Prayer Board

Jim Albritton had his tests done this morning and NO Cancer! But he does have Crohn’s Disease that will be controlled with diet.

A dear friend of mine at work just told us that her dad was just in a very bad accident with a lot truck. He is in surgery at GSMC. Prayers appreciated. His name is Billy Merrill.

Please pray for Shelbie Townsend. She was working with our cubbies last night at church and fell and hit her head. She received medication at the ER and is now resting at home.

Praise God !! Gracie’s (Lautaret) surgery went well. She’ll be in the hospital tonight and maybe tomorrow night. Thanks for praying and we love you all

Gracie Lautaret has her surgery at 11:00 this morning. We ask you to join us in praising God for what He has already done and what He is going to do. We love you all.   Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Please be in prayer for Betty Wilson’s nephew Brad Wilson he is in ICU in Nacogdoches where he lives. He was without oxygen for some time so some concern there. Please pray for complete recovery! Thank you!

Please pray for Gracie Lautaret as she will have back surgery this coming Wednesday, the 15th. Please pray for successful surgery and quick healing. Thanks for praying and we love you all.

Thank you for all the prayers, phone calls, emails, txt msgs, and offers to help.(and Bill Darby for running an errand!) My surgery went well. There was less damage than the doctor expected. I have had minimal pain so far. I’m learning to use my right hand since the left will be in a sling for 4 weeks, then physical therapy for estimated 2
months. I am out of town at Moms’ until I can drive home. ~Barry Cates

Beverly Nugent’s x-rays came back negative and she is being discharged from the emergency room and going home. She will have some serious bruises and soreness for a while so please continue to pray for her. She know’s God was watching over her because it should have been extremely worse!

Remember Beverly Nugent. She has had a car accident and is being transported to good Shepherd via ambulance.

Please keep Ken Jones in your prayers. He has been suffering with Prostate Cancer since about 2006. He has endured various treatments and has experienced lowered PSA levels, but it still comes back.

Barry Cates is having shoulder surgery early Thursday morning. Prayers would be appreciated.

Mark Francisco’s brother passed away unexpectedly yesterday. Mark lost his Dad a few months ago. I know Mark and his family would appreciate prayers.

Please keep Jim Albritton in your prayers. He will have a test done tomorrow and another on Friday, November 17.

Pray for Traci Lovelady please. She is at Trinity Mother Francis, Tyler. She’s going in for Double joint replacement jaw surgery this morning. Very long surgery.

Deanne Anderson’s daughter has an infection that is not responding to antibiotic. She is back in the emergency room this morning. Very painful and serious. Please pray for mesd to combat it. Looks like MRSA .

Please pray for family of Melissa Maloney, she is one of Randy Haley’s coworkers at TSTC. Her son-in-law committed suicide last night. Melissa and JB are with their daughter at this time in Houston.

Betty Nickel has been moved to Treviso to Room  # 411. She is still in pain and ask for our continued prayers.

Prayer for Scott and Jeanie Simpson. We recently moved back to Longview and glad to be back at home. Scott currently works 2 weeks out of town and home a week. We are asking that you pray with us that God will bring Scott home and work locally.

Betty Nickel, Longview Regional, Room 150, not feeling great, but is better and stronger. 

Dendy Merrill, Good Shepherd, Room 2325, will be there until Monday. Chest pains, heart problem.

Ramon McCauley, Summer Meadows, Room 417, here for rehab. Looks and feels good.

Jan Jenkins, Longview Regional, had a knee replacement.
Jr High Youth Retreat, Lakeview Camp, pray for all going.

Dendy Merrill has had a heart attack and has been admitted to GSMC. Please keep him in your prayers.

Bro. Ramon McCauley is scheduled to arrive at Summer Meadows today around 5:00 PM or so.  He’s still very weak, so they’re bringing him by ambulance.  Please pray for him as they make the trip.

My daughter in law is sick and had to go to get IV and meds and we kept the 3 grandkids. The grandkids got sick while they were here and now they are on their way back to hospitality er with them. It is awful to see little ones sick, and the older one too. Please pray for all of them and that Ralph and I don’t get sick too. We both just started new jobs.
Thank you so much, Delores

Pray for Helen Fuller, Guy Fuller’s mother. She had a heart attack Sunday night and stint put in Monday afternoon. She is still in the hospital.

Dr. John Presley, Liz and Dot’s cousin, had a heart cath today at Good Shepherd. There was some blockage but they are going to treat with medicine. He’s going home today.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Giuliana’s test showed no tumor. They are sending her home with meds.

Please pray for Giuliana Stevens. She is at the ER at Baylor. She had a seizure this morning.

Betty Nickel is out of surgery and in room 147 at Longview Regional.

Jan Jenkins knee replacement in the morning at Regional, surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am.  She would appreciate prayer, is trusting in the Lord. Thank you!

Pray for LaDonna Blair. She had a biopsy and it came back malignant for breast cancer.

Betty Nickel just went back for surgery at Longview Regional.  Not sure how long the surgery is.
Brenda Eddy is going in for surgery at Longview Regional later this morning.

Betty Nickel has been cleared to have back surgery tomorrow morning at Longview Regional. She checks in at 5:30am. She will have to stay 3-5 days.

Please pray for Betty Nickel. She sees her heart doctor today at 1:15. Doctor wants to make sure she is strong enough for back surgery tomorrow at Longview Regional.

