Opening for Inside Worship
Target Date – Sunday, May 24, 2020

Woodland Hills Baptist Church precautionary measures will be made in compliance with state and local governing and health authorities’ Open Up Texas Plan, Phase 2. In Texas, Phase 1 of reopening the state is April 24 – May 17. Phase 2 targets May 18 as the date some Phase 1 restrictions are lifted. Phase 3 will lift more restrictions, provided there is no appreciable spike in COVID-19 cases.

The best source we have found for statistical COVID-19 information for Texas and the United States is available at We know there are multiple authorities, but we decided this one would be our standard.

Based on the presumptive information that the Governor will move into Phase 2 on May 18, 2020, Woodland Hills will resume Morning Worship Services Sunday May 24.
9:30 AM Mason Creek
10:45 AM Loop Campus

If we fill the Worship Centers to more than 50%, there will be overflow areas available.

We are asking all families to take their own temperature before leaving home.  If it is 100.4 or higher, please stay home. 

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and worship with us Live Streaming online (FaceBook, YouTube, Website). 

If you are afraid of contracting COVID-19 or feel you are at a high risk, please stay home and worship with us Live Streaming online (FaceBook, YouTube, Website). 

Face Masks are suggested but not required.  All ushers and greeters will wear face masks and gloves.

When your entire group/family is here to be seated, an usher will take you to the next available seating area.  This must be done from the front of Worship Center to the back.  We cannot seat partial groups and then someone else come in late.  That would mean you could infect the entire congregation.

There will be no passing of the offering plates. Each bulletin will contain an offering envelope.  Offering drop boxes are at the back on your way out.  You can continue to give online, by mail, or drop by the office.

We ask that bathrooms be used only in case of an emergency. Please wash your hands with soap and follow with hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available in the foyer as well.

There will be no handshaking or hugging.

There will be no coffee or food items anywhere in the Church until further notice.

There is no nursery or childcare until further notice.

We will have live stream only on Sunday night until further notice.

We will have a live stream only on Wednesday night until further notice.

LifeGroups and small groups will not meet on Sunday morning until further notice.

The Grand Hall will be available for classes to meet during the week as long as social distancing and all regulations are met.  Reservations for all meetings in the Grand Hall will go through Bro. Kase.  (No exceptions)

Invitations to come forward will be given.  There will be a staff member at each front section and you come to them, then you will be escorted to a Counseling Room that meets all the social distancing regulations.  Anyone is free and encouraged to come to the altar to pray at any time during services.

Dismissal will take place as Ushers lead out from the back to the front.  Please do not stop in the building to socialize.  Please exit.  Then please practice social distancing.

Weddings and funerals can take place as long as they meet the regulations and social distancing as outline in the Open Up Texas Plan.

Future Events – We are working, planning, and praying for ways to get back to having full services and ministries as soon as possible.  Please continue to pray and be patient.

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