Prayer Board

Please pray for my sister, Sharon Ogden, she is having surgery Thursday morning . She had polio as a young child, and had numerous surgeries on her foot. She has been blest thru her years, but now needs further surgery to do some correcting on her toe and foot. Thank you for prayers church family.

Please pray for little Caysen Sanders (Cody and Cari Sanders Baby Boy)  He went to see a specialist this morning and they said that he would have to have eye surgery to correct his eye.  They will go to Dallas on Dec. 3rd for an additional appointment.  Please keep Caysen and his parents in your prayers.

Keep Lona Albert in your prayers.  Chemo for breast cancer.  Pray for Bryan Wilson, cancer.  Prays for Jean Hitt, toe removed.

Pray for Judy Williamson.  COPD, arthritis, diabetes.  She’s in pain 24/7 and was diagnosed with advanced RA.  Being placed in a nursing home.  Family can no longer care for her.

Please pray for Jeanette Ashley and family. They received some difficult news today, pray for a miracle!

Please pray for Beverly Nugents’ daughter, Karen Wages, she will be having eye surgery Sept. 25, in Shreveport. Thank you church family.

Please pray for my granddaughter Chloe. She slipped and fell and cracked a vertebrae in her back. She will be OK but will need a back brace for a couple of months. She is a student at Colorado Christian University. ~Lois Templin

Update on Mona Reeves, Dr said stress test was good, they released her to go home with a follow up with her primary care Dr within a week. Thank you for your prayers, we serve an almighty GOD! Jodie

Prayers for my family. Kenneth Byrd passed away last night (in Georgia) my uncle . ~Diana & Tommy Graves

Please pray for my 91 year old dad, Chuck Hancock, who will be having knee replacement surgery, on Monday, at Texas Spine and Joint in Tyler.  His doctors at Baylor have cleared him for surgery, and it is necessary for him to remain mobile. (Its scaring me just to think about it since we lost my mom ten years ago in an elective surgery.) I do know God is in control.

Thank you all for your prayers.  Also, our baby Savannah is doing great.  No abnormalities at all. Thank God.  ~Suzi Arthofer

Be in prayer for Mona Reeves, at GSMC ER with chest pain, they are going to do a stress test. Will keep all updated. Thank you!

Gary Miller is back in ER st Good Shepherd with swelling in groin where small incision was made for stints to open arteries. Pray for Gary and Ginger.

Please pray for Kenneth Byrd ( uncle on dialysis ) my Mom her health,
My father n law Frank Graves ( in memory care -Hawkins Creek) ~Tommy & Diana Graves

Pray for David Miller.  He has an MRI on leg for possible tumor and then on the 25th to see if polyps have grown or multiplied on lungs, kidney and thyroid.

Good morning. Please be in prayer for the family of our shop superintendent, Lloyd Mullinex. His sister is having a Hysterectomy this morning, and is also having some issues related to physiological problems in her brain. Because of the stress involved, Lloyd’s/her mother, Christy Clark, was taken to ER with a possible stroke. Christy is a very faithful member of a church in the Hallsville area, and is a precious Christian lady. I don’t know the spiritual condition of Lloyd’s sister. Thanks for your commitment to WHBC, the Lord, and faithfully being intercessors! ~John Zenter

Update:  Gary has several blockages. They have put in a couple of stints. He may be in Hospital several days. Please continue to pray.
Gary & Ginger Miller are at the ER at Good Shepherd right now. He is having a heart attack and Ginger is there by herself. Please pray for these.

Please pray for Ernest Dozier, he is at GSMC and is having difficulty breathing.

Tracy Jones’ daddy fell down a flight of stairs. His shoulder may be broke please. The ambulance picked him up and they are in the emergency room.