Your payers have been heard and answered for my son, Eric. Kidney biopsies confirmed treatable / curable disease I can’t begin to spell. In a few months he should be off all meds and not have any more clot issues. Thanks so much for the prayers! Gena Borden

Bro. Ramon McCauley is not feeling well today. He has some pain in his lower intestines.

Bro. Aaron Perkins is still in a lot of pain. He is waiting now to have an MRI done. They’re thinking maybe a Stone is lodged somewhere causing the pain. Pray for him and Jenn.

Sheila Conner has No blockage!!! Either the ultra sound was wrong or God healed her. Take your pick!  Should be home by noon!

Mike and Cassy Ambern had a precious little girl this morning, Adeline, 6 pounds and 12 ounces at Longview Regional. Mom and baby are both doing well.

Sheila Conner is having a procedure done at Longview Regional this morning.

Just took our precious daughter-in-law back for surgery at Longview Regional. Would be grateful for your prayers. Gordon and Brenda Bevis

Please keep praying for Ashley, post brain tumor surgery, and her entire family! Some ways requesting prayer from Ashley’s husband, David from their Blog where you can read their testimonies:

Please pray for:
Billie Trout – heart patient and is having dental work
Dot Gregory – dental work
Blake Aultman – heart attack, Tyler hospital
Stewart Gregory – pain

Ramon McCauley is doing better. No fever today. He would love to get some phone calls. He’s in Houston by himself.  His number is (903) 806-0726‬.

Please pray for my mother, Donna Thomas. She was taken to Mercy Hospital in Canton, Ohio last night and was admitted. Thanks. Jeff Thomas

Update on Ramon McCauley, he’s running some fever and not feeling good today. Please pray for him.

Please keep Tanner Koenig in your prayers. He is a junior at Hallsville high and church member. He has had a back injury due to football and is going for an MRI. Please pray for wisdom and relief. 

Greg Stewart had a heart cath today. They found 75% blockage on one artery, 80% on the 2nd, and 100% blockage on the 3rd!!   They put stints in the two lesser blockages.  We get to head home in about an hour.  Please pray for Greg and Michelle.

Prayer for Julie Bailey. This is a neighbor of mine – she works at Albertsons. She was diagnosed with breast cancer some time ago, and went through mastectomy surgery and chemo/radiation, and was doing pretty well.  She had a doctor’s appointment week before last for an MRI, and learned that it has metastasized in her lungs. She called me last week, and the doctors told her she has “a few months.” I am pretty sure she doesn’t know the Lord.

Marty Mayfield got a call during Sunday school that his nephew Chad Sanders went into cardiac arrest this morning and died. He was 38.  Please pray for the Sanders family.

Kodi Tutt’s scans came back clear.  She will not have to go back for scans until after Christmas.  Thank you for the prayers.

Pray for Carnes Alexander, Mandy Williamson’s neighbor.  He fell from a ladder and his organs are shutting down.

Pray for Paul Adams knee.

My best friend Candy Johnson’s husband Howard has been fighting cancer. This week he has been put on Hospice.  Please keep Candy and Howard and their family in your prayers. Thank you Alice Youngblood

Please continue praying for my son, Eric. Kidney biopsy went well Thursday. Released from hospital Friday, Oct. 20th. Back seven hours later to ER with ” dead leg”. Now Doctors are trying to figure out how to solve clot issue restricting blow flow. High risk of kidney bleed to save foot. Methods have changed twice, so nothing definitive. Pray God guides the decisions made on Eric’s treatment as we all know ho The Ultimate Healer is. Thank you again. Gena Borden

Please keep my brother, Randy Greene in your prayers.  He had his kidney transplant back in April 2017 and had to wait 6 months to have his two diseased kidneys out, two dangerous.  He is scheduled for surgery Oct. 25th in Ft. Worth.  His two diseased kidneys are huge from all the cysts that cover them in and out, so he’s had 3 kidneys for 6 months and now the old ones are smashing his good kidney.  ~Vicki LeGrand

Bro. Ramon was sitting up this morning in bed. They took the breathing tube out and Doctor said he was doing great. His heart is still skipping some, but he has been off his medicine and they can’t do anything about it until he gets stronger.  They plan to get him up and walk some today. Thanks for prayers!

Please continue to pray for Bro. Ramon. His heart is showing some problems. They are giving him some pain meds and going to leave breathing tube in thru the night but his heart is skipping beats.

Bro. Aaron is out of surgery and everything went well.

Bro. Ramon just came out of surgery. The surgeon completed bypassing 3 very large aneurysms. Continue to pray. He did very well in surgery.

Pray for Bro. Aaron this morning. He is having his gallbladder removed.

They have taken Bro. Ramon McCauley back into surgery. The operation is very risky and will take between 3 to 8 hours.

Traci Lovelady will be having double jaw joint replacement surgery on Nov 8th. Please keep her & the doctors in your prayers for peace, steady hands, no complications & quick recovery.

My son, Eric is having the tumor on his kidney biopsied in the morning. Will determine type off treatment based on what they find. Please pray it’s benign and for full and fast recovery from our Ultimate Healer. Thank you, Gena Borden

Ramon McCauley is having the more extensive surgery on Thursday at 8:30am in Houston. Please keep him in your prayers.

