Encounter with Jesus

Sunday Evening Sermon Series at 6:00pm.

In our social media driven world we have equated being a disciple of Jesus to being a ‘follower’ of someone on Twitter, or a ‘friend’ with someone on Facebook. I currently have 1,184 “friends” on Facebook. I am a realist, there are not 1,184 people who even like me, much less want to be my friend!  However, when I scroll through my friends list, a great many of these people are at best ‘acquaintances’ and there’s a few that I have no idea who they are. Our “Facebook” friendship doesn’t mean anything in actual life. It looks good, but there is no substance with it.

On twitter you can find someone that is a friend or a celebrity that you like and you become a “follower” of that individual. You click a button and now whenever they make a post you get to read it, you get to have some sort of engagement with it. You can encounter the individual at least on an intellectual or social level. You can be a follower of someone you have never even met.

We have unintentionally brought in a “twitter mindset” into our modern day Christianity and the results of this are catastrophic.  We think that as long as we are a ‘friend’ or a ‘follower’ of Jesus then all is well in our Spiritual life.

As long as we have “Accepted” the friend request; or as long as we have clicked “Yes, I am a follower” then all is okay.

The problem is, this is NOT Biblical.

We live in a world that people believe that as long as they have had some sort of ‘encounter’ with Jesus, then that equals a relationship. As long as I go to church, or as long as I have given money, or as long as I read my Bible, or as long as I try to be a good person.  But you can do all of these things and yet still never have a genuine RELATIONSHIP with Jesus.

Encounters, we have them every single day.

Most of them are very insignificant; they impact our lives very little if any at all; but occasionally, we make an encounter that changes our life forever.

In our new series “Encounters with Jesus” I want to ask you to evaluate the significance of your ‘Encounter’ with Jesus. When evaluating your relationship with Jesus, if you get this wrong then you have lost everything.

So we are going to take a journey and look at different individuals and their various encounters that they had with Jesus. Some walked away and their encounter with Jesus made no difference, for others their life changed forever.

Join us on Sunday Evening’s at 6:00!

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