Chad Finley…Trauma Doctor has seen him. The ct scan they took at Tyler showed more brain bleeding than the earlier ct scan in Longview. They’re keeping him overnight and will re-evaluate tomorrow. Pray for Chad Finley, Shelia Connor’s son. He fell at home last night and has a fractured skull with some brain bleeding. They are waiting to transport him to Mother Francis, Tyler by ambulance to see a Neurosurgeon. Pray for Lindsey, his wife and Sheila and family. 09/07/18 A friend is asking for prayers for her adult daughter who is spiraling downward due to her addiction to alcohol. She knows WHBC is a praying church! Thank you!  ~Brenda Bevis Had a long visit by phone with Bro. Allen Buchanek. He is in Herman Memorial Hospital in Houston, but will be released today to go to his daughter’s home in Houston. Doctors are still not sure what they are going to do, but it seems they may hold off any surgery until at least another 6 weeks to see how the hip heals. He’s in therapy, getting better and stronger each day. Please continue to pray that God will heal the bones with no more surgery. He should be back on facebook in a day or so to give updates himself. He loves Woodland Hills and is thankful for your prayers. Please pray for our Men’s Breakfast, Saturday morning at the Grand Hall, 8:00 AM. Our special speaker will be Aaron Betts. Bring a man or a boy with you. 09/06/18 Melissa Claytons son, Christopher Kennedy, is now at Texas Oncology-Baylor in the Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center, Collins Building Room 605. Test are being run at this time to determine the nature of an apparent skin rash. Cards, candy, and balloons are permissible. Prayers are appreciated! Flowers and plants are not. Thank you for your prayers my hand surgery was a success. But today I am having to have an eye surgery that is a surprise to us. I had an eye injury three weeks ago but it never healed. So now they will be scrapping layers off my cornea off. Healing time is 4-6 weeks. This is a very scary surgery for us, there is a slim chance for lose of vision. I will be down to one eye and one hand for a while. Please continue to pray for both Mike and I, as Mike leaves in the morning. This is hard for him not to be here for me during this time to help me. Thank you, Nancy Stallcup 09/05/18 Jean Driver, the mother of our precious daughter-in-law passed away peacefully this morning at Garrett and Rachel’s home.  Please pray especially for Rachel, that all details will work out well and that Gordon and I provide the support she needs.  Thank you!  Gordon and Brenda Bevis What peace it provides knowing we can come to our church family requesting prayer!  Through work, I met a lady at the county health department that has had a difficult journey with cancer. We just clicked!  She recently had to retire because she’s been so ill.  Just yesterday, another tumor was found yet she focused her conversation on words of praise for the important work we do at D.O.R.S.S rather than on yet another challenge before her.  She’s strong, she’s a fighter, she welcomes prayer….and she doesn’t want to be defined by cancer.  As I’ve shared before, I hate cancer!  Last night, I promised my friend that my church family would begin praying for her so please add Jana Kuykendall to your prayer list.  Thank you! 09/03/18 Pray for Lona Albert.  Breast Cancer.  Chemo treatments at Longview Cancer Center. I will be having thumb/hand surgery on my right hand. (Yes, I and right handed…this should be interesting.) Mike will be here a day maybe 2 after my surgery. My Dr. has told me this will be a very painful surgery. Since I am allergic to most all pain medications and DO NOT LIKE to take the one that I can take this may be a problem. I hope to have meals already cooked and portioned out for a couple weeks. I ask that you please pray for patience and a speedy healing.vThank you so much, Nancy Stallcup Bro Allen and Korey should be on the plane now to fly back to the states. They will be flying all night and into the morning. This will be challenging in his present condition but God is faithful. Please join with us in praying them safely home !!  ~Mark and Monica Please be in prayer for Irene Grimsley, Mary Ann Bublitz’s 97 year old mother. She has several medical issues that she is dealing with, and will be seeing a doctor this week. Also pray for Mary Ann and Ron, (Mary Ann’s husband) as they seek God’s guidance in any decisions that need to be made. Thanks for praying and We love you all,  Buddy and Gracie Lautaret 09/01/18 Prayers were answered on getting dad in a nursing home in Texas but we are here in Arkansas and dad is not feeling well and is on oxygen. We don’t know if it is anxiety or something else. The staff says he has been emotional all week so not sure he is ready for this move. Please be in prayer for us to know what decisions we need to make. ~Delores Hill 08/31/18 Rachel’s mother was revived yesterday. She is on hospice care and was moved to Garrett and Rachel’s home late yesterday afternoon. Rachel lost her dad when she was in high school. Please pray for Garrett and Rachel during these trying days. Thank you, church family! Gordon and Brenda Bevis 08/30/18 Requesting prayers for our daughter-in-law’s mother.  Urgent situation! Thank you!  Gordon and Brenda Bevis Harry Evans had his surgery yesterday and they believe it was successful although he is currently in a lot of pain and is miserable. Please pray for Harry and Linda. Please pray for my dad, Jim Bailey. They are doing his heart procedure this morning. ~Deanne Purifoy Little Emme is going back for surgery now. Please pray for her and mama Bayli. 08/29/18 Strength for my husband Scott to work and healing in his body.. for God to provide what we need in some way to have our own restaurant soon. Pray for us to find another house big enough for our family of 6 in the hallsville area when we get the money we’ve been waiting for. Pray that we continue to be good examples as parents to our children and lead them down the right paths in life as Christians in this world. Pray for us to find another church and that our oldest son believes in God still. For the kids to have a good school year. Please pray for me.  ~Tamra Jones-Winkler Please pray ct comes back clear on stomach and cancer is not back. Mrs. Kay Anders Bro Allen was moved to a hospital in Belgrade on Monday. He is receiving wonderful care from the doctors and nurses. They did tests when he arrived and discovered his shoulder blade was broken. His hip is healing and the plan is that he will be discharged from the hospital next Monday. He and Korey will be flying into Houston next Tuesday. Now for the God part of this story….. when Bro Allen arrived at the hospital in Belgrade, the doctors and nurses kept asking where he came from and what doctor had performed his hip surgery. See Bro Allen was given a room in the hospital that can take months to get. Even today the nurse was still talking about it. None of them knew where Bro Allen came from or how he possibly got the room he got. We all know it was Our Heavenly Father who worked out this detail. Please keep praying God is clearly at work !! Mark and Monica Kuykendall Please pray for Vernon and Betty Mosley’s grandson, Chris Howie. He lives in Dallas and was taken to the ER for an emergency appendectomy. Please pray for him and his family. Paul Crawford is home now. Please continue to pray for his full recovery. From Alex in Haiti….We just finished. It was a victory, but doesn’t quite feel like one. We had our lawyer with the mayors lawyer.. and the guy actually had a lawyer. He told many lies, but our lawyers did a good job and one of them actually said “stop persecuting her she didn’t do anything to you.. leave her alone”. Supposedly we are done, & if the guy has any more issues he will go to the mayor himself.  THANK YOU ALL FOR PRAYING Haiti Update:  I found out this morning they are going back to court because the man found another judge. They served Alex papers late yesterday afternoon. She had to stop all work today which put about 25 workers off.  Pray!! 08/28/18 Please pray for Harry Evans. He will have surgery in Tyler tomorrow. He’s been in serious pain a long time. Please pray this will solve the problem. Please pray for Emme Kate McKinley. She will be having her surgery on her ears on Thursday of this week. Please pray for Bayli Pitts, mom and grandparents, Julie and Wes Markum. Please continue to pray for the land situation . The judge ruled in our favor but the guy keeps showing up and causing problems. He won’t let it go. All work will be put to a stop tomorrow at the school. They will be in court again at 10:30,which is 9:30 our time. They will be in front of a different judge. I will update everyone as soon as I know something. God has GREAT things in store for this school and I believe the enemy is using this man to try to stop it. We know our God is faithful and His work will continue! Here’s a new pic of the school! Continue to lift up Paul Crawford and Karen. Paul sounded good this morning when I talked to him. His pain level is at “O” out of 1 to 10. He has had some problems with the leg buckling when he has gotten up and down. They are thinking that due to no pain, he is moving too fast. They have cut his pain meds in half since this incident. Hopefully, he has not hurt anything with this buckling. There are nurses with him any time he is getting up and down. Please continue to pray. He was supposed to come home tomorrow, but they need to work out the pain meds and this buckling problem before then. Pam’s Dad Charles Medlin has gone to see Jesus this morning! Thank y’all for prayers for Pam and her family! It will be so difficult saying good bye. Urgent Prayer: Scott and Pam Mitchell received a call this morning that Pam’s father Charles is not doing well. They are headed to his home now. Please pray for this family and situation. Please pray for LaRhonda’s Dad and family as they found out today he has Stage 4 Aggressive. She sent me the following…. Going to a specialist Thursday to see if Chemo will shrink, if not find a pain regiment to keep him comfortable until he passes. Cutting out at this point is not an option. He would die on the table. 08/27/18 Please pray for Sheila Conners nephew, Hunter Hogg; he has a terrible foot burn and is in risk of losing his foot Please pray for Deanne Purifoys father, he is at the Emergency Room with elevated heart rate. Paul Crawford is out of surgery and doing well. Thanks for all the prayer and support. Pray for Jan Beaty’s mama, Paula Love. She fell and hit her head and is having trouble recovering from the concussion. Remember Jan and her sister Karen Garmen as well.  Thank you My request is for food and financial help before my 3 major surgeries.  ~Sheena Jimerson 08/26/18 Marilyn Sexton fell at church this morning and hit her head.  Took her to LRMC and they did a cat scan and have decided to keep her overnight for observation.   Dr. thought the fall could have been the result of a mild heart attack, but not sure.  She didn’t trip over anything.  Her leg just went out and she went down without warning.  Still waiting for a room.  Prayers appreciated.  ~Bro. Clark Paul Crawford will have hip replacement surgery on Monday morning at Longview Regional. It will be early. Pray for Paul and Karen. 08/25/18 Karen Pettit’s son, Lee got home in Virginia this morning.  Thank you for your prayers.  08/24/18 Update on Ken Jones:  The nurse came in about an hour ago and removed the drain tube and released Ken. At 5pm they were checking out of the hotel and headed this way in Friday afternoon Houston Traffic. Glad that I live in Longview. Thanks for the prayers. Surgery went well. Please continue to pray for Bill Hatfield. He had moved his brother, Fred, to Longview so that he could minister to him as he suffered with Cancer. His brother passed away during the night. Pray for comfort for the family. Bill will be in Marshall today making arraignments for his brother. 08/23/18 From Ken Jones’ daughters:  Just spoke to Dr. He said things went well. Six small incision can see him in an hour or so.  Thanks for praying. He may be in the hospital for a couple of days.  God is good. From Alex….We moved everything today and received paperwork I needed. A weight has been lifted, but unfortunately it’s not completely over. The guy we are dealing with brings a lot of fear to people because of him being a “super voodoo priest”. They are scared of what he might do to them. He came back this afternoon and caused trouble with my neighbors. I hate that for them, but they ended it with.. Alex this isn’t your fight anymore, but ours! They want to protest on Monday the normal “Haitian way” but of course I’m not letting them. It’s good to be supported in the community, but I can’t wait for it to just been done with. Pray God will continue to fight this battle! Our granddaughter Jaycee is on her way back to Scottish Rite with a fever. They’ll need to drain her knee and may need to hospitalize her for 2 or 3 days.~ Karen Crawford. Alex appeared before the judge in the Haitian courtroom and received the documentation that was needed. They told her someone would be out soon. Alex told them she had done everything they have asked and if they did not come within the next couple of days that she would stop holding the community back and let them handle it “ the Haitian way”. The Haitian way would be to throw rocks at the drivers of the trucks, set up road blocks and basically start a riot. She has been trying to hold the community back from these type of actions all week. The community respects Alex and has followed her lead so far. She feels like the mayor will take care of it quickly so he doesn’t have more problems. Time will tell. Keep praying! Please pray for safety for Hawaii, and my son, he is on a business trip.  He is due to go home on Monday . He was able to change hotels a little more inland.  Thank U church family. ~Karen Pettit 08/22/18 Ken Jones, surgery Thursday at M. D. Anderson, Houston to remove a tumor Cynthia Adams, cornea transplant Thursday in Tyler Sandy Sanders, procedure Thursday to put an external back stimulator on him Ramon McCauley, coming home from Houston. He has a hernia but is too weak for surgery. Please pray for my brother Ken. He is at MD Anderson in Houston. They will remove a tumor that is a result of Prostate Cancer. Surgery will be about noon Thursday. Thanks, Ronnie Jones Please be in prayer today for all our Hallsville students, faculty, and staff as back to school begins today! Please continue to pray!! Mayor “ said “ he sided with Alex but nothing has been done. The mayor and other officials were supposed to come out to the property yesterday and serve the man papers who was building . If he didn’t stop they were gonna arrest him. The mayor never showed. Now they told Alex to go get a paper from the judge today then take it to the mayor and then they are supposed to do something. Please pray 08/21/18 Asking prayers for James McIntyre, his mother is having surgery to amputate her leg. He is married to my niece, thank you and God’s love. OK, final update on my niece Donna’s husband Dennis. The helicopter was able to pick him up and return him to his base camp by a lake. His hunting partner is with him at the camp, and when the weather clears enough, a float plane will land on the lake and bring him home. He has an injured ankle, lost his hearing aids and had fallen into the water. Praising God for His watch care over this man during his misadventure. Thanks for praying and I love you all. ~Buddy Lautaret Update on my niece Donna’s husband Dennis. He was able to get a weak signal out and requested a helicopter extraction. They still do not have a location for him and do not know if he has injuries. Weather is not good but they were able to get a helicopter up to continue the search. Please keep praying. ~Buddy Lautaret Please pray for my niece Donna’s husband Dennis. Donna and Dennis live in Alaska, and Dennis was hunting in the wilderness across Cook inlet. He has been lost since about 1 PM yesterday. Dennis is 68 years old. Pray for his safety and for the rescue party as they search for him. Thanks for praying and I love you all.~Buddy Lautaret 08/20/18 Bro Allen’s surgery is over and it was a success !! Now looking at 10-14 days recovery and rehab. Thanks for praying but don’t stop now.  Mark and Monica Kuykendall Please pray during the next hour for God to intervene in a property issue with the Jubilee School of Discipleship! A man in the community is disputing the property lines. The mayor is on his way to settle the situation now. Pray the mayor does the right thing. The school paid a lot of money to the government for this property. The man disputed it is known in the community to be “ more powerful than the head voodoo priest” . Alex and the others have been teaching and preaching that NO POWER is greater than Jesus! Please join me in prayer that The ONE AND ONLY GOD is seen and heard and glorified through this today! Pray for Cynthia Adams.  Left eye corneal transplant on August 23.  11:00am at the Cornea Center, Tyler, Texas. They were able to get a central line in Bro Allen and they took him  to surgery this morning at 5:30 our time. Thanks for praying, Mark and Monica Please remember Mark Lay, Lindy and Daniel Golden’s brother-in-law, having open heart surgery at Longview Regional now. 08/19/18 Please pray now for Ms. Lois Templin. She had a bad night last night and went back to the ER. They admitted her. She has started coughing up blood and is not doing well. Please pray.  She is in UT Tyler in room 549. Thank you for the prayers for Brooks Tabor. They had to reset his finger and was sent home. ~Becky Horton 08/17/18 Prayers for my son in law Brooks Tabor. He caught a ball at Ranger game and he has bone sticking out. ~Becky Horton Bro Allen’s son, Korey arrived in Serbia and is with his Dad now !! Thanks for praying, Mark and Monica 08/16/18 Our 17 y/o granddaughter has knee surgery on Friday at Scottish Rite for reoccurring tumors. Pray for surgery to go well and wisdom for her doctors to determine the cause and how to treat it. Thanks. Karen Crawford Please pray for my sister Mildred Siatta she lives in Springfield La, her Dr is talking about putting her dialysis and possibly a kidney transplant. ~Betty Wilbur Mrs. Sue Childress had a bad reaction to some medications. She’ll stay tonight in room 2103 and Lord willing go home in the morning. Thank you for remembering her and Robert in your prayers. Our Life group class is going to take up a love offering for Bro Allen. With him being out of the country where his insurance covers nothing is placing a financial burden on him. If any of you would like to make a donation please let me know and we will get it to him. Bro Allen said to thank you all for your continued prayers and love.   ~Monica My dad (Jim Bailey)is home and will follow up with heart doctors next week. Thank you for your prayers.  ~Deanne Purifoy 08/15/18 I just got this from Korey, Bro Allen’s son: He will be arriving in Serbia tomorrow!!! Praise !!!!! Korey now has numbers and will be contacting the Serbian Embassy to the US in Washington to see f they will work with the hospital to get Bro Allen out of there. He will then contact the Us Embassy in Belgrade. Please pray that God opens doors and we can get Bro Allen to a better place. I have been talking with Bro Allen this afternoon and he sounds like himself again. Actually he is making jokes now. So that’s a good sign. Please continue to pray for wisdom for his kids that they know how to handle this situation in the best way !! I’ll update as I know more.  Please don’t stop praying, Monica I will have a bronchoscopy tomorrow at 9:00 at University Health Center, Tyler. Please pray that all goes well.  ~Lois Templin I just face timed with Bro Allen and his son, Korey. They did not do the surgery. They keep telling Bro Allen that he has “bad blood” and they need to replace it.  We don’t even know what bad blood means. He got two units of blood yesterday. When they took him to surgery they stuck him over 20 times and could not get a vein. The surgery has been postponed until possibly Monday. We have no idea why so long. Only a few people in the hospital speak English so the language barrier is making it difficult to understand what is going on. Since he has returned to his room. No one has checked on him and when people walk by his room he can’t get their attention. He is sounding very discouraged. His sons are talking now and trying to figure out someway to get him out of that hospital. It will be difficult because he can’t sit or stand and is wearing a brace. Please continue to keep him and his family in your prayers. I’ll update as I know more. Thanks, Monica Please keep Sondra Freeman’s brother in law, Ralph Robb, and his daughter Christi in your prayers. Found two spot they believe is cancer. Ralph is at Longview Regional. Bro Allen is in the operating room now having surgery. Please pray. 08/14/18 Please pray for Deanne Purifoy’s dad. He has had a heart attack and has been admitted to the hospital. Bro Allen will be having surgery on his hip tomorrow. He is hanging in there and seems to be in good spirits. He did say that it is quite the experience being in a Serbian hospital. He hasn’t seen the doctor yet that will be doing the surgery.  I know they had to take him to two different hospitals before they could find one to take care of him. Please also keep his kids, Kim and Korey in your prayers. Thanks so much, Mark and Monica Kuykendall 08/13/18 From Bro. Allen Buchanek…Greetings from the hospital in Nis, Serbia. Yesterday while going to preach my last message here in Serbia, I had a very serious accident. I am in the hospital and waiting to have surgery. I have a very badly injured shoulder. a broken hip and other injuries. They said I would be in the hospital 10 days to 2 weeks. I don’t know when I will return to Texas. I am giving God thanks and trusting Him to work this for my good and His glory. Thank you for your love and prayers. The next few days will be very difficult. Because He Came I Go.  Bro. Allen- Romans 8:28-29 08/12/18 Please pray for me as I have Corneal transplant surgery on my left eye on August 23rd. This will be the second transplant. I had the first one a year and a half ago. It did not work. I have a new surgeon. Please pray for me as I undergo the surgery and that I will be able to see again. Once the left eye is doing well, the right will have to undergo surgery as well. Please pray for me. Also, please pray for our financial needs as these surgeries are very expensive. Thank you in advance for your prayers. Please pray for me. My son is just getting out of state jail. Please pray for him as he will be back in society and temptation. Please pray that he will learn to place his values in Christ Jesus May he find a new set up friends that worship the Lord on a regular basis. May he make good choices in life from now until eternity.   Thank you, Cynthia Adams 08/10/18 Jan Stephens had throat surgery today.  Tumor at the back of her throat.  Please pray her biopsy & recovery go well.  Mary Tucker’s,  son’s… Aunt. Thank you for prayers. 08/07/18 Pray for Karen Walton Wilson. That’s Mary Walton’s niece. She’s having brain surgery now in Kansas City.  Julie Markham is out of knee replacement surgery and all went well. She is at Methodist Hospital in Plano. She may spend a night. Will be determined later today. 08/06/18 They are admitting Mrs. Lois Templin to UT Tyler hospital today for pneumonia.  Please pray for her.  She has been through several rounds of antibiotics already and is still battling it.  Will update with room # when we know it. Please pray for Diana Childress – she has mono. 08/05/18 Please continue to pray for me. Pneumonia still in my lungs. ~Lois Templin 08/03/18 My daughter and her close friend Wendy ask us to pray. Wendy is on Southwest flight from Dallas to California. Something on plane went wrong mechanically and now they are circling to use up fuel to make crash landing! No idea where. Everybody on that plane certainly needs salvation relationship with the Lord! Thank you! Hallelujah!!!!!!! Plane landed safely!!! No other details known. Glory be to our awesome Lord!!! Many thanks to everyone.  Judy Arroyo Weldon Richie is being admitted tonight to Good Shepherd with kidney problems. Please pray for Weldon, Gloria, and Lisa.  08/02/18 I am asking a special prayer request for a family friends son. Charles Hamrick is a six-month-old twin that has started having seizures. They went in and did an MRI and found that half of his brain has not developed and is starting to affect the other part of the brain that is developed. They will be meeting with the neurologist and a cardiologist to talk about a possible surgery date. They will have to remove the part of the brain that is not developed and what will need to be done in the future to help him progress. Sue Childress is still having some issues regarding irregular heartbeat. Sue is at Christus Good Shepherd in room 2342; the plan is that she will be released tomorrow. thank you for keeping Robert and Sue in your prayers. 08/01/18 Pray for Kim Wall, Stacie Jackson’s cousin. Having brain surgery Friday at Baylor, Dallas.  Please pray for Chuck Beatty. He is having a cat scan in the morning at Longview Regional @ 8:00. He is presently wearing a heart vest. Please pray the doctors will find the problem and pray for his wife Vickie. Thank You, Gloria Sue Childress is having some issues regarding irregular heartbeat and blood pressure. The team of doctors are meeting to determine the best course of action. Sue is at Christus Good Shepherd in room 2342; thank you for keeping Robert and Sue in your prayers. 07/31/18 Please remember Sue Childress in prayer .. she is at GSMC room 2342 having blood pressure issues. 07/28/18 A colleague is struggling with a kidney stone. In addition to the pain, she is very nauseous. She is a Christian and she covets your prayers so please pray for relief for Brittney! I assured her that there are prayer warriors at Woodland Hills so thank you for praying! Charlie Johnson is still feeling weak. He indicated that his recovery will take awhile. Please pray for complete recovery. Please pray for Sandy as she takes care of Charlie.  ~Randy & Connie Huston Please pray for Wesley, Darlene, & the Dollahite  family. Their daughter , Marila, passed away this morning. Ken & Margie 07/27/18 Please pray for Mark Lay (Husband to Lindy Golden’s Twin sister). He has major heart blockage and will require surgery in the next few weeks.  Thank You, Lindy and Daniel Golden 07/26/18 Jay Donnell Will be having surgery on his ankle tomorrow morning at 9:15 at Christus Good Shepherd. Tower 3 2nd floor. They are going to do bone reconstruction, tendon and ligament repair. Please pray for no complications and for his healing time afterward. My 92 year old neighbor is having health issues and is scheduled for tests tomorrow and also Monday. Please pray that the tests will determine the cause of her health problems. We have had many precious moments of prayer together since we met.  ~Lois Templin 07/24/18 Update:  Kylee was born with cord wrapped around her neck. Doctors worked with her and she and Mom are doing well now. They are at Regional. Dia Stephens, Daniel & Lindy Golden’s granddaughter, is in Regional ready to have the baby. Please pray for them. Update on Brenda Bevis’ brother:  My brother is out of surgery that is reported to have gone well!  Pray that God will get the glory! Weldon Ritchie just left hospital for home. Doing well. Charlie Johnson just left Hospital for home. Doing better but not feeling as well today. Juanita Gibson is in the ER at Good Shepherd. She has pain in upper back from a blood clot. Waiting on Doctors. Continue prayer for Charlie Johnson. They are releasing him from the hospital. He still does not feel well. No visitors please. Just continue praying for Charlie and Sandy as she cares for him. My brother, Bruce, is just about to go into surgery in OKC—hip replacement.  Never had surgery before so a bit anxious.  Please pray that all will see our Great Physician at work!  Thank you! ~Brenda Bevis My son Thomas will have surgery Thursday to implant a defibrillator .  He has advanced Congested  Heart failure. My great grand son Trevor Moore will have eye surgery Thursday at Texas Children’s in Dallas. ~Shirley Stauss 07/23/18 Update on Janette Ashley:  Good News!!  The PET Scan showed no masses, but my CEA levels were still elevated.  After consulting with other doctors, they decided that I should have another blood test and scan in 6 months.  I want to thank everyone for their prayers! Please pray for this sweet little girl, Genia. She broke her clavicle last night and is such a trooper. Pray for quick recovery so she can enjoy the rest of her summer. Thank you church family. Our children have arrived safely at camp. Please pray that they have a great week and that the Lord works in their lives. Weldon Richie is also at Christus Good Shepherd room 2338. Weldon is doing much better and should be released to go home tomorrow. Charlie Johnson is recovering in Christus Good Shepherd room 1604. The bleeding has stopped and his blood counts are looking better. 07/22/18 Pray for Kelly Nickel.  She has been out of prison one month and still clean and sober.  Pray for sobriety, health and continue to restore relationship with kids. Please pray for Lee Pettit, he went to the doctor this week and he has  early signs of pneumonia. They gave him breathing treatment , antibiotics and steroids. Thank You for prayers church family.  Lou Morton request prayer for her son Tommy Morton, he had foot surgery last week and is having a lot of pain. Thank You.  George Strain is recovering at home with bronchitis. He may have afib also.Please pray for correct diagnoses,treatment and complete healing.  Update on Marshall Jones:  Diagnosis Pulled rib cage muscles…heading home…rest ordered…plus ice and heating pad and Epsom salt baths Pray for Charlie Johnson.  He is in the ER at Good Shepherd having some problems.  He is scheduled for a Lithotripsy on Thursday, July 26 at Good Shepherd. RE:  Marshall Jones.  Thank you praying friends! Tests being run, no visitors please, thanking God for you all! Hoping it is pulled muscle, trusting in the Lord Marshall Jones is at ER at Longview Regional. He is hurting on his left upper side. Pray for him and Tracy.  Please pray for Donnie Freeman. She has had a tough go with Vertigo for over a week now. The medicine does not seem to be helping. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors. 07/21/18 Weldon Richie is in GSMC 2338 with sepsis and pneumonia. Currently conscious but unresponsive. From Buddy & Gracie Lautaret…Prayer and praise. Arrived for a surprise visit at Gracie’s 89 year old sister Dorothy’s house and pulled in behind an ambulance. She had fallen. Spent the afternoon with her in the ER and no broken bones. Staples in her scalp but she’s back home. Praising God for His timing for us and the good report. They would have been alone if we hadn’t arrived when we did. Pray for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit tomorrow! I met a new friend today Teresa Bagwell. She needs prayer . She has cancer. Very sweet family. 07/20/18 Please continue to pray my daughter-in-law. She was diagnosed with West Nile Virus today. Since the day she entered the hospital on July 2nd it has been very stressful, She is home now. Also please pray for me, I had some health issues while in Lubbock, Came home Wednesday to see my doctor and have been diagnosed with pneumonia. At home. Please pray for speedy recovery. ~Lois Templin Matt surgery went very well Wednesday. Thank you church family for your prayers.  ~Matt, Rosio, and Pia Newton I talked to Shirley Petty earlier, and Dr. Petty is doing well. He is healing and making progress toward recovery. They thank everyone for their prayers and ask that we continue to lift them up. Also, their son Jay is doing very well and we need to continue to pray for him as well. Thank you for being a praying church and we love you all. Join us in praising God for all He’s done and all He’s going to do. Buddy and Gracie Lautaret  07/19/18 My trip to the Drs. Wednesday were a success because of all the prayers. I am much better today , the eye is nearly open. Thank you so much for reaching out to the Almighty Healer in my behalf.   Love my WHBC, Gloria Williams 07/18/18 Please pray that God will be glorified at the memorial service tomorrow in Mesquite for the passing of Gordon Bevis’ dad. Bill knew the Lord but some that attend do not. Gordon’s music minister brother will preach and Brenda will sing.  Thank you for your prayers! Prayer request for my daughter-in-laws mother, Nan Ford, is having health issues, she is at the ER having test. Thank you. ~Karen Pettit Surgery went well Karen Shelton is in recovery thank you for your Prayers. Update on Gloria Williams: Shingles are not in the eyeball, more in the eye lid. Doctor prescribed more RX’s, steroid shot and told her to give it time! Please continue to pray for a quick recovery. Please continue your prayers for me concerning these Shingles.  I see the eye doctor at 1 o’clock today. My left eye is completely shut. Pray that he will be able to help with that. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayers.Love, Gloria 07/17/18 Please continue to pray for Gloria Williams!  The  shingle’s are worse in her left eye.  She can only open the eye about half way and it is very painful.  She goes for an optometrists appointment tomorrow at 1:00. Please pray for healing. Please pray for Matt Newton tomorrow.  He will be put under for a procedure on his foot.