Today starts another scan week for Kodi Tutt. She will undergo the usual MRI, CT scan, Bone Marrow, MIBG Scan, along with many other tests. Please join me in praying for continued good results.

Please pray for our friend Bruce Wofford as he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Praise God for his healing,  Diana Graves

I apologize for this sending this so late….just got the info tonight.. My cousin received a letter from Chris today and he needs our URGENT prayer support. The Aryan Brotherhood prison gang has given the “green ” light on Chris.  This means stabbing  or killing him. This is no threat…these people have no regard for life.  I will be calling in the morning to find out more info. As to what the prison is doing to keep Chris safe. Please pray for a hedge of protection around Chris, wisdom for the prison staff, wisdom and the right words for me as I communicate with whoever i need, protective custody so that Chris can safely serve the rest of his time. Praying  peace,faith and trust in Christ to see him..and us through this! Thank you for praying! It means so much to have people standing in the gap!! Melody Fitzgerald

Update on Bro. Ramon McCauley. He has two options.
1) complete surgery to open him up and clean out everything
2) go in the groin area and do a stent
The first one is more serious but the doctor thinks it is best. Please pray for him and family as they make their decision. You can contact Ramon by calling 713-704-4765 and ask for Room 8.

Please pray for our friend Denice Brown in Houston. They are running some test and more needed to confirm if she has Interstitial Lung Disease. They told her if it’s confirmed, that it is very progressive and there is no cure. We are standing with her in prayer that she doesn’t have it. She taught our Kay Arthur Precept Courses. She is a wonderful woman of God. Thank all of you for your prayers!!! Janelle Brown

Pray for Pamala Kent, as she and the doctors prepare her for heart valve surgery.  The date for surgery has not been set but possible in the next two weeks.

Pray for the Curl Family.  Charlene Curl, age 2, stopped breathing and heart stopped.  Airlifted to Dallas.

Paula Muirhead is a close friend of Donnie Freeman. She is in the hospital with a bad septic infection and the doctor is sending her home tomorrow with hospice and give her maybe a month to live. She is a Christian. Please pray for her.

Please pray for God to give Tom & Lynn endurance and wisdom, wisdom and guidance for John and his kids, for Kimberly to get a new kidney.

Please pray for Rodney Branch. He is the nephew of Willy Fields. He had a heart attack which is his third attack. Heart is only working about 20%. He is in his 50s.

Bro. Ramon McCauley is now at Herman Memorial, Houston. The phone number is 713-704-4765, Room 8.  Doctors are with him now and trying to get a plan

Mason’s appetite is pretty good, but his blood count is still low and the fever is still there. The Doctors are still trying to find out what is causing the increased temperature. Continue to pray for healing and for wisdom for the Doctors.

Please continue to lift up Mason and his family in prayer. He came back home on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. This morning he is headed back to Dallas Children’s Hospital. He has a high fever again. His ANC (a measure of the particular white blood cells that are able to fight infection) is at about 170. The normal range for a healthy person is around 1500 to 8000. If the count is below 500 there is a significant risk of infection. Please. please pray.

Please continue to pray for Ramon McCauley. He is currently in room 2354 at GSMC. Bro. Ramon still needs his aneurysm repaired, and it looks like he may be transferred to Houston to take care of this. There is one doctor that is currently looking at his case to offer advice whether he should stay in Longview or go to Houston.

Jackie Allen is at ER in Branson with terrible headache and numbness in right hand, going back for CAT scan, doctor doesn’t think it is heart related.

Ramon McCauley came thru the surgery very well. He is in Good Shepherd, Room 2354. He will be going to Dallas in the next day or two for the treatment that he needs. Please continue to pray.

Please pray for Ramon McCauley, he is currently in surgery at GSMC for an aneurysm.

Kyle, Macy’s husband has just come out of surgery and the doctors were more than pleased at the success! Once the tumor was removed from the adrenal gland, every part of his body began to function back like normal. Only God! Praise the Lord! Thank you all for praying.

Lopez “Shorty” – an inmate at Gurney. Wife killed in train collision – cannot locate his children. Pray for Chaplain Gnasty as he counsels him.

Thank you all for praying for Macy’s Husband,  Kyle.  Please continue through the next few days.  He’s having the operation to remove the tumor from his adrenaline gland @ 1:15 Thursday.
Thank you for praying.  All the family is most appreciative.  Thankful.

Please pray for a little girl named Lanie Novak. She will be having open heart surgery to repair a defect that’s in her heart. It will be at the medical center in Dallas on November 28th.

Macy Roach is the daughter of Scott and Renee Hamilton and my cousin.  Her husband is in the hospital in Virginia with some serious internal issues going on and they need our prayers now! Please pray for surgeons and all taking care of him. Need our Great Physician’s wisdom! Thank you all. They cherish your interceding.  ~Aaron Perkins

Update on Suzy Albritton:  They had to put 2 stints in the lower descending artery. She came through fine and will be back in the room shortly. Thanks for your prayers.

Please continue to pray for Mason. He is still in Dallas Children’s Hospital and may get to come home Tuesday. He is the great grandson of Betty and Vernon Mosley.

Please keep Suzy Albritton, Jan & Jim Albritton’s daughter in law, in your prayers. She will be admitted to Regional and will do a heart cath in the morning.

