Our LifeGroups Ministry strives to help people connect with God and with others. We desire to grow in the knowledge of God and apply biblical truths to our lives. Each LifeGroup class aims to serve within the Church in different ways. Finally, our LifeGroup ministry goes “Beyond These Walls” of the Church and to the surrounding community with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

At 9:15am we offer classes for everyone, including nursery, toddlers, PreK, kindergarten, grades 1-5, youth group (Grades, 6-12), college, young couples, couples, men, and women’s classes.  Come on down to Woodland Hills this Sunday morning. You’re sure to make a friend or two!

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Adult LifeGroups

Aaron & Jennifer Perkins, Leaders
Toby & Kim Mullikin, Leaders
Meet in the Grand Hall
Men 1 - Ages 20-40 · Anthony Coleman & Steven Waalwyk, Leaders · Room A-212
Men 2 - Median Aged · Wes Stewart, Leader · Room A-206
Men 3 - Ages 50+ · Wayne McGuire, Leader · Room C-103
Coed 1 - Young-Median · Greg & Michelle Stewart, Leaders · Room A-200
Coed 2 - Mixed Aged · Randy & Cindy Haley, Leaders · Room A-205
Coed 3 - Senior Aged · Ronnie & Glynda Jones, Leaders · Chapel
Coed 4 - Mixed Aged · Dr. Gene Petty, Leader · Choir Room
New Coed 5 - Mixed Aged · Allen Buchanek, Leader · Sanctuary "Begins April 8"
Couples 1 - Age 20's · Micah & Katie Huckaby, Leaders · Room C-213
Couples 2 - Age 30's · Michael & Renae Purifoy, Leaders · Room C-212
Couples 3 - Age 40's · Kason & Brittany Kuykendall, Leaders · Room C-212

Nursery-Youth LifeGroups

Nursery - Erika Jackson & Rhonda Dawes, Teachers · Room B-110
2-Year Olds - Melissa Clayton, Teacher · Room B-111
3-Year Olds - Sara Amos, Teacher · Room B-115
Pre-K I - Rosio Newton, Teacher · Room B-116
Pre-K II - Rosio Newton, Teacher · Room B-116
Two Year Olds - Melissa Clayton, Teacher
Sample Description

Please download our LifeGroups Directory for a full list and descriptions of classes.

LifeGroups Directory


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