DOCTRINE – What We Believe

Sunday Night Sermon Series

Christian doctrine is simply statements of the most fundamental beliefs that the Christian has, beliefs about the nature of God, about his action, and us who are his creatures, and about what he has done to bring us into relationship with himself.

Doctrine is not just dry knowledge, it deals with the most fundamental issues of life: who am I, what is my purpose, and where am I going?

Nowhere in Scripture do we find doctrine studied for its own sake or in isolation from life. The biblical writers consistently apply their teaching to life. Therefore, any Christian growing in Biblical knowledge will find his or her Christian life enriched and deepened during this study; indeed.

Is there a need to study doctrine? Isn’t it sufficient if I simply love Jesus?

Studying theology will help us grow as Christians. The more we know about God, about his Word, about his relationships to the world and mankind, the better we will trust him, the more fully we will praise him, and the more readily we will obey him. Studying systematic theology rightly will make us more mature Christians.

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