Received this message from Erick, who dearly loves our church, requesting prayer:  my wife and my two children are seriously sick, I don’t have money to access medication just believing God’s miracle, please pray for us.  The Lord is able!

Please pray for the salvation, deliverance and emotional healing of Paola in Miami. Pray also that the Lord brings Spirit filled Christian friends into her life. Thank you!

Please pray for my son, Eric. Test revealed a tumor on one kidney. Doing further testing to determine treatment. Thank you in advance . Gena Borden

Thank you for your prayers.Our daughter in law had a great surgery. God is good. Lanette and Richard Burks

Dr. Gene Petty’s son, Jay Petty is in dire need of your prayers right now! Dr. Petty is calling on all prayer warriors to intercede for his boy. He is 55 years old and lives in Little Rock, facing battles of a lifetime. We know he is not fighting flesh and blood, so please please pray!

Just received a call from Betty and Vernon Mosley, asking for prayer for Mason their Great Grandson. He was taken to the Doctor with a high fever. They determined that his blood count is low again. As most of you know, he has Leukemia. He is on his way to Dallas Children’s Hospital. Please pray for safe travel for the family and for the Doctors and nursing staff to do the things that need to be done to raise his blood count and to lower his temperature.

Praying for good neighbors.  We are losing the folks on both sides of us.  We need good folks to buy these two houses.  ~Pat Adams

Wally Fowler has called and informed me his precious wife, Danna, has died of a massive heart attack. Wally played piano and synthesizer at Woodland Hills when we were in the old building…a gifted musician but a dear brother in the Lord. Please remember him and his family today as the mourn this loss of their loved one.
Thank you all.

Pray for:  Don’s mom to be healed of skin cancer, Daniele to come back to the LORD and her mom, the Salvation of Hannah and healing from her blood disease,  a job and car for Scott & Fran; for faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Thank you!

Ms Iva Dee has been diagnosed with pneumonia so they will more than likely keep her overnight. She is in room 256 at Longview Regional.

Ms. Iva Dee seems to be doing okay. However, she may be staying at Longview Regional to get thoroughly checked out. Continue praying for her.

They have carried Peggy Worsham’s mother, Iva Dee Smith to Longview Regional with breathing pains.

Sissi Ingram’s surgery went well. She will be in Christus Good Shepherd for about 10 more days/. Please pray she continues to do well.

Please pray for our students tomorrow as they join students across the globe for SYATP (see you at the pole).  This will be a great time for them to show Christ to their campus!

Jeanette Ashley is out of surgery and doing great. They have removed all of the tubes and repaired the hernia that did not take. Continue to pray for quick healing and full recovery!

I Just had mouth surgery from tooth that broke off please pray for healing, especially with Sister2Sister this Thursday!  I believe in the power of prayer!  Tracy Jones

Sandy Sanders is leading a group to prepare the meal for Sister 2 Sister on Thursday and he needs a few more helpers. He will be starting in the Kitchen around 2, if you could help out please give him a call and let him know that you will be there, his number is 903-987-0899. Thanks for all of your help!

Please pray for my daughter in law. She is Tyler hospital needing neuro surgery,we pray her Dr. will be able to help her. Thanks, Lanette and Richard Burks

This is a praise to God Almighty. Last night the dialysis center called and told us that Dan has done so well with his treatments that the treatments can be stopped for now. We will see one of the physicians to get more answers but for now we are shouting our praises. Continue to keep both of us in your prayers for healing of his bedsore on on foot and prepare a buyer for our home when we place it on the market. With God all things are possible. ~Lois Templin

Be praying for Jeanette Ashley this morning as she is going back into surgery. She has been in the hospital for several days now and something is not draining properly. Let’s pray her through!

My prayer is that all who read this will say a prayer for my friend, Michael Duke.  ~Barbara Martin

I’m asking that the prayer warriors at WHBC say a prayer today for my friend of many years, Michael Duke.  He has many heart issues and has been in A-fib since June.  He also has a pacemaker that may not be functioning properly.  In addition, only two chambers of his heart are functioning properly.  He will be admitted to the VA heart hospital in Dallas tomorrow.   We don’t know what the prognosis is but our mighty mighty God does!  Pray for those who will attend him and family who loves him.  This gentleman serves God every day and knows he is in the hands of God. Thank you in advance for your prayers. ~Barbara Martin

Please pray for my sweet dear friend, Jonna Dowdy Rust, who has complications from surgery. She is in ICU at Mother Francis Hospital in Tyler. More tests are pending.  She and her husband have a little son who needs his mother. Her husband and family request your prayers. ~Barbara Martin

Please pray for Sissi Ingram She fell yesterday and broke her femur. She will have surgery today at Good Shepherd to have her bone set. Please pray for her and the Drs who attend her.

Aunt Esther Mae went to be with the Lord at 7:41 PM tonight.
Esther Pogue was taken by  ambulance to Regional. She was unresponsive. They did CPR and worked with paddles for 20 minutes. Finally got a pulse. We are waiting to see.

Please pray for Jeanette Ashley. She is not doing well – in a lot of pain. Jeanette is still in the hospital.

Praise!  Mary Tucker’s heart tests came back and all is normal. Thank you for all the prayers.

Please pray for Mrs. Janelle Brown as she is recovering from foot surgery.