Pray also for Lois Templin.  She is returning from her Son and Daughter In Laws and has experienced some health issues.  Please pray for healing for both.

Praise – Sid Pierce is in recovery at  Longview Regional from having a stint put in.   The procedure went well.  Please continue to pray for him. 07/16/18 Please pray for Gloria Williams. She has shingles on her forehead and down to her eye lid. 07/14/18 Leroy Worsham was admitted to Longview Regional, Room 255 yesterday. Fluid on heart and lungs. Heart doctors will make decision soon on what to do. Pray for him, Peggy and family.  Update on Doug Wilbur, he was discharge today. The colonoscopy show no signs of cancer. Still don’t have a reason for the internal bleeding. Thank you for all of your prayers. Jeff Thomas’s son Ryan is a police officer in Oklahoma, he was shot last night in the leg and has lost a lot of blood, they sent him to Oklahoma City for surgery, please pray for him, Jeff and MaryAnn left late last night to be with him.   ~Curtis Allen  07/13/18 Gordon Bevis’s dad, Bill Bevis just passed away In Dallas. Don’t know  any other details. Please pray for this dear family at this time. He knows the Lord.   Mike White’s dad is doing better. In a room at Longview Regional.  They will use meds and time to mend the fracture.  Doug Wilbur going home today from Good Shepherd.  Jeannette Ashley went to her oncologist this morning in Shreveport- he ordered more blood test -showed elevated cancer cells. Dr. Nickelson is ordering a PET Scan.  Wherever it is it’s early so She feels pretty good about that.  30 Souls in 30 days! Just had a call from Ray Hairston….he saw Bro. Dick Lindsey at the hospital and found out….Sharon, Bro Dick’s wife has had a stroke….do not know any of the details….please pray for this family…thanks in advance for all your prayers. ~Lana Snider 07/12/18 Mike White’s  91 yr old dad went to Longview Regional ER this am and he has a fractured L4 vertebrae.  While in his hospitable room preparing for a procedure to repair the L4 tomorrow,  he went into cardiac arrest. He’s in ICU. He went to have a brain scan late tonight. Please especially pray for the family.  Update on Doug Wilbur Jr, they founded a large mass on his colon yesterday. They started blood transfusions last night and doing a colonoscopy this morning and going to do a biopsy to see if it is cancer.  07/11/18 Jeanette Ashley’s cancer count is up. She has an appointment with oncologist on Friday. Please pray for Doug Wilbur Jr. He has been admitted to the hospital with internal bleeding. ~Betty Wilbur Please pray for Courtney Bill. She is Jan Albritton’s granddaughter. She is having emergency surgery at Regional. 07/10/18 Joy Savage is in recovering and doing well. She should be released to go home about 5:00pm today. Please keep Bro. Allen Buchanek in your prayers.  He will be going on his 59th Grace &Truth Mission Project trip to Serbia (10th time) and Poland (9th Time) August 3-August 18.  Bro. Buchanek will be preaching at 6 or more different churches for the 4th Annual Gypsy Youth Camp. Joy Savage will be having a heart cath. at 11:00 today at Longview Regional. Please keep her in your prayers. 07/09/18 Howard Hunt is having some health issues please PRAY for him as well as his wife Margaret                    More test are scheduled Please pray for the Donald Floyd family. He was killed in a truck wreck today. I grew up with him. His Mom & Dad are both deceased, but has 2 brothers Walter Floyd & Jeff Floyd both live in Marshall & his sister Gerry Baker, she lives in Harleton, but they are all from Marshall.  ~Patti Flowers Randy Haley has a job interview tomorrow at 11. Need prayers for it to be God’s will.  Update on my cousin Patty who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She went in for tests, and she was informed that she has a much more aggressive form of the cancer than the first diagnosis. They will be pulling their travel trailer to MD Anderson and will down there for a couple of months. She is still positive and in good spirits. Thank you for praying! ~John Zenter 07/06/18 On Thursday  Michael Hill had a follow up from his recent Brain surgery and It went well! They took his staples out and said we’ll see you in two months! Please pray as he continues to recover.  Praise the Lord!  Woodland Hills newest member.  Introducing Emma Hargrove born about 6:00 this evening to Cody and Amber. 8 lbs, 7 oz, 19 inches long. Momma and Baby are doing good.  This is the granddaughter to Mike and Barbara Taylor! 07/04/18 Please continue to pray for my daughter-in-law. Her bp has stabilized;however doctors cannot give them diagnosis as of today. They think it could be auto immune disorder causing liver complications.  ~Lois Templin 07/03/18 Randy Alfred went to be with the Lord at 1:44 today. Please pray for his wife, Betty, and all the family. They are relatives and close friends of ours. Thanks, Ken & Margie Morgan Evelyn Johnson ask we pray for her brother Brad Byers, has a probable diagnosis cancer, they are doing test now. Thank you for your prayers. 07/02/18 Please pray for my great-granddaughter Madeline Webber, she is 6 mos, in the hospital with pneumonia. Thank you so much.  ~Karen Pettit Ashleah Daugherty’s grandmother passed away early Sunday morning.  She was saved and is rejoicing, but the family is mourning.  Remember her husband, Joe and all the family. Jane White is home from surgery and all went well. Please pray for Lois Templin’s daughter in law. She is in hospital at Lubbock. Her blood pressure is 60/40. Don’t know cause. Jane White will be having same day surgery at 1 o’clock today in Tyler. Please pray for her surgery and recovery.

Gerald Cooper will be having eye surgery, please remember him in your prayers. Wayne McGuire will be having more test done this week to discern recent health issues.

