladies 1

Ekdotos (Ladies 1 Young-Median)
Denise Bowens, Teacher

“Ekdotos” is a class made up of a group of ladies who believe we must be surrendered to Christ in every area of our lives. “Ekdotos” is a Greek word meaning given up, delivered up, surrendered. This class is made up of young ladies to middle aged ladies who are seeking out Christ and learning how to surrender to the ways of God instead of the ways of the world. We have studied the character of Joseph verse by verse and how we can apply these scriptures to our everyday lives. We always take time out to talk about what’s going on in our lives so that we can stay connected and pray for one another. We believe it is important for us to have a place where we can feel safe to talk about our struggles and our praises! God always shows us that no matter how busy our lives get, or what’s going on, we must let go and surrender to Him! We try to study whatever The Holy Spirit leads us to and with out rushing through it. This class is made up of both single and married ladies. We relax, enjoy each other’s company, talk and dig in Gods Word every Sunday in expectation of what He will show us next! We are all just growing in Christ together! Come grow with us , we would love to have you!
Ekdotos meets every Sunday morning in room A206 located above the office area.

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