Please pray:  For the healing of Carolyn’s stomach virus.  For the healing of Don’s Mom’s skin cancer. For the sale of Nicole’s house. For the salvation of Hannah, Jeff, & Laurie through Jesus Christ

Please pray for Lynn Gruber. She will have shoulder surgery Sept 26th.

Keeping Gail Hatfield overnight for more test. Room 1710.

Gail Hatfield  just arrived at Longview Regional ER with chest pains. Don’t have details yet.  

Jeanette Ashley is having surgery this morning at Willis Knighton North in Shreveport. She will be here several days.

Please continue to pray for Lois Templin. She was admitted yesterday and they are still waiting on the cardiologist this morning to decide what to do next. She is in Room 1612 at Good Shepherd.

Also pray for Sonya Gilley (Bob Gilley’s wife) She had knee replacement this morning at Good Shepard. The procedure went will but should be there for at least tonight.

Lastly, for Luke Davis. He is a student in our youth group that plays for Hallsville. He got hurt Friday night and they think he tore MCL and ACL but will know more this week.

Lois just got out of surgery. They put a stint in and ballooned some of the arteries.

She did well and will return to her room soon.

Please continue to pray for Lois and Dan.

Lois Templin will have a heart cathe at 2:00 PM today at Good Shepherd. They’re expecting to put in some stents.
Dan has an appointment with a surgeon this afternoon.
Please pray for the Caswell family, Carol passed away last nite.

Please pray for Lois Templin, she is currently at GSMC with chest pains.

My family member in Memphis Gerald is in JESUS arms now!  Thanku for prayers Diana Graves

Prayers please for a friend of Lou Morton,  Cindy has stage 4 lung cancer. Thank you.

Please pray for family member. Fell, hit head and is now on life support, critical! In hospital in Memphis. Prayers for family. THANK YOU!  God is our GREAT PHYSICIAN  ~DIANA GRAVES

Bob Chucci is supposed to start chemo this coming Wednesday in Tyler. Praying this time it won’t be cancelled. Praying for GOD to give doctors wisdom to cure him. Pray for him and Nora.

Tim Elliott (brother in law to Lou Morton’s daughter-in-law) has had a heart attack.

Esther Pogue just got out of surgery and she did great.  Her blood pressure is high but they’re dealing with it. Should be back in the room within the hour. Will leave hospital and go to rehab.

My two brothers,  nieces and nephews are safe from Irma. One  brother already has electricity, major damage to his home was he will need a new roof. The others r still without power, but GOD is faithful. Thank You God for your blessings.  ~Karen Pettit

I finally received a call from my sister in St. Petersburg yesterday. They rode out the storm in their home. They are without power and the water pumping system shut down. She said the winds were horrific. I praise the Lord they made it and thank everyone for your prayers. Please continue to pray for her and her husband. They are very blessed to be protected. Thanks in Jesus, Vicki LeGrand

Update:  Esther Pogue is being admitted to Longview Regional, Room 251. Her ankle is broken in 3 places. They’re running more tests. Waiting on a surgeon.

They are taking Esther Pogue to the ER at Longview Regional. Dizzy and unresponsive.

Please continue to pray for Betty Hudman. She is at home recovering from surgery.

Please continue to pray for Dan and me. Dan developed a bad bed sore on is right heel while in Treviso and it continues to worsen. Since my heart attack I have had no more chest pains but still need another procedure soon. Cannot do any lifting or assist Dan with wheel chair and tire easily. We have made the decision to downsize since we cannot take care of our large yard and home and it is not handicap accessible. We have placed a contract on a much smaller home. Please pray for buyer for our house. We praise God that we are still here and if we can do nothing except pray for others then hopefully our lives will continue to glorify God. We thank each of you for your cards, calls and continued prayers.  ~Lois Templin

Please continue to pray for my younger sister, Alanna in St. Petersburg, FL.   They are still in their home waiting for the authorities to tell them when they could go to a shelter.  Please pray for her safety, and protection. Thanks for your prayers ahead of time. Love in Jesus, Vicki LeGrand

Please be in prayer for our friend, Mark Hulsey. Mark had a stroke Friday and is in ICU at a Tyler Hospital. He was found to have fluid around his heart and was going to have heart catch today before the doctors could address his stroke problem. Mark is 58 years old. Thanks in advance for your prayers.
Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Denny Youngblood is coming home today from VA in Shreveport. Still in some pain but doing well. Pray for him and Alice.

Jim Albritton is having more surgery on face for cancer. Heart is out of rhythm also. Pray for him and Jan.

Bob Chucci was accepted into a experimental research program and will begin new chemo next week. In a lot of pain. Pray for him and Nora.

Please continue to pray for Carl Edwards. He is recovering at Good Shepherd in room 1468.

Funeral services for Rick Simpson, Scott Simpson’s dad, have been changed…they are set for Monday, September 11, at Woodland Hills Baptist Church.
Visitation will be at 9:00 AM
Service will be at 10:00 AM
Please continue to pray for Scott & Jeanie, and Linda, Scott’s mother.

Please pray for the Briley’s. They are stuck in Florida with no way of getting out.

Denny is out of surgery and he did great!  Thank you, God!  He should be coming home tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers!  Alice

Rick Simpson, Scott’s dad, just passed away in Houston. Be praying for this family. Details when they become available.

Please keep Sondra Freeman’s sister, Gayle Mitchell, in your prayers.  She just found out she has cancer.