07/01/18 Please be in prayer for Dr. Petty and his wife Shirley. Doctor Petty is recovering from back surgery and is also supposed to be having rehab for his leg at the same time. Rehab is not going well and he is feeling very discouraged. Please pray for an extra touch of God’s love and for quick healing, and for guidance for Shirley as she deals with all she has to do. Thanks for praying and we love you all. Buddy and Gracie Lautaret  06/29/18 Wayne McGuire is at Regional with chest pain and dizziness. They’ll admit him for the night to run some tests. Room 1714.  Pray for him. Pray for Faith Explosion Kids Camp: Directors, Bible Study Leaders, Sponsors, and CHILDREN! Pray the Word will be spoken boldly and hearts and lives changed forever because of Salvation! Our prayer is that no heart leaves camp the way they came. 06/28/18 Sid Pierce is recovering in room 1712 at Longview Regional from having 2 stints put in yesterday. He is doing well and hopes to be going home soon. Ralph Hill is at Christus Good Shepherd room 1455. They are still running tests; but Ralph is doing much better. They have started medication and hope to be able to go home soon. Thank you for praying church family! Last night we had 16 professions of Faith, and many other children wanted to know more about the Gospel. There were many seeds planted, and we are so grateful for your prayers! Please continue to pray as we wrap up our final night of Vacation Bible School. 06/27/18 Please pray for Brandy Wooley and family. They are taking her back to the hospital for possible kidney stones again.  I am at hospitality ER with Ralph. He is having chest pains and his oxygen low. They have done some testing but think it might be pneumonia. They are admitting him to good shepherd to do further testing and to rule out heart problems. Thanks in advance.  ~Delores Hill Buddy Lauteret, all tests are clear. He’s going home tonight. Pray for Buddy & Gracie.  Dr. Petty, doing well from surgery. He’s at Regional in Room 145. Expected to go into rehab tonight or tomorrow. Pray for Gene & Shirley.  Sid Pierce, at Regional in Room 1712. He had two stints put in today. Doing well.  Pray for Sid & Linda.  Ernest Dozier, Regional, Room 274.  Better night last night. Taking breathing treatments and strong. Meds. Pray for Ernest & Phyllis. Michael Hill is now home recovering from Brain Surgery. They removed all of the tumor and scar tissue from last surgery! Michael and Alison would like to thank everyone for their prayers and concern! Please continue to pray for Michael he is in quite a bit of pain. Sid Pierce had a heart attack. He’s at Regional, room 1712. He had 2 stints put in due to 100% blockage. Pray for Sid and Linda. Please pray for tonight’s Vacation Bible School Service.  During the Music/Missions time Bro. Kase will be going through the plan of salvation with the children’s groups.  Pray that those that the Holy Spirit is working on will be receptive to the Good News of the Gospel.  Pray for the adult leaders who will be counseling.  Pray that Satan would not have his way in keeping those needing to hear away.  All youth and adults not leading in VBS are invited to join in the adult Bible Study located in the fellowship hall.  Tonight we will close the doors to the sanctuary (6:45 – 8:10) while Bro. Kase is leading and during the invitation in order to not quench the Spirit.  If at all possible go around the sanctuary tonight.  Thank you for praying and helping! Please add the name of James (Jim) Ward to your prayer list. This is the father of one of the ladies who are caregivers for my dad and stepmom. I do not have the details, but Bonnie’s text says “he is having very serious surgery” Friday. God bless you, and thanks for praying!  John Zenter Buddy Lautaret is at Christus Good Shepherd Emergency Room 3. Buddy will be having further testing today to find the cause of chest pain. Gene Petty is in Longview Regional room 145 recovering from recent surgery. Please pray for him as he recovers. Buddy Lautaret went to the ER at GSMC this morning about 3:00. He was having tightness in his chest. They will keep him and do a stress test sometime today. He feels better but still some tightness.   Please pray for Buddy & Gracie. 06/26/18 Just got word that Dr. Petty is out of surgery and that all went as planned. He has plenty of new hardware and should be on the mend. His surgeon was pleased with how it all went. Please continue to pray for Dr. Petty and Shirley as he heals,and join us in praising God for His mercy and goodness. Thanks for praying and we love you all. Buddy and Gracie Lautaret  06/24/18 Pray for Tucker Foster. He is having his right ear implanted with the cochlear implant. Pray for Tripp Foster. He is having ear tubes put in. Both surgeries will be Friday, June 29. 06/23/18 Please pray for one of my good friend Donna Myers’ grandson.  His name is Paxton.  He was born early and is still in the NICU.  He can only tolerate 1/2 ounce of special formula given by tubes every 4 hrs.  The rest of his nutrition is through IV.  Please pray for him.  Thank you. Please pray for my brother Randy.  He had a kidney transplant last year. He now has a virus that is attacking his new kidney and the infusions and medication is causing his body to reject the new kidney.  He only has the one.  The doctors are optimistic and believe he will be okay. I thank all of you for your prayers. Ashleah Daugherty’s grandmother is not doing well.  She is no longer drinking or eating.  She is less responsive and is hurting quite a bit.  Her hands and feet are blue from circulation problems.  Please pray for her and for this family. 06/22/18 Please pray for Richard and Lanette Burks. Richard is in GS ER with blood pressure issues. 06/21/18 Kent Simpkins a member of WHBC passed away this morning. Please keep Katie his wife and family in your prayers. Pray for a co-worker Mark Bates.  He is in the hospital for heart problems. I pray for Gods mighty hand of healing for him. 06/20/18 Please continue to pray for Juanita Gibson. She is home from the hospital but still has some health issues. Please pray for my friend Dawn Wise. She is going through her 2nd battle with breast cancer Stage 4 which went to her left lining of her lung. She appreciates your prayers as she goes through chemo.  Thank you Diana Graves   God is our great physician! 06/18/17 Please pray for Bro. Allen Buchanek as he travels to the Dominican Republic on his 58th Grace & Truth Mission Trip on June 22-29 for his annual Haitian Youth Camp. 06/17/18 Thanks for your prayers for Gracie’s sister Dorothy. She has been released from ETMC in Tyler and moved to a nursing home for a week of rehab. May you be blessed as you bless others. We love you all. Buddy and Gracie  06/16/18 Please pray for Juanita Gibson. She is in Room 2351 at Good Shepherd. She has a large blood clot and are trying to dissolve it with meds.  06/15/18 Please be so kind as to pray for my coworker James (“J P”) Pennington. He went to the ER yesterday with chest pains and trouble breathing. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and is on medication for that and for high blood pressure as well. ~John Zenter 06/14/18 Please pray for Lanny Milton’s father, he fell last night and was at the Emergency Room. 06/13/18 Please pray for Gracie Lautaret’s oldest sister Dorothy. She is in a Tyler hospital fighting an infection, and low blood pressure. Thanks for praying and we love you all.  ~Buddy and Gracie Lautaret 06/11/18 Please pray for Scott’s Simpson’s mother, right now she is having heart complications and is in the end stages of COPD at Christus Good Shepherd. Scott is traveling to get there as quickly as he can. Please pray for Jan Humphrey, Anthony Coleman and family. Jan’s brother passed away early this morning. Pray for our children’s faith, our marriage and our faith, wisdom, our church’s growth, the Fleck’s and this church growth and ministry.  ~Sean O’Rourke 06/10/18 Pray for the Mosley’s,  Betty & Vernon.  Their daughter Sharon broke her shoulder yesterday.  Vernon’s sister will be buried tomorrow in Orange and they plan to go. Please continue to pray for Michael Hill, he will be having surgery on the 20th of this month.  06/09/18 Pray for our services tomorrow; it is going to be a great day! Sheila Roberts has been admitted to Medical City, Arlington for iv meds and observation due to eye and throat with shingles in them. Good morning everyone, this is Scott Simpson please pray for my mother. She is back in Good Shepherd with her COPD. Please pray!  Randy and Sue Phillips need our prayers.  They have both been faithful servants in their ministry at the church I previously attended.  Sue contacted me recently about a serious heart condition Randy has.  I’ve assured our church would pray for both of them.   God bless and thank you. Please pray for Larissa Jones, friend of Martha Fuller, car jumped curb and hit her, has broken pelvis and tailbone. Pray for physical and spiritual needs. Thank you.   06/08/18 Please pray for Georgannna Knox, she was in a house fire last night and was burned badly. She is at the Parkland Burn Center in Dallas. Thanks, Brother Jerry Gann 06/06/18 Bro. Jim Albritton just passed away at Good Shepherd. What a tremendous blessing has been for the Kingdom of God. Pray for Jan and all the family. Jim Albritton has taken a severe turn for the worst. Doctors are not doing anything other than keeping him comfortable. Please pray for Jim, Jan, and the family. He is at Good Shepherd ICU. 06/04/18 Please continue to pray for the Mosley family. Vernon’s sister Amy Carolyn Griffith just passed away. Her death was expected due to existing problems. She lived in Orange, but the funeral will be in Texarkana.  The Mosley’s Great Grandson, Mason, was probably admitted to Longview Regional and they have been able to get his temperature down and he will go on to Dallas Children’s Hospital tomorrow. Please keep 5 year old Mason McGaughey and his family in your prayers. They have rushed him to Children’s Hospital in Dallas with high fever.  The family thanks the prayer warrior’s of WHBC for their prayers.  Please continue those prayers for Mason. Pray for Netty Hershberger’s eye to heal. Needing prayers for a friend of ours. His 4 yr old daughter Makynna Jeffries was bitten twice by a cotton mouth and can’t walk please pray for her and her family. Thank you Crystal Jones 06/03/18 My Dad, James is in Alaska and he’s safe but we were disappointed when he didn’t get paid the amount we prayed for.  Please pray for Dad and keep him safe.  Timothy Owen Services for Randall Motley’s mom, Bonnie Motley will be at Harrison Funeral Home,  500 Hwy 67, Naples, TX Monday,  June 4th. Visitation  at 3:00 PM with funeral at 4:00 PM. Chris Winkle, injury in auto accident.

Mary Lynn Bublitz, back injury. Please join me in prayer as Jonah Sartain and Krista Osteen travel to Haiti. They are from Henderson and were a part of our group that missed flight. There were two seats available to fly out today and God willing, they’ll be in them!! 

