Coed 2

Café Logos (Coed 2)
Randy & Cindy Haley, Teachers

The church is a diverse group of people, and the Café Logos LifeGroups Class represents that diversity well by welcoming all age groups, single or married, with or without children. The class is led by Randy & Cindy Haley, co-teachers, who invite questions and love frank, honest discussion. Randy & Cindy have been teaching LifeGroups for over 20 years.

In Café Logos, you can expect to look deeply into the Word of God – DEEP BUT NEVER DRY! The application of Christian beliefs to everyday life makes this class a worthwhile endeavor, and the relaxed atmosphere encourages fellowship, conversation, and the formation of solid life-long friendships.

Teaching and learning techniques are varied in Café Logos, keeping the class fresh and vibrant. We decide, as a class, what area of study to pursue. Currently we are looking deeply into the Gospel of John and its parallels with the other gospels; but we do not always follow a verse-by-verse type teaching plan. Past studies have included subjects such as: the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the life of David, the journeys and writings of Paul, the Proverbs, to name a few.

Café Logos: It’s a good blend! Find us upstairs above the sanctuary room A-205

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