Please be in prayer for my husband Denny Youngblood, he is in surgery at VA in Shreveport right now.
Thank you and love to our church family,  Alice Youngblood

Please be in prayer for my younger sister Alanna Greene. She lives in St. Petersburg,FL and is frantically trying to get supplies. She hasn’t been able to buy water or gas as of yesterday. She doesn’t know yet if she
will try to out run Hurricane Irma and get out of Florida or go to a shelter. Either way, she is in a very dangerous situation. I am very concerned for her. Thank you for your prayers, Vicki LeGrand

Just found out more cancer on face more surgery Friday please keep in prayers.  ~Jim Albritton

Carl Edwards is having a serious surgery today around noon at Good Shepherd. Please pray for him and Audrey.

Sharyn will have round two of chemotherapy this Thursday, prayer is appreciated also for Gene who is making a decision about taking early retirement to care for Sharyn as she goes through cancer treatments.

Flo Loftin came home Sunday and is doing very good. In 2-3 weeks she should be walking well and getting back to normal. Please continue to pray for her recovery.

Update:  My friend came through the surgery and no complications.  She will be sent to rehab but not sure where yet.  Thanks for all the prayers.
I have a friend that went in surgery last Monday to have pins replaced in her back. There were compilations with some blockage in her leg and this morning the are having to amputate her leg.  This comes with no warning to her so she needs prayer for mental healing as well as physical.
Thank you, Delores Hill

Please be in prayer for the following:
1)      The family of Rick Hall, my friend from Tyler. They recently learned that their adult autistic son is dying from a brain tumor.
2)  Jim Quinn, a fellow radio amateur and good Christian friend (they have been attending Calvary BC here) had a stroke  which has affected his right side. They say he will make a nearly full recovery, but has a long and intense period of therapy ahead in order to get there.
3)       John Zenter Sr. (my dad) and Evelyn Zenter (my step mom.)  Several of my siblings and one of her children met with an attorney last Monday or Tuesday to lay the ground work for the time when she must be transitioned into a memory unit care facility. They seem to be declining fairly rapidly. They currently are still living at home in Haughton, Louisiana, with in home care 7 days a week/approximately 6-8 hours a day.  Thank you for praying!  ~John Zenter

Just found out a good friend of mine Roy Goodson passed last night please keep that family in your prayers.  ~Jim Albritton

Please pray for Marshall Houghton. Health issues.

Jim Albritton is home. Surgery went well. Unfortunately his surgery from Monday has reversed itself and he is back in afib. The Albritton’s appreciate all the prayers and asks that you please continue to pray.

Please be in prayer for new member Dr Denny Youngblood. He will be at the VA hospital in Shreveport, having surgery on September 7th for gallbladder/hernia/ diverticulitis. He should be in hospital only a couple of days, if all goes well. Thank you in advance for your prayers!

Jim Albritton is out of surgery and all went well. Should go home this afternoon.

Sheila Roberts’s surgery ended at midnight last night she had a pretty rough night but she’s doing much better this morning Dr. says that it should make a big difference.

Sheila Roberts is out of surgery. The doctor said all went well. She will be in ICU and on vent for tonight to watch close. Thanks for prayers.

Shelia Roberts was transferred to Methodist Hospital in Richardson today.  She just went back for an emergency surgery. Will take about 2-3 hrs.

Please pray for Carol Caswell (Indiana) she was my husbands cousin, is very ill. She has pneumonia and other issues going on. Thank You for your prayers .. ~Karen Pettit

Please continue to pray for Teresa Gibson, she is having tests done at Good Shepherd on the 2300 floor concerning her heart.

Flo Loftin is out of surgery. Everything went well. She will spend a night and should go home tomorrow.

Please pray our Marine son home as he drives many many hours that will include bad storms left over from hurricane!  ~Tracy Jones

Betty Crump is at Hawkins Creek Senior Living.  She hopes to go home when she gets strong enough.  Please pray for her recovery.
Flo Loftin…just went into surgery for aneurysm repair at Longview Regional.

Sheila Roberts…just left Regional and being transferred to Methodist Hospital in Dallas.

Please pray for Teresa Gibson she was having chest pains and is going to have a CAT scan done. She’s at Good Shepherd.

Please keep CPT Chip Glass (Kay Glass’ son) in your prayers. He was in Iraq and had a seizure and was medevacd to Germany. He is on his way back to the US to find out what’s causing the seizures.

Flo Loftin’s surgery has been moved to 8:00am tomorrow (Thursday, August 31) at Longview Regional Day Surgery.

Well it’s midnight and the outlook seems better for the Longview area as far as the weather is concerned. Not so for our friends in southeast Texas. They continue to be under a flash flood warning until 4:15 AM. It is raining very hard right now…and has been. If you’re still up, would you stop and pray now for God to be merciful and stop the rain…NOW! I still believe in prayer…

Liz Graham heard from her aunt about her cousins, in Houston. They had notified them they were just now being rescued by boat. They did not know their destination right now. Please prayer for all the ones displaced by this storm.

Please pray for Tom Moore, he is about to have surgery at Longview Regional. After surgery he will be admitted for a night or two.

Please include Gracie Lautaret’s older sister Dorothy and her husband Paul Sturm of Vidor in your prayers. They, like many others, are being flooded by the hurricane. They have had to leave their home and are staying with family on higher ground.