06/02/18 Randall Motley’s mother, Mrs. Bonnie Motley passed away sometime this morning.  Please be in prayer for Randall and Linda, Joseph and Rachel, and the entire Motley family.  Arrangements will be posted when they have been completed.   06/01/18 Our group missed their plane at DFW. Please pray Gods will be done. They are looking at options right now.  Jim Albritton is still in SICU at Good Shepherd. They started and are doing dialysis on him today. They are hoping this will speed his healing. Pray for the group going to Haiti. 29 of them left the church at 1:00 PM headed to DFW. I-20 had a major wreck, another construction. As of 4:30 they are still not at the Airport. Their plane leaves at 5:53.  They need a miracle! Please keep Adeline in your prayers. This is Cassy & Mike Ambern’s daughter. Somehow she got a piece of rust in her eye. They will have surgery early next week to remove it. The only concerns the doctors have is putting her to sleep being so young. She’s 7 months old. 05/29/18 Jim Albritton just came out of surgery. The surgery was extensive, please pray for pain management and that his body will heal. Please continue the prayers for Ray. The Drs. will be trying to slowly bring Ray out of his coma today.  ~Nancy Fenton Grandmother had a rather severe stroke Monday morning. She is in the hospital on meds to try to break up the clot. Dr said we will try that for up to 24 hours, assuming she stays stable. Dr is not optimistic about a positive outcome, and is assuming we will need to call in hospice by the end of the week. Prayers for family traveling to Amarillo, and for Pop-pop, her husband. Thank you church family! ~Ashleah Daugherty Please pray for Mrs. Erica Jackson, she works with toddlers, her step father Bobby Kelly has passed away. Thank you church family. Please pray for Freeman Pierce. He was in an accident and pretty banged up. Bro. Pierce is the pastor at FBC Danville in Kilgore. Pray for Ray Fenton.  The doctors have him in an induced coma.  The out look is not good.  ~John & Nancy Fenton Pray for Tim Huckaby.  He has multiple myloma cancer.  He is in the hospital.  Son Patrick is 21 and in renal failure and getting on the transplant list.  Also, pray for our financial situation.  ~Joanne Huckaby Pray for Terry Slater’s sister Lura Norman.  Also relationship with daughter Natalie and my budget and spiritual routine. Please continue to pray for Jim and Jan Albritton. Jim will be having another surgery at Christus Good Shepherd as soon as possible. Please pray for Randy and Carol Modisette, they lost their son last night. Lift them up in your prayers as you think of them. Remember Mike and Laurie Fincher, Laurie’s father passed away yesterday morning. Please pray for one of our students. His step dad committed suicide last night. Please keep the student and his mom in your prayers! My big sister, Daisy Mae Murray, passed away this morning after having a heart attack. It was so sudden and her children and family are devastated.  Please pray for her family.   Thank you, Alice Youngblood Owen Fenton was born this morning shortly after midnight. 5 pounds and 15 ounces. Proud mom and dad are Stacy and Donnie Fenton. Even more proud brother is Landon. They’re at Good Shepherd.  05/28/18 Please be in prayer for Lisa Austin Tucker’s grandbaby girl, Teagan. She is having seizures again. Thanks in advance for your prayers. The Cat scan did not show any evidence of ischemia. They are going to get him up and walking to help wake the bowels back up.  Please continue to pray for Jim and Jan and family. Jim Albritton has had a major setback. He will be having a Cat-scan this morning looking for more answers. Please pray for Jim and Jan.  Please pray for Laurie Fincher and family. Her father passed away this morning. We will send out service arrangements once they are made available. 05/25/18 Just received this from Dolores Hill. Please continue to pray for Dolores, Ralph and the family. Mamma passed away last night.  It was very peaceful and she was not hurting.  I hate losing her but thank God she is pain free and with Jesus. 05/24/18 James Stone Arrangements: Visitation tonight at Rader in Kilgore from 6-7:30pm Funeral Services at Rader in Kilgore tomorrow, Friday, May 25 at 10:00am Please pray for Scott Simpson’s mom. She is final stages of COPD and they are taking her to emergency room at Good Shepherd. Please keep Will Cantrell in your prayers. He is having his gallbladder removed. He’s at Good Shepherd. Please pray for Tanner Koenig today, he is having injections in his back in Dallas. 05/22/18 Please lift up Dolores Hill’s Mom. They have have taken her back to hospital and will put her on hospice when she is released from the hospital. She has a UTI and blood pressure is low and several other major problems.  Jim Albritton is out of ICU in room 451 just got here not completely out of woods yet thanks for prayers. James Stone passed away earlier this morning. Please keep this family in your prayer. Arrangements will be posted when available. 05/21/18 Jace and Sheila Roberts’ home caught fire and it did extensive damage. Sheila is in the ER at Regional with smoke inhalation. They’ve given her meds and she is on oxygen. Funeral services for Jerrylene Henderson, Cindy Haley’s mother, is this Wednesday at noon, Osborn Funeral Home, 3631 Southern Avenue in Shreveport. Visitation is this Tuesday from 5-7pm. Praise the Lord! Jim Albritton is doing much better! He is still in ICU, but the tubes are out, he’s awake, and can chat. Please continue to pray for Jim and his family. 05/20/18 Jim Albritton is out of surgery. He did well. They took out a large part of his intestine that was dead and sepsis had set in. He is in ICU on a vent. Everything depends on how his body reacts. Very serious. Pray for Jim and Jan.   Update:  Pray for Jim Albritton. He is in surgery now at Good Shepherd. Very serious. Probably be in surgery for 2 hours.  Update:  They are going to do exploratory surgery on Jim as soon as the surgeon gets finished with a surgery. Please pray for Jim Albritton, he is back at Good Shepherd and is in bad pain.  05/19/18 Just received word that Buddy’s brother Richard Reeves has passed away. Please be in prayer for our family.  ~Mona Immediate prayers, they found leaking fluid and old blood on Chris’s brain..brain surgery is pending till other tests results become available. He’s conscious but being moved to ICU. 2nd Bone marrow transplant is on hold ..platelets transfusions are running as we speak .. Please Pray Cindy’s Haley mom passed away at 3:30 today. Please pray for family. 05/17/18 Mrs. Lois Graham had her surgery on her wrist. She is in a sling and is back at Arabella Assisted Living. Please continue to pray.  Lift up the Wells great grandson in prayer. I believe that his name is Asher. He is having some gastro-intestinal problems again. They don’t think that it is the same problem that he had about a year ago when he was life flighted to Dallas. What he has this time is serious even if it is not as serious as last time. Please keep Mason and family and the Mosley’s in your prayers. They took Mason to the ER here and were directed to Children’s Hospital in Dallas. Looks like he will be admitted there and that he will get a transfusion. Don’t know how long he will be there. Pray that the Drs and nurses will make the right decisions on all that they do. Please pray for Dendy Merrill and Family as his father recently passed away. Services are pending at Blackburn-Shaw in Amarillo. Update on Jerri Henderson, Cindy Haley’s mom- she was moved to CCU this morning at 4am. She is not doing good at this time. She has been vented to help her breathe while they try to get fluid off lungs. Please pray. 05/16/18 Bro Charles is out of surgery, home and resting now. Surgery went well. Please continue to pray for his recovery.  This is a note from Wes Markum concerning Julie’s recent surgery:  All Praise be to our God and King how gives us the victory! It has been many years since she has had this much feeling in her legs and is able to walk and stand up on her own . Thank you very much for your continual prayers to our Lord Jesus . As you can tell they are tears of joy. Bro. Charles should be going into surgery at noon for his rotator cuff surgery. He should be released to go home this afternoon. Jodie Smelley is recovering well from her recent knee surgery. She will be released from the hospital today. Please keep Sue Hodges, friend of Mary Tucker, needs prayer. Cancer. Please pray for Bro.Charles, this morning he will be having surgery in Tyler. 05/15/18 Bill Daugherty’s grand pa just has a couple of days to live. He is not a Christian. Please pray now for his salvation. The chaplain is on his way to the hospital room. Please pray for his heart to be open! Julie Markum is out of surgery. All went well. She will be in the hospital in Addison for several days. Mark Kuykendalls procedure went well this morning, and the problem will be controlled with medication. Praise the Lord.

Jerri Henderson, Cindy Haley’s mom, was moved to the cardiology floor last night because she started having difficulty breathing. She did have a heart attack. She is doing better this morning. More tests soon.

Julie Markum’s surgery was moved up. She’s in surgery now. Pray for her and family. Going to be a lengthy surgery. 05/14/18 Please pray our house will sell very soon. We appreciate your prayers, Tommy & Diana Graves Please be praying for Julie Markum. She will be having major back surgery on Tuesday at Methodist Hospital, Addison. Please pray for Mark Kuykendall he will be having a procedure in the morning. Thanks Cindy Haley’s mom, Jerri Henderson, is in the ER at Willis Knighton in Shreveport. She is having chest pains. They are running tests. Jodie Smelley did well on her surgery and doing good!! Knee was really bad but is now taken care of!! She will stay a couple of nights. She is in Room 104 at Scott & White Tyler Hospital. Please lift up all our students and teachers today as they are taking staar test. Our Daughter in law Christine Donnell  will be having a heart ablation Wednesday morning 9 am at Longview Regional. Joyce will be keeping the girls and Jay will be out of town. We are at the ER with Billy. They think he has pneumonia now. Please continue to pray for them and the Drs. ~Carolyn Nelson Please join me in asking God, our Father for His divine help and guidance as I look for suitable employment. Thank you, Gena Borden 05/12/18 Mrs. Lois Graham was released from the hospital. Please continue to pray.  Mrs. Lois Graham fell and broke her wrist. She is at Longview Regional, Room 251.  05/11/18 Keep Jim & Jan Albritton’s family in your prayers. Their daughter her husband my granddaughter and her two sons in your prayers they were in a 3 car accident on way home from Abilene. Pray for Kay Glass. She will have surgery on her leg/foot on May 31, at Good Shepherd, at 1:00 PM.  Sam Logan has gone home from Hospital.  Jim Albritton has gone home from hospital. They will do more tests next week.  05/10/18 Please be in prayer for my sister Jodie Smelley who will be having total knee surgery Mon 5/14 at Scott and White Spine n Joint Hospital in Tyler. Thank you
Please pray for Sam Logan. He’s been admitted to good shepherd with slurred speech. Room 2311. Jim Albritton is in room 1361 at Christus.  Will be admitted for a day or two. Jim Albritton is currently at Christus Good Shepherd ER room 20. He has had bad stomach pain. Please pray for Jim and Jan. I have finally reach the time I have been waiting for, my treatment for my thyroid cancer. It has been a long 9 almost 10 weeks, with the last 4 weeks leaving me very weak and getting weaker. Monday will be the day. Yesterday I was given a low dose of radiation to be absorbed into my body, I will be scanned on Saturday, this will give them the dosage amount to give me on Monday. I have missed my Church family so much and praying I can be back in the next few weeks!! Thank you for all the prayers.  ~Nancy Stallcup Please pray for Jim Albritton in Good Shepherd ER   05/09/18 Please pray for Wayne McGuire . He has been dizzy and not feeling well. Please be in prayer for us. We are both having some health issues along with some financial problems. We have something in the works that would help us tremendously with our finances. Please pray that we are able to get the help that we need. Thank you so much. Deanne & Wayne Gibson 05/08/18 Please pray for Kellie Miller.  She was involved in a car accident on Sunday.  She spent yesterday in the ER and is at home recovering now.  The driver had no drivers license.  Please pray for healing and for wisdom in handling the claim. Thank you for praying for Kodi. Her scans all came back clear. She is taking growth hormones right now which make her a bit sluggish, but her Dr.s are very pleased with her progress. She was thrilled to get to attend her school formal this year, and have hair to fix. One of Mark Francisco’s customers, Lefty Fuller, has been placed on hospice. Mark asked that we pray for the family. 05/07/18 Arrangements for Bob Chucci Visitation:  Rader Funeral Home 6-8pm on Friday, May 11 Funeral Service:  Woodland Hills 2:00pm on Saturday, May 12 05/06/18 Bob Chucci passed away a little while ago, please stop what you are doing and pray for Nora and the family. Service arrangements will be made in the next few days. 05/05/18 Denny and Allie Youngblood has a close relative in ICU at Good Shepherd. This is Denny’s closest living relative, she’s 39, just gave birth at 29 weeks. Body shutting down. We REALLY need prayers. Thanks! Please continue to pray for Dale Freeman. He may be moved to Whispering Pines today. Sondra is sick and at home right now.  Carolyn says that Billy has all of the tubes out now and is doing dialysis right now. He is in room 1717 in the Cardiac Wing. Don’t visit today. Maybe tomorrow after dialysis.  05/04/18 Please continue to pray for our team that is touring the Holy Land, They will be traveling home next week. Billy Nelson is recovering at Longview Regional from extensive heart surgery. Please continue to pray for Billy and Carolyn. Dale is recovering at Christus Good Shepherd in room 2331. Please continue praying for Dale and Sondra during this difficult time. Please pray for Will Cantrell this morning. He is currently in Austin getting ready for UIL state meet. He is supposed to be testing at 8. 05/03/18 Please pray for my mom. They had to take mom to the hospital with a UTI and a kidney stone. ~Delores Hill Looks like Billy Nelson’s surgery went well. Here’s a note from Carolyn: We finally got to go see him in the ICU room I think they call it and of course he is on a ventilator but they feel he may come off of it in a few hours. Will be in that room all night and possibly in a less sophisticated room tomorrow. Colin Reel, Phoebe Reel’s son, is at home now recovering. Thank you for all the prayers! Billy Nelson is having heart surgery this morning at Longview Regional.

Joy Savages grandson is at another Francis with meningitis and shingles. Pray for Dale Freeman this morning. He is being transported back to Christus Good Shepherd with really low oxygen levels. He has just had hip surgery, so continue to pray for recovery.

05/02/18 Please keep Billy Nelson in your prayers. He is having open heart surgery at Regional tomorrow morning at 7am. 05/01/18 Sue Childress went into surgery at 12:30 and she was done at 3:30. Everything went well. She will spend one night at GSMC. Please pray for Sue Childress. She is having surgery this morning at Christus Good Shepherd. We have a team traveling to Israel. Please pray for save travels and a wonderful trip! 04/29/18 Beverly Nugent’s sisters 17 year old grandson was killed in a car wreck this morning. Please pray for the Williford family.  Dale Freeman will have surgery in the morning, Sunday, mid morning. He has a fracture in the hip.  He is still in ER. Not sure they will be in. Pray for Dale and Sondra and all the family please.  Please continue to pray for our friend Nathan Davis, he was in a car wreck last Saturday. He is still in ICU at Mother Francis in Tyler. they have removed his right leg above the knee. He is still on the ventilator and now dialysis. He has a long road ahead of him.   ~Betty Wilbur 04/28/18 Please pray for Dale Freeman. He fell sometime tonight and they are taking him to Good Shepherd. May do surgery tonight. Pray for Sondra also.   04/27/18 Will is out. They don’t have answers yet except that they know that he definitely doesn’t have reflux. He does have a hiatal hernia where his stomach attaches. They biopsied a spot in his stomach and are ordering a gallbladder x-ray for next week. Please keep praying for healing and answers for Will. Please pray for Miranda Simmons. She has visited Woodland Hills several times. Her sons Dylan and Dalton are involved in our youth and children’s ministries. Miranda gave birth to a sweet baby boy at 29 weeks. She has been released and is at home, but the baby will stay in the hospital likely until June. Thank you for praying! Please continue to pray for Lena Cooper. She has been released from the hospital and should get results sometime next week. Please pray for Will Cantrell this morning. He has a test today to see what is going on with his esophagus. 04/26/18 Please keep Lena Cooper in your prayers. She had her biopsy done this afternoon at Good Shepherd and will keep her overnight. Results will be available in 5 days. Shelly Woods is the wife of a coworker of mine, she has stage 1 ovarian cancer, has had surgery to remove tumor, awaiting results, pray for her healing and also for her two teenage children and husband Zach. Curtis Allen 04/25/18 Pray for Lena Cooper. She is having a brain biopsy at Good Shepherd on Thursday morning.  Please be in prayer for Melissa Hammett, my neighbors daughter-in-law. Melissa had a heart attack and is now at the hospital and doing a heart cath. Thanks in advance for your prayers. Steve, Lana & Emily Snider 04/24/18 Kahlan Stanley’s mom, Peggy Durham,is not expected to live much longer. Hospice said her kidneys were starting to shut down. She is at Trinity Timbers on Gilmer road. 04/23/18 Mary Sieber, daughter of Suzi Arthofer, will be seeing a pediatric cardiologist on May 8 to determine if unborn baby Savannah Kathryn has any heart issues. Our prayer is that they will rule-out heart problems. Baby is not due until September. Praying also for complete health, for the little one, and no pregnancy complications for Mary. The recent blood test has left us shaken. Please pray for Bryan Sieber, also. Please pray for Susan Avery’s granddaughter Katie Grace as she will be going back to Children’s this week for an appointment. Please pray that they will be able to relieve and cure the headaches that she has been having. My niece Kodi will have scans this week.  Clinic today and scansPlease pray for continued clear scans and good response to the growth hormone injections that she is taking now. She has been complaining of being tired and achy with the growth hormone shots.  Thank you for your continued love and support! Hannah Bales is the 6 year old daughter of pastor Conner Bales of New Beginnings Gilmer campus. She is in Dallas at Children’s Hospital with severe pneumonia and is on a ventilator. She has special needs and has seizures so it is complicating things. Please pray that the doctors will find a balance to help with both and for healing for her little body. 04/22/18 Mona Reeves came home from the hospital today.  Please continue to pray for her.

