Drive In Church

Here at Woodland Hills we have always been a group that ‘thinks outside of the box’ and we have come up with a new plan for Sunday that is definitely outside of the box! Sunday Morning at 10:30 we are going to have “Drive in Church!”

Sunday Morning we are encouraging families to come in their vehicles and park in the designated parking area. Once parked we will tune our radios to the determined station and from the comfort of your car you will be able to worship with us through a time of worship and preaching. Our church family will be parked side by side as we engage in corporate worship the best way that we can with the present conditions.

Just think you can wear your comfy clothes, bring a thermos of coffee and a bag of candy and you can worship with us. If Bro. Charles says something that really resonates with you then you can even give a little ‘honk’ with your horn as an ‘amen.’

We understand that this is definitely unusual, but we think this will be a unique way for us to still gather together for worship while doing our due diligence to follow the leadership around us in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Remember we need to limit physical contact so we will be remaining in our vehicles. If it is a pretty day we can roll our windows down and enjoy the day together. 

Help us get the word out! We will be posting images to social media, our website and through emails. Thank you church family, we look forward to seeing you at the “Drive-In.”

03 29 20 Bulletin

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