Jim Albritton’s procedure to shock his heart worked. He will be going home soon. Continue to pray for him and Jan.

Please keep our children and youth in prayer today. Today is most of their first day back at school. Pray for all our educators as well.

Bob Chucci’s chemo was canceled trying to work it out he has had a couple of real bad days needs prayers for divine intervention.

Please keep Jim Albritton and Jan in your prayers next week.  Jim has a cardio procedure on Monday, Thursday he sees a dermatologist, then on Friday he has shoulder surgery.

RE: Katie Grace, Susan Avery’s granddaughter. The neurologist is going to monitor the pineal cyst and brain lesion. He gave her medication for the headaches.

Please pray for my granddaughter Autumn Gimble and her husband Joshua Gimble. He and his unit are on their way to Galveston to the Gulf for Disaster Relief.

Please pray for 5 year old Katie Grace.  There’s fluid in her brain and she’s having headaches.  She has an appointment at Children’s Hospital in Dallas at in the morning.  This is Susan Avery’s granddaughter.

Flo Loftin will have surgery to repair an aneurysm at Longview Regional on Thursday, August 31

Mary Tucker just got back from the cardiologist. She needs more testing. Please continue to prayer for her.

Funeral services for Barbara Parrish are Friday, August 25, at Woodland Hills Baptist Church.
1:00 PM.    Visitation      2:00 PM.    Service

Please keep my daughter in law Suzy Albritton in your prayers her mother passed this afternoon from a heart attack Jean Davidson was her name.  ~Jim Albritton

Please Pray…I’m 45 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 22 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name

Barbara Parrish passed away last night. Please pray for the family. Details will follow when available.

Pray for Landon Fenton’s grandma.  She is in a nursing home and she is very sick.

Pray for Mary Reynolds.  She has lung cancer.

Barbara Parrish has taken a turn and is basically in a coma. Hospice has been called in. She remains in Longview Regional. Pray for the families, Pam & Connie her daughters.

Pray Tom Moore. He will be having surgery on August 29. Pray for him and Doris.

Please pray for Christine Blanton. She is having kidney stones removed today. This is Ashley Hunts mom.

Please pray for Rick Simpson, Scott’s dad.  He has cancer.  He was taken home to Houston from the hospital and placed on hospice.  The doctor said two weeks at the most.  Please pray for his wife, Linda, and for Scott and Jeanie.

Barbara Parrish is in Longview Regional. She had to go to ER today blood sugar was over 500 & dehydrated . It is down some now but they’re keeping her overnight for observation.

Update on Lois Templin: Lois had a heart cath and had 90% blockage in one artery and 60-70% blockage in two others. Doctors put two stents in. Everything went well and she is still in recovery.

Update: Lois Templin had a possible heart attack and running tests. She is at GSMC room 2349.
Lois Templin had a heart attack last night. She is at Christus Good Shepherd, Longview. She has been taking care of Dan while he has been at Treviso Rehab. He is still not doing well and is on dialysis. Please pray for this sweet couple and all they are going through.

Funeral services for Mrs. Ruby Simmons will be at Woodland Hills on Monday, August 21 at 11:00 AM. Burial will be at Lakeview Cemetery. We will feed the family after the services. Please continue to pray for this family.

Just received a call from my daughter in law……The report Came back BENIGN. Thank you so much for all the prayers.. God is soooo good!  ~Buddy and Gracie

Mrs. Ruby Simmons passed away today. More details as they become available. Mrs. Ruby was our oldest member at Woodland Hills. She was 108. Please pray for this family.

Please pray for Sharyn and Gene. They go tomorrow for her  first round of chemotherapy. 
Thank ‎ you so much!

Please pray for Betty Nickel’s daughter-in-law Joyce Nickel. She has been diagnosed with shingles on her face that has affected her brain and has been in the hospital in Corpus for over a week. Joyce has additionally been diagnosed with viral meningitis. Because of the seriousness she is being flown to St. Luke’s in Houston.

Please continue to pray for Dorothy Harrell. She is 95 years old, lives at Arabella. They have changed her date to receive the heart valves surgery. It is now scheduled 8/22. She is very weak and not feeling well. She is so thankful to be on our prayer board and for our prayers. She and her husband moved here from Lubbock to be near their daughter who lives here and their so. In Dallas. Thank all of you so much who will and are praying for her. Janelle Brown

Mary Walton has been dismissed from the hospital and is home now.  She still has strep and fighting pneumonia, but is better.  Please continue to pray for her.

Please pray for Bob Ponder.  Received a shot for back pain at ER last evening.

Charlene Stevens is at the Good Shepherd Northpark ER in a lot of pain. Please pray for her and Mike.

Carl Edwards is recovering in room 1465 at Good Shepherd. He should be released to go home tomorrow. He will have another surgery next month.

Billy Hall is recovering from surgery at Good Shepherd, everything went well and he should be released to go home today.

Mary Walton is in Regional Hospital room 240 fighting pneumonia and strep. It is best to wait on visiting Mary they have her quarantined because she is contagious.

Please be in prayer for our friend, Mary Mauldin…she is going to Dallas today to Methodist Hospital to have test and evaluation to see if her body is strong enough for a liver transplant. This is a four day testing and evaluation. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.     ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Dear Prayer Warriors, there was just a little confusion in mine and Buddy’s conversation. We’ve had a good laugh but still request prayer for our daughter in love. She had a knot removed from her breast (not her hand) this morning. She is home now and will have results Tuesday, we hope. Please join us in praying for good results. Thank you, Buddy and Gracie

Mary Walton is being admitted to Longview Regional. She has pneumonia and strep.