Please pray for Bob Chucci, he’s getting weaker.  Pray for him and Nora.

04/21/18 I’m asking for prayers for a long time friend of the family. He was in a car accident this morning around 5-5:30 and was air lifting to Mother Francis in Tyler He is ICU. We don’t have all the details yet, we know he has internal bleeding and a broken hip and ribs. His spinal cord is damaged, the Dr’s are saying that he will probably never walk again.  ~Betty Wilbur 04/20/18 Please pray for Pastor David and his family. His wife and teenage daughter were killed in a car wreck tonight. He is the pastor of a Nazarene church in Henderson.  Please pray for Tanner Koenig. Tanner had a doctor’s appointment today and will soon be having back surgery to repair an injury from football season. Please pray for him as he is gearing up for his senior year and hopefully able to play again. Phebe Reel’s son, Colin Reel, is in ICU at Good Shepherd Hospital with acute pancreatitis. Please pray for him and family. Please no visitors today for Mona. She is beginning to get some relief and blood pressure is down some. Please continue to pray for recovery. She did get medicine. 04/19/18 Mona Reeves’ surgery is over and everything went smooth and well. She will be in Good Shepherd through the weekend. Please continue to pray.   Please no visitors for Mona tonight. She came out of recovery in a lot of pain and nausea. They’re trying to get it under control.  Becky Hunt did well and within the hour should be on our way home. Pray for Mona Reeves.  Surgery today at 1:30 PM. At Good Shepherd.

04/18/18 Becky Hunt goes into Methodist Hospital in Addison for a back procedure Thursday at noon. She will be home that night.Tucker Foster is having surgery for a cochlear implant on May 11.  Pray for the doctors for God to guide their hands and a full recovery.

04/17/18 Judy Arroyo had a successful surgery yesterday; and is being discharged from Longview Regional this afternoon to recover at home. Please keep her in your prayers. Please keep Lillie Byrd (Mike and Barbara Taylor’s granddaughter, Marc and Kristin Byrd’s daughter) in your prayers, she will be having her tonsils removed in the morning. 04/15/18 Please pray for my first cousin, Patti Richardson, from DeRidder, LA. She called me to tell me she has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and started chemotherapy Friday. I will post updates as I have new information.  Thanks for praying.  ~John Zenter My cousin David Towensend had a heart attack on 4-14-18 still in hospital but doing better.  ~Cody Sanders 04/12/18 Please keep Judy Arroyo in your prayers. She will be undergoing surgery Monday morning at Regional and will spend at least one night in the hospital. 04/11/18 Please pray for Sylvester Townsend, grandfather of Kelsey Mehrens healing from severe foot wound, and strength for his wife Elaine. Please say a prayer for me…I found out on Monday that I have a broken bone in my left foot. It has been hurting me for several weeks and earlier xrays were negative. I am in a walking boot for now and in 4 weeks if it has not healed then surgery will be needed involving pins and bone graft. Thank you, Donice Rogers Mona Reeves went to the surgeon this morning. She has a malignant mass on her kidney. It is contained. She is scheduled for surgery on Thursday, April 19 at Good Shepherd. The surgeon believes he can get everything and there would be no further treatments needed. Thanks for praying. Please add Barbara Hamric to your prayer list. She was recently diagnosed with cancer. Barbara is the principal at the school in Louisville Texas, where my younger grand daughter Katie teaches. Thank you for praying and I love you all. Buddy Lautaret  04/10/18 Please pray for our students this morning, all across Texas they are taking the staar test. Please pray for them as well as the educators. There is a lot of pressure on our students and teachers when it comes to this test. 04/09/18 Please pray for Nelda Henderson, Cindy Haley’s sister. She had a procedure this morning and there are problems with bleeding into her arm. They are working on her now. The twins will both be having procedures early in the morning. Lillian will be getting tubes in her ears and Lyndon will be getting tubes as well as having his adenoids removed. Please keep them and us in your prayers. Our God is the Great Physician! ~The McClungs A friend of ours, Evelyn, is experiencing extreme difficulty with her blood pressure and her family has requested prayers for her. Thank you in advance.  Bill 04/08/18 Pray for Will Cantrell. He is at Hospitality ER. It’s his esophagus problem again. Update from Melissa Clayton in Kansas City on Chris…Chris is not doing good but trying to rest.. he’s in pain, has a bacterial infection, sensitive eyes, and his fever went back up to 102 …Plus..they had to take the port out of his chest..because they think that’s what’s causing the infection .. Although he hasn’t eaten he is still able to drink..he now has 2 IV ports~ one in each arm for his meds..besides that it’s snowing and we got the AC on to keep him cool 04/07/18 Please pray for our juniors and seniors tonightTonight is there prom. Pray they will be a light and for wisdom.  04/06/18 Pray for Jim Fleck. He is at the ER st Longview Regional. Things are not well. Pray for Jim and Derenda. Lillian McClung Update:  Y’all…the dr said that Lillian is PERFECT both developmentally and neurologically and her EEG was perfect and that she has no concern for her whatsoever 😊 She said to contact her if we have any other issues and as long as her seizures are related to fever then she’ll grow out of them! Thank you for praying! Please pray for Mona Reeves. Here is her report.  “Got the results of my Ct scan! Not what I was wanting to hear but suspected the possibility! There is a mass in my right kidney and it is some type of renal cancer. It is contained at this point and it is highly recommended for surgery to remove it as soon as possible. Will see a Dr Bradley as soon as my drs office can get it set up. I cannot thank all of you enough for praying for me!! Just continue to do so. I’m confident that it will be okay!!” Allen Buchanek will begin a new class for anyone that would like to attend, married, singles, young and old.  The class will begin on April 8 at 9:30am in the Auditorium.  Study:  The Heroes of Faith.  Please pray for Bro. Allen as he begins this class, and pray that folks would come and be a part of this new Life-Group. Please help get the word out if you know of someone who is not currently involved in a group. Please pray for Mona, she is awaiting results from a CAT scan that she had this morning. The doctor recently saw a mass on her kidney, and the scan will give more details. 04/05/18 Tomorrow we take our sweet Lillian (15 month old Twin girl) to Dallas to see a Pediatric Neurologist regarding her febrile (fever related) seizures. We truly believe and know that the Lord has taken care of her all along and during her seizures (she’s had 3 all related to fever)! Our pediatrician just wants us to go see a specialist due to her having had 3.  Please pray for safe travels to and from Dallas and for her appointment (it’s at noon tomorrow), as well as the neurologist as we visit with her. Thanks y’all! Lindsey and Lane McClung 04/04/18 Please be in prayer for my sister Jodie Smelley. She is having right knee replacement surgery Monday morning in Tyler. Thank you for your prayers! Mona Reeves  Please pray for Mona Reeves, she has a mass on her right kidney. As you know she has had chronic back pain for quite some time now. The MRI showed this mass. She will be having a cat scan Friday morning at 8:45 AM to determine what happens next. There is a lot going on in our family right now so I ask specific prayers for mama and for our son Hunter.  ~Joni Davis 04/02/18 UPDATE ON Monte Chapman.. It took 2 hours exactly. Dr. Hendricks said he did Great… He’s in recovery. They found more bad things torn and fixed them.. The Dr said it was a tough surgery and will be Very sore and in a lot pain….. Please remember my brother, Monte Chapman, in prayer this morning. He is having surgery on his rotator cuff and bicep. This is the 2nd surgery on this shoulder. Thank you! ~Melody Fitzgerald 04/01/18 Please keep Kent & Katy Simpkins in your prayers.  Kent was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, has fallen and broke his collarbone.  They have moved him to Tyler and is on Hospice. 03/29/18 Please pray for Sam Kemp and Mark Hulsey, our friends. Sam has a wound that will not heal and has been going to the infectious disease doctor and he has already lost a toe to amputation. Mark has already lost part of his leg and now is going to lose his foot on his other leg. Thank you in advance for all your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider Jim Fleck is being released to go home today. He is doing well. Thank you for all the prayers. Please pray for my 14 year old son as he goes through many transitions at this time in his life. He has a strained relationship with his father, 3 of his closest friends have or will be moving very far away, and he’s having trouble finding his place in his current school so he would like to look into transferring to a smaller district. I worry that he may be suffering from depression as he has a very strong family history on both mom and dad’s side of the family.

Sarah Albertson’s brother, Josh, is doing much better. Doctors were able to close up the incision in his abdomen. (He’s been open for the last week). Staff told Josh he was the healthiest person in ICU. They’re hoping to kick him out and send him to a regular room soon. Smile
My son, Matt, had back surgery yesterday. He had a severely bulging disc pressing against his spinal cord. The surgeon trimmed the disc back. Matt can now move his leg properly, where before he could not. I’d still appreciate prayers for Matts salvation. Romans 2:4 tells us that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance. God has been very kind to my son. I was privileged to leave a prayer for his salvation wedged into the Western Wall at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Please join me in prayer for Matt.  ~Greg Stewart

03/28/18 My brother will be having his bicep repaired along with rotator cuff surgery on Tues. Please pray for him, and his wife, Dena…she is having health issues also.  We appreciate your prayers!!  ~Melody Fitzgerald| My uncle John Stewart just passed away from cancer. So remember my family as we deal with this lost. Love y’all!! ~Lynnette Smith Update on Abdul:  Hello Denise how are you I am back from Niger where I attended to get a new passport, but it didn’t work because I needed to know someone and pay him to the passport for me so that I could apply for the visa to Haiti. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone at the passport office and the process is submitted to a corruption with an amount of money to give to people in order to get the passport money that I don’t have. I am back in France now. He also sent me another message saying that he was going to try to earn 100 euros to re join the Worship YWAM. His message also said that he was grateful for our church praying for him! He said he has a peace and the presence of God with him and he knows he’s being prayed for!  ~Denise Bowens **He just told me he has 1 year left on his current passport! 03/27/18 Please pray for Todd & Tanya Malone. They had a family tragedy tonight in Louisiana and are on their way there now. Pray for them and all the family. Update. Ray King passed away this morning. Please pray for his wife Linda, and for his family during this time. Thank you for praying and I love you all. Buddy Lautaret  Please pray for Ramon; he is presently in surgery at Christus Good Shepherd to remove pressure off of his brain. Please pray for Jim Fleck as he recovers from surgery at Longview Regional. 03/26/18 Ramon McCauley’s condition has worsened. They are going to be doing surgery on him tomorrow. Please pray. Jim Fleck is out of knee surgery and he did great. He is in recovery and will be in a room soon at Longview Regional. Continue to pray for Jim and Derenda. He will be in hospital a couple of days My best friend Candy Johnson lost her husband of 47 years, Howard Johnson, after his battle with cancer. Please pray for Candy, their daughters Misty and Lisa, and grandson Heaton. Thank you, Alice Youngblood 03/25/18 Please be in prayer for my husband Denny Youngblood. He has several medical issues and will be seeing 4 specialists in the next two weeks.  Thank you, Alice Youngblood Please pray for Susan Avery’s granddaughter. She goes to children’s hospital in Dallas again tomorrow to see another specialist. Praying for answers. Sarah Albertson’s brother Josh, is holding his own. His vital signs are good and he is conscious and responding. Apparently he has a leak in his small intestine which doctors believe will heal itself. Josh’s parents are driving from Florida to Seattle. Thanks for all the prayers.  ~Greg Stewart 03/23/18 Please pray for my husband Jim Albritton had chest  x- ray yesterday they found a nodule on left lung setting up a schedule for more tests wont know anything before Monday all prayers appreciated 03/22/18 Sarah Albertson’s brother, Josh, is in the hospital and just had a lengthy surgery. Josh has been struggling with pancreatitis for months. At one time he was in extremely critical condition and was in the hospital for months. He recovered enough to go home, but has now taken a turn for the worse. Doctors found during surgery that Josh is in worse shape than they thought. The next 12 hours will tell if he’s going to survive. He’s a young man with family. Please pray for Josh (and for Sarah). She’s worried sick about her brother.  Thanks, Greg Stewart 03/21/18 Please pray for Sandy Hunt, sister of Cindy Helms. She has been home sick for two months.  Ramon McCauley is still recovering at Christus Good Shepherd room 2253. This morning he is working hard in rehab tying to get back on his feet.

Nancy Stallcup is recovering at home. Nancy will meet with doctors soon to discuss future treatments.

03/20/18 Our sons mother-in-law Vicki is scheduled for quadruple bypass surgery this Thursday at Longview Regional Hospital. Your prayers for her would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.  Nancie and Bill Darby Nancy Stallcup is being discharged from Good Shepherd right now….it was cancer of the thyroid and the surgeon got it all but will still have to take thyroids meds and calcium for the rest of her life…she will have to do iodine radiation therapy but not sure for how long. Continue to pray for Will Cantrell and his family. Will’s chest x-ray this morning was clear and so he has been discharged! He will remain on a soft/liquid diet this week. Please continue to pray for him as he heals and resumes school. Calling my prayer warriors: in desperate need of prayer for my sister, Laci! She’s in ICU and it’s not looking good. She’s got viral meningitis. She has had a stroke, and coded last night. They were able to bring her back, but she’s had seizures and has aspirated on her own blood, after biting her tongue while seizing. The latest update is that there is no brain activity and she’s not breathing on her own. If they can’t get her breathing on her own or brain activity, they’ll let her go. Please pray for healing for her. Please also pray for her family, especially her 2 girls. We need a miracle. Also, please pray for God to convicts hearts and draw them near and that they will come to know Him in all this…thanks in advance! ~Brandy Wooley 03/17/18 Mary Walton has  pneumonia in her lower right lung. Heavily medicated.   She is home. Will Cantrell’s morning update: We met with surgeon this morning. Will has a small tear in his esophagus, there are some small air bubbles present which he describes as “splitting his chest apart”. Currently, surgery will NOT be needed. A swallow test has been ordered for this morning. Based on results, he will be allowed clear liquids today. We are for sure at hospital thru Sunday. (But at least he has a green gown so no one can pinch him— this was a legit concern during his morphine babbling. 03/16/18 Please pray for Wanda Foster, a friend of mine who is undergoing chemo treatment for cancer. Wanda lives in one of our local retirement homes and is home-bound during treatment. Thanks for praying and I love you all.  ~Buddy Lautaret Please pray for Will Cantrell. He got home from mission trip and later tonight he collapsed. Doing some testing at the er.  Michael Scoggins, Sheila Connors brother, got a good report, no cancer seen. I completely forgot to put what hospital I would be in…(Good Shepherd.) Sorry about that. We will not know for how long until after surgery on Monday.Nancy Stallcup  ~ 03/15/18 8:13pm:  Michael Scogin, Sheila Conner’s brother is in emergency room in Lufkin hospital. Doctors think his cancer is back. Sheila is on her way there now. Please pray!  Last week I had a needle biopsy of a nodule on my thyroid. On Monday we got the results. Not what we wanted, it did come back with cancer cells. I will have surgery on Monday afternoon around 2:30. Thank you for all your sweet prayers! Nancy Stallcup Chelsie Rogers, surgery, pray its not cancer. This is Mike Shelton’s daughter. James Oliver, kidney removed April 5. It is cancerous. A couple weeks ago I asked that you pray for Abdul! He has converted from Muslim to Christianity and I met him in Haiti. He fly’s home night to try to get passport renewed. His family has disowned him and it is dangerous for him to go back to his hometown of Niger. Please pray that God protects him and his passport is approved!!! Thank you!! 03/14/18 Becky Hunt is having severe back and leg pain. She is in Dallas today seeing a specialist. Please pray. Ramon McCauley is still in Good Shepherd. He has been moved to Room 1607. Continue to pray. Shirley Stauss’s son, Thomas had a heart cath this morning. Good report, no arteries clogged. His problem will be treated with medicine. 03/13/18 Please pray for Richard Burks, he is having blood pressure issues and fell and hit his head on cement. In the ER. 03/12/18 Our grandson who recently had a valve and an aneurysm was admitted back into hospital last Thursday night with fluid surrounding his heart. Took him back to surgery on to remove fluid which turned out to be blood and inserted a drain tube.  Talked to him this morning and he will be there till they get his inr to the correct levels. Dr. told him his insides were inflamed so he will stay till everything in back to normal.  Thanks for all your prayers,  Vernon and Donnie My son Thomas will be having a heart cath on Wednesday morning.  He currently is in congestive heart failure.  Thanks for your prayers! Shirley Stauss 03/11/18 Continued healing for Marcos Escobar of Kilgore.  He suffered a stroke a few weeks ago at only 38.  Praise God he is recovering well; but it will be a long process.  Please pray for his little girl Eisley as her daddy is her primary caretaker. Update on my Mom Surgery on arm went well. She probably will be in the hospital a couple more days. Thank you all for the prayers.  ~Patti Flowers  03/10/18 Patti Flowers mama, Waurene Wright fell and severely broke her arm. She’s being admitted now awaiting the orthopedic dr to give direction as to next step.  Please remember her and the Flowers. 03/09/18 Update on our sister in law, Carolyn Hill. The surgery went well but they did find cancer. The doctor is giving her a year and a half. Not at all what we want to hear but she is in God’s hands. She is a Christian and knows where she is going. Please pray for her husband and family. Thanks so much, Ralph and Delores  Rosio Newton’s father has just been taken back for surgery. Please keep him in your prayers. He has been undergoing quite a few health complications over the past few months. Mrs Mosley is requesting prayer for Bro Vernon’s sister, Amy Carolyn. Amy is in the hospital down in Beaumont and is not expected to live much longer due to Kidney disease. Please be in prayer for this family as they continue through this. Ms Carolyn knows where she is going but will be hard to lose a beloved family member. 03/08/18 Please continue to pray for Bro. Ramon McCauley. He is at Christus Good Shepherd room 1505; the doctors are trying to decide the best course of action for a brain bleed. He is also having some heart complications. 03/07/18 Bro. Ramon McCauley has bleeding in his head caused by the blood thinners. They will be trying to reverse the thinners. He is being admitted to Good Shepherd. Please keep Benny Parrish (brother of Betty Presley and cousin to Liz Graham) in your prayers.  He is have a heart cath on Friday. 03/05/18 Our sister in law, Carolyn Hill, was diagnosed with a brain tumor today. The are running more test tomorrow and will possibly have surgery Thursday or Friday. She is in Hot Springs but surgery may be in Little Rock. She is Ralph’s brother wife. Thank you so much. Ralph and Delores 03/05/18 Update on Nora:  Nora is home gave her medications and sent her SHE did not FALL that’s all I know Nora Chucci is home don’t have all the details yet will post as soon as possible please keep Bob and Nora in your prayers 03/04/18 Nora hurt herself Friday in a great deal of pain Bob is trying to get her to go to the emergency room praying she will 03/03/18 Update of Chris Kennedy:  Today we are overjoyed!  1st we found a match for his bone marrow transplant in a few weeks   2nd..Chris got the green light to proceed to round #2(chemo and radiation)and 3rd, there were no transfusions needed today..this just shows u ~We walk by faith and not by side(2 Cor. 5-7) Please continue to lift up Chris and Melissa in your prayers Sandy and Darlene Sanders arrived in California okay today.  His sister that was on Hospice as a result of a severe stroke passed away today. Pray for her Partner, Carmine. He is not a Christian and is upset over several other things. Pray for Sandy and Darlene as they witness to him. 03/01/18 Lillian McClung, twin girl, is in the ER after another seizure. We know they are fever related, just pray that we can figure out what is the source and the doctors to treat it. Please pray for Chris and Ashley Layton. Chris’s mother Janet Layton passed away last Friday. Please pray for Brandie Graves. She is at Good Shepherd. About to have a cardiac stress test. Evelyn, the baby, is getting ear tubes put in this morning. We are currently waiting in pre-op, surgery is scheduled for 7:30. Please pray for Dr. Rotzler as he does the procedure, and for Evelyn to react well to the anesthesia, and for her to have a good recovery. Thank you church family!  ~Ashleah Daugherty Please be in prayer for Linda and Ray King. Linda is the mother of my children. Ray is fighting cancer and the doctors tell them it has spread throughout his body. Please pray for God’s peace and comfort as they deal with this. Thank you for praying and I love you all.  ~Buddy Lautaret 02/28/18 Please remember Sandy and Darlene Sanders as they travel. His sister in California is on Hospice as a result of a severe stroke. Please pray for my mother. She’s in the hospital in Omaha, Nebraska with RSV. She went in Sunday and not showing much improvement. Thank you. Daryl Liles. 02/27/18 Please keep Judy Cooley in your prayers. She is the mother of Lou Morton’s friend. Judy is having some serious health issues. A buddy of mine in Tampa, just texted me and said a friend of his, Peggy Smiths’12 yr old son just overdosed and needs prayer. Thanks, Jeff Thomas My friend Susan Dyer is in emergency surgery in Plano now to repair an aneurysm near her heart. Very serious. Please pray for her. ~Linnie Crump 02/26/18 Sheila Roberts Just finished surgery. They got filter out and new one in. She is doing well. Will stay over night to recover. Pray for Sheila Roberts. She was just taken back for surgery at Longview Regional. Pray for a successful surgery. 02/24/18 Please pray for Abdul! I met him in Haiti on my list trip. He was apart of the YWAM team that was visiting Jubilee! He was raised in Niger and his father was a high ranking official. Abdul was raised as a Muslim but has converted to Christianity. His family has disowned him and he had traveled to France and went through intense bible training with the YWAM organization. His plan was to find permanent residence in France but they have denied him residence. His country is not safe for him but he has to go back there to get a new passport. He felt God leading him to join the ministry team at the school in Jubilee while he was there visiting. He messaged me this morning and said he can not get Jubilee out of his thoughts and feels that God wants to use him there!! I’m SOOO excited to see what God does! Pray for Abdul’s safety as he tries to return to his country to get paperwork in order! Also pray that all the paperwork goes smoothly and quickly! I KNOW God will answer this prayer because God has called him to serve and spread the gospel!  02/23/18 Please be in prayer for Scottie Gill, he is my brother Ken’s Jones’ son. He is in Longview Regional and has pneumonia. He also has a blood infection and a spot on his lung. Please pray for Oliviya Smith and her family. Oliviya is one of our students and her mom is having problems with seizures and was found last night in the bathroom after having one and not sure how long she was there. 02/22/18 I would really appreciate you if you’d stop what you’re doing and pray for a situation at Woodland Hills and the City of Longview. Tonight could be a very important meeting that could be a great blessing to our church.  Our Church Council and a special Building Committee has been praying for God to intervene. Please join us tonight! ~Bro. Charles Update:  Vernon Mosley is home and doing well and very grateful. He had one stent put in this morning. The Mosley’s would like to thank you for the concerns and prayers! Vernon Mosley had a procedure done this morning and is doing well. He is at Longview Regional room 1716 but will get to go home this afternoon. The Mosley’s thank everyone for their prayers! 02/21/18 Vernon Mosley is being admitted to Longview Regional (no room number yet). His pacemaker is causing a problem. The Mosley’s love, appreciate and thank everyone for their continued prayers. Update on Doug Wilbur Jr. He is still in the hospital. He is improving, they took the oxygen off this morning and started breathing treatments.Please continue to pray for him. Please pray for Mike Shelton. His shoulder is infected. He saw the doctor today & got him started on antibiotics. He started running a high fever yesterday about lunch time. Pray for Mike & Karen. Unfortunately KiKi didn’t make it. He passed away but his little brother Stanley is doing much better. He still has a ways to go but he is making good progress. Also Alex is doing well! She is having to take precaution because the lady that threatened her is still trying to make contact. But, Alex knows her God is bigger !  ~Denise Bowens 02/20/18 Please keep Donna (Betty Mosley’s friend) in your prayers. She is having a few financial concerns. Please keep Gloria Williams in your prayers. She is having some health issues. Update on Sheila Roberts… They could not finish the surgery. They need a special devise and it will not be here for a few days. They are planning to try again next Monday. From Bro. Jace…Update on Sheila Roberts at 7:00 AM today…please pray! Well here is the update after 6 hrs and 2 stents later the ivc filter is still in 🙄 but they are going back in this morning to try to remove it had to let her and team rest so pray they are able to get it out this time and place a different kind of filter in to help stop the clots Thanks for prayers and visits luv all y’all 02/19/18 They just carried Sheila Roberts back to surgery at Longview Regional. Pray for her and Jace. Pray for Madeline, Mary Walton’s daughter. She is in Good Shepherd. Alex just told me she had a lady who practices voodoo tell her she was going to kill her by “ Magic” and harm her family! I know this is not something we “ see” or deal with much here but it is a tool of Satan and it is very common in Haiti. The enemy shows his power through this often. Alex knows God has the ultimate power and she is claiming His truths! Please join me in prayer about this. May God be glorified and the people of Jubilee “see” the power of JESUS in that place!!!  ~Denise Bowens 02/18/18 Please join me in prayer! I was just informed that we have no one to work with our kids on Monday nights. This has been an going need for the last 71/2 years. We are praying that God would send us someone who has a desire to share the Word of God to these kids and provide a safe, fun and growing environment for them. There are about 10 kids every Monday about 5 of them live in a shelter and do not attend a bible believing church,the others are our leaders kids who are active in church. We also have about 3 teens that come every Monday that are not plugged in. Please pray and share ! Let me know if YOU are the one God has chosen!  Thank you, Denise First of all, thank you to everyone for praying for our grandson. The choir will sing a song this morning about the fact that we are NEVER forsaken and that He will bring us through whatever fire we are in. He has done just that with our grandson. Robby has not had an episode since he has been home. Not to say Robby is in the clear, but we know He is working on and with him. Thank you so much for continued prayer for Robby and for your dedication to being prayer warriors. In Christian Love,  Gracie and Buddy  02/17/18 Chris(Ms. Melissa son) is doing well, nasal sprays &saline washes for his nose, plus blood and platelet transfusions to keep his count up, also he walked a lap and ate a salad last night(Hallelujah) Please pray for my family. Our jobs to be blessed and protected and specially for an unspoken situation to be resolved with a positive happy answer soon. Please pray for our two daughters too. Thank you for praying, Chris’s (Melissa Clayton’s son) surgery was a success, he’s doing good and in recovery. Pray for Diana Jordan.  She is in ICU at Longview Regional. Regarding Shirley Perkins…  Dear Prayer Warriors,  God heard and has answered!  No cancer or anything else that cannot be managed with little care.  He literally turned the ship around in the middle of the ocean – borrowed comment – my GREAT doctors insight and wisdom – coming home Saturday, the Lord willing.  Excited…. ONLY  OUR  DADDY!!  Praise. Thank you for interceding. Love you, Dale and massive family 02/16/18 Please continue to pray for Margie Morgan as she continues to heal after a severe fall several weeks ago. Also pray for Ken as he continues to care for her. Praise for Tucker! Came through the surgery great! Will be on antibiotic drops for a couple days to help with the fluid on his ears. Thank you all so much for the prayers! Please pray for son Doug Wilbur. He is at Regional Hospital with pneumonia, and pray for my great granddaughter Nora she also has pneumonia, this is her second round of it. She is only 15 months. ~Betty Wilbur 02/15/18 Tucker will be having surgery in the morning to put in tubes at Dallas Children’s. They are also doing another hearing test. They are doing it in an OR due to Tucker’s heart condition just be safe. Prayers for the doctors and staff for a smooth surgery. Update:  They’re moving Daniel out of ICU today and then to a regular hospital room so he’s been doing really good today.  Thanks again for all your prayers  Vernon and Donnie My son, Matt, finally got approval from the Workman’s Comp people to see his local surgeon. Matt met with the surgeon this morning. Doctor wants an MRI done, and will then come up with a plan to repair Matt’s back. Thanks for praying.  Greg Stewart Judeson slept all night and feels good today!! Thank You Jesus! Thank all of you for praying, please continue to pray for Kiki, Stanley’s brother. Update on our grandson Daniel. Thanks for the prayers and please continue as he has a long ways to go. He’s doing good he has his breathing tube out and they should be getting him up sitting in a chair already by this morning. The surgery went good his aortic valve was replaced they actually did find a lethal size aneurysm in his valve as well that we did not know about. Very thankful he finally got the courage and went through with the surgery it saved his life. He had to have a few blood transfusions and had a little speed bumps but now he is doing a whole lot better. Thanks, Vernon and Donnie 02/14/18 Stanley, the little boy I asked prayer for a few days ago is doing much better! His brother, Kiki, however is not. Dr.’s say it will be a miracle if he survives. Judeson is doing better right now. They are now saying he does not have Cholera or Diphtheria but has a bacteria infection that causes ulcers. He is doing better but still in a lot of pain and has had a very hard day. He will be staying with Alexandria, the missionary that we support, until he improves more. Please pray for Alex as she is emotionally and physically drained! She has a team there in Haiti right now as well that she’s trying to work with. Thank you! ~Denise Bowens PLEASE be in prayer for our grandchildren’s Dad. He was our SIL for many years and still a part of our family. He was holstering his gun and accidentally shot himself in the chest. This happened Monday night and he is in ICU. Thank you,  Wayne & Deanne Gibson PLEASE pray for Judeson! He is one of the kids from Haiti that Is in Alex’s Saturday program. The day I left Haiti his sister passed away and brother went to hospital. Come to find out, his sister had Cholera and now so does his mom. Judeson is now sick as well and has been told he has diphtheria long with his brother. Last night Judeson started throwing up uncontrollably and started getting worse. They tried to drive him to a hospital but it was closed. Alex and the other American missionaries have him at their clinic trying to get IV in. They are having a very hard time finding a vein. Please pray for healing!!! He’s such a sweet kid. He helps me every time I visit! 02/13/18 Please keep Our grandson Daniel, age 37 in your prayers. He is having a heart valve replaced on 2/14/18. Pray for guidance with doctors hands and recovery. He is married with two young girls. Recovery will be appx 2-3 months. After visiting with him this morning, he knows the Lord.  Thanks, Vernon and Donnie 02/12/18 Please pray for our 4 year old granddaughter, Anna Lynn Jones, (Marshall & Tracy Jones’ granddaughter) she has the flu for the second time 🙁  Thank you for sharing a prayer! Update on Chris Kennedy:  Chris is stable. His lab results showed platelets up to 51k, but his wbc was only 1.8. They have him on pain meds and are focusing on him eating, and sleeping. He has no appetite and has had trouble with sleeping as well. Please continue to lift him up in your prayers! Please continue to pray for Brittany and Kase.  Kasyn was born and mother and daughter are doing great. 02/11/18 Pray for healing for my son-in-law.  ~Pat Adams Just got a call from Pat Westbrook and it looks like Phebe is going home. She had diverticulitis and was on IV antibiotics. They are sending her home with oral antibiotics. Pray that the pills will knock this out. Update on Nancy and Mike Stallcup…Mike is well and leaves out for work for over 2 weeks tomorrow. Nancy, is still in Regional rm 272. Her headache is coming back every time she is up moving, blood pressure has been on a roller coaster, so far today doing good, and heart rate is still trying to come up…its slowing getting by there.  Thank you for continued prayers 02/09/18 Please pray for Willie and Katie Landrum who are going through some tough times right now. Katie has been very ill and must have constant care. They are good Christian folks and their faith remains strong even during this trial, trusting God to see them through. Katie got a fairly good report today, but still has a long way to go. Please pray that God will continue to heal and to bless this couple. Thanks for praying and we love you all. Buddy and Gracie Lautaret

Please be in prayer for Phoebe Reel…she is in Good Shepherd room 2225…diverticulitis…no other details at this time. Thanks in advance for your prayers Steve, Lana & Emily Snider

My dad is recovering from pneumonia and is still very week. He fell last night and again this morning. He has a fractured shoulder and a black eye. We are going up tonight (Arkansas) and see him. Prayers for him please to heal but also to listen to the nurses and follow their instructions. Thanks so much! Delores Hill

Update on Chris Kennedy:  Chris has had transfusions, a GI and xray tests, and now on pain meds and IV fluids. Please continue to pray. Pastor Samuel Rama of Kenya requests prayer for his daughter Gloria’ s healing and  finances, resources for her care. She is very sick with another sickle cell crisis (hereditary, lifelong blood disease).

Please keep Rolando Reyes and family in your prayers. His mom and dad both have severe health issues and they are traveling to Dallas three plus days a week. Martin Rincon, member of Rolando’s church. Cancer has returned and he will have surgery March 5. Jesus, brother in law to Martin had a stroke and is in Tyler. He has a long road ahead of him. Update: Prays for Melissa Clayton son Chris. Specifically prayers for doctors and all tending to him are able to stop bleeding. Ms. Melissa safety traveling to Kansas. On Feb. 7 baby Meredith Wheeler was finally able to go home after spending over a month in the NICU. She’s still on oxygen which will take some getting used to. Please continue to pray for her healing and lung development. Please continue to pray for Ramon McCauley. He is in room 2343 at Christus Good Shepherd recovering from pneumonia. He will need surgery after he recovers from pneumonia to remove some spots on his colon. Bro. Ramon has been in and out of hospitals for the last few months, please lift him up in your prayers. Please be in prayer for Melissa Clayton’s son Christopher Kennedy. He is in Kansas in the hospital and has been awaiting a bone marrow transplant. They just called with a Code Blue. Please be praying now for him. Pray also for Melissa as she is traveling there. Thank you Please continue praying for Randall Motley’s mother, Mrs. Bonnie Motley. She is recovering for surgery on her hip. Please keep Trinity Irby in your prayers. He had a procedure this morning at regional and all went well. Now comes recovery and he can’t do physical activity for 6 weeks. 02/08/18 Update:  Room 2343. Treating with antibiotics and will decide on operation. Pray! Ramon McCauley is in Good Shepherd with pneumonia. He had a colonoscopy yesterday and he has 2 tumors that need to be surgically removed if it’s possible. They are doing a biopsy now. He is still in ER waiting for a room. Yesterday, my husband Mike Stallcup, was the one asking for prayer for me…today I am the one asking for pray for him. He was to leave to go back out on the road this morning. When I spoke to him at 5:00 am, he sounded sick. Had him take his temp. He did have fever. I told him to get dressed and go straight to Hospitality Health ER. Worried he had the flu, PRAISE GOD negative. Just upper respiratory infection. So he is stuck at home sick, I am still stuck in the hospital with headache, heart issues, low heart rates. BUT We know God has both of us in the palm of his hands…could both use the extra prayers to help get over this bump in the road. Lord knows, I want to be home taking care of my husband… Thank you my sweet Church family,  Nancy Stallcup

An update on our grandson….he has returned to his home. He has made tremendous improvements this week. We know that God is the great Physician and is being very attentive to Robby’s needs. Thank you for all the prayers, Gracie and Buddy

02/07/18 Please be in prayer for Juanita Greene, the 38 year old daughter of our friends, Marty and Sondra Elman…she has been diagnosed with breast cancer….she had problems last year at this same time. Thanks in advance for your prayers.  ~Steve, Lana & Emily Snider 02/06/18 Some neighbors found 9 kids in a house that were all in very bad health. This is Stanley, he was the littlest. You can see every bone in his body. He is staying with us tonight and we will give him fluids and healthcare. Please pray for him and the others!  ~Denise Bowens in Haiti Please keep my wife Nancy Stallcup in your prayers. This is day 26 of a headache and no answers yet. MRI was taken this morning waiting on doc with results. She is at HHER and waiting on a bed to open up at one of the hospitals. Please pray for Charlie Hunt today. He is having a MRI done this morning at Children’s. They will put him under for this procedure. 02/05/18 Please pray for the Stansbery family. Also, if you would like to donate you can drop it off with me and I will take it to the jr high. Keep Sandy Hunt in your prayers. Please continue to pray for our grandson Robby. He had a “setback” over the weekend. This is going to be a long recovery process. Thank you so much for being faithful to pray for him, as well as, so many others who are in need.  ~Buddy and Gracie 02/04/18 Dear friend Sandra Wrighten is at home with double pneumonia following flu.  ~Judy Arroyo 02/03/18 Please pray for Lillian McClung. We had to take her to Northpark ER Friday afternoon after having a febrile seizure (seizure from a high temperature). She has a left ear infection. We were discharged home with some antibiotics. We are now back at Christus Good Shepherd Main ER after she had another seizure. They’ve done a 2-View chest X-Ray and sent some blood cultures to the lab. She’s doing better, just pray for guidance with the doctors, nurses, and techs to figure this thing out and get our little twin girl well. Praise and glory to the Most High, He is the Great Physician and Almighty Healer! 02/02/18 Michael Shelton’s shoulder surgery went well. He is in Longview Regional overnight in Room 164. Please pray for Michael and Karen. 02/01/18 Our grandson, Robby, has made great strides in recovering from the drug reaction. His Dad told me he is ALMOST 100%. We have such an AWESOME GOD and faithful prayer warriors. Thank you and God bless you all,  Buddy and Gracie Please pray for Marie Grace to have the courage to release the fear and concerns that are in my situation to God and trust he is with me as I travel down this difficult path. Please pray for a positive outcome for us. Please pray for Tonya Dorgan from Linden,Tx.  She has been in hospital in Dallas for a few months after colon surgery finally got moved to extended stay in Texarkana.  Only there a few weeks and now back in hospital in Dallas.  Her husband Terry Dorgan has been by her side.  Thanks in advance for your prayers. Kay McCann

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