Billy Hall did great in surgery. He is spending the night at Good Shepherd.

Carl Edwards
 had surgery and is in Good Shepherd.

Please keep Billy Hall in your prayers. He’s having a procedure done today on his knee. Should just be day surgery.

Please pray for our daughter in love this morning as she is having a procedure to remove and biopsy a quarter sized knot on her hand. Pray for good biopsy results and quick healing. Thanks for praying and we love you all. ~Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Thank God from whom all blessings flow and thank you for your prayers. Dan Templin walked 10 steps today. Praise and honor to our Lord and King. We still have a long way to go but the road is easier knowing our church family is praying for us.

Pray for Mary Tucker. Running test on her for congestive heart failure and possible blockages. They will do more tests in near future. She is home.

Carl Edwards had surgery and is at Good Shepherd Hospital. Pray for him and Audrey.

Please pray — Sharyn Michali is having surgery tomorrow morning to have a port placed in her chest. This will enable blood to be drawn and chemotherapy to be administered with far fewer needle sticks and hopefully will be more comfortable. She will begin chemotherapy next week on Thursday morning. Thanks in advance for your prayers!

Lonnie is out of surgery. Put in a new stent. Will observe. Go home later today.

Update on Laura Odom: Praise our Lord Jesus sonogram showed on one breast it was a cyst and one they didn’t take a good mammogram it was squished? Now waiting for chest c ray don’t tell me our LORD doesn’t hear our prayers thanks to everyone for their prayers can’t thank you enough sweet JESUS

Lonnie Stanley is going back into surgery. Please pray.

Lonnie Stanley has come out of surgery and everything went just fine. Stent is in and he should be able to go home later today. He is still in recovery right now.

Bro. Lonnie Stanley is being admitted to Christus GSMC for a bad kidney infection. They are going to put a stent tomorrow morning at 6:30. Please pray for him and for the medical team

3 Hallsville students were in an accident on Lake of the Pines today. Two have passed away, another in critical condition that was life flighted to LSU Shreveport. Please pray for theses families.

Pray for Scott Simpsons dad and mother, Rick and Linda Simpson.  His father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer 4 months back and was given 9-12 months to live. No chemotherapy or any other treatments have worked and he continues to get worse daily. They have now given him 6 months possibly to live.  Scott’s mother is down as well and Jeanie is in Houston helping to take care of their needs.  Scott and Jeanie just recently moved back to Longview.

Please keep my daughter Laura Odom in your prayers she went for mammogram found one lump in one breast and a mass in the other goes for more tests Monday she also has to see a pulmonologist for a cough she has had for a while thanks she is my baby girl🙏

Update on Prayer request for Cecelia Hairston….the heart doctor will not allow them to put “C” to sleep for the test on Wednesday…not sure what they are going to end up doing…please continue to pray for her and her medical issues. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.   Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Please be in prayer for Cecelia Hairston…she still is not doing well…upper and lower GI procedure will be done on Wednesday at 5am…please pray for some answers for her nausea and other issues. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.   Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

Pray for Bro. Rolando Reye’s wife, Alecia. Last night her brother had an accident in Matamoros, he and his wife died immediately. They are on their way to Mexico now.

Buddy Lautaret was at the NorthPark ER tonight with bad back pain. They have given him medicine and he is home now. Please pray for him and Gracie.

Steve took me to ER Monday AM for bad headache. It was a Cerebral headache from the lower portion of my brain. It is tolerable now but my balance is worse and my brain is causing pressure in my ears too. Please pray we can get into the new MS specialist and Neurosurgeon soon so they can tell us our options and where to go if Surgery is a must. I am not able to work at all and had to take extended leave which is an emotional hurt as well. I love you and Thank you for the prayer, phone calls, food and love!  Mandy Williamson

On Tues., My friend had surgery to remove a tumor causing Trigeminal neuralgia. They removed most of the tumor and expect it to be benign. The surgeon was pleased with how things looked and felt she would have no problems. However, I received the text below from her daughter this morning. Please pray for Marieda as she recovers. Love and thanks,  Melody Fitzgerald

“It’s rough to be honest. Still has pain chin area, having double vision, needs prayers and encouragement “

Please continue to pray for Dan Templin. He is now on dialysis and took 3 treatments this week which has totally knocked him down. We moved from GSMC to Treviso last night so he can begin re-hab. He is unable to walk. Please pray that God will strengthen his muscles and restore his ability to walk. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Please keep Caleb Purifoy in your prayers. He pulled his lower back today at workouts and is pending xray results. 

Sheila’s heart cath is over. They put in two stents in places that were 80% blocked. She is back in room and doing well.

Sheila will have a heart cath tomorrow at Longview Regional checking for blockage.

Sheila has been admitted to Regional. They have ruled out a stroke and are running more test tomorrow. Blood pressure has come down and they are just observing over night. She is doing well, just a little weak . We will update everyone as soon as we hear something from tests tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers!!

Sheila Conner is at Longview Regional ER (No Visitors). Her blood pressure is high and she has no memory from yesterday. Please keep her in your